Obama and Syria



Kerry Was So Bad At Negotiating In Syria, He Wasn’t Invited To The Latest Talks

Obama Admin Keeping Syrian Refugee Vetting Details Classified, Hiding Potential Flaws


DNC Chair Contradicts Obama: Russian Hackers Came After Us ´Until End of Election´

Obama administration on defense over fall of Aleppo

Obama: Assad, Russia and Iran have blood on hands


Obama Suggests There's Too Much Media Coverage of Syria Crisis

"You Haven't Succeeded Once": State Department Slammed By AP Reporter Over Failure In Syria


White House tears into Russia for standing by Syria´s Assad as he bombs children on playgrounds: ´What kind of sick mind comes up with a strategy like that?´


Kerry ‘fesses up about Obama’s ‘red line’


White House warns Syria, Russia on ´heinous´ bombings in Aleppo

US: Russia 'bears responsibility' for destroyed Syrian hospitals


Hezbollah Shows Off American APCs in Syrian Military Parade

Obama Urges Trump To "Stand Up To Russia" As Kremlin Deploys Strategic Bombers Over Syria


Russia Launches Massive Air Offensive in Syria


Russia Is Deploying The Largest Naval Force Since The Cold War For Syria: NATO Diplomat


 US, UK say they’re weighing new sanctions on Syria, Russia Kerry, Johnson warn all options on the table to stop regime’s Moscow-backed offensive against rebel-held parts of Aleppo


Obama To Decide Friday On Military Action In Syria

 Royal Air Force Pilots Ordered To Shoot Down "Hostile" Russian Jets Over Syria


Kerry Calls For War Crimes Probe Against Russia, Syria


Russia hints at possible shoot-down of US planes over Syria


Syria conflict: Russia sends missile system to Tartus base

US Considering Air Strikes On Assad Regime After Top General Warns It Could Lead To War With Russia


Russia Warns U.S. of ‘Terrible Consequences’ For Any Attack on Syrian Army

Russia Warns US Military "Aggression" In Syria Would Lead To "Terrible, Tectonic" Consequences


Deputy Secretary Of State Can’t Explain Obama’s Plan For Syria [Video]

Report: Iranian spy masters 'running covert war' in Syria

How Kerry's Syria deal fell apart in 20 days

Obama under fire for Syria policy  US President defends his refusal to use force in Syria, as diplomatic efforts fail and carnage continues with no end in sight.


Joint Chiefs Chairman Rejects Obama Plan to Share Syria Intel with Russia

US threatens to end negotiations with Russia on Syria  After continued Russian attacks on Alleppo, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned that he would suspend talks on Syrian conflict.


Analysts: Russia looking to strong-arm US  As tensions between the two world powers escalate, experts say the Russians are 'going all out' in Aleppo to make US accept its demands


White House: Russia's policy in Syria is 'unfortunate'


US Deploying Forces in 7 Bases in Northern Syria

U.S. slams Russian 'barbarism' in Syria, Moscow says peace almost impossible

As Syria cease-fire fails, Obama may leave successor 'problem from hell'


Syrian regime army begins assault on Aleppo

Biden on Administration’s Syria Policy: ‘I’m Not a Big Fan of Red Lines’


Top Military Officer: Bad Idea to Share Syria Intelligence With Russians

Obama: Syria Crisis ‘Haunts Me Constantly’


US, Russia abandon diplomatic niceties in testy Syria debate

Russia to send flagship aircraft carrier to Syria

White House stopped vote on bipartisan bill sanctioning Syria for mass murder


Report: U.S. Believes Russian Aircraft Attacked Aid Convoy in Syria

State Dept: Syrian Ceasefire Hasn’t Collapsed But It’s ‘Very Fragile’

U.N. suspends aid convoys in Syria after deadly attack on relief shipment


Airstrikes hit 20-truck Aleppo aid convoy hours after Syria truce ends

Syria’s military declares week-long ceasefire over

Kerry says Syrian ceasefire holding but fragile


Centcom Command Admits “Mistake”, U.S. Break Cease-fire in Syria…

Russia says strikes on Syrian army threaten US-Russian ceasefire plan


US relays 'regret' for loss of life of Syrian forces in strike

Russia Accuses US Of Defending ISIS, After Pentagon Admits Coalition Jets Killed 62 Syrian Soldiers

'Coalition raid' hits Syria army as truce wavers


U.S. Military to Transfer Assets to Syria Under Coordination Deal With Russia


Syria ceasefire near collapse as Russia says US supporting shelling of civilians


 Syrian Ceasefire Deal Immediately Violated Assad vows to strip land from ‘terrorists’


Obama Administration Floods Country With 769 Syrian Refugees in First Week of September


Another chemical weapon attack reported in Syria


 IF LOOKS COULD KILL Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in tense G20 standoff as the famously hostile pair fail to reach a breakthrough on Syria  Grinning Putin shakes hands with stony-faced Obama after US President was snubbed by Chinese hosts


Associated Press: Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin negotiating around the clock´ to reach potentially groundbreaking deal to team*

UK journo: Syrian kidnapper who shot me twice is now a CIA-vetted “moderate”


WH: Obama Wants to 'Ramp Up' Commitment to Admitting Syrian Refugees

U.S. Tries to Stop Feuding Allies From Unraveling Syria Strategy

In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA


White House Celebrates Bringing In 10,000th Syrian Refugee Ahead Of Schedule


10,000th Syrian reaches US this week in resettlement program


Joe Biden Humiliated In Turkish "Appeasement" As Erdogan Bombs US Allies In Syria


UN concludes Syria crossed Obama’s red line at least twice since agreeing to give up its chemical weapons


US vows to ‘seek accountability’ for Syria chemical attacks

Islamic State, Syrian regime used chemical weapons, UN says

Obama, Kerry Caught With Pants Down On Chemical Weapons In Syria


Report: Obama Bowed To Iranian Wishes And Let Syria Cross The Red Line [Video]

Turkish PM: Russia Can Share Strategic Airbase With U.S. for Syria Ops

Administration Nears Syrian Refugee Goal: 9,077 Muslims; 47 Christians


Syrian Regime Jets Hit U.S.-Backed Kurdish Positions Despite American Warning


Former Danish PM: Obama a ‘disaster’ in Syria


For first time in conflict, Assad launches airstrikes on US-backed Kurds


Coalition troops forced to allow ISIS fighters to flee Syrian battlefield

Israel, US had advanced knowledge of Russian bombers on Iranian soil

Russian warplanes take off from Iran to target Islamic State in Syria


State Dept.: Ask Russia, not U.S., about joint operation in Syria

U.S. accepts more Syrian refugees than all of EU: 8,000 vs. 6,000


Orders for U.S. Forces in Syria: ´Don´t Get Shot´


Obama administration’s Syrian refugee surge could approach 30,000 in next year


Russia accuses U.S. of backing Syrian rebels who use poison gas on civilians


Obama administration to go beyond 10,000 Syrian refugees


US poised to hit Obama's target of 10,000 Syrian refugees


Homeland boss: ´We will make´ Obama call for 10,000 Syrian refugees

Syria Chlorine Gas Attack Suspected After Russian Helicopter Downed


DHS Extends Temporary Amnesty to Syrian Nationals in the U.S.


Kerry fumes after Russia ignores his Syria deadline

Obama Admin Extends Asylum for Syrian Refugees Through 2018


Clinton aims to ´get Assad out of Syria´ - potentially causing more chaos in Middle East


 6,726 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. So Far in FY16--But Only 23 Are Christians


Kerry´s Syria plan with Russia faces deep skepticism in U.S., abroad


U.S. believes Russia purposefully bombed secret U.S. base in Syria to force Washington’s hand


Russian warplanes reportedly bombed US base in Syria


 Syrian Opposition Demands U.S.-Led Coalition Halt Air Strikes Reports say 56 civilians killed by air campaign


Turkish Prosecutors Raid Incirlik Airbase Housing US Warplanes And 50 Nuclear Bombs

Rebels fear Assad victory in Syria as noose tightens around Aleppo


US, Russia Agree on ´Steps´ in Syria, but Won´t Say What


Kremlin: Putin, Kerry did not discuss military cooperation in Syria


Putin Claims Biggest Diplomatic Victory In Syria Conflict Yet, As Kerry Arrives In Moscow To "Seek Cooperation"


In Eid Remarks, Kerry Announces Administration Will Meet Its 10,000 Syrian Refugee Admission Target

Pentagon Opposes Obama Plan to Increase Military Cooperation With Russia in Syria


Caught On Tape: State Department Refuses To Answer Any Questions On Arming Syrian Rebels


Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. More Than Doubled in June; 0.3 Percent Were Christians


Obama retreats from Putin in Syria — again


Pentagon’s $400M reboot of Syrian rebel fighter training program off to slow start


White House unsure if U.S. can sic troops on Assad


US-Russia dogfight narrowly avoided in Syria US, Russian fighter jets nearly face off after Russian forces bomb US-allied rebels.


Russia Warns US Against Striking Assad


Reporter to State Dept: Some Officials Fear Authors of Critical Syria Memo Are Risking Careers

 State Department: Number of Dissenters to Obama's Syria Policy 'Unusual'


White House ´welcomes´ State Department dissent on Syria

The Untold Story Behind The "Mutiny At The State Department" Where Dozens Demand War With Syria


Texas Loses Fight to Keep Syrian Refugees Out

Dozens of U.S. Diplomats, in Memo, Urge Strikes Against Syria’s Assad


U.S. admits 4,000 Syrian refugees


State Dept. Expects Syrian Refugees to U.S. to ‘Increase Exponentially’ This Summer

State Dept. Official on Syrian Refugees Resettling in U.S.: ‘We’re Going to Bring in 10,000 This Year’

Obama: ‘I Look at Syria’s Children and I See My Own’


U.S. Troops in Syria 'Do What They Can to...Blend In,' DOD Says, After Photos Show Them Wearing YPG Insignia

Syria war: Turkey anger over US commando photos


Russia killed 28,000 militants in Syria, third of all ISIS forces – Russian deputy security chief


State Dept. sets single-day record for Syrian refugee approvals, renewing security fears


Top US Commander Makes Secret Visit to Syria


'US Gov't Targeted Me for Helping Christians Escape Iraq' A lawyer for refugees has been found guilty of helping clients lie on their applications. He says the gov't pressured his clients to testify against him.


Obama’s surge bringing 1,500 Syrian Muslims to US per month


 ISIS, Syrian Conflict ‘Not Containable’ in Middle East Bipartisan report calls for greater American involvement abroad


Iran Sends Afghan Refugees Off to Jihad in Syria


Why Obama and Rhodes abandoned Syria


Kerry warns of ‘repercussions’ if Assad breaks Syria truce


US weighing under-the-radar routes for Syrian refugees?


Obama administration fails to screen Syrian refugees’ social media accounts


DOD: U.S. Sending 250 More Troops to Syria Because 'We Do Not Know...All the Forces in Play'

Russia restarts bombings targeting Syrian opposition, US officer says

Obama in 2013: ‘I Will Not Put American Boots on the Ground in Syria’

State Dep’t Spokesman: Phrase ‘Boots on the Ground’ Has Reporters ‘Wrapped Around the Axle’

U.S. plots with United Nations to expand Syrian refugees from 10,000 to 200,000


Report: U.N. Pressing for ‘Alternative’ Ways to Admit More Syrian Refugees to U.S.

Obama outlines plans to expand U.S. Special Operations forces in Syria

Obama announces deployment of 250 more U.S. troops to Syria to fight ISIS

220 Syrian Refugees Admitted Over Past 2 Weeks Includes 1 Christian


President Obama To Announce U.S. Is Sending 250 Military Personnel To Syria


White House is 'concerned' by reports more Russia materiel in Syria


Russia's Putin pledges support for Syrian Kurds


Iran´s Special Forces reportedly suffering heavy losses in Syria

U.S. Readies ‘Plan B’ to Arm Syria Rebels Moderate groups could get antiaircraft weapons if cease-fire collapses, officials say

Syrian surge! 'Refugees' flood into U.S. at rate of 358 per week 'Obama is doing everything within his power to advance an Islamic invasion'


U.S. Government Reveals 3,000 Ton Delivery Of Weapons To Al-Qaeda-Linked Syrian Rebels


U.S. ´surge operation´ to clear 10,000 Syrian refugees in just 3 months, 600 interviewed A DAY


Under New U.S. Syrian Refugee Surge, Processing Time Reportedly Slashed to 3 Months


First Syrians Leave for US Under Surge Resettlement Program


Ex-CIA operative: How Hillary Clinton betrayed Syrian rebels

Obama Refused to Authorize Plan to Overthrow Assad in 2012

U.S. To "Greatly Increase" Special Forces Deployed In Syria


Report: US and Russia agree to Assad's departure to another country


How President Obama Made Syria An Unfixable Quagmire


In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA


Russia hands Syria its first major defeat of ISIS

Former Israeli intel chief: Russia remains in Syria, it will not abandon fight


The costs of Obama’s Syria policy are apparent to everyone but him

Clinton email reveals: Google sought overthrow of Syria's Assad


 Russia jets continue strikes in Syria, Moscow says

White House Ready to Help ICC Genocide Probe in Syria, Iraq

Senior Arab Diplomat: Saudis See Putin, Not Obama, as Key to Syria’s Future


After 'pullout,' Russia bombs Syria


Obama, Putin discuss Russia’s ‘partial withdrawal’ from Syria

Obama Admin Wants To Restart Failed Program Training Syrian Rebels

Putin: Russia to start withdrawing 'main part' of its forces from Syria

0.4% of Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. Since ISIL Attacks in Paris Are Christian


Key powers mulling possibility of federal division of Syria


Syria Ceasefire Already Collapsing Why cessation of hostilities will have little impact on the peace talks.


Samantha Power's Squandered Moral Authority


U.S. builds two air bases in Kurdish-controlled north Syria: Kurdish report


Volunteers on US’s Syria ceasefire hotline can’t speak Arabic


Israel says Syria used chemical weapons during ceasefire


Obama wants more Syrian refugees in the U.S.

Russia Resumes Bombing in Syria, Ceasefire is Shaky

Syria truce holding ‘by and large,’ UN chief says

Obama Administration Pushing to Accept More Refugees from Syria

Of 651 Syrian Refugees Admitted Into US Since Paris Attacks, 3 Are Christians


Rebels, Russians report violations as Syria truce teeters

Iran said withdrawing all its fighting forces from Syria

Russia says receives US list of 69 armed groups agreeing to Syrian truce

Opposition activists report airstrikes in northern Syria


U.S.: Russia uses ceasefire process to seize key Syria territory

Kerry: Iran has withdrawn Guards from Syria


Kerry Warns, ‘It May Be Too Late’ to Keep Syria Whole

Kerry: Syria Political Transition Could Begin Within ‘Months’


Syria Truce: No Monitors on the Ground to Ensure Compliance

Kerry: US has 'Plan B' options if Syria transition does not happen

Syrian monitor estimates more than 370,000 dead in war

More than 270,000 killed in Syria conflict


Saudis Cut Military Aid to Lebanon Over Iran/Hezbollah Support; US Refuses to Do So

US, Russia agree to ceasefire in Syria

Kerry Tries Again: Now Says Syria Truce ‘Could Begin in the Coming Days’


Experts: Invasion of Syria Could Lead to Nuclear War

Mapping Russia's Syrian Air Campaign: February Strikes At A Glance

Kerry says provisional agreement reached with Lavrov on terms of Syria cease-fire


U.S. Proxies in Syria Are Attacking Each Other


U.S. says meeting for Syria cease-fire delayed, not canceled as Russia claims

Pentagon Asks Russia to Avoid Areas in Syria Where Special Operators Are Deployed


U.S. Told Russia Location of Special Forces in Syria


Kerry goal for quick Syria cease-fire falls through

Report: Russia Killed More Civilians in Syria in January Than Either Assad Regime or ISIS

Obama’s ‘Moderate’ Syrian Deception


Syrian Refugees Admitted to US Since Paris Attack: 602 Muslims, 2 Christians

Russian cluster bombs tear through streets of Aleppo, Syria

Why are Syrian Kurds pivoting toward Moscow?


US blames Russia for killing around 50 in Syria airstrikes

THREE DAYS After John Kerry Announces Cease-Fire… Russian-Backed Syrian Troops Bomb Hospitals Killing 23

ISIS Gets Syrian Air Defense System Missile warheads likely to be used in car bombs

Ex-US official: Israel may be in trouble if Assad wins


Obama urges Russia to stop bombing 'moderate' Syria rebels

Road To World War III: Turkey Shells Syria For Second Day As Saudi Warplanes Arrive


 Turkey Fires On Syrian Army, Kurds, Says "Massive Escalation" In Syria Imminent As Saudis Ready Airstrikes


Assad vows to retake all of Syria, warns could 'take long time'

U.S. Allies Now Fighting CIA-Backed Rebels

Russia's new Syrian strategy: Ethnic cleansing


World powers agree on Syria ceasefire plan New Syrian peace will introduce gradual cessation of hostilities and delivery of humanitarian aid.

 John Kerry announces ceasefire in Syria 'within a week' following a summit in Munich

Russian PM: Foreign offensive in Syria could spark 'world war' After Saudis say their decision to deploy troops in Syria is 'final,' Medvedev issues a dire warning.


New Fighter Aircraft to Expand Russian Air Campaign in Syria


DIA Chief: I Expect Iran to Purchase New Russian Weapons and See Them in Syria in Two Years

Saudi Arabia Prepares To Send Special Forces To Syria; Will Fight As Part Of "US-Led Coalition"


30,000 Syrian refugees mass at Turkish border: Turkey PM

New York Times: America’s Syrian Shame


World War III inches closer as Turkey says it may enter Syrian conflict

An Exasperated John Kerry Throws In Towel On Syria: "What Do You Want Me To Do, Go To War With The Russians?!"

Obama’s Disastrous Betrayal of the Syrian Rebels


Closing In: Russia, Iran, Assad "Encircle" Syria's Largest City As Peace Talks Collapse In Geneva


Kerry to announce 'significant' new aid to Syrian refugees Secretary of State to announce new American contributions to support relief efforts for Syrian refugees later this week.

 U.S. Spots Russian Commandos in Syria Spetsnaz troops helping Syrian, Hezbollah, foreign forces near Aleppo, Latakia


Israeli satellite photos show Russian Air Force deployment in Syria

State Dep´t Seeking App ´To Help Syrian Children Learn How to Read and Improve Their Wellbeing´


War in Syria: Russia’s 'rustbucket' military delivers a hi-tech shock to West and Israel

Kerry: Syria conflict the worst since World War II


Texas AG: Obama Admin. Resettled Syrians ‘Under Cloak Of Secrecy’

Obama's credibility with Syrian rebels collapses


US Launches Airbase In Syria


Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Paris Attacks: 525 Muslims, 1 Christian


U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels

Biden: U.S. ‘prepared’ for a military solution in Syria


Turkey alarmed by 'Russian build-up' on Syria border


Democrats filibuster to defend Obama’s Syrian refugees


Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Paris Attack:1 Christian, 482 Muslims; 0.2% Christian

Syria 4 Years On: Shocking Images Of A Post-US-Intervention Nation

Report: Russian Military Presence in Syria Upgrading Military Skills of Hezbollah


Michelle Obama to Invite Syrian Refugee to SOTU Address on Tuesday


Furious Putin ends all co-operation with Turkey in wake of 'shot down' jet


State: US Has Concerns About Syrian Islamist Group, But Its Leader Supported Political Process And Should Not Have Been Killed


Report: As Obama administration knowingly armed Islamic State in Syria, Joint Chiefs passed US intel to Assad


State Dept. counts 'bringing peace' to Syria as a 2015 win


U.S. Pursued Secret Contacts With Assad Regime for Years Effort to limit violence and get president to relinquish power failed


Seymour Hersh Bombshell: US Military Shared Intelligence With Assad In Defiance Of Obama, CIA


 Military to Military Seymour M. Hersh on US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war

Syrian rebels put up sign: "Democracy = idolatry"


Obama administration blocks Washington Times FOIA request on Syria chemical weapons

Putin Blasts Interventionist US Foreign Policy, Calls Forcible Regime Change "Intolerable"

State Dept Official: We Don’t Prioritize Christian Syrian Refugees over Other Religions

 REPORT: Only 1 Christian Has Been Admitted Into US As Refugee Since Paris Terror Attacks


Syria’s drained population


Obama Mocks Russia: They Haven’t “Moved the Needle” in Syria in Last Two Months (VIDEO)

State Dept Official: We Don’t Prioritize Christian Syrian Refugees over Other Religions

Hagel says he OK’d plan to strike Damascus after ´red line;´ Obama told him stand down

Paul Ryan Negotiated Exporting Oil In Exchange For Importing Syrians

Israel: Iran has withdrawn most of its Revolutionary Guards from Syria


White House: Assad Could Stay in Government if Syrian People Want, Probably Won’t Happen

Syrian refugees arrive in the Midlands, more coming to SC

Putin vows never to reconcile with 'Islamized' Turkey In angry speech Russian president hints Ankara downed Moscow's jet in a deal with the US, says Erdogan overseeing a 'creeping Islamization.'

 "Let Them Fly There Now": Putin Threatens To Shoot Down Turkish Jets In Syria, Calls Erdogan An Ass Kisser

'Turkey licking Americans in a particular place,' angry Putin says

McCain: ‘I Am Not Making This Up’—Kerry said Russia Helpful in Syria


Obama says that concerns that jihadis will be among the Syrian refugees are unfounded


Still Just One Christian: 275 of 276 Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Paris Attacks Are Muslims

Obama compares Syrian refugees to Holocaust survivors

 In Apparent Reversal, Obama Admin Not Seeking ‘Regime Change’ in Syria US bows to demands from Russia

Assad can stay, for now: Kerry accepts Russian stance

As US Commandos Arrive In Syria, Kurds Ask "Is This It?"

NC Gov: Obama Doesn't Tell Us Where or When They Bring Syrian Refugees Into Our State Those seem like important details.

Obama demands compassion for Syrian refugees as he swears in new citizens


Russia continues military buildup around Turkey (7,000 troops in Armenia)


Russian warship FIRES at Turkish vessel in the Aegean in stark warning


Syrians Arrested in Swiss Terror Plot – Were Transporting TOXIC GAS for Geneva Attack


DHS Official Has No Clue What is Happening with Visa Waiver Program, Terrorism Absolutely stunning to hear so many crickets.


Kerry: Climate change fueled Syrian refugee crisis


Putin raises possibility of using nuclear weapons against terrorists - but hopes they ‘will never need’ them


US Denies Bombing Assad's Forces, Blames Russia


1 Christian: 236 of 237 Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Paris Attacks Are Muslims


Turkey Detains Russian Ships In Black Sea, Blasts Moscow For Brandishing Rocket Launcher In Strait

Turkey slams fresh Russian ‘provocation’ as warships enter waters

Texas backs down from effort to block Syrian refugees


Texas Sues to Block Syrian Refugees

Kerry: 'Yes, there is a strategy' on Syria


US Aircraft Carrier Harry Truman Is Now In The Mediterranean, Approaching Syria Coast - Full US Naval Map


Why So Few Christians Among Syrian Refugees? State Dept.: Our Emphasis 'on Helping the Most Vulnerable'


House Dem: Obama Could Cause ‘Devastating Nuclear War’ With Russia

Cuellar: Syrians Already Entering the U.S., Plan Needed Now


Obama To Turkey: Seal Off The Border To Syria, Turkey To Obama: Handle Mexico First

 Obama, Putin discuss Turkey and Syria at climate summit

Russia says Turkey shot down its plane to protect its oil trade with the Islamic State

Greenfield: Syrians are a Terror Threat, Here are the Numbers


Russia to Escalate Syria Offensive With Ground Troops, Arab Media Claim

Israel: Russian Plane Mistakenly Breached Israeli Airpace, But Immediately Turned Back When Notified

Still Report #463 - UPS Refugee Flights Confirmed


Report: 50 U.S. Soldiers in Kobane, Syria to Train Kurds

Who the ‘Syrian Refugees’ Are - Not All of Them Are Syrian


Obama Administration Threatens States to Admit Syrian Refugees or Face ‘Enforcement Action’

Erdogan Warns Russia Against Downing Turkish Jets in Syrian Airspace

Top U.S. Air Defense Commander: Turkey’s Shootdown of Russian Jet “Had to Be PRE-PLANNED”

Chief Of Russian Air Force Accuses Turkey Of Coordinated Ambush On Downed Jet

Putin Accuses Obama Of Leaking Flight Details To Turkey After Russia Releases Video Of S-400 SAM Deployment In Syria

Turkish President Erdogan Blasts Vladimir Putin: 'Don't Play with Fire'

Putin: U.S. knew flight path of jet downed in Turkey

Feds: Georgia must process food stamps for Syrian refugees

The Death Of Damascus: Images From Syria's War-Torn Capital


Obama: Syrian refugees are like pilgrims on the Mayflower

Russia deploys S-400 missiles in Syria

Reports: Russia Launches Electronic Warfare in Syria as Tensions Rise Installs advanced missile system to defend Syria


Obama: It's illegal for states to refuse Syrian refugees

Russia bombards Syrian rebels near site of downed Russian jet

Syrian army source: rebels make heavy use of (US Supplied) TOW missiles

Obama Security Advisor: 'Ground Forces in Syria Are Not Sustainable'


'US believes Russian jet was in Syrian airspace when Turkey shot it down'

Obama: Syria Needs ‘Ceasefire,’ Regime Change, Democratic Elections So It Can Unite Against Terrorism

Russia Deploys Warship Off Syrian Coast To "Destroy Any Threats To Russian Planes"

Pentagon backs Turkey’s version of events, blames ‘incursion’ of Russian jet

The Russian warplane is shot down by Turkey after allegedly violating its airspace

Russia Drops Massive Bombshell… Obama HELPED ISIS

Syrian Rebels Destroy Russian Helicopter With US-Supplied Anti-Tank Missile

Video: Obama-backed Syrian “moderates” scream “Allahu akbar” over body of downed Russian pilot


O’Keefe Releases Undercover Video Of Huma Abedin Discussing Syrian Refugees [VIDEO]


Syrian refugees: In desperation, Obama offers statistics and lies


REPORT: 5 More Syrians Detained at Laredo Port of Entry

  US, French Aircraft Carriers Rush Toward Syrian Coast To Find Numerous Russian Warships Already There


Obama Inc: Refuses to Give Law Enforcement Info on Syrian Refugees

 White House tries to shift debate from Syrian refugees to visa waiver program

Only Five Syrian Christians Admitted to U.S. Since October

Costa Rica Arrests Another Syrian With Fake Greek Passport


Obama DHS Says They Won’t Track Missing Syrian Refugee Because of His “Constitutional Rights”

Hundreds Of Syrian Refugees Arrive In Pennsylvania

Obama Declares Victory On Refugee Fight: ‘We’ll Be Able To Proceed’

Rand Paul Forces Mitch McConnell to Pull Bill Off Senate Floor Over Refugee Housing: ‘I Will Not Back Down’

House Just Stuck It To Obama With Hugely Defiant Vote – 47 Dems Joined In

U.S. refugee chief tells lawmakers 'Syrians are less of a threat'

Syrian Ambassador Says That Over 20% Of Refugees To Europe May Have Links To The Islamic State

 Resettling Middle Eastern Refugees Costs Taxpayers $64,370 Per Refugee 91 percent of refugees receive food stamps, 68 percent receive cash assistance

Syrian Refugees Since Oct. 1: 346 Sunni Muslims, 5 Christians; 191 Males, 160 Females; 64 Men Ages 14 to 40


Obama to veto legislation on refugee screening

REPORT: 8 Syrians Caught at Texas Border in Laredo

Obama Continues Angry Rant Against Republicans For Blocking Refugees

 Report: al Qaeda Terrorists Entered United States Through Refugee Program DHS Secretary said ISIS may exploit refugee resettlement program

White House issues veto threat over refugee bill

Tennessee GOP leader: Round up Syrian refugees, remove from state

White House Launches #REFUGEESWELCOME Hashtag

Obama: Opponents of my plan to welcome Syrian refugees are afraid of widows and orphans

AG Lynch: Vetting Syrian Refugees 'Does Present Challenges to Law Enforcement'

 Dems Plot State-Level Strategy to Pressure GOP Governors on Refugees Rep. Joaquin Castro met with left-wing state advocacy group to enlist Dem mayors

White House hosts emergency call with governors

Five Syrians arrested in Honduras trying to reach U.S. with stolen Greek passports


Syrian media reports Israeli airstrike near Damascus airport


Dem Senator: 'We Don’t Have a Comprehensive Strategy' In Syria


More US Troops Possible in Syria, Defense Sec. Ash Carter Says


The only reason F-15s are going to Syria is to shoot down Russian jets


US Spec Ops Already On The Ground In Syria Sources Say, As Russian Troop Presence Grows To 4,000

Russia says Syria 'opposition' guided warplanes to bombing targets


 In apparent about-face, Russia says Syria’s Assad can step down Moscow said it never insisted embattled president stay, only that ‘regime change in Syria could become local or even regional catastrophe’

 Obama: Special ops in Syria not a change in policy US leader says growing ground deployment against Islamic State won’t lead to Iraq War-style ‘battalions and occupations’


Here Are 16 Times Obama Promised No "Boots On The Ground" In Syria

Kerry Says Decision to Send Troops to Syria Not Decision to Enter Syrian Civil War

Kirby: ‘I Don’t Know’ That Obama Ever Ruled Out Boots on the Ground in Syria

NBC: Didn’t Obama Break His Promise on Troops Going to Syria?


Kerry says US troops in Syria will only fight ISIS

Analysis: Obama Crosses Own Red Line With Syrian Deployment


Flashback: Obama 2013 – No Boots On The Ground In Syria

Obama Set To Announce US Boots On The Ground In Syria, Russia Threatens Deployment "Unacceptable"

Obama Admin Open to Allowing Assad to Remain in Power for Several Months


Report: Russia transporting Iranian weapons into Syria in violation of UN embargo

US Ground Troops In Syria Is "Illegal, Big Mistake", Russia Warns Obama Of "Unpredictable Consequences"


Ashton Carter: U.S. to Begin 'Direct Action on the Ground' in Iraq, Syria

Obama weighs moving U.S. troops closer to front lines in Syria, Iraq


Report: Israeli satellites spying on Russian support for Assad


Russia "Confirms" It Has Plans To Restore Assad Government In Syria

General In Charge Of "Total Failure" Syrian "Train And Equip" Program Gets Promotion


Russia Plans to Escalate Missions in Syria to '300-a-day'


Havana Denies Cuban Soldiers Sent to Syria


It's come to this: Russia sets up hotline with Israel over Syrian operations


Russia Now Has A Mid-East Airbase: Here Is How Far Its Aircraft Can Reach

Russia Targets U.S.-Backed Forces In Syria While Administration Tries to Finalize 'Memorandum of Understanding'

Russia Bombs More Targets in 1 Day than Obama Did in 1 Month


Lavrov: Unclear what exactly US is doing in Syria & why results so insignificant

Top Cuban general, key forces in Syria to aid Assad, Russia, sources say

Russia Sends Its Only Aircraft Carrier To Syria, Signals It Is Just Getting Started

Official: Russia ‘deliberately targeting’ US-backed forces in Syria

Iran Sends "Thousands" Of Troops To Syria For Russian-Backed Assault On Key City


Susan Rice blames jihad in Syria on climate change

White House Says Gop Goading Obama into Proxy War With Russia.

Putin Slams Obama on Syria: US Has 'Mush for Brains'


U.S. delivers 50 tons of ammunition to Syria rebel groups

Obama deflects blame for Syria plan failure

UK Denies Alleged Policy Allowing to Strike Russian Jets in Middle East


Obama Defends The Failure Of His Syria Policy Before A Beligerent 60 Minutes

Obama: Give me a few more years in Syria

Moscow Demands Britain Explain "Green Light To Shoot Down Russian Jets"


U.S. official: 'Psychological blow' in ISIS killing of Iranian general in Syria

As Russia Bombs Syria, U.S. Pulls Aircraft Carrier Out of Persian Gulf

Officials: CIA-backed Syrian rebels under Russian blitz

AP: Expert Says 60%-80% of US Weapons To Syria Wound Up in Al Qaeda Hands

Russia asks Kerry to introduce them to the Free Syrian Army.


NYT: White House ends Syrian rebel training program

State Deptment´s Mind-Bending Spin On Russia´s Syria Campaign


NATO Threatens To Send In Troops After Russia Stations Ground "Battalion" In Syria


Syrian forces begin ground offensive backed by Russia air and sea power

 Russian Warships Launch Missile Attack On Syrian Targets, Clearing Way For Iran Ground Invasion

EXCLUSIVE: Russian jets 'intercept' US predator drones over Syria, officials say


Obama authorizes resupply of Syrian opposition

Iran Plotted With Russia for Months on Military Intervention in Syria

White House Spokesman: Putin is Playing Checkers, Not Chess

NATO chief: Russian jets in Turkish airspace no accident

DHS Confesses: No Databases Exist To Vet Syrian Refugees


Saudis Mull Launch Of Regional War As Russia Pounds Targets In Syria For Fourth Day


Obama says Syria ´is not some superpower chessboard contest´

The Largest US Foreign Policy Blunder Since Vietnam Is Complete: Iran Readies Massive Syrian Ground Invasion

The Only Thing Funnier Than UN Ambassador Samantha Power’s Tweet About Russia Are the Responses


"They're Hopping Mad In The US And Saudi Arabia": Russian Strikes In Syria Spark Epic Western Media Propaganda Blitz

Obama Hammers Putin -- Went into Syria ‘Out of Weakness’

Obama: US will not make 'proxy war' with Russia over Syria

Kerry Repeats: Russia Has Been Told it Must ‘Not Be Engaged in Any Activities Against Anybody But ISIL’


Feds admit: 'We have no outside data' on Syrian refugees More than 90% who apply get approved


Syrian Ambassador: Two Days Of Russian Strikes More Effective Than Year-Long American Campaign

WH: Russian Airstrikes 'An Indication of How Concerned They Are About Losing Influence' in Syria

White House claim: We've got Putin right where we want him

Under Russian cover, Iran troops to launch Syria assault

Putin signs decree drafting 150,000 conscripts into the Russian military... as his jets launch new wave of air strikes in Syria


Russian strikes again expose US disarray

John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov hold strained press conference to announce ´deconfliction´ talks - hours after Russia gave the US just an hour to get out the way of its Syria strikes

US Has No Clue Who Russia is Bombing in Syria, But It’s Not ISIS

Pentagon Boss: ‘I Take the Russians at Their Word’

Russian ´ISIS Strikes´ Hit US-Backed Anti-ISIS Groups

Russia begins airstrikes in Syria; U.S. warns of new concerns in conflict

Kerry rebuffs Russian demand, says US airstrikes in Syria ‘will continue’

Russians tell US to remove war planes from Syria, senior official says

 U.S. Opening 'De-Confliction' Talks With Russia: 'We Do Not Want an Accident to Take Place'

Day After Meeting with Obama, Putin Bombs Syria

Iraq sharing US (and Israeli?) intelligence with Russia?


US-Trained Rebel Unit Hands Over Equipment to Al-Qaeda 75 US-trained rebels left Turkey for Syria and reportedly defected to Jabhat al-Nusra immediately. If true, this is a disaster for US policy.

White House Was For Arming Syrian Rebels Before It Was Against It


Russia builds up Syria airbase as US policy suffers setback

IDF strikes Syrian military targets in response to stray fire into Israel

U.S. support for Syria rebels illegal, Putin says ahead of Obama meeting

Contradicting Kerry, Iran says it didn’t discuss Syria crisis with him

US On The Ropes: China To Join Russian Military In Syria While Iraq Strikes Intel Deal With Moscow, Tehran


Hezbollah to Get Russian- Made Tanks from Syria

Kerry sees opportunity to work with Iran on Syria

Chinese Navy sets off for Syria


Watch The Latest Russian War Preparations In Syria: Satellite Imagery Update

Hezbollah welcomes Russian buildup in Syria, says U.S. has failed

Russians, Syrians and Iranians setting up military coordination cell in Baghdad

'Coordination'? Russia threatens to shoot down IAF jets targeting Hezbullah convoys

Russian navy to conduct drills near Israel

Pentagon Admits: U.S. Gear in Qaeda’s Hands

'Coordination'? Russia threatens to shoot down IAF jets targeting Hezbullah convoys


In NY meeting, Obama to ask Putin for clarity on Russian involvement in Syria

´Tacit´ deal between US, Russia to end Syria war: Assad adviser

Israel Military Says It Is Coordinating With Russia on Syria

Russian marines join Hizballah in first Syrian battle

Al-Qaeda Claims Obama’s ‘Moderate’ Syrians Have Joined the Jihadis

Notice Anything ODD In This Video Of ‘Syrian Refugees’? (All Males)


Endgame: Putin Plans To Strike ISIS With Or Without The U.S.


US-trained rebels gave their weapons to al-Qaeda immediately on entering Syria

Petraeus: Syria is a ‘Geopolitical Chernobyl’


Russia to deploy 2,000 in Syria air base mission’s ‘first phase’

Russia deploys 28 combat planes in Syria: US officials

 Kremlin Calls For "Action" After Russian Embassy In Syria Hit By Mortar Fire

Russia starts drone surveillance missions in Syria: U.S. officials

Kerry: Russia’s involvement in Syria “hinders” resolution

Syrian Woman Seeking Asylum and American Relative Arrested at Texas Border


US Syria Strategy Officially Unravels: Kerry Admits Timetable For Assad Exit Is Completely Unknown

Centcom Spokesman: Syrian Kurd Fighters Disrupt ISIL Movement


´The devil made me do it´: Obama´s foreign policy just reached a new low

U.S. signals shift on Syria fight, will embed rebel trainees in with Kurds, others to call in airstrikes

81% Of Syrians Believe US Is To Blame For ISIS


US officials say Russian fighter jets seen in Syria airfield

Russia Says It May Send Troops Into Combat In Syria As A Worried Netanyahu Heads To Moscow

Obama Folds Again, To Begin Syria Military Talks With Russia "Very Shortly"


Assad Goes On Offense, Bombs ISIS "Capital", Deploys New Russian Weapons

The Secret Arms Deal Behind America’s Syria Fiasco (An American was killed.

U.S. general: There are four or five American-trained rebels operating in Syria right now


Obama Administration Fights Russian Aid to Syria With Three Phone Calls

Please Ignore The Freudian Slip: Pentagon Backtracks, Denies US Special Forces Are In Syria

U.S. Rejected Offers by Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria to Surrender … and Proceeded to Wage War

UAE fighter in Yemen: Iran won't stop until Persian empire spreads over region


 In call to Russian counterpart, Kerry demands answers on Syria buildup Moscow’s long-term goals in Syrian conflict ‘not clear,’ strategy ‘doomed to failure,’ US officials say as Putin rushes aid to Assad forces


10,000 Syrians Are Headed For The Following 180 US "Refugee Processing Centers"

List Of 190 Cities Where Obama Will Be Placing Syrian Muslim Refugees


Obama warns Russia on military moves in Syria

Russia warns US of ‘unintended incidents’ over Syria

White House: ‘Unclear’ What Vladimir Putin Is Doing In Syria


It Begins: Europe Flooded With Reports Of "ISIS Terrorists" Posing As Refugees

Obama: Vladimir Putin ‘Did Not Take My Warnings’ On Syria

Russia to U.S.: talk to us on Syria or risk 'unintended incidents'

FBI still maintains it has no means of vetting 10,000 ‘extensively screened’ Syrian refugees

War has forced half of Syrians from their homes. Here´s where they´ve gone.


In Major Humiliation For Obama, Iran Sends Soldiers To Support Russian Troops In Syria

Obama wants U.S. to prepare for 10,000 Syrian refugees next year: White House

US Warns Of "Unprecedented" Russian Military Buildup In Syria: "It's Starting To Look Like Crimea"

'Russia, Iran sending military forces to save Assad's regime'

 DISASTER: US Spent $41.8 Million to Train 54 Syrian Fighters – All Have Gone Missing (VIDEO)


Kerry says U.S. weighing how to take more Syrian refugees

Russia says military supplies to Syria are nothing news


Obama Avoided Syria Action to Help Iran Negotiations

 VIDEO: Greek Island Turns Into War Zone as Syrian and Afghan Migrants Clash

Counterterrorism Chair: We Have to Assume ISIS or Al Qaeda Would Try to Take Advantage of Refugee Situation

 WH ‘Actively Considering’ Approaches to Refugee Crisis


U.S. asks Greece to deny Russian flights to Syria


Russia is sending ships loaded with tanks and trucks to support regime of President Assad in Syria

Russian Military Presence In Syria Risks "Confrontation" With US-Backed Forces, Kerry Warns Lavrov

100,000 Palestinians have fled Syria to Europe, official says


Russia 'is building military base in Syria'

US warns Russia against more aid to Assad amid new violence

Putin Confirms Scope Of Russian Military Role In Syria

Kerry Expresses Concern Over Russian Presence in Syria


Putin: Assad Would "Accept" Snap Elections To Avoid "Total Chaos"


 Pentagon Confirms Islamic State Use of Chemical Arms Blistering agent detected at four sites in Iraq, Syria


U.S. launches secret drone campaign to hunt Islamic State leaders in Syria


 IN JUST 4 YEARS=> Half of Syrian Population of 22 Million Has Been Killed, Displaced or Fled the Country

Russian Military Forces Arrive In Syria, Set Forward Operating Base Near Damascus

Russian jets in Syrian skies  Russia has begun its military intervention in Syria, deploying an aerial contingent to a permanent Syrian base, in order to launch attacks against ISIS and Islamist rebels; US stays silent.


Report: 'Strained' US to Remove Patriot Battery from Jordan A report over the weekend said that the United States was likely to remove its Patriot missile defense batteries from Jordan.


Kirby: We Continue to Welcome Syrian Refugees Into the US

Obama’s Politicized Intelligence Column: The White House spins--and ignores--its losing war in Iraq and Syria


U.S. to Accept 5,000 to 8,000 Syrian Refugees Next Year


Syrian rebels: Turkey tipped al Qaida group to U.S.-trained fighters

“The whole Syria will pass through Serbia”: Belgrade to face five million “refugees”

How Obama is enabling the Syrian genocide


US calls for de-escalation on Israel-Syria border


'Iran trying to move Yakhont missiles and SA-22 Air Defense Systems to Hezbollah'


4 Years Later, Obama Still Calling for Assad to Go, As Death Toll Hits 250K


Video: IDF Kills Iran-Sponsored Golan Terrorists Terrorists infiltrated from Syria last month in order to plant bombs. IDF says Tehran sent them.


Obama administration still predicts 'Assad's days are numbered'


"It's A Friggin' Mess": The Pentagon Sums Up Syria Fight

 Another Obama Success Story: 54 Remaining US-Trained Syrian Rebels Refuse to Fight


Obama White House made “willful decision” to support Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood in Syria


Pentagon doesn't know where U.S.-trained Syrians are


Obama Administration Unsure if U.S. Troops Can Protect Syrian Insurgents in Islamic State ‘Free Zone’

 SYRIAN ISLAMISTS Release Video of Captured US-Trained Rebels in Azaz


Obama Authorizes Airstrikes to Defend Syrian Rebels

Obama’s $500 million 50-man “moderate” army: half already dead, captured, out of action


2910 Palistinians killed in Syria


 Record Number of Syrians Granted Asylum in U.S. On-going civil war, rise of Islamic State drive refugees overseas


Computer hack reveals identity of Syrians in contact with Israel


Defense Chief 'Not Sure About the Legalities' of U.S. Defending Syrian Fighters Against Assad


Defense Secretary Carter says just 60 Syrian rebels in training


Syria: Obama-backed rebels persecute Christians, force them from their homes


 U.S. Admits Paying Terrorists For Services Rendered In Syria

Free Syrian Army to ‘Post’: Our struggle is increasingly against Iran


US having trouble finding moderate Syrians willing to fight the Islamic State


Report: US intel community concerned about last resort chemical attack by Syria's Assad


Syrian military and Druze allies join forces to fend off 'terrorists'


Earnest: Obama’s Red Line ‘Absolutely Still In Place’

Earnest Can’t Say Whether Obama Shares Kerry’s Certainty that Assad Attacked Syrians with Chlorine

 Assad Targets Civilians, Hospitals Amid Defeats in Syrian War Dictator aims to displace population with chemical weapons attacks


         ISIS Moves Assets to Southern Syria – Gaza ISIS Launches MISSILE ATTACK on Israel


Iran deploys 15,000 troops to support Assad in Syria


Syrian army defunct, rebels 100 yards from Israel border, senior officer says

U.S. Intel: Obama Coalition Supported Islamic State in Syria

 Arab Affairs Analyst Predicts Near-Term Fall of Assad Regime Says Assad will fall soon if Iran does not send in forces


U.S. Accuses Syria of Backing Islamic State’s Aleppo Advance


 Al Qaeda in Syria ‘Tweeting Jihad to Over 200,000 Followers’ Twitter support for terror group hits high point


ISIS storms Syrian city near Palmyra ruins

Assad chemical weapons claims pose ‘reputational problem’ for US


 Obama seeks to reassure Gulf allies, sees no early end to Syria war


Tom Cotton Blasts Obama for Failing to Enforce ‘Redline’ After Sarin Gas Discovery in Syria


Obama Admin is Training "About 90" ..Syrians to Defeat ISIS ..(That Ought to Do It)

White House Concerned Over Syrian Chemical Weapons White House concerned over the fact that undeclared traces of chemical weapons were found in Syria


First of thousands of Syrians Resettled in ….. North Texas


SYRIAN WAR Death Toll Now Tops IRAQ WAR Death Toll


Here We Go Again: YouTube Clips Of Syrian "Chemical Attacks" Are Back - Meet The Man Behind The Propaganda


 Gulf Arabs respond with alarm to Kerry comment on Assad talks

State Dep’t: Kerry Didn’t Say US Would Sit Down With Assad

Kerry: U.S. Will Have To Recognize Syrian Dictator Assad — State Dept Walks Back Assertion


Israeli General: Iranian Officers Have Taken Over Battle Against Syrian Rebels


“Moderate” Syrian Group Backed By US Disbands and Joins Islamists


US Embassy: Turkey and US Sign Deal to Train and Arm Syrian Rebels


US Officials Admit Concern Over Syrian Refugee Effort

U.S. Expects to Quadruple the Number of Syrian Refugees Brought Here


Over 20,000 Muslims from outside Syria have joined the jihad there


There's No Coordination with Assad, Says State Department

Assad Confirms Syria Receives Information on US Strikes in Advance


Brookings’ Indyk on Obama’s Syria Plan: ‘Doesn’t Really Sound Like a Plausible Strategy’


400 U.S. troops will deploy to train Syrian opposition


Syrian rebels: Iranian officers spotted near site of reported nuclear facility


Syrian Army Forms Suicide Unit Suicide attacks on the rise worldwide


Obama’s Moderate Muslim Fighters Burn Churches, Desecrate Christian Graves


NY Times Admits: U.S.-Backed Free Syrian Army Under Effective Al-Qaeda Control


Islam's Dysfunctional State: In Isis-controlled Syria and Iraq everyday life is falling apart


Syria war death toll now 'more than 200,000'


Oh, by the way, Assad and ISIS are basically coordinating in Syria now


Massive Explosions Reported Following Israeli Aistrikes Near Syrian Capital


Obama Reverses Policy As US-Turkey Set To Agree On Syrian No-Fly-Zone


Syria denies targeting civilians, tells US to criticize ISIS


 House Report Says CIA Monitored Arms Shipments to Syria Agency role in covert gun-running operation left out


Obama passed on opportunity to use Syrian army defectors to topple Assad


ISIS releases new video claiming to show US charity worker Peter Kassig execution and horrific mass beheading of Syrian soldiers

US discussing training Free Syrian Army members with Turkey


The White House Reveals Its "New Strategy" To Fight ISIS: Classified ads


Islamic State group, al-Qaeda reach accord in Syria

Obama mulls giving the Islamic State what it wants and removing Assad


State Dept. Cuts Funding to Investigate Assad War Crimes


Syria Setback: US-backed rebels reportedly overrun by Al Qaeda-tied fighters

Not Again! US Trained Syrian "Moderates" Surrender To Jihadists - Hand Over Heavy Weapons


 Obama damaged U.S. credibility by drawing a “red line” against Syria’s use of chemical weapons and then failing to back up the warning with military force, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta


Biden in 2012: ‘We Are Working Hand in Glove’ With Sunni Allies on Syria

Biden calls UAE prince to clarify remarks on Syria


Panetta Slams Obama for ‘Hesitation and Half Steps’ on Syria


Obama White House Lifts Strict Airstrike Standards on Syrian Civilians


How The "Syrian Rebels" Really Feel About "Friendly" US Airstrikes


Syrian Kurds Fight ISIL, Assad, With Little Help From United States

Obama Cites Public Law 107-40 As Justification for Bombing Syria – The Same Law He Asked for Repeal 2 Mos. Ago

New blitz on Syria: Second night of airstrikes as jihadis claim first wave of bombings killed world’s most wanted man who is mastermind of ´toothpaste bomb plot´

Source: US told Iran it would strike in Syria, vowed not to hit Assad's forces

Ralph Peters: Obama Bombed Syria at Night So He Wouldn’t Kill Any Terrorists


Biden 2012: If Romney's elected, USA will bomb Syria...

U.S. had Assad’s cooperation during strikes on targets in Syria

Obama, After Strikes in Syria, Says U.S. Will ‘Do What Is Necessary’ Against ISIS

AP: For President Barack Obama, the participation of five Arab nations in airstrikes against militants in Syria marked an unexpected foreign policy victory

Syria Is 7th (Muslim) Country Bombed By 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner


U.S. and Allies Hit ISIS Targets in Syria


U.S. ´Gravely Concerned´ About Syria Chemical Attacks

Chuck Todd to Samantha Power: Do the Syrian Rebels know we are training them to fight ISIS? (Video)



Syrian opposition: Obama allowed ISIS cancer to metastasize

Obama: Syria's Chemical Stockpile Has Been Eliminated


ISIL Seizing Key Facilities in Iraq, Syria


Official: Terrorists in Syria Now As Dangerous to US As Those in Yemen


Syrian death toll and extremist threat increases, but the U.S. does little


ISIS Captures Largest Oil Field in Syria


Obama a Day Away from Missing Congressional Deadline for Syria Plan


ISIS extremists in Syria crucify eight rebels from rival group as fierce three-way clashes intensify


Kerry issues warning after Syria bombs Sunni militants in Iraq

Syria’s Al-Qaeda Wing Pledges Allegiance to ISIS


IDF strikes nine Syrian targets in response to missile attack

Israeli military carries out airstrikes in Syria


Obama: Notion that Syrian opposition could have overthrown Assad with U.S. arms a "fantasy"

US Air Strikes Could Range Into Syria: 'We're Going to Do What's Necessary'


VIDEO: Obama Administration Secretly Delivers 65,000 MREs to Aleppo Sunni Rebels


Pentagon Official: Iraq A Symptom Of Larger Obama Failure — Syria


ISIS Threatens to Invade Jordan, 'Slaughter' King Abdullah 

 State Dept Confirms: Iran Now Shipping Oil to Syria Oil shipments may violate interim nuclear accord


Former US ambassador to Syria: I couldn’t defend US policy any longer


Kerry Gets Testy During Syria ‘Red Line’ Discussion: ‘Don’t Put Words in my Mouth’

Syria: Islamic jihadists do extensive damage to ancient Christian sites


US to boost aid to Syria

 Obama Says Not Arming Syrian Rebels, Syrian Rebels Say He Is


Obama Close to Authorizing Military Training of Syrian Rebels


Syrian female refugees on sale on Facebook; women sold in mosques


No Signs Syria is Handing Over Remaining Chemical Weapons


U.S. can’t track all of the American jihadists home from Syria


U.S.-Armed Syrian Rebel Group Seeks ‘All Syrian Land Occupied by Israel

Syria Death Toll Rises to 162,000


Kerry: 'Not Going To Pin Ourselves Down' on Response If Syria Again Used Chemical Weapons


Iran Threatens To Mobilize 130,000 Troops In Syria


Intel: Iran Sending Chlorine Bombs to Syria

Israel Treating Free Syrian Army Commander


 ISIL Al-Qaeda Members Open Recruiting Office in Aleppo, Syria

Islamic jihadists in Syria “cut hands, cut heads, play with corpses”


IDF declares Syrian border area a closed military zone as fighting nears Israeli Golan


The Obama administration granted approval Monday for the Western-backed Syrian rebels to open a formal diplomatic mission in Washington


Thousands flee Syria rebel infighting


Former CIA Chief: Syria 'Red Line' Episode 'Cost in So Many Ways'


Jeh Johnson: 'Syria Has Become a Matter of Homeland Security'


Video: Syria rebels may have U.S.-made antitank missiles


State Dept Can’t Say If Assad Has Turned Over All Chemical Weapons


Obama sends advanced weapons to jihad opposition in Syria

US sends small number of advanced weapons to Syrian rebels


Rogers: We Can’t Get Obama Admin to Address Al Qaeda Buildup in Syria


Lebanon Marks One Million Syrian Refugees


New Cold War with Russia Heating Up in Syria


President Obama said he didn't choose to launch a military strike in Syria not because "it's not worth it" but that "after a decade of war...the United States has limits."


Here Is The YouTube "Start A False Flag War With Syria" Leaked Recording That Erdogan Wanted Banned

Flashback: The Time Three Years Ago When Hillary Clinton Called Bashar Assad a Reformer


Syria in Free Fall


Three Years of War in Syria


Spec. Ops Chief: Extremists in Syria Will 'Eventually Threaten' U.S. Soil


Kerry on Syria: 'I Don't Want To Get Into the Definitions' of Genocide


Russia Weakens Another U.N. Security Council Resolution on Syria


Obama considering military action in Syria again


White House Faces New Heat on Syria Fox News' Ed Henry: What happened to 'red line' consequences?


Kerry: We're shocked, shocked that Russia is enabling Assad to stay in power


Kerry: Assad's 'reprehensible' actions undermine peace talks

Syria's jihad death toll now exceeds 140,000


U.S. Treasury Says Iran Helping Al Qaeda in Syria


Kerry says Obama seeks Syria options, none presented yet


ABC Ignores Jon Karl Calling Obama's Syria Policy an ´Absolute Failure'; Finds Time for Dog Show


Jon Karl to Jay Carney: When Can We Admit Obama's Syria Policy an 'Absolute Failure?'

Obama, appearing with ally Hollande, expresses frustration over Syria


Syria: Nuns kidnapped by Obama-backed jihadists in new video: Al-Jazeera


Reports: Sarin gas used by U.N.-backed Libyans Tribal leader: 'Al-Qaida-related Islamic militia killing civilian members of our tribe'


Kerry Uses Vietnam War Peace Talks as Reference for Syria Policy


Syria Misses Deadline to Hand Over All Critical Chemicals


Top intelligence chiefs warn Syria could become base for attacks against US


Senators: John Kerry Suggested Arming Syrian Rebels

Kerry tells Capitol Hill that Obama's Syria policies have failed

Rogin: A Split Between Kerry And The White House Does Exist

CBS News to Jay Carney: What Part of Syria Policy Does The President Think Is Working?


White House to 'Make Sure' Syria Gives Up Chemical Arms


Obama-Backed Syria Jihadists Say Liberation of 'Palestine,' Golan Will Follow Fall of Assad

Syria Misses Chemical Weapons Deadlines, But No Talk of Consequences


After Syria, Al Qaeda Expanding in Lebanon


FBI worried about U.S. Muslims getting "radicalized" in Syria and then returning home to wage jihad

 Syria war crossing into Lebanon, bringing with it Al-Qaida style jihad Latest suicide bombing against Hezbollah could ultimately have severe consequences for Israel.


Kerry Boasts of 'Pluralistic' Syria Once Assad Gone


Washington Post: On Syria, Obama administration is leading to failure

Kerry: 'Assad Will Not Be Part of Government'

Obama takes phony route once again Many contradictions on arming Syrian rebels


MIT Analysis: Obama Called for War Based on Bogus Intel


Syrian peace talks a tacit admission that Assad won't leave soon


Obama Seeks to Bring 30,000 Syrian Muslim "Refugees" to US, Waive Counterterrorism Laws

Israel’s intel succeeded where US failed on Syria nukes, Gates reveals


Syria: Jihadis training U.S. Muslims to carry out jihad attacks when they return home


Report: Up to 600,000 Christians Have Fled Homes in Syria


UN stops updating Syria death toll


British Jihadi 'Abu Layth' Tweets About Going To Syria And His Experiences With Other Western Jihadi Fighters There


Hezbullah upgrading missile capabilities in Lebanon by transfers from Syria


Bad luck: Same family killed in Syria by Assad and by IDF bombing in Gaza

Syria: Al-Qaeda opens school teaching children to misunderstand Islam

12/ 31/2013

Syria Death Toll Tops 130,000 More than 130,000 people have been killed since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, new tally finds.

Syria Misses Deadline on Most Dangerous Chemicals First milestone in plan to destroy Syria's chemical weapons by mid 2014 missed, as most lethal weapons not shipped Dec. 31.

12/ 30/2013

Obama's Failed Islamist Outreach

12/ 29/2013

More and more Muslim volunteers from Western countries waging jihad in Syria

12/ 25/2013

President Obama's empty boast on Syria


Leader of West-backed Free Syrian Army defects to al-Qaeda group, calls FSA "apostates"

*Graphic* Adra massacre: Obama-backed jIhadists display photos of those they beheaded

Syria's Christians Flee to Turkey: "Christian leaders said Muslims out to destroy Christian


Western nations admit they CANNOT remove Assad from power in Syria... as it would lead to 'chaos and a takeover by Islamist militants'

Whose sarin? (Obama exposed for Syria false-flag)


State Department announces its willingness to engage with Islamic Front in Syria

Thousands of Foreigners Have Fought in Syria: Most had fought for Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, two groups linked to al Qaeda

Report: Syrian Rebels Throw Civilians in Ovens

Obama-backed Syrian Jihadists Demand 1,000-Hostage Swap to Free Kidnapped Nuns

"Whole Families Murdered": Obama-backed Jihadists execute over 80 civilians in Syrian Capital


 US Officials To Meet With Syrian Extremist Rebels, Including Al Qaeda Forces


The Syria mess is Obama's doing


Obama administration considering support for Islamists in Syria

U.N. Confirms Chemical Arms Were Used Repeatedly in Syria


Hagel: We Still Support 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels

US-Backed Syrian "Rebel" Commander Chased Out Of Country By Al Qaeda


U.S. Halts Aid Delivery To Syria's North Following Islamist Gains


White House Slams Pulitzer Winner's Allegation It 'Cherrypicked' Evidence Against Syria

Seymour Hersh: Obama "cherry-picked intelligence to justify a strike against Assad," ignoring evidence that jihadis used chemical weapons


Report: Obama Administration Knew Syrian Rebels Could Make Chemical Weapons

Syria: Jihad Groups Unite To Form 'The Islamic Front'


3 Christians executed after refusing to convert Muslim Brotherhood atrocity reported in Syria


Syrian Islamists Demand 1,000-Hostage Swap to Free 12 Kidnapped Nuns


Wall Street Journal: "U.S., Allies Reach Out to Syria's Islamist Rebels"


Hagel's Worst Dodge Ever: Sec. Def. on WSJ Syria report: 'That's not my area I deal with'


'Kerry's Empty Words on Syria'


Obama 'Impatient' and 'Disengaged'; The New York Times and Hurriyet on White House's incoherent and opaque Syria policy.

Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic ties with US over response to conflict in Syria


Report: US-Saudi Rift Widening Over Obama Middle East Policy; Saudi spy chief tells diplomats his country is preparing to scale-back its cooperation with US in aiding Syrian rebels

US halts aid to Syrian rebels


U.S. Marines training al-Qaeda-linked Syrian jihadists in Saudi Arabia


Al Qaeda-Aligned Groups in Syria May Have Access to Biological Pathogens


State Dept on Syria: We Don’t Want To Disassemble The Entire Regime


Mortar Shell Hits Russian Embassy In Damascus, Three Diplomats Wounded

Russia Today: Islamist blitzkrieg in Syria: Jihadists wiping out moderate rebels


WH crows Obama's 'consistency' in Syrian diplomacy [VIDEO]

Obama waives ban on arming terrorists to allow aid to Syrian opposition

Nearly half of Syrian rebels are hardcore Islamists, study says

Pro-opposition Syria analyst admits faking Ph.D. story


US-Russia deal lets Bashar Assad keep biological weapons


Syria: nearly half rebel fighters are jihadists or hardline Islamists, says IHS Jane´s report

Kerry: threat of US force against Syria 'remains real'

Qaeda tells Syria fighters to shun secularists in sign of deeper rebel rift

Assad's forces on attack after U.S.-Russia arms deal

Qaeda tells Syria fighters to shun secularists in sign of deeper rebel rift

Obama: Russian Influence in Post-Assad Syria Doesn't Hurt Our Interests

Obama: I 'Welcome' Putin’s Involvement in Syria --'This is Not the Cold War'

Obama Rejects Criticism of Shifting Syria Policy: 'I'm Less Concerned About Style Points'

Report: Syria transported chemical weapons to Iraq

Syrian minister calls chemical weapons deal a Russian-won 'victory´ over U.S'

Timeline: How President Obama handled Syria

Obama: Just Because We Backed Down on Syria Doesn't Mean We Won't 'Strike Iran'


Troops oppose strikes on Syria by 3-1 margin

Securing Syria's Weapons May Require US Troops

After strike deal on Syria, Kerry says him calling it impossible was 'diplomacy'

Russia increases squadron of warships in Mediterranean Sea

Kerry: U.S., Russia Reach Agreement on Syria Chemical Weapons Plan

Syrian Rebels Reject U.S.-Russia Initiative


Lavrov To Kerry: "Don't Worry" About What I Just Said

John Kerry's Russian counterpart mocks him for talking too much

Obama to give Sunday morning interview to ABC's 'This Week'


U.S. total of Syrian gas deaths could include bomb casualties

Military Confirms Rebels Had Sarin

Kerry: talks on Syria chemical weapons 'not a game'

White House Proclaims "Exceptional" Obama Deserves Credit For Any Syrian Deal

Obama says is shifting to domestic priorities from Syria focus

White House: Putin 'Owns' World's Syria Strategy

McCain: Obama Should Bomb Syria Before Congress Can Say No ---- Official Arizona GOP Body Passes Formal Rebuke of John McCain

John Kerry Greeted in Geneva With Assad Diss

Obama Insists: Assad must Step Down

 Tyler Durden's picture Assad Lays Down His Conditions: "US Must Stop Aiding Terrorists", Israel Disposing Of WMDs; Accuses Saudi, Qatar And Turkey

Expert who traveled with Syrian rebels: So-called 'moderates' are Muslim Brotherhood-style Islamists

Woman informing Kerry, McCain's opinions on Syria also an advocate for Syrian rebels

Putin Makes Case for No-War in Op-Ed Piece to the New York Times


Security Council Talks on Syria End with No Progress

Kerry's student spinner fired after WND report Resume fraud exposed after researcher cast Syrian rebels as 'moderates'

WSJ op-ed writer Elizabeth O'Bagy fired for resume lie

Reviews in for Obama speech: "Incoherent," 'disingenuous,' 'nothing new'

FNC video compilation shows evolving message of Obama administration on Syria

Syria hostage Domenico Quirico 'treated like animal'

Russia's 'carrier-killer' Moskva enters Mediterranean

Russia 'to renew offer to supply S-300s to Iran' ......and another reactor

Iran threatens widespread retaliation against U.S. and allies


Russia's Syria Proposal: US Must Pledge Not to Use Force, and Assad Regime Can't Be Blamed for Chemical Attack

 Obama Asks Congress to Delay Vote Authorizing Military Attack on Syria Will pursue Russian proposal to disarm Syrian chemical weapons

Text of Obama's Syria Address

Susan Rice returns to CIA talking points

David Axelrod Gives Obama, Not Putin, Credit For Assad Turning Over Chemical Weapons


Obama: "I understand" American people aren´t with me on Syria strike

Obama: Russia's Proposal is Significant, but I'm Skeptical

WH nat-sec adviser: Hey, Assad won't shoot back

Obama's Jim Crow Foreign Policy? Segregated Syria War Meeting at White House with Congressional Black Caucus

Flashback: Reagan-Carter debate: Amy's opinion

Obama: 'If You Ask Michelle Do We Want to Be Involved in Another War, the Answer Is No'

Obama's FOX News Interview: "I Fervently Hope That This Can Be Resolved In A Non-Military Way": President Cites Reagan, Admits Any US Actions May Be Delayed

Rice: U.S. Action on Syria 'A Message to Iran':   Susan Rice explains that action against Syria "would not be another war," but a message to its ally Iran over nuclear program.

Obama Says He Spoke With Putin About Chemical Weapons Control Idea, Favors Diplomatic Solution

Obama: Strike 'Absolutely' on Hold if Syria Abandons Chemical Weapons

White House Wants 'Hard Look' at Syria Weapons Offer

Biden On Romney In 2012: "Ready To Go To War" With Syria

Kerry speaking rhetorically over Syria turning in weapons: State Department

U.S. Amb. to U.N.: Time to Act Outside Legal Framework: The U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power, allowed on NPR this morning that American action in Syria might not be legal

John Kerry gives Syria week to hand over chemical weapons or face attack:  US secretary of state tells London press conference with William Hague that US intelligence blames Assad regime for gas attack

'We're not talking about war': Kerry outlines 'unbelievably small' strike on Syria

Syria: If Bashar al-Assad hands over chemical weapons we will not attack, says John Kerry..."but it can't be done"

Report Says Syria Has 1,000 Tons of Chemical Weapons

Bashar Assad tells Charlie Rose U.S. should "expect every action" in response to Syria strikes

Syrian village is ´liberated´ by rebels... who then forced Christians to convert to Islam

American historian: Saudi Arabia, Qatar distributed bribes to US Congress

Saudi Arabia, Qatar 'bribing' US congressmen to approve war on Syria

A Massive Campaign of Bribery of Top US Officials and Congress by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Purchase the Annihilation of Syria

Video: WH worried that Syria loss will cripple Obama presidency


Rumor: Assad  had accepted a deal to step down, but 'Washington' refused and also posted here

Obama offers Assad secret deal; Sets 4 conditions to avert U.S. attack on Syria

White House Admits It Has NO Allies For Syria Attack--A Coalition Of One

Kerry on Assad: The Evidence Speaks for Itself -U.S. Secretary of State dismisses Syrian President's claims that there is no evidence he used chemical weapons against his own people.

Susan Rice Will Brief Congress on Syria on Anniversary of Benghazi

Intel Chair: Obama Doesn't Have Votes to Authorize Syria Attack

Obama's shocking case for attacking Syria: Gruesome series of videos taken in aftermath of gas attacks that White House is using in closed-door briefings to persuade lawmakers to back US strikes

Obama Giving Interviews To Every Major TV News Network Monday EXCEPT MSNBC


Barack Obama's delusions of grandeur: compares Syria intervention to fighting World War Two

Obama: I'm Bypassing the 'Hocus Pocus' of the United Nations

Obama: 'I Was Elected to End Wars, Not to Start 'em'

Obama's Decision To Wait On Syria Reportedly Shocked US Forces

Syria's rebels and soldiers agree: military strikes will change nothing

Did Vladimir Putin Bait a Trap for the United States in Damascus?  Why the Russian president has every reason to cross Barack Obama’s "red line" on Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East

UK Government Admits It Allowed 2 Firms To Sell 'Poison Gas'-Making Chemicals To Syria

Russia gave UN 100-page report in July blaming Syrian rebels for Aleppo sarin attack

Standoff In The Mediterranean: The US vs Russian Navies

 Al-Qaeda Vows to Slaughter Christians After U.S. 'Liberates' Syria

Flashback: John Kerry - Anti-War Speech (1971)

Syrian atrocity: Bodies of postal workers thrown from roof (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


Pentagon knew in 2012 that it would take 75,000 GROUND TROOPS to secure Syria´s chemical weapons facilities

The Pentagon estimates it will take 75,000 "boots on the ground" in Syria to secure the chemical weapons

Pentagon may take charge of arming Syrian rebels: US officials

Alleged chemical weapons sites can’t be bombed safely: experts  

Dempsey Outlines Strike Goals, Potential Retaliation- Syria could launch cyber attacks, surrogate Hezbollah terror strikes

Kerry: Arab countries offered to pay for invasion

Rebuffing Obama, McCain a No-Vote on Syria,  Courtship by the president comes up short

Obama draws parallels between Wallenberg, Syria

Obama Threatens Force Against Syria ("Red Line" Statement 8-20-2012)

Obama: 'I Didn't Set a Red Line' on Syria

Report: Assad moves weapons underground

Obama on Syria: 'We May Not Be Directly Imminently Threatened' in Short-Term 'But our long-term national security will be impacted in a profound way and our humanity's impacted in a profound way.'

John Kerry's Subtle Holocaust Reference at the Syria Hearing

Flashback 2012: War Salesman Hagel sounded quite different from War-Weary Skeptic Hagel -- particularly when discussing Syria. -America Shouldn't Be In The Lead On Syria

Flashback 2007: ... one of the most arrogant, incompetent administrations I've ever seen or ever read about (Bush Administration)

2008 Flashback: "It’s Time to Talk to Syria" by Kerry and Hagel

Flashback 2008: Hillary vs Barack on Meeting Dictators,,-Obama said he was willing to meet with Assad in the first year of his administration. (The summit never took place.)

Putin presses US Congress over Syria, says Kerry lied

Report: Samantha Power pushing Obama to Bomb Syria

Back in June, Syrian jihadists caught redhanded with Sarin gas


Hezbollah said to mobilize troops ahead of possible showdown

 Misfire: Joint Chiefs Chairman Criticizes Leak of Syria Military Plans, Delay in Syria Strikes as Forces Moved

Kerry holds objectors responsible for any future atrocities

Rand Paul asks Kerry legitimate questions, Kerry responds by talking down to Paul

Obama Administration Makes Case for Attacks on Syria... Kerry, Hagel, Dempsey argue for strikes in front of Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Kerry refuses to rule out ground troops in Syria, then backtracks

Dempsey Can't Say What U.S. is Seeking in Syria

UN: 5,000 Flee Syria Every Day; 28% of Population Driven From Homes

Al-Qaeda militants kill 24 civilians near Ras al-Ain: Behead child

Syria is said to be hiding weapons, moving troops

Obama's Syria Attack Resolution Authorizes Boots on the Ground

Obama Confident He'll Get Syria Resolution: 'This Is Not Iraq and This Is Not Afghanistan'

President Obama's Statement on Syria

As Syria Heats Up, White House Nixes Briefings

US general says Syria action could be 'more substantial than thought'

Military has concerns about Syria mission

Kerry in 2011: Military Intervention in Libya Not 'Vital' to U.S. Security Interests

Kerry on Obama Attacking Syria: 'He Has Right to Do That No Matter What Congress Does'

Kerry: This is our Munich moment, or something

SYRIA: "No boots on the ground"…but 300 Marines on board USS San Antonio "just in case"

Mounting evidence raises questions about Syrian chemical weapon attack

Flashback September 2012: Panetta: We've Lost Track of Some Syrian Chemical Weapons

Daily Mail (UK) Scrubs Jan 2013 Story fr Site: Obama Planned to Stage Chemical Attack, Blame Assad Regime

Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?


'Unreliable' British officers left out of US meetings on Syria

Russia may send lawmakers to US to discuss Syria

Syria's Assad: 'I've Met John Kerry 5 Times' (Video)


Obama and aides spend desperate night trying to persuade Congress to back Syria strike over chemical weapons attack

Syrian refugee: 'Obama lied to us'

UN: 5 Million Displaced Inside Syria

Syria intervention: Downing Street rules out new vote

Obama seeks Syria support from former foe McCain


On Obama’s Plan, a Message Emerges in Israel: Stay Quiet


McCain and Graham invited to White House to talk Syria

Harkin on Classified Syria Briefing: 'Frankly Raised More Questions Than It Answered'

White House Girds for Battle With Congress Obama administration says evidence of sarin use points to Assad regime

The "Hussein Mutiny"?  More miltary protest pictures.

GERMAN report outs Turkish PM Recep Erdogan, backed by Barack Hussein Obama, as the instigators behind the war in Syria, with their mutual goal of removing Assad from power

German Publication:  Historical disgrace: the U.S. military mutiny forced Obama to retreat (Translation)

Russia's Vladimir Putin Challenges U.S. On Syria Claims

Revealed: Britain sold nerve gas chemicals to Syria 10 months after war began

Kerry: I Never Said Syria Response Had to Be Swift

Invoking Israel, Kerry Says Congress will Vote 'Aye'

Kerry Does 'Full Ginsburg,' Appears on Five Sunday Shows

Kerry Caught Using Fake Photos, from Wrong War to Fuel Syrian War?

Kerry: 'Deeply Committed to Getting' to 'Negotiating Table' With 'Thug and Murderer'

Flashback 2007: As Bush Admin Tries To Isolate Syria, Pelosi Meets With Assad, Undermining U.S. Position

Benghazi Alert: Syrian Sideshow Hides New FOIA Report -- Obama White House Let Them Die


Obama Changed Mind at 11th Hour on Syria, Overriding Top National Security Advisers (UPDATE: Obama About-Face Happened on Fri. Evening Walk)

Armed Services leaders don't endorse Syria military strike

Obama Goes Golfing

Obama to Congress: I Don't Need Your Authorization for War, But Give It to Me Anyway

Obama says U.S. will take military action against Syria, pending Congress's approval

Obama to Seek Congressional Authorization for Use of Force in Syria

Russia sharply steps up criticism of U.S. over Syria

Another Soldier Protestests Syria War On Facebook

Unidentified Naval Officer protests potential Syrian war

U.S. Military Action Against Syria 'Going to Happen' Even If Congress Votes Against It, Sr. State Dept. Official Says

The Saudi's? Don't Show Obama This Report About Who Really Is Behind The Syrian Chemical Attacks

Experts: U.S. Case that Syrian Government Responsible for Chemical Weapons Is Weak

Elizabeth O'Bagy: On the Front Lines of Syria's Civil War The conventional wisdom--that jihadists are running the rebellion--is not what I've witnessed on the ground.


Sarah Palin mocks Obama for his Syria bumbling

U.S. military officers have deep doubts about impact, wisdom of a U.S. strike on Syria

Pentagon Can't Afford Syria Operation; Must Seek Additional Funds

Frustrated Obama: I won't be 'paralyzed' on Syria

Obama: Syria 'a challenge to the world'

Anti Iraq War Speech delivered by Illinois State Senator Barack Obama

Syria: Kerry's Accusations Based on Lies  Syria rejects remarks by Kerry, says they are fabricated and based on lies by "terrorists"

Kerry: Response to Syria About Preventing Future 'Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction'

Kerry makes emotional plea for intervention in Syria

'U.S. Government Assessment of the Syrian Government’s Use of Chemical Weapons on August 21, 2013'

"Proof" Assad Used Chemical Weapons Is One Hundred YouTube Clips: Full Report Attached

Kerry: 1,429 People Killed in Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack, Including at Least 426 Children

Kerry: Assad Killed at Least 1,400 in Chemical Attack

 Inhofe: Kerry sought to 'sell' senators on use of force against Syria

U.S. still aims to act with allies on Syria: Hagel

WH: Chemical Attack in Syria 'Goes to the Core Nat'l Security Interests of USA'

Facebook Post Said to Be by Assad's Son Dares Americans to Attack

Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack

U.S. still aims to act with allies on Syria: Hagel

CNN Caught Staging News Segments on Syria With Actors


Fifth US warship joins cruise missile ships in Mediterranean

Obama Won´t Give Legal Reasoning for Syria Attack, Yet

Obama will act in US 'best interests' on Syria despite British vote

British lawmakers reject measure on military action in Syria, in setback for Obama administration

Flashback: In 2007 Obama Introduced a Senate Resolution to Block an Unauthorized Attack on Iran

President Obama calls John Boehner on Syria

Obama to Release Evidence to Strengthen Case for Intervening in Syria

Obama: US action would send Assad 'strong signal'

Russia sending warships to the Mediterranean: report

Growing Bipartisan Coalition Urges Obama to Seek Congressional Authorization for Syrian Strike

Rumsfeld calls Obama's Syria strategy 'mindless'

Obama Embraces the Imperial Presidency: Suddenly liberals are comfortable with monarchical war-making powers

Obama Didn't Send Gas Masks to Syria

A U.S. State Department spokesman admitted yesterday that the U.S. doesn't know whether a low-level, rogue Syrian official is responsible for the chemical weapons attacks

Obama Leaks His Own War

Theory: Syria is a 'False Flag' Operation

Benghazi´s Ansar al-Sharia Trains Syrian Rebel Jihadists


Obama on Syria: 'I have not made a decision'

US willing to go it alone against Syria if needed

Report: Terrorist Group Behind Benghazi Attack Training Syrian Rebels

Here's What Candidate Obama Said About Military Intervention In 2007

Report: Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks Syria

Former Amb.: 'Every Chance We'll Lose Aircraft' If U.S. Sends Planes Over Syria

Official: White House seeks Syria response 'just muscular enough not to get mocked'

 Syria says 'terrorists' will strike Europe with chemical weapons

Syria asks UN to immediately investigate three new 'chemical attacks' by rebels

Syrian rebels use toxic chemicals against govt troops near Damascus - state media

Israel calls up reservists over Syrian threat

January 2013 Flashback: US 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt': Report

McCain scolds White House for 'crazy' leaks on Syria air strikes

Loose Lips on Syria; U.S. leaks tell Assad he can relax. The bombing will be brief and limited.

82 House members say Obama needs approval from Congress on Syria

China Joins Russia In Warning Syria Strike Would Have "Catastrophic Consequences"

U.S.: Al Qaeda-linked Group Behind Benghazi Attack Trains Jihadists for Syrian Rebel Groups

Flashback March 2012: General Dempsey and Leon Panetta skirts issue of Congressional authority for war before a congressional committee

Israeli intelligence 'intercepted Syrian regime talk about chemical attack';  Information passed to US by Israeli Defence Forces's 8200 unit, former official tells magazine

Israel Deploys Full Missile Defenses Against Syria: Radio

Israeli intelligence: Iran testing chemical weapons in Syria

ALL ITAR-TASS: Eyewitness evidence proves poisonous gas was used near Damascus by paramilitaries

Al Qaeda-Affiliated Group Claims Responsibility for Rocket Attack on Israel

Obama Administration Copies Bush’s Sidelining of Weapons Inspectors In Iraq


Preparing for a military strike against Syria

WH: 'We're Consulting With Congress' on Syria, But Won't Name Names

Bashar Al-Assad´s air defence system ‘is toughest in the region’

Did Hillary Clinton previously praise Assad as a reformer?

Biden: "No doubt" Assad responsible for Syria chemical weapons attack

 Flashback May 26, 2013: Are the Syrian rebels the ones using chemical weapons? A new Reuters report casts doubt on U.S. military intelligence

Expert: Syria's Supersonic Yakhont and Iskandar Missiles Deterring US Naval Attack

Biden in 2007: I Will Move To Impeach If President Bush Bombs Iran Without Congressional Approval

Carney: U.S. Response In Syria 'Not About Regime Change'

U.S. Has 150 Targets in Syria -- Report Lebanese security sources say targets include air force and air defense sites, missile bases.

US official: Obama has not decided on military action in Syria

Syria: Russia evacuates citizens ahead of military strikes in the 'next few days'

McCain Says Obama Gave 'Green Light' to Syria to Use Chemical Weapons

Carney: 'Preposterous' To Think Anyone But Assad Used Chemical Weapons

Evidence: Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies Contrary evidence arises as U.S. considers punishing Assad regime

Israel to U.S.: Don't Surprise Us with Syria... Outgoing NSC head Amidror asked for heads up on Syria strike during meeting with U.S. counterpart Susan Rice.

Israeli Delegation Visits U.S., Meets Susan Rice; Iran and Syria are on the agenda as an Israeli delegation, headed by Israel's national security advisor, arrives in Washington.

Iranian Official: Israel to Be 'First Victim' of U.S. Attack on Syria

Evidence: Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons (not Assad)


Zawahiri to Syrian Rebels: Damascus First, Then Cairo, Then Jerusalem

Syrian rebels used Sarin nerve gas, not Assad’s regime: U.N. official

Syria: If US Attacks Us, We'll Attack Israel

Kerry: Chemical Weapons 'Undeniable'

U.S. would only act on Syria with international community: Hagel

Israelis Line Up for Gas Masks over Syria War Fears


UN Ambassador Samantha Power missed crucial meeting on Syria because she was on holiday in Ireland where her husband was guest speaker at comedy film festival

Navy ready to launch first strike on Syria

Russia warns U.S. not to repeat in Syria past mistakes in region

Senior Administration Official: 'Very Little Doubt' Assad Regime Behind Alleged Chemical Attack

Syria warns against foreign involvement in conflict; Hagel says US prepared for 'all contingencies'

Syria: Thousands Suffering Neurotoxic Symptoms Treated in Hospitals Supported by MSF


Syria: Cameron and Obama move west closer to intervention  British prime minister and US president agree that alleged chemical attack 'requires a response

Flashback January 2013: US 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt': Report

US naval forces move closer to Syria, Hagel suggests

Power missed Syria session for personal trip

U.S. accuses Assad over Syrian chemical strike: Pressure grows on West to arm rebels after massacre of 1,700

Israel Bombs Pro-Assad Lebanon Militants after Rocket Attack

Michael Savage interviews Walid

Syria: Thousands Suffering Neurotoxic Symptoms Treated in Hospitals Supported by MSF


Obama Orders Probe of Syrian Chemical Attack

State Dept. 'unable' to determine if Syria used chemical weapons in recent attack

Newly confirmed UN ambassador absent from Syria emergency meeting


Security Council meets on alleged Syrian chemical attack

White House condemns reported chemical weapons use in Syria


Obama's Iran-Contra: The real Benghazi scandal: Ambassador Stevens was part of an early effort to send men and arms to Syria.

Almost 30,000 Syrian Refugees Enter Iraq Since Thursday: U.N.


Massive influx of Syrian refugees into Iraqi Kurdistan to escape al-Qaeda

Syria warns of new advances by al-Qaida Palestinian camps taken over by jihadists


Syria power vacuum could pave way for al Qaeda leadership


U.S. Will Now Let in Thousands of Syrian Refugees


Obama pledges $195M more in Syria aid




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