The V.A. Death Panel



Trump Under Increasing Pressure to Keep Obama VA Secretary


Report: VA staff left veteran´s body in shower nine hours, tried to hide mistakes


 OUTRAGE! VA Workers in Oklahoma Resign After Veteran Is Found With MAGGOTS In His Wound


VA Exec Who Ran Sketchy Charity Allowed To Retire With Full Benefits


VA Hospital Taught Employees to Game Wait Times


One-Third of VA Suicide Hotline Calls Go Unanswered Due to Government Employees Leaving Early


Housebound vets denied millions in benefits by VA


Horrifying Disrespect: Bodies of Deceased Veterans Left to Rot Hospital Morgue For Months


 Veterans With Cancer Died After Delays at VA Hospital Watchdog: New Mexico VA put patients with colorectal cancer at ‘unnecessary risk for adverse outcomes’


 VA Spends Billions Annually Without Proper Oversight Audit: Agency’s multi-billion-dollar procurement program operates on ‘outdated’ policies


This Is How Much It 'Costs' To Get An Ambassadorship: Guccifer 2.0 Leaks DNC 'Pay-To-Play' Donor List


 House Committee Votes to Subpoena VA Over Art Spending, Cost Overruns Chairman: VA failed to account for at least $1.7 million in art spending over last six years


Obama rejects core reform proposal for VA


Obama rejects panel’s proposal for more oversight of VA health care system


 VA ‘Stonewalling’ Congressional Efforts to Probe Hospital Where Veteran Killed Himself Lawmakers plan field hearing regarding Northport VA


Obama adds 39,454 new employees to Veterans Administration, but less than 10% are doctors


 VA Drops Millions on Delayed Solar Power Projects VA has spent over $408 million on solar panels since 2010


VA Spent $20 Million on Art Amidst Scandal


 Commission Calls for More Private Options, ‘Transformation’ of VA Health Care System Dissenting members say proposals not enough


VA Ignored 30 Percent of Text Messages Sent to Suicide Crisis Hotline


Another VA Scandal: Clinic Caught Falsifying Wait Times For Veterans


Lawmakers fume after VA ditches power to fire employees


VA Fires First Negligent Officials in 18 Months


Half Million Veterans Waiting Over 30 Days for VA Care

Obama backs 'terrific' VA secretary McDonald


Justice Department may be easing path for disgraced VA executive to be rehired 


House VA chair: 'Hypocritical' for Obama to rehire fired Phoenix chief


The VA Declared Thousands Of Living Veterans Dead, Cut Off Their Benefits


Obama Political Appointee ‘Burrows’ Into Permanent Job at VA


 VA Admits to Wrongly Declaring Over 4,000 Veterans Dead Thousands of living veterans saw their benefits cut off between 2011 and 2015

Veterans Affairs Secretary Expresses ‘Regret’ For Disneyland Comments


VA chief: 'I deeply regret' wait-time comparison to Disney

VA Secretary Refuses to Apologize for His Disney Comments

BOOM: Disney Responds to VA Secretary’s Comments About Measuring Wait Times


VA secretary: Disney doesn´t measure wait times, so why should VA?


VA Hospital Shutters Operating Rooms Due to Black Air Particles


$10 Billion Later, The VA Makes Veterans Wait Even Longer To Get Care


I-Team: Fix Meant To Improve Veterans’ Access To Medical Care Is Broken


Surprise VA Kitchen Inspection After Reports of Roaches in Food


Chicago VA Denies Infested Kitchen is a Problem, Employees Say


Cockroaches Served for Dinner at Chicago-Area VA Hospital


VA secretary blames Congress for healthcare crisis


House Panel Embarrasses VA Undersecretary In Oversight Hearing [VIDEO]

VA Staff Keeps Placing Veterans’ Benefits Documents In Shredding Bins

Union: VA accountability plan an 'assault' on federal workers


 VA Scheduling Errors Mislead on Wait Times for Care Agency lacks sufficient oversight to ensure veterans get appointments on time


VA Exec Tasked With Cleaning Up Book-Cooking Scandal Manipulated Data In Old Job


VA Whistleblower: ‘They Are Still Manipulating Data’


VA scandal, two years later: nothing much has changed, has it?


VA Workers Ordered to Change Wait Times in 7 States


Veterans’ Health Derailed By VA Skipping Out On MILLIONS In Doctor Bills


Fired VA Whistleblower says, ‘It has been hell’


Inspector General: VA Schedulers ‘Zeroed Out’ Wait Times for Texas Veterans Seeking Health Care

VA Boss Promoted After Steering $4M Contract To Relative


VA Worker Gets Job Back Despite Armed Robbery Charge


VA Report Substantiates Serious Wait Time Manipulation In Arkansas

Phoenix VA Enters Battle To Remove Three Administrators, Action Could Take 700 Days


Top VA Hospital Bosses Would See Pay Doubled Under Proposal To Congress


Union Officials Admit They Let Veterans Die Rather Than Talk To Republican


Phoenix VA Employee: Vets Can't Get Appointments Because Physicians Are Manipulating Scheduling System


VA Failed to Contact Tens of Thousands of Veterans with Pending Claims


New VA hotline chief has a history of dropped calls from veterans


List Of Suicides At Phoenix VA Shows Exactly How These Veterans Were Let Down


 Special Counsel Says VA Sought to Attack, Discredit Whistleblowers; Letter sent to President Obama notifying him of misconduct


VA watchdog sits on wait-time investigation reports for months


Feds Outsource Vet Benefit Processing To Philippines


VA proposes raising employee pay to fix accountability

Report: VA Abandoned Terminally Ill Army Combat Veteran

VA hides failed hospital chief on the other side of the world


Veteran’s Futile Call to VA Prompts Congress Members to Act


Top VA official slams agency's inspector general


INTERACTIVE: Take A Ride On VA’s Bad-Bosses Merry-Go-Round


Veterans´ hospital in Cincinnati faces scrutiny after report

VA won’t reinstate fired employee, despite judge’s ruling


Congress May Fix VA Hospitals By Merging Them With Military


VA demands proof World War II combat vet with Purple Heart served in military


Seven VA Hospitals Flagged on Veteran Suicide San Diego, Philadelphia, other facilities falling short on best practices


VA defends officials who allegedly stole $400,000 from agency


Judge reverses demotion of disgraced VA executive. No… really.


 Group Hits Feingold for ‘Inaction’ at VA Facility Following Death of Marine Memo ‘hand-delivered’ to Feingold warned of over prescription of drugs at VA medical center where veteran died


VA Radio Host: Talk Show Hosts Afraid to Endorse Donald Trump over Fear of Establishment Repercussions


House probes claim the VA is spying on whistleblower emails


Democrats Block Building Funds for Veterans with Alzheimer’s


VA Secretly Paid Exec Who Punished Whistleblower $86,000 To Quit


 40,000 Packages of Backlogged Claims Material Discovered at Single VA Office Watchdog: Improper storage of unprocessed claims put veterans at risk of identity theft, fraud

VA Officials Have Committed Thousands of Privacy Breaches Since 2011


Justice Department shuts down 46 investigations into VA wait time scandal


Despite IG Recommendation, Federal Prosecutors Won’t Go After Corrupt VA Execs


Watchdog’s Coverup Is Christmas Gift For Former VA Masturbator


Here Are The Documents Showing Massive Whistleblower Retaliation At Phoenix VA


 Top Managers at Phoenix VA Escaped Punishment After Waitlist Scandal Investigators found both officials retaliated against whistleblowers


VA official: “You can’t fire your way to excellence”


Video: VA refuses to fire people for having sex in the office — or selling heroin


Vet's mom forced to sell Obama letter to cover VA failures he promised to fix


Punishment for VA Execs Rescinded Due to Clerical Error


VA can´t afford drug for veterans suffering from hepatitis C


VA Pays $200 Million for Nearly 1,000 Veterans’ Wrongful Deaths


VA transfers demoted executive to Phoenix


Obama’s VA Facility Bans ‘Merry Christmas’


St. Paul VA official received an $8,697 bonus in year she was under investigation


VA secretary misstates the number of wait-time manipulation disciplinary actions -- again

 Whistleblowers: Lawmakers Dismissed Evidence of Veterans Hospital Abuse Whistleblowers reported secret waiting lists, years-old unread tests


VA secretary exaggerates number of employees fired in wait time scandal


Anger at VA grows after employees plead the Fifth


Two Senior VA Officials Plead The Fifth Amendment At Hearing


 After Clinton Minimizes VA Troubles, Three Reports Expose Shortfalls Across Country Reviews show problems at facilities in Alaska, California, Illinois


Hillary Says VA’s Problems Aren’t As ‘Widespread’ As Republicans Claim [VIDEO]


 Democrat Blocks Vote on VA Accountability Act in Senate


Top VA Benefits Official Steps Down Two Years After Legislators Call For Resignation


Government Probes Invasion Of Whistleblower’s Medical Records Photo of Michael Volpe Michael Volpe


Watch: VA will 'circle the wagons' to fight whistleblowers

VA: Ban of Phones for Veterans Was ‘Ill Advised’ VA centers banned vets from using phones


Whistleblowers: VA inspector general a 'joke'


 VA In Midst of ‘Leadership Crisis’ Culture of Veterans Health Administration ‘characterized by risk aversion and lack of trust,’ independent review finds


Watchdog: VA not firing officials for botched veteran care


Whistleblowing disabled vet illegally fired from job … by VA


Report: VA Lost 10,000 Applications for Health Care Services


VA Inspector General Report: 307,000 Veterans Died Waiting For Health Care

Watchdog: 900,000 Veterans May Have Pending Health Care Requests With VA

 VA Examinations of Medical Errors Decreased 18 Percent Since 2010 Medical centers completed fewer ‘root-cause’ analyses even as adverse events increased by 7 percent


Vets Outraged as VA Flies LGBT Flag at Fort Harrison


Pentagon investigating Centcom for Lying About Success Against ISIS

‘We’re left to the wolves’: Videos allegedly show Memphis VA leaving disabled vets unattended


VA caught sending veterans´ mail to the shredder


35,000 Combat Vets Being Denied Health Care Because Of VA Computer Error


Obama: Voting Fraud Not a ‘Real Problem,’ Nobody Votes Using Somebody Else’s Name


Image Shows VA Psychiatrist On Facebook Telling Veteran To Commit Suicide


34,000 Vets Lost Healthcare Eligibility


VA whistleblowers finally exonerated

Chaplain Says Officials Ordered Him To Cover Christian Symbols In VA Chapel-Truth!


Another VA Scandal: GI Bill Funnels Taxpayer Money To Masturbation Classes, "Hate Churches" & More


Report: Vets' disability claims ended up in shred bins


GOP Lawmaker: VA Secretary Refuses to Support Bill Aimed at Holding Incompetent Employees Accountable


One-Third of Veterans Awaiting VA Healthcare Already Dead, Report Says


V.A. Scandal Linked to Obama


In Colorado, VA Officials Retire ‘Unscathed’ From Role in Growing Scandal


New Undercover Footage Shows VA Officials Admitting Of ‘Unaccountability At Every Level’ [VIDEO]


VA to Iraq war veteran: We're not taking new patients


'Buckets’ of Rats, Roaches, Feces Found in Tampa VA Hospital – Roaches on Food Trays


Wait Lists Grow as Many More Veterans Seek Care and Funding Falls Far Short


One magical Bronx VA hospital made $54M disappear

Veterans Affairs, Now Worse Than Ever


Veterans ripped off by fake research project $900,000 study's hired actors clogged VA health system with phony maladies


Hidden Camera: VA Director says VA Turning Veterans into Drug Addicts


If These Care Providers Don’t Get Paid Soon By The VA, Veterans May Be At Risk


Phoenix VA Whistleblower Calls For Resignation Of Officials Amid ER Staffing Crisis


Billions of Dollars ‘Making Mockery’ of Federal Law and Taxpayers at VA


VA Whistleblower Sheds Light On Billions Spent In Violation Of Federal Law 


Memo: VA Is Using Illegal 'Shopping Lists' to Buy Medical Devices that May Not Meet Safety Standards


More VA cover-ups


Veterans Affairs Spent $5K for 'Floor Cleaning' For Obama's Visit


NYT: 60 fired VA employees turns out to be … zero


VA Official Grilled In House Hearing Over $300K Relocation Incentive

Palm to the head: VA manager forced underlings to pay his wife $30 for fortune telling


 West Virginia VA Hospital Switched Antipsychotic Meds with Older Drugs to Cut Costs Actions posed ‘substantial danger’ to public


VA memo ordered false health care claims to cover up backlog


Legislators Sick And Tired Of Easy Answers From The VA On Retaliation

Shock Testimony: Va Officials Retaliate Against Whistleblowers by Illegally Accessing Their Medical Records


Obama Fails Vets: VA Wait Lists As Bad As Ever


Whistleblower: FBI Investigating Scandal-Plagued VA For Fraud


VA Hospital In Shambles, Executives Beg For More Money From Congress


Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin Slashes Pay, Fires Staff Over Deadly VA Screw-Ups


Obama’s VA Failure: Huge Budget Increases and Expanded Staff Didn’t Mean Better Service

Obama to visit Phoenix VA, claim progress on fixes


VA submits whistleblower to criminal investigation; US Special Counsel steps in


Lovely. VA manager mocks veteran suicides

Obama’s VA Spent $3.3 Billion on the Agency’s Buildings as Vets Died Awaiting Care


Bombshell CBS Investigation: Thousands of Vets Disability Claims Intentionally Ignored by VA

Veterans remain angry even after VA secretary confesses "misstatement"

No lie? Headline writers struggle to characterize VA director´s special forces fabrication


Top Dem On The House Veterans Affairs Committee Is Actually Skipping Out On The Big American Legion Conference


Obama VA Secretary Lied About Serving in Special Forces – Issues Apology

Report: VA Secretary Lied About Serving in Special Forces


New rules on narcotic pain killers cause grief for veterans and VA


VA ‘I CARE’ slogan slammed by veterans, employees as mockery of reform


Obama Betrayal: Effort To Snatch $10 Billion From Veterans

 Documents Cast Doubt on Claim that 60 VA Employees Have Been Fired for Manipulating Wait Times, New VA head made claim on 'Meet the Press'


Vets Group Demands VA Secretary Apologize for Asking Iraq War Veteran, ‘What Have You Done?’

VA secretary asks Iraq War veteran: 'What have you done?'


Obama’s Proposed Budget Strips Funding to Veterans’ Choice Program – Forces Them Back Into VA System


 New Details of Delays at Phoenix VA The VA has not taken corrective action to address problems in urological care, despite learning of them five months ago


A Investigator Withheld Critical Information From Congress


Obama avoids Phoenix VA hospital, holds event less than mile away


More Than 500 Vets Died at VA Hospitals Due to Mistakes Since 2010


 Report: VA Misled Lawmakers on Wait Time Review Provided lawmakers misleading and inaccurate information


Busy Signal: Thousands of Homeless Veterans Couldn’t Reach VA Call Center


VA fires Sharon Helman, head of Phoenix hospital at center of scandal


6 Months Since VA Scandal Broke and ‘Nothing Has Changed’

Report Finds VA Clinics ‘Missed Opportunities’ To Prevent Vietnam Vet’s Suicide


“More than 600,000 veterans — 10% of all the Veterans Affairs patients — continue to wait a month or more for appointments at VA hospitals and clinics


 Lawmakers Grill VA Deputy Secretary Over Slow Firings Slam inadequate implementation of reform legislation


Robert McDonald: Firings have begun at Veterans Affairs

Veterans still struggle with a broken VA


HOSPITAL HORROR: VA patients treated with bogus medical equipment, supplies  Johnson & Johnson memo blames reverse auctions for influx of ‘gray market’ devices

Veterans Affairs Keeps Buying Bogus And Counterfeit Medical Equipment


 DOJ to VA: You Can Go Ahead and Fire Phoenix Official VA Secretary doubles down on claim that he has to wait until DOJ concludes investigation

Secretary: VA cannot fire officials while investigations continue


VA Secretary Asked IG to Alter Findings in Report on Deaths at Phoenix VA


 DOJ Won’t Prosecute Vet Affairs Criminal Referrals Rejects cases for ‘lack of criminal intent,’ recommends ‘administrative action’


 Inspector General Denies Hiding 2008 Report on Phoenix VA Wait Times Chairman of House VA Committee expresses skepticism


Whistleblower: VA Superiors Tried to 'Shut Me Up' After Fox News Interview

6 Outrageous Times VA Employees Did Wrong and Still Got Paid by You


Embattled Veterans Affairs procurement official abruptly resigns


Latest Developments In the VA Scandal: 4 VA employess 'let go'


Top VA Official Conspired With Her Married Boyfriend To Thwart Investigations

Report: Corrupt Veterans Affairs Executive Lied Under Oath, Engaged In Fraud


VA whistleblowers win settlements in retaliation cases

The Department of Veterans Affairs will not install a new patient scheduling system to all of its 153 hospitals and 50,000 users until 2020


Inspector General: Maybe VA Fraud in Phoenix Did Result in Deaths After All


VA announces pay hikes as high as $35,000 for VA doctors and dentists


Now Hiring: VA Wants to Take Care of Vets Again


Bruce Braley Braley Missed Another VA Hearing for Fundraiser With Unions


VA clinic in Wasilla without doctors

VA Investigation Reveals Poor Care, Fake Reports and ‘Nationwide Systemic Problem’


 Auditor that Accredited VA Hospitals Where Patients Died to Review Same Hospitals Veterans want independent authority to investigate

Memphis VA Retaliating Against Daily Caller Whistle-Blowers


 VA Whistleblowers Condemn IG Report Media coverage misleading due to confusing nature of report


Tepid clapping greets unpopular Obama's VA speech at American Legion convention in his first speech to group since 2011


VA says no proof delays in care caused vets to die


Records show Obama met just once with Shinseki during VA scandal

President Obama signs veterans´ health-care overhaul bill


As Investigation Continues, VA Has Told Congress More Than A Few Whoppers


Despite 40 deaths, VA chief 'still on payroll' 'The rot at that institution is just so widespread. It is just so ingrained'


Senate passes VA overhaul in 91-3 vote


VA Officials Will Get Millions of Dollars in Bonuses Under House-Senate Agreement


Cancer-Stricken Veteran Denied Benefits, Told to Get a Job by VA


Veteran Forgotten, Locked Inside Florida VA Clinic


Group: New VA health leader suspended whistleblower


VA secretary: Staff reacted properly to treat vet who died waiting for ambulance


 Over 500 Grievous Injuries or Deaths at VA Hospitals in 2013 FOIA requests show ‘adverse events’ throughout the system

Acting VA Head: We need $17 billion to stop mistreating veterans


Details On The Veterans Benefits Administration's Shocking Attempt To Spy On Investigators

'They said his soul was gone': Wife's outrage after unconscious vet was pronounced DEAD at VA hospital

Dying NY Vets Denied Painkillers – Given Saltwater Instead

Deceased Sergeant’s Wife Laments His Awful, Delayed Treatment By VA


Did the VA try to bug Congressional investigators?


After An Injured Vet Waits 2 Years For A Wheelchair, These Lowe’s Employees Do What The VA Won’t


Nurse Claims VA Horror Stories: Vets Tortured, Drugs Stolen, Sexual Assault Victims Restrained…


The man picked to clean up Veterans Affairs' scandals: Robert McDonald

VA overpaying misclassified workers by millions … and can’t fix it


TheDC Uncovers Another VA Backlog: Months Of Neglected Medical Records


Playing Politics at the VA: Congressional Hearing

VA chiefs who stifled whistleblowers got $100,000 in bonuses

VA Whistleblower: I Have Experienced ‘Harassment’ Since Contacting Rob Nabors With Concerns


VA Pressed to Take Back Senior Staff Bonuses Over Scandal

Millions of tax dollars in 'sordid' bonuses paid to top Veterans Affairs administrators despite phony wait lists, patient deaths

Nurse: VA Medical Staff Stole Morphine From Dying Patients


Veteran Died Waiting for Ambulance at VA Hospital


VA medical inspector retires amid criticism of response to whistleblower complaints

VA Employees Switched from Processing VA Applications to Obamacare Applications

Whistleblower Fights Back Against VA Hospital Over Secret Waiting Lists


 Whistleblower: VA Neglected Care to Focus on ObamaCare Promotion

Whistleblower alleges VA benefit application purge in Georgia (10,000 booted)

18,709 VA Employees Make $180,000 or More


Veterans Administration Puts Sex Change Patients at the Front of the Line

VA Offers Vietnam Vet Appointment Two Years After His Death


50 VA hospital workers claim retaliation for blowing whistle on the horrors they saw Say others are afraid to come forward


Obama to Hear Update on Veterans Affairs Problems


The VA Scandal Gets Deadlier

Video: VA whistleblower claims supervisors forced her to keep secret wait list


Exposed: How the VA Red-Flags ‘Disruptive’ Vets

Email: VA Doctors Have Nothing To Do At Work


CNN: Whistleblower: VA Changed Records To Make Dead Patients Appear To Be Alive

Vets: VA’s Care of Veterans Impeded by Filming of TV Series, Conference


VA brass knew of false data for 2 years


VA Chief: Twice as Many Vets Wait 30 Days for Appointment than First Reported


Phoenix VA gave out $10 mil in bonuses in past 3 years


House Chairman: VA Instructed Employees To Stonewall Investigation

Mired In a Scandal In Which Ailing Veterans Died, the VA Tweets About…Global Warming?

V.A. Punished Critics on Staff, Doctors Assert


Fresno VA Hospital Blocks Fox News Channel From Waiting Room Television


Report: VA Told Pittsburgh Hospital to Mislead Congress

The VA Sacrificed Vets for Solar Panels


 VA Spent Tens of Millions on Ad Campaigns, Audits, Green Energy Spending part of $1 billion in contracts disbursed by administration for ‘professional services’


100,000 Vets Experience Long Wait Times for Health Care


 Watchdog Group Subpoenaed for VA Whistleblower Info Group will resist subpoena from VA inspector general

Senior WH Official to Ron Fournier: VA Not Overhauled Because ´We Don´t Do Small Stuff Well´

VA says more than 57,000 patients are waiting for first visit

 Jeff Miller: Eric Holder Has Not Responded to Questions on VA Scandal Miller: Holder's Lack of Response 'Is Typical'


Huge Salaries for VA Employees; AZ - Federal Employee Salaries - Federal Employees


Two stories about the problems at the Veterans Affairs.  Both come with numbers, if not faces, attached.


 US Special Counsel Investigating Widespread Reprisal Against VA Whistle-Blowers

Acting VA secretary: 18 vets on Phoenix wait list died

Veteran´s wait times at El Paso VA are latest to come under scrutiny

Front-Runner To Head VA Predicts Obamacare Will Lead To Single-Payer


VA Hospital Axed Veteran Programs While Approving $1 Million In Bonuses


Veteran to Colorado VA: You ‘Owe Me a Leg’


According to this whistleblower, it would seem that the IG's report on Phoenix NA is itself a"modified limited hangout"

Scheduling Schemes Of The VA Scandal


VA internal audit: Wait-list fraud found at 64% of VA facilities

Heartwrenching: Veteran’s Suicide Note Read On Air By Parents, CNN Anchor Breaks Down

VA Official Bragged About Agency's Scheduling System in 2013 Speech

Were bonuses tied to VA wait times? Here´s what we know


The Day Before the Mass Exodus at White House, Jay Carney Got Grilled on VA Scandal

Boehner: Shinseki resignation ‘really changes nothing’

 Obama Blames Bush for VA Scandal: “This Predates My Presidency” (Video)

Obama on Shinseki Resignation: He's BEST Secretary In VA History...Did "Exemplary Work" (VIDEO)

Obama Says VA Director Shinseki Has Resigned “Spoke Truth to Power” (Video)

Eric Shinseki resigns as Veterans Affairs Secretary

Shinseki apologizes for VA health-care scandal

Obama to Meet with VA Secretary Shinseki Friday AM

American Legion To W.H.: “How Much Do We Have To Wait For” VA Scandal Accountability? (Video)

Doctor Shortage Is Cited in Delays at V.A. Hospitals

Florida Democrat defends VA in her state: 'Not one single complaint'


Stonewall: VA Officials Fail to Answer Questions About Secret Waitlists at Hearing

VA Bureaucrat: ´We Could Have Moved Forward More Quickly´

VA Awarded $3M in Prizes in Appointment Scheduling App Contest in 2013

Democratic Wave Builds For Shinseki’s Removal

VA secretary: I´m committed to restoring integrity

VA Knew of Wait Time Related Deaths in 2013

Eric Shinseki: 'We Are Doing All We Can' to Fix Veterans Affairs

VFW Calls For Immediate Firings At VA

'Internal VA Email' Reveals Los Angeles VA Hospital 'Manipulated' Records

Sgt. Daniel Somers put a bullet in his head, leaving a chilling note damning the scandal-hit VA for failing to treat his PTSD. Here, his parents expose the abject failure*

Doctor Shares 'War Stories' from VA, Including Operating Rooms Shut Down at 3 p.m.


'Veterans died! Get us the answers!': Republicans boil over as Veterans Affairs officials answer subpoenas with excuses and blank stares

Internal VA Report: Vets Are At ‘Risk Of Being Forgotten Or Lost’

 VA Committee Chairman Calls for Shinseki’s Immediate Resignation 1,700 vets at Phoenix hospital kept on secret wait list

VA report confirms allegations at Phoenix hospital (and worse, it's everywhere)

Inspector General Confirms Vets Waited 115 Days for Care in Phoenix

Officials: Army hospital chief relieved of command

Hagel Orders Complete Review of Military Healthcare System

Texas VA Run Like a ‘Crime Syndicate,’ Whistleblower Says

A doctor tells the truth about the VA health care system

VA Scandal Grows As Bonuses Went To Worst Hospitals

MO Vet Killed in Police Standoff Sought Help From VA But Was Turned Away (Video)


VA Expects To Have More Medical- Care Funding Than It Can Spend For The Fifth Year In A Row

Despite lie about degree, VA exec still oversees network of health care centers

Biden on VA: 'We're behind right now'

VA Spent $396K on Appointment Scheduling Software in 2013

Boehner: VA scandal 'worse' than we know?

Vet Allegedly Beaten To Death At VA Hospital


VA Fallout: Boston Globe, LA Times Declare Obama Incompetent

‘Black Eye’ Memorial Day: American Legion Says VA Scandal Sullied Holiday

Vet's death highlights urology clinic wait-time issues

Bipartisan calls increase for Holder to investigate ‘level of criminality’ in VA scandal

Triple Amputee Veteran Hammers Our Inept Commander In Chief In His Powerful Memorial Day Letter


Obama Addresses Troops in Afghanistan, Calls Helping Wounded Vets ‘Sacred Obligation’

VA expands veterans’ access to outside medical care, in effort to clear long waits

LA Morgue Ignored Veterans Bodies for Over a Year and a Half


Obama: US Must Do More to Care for Veterans

Obama: Taking care of our veterans and their families is a ´sacred obligation´

Why I Blew the Whistle on the V.A.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders on VA Scandal: “People Die Every Day” (Video)

Eric Shinseki–VA Secretary


Obama in 2000: VA model for medical system Borrowed ideas from veterans program during congressional bid

'Why didn't they prepare?' Hundreds of VA vacancies, as returning vets strain system

VA's Shinseki Vows Not to Quit as Pressure Mounts for His Resignation

Nancy Pelosi blames George W. Bush for Veterans Affairs scandal

    Louisiana VA staff falsified documents; nurse claimed racial element

Palin: 'Un-American' for Obama Admin to Treat Illegals Better Than Vets

New Allegation Of Patient Deaths At Miami VA


Megyn Kelly: exposing how the Obama administration knew all along that the VA schedules were being gamed.(video)

Lawmaker: VA Wait-List, Cover-Up Allegations 'Tip of the Iceberg'

As Vets Wait To Die, Obama Waits For IG Report

Senate Democrats Just Blocked a Bill to Increase Accountability at Scandal-Plagued Veterans Affairs Department

Veterans Affairs whistleblowers face ´long slog´ in fighting retaliation

VA Has Already Admitted 23 Veteran Deaths Linked to Delays in Care; Report contradicts president's claim.

Miami VA Whistleblower Exposes Drug Dealing, Theft, Abuse

NBC News: Albuquerque VA assigning veterans to doctors who NO LONGER WORK THERE

Another Dem Calls Obama Out on His Lackluster Response to VA Scandal

American Legion: We Have Totally Lost Confidence in Shinseki

Veterans groups blast Obama’s remarks on VA scandal: ‘Tremendous disappointment’

 Shinseki Rescinds Bonus to Phoenix VA Director

Treasury Outlays to VA Department Up 92.2% in One Decade

Study: $8.787 Million in Bonuses Flow to Troubled VA Centers

Obama, Shinseki stories on VA medical care don't add up


Obama transition team was told about 3 audits showing VA misreported wait times

VA Hospital Director Where 40 Died Received Bonus Last Month- VA claims bonus was result of 'administrative error'

 Dem Slams Obama’s Response to VA Scandal

Obama: 'I Know People Are Angry'

Obama: 'We All Know It Often Takes Too Long for Veterans to Get the Care They Need'

Obama Talks VA Scandal: Vets Are ‘One of the Causes of My Presidency’

Watch the Longest Obama Response Ever to a Yes or No Question

Obama: Any misconduct at VA will be punished

This memo shows that the VA knew of records manipulation in 2010

Obama to Meet with Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki

Obama to receive update on Veterans Affairs firestorm

Thune: Obama’s Response to VA Scandal ‘National Embarrassment’

Conflicting accounts of when Obama learned of VA problems

'VA Whistleblower Says He’s Been Demoted, Bullied'

West Virginia Doctor: Veterans On VA Waiting List Are Committing Suicide


Why Hasn’t Obama Addressed the VA Scandal Since Last Month?

Ed Henry vs. Jay Carney on VA Scandal

Florida VA Hospital Kept ‘Secret’ Wait Lists

More VA Whistleblowers Coming Forward, Campaign Says Lawyers who have represented VA informers say the agency is a heinous abuser of rights.

Obama Was Warned About VA 'Death Panels' 5 Years ago

 Whistleblower retaliation in the VA scandal: put on unpaid leave

CNN President Jeff Zucker: ‘We’re Not Going To Be Shamed’ Into Covering Benghazi

ABC, NBC Ignore Report Showing Obama Administration Knew About Ongoing VA Problems


Reporters Call Out Carney For Spinning VA Retirement As A Resignation [VIDEO]

Jay Carney: Obama First Learned About VA Scandal in the Media

Obama Campaigned Against VA Waiting Times, Care in 2007; Called Long Waiting Times "Dishonorable"

Whistleblower alleges VA clinic is destroying evidence

Surprise: VA Official Who 'Resigned' Over Death Scandal Was Already Set to Retire

Veterans, Families Share VA Healthcare Horror Stories

American Legion: 'We Need the White House, the President to Come Forward'

Exclusive: VA Scandal Hits New Hospital


Obama warned about VA wait-time problems during 2008 transition

'Delay in treatment' a factor in more than 100 deaths at VA centers

CBS's Major Garrett Grills WH Chief Of Staff Over Obama Silence on VA Scandal

Will Obama Award Denis McDonough a Purple Heart? Non-veteran WH Chief of Staff Claims ‘Scars’ from VA Scandal

Obama ´madder than hell´ over VA scandal

Veterans Affairs Undersecretary Robert Petzl didn´t resign, but was FORCED OUT by Obama administration amid deadly health care scandal blamed for 40 deaths


Vets Using Phoenix VA are Angry, Sick and Scared

GOP: Where´s the Obama leadership on this ´unconscionable´ VA care crisis?

More whistleblowers detail VA abuses, suffer retaliation

House Veterans’ Affairs Chair: Shinseki ‘Woefully Unprepared’ for Hearing

Jon Karl vs. Jay Carney on VA Scandal

VA Scandals Raise The Specter Of Healthcare Rationing


White House: Top VA official's resignation "is a termination"

Seventh VA office finds secret wait list — with over 200 veterans on it

Eric Shinseki’s Meaningless Claim That He ‘Takes Responsibility’

Sex Change For Manning As Vets Die From VA Neglect

Billions wasted on fruitless bid to create paperless vet health records

Rep. Paul Broun: VA Scandal Shows Obama's 'Disdain' for Military


CNN Grills W.H. Chief of Staff: How Many Dead Veterans Do You Need?

Obama Sends in The Cleaner; Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors, to “help” and to “oversee” things at Veterans Affairs

VA Spends Close to $500 Million on Conference Room, Office Makeovers Under Obama

VA Chief To Withhold Information From Congress, Citing Ongoing Investigation

Shinseki to testify on wait-list fraud in Senate hearing

Cascade of scandals has Veterans Secretary Eric Shinseki fighting for his job

Memos Show VA Staffers Have Been ´Gaming System´ for Six Years


Obama Appoints Top Aide to Oversee VA Review

Sixth VA office probing “inappropriate scheduling”

VA Scandal: Testing and Care Rationed "Because of Dollars and Cents"

CBS News reveals another VA center with a secret waiting list; VA social worker says it’s all about bonuses


Committee head wants Obama to name special commission to investigate Veterans Affairs patient deaths, care delays

Eric Holder: No Plans at DOJ to Investigate Secret Waiting Lists and Veteran Deaths at VA Hospitals


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