President Obama's Three Hundred and Forty-Seventh Week in Office

News and Notes:  ""You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." -- Churchill's remark after Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich Pact with Hitler



Obama's Bad Iran Deal

U.S. starts carrying out Iran nuke deal as time expires on GOP

Last bid to kill Iran nuclear deal blocked in Senate

Kerry: Nuclear Deal Blocks New Congress Sanctions on Iran In letter to Senator Rubio, Kerry reveals administration will bar new sanctions on terror or human rights so that Iran won't buck the deal.

Obama, Kerry Appoint Iran Deal Coordinator Senior diplomat Stephen Mull named coordinator of the implementation efforts of the Iran deal, hours after lawmakers fail to block it.

Democrats Explain the Iran Deal

Side Effects - From David Zucker

As I See It: Game-changer: Iran’s involvement with 9/11


State Department Asked Hillary to Delete Classified Benghazi E-mail

Obama and Syria

Assad Goes On Offense, Bombs ISIS "Capital", Deploys New Russian Weapons

The Secret Arms Deal Behind America’s Syria Fiasco (An American was killed.

U.S. general: There are four or five American-trained rebels operating in Syria right now

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Officers stress dangers involved in search for Bowe Bergdahl

Platoon leader: Bowe Bergdahl "snuck off the post"

Obama vs the US Military

Pentagon says F-35 operational test aboard USS Wasp did not measure up


State Department Is Mum On Whether Hillary Signed Important Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement

Preferential Treatment Of Hillary’s Lawyer ‘Smacks Of Favoritism’

Obama and the IRS

Vet group hosting Trump lost nonprofit status


Fed delays interest rate hike, prolonging drama

 Census: U.S. Household Income Peaked at End of 20th Century; Down 6.5% in Last 7 Years

It's 3am and nobody's there

US Warships Haven’t Entered Waters Near China-Claimed Islands Since 2012

Obama Urges U.S. Businessmen to Exert Pressure for Lifting Cuba Embargo

Community Organizer to the World

Valerie Jarrett, White House Meet With ‘Black Lives’ Activists During GOP Debate

Obama Amnesty

Crash: Public Support for Obama’s Refugee Plan Hits 22 Percent

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Dems Try to Block Planned Parenthood Videos at House Hearing

Obama Vows to Veto Bill Holding Planned Parenthood Liable for Harvesting Baby Organs

Obama Spokesman: He’ll Veto Any Bill That De-Funds Planned Parenthood

White House Dismisses Carly Fiorina ‘Dare’ To Watch Planned Parenthood Videos

White House Spokesman Refuses to Say if Obama Will Watch Shocking Planned Parenthood Videos


Religious groups win Obamacare birth control case

VA Death Panel

Watchdog: VA not firing officials for botched veteran care

Queen Michael

Michelle Obama's fashion showdown with Queen Letizia of Spain


It's 3am and nobody's there

Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Barack Obama’s Half-Clocked Tale of Islamophobia

US warns North Korea over nuclear plant 'provocation'

Obama: GOP a bigger problem than Putin or China

Nobel panel saw Obama peace prize as ‘mistake,’ new book claims

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Obama Deal Allows Iran To Pay Others To Build Its Nuclear Program

Intel officials worry that Iran could outsource nuke program to North Korea

 Ayatollah Khamenei Prays for Victory in Upcoming War: “And That Our Army Will be Triumphant”

 Cotton: Iran Deal Can Be Repealed at Any Time Senator lays out strategy for opposition

Russian Reset

 DNI: Russians Hacked U.S. Industrial Control Nets Moscow setting up cyber command, warfare units

Obama and Your Privacy

 Agencies Say They Need Access to Americans’ Emails Without a Warrant  But the FTC and SEC have not used the current subpoena process in five years.

Obama Amnesty

Stunning: Obama Administration Deports Persecuted Chaldean Christians Fleeing ISIS

How will we vet more than 10K Syrian refugees? DHS has no idea

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama disliked in Israeli polls

Israel, US working to prevent discussion of 'Israel's nuclear capabilities' at IAEA meeting


JW Probe: U.S. Spends Big Bucks on Diversity Training for Fed Workers

Middle Class Lost In Obama´s ´Middle Class Economics´

HP Dumps 30,000 Jobs, But Still Cranking Up H1B Immigrants

Obama's Recovery In Just 9 Charts


How Obamacare Allows Companies to Punish Fat Employees Advocates for overweight Americans see wellness programs as thinly veiled fat discrimination

Community Organizer to the World

Obama invites suspended Muslim teen to the White House

Gays, Transgenders, 'Nun on the Bus' Invited to White House Pope Francis Reception

Obama vs the US Military

Probe of hero Green Beret focusing on presentation he made on Bowe Bergdahl

Obama and Syria

Obama Administration Fights Russian Aid to Syria With Three Phone Calls

Please Ignore The Freudian Slip: Pentagon Backtracks, Denies US Special Forces Are In Syria

U.S. Rejected Offers by Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria to Surrender … and Proceeded to Wage War

UAE fighter in Yemen: Iran won't stop until Persian empire spreads over region

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama Seeks Psychological Help with Climate Change

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Planned Parenthood Adviser: Researchers Want Unborn Babies' 'Gonads, Oh My God, Gonads’


Obama Amnesty

Anti-immigrant discourse is "un-American": Obama

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Obama has documents on Iran’s support of Al Qaeda, but he won’t release them

Congressmen Debunk Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal 'Myths' Roskam and Pompeo strike down Obama administration's claims regarding secret side deals between Iran and IAEA.

Obama and Syria

 In call to Russian counterpart, Kerry demands answers on Syria buildup Moscow’s long-term goals in Syrian conflict ‘not clear,’ strategy ‘doomed to failure,’ US officials say as Putin rushes aid to Assad forces

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Why Netanyahu Is Meeting with Obama in November: Wants to meet with him on Nov. 9th, the anniversary of  Kristallnacht

Obama and Your Privacy

Obama Issues Executive Order for Government Use of Behavioral Data

President Obama Orders Behavioral Experiments On American Public

Obama vs The US Military

Mabus Throws Down: All Combat Positions In Dept Of Navy Will Open To Women

 Marine Sergeant Major: Sec Navy Comments on Gender Study ‘Way Off Base’ Secretary of the Navy Mabus had questioned fairness of Marines conducting female integration study

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Lawyer: Bowe Bergdahl ´In Physical Danger´ From Fellow Soldiers

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: Colleges Should Not Block Guest Speakers Who are ‘Too Conservative’


Cornyn: DOJ Should Assign Special Counsel to Clinton Emails

Clinton Emails Have Five Months Worth of Gaps


CBO: Repealing Obamacare mandate would save taxpayers $305B

 72% of States Have Less Financial Cushion Than Before the Recession In fiscal 2015, states have only 20.5 days before running out of funds

Comexodus: JPMorgan's Vault Is One Withdrawal Away From Running Out Of Deliverable Gold

Industrial Production Plunges Most In 3 Years As Auto-Maker "Nightmare" Comes True

Report: we had the chance to get rid of Assad in 2012 but turned it down


An Obamacare Change to Medicare Is Backfiring

 Obamacare Premiums Could Rise by 23 Percent Next Year Nine of 13 cities in the analysis are predicted to see increased premium rates in 2016

Obama Ethics, Year 7

‘Everything We Provide is Fresh,’ Planned Parenthood Leader Tells Undercover Camera

 Planned Parenthood Exec: Clinics Generate a ‘Fair Amount of Income’ from Organ Harvesting They also sell baby testicles

Planned Parenthood Admits It's Terrified of Media 5x in New Video: ‘Headlines Would Be a Disaster’

Queen Michael

Michelle Forgets Wedding Year (FAKE Obama Marriage)

It's 3am and nobody's there

Video: North Korea restarts Yongbyon reactor, says ready to nuke US any time


It's 3am and nobody's there

ISIS posts photos, names, addresses of US soldiers, “Theres gonna be attack this month on soldiers in America”

DoD Gives FAA No Notice Before Shutting Own Air Traffic Collision Warning Systems on East Coast and 5 States until Oct. 1

Obama and Syria

10,000 Syrians Are Headed For The Following 180 US "Refugee Processing Centers"

List Of 190 Cities Where Obama Will Be Placing Syrian Muslim Refugees

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

KHAMENEI Threatens AMERICA in NEW YouTube Video – Bombs on US Navy (VIDEO)

Convicted Fraudster Helped Obama Sell Iran Deal

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Less than 10% of top US Jewish groups back Iran deal, umbrella org says

Obama vs the US Military

50 Defense Dept. Whistleblowers Slam "Stalinist" Pentagon Officials For Lying About ISIS

Obama's Navy Secretary Slanders Marines


Justice Dept: Hillary Can Delete Her Emails If She Wants

Huma Abedin, top Clinton aide, delivers 6,714 emails, 2,533 pages of documents


 New Emails on Secret Benghazi Weapons

Community Organizer to the World

Nearly a third of Americans believe Obama is Muslim, not born in U.S.


Obama´s union gravy train keeps rolling

Obama and Agenda 21

Impeachment resolution filed for EPA head Gina McCarthy


Obama and Israel, Year 7

Israel, US Quietly Begin Post-Iran Deal Security Talks Talks between low-level American and Israeli officials will culminate with highly anticipated Obama-Netanyahu meeting in November.

Leading US-Jewish Org: 'Barack-Iran Deal is On; We Must Unite' Conference of Presidents calls for unity for the "day after," essentially conceding in the fight against the Obama-Iran nuclear deal.

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Staffers Party, Smoke Cuban Cigars on the Anniversary of Benghazi, 9/11 Terror Attacks

US dropping sale-of-secrets-to-China case against professor

Obama and Syria

Obama warns Russia on military moves in Syria

Russia warns US of ‘unintended incidents’ over Syria

White House: ‘Unclear’ What Vladimir Putin Is Doing In Syria


Tech company: No indication that Clinton’s e-mail server was ‘wiped’

Hillary Email Storage Company: The Emails Could Be Recovered

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

White House dismisses GOP, says Iran deal in effect next week

Iran says it has discovered unexpectedly high uranium reserve

Obama vs the US Military

James Clapper's 'highly unusual' contact with military official raises concerns; James Clapper said to have frequent communication with military official who is said to be implicated in a Pentagon inquiry into manipulated intelligence

Marine Corps Study: Male Combat Units Safer, More Efficient and Lethal Than Mixed-Gender Units


Obama: My college scorecard

Obama and Agenda 21

NUTS=> EPA Chief Blames Boston’s ‘Worst Winter Ever’ on Global Warming (VIDEO)

Court rips EPA for approving Dow insecticide linked to honeybee deaths


Obamacare can’t restrict sale of fixed-payout health plans, judge says

400,000 immigrants lose Obamacare coverage


Obama and Syria

It Begins: Europe Flooded With Reports Of "ISIS Terrorists" Posing As Refugees

Obama: Vladimir Putin ‘Did Not Take My Warnings’ On Syria

Russia to U.S.: talk to us on Syria or risk 'unintended incidents'

FBI still maintains it has no means of vetting 10,000 ‘extensively screened’ Syrian refugees

War has forced half of Syrians from their homes. Here´s where they´ve gone.

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Israel to Boost F-35 Capabilities After Iran Deal IAF working to double range for the stealth jet; first planes to arrive in December 2016.

It's 3am and nobody's there

US sending more troops to Sinai to boost peacekeepers' security

Obama Administration Yawns As Energy Dept. Gets Hacked 159 Times

Russian Reset

Russia Is Building A Massive Military Base On Ukrainian Border

Obama Voter Fraud

Nevada Election Officials Investigating Hillary Campaign

 Video=> O’Keefe Strikes Again – Hillary Campaign Caught Breaking Election Laws

Obama Selfies

 Obama Remembers 9-11 Attacks By Posting a Photo of Himself on Twitter

Community Organizer to the World

 14 years on, Obama leads US in moment of silence for 9/11 Hundreds of White House staff join president and first lady in marking anniversary of attacks in New York and Washington: On the White House Lawn


ISIS Hacks Obama and Michelle’s Email/ IP

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Secretary of the Navy Implies Marines are Dishonest Chauvinists

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Obama spins House vote as support for Iran deal

Most votes against Iran deal came from states with low Jewish population


Hillary aide refuses to answer Benghazi committee questions

John Kerry: We Will Never Forget Those We Lost In Benghazi


$2.88 Trillion: Gov’t Collects Record-High Taxes in First 11 Months of FY 2015

UMich Consumer Confidence Tumbles To 12-Month Lows With Biggest Miss On Record


ObamaCare Enrollment Tumbles As Huge Price Hikes Loom

Obama and Your Privacy

Microsoft case: DoJ says it can demand every email from any US-based provider

President Obama's Three Hundred and Forty-Sixth Week in Office

News and Notes:  ""You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." -- Churchill's remark after Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich Pact with Hitler



Obama and Syria

In Major Humiliation For Obama, Iran Sends Soldiers To Support Russian Troops In Syria

Obama wants U.S. to prepare for 10,000 Syrian refugees next year: White House

US Warns Of "Unprecedented" Russian Military Buildup In Syria: "It's Starting To Look Like Crimea"

'Russia, Iran sending military forces to save Assad's regime'

 DISASTER: US Spent $41.8 Million to Train 54 Syrian Fighters – All Have Gone Missing (VIDEO)

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama 'Ready to Meet with Netanyahu' In annual phone call with American rabbis, President Obama says he's ready to meet Israel's PM at the UN General Assembly.

ISIS militants causing Middle East to 'DISINTEGRATE', says Israel PM Netanyahu

Iran sent hundreds of fighters to Syria to back Assad, Israel says ‘Unprecedented’ deployment of Revolutionary Guards forces said to be carried out in coordination with Russia, which is also sending in troops

It's 3am and nobody's there

More than 20 jihad terror plots foiled in New York since 9/11, threat “greater than ever”

Dozens of spies insist their reports on JV team were altered to please president

Obama vs the U.S. Military

The Intelligence Community Goes to War with the Obama Administration


State Department ‘Email Czar’ Received Classified Hillary Clinton Emails

Justice Department rules Hillary Clinton followed law in deleting emails

 House Armed Services Chief: Intel Losses, Including Clinton Emails, Caused Serious Damage Enemies helped by classified info passed to Wikileaks, Snowden compromises

Judge denies Obama admin. request to halt Clinton email cases

Obama Amnesty

Agents say just 40 percent of U.S.-Mexico border under control  20 percent of illegals caught at border have criminal records

More Than 90 Percent of Middle Eastern Refugees on Food Stamps

Legal Immigrant Households Account for 75 Percent of Immigrant Welfare Use

 Report: 49% of Legal Immigrants in US Use Welfare Programs – This is Against Federal Law

Obama and Agenda 21

CO mine owner: EPA lied in congressional hearing

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

From 2012; Andrew McCarthy on Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

House passes resolution saying Obama ignored law on Iran deal

 Democrats Filibuster Iran Deal Vote in Senate; Obama Calls it ‘a Victory for Diplomacy’

Obama: Vote on Iran Deal a 'Victory for Diplomacy' President hails Congressional vote allowing deal with Iran to go ahead.

Obama Lauds Senate for Vote to 'Enable' U.S. to Work With Iran

Iran nuclear deal survives: Democrats block disapproval vote

House Won’t Vote on Iran Pact Until Obama Reveals ‘Secret Side Deals’

Meeks Pushed for Iran Sanction Exemption After Azerbaijan Junket


Elderly Americans' Confidence Collapses To 11-Month Lows

US Imports Biggest "Disinflationary Impulse" In 6 Years At Worst Possible Time

Obama Voter Fraud

O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN: Undercover Video Purports to Show Hillary Campaign Violating Election Law


It's 3am and nobody's there

Daily Beast Exclusive: 50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked (by Obama Admin)

James Clapper: Islamic State could infiltrate U.S., West through migrants fleeing from Syria

An Official Number: 196 American Soldiers Dead In Iraq Because Of Iranian IED

Community Organizer to the World

Obama to commemorate 9/11 anniversary at Ft. Meade

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Biden: We Want to Meet with Israel to Discuss Security Vice President tells American Jewish leaders the United States wants to meet with Israel to discuss military assistance.

Netanyahu: Iran Leaves 'No Room for Illusion' Over Deal Iran's Supreme Leader clear that 'the US is a Great Satan and that Iran intends to destroy the State of Israel,' Netanyahu says.

 Khamenei: Israel won’t survive next 25 years Taking to Twitter, Iranian leader says Zionists won’t find serenity until destruction, calls US ‘Great Satan’ and rejects any talks with Washington beyond nuke deal

 Obama Official Headlining Conference that Booed Cruz for Pro-Israel Comments Ambassador for religious freedom addressing group that booed condemnation of Hezbollah

Clinton: Iran Deal Good for Israel Democratic candidate urges Congress to accept deal, calling it a 'strong agreement' and a 'chance to block Iran's path to a nuclear weapon.'

Moniz appeals to rabbis with letter on Iran nuclear deal

Obama and Syria

Kerry says U.S. weighing how to take more Syrian refugees

Russia says military supplies to Syria are nothing news

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Vote on Iran Postponed over House GOP Revolt

Clinton: Iran won’t be able to cheat under deal

Obama Leaves Town As Donald Trump And Ted Cruz Storm Capitol Hill

 Retired General: Iran Deal Encourages Allies to Align With Russia, China Gen. Chuck Wald, former deputy commander of United States European Command, warns Congress of deal’s implications

Russian Reset

Hillary Praises Putin for Standing Up and Saying He'll Be President


Hillary Clinton's email on the web?

State Department Had No Idea That New Email Czar Was A Hillary Clinton Donor

Hillary Clinton Emailed Aide on Hotmail Account

Clinton Tax Docs: Bill’s Speeches Paid For ‘Computer Services’

Clinton Only Apologized for Emails After Bad Focus Group Reactions

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA accused at hearing of doctoring video from Gold King Mine spill

Obama Amnesty

Agents say just 40 percent of U.S.-Mexico border under control

Virginia Town Rocked By ‘MS-13' Vandalism Just Days After Illegals Murder High Schooler

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

FBI: Gun Sales Surged to Record Levels in August

VA Death Panel

Whistleblowing disabled vet illegally fired from job … by VA


Obama: Middle-Class Values Means Hiking Taxes on Top 2%

US Credit Card Debt Is Back Near Unsustainable Levels

 175 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

Obama Ethics, Year 7

The Huma Files: Feds investigated top Hillary Clinton aide for embezzlement

Congressional Hearing Reveals Planned Parenthood Likely Broke Laws to Sell Aborted Babies

Ferguson Bombers Sentenced Two Black Panthers get a slap on the wrist, courtesy of the Obama administration



Clinton’s Email Apology Came After New Hampshire Focus Group Session

Clinton says private email was a ‘mistake,’ she’s ‘sorry’

Hillary: What I Did Was Allowed

Special Review Confirms Hillary Clinton’s Email Had ‘Top Secret’ Information

Exclusive: U.S. to shift 50 staff to boost office handling Clinton emails

State Department’s New Email Czar Donated $2,700 to Hillary Earlier This Year

State Department’s New Email Czar Is A Hillary Clinton Donor

Kerry names State Department email and transparency czar

Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton’s Email Defense Is ‘Dumbfounding’ [AUDIO]


  21,995,000 to 12,329,000: Government Employees Outnumber Manufacturing Employees 1.8 to 1

Rising: Food Stamp Beneficiaries Exceed 45 Million for 50 Straight Months Recipients outnumber population of Canada

Mystery Buyer Of US Treasurys Revealed; A little-known New York hedge fund run by a former Yale University math whiz- Jeffrey Talpins' Element Capital Management

"Desperate" Chicago Schools Need Half Billion To Avoid Mass Layoffs, Partial Shutdown

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Kerry Speaks to Netanyahu, Reaffirms Commitment to Israel State Department reveals that Kerry phoned PM Netanyahu over the weekend and reaffirmed America's commitment to Israel's security.

 Iran Deal: Cory Booker Plans Emergency Meeting with Jews

In Damage Control Mode, Cory Booker Invites Jews to Emergency Summit

Obama and Syria

Obama Avoided Syria Action to Help Iran Negotiations

 VIDEO: Greek Island Turns Into War Zone as Syrian and Afghan Migrants Clash

Counterterrorism Chair: We Have to Assume ISIS or Al Qaeda Would Try to Take Advantage of Refugee Situation

 WH ‘Actively Considering’ Approaches to Refugee Crisis

It's 3am and nobody's there

US Aerial Surveillance Impaired Off The East Coast Until October 1st Due To "Military Activities"

Turkey Invades Iraq: Two Battalions Launch Ground Incursion In "Hot Pursuit" Of "Terrorists"

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Official White House Veto Threat: Congress Shootdown of Iran Deal ‘Would Deal Devastating Blow to America’s Credibility’

Governors vow to keep state sanctions in place against Iran, undercutting Obama deal

Iranian warships confront U.S. Navy on ‘daily basis’

Cheney: Nuke Deal Enables Iran to Eradicate Israel In ‘One Day’; Deal is ‘madness’

Cheney Says Obama Won’t Stand Up to Iran’s Violence

 Russian Reset

  Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine ‘Kanyon’ unmanned sub to target harbors, cities

Community Organizer to the World

 Obama: 'I'm So Glad I'm Not on the Ballot'

Obama and Your Privacy

FBI testing 'intelligence collecting' technology at the Burning Man event in Nevada

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

 VIDEO: Former Al-Qaeda Leader Says Obama-Aligned Muslim Brotherhood ‘Is One of the Most Dangerous Organizations’


Hillary Clinton Knew Benghazi Terrorists Used Video as ´Cover´

Queen Michael

Feds Spend Millions to Increase Participation in School Nutrition Programs: Giving Vegetables ‘Cool Names’ Can Help


Coverage in Affordable Care Act health plans wanes since winter: 1 in 4 drop coverage


Community Organizer to the World

New England Police Officers Union Boycotts Obama’s  Boston Labor Day Speech


698K Native-Born Americans Lost Their Job In August: Why This Suddenly Is The Most Important Jobs Chart

Obama: GOP 'can't talk middle class and then do things that hurt working people'

 Joe Biden BLASTS Failed Obama Economy: “Devastating for Workers” – “I’m Mad, I’m Angry” (Video)

Biden on slow wage growth: 'Something's wrong, folks'

The Numbers Are In: China Dumps A Record $94 Billion In US Treasurys In One Month

Paid sick leave: Obama to issue order

Obama celebrates Labor Day by signing another executive order

Gasoline prices in week before Labor Day lowest in 11 years

 Displaced Disney Cast Member: How They Replaced Me, Other Americans, With Cheap Foreigners On H1B Visas

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Obama's former Secretary of Defense blasts Iran deal (Leon Panetta)

Analysis: Iran sanctions relief will feed Europe’s Syrian refugee crisis

DNC head Wasserman Schultz chokes up announcing Iran deal vote

Top Iranian General to US: We Will Cut Your 'Hands and Fingers' A senior commander of the Iranian Rev. Guards Corps threatens the U.S. while members of Congress pledge support to the controversial nuclear deal.

Congressional Report: Iran Spends Billions to Foment Global Terror The Congressional Research Service details monies spent by Iran supporting terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

Obama’s Iran nuke deal depends on anti-nuke fatwa that doesn’t exist

Obama and Israel, Year 7

2008 flashback: Obama will stop "zionist" influence, remove US Israel support

Obama and Syria

U.S. asks Greece to deny Russian flights to Syria


Exclusive interview: Gowdy on the Benghazi committee's plans and Hillary Clinton's upcoming testimony


Green Energy Execs Praised by Clinton Foundation Indicted for $54M Ponzi Scheme

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Military selects rarely used charge for Bergdahl case; desertion- also charged with misbehavior before the enemy


Clinton Says No Email Apology: 'What I did was allowed'

Hillary Clinton: “I don’t know anything technical about servers”

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama invites gay Catholic to White House for pope’s visit


It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama’s ‘very usual’ welcome for Saudi Arabia’s King to White House causes a buzz

Cheney: European refugee crisis 'direct consequence' of failed Obama policy

Obama and Syria

Russia is sending ships loaded with tanks and trucks to support regime of President Assad in Syria

Russian Military Presence In Syria Risks "Confrontation" With US-Backed Forces, Kerry Warns Lavrov

100,000 Palestinians have fled Syria to Europe, official says

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Pelosi Was Behind 'Carefully Orchestrated Strategy' on Iran Deal House Minority Leader purposely created 'drip by drip' effect of Democrat announcements of support for deal.

Obama vs The U.S. Military

Third year running, Obama cuts military pay from already threadbare Armed Forces

  Obama Amnesty

No room in America for Christian refugees


Second Largest US Pension Fund To Sell 12% Of Stocks Holdings In Advance Of "Another Downturn"


It's 3am and nobody's there

There Have Been More Jihadist Terror Cases in U.S. in 2015 Than in Any Year Since 9/11

Obama and Syria

Russia 'is building military base in Syria'

US warns Russia against more aid to Assad amid new violence

Putin Confirms Scope Of Russian Military Role In Syria

Kerry Expresses Concern Over Russian Presence in Syria

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

 Iranian Regime: Obama Was Negotiating Deal for Years Ever Since He Released Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Iran Gloats over World Powers' 'Surrender' on Nuclear Deal Iranian Defense Minister says US 'obeyed' Iran's dictates; Supreme Leader's website boasts of Iran's new status as 'military power.'

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Biden Tells Jewish Leaders: Iran Deal Makes Israel a Safer Place


Benghazi investigators hoped to question Clinton IT specialist about possible destruction of evidence

(Hidden Information) Is This Why Clinton Aide Bryan Pagliano is Taking the 5th?


Analysts: Investment down, manufacturing jobs 1/3rd of Obama's promised 1 million

Obama: I'll veto any budget if it limits spending


Former Obama Intel Chief Says Suspend Hillary’s Security Clearance

Hillary’s Highly Paid IT Guru At State Department Had No National Security Experience

Clintons personally paid State Department staffer to maintain server

Hillary Clinton Urges Cooperation on Inquiry Into Her Emails, as She Finds Joy Elsewhere

Obama and Common Core

SAT Scores Hit Four-Decade Low

Common Core Or "Communist Core"

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Survivors of Botched Abortions to Testify Before Congress Against Planned Parenthood

Jailing of Christian Clerk Proves Obergefell’s Threat to Religious Freedom Is Real

How a Top Obama Crony Moved From Idaho To a $2 Million Washington Estate


Why is HHS Enabling Medicare Fraud?

Obama and Agenda 21

Erin Brockovich takes on EPA


It's 3am and nobody's there

More Than 100 Ex-Gitmo Recidivists At Large

DOD Sec. Says Gitmo Terrorists Need Indefinite Lockup as Obama Tries Closing Prison

Chinese naval ships came within 12 nautical miles of American soil

Pentagon: Chinese Navy Ships Passed Through U.S. Territorial Waters for First Time

Obama Makes Excuses for Chinese Warships in U.S. Waters

Pentagon Admits Russian Spy Ship Discovered Near US Submarine Base, Heading For Cuba

US military ordering troops in Iraq to dust off chemical weapon suits

Homeland Security Cmte: ‘More U.S.-Based Jihadist Terror Cases in 2015 Than in Any Full Year Since 9/11’

Obama and Syria

Putin: Assad Would "Accept" Snap Elections To Avoid "Total Chaos"

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Iran Promises to ‘Set Fire’ to U.S. Interests

 Private Government Report: Iran Spending Billions to Pay Terrorist Salaries Iran’s defense budget ranges anywhere from $14 to $30 billion a year

Ayatollah's Deleted Tweet: Iran's 'Not Like Some Retarded Countries

Defense One survey: Two-thirds of national security community rejects Iran deal

Kerry predicts '90 percent' will support Iran deal


Democrat Who Wants To Disband Benghazi Committee Has Attended Just One Of 45 Interviews

House Benghazi panel interviews former top aide to Clinton; public spat erupts on panel

Mills: I reviewed the ARB report on Benghazi before publication, made “suggestions” for changes


Reuters: U.S. labor market shows some muscle despite slower job growth

Record 94,031,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Stuck at 38-Year Low for 3rd Straight Month

Record 94,031,000 People Not In Labor Force

Dow posts triple-digit drop, caps second worst week in 2015

Obama and Agenda 21

U.S. Communities Targeted for “Blue Zone” Social Engineering

Queen Michael

Report: Half of schools cut cafeteria staff as kids abandon Obama menus


Reuters Finds Another 57 Clinton Emails 'Classified from the Start'

Hillary Clinton: 'I'm so careful about classified information'

Clinton: ‘I Was Not Thinking a Lot’ When I Became Secretary of State

Hillary Apologizes For ‘Confusing’ Americans With Private Email Server [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton: Email use was ‘fully above board’

 Gateway Pundit Gets Results: WaPo’s Ignatius Admits Source Who Cleared Hillary in Email Scandal – Is Clinton Adviser

IT Experts: Anti-Spam Companies May Have Copies Or Logs Of Clinton’s Emails

There’s a Whole Arsenal of Smoking Guns in the Clinton E-mail Scandal


Big Brother Barack Rewrites O-Care Again to Include Transgender Procedures

Ezekiel Emanuel’s Confused Health-Care Argument

 Over $572 Million in Excess Obamacare Tax Credits Paid Out IRS provided relief to individuals who received overpayments

Low Rent President

VIDEO=> “He’s Happy to See Me!” Fish Spawns on Obama in Alaska

Obama vs the US Military

Army Soldier-Aviator Faces Possible 58-Year Sentence As Pentagon’s Sexual Assault Witch Hunt Seeks New Victim

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama Is Removing McKinley´s Legacy From Hawaii, Not Just An Alaskan Mountain

President Obama's Three Hundred and Forty-Fifth Week in Office

News and Notes:  ""You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." -- Churchill's remark after Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich Pact with Hitler




State Dept. seeks to oust 16 judges from Clinton email cases in favor of one judge

 Hillary’s Email Server Had A Webmail Portal That Allowed Unrestricted Access To Hackers

Hillary´s emails WERE for sale on the open market but the Obama administration didn´t go after them, says US intelligence official

Report: Hacker Threatens To Sell Granny Clinton’s Unreleased Private Emails For $500K

Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal She’s Obsessed With Her Image

Clinton Spox Fallon: ‘I Don’t Know What Wiped Means’

Tech specialist who helped Hillary Clinton set up her private email server was paid with TAXPAYER dollars

Hillary Clinton’s Email: the Definitive Timeline

Obama Ethics, Year 7

County Clerk To Do Time for Marriage

Ky. clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses

[Clerk Kim] Davis held in contempt taken by U.S. Marshals.(Twitter)

Obama Sends $1 Million to Planned Parenthood in Three States After It Sells Aborted Baby Parts

House Will Hold First Hearing Next Week on Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA’s Gina McCarthy won’t appear at House hearing on agency’s toxic spill


N4T Investigators: U.S. trying to keep Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal out of slain agent's trial

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Biden: ‘Totally Legitimate Argument’ That Iran Can Use Sanctions Relief to Fund Terror

Biden Won’t Answer Question on Iran Self-Inspections in Front of Press

 Iran´s supreme leader calls for parliamentary vote on nuclear pact, lifting of all sanctions

Democrats Admit to Being Lobbied by Russia, China and Europe Before Backing Iran Nuclear Deal

Arms Control Experts to Obama: Your Iran Deal Is ‘Not Verifiable,’ ‘A Very Bad Deal Indeed’

 Retired Military Leaders: Iran Nuke Deal Makes War More Likely Former commandant of the Marine Corps says Iran growing stronger as US weakens


Initial Jobless Claims Jumps Most In 2 Months - Unchanged Since End Of QE3

Total 2015 Job Cuts To Be Biggest Since 2009: Challenger

Emanuel set to call for largest property tax hike in modern Chicago history

VA Death Panel

Report: VA Lost 10,000 Applications for Health Care Services

Russian Reset

Russian spy ship spotted near US sub base

U.S. Shadowing Russian Ship in Atlantic Near Nuclear Submarine Areas High-tech spy vessel carries cable-cutting gear, mini-subs

Obama Amnesty

 Emergency Order: U.S. Opens Door to Yemeni Refugees Request for protective status championed by anti-Israel org


Hillary’s Email Server Crashed Weeks After Benghazi

Hillary Clinton´s camp urged ex-State Dept. employee to speak to House Benghazi committee

Obama administration said to have supplied weapons to rebels who killed Americans in Benghazi


It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama´s battle against ISIS is failing

Chinese Combat Ships Operate Near Alaskan Coast As Obama Explores Wilderness

In Dramatic Escalation, China Sends Five Navy Ships Off Alaska Coast For First Time Ever

'Who needs this?' Police recruits abandon dream amid anti-cop climate

Three cops murdered in less than a week: Another officer is found slaughtered in his Texas home amid growing safety fears and a manhunt for the Illinois cop killers*

VIDEO: Cop Killer Emoji Graffiti Appears in Houston Days After Deputy Executed

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Nuclear deal will make war with Iran more likely, former top military officials say in report

Obama secures Iran nuclear deal with Barbara Mikulski vote

John Kerry: 'Iran Agreement is Based on Proof, Not Trust' US Secretary of State currently speaking in Philadelphia: 'The standard we will hold can be summed up in two words: no tolerance.'

Weaponizing nuclear power in Iran will never be legitimate, Kerry says

Iran: U.S., British flags “Satanic symbols”

Iran Unveils '100 Derogative Ways to Describe America' Display Basij state militia stages burns US, Israeli, UK flags outside former US embassy in Tehran at govt-sponsored anti-US hatefest.

Obama and Israel, Year 7

 Kerry Promises Israel, Saudis Money In Wake of Iran Nuclear Deal Move meant to sooth congressional, regional fears following deal

John Kerry: ‘The People of Israel Will Be Safer With This Deal’

Iran Deal: The ‘Israel Lobby’ is Dead– and Obama Killed It


Another 57 Clinton email threads contain foreign governments' information

Ex-State Dept. Staffer Who Set Up Clinton Home Server to Take 5th Amendment Before Congress

Staffer who worked on Clinton’s private e-mail server faces subpoena

IRS Lawyer Who Headed Lerner Email Release Present When Markings on Clinton Emails Changed

Emails show Clinton Foundation shaped policy

Huma Doesn’t Think Her $500,000 Annual Pay Is Enough–And Other Clinton Email Revelations

Schweizer: Clinton Set Up Server To Hide ‘Blurring’ Between Private Clinton Activity and State Dept Business

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal, you can now search Hillary Clinton’s emails yourself


US Recession Looms As Factory Orders Plunge 9th Month In A Row

ADP Misses Again, Drops YoY For 7th Month In A Row

Russian Reset

Putin Targets US Monetary System: "Aims To Eliminate US Dollar From Trade"

Obama Selfies

Tourist-In-Chief: Obama Snaps Selfies; Goes Boating In Alaska

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama to offer aid to Alaskans affected by climate change

Obama Warns of “Nations Submerged Under Water, Cities Abandoned” Unless We Build More Chinese Windmills (VIDEO)

Obama Rebuffed As Superpowers Refuse To Sign Arctic Climate Agreement

VA Death Panel

VA Inspector General Report: 307,000 Veterans Died Waiting For Health Care

Watchdog: 900,000 Veterans May Have Pending Health Care Requests With VA

 VA Examinations of Medical Errors Decreased 18 Percent Since 2010 Medical centers completed fewer ‘root-cause’ analyses even as adverse events increased by 7 percent

Obama Amnesty

City of Refugees: How Houston became a resettlement magnet Ali Al Sudani, who fled Iraq, helps others resettle; 700 out of every 1000 UN refugees settle in the US

Report: Immigrant Households Using Welfare At Vastly Higher Rate Than Native-Born Households


ObamaCare ´Cadillac Tax´ Will Cost Workers Their Flexible Spending Accounts

Obama Ethics, Year 7

 Obama Justice Dept. backs Planned Parenthood against La. Gov. Jindal

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

SHOCK: As Americans Bought 170 Million Guns, Violent Crime Fell 51%

Obama Voter Fraud

Judicial Watch: FEC Must Investigate Democratic National Committee for Employing Illegal Alien to Craft 2016 Political Message

Loretta Lynch File

‘Straddle the line’: AG Loretta Lynch condemns ‘this wide violence against all of us’


Clinton tapped foundation donors to fund State Dept. project

Obama and Syria

 Pentagon Confirms Islamic State Use of Chemical Arms Blistering agent detected at four sites in Iraq, Syria



REPORT: Top Secret Spy Satellite Info on N Korea Nuclear Assets Found in Hillary Clinton Home Brew Server Email

CBS News Reports Aide Refused Hillary Clinton Demand to Send Classified Info to Her Home Brew Server

Sources: Clinton email markings changed to hide classified info

State Dept Still Does Not Know Whether Clinton’s Server was Breached

Hillary Intentionally Originated And Distributed Highly Classified Information

 Clinton Told Aide to Send Classified Info to Personal Email Address Request came the same day that WikiLeaks released tens of thousands of classified State Department cables

Sid Blumenthal Trashes David Axelrod, Suggests Impeaching Clarence Thomas in Latest Clinton E-mails

Attkisson: New Hillary Emails Show She Violated Freedom of Information Law

 Clinton Reportedly Used Private Server For Clinton Foundation and State Department Business

Clinton Told Aide to Send Classified Info to Personal Email Address

Unofficial adviser regularly sent Hillary Clinton anti-Israel articles

Emails: Hillary kept close ties to Clinton Foundation while at State

Controversial Clinton ally trashed ´alcoholic´John Boehner in emails to Hillary

Hillary, with Sid’s Aid, Has Long Plotted to Overturn Citizens United

More sleepless nights for Team Clinton as additional classified documents are released

Hillary Worried About Ambassador 'Table-Dancing' and 'Karaoke Singing'

Clinton’s Private Server Crashed Repeatedly, Sowed Confusion at State Department

It's 3am and nobody's there

Russia and China Are Using Hacked Data to Identify and Neutralize U.S. Agents

Sanctions Against China For Cyber Attacks Unlikely Ahead of Obama Visit, U.S. Officials Say

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Obama’s Secretary of the Navy Walks Back Complaints About Size of Fleet

Obama and Syria

U.S. launches secret drone campaign to hunt Islamic State leaders in Syria


The surging ranks of America's ultrapoor

Feds cheer skyrocketing dependency on ‘free’ School Breakfast Program

Major indexes off lows; Dow falls triple digits, in correction

US Manufacturing Plunges To 2-Year Lows As New Orders, Employment Tumble

 Unemployed More Likely To Shop, Watch TV, or Play Sports Than Look For a Job Those without jobs spend more time on leisure activities than job hunting

ConocoPhillips Fires 10% Of Global Workforce, Warns Of "Dramatic Downturn" To Oil Industry

Obama Voter Fraud

HIDDEN CAM: Hillary's National Marketing Director Illegally Accepting Foreign Contribution

Obama Ethis, Year 7

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Vendor ABR Pays Off Clinics, Intact Fetuses "Just Fell Out"

Queen Michael

#ThanksMichelleObama: School resumes - so do skimpy lunches

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

 Iran Vows to Violate UN Restrictions on Ballistic Missiles Iran missile stocks increase

White House fight to preserve Iran deal is won, Cardin says

Obama and Agenda 21

 Navajo Nation preps lawsuit against EPA over mine spill

Obama in Alaska: "We will condemn our children to a planet beyond their repair"

 Obama Flies to Alaska to Push Global Warming Propaganda – Then Orders New Icebreaker

Obama Amnesty

Kate Steinle’s Parents Sue Local, Federal Agencies: “We’re Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore!”


Obama and the IRS

Court Orders IRS To Reveal White House Requests About Taxpayers

Community Organizer to the World

Obama is accused of ´constitutional over-reach and ´insulting all Ohioans´ by ditching former President and renaming North America´s highest peak from Mount McKinley to Denali

Boehner condemns McKinley name change

Obama’s Focus in Oil-Rich Alaska Is Climate Change--As Putin Deploys Warships

Obama to appear on ´Running Wild with Bear Grylls´

Obnama's Bad Iran Deal

Cheney: Iran deal likely to lead to first use of nuclear weapon since WWII


The Largest Tranche Of Hillary Emails Has Been Released: 7000

Fox Correspondent: State Dept In ‘Clear Violation Of The Law’ By Not Investigating Hillary [VIDEO]

Hillary Shared An Email Network With The Clinton Foundation

Latest Clinton Email Server Dump Reveals 150 More Documents Flagged For Classified Information

Mystery deepens into how classified emails got onto Clinton´s unclassified server

State Dept. to release 6,000 pages of Clinton emails

Top State Department Staff Used Personal Email to Send ‘Sensitive’ Data

Obama and Syria

 IN JUST 4 YEARS=> Half of Syrian Population of 22 Million Has Been Killed, Displaced or Fled the Country

Russian Military Forces Arrive In Syria, Set Forward Operating Base Near Damascus

Russian jets in Syrian skies  Russia has begun its military intervention in Syria, deploying an aerial contingent to a permanent Syrian base, in order to launch attacks against ISIS and Islamist rebels; US stays silent.

It's 3am and nobody's there

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts (Aug 28)

 Federal Employees Air Grievances on Forum Meant for Taxpayers HUD workers ask for subsidized bikeshare, ban on ‘second hand e-cigarette smoke

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Obama Navy chief fires back at GOP: Numbers aren’t the only way to measure seapower

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama: Attacking Jews Over Iran Deal Like Saying He's 'Not Black Enough'

Obama: US and Israel must improve Intel cooperation to stop Hezbollah from getting missiles

Obama: I´m Personally Hurt When People Call Me Anti-Semitic


Dow posts worst August decline in 17 years

Economics 102: WalMart Cuts Worker Hours After Hiking Minimum Wages

 Chicago PMI Bounce Stalls, "Firms At Risk Of Being Over-Inventoried"

Low Income Americans Can't Afford To Live In Any Metro Area

Obama Ethis, Year 7

Obama Calls Deputy’s Widow, Promises to ‘Continue to Highlight Uncommon Bravery’ of Cops

DHS Settles with ICE Attorney Trying to Enforce Law

 Court Orders HHS to Exempt Pro-Lifers From Abortion Drug Mandate Federal judge rules March for Life can’t be required to provide birth control

Bombshell Letter Accuses Planned Parenthood of Stonewalling Law Enforcement

New Video: Planned Parenthood Doc Caught Admitting She Can Hide Profit From Selling Aborted Babies

Obama and Agenda 21

Congressional Committee: EPA Failed to Turn Over Documents on Gold King Mine Spill

Queen Michael

 Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move: ‘Americans Clearly Support’ Lunch Rules ‘American public has noticed and appreciated the healthier school meal standards’


Community Organizer to the World

Obama to rename nation’s highest mountain

WH says formally changing the name of Mt. McKinley "recognizes the sacred status of Denali to generations of Alaska Natives."(Twitter)

Obnama's Bad Iran Deal

Former VP Cheney Likens Iran Deal to Munich Pact

Pro-Iran Deal Resolution Shot Down in Democratic Natl. Committee While President Obama tries to sell his Iran deal to the American people, he is having trouble selling it to members of his own party.


MI6 Spy Found Dead in Bag in Bath Had Hacked Clinton Data

Obama and Syria

Report: 'Strained' US to Remove Patriot Battery from Jordan A report over the weekend said that the United States was likely to remove its Patriot missile defense batteries from Jordan.

It's 3am and nobody's there

Administration developing sanctions against China over cyberespionage

How Obama’s Environmental Policies Are Undermining the US Military and National Security

Clinton Dead Pool

Gareth Williams:  Clinton secrets hacked by spy in bag- THE MI6 spy found dead in a holdall had illegally hacked into secret data on Bill Clinton

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama: ‘…As We Push Our Economy and the World to Ultimately Transition Off Fossil Fuels’

Anger builds at EPA over radioactive landfill

Obama and the IRS

 Chaffetz calls to fire IRS Commissioner, 7-28-15


Massachusetts health insurance costs set to rise by 6.3 percent in 2016


Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Kerry Appeals to Iran for ‘Humanitarian’ Release of Amir Hekmati on Fourth Anniversary of Imprisonment

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama on Israel Relationship: ‘My Best Friends Are the Ones I Can Be Honest With’ If ‘I Think They’re Wrong’

Khamenei Aide: Fighting the 'Zionist Regime' is Our Policy Aide to Iran's Supreme Leader denies British Foreign Secretary's comments that Iran has changed its attitude towards Israel.

It's 3am and nobody's there

Arizona: Informant in Garland jihad attack says 50-80 more Muslim terrorists out there

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama: I´m going to Alaska for three days

EPA says clean water rule in effect despite court ruling


The Democratic Party Adopts $15/hour Minimum Wage into National Platform

Priorities: FDA cracks down on vegan mayonnaise labeling

Obama and Common Core

New ‘Common Core’ approved textbook will indoctrinate SIXTH-GRADERS about ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’


 The best thing about Obamacare is all that bending of the cost curves

VA Death Panel

Vets Outraged as VA Flies LGBT Flag at Fort Harrison


Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Deal is 'Best Way' to Ensure Iran Doesn't Get Nuclear Weapon President Obama says Iran deal will allow the world to maintain all the tools it needs to stop Iran if it cheats.

US State Department clarifies description of Parchin as nuclear site

State Dept.: Iran’s Parchin Base Is ‘Conventional Military Site,’ So No Restrictions on Construction There

Hundreds of Generals, Admirals Line Up Against Obama's Iran Deal

Is Munich 1938 a valid analogy for the Iran nuclear deal?

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama: I Understand ‘Cruelty Of Man’ Because I’m An African-American

Report: Netanyahu’s US Confidantes Believe Congress Won’t Overrule Iran Nuclear Deal

New York Times: Iran Deal Opens a Vitriolic Divide Among American Jews

PA Portrays US as 'Occupier' Official PA daily also demonizes Presidential candidates as 'inane,' 'aged teenager' - despite the US being a major donor.

Obama expects better US-Israel ties after Iran deal in place

It's 3am and nobody's there

Pentagon Not Targeting Islamic State Training Camps


Source: FBI ‘A-team’ leading ‘serious’ Clinton server probe, focusing on defense info

Obama and Agenda 21

Judge blocks EPA water rule; EPA say they will defy injunction

Rancher fights $16 million EPA fine for building pond Feds claim property owner violating Clean Water Act

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: New Orleans Can't Fully Recover from Katrina Because of Racial Inequality "[A] failure of government to look out for its own citizens."


A new program aims to help poor and minority families qualify for mortgages.[Fannie]

Fed Fails - American Spending Growth Is Weakest Since March 2011

Personal Spending Misses Expectations By Most Since January, Income Juiced By Government Handouts

Illinois Not Paying Out Big Lottery Jackpots Amid Budget Standoff


Another ObamaCare Co-Op Bites The Dust, As Taxpayer Costs Mount

Topping Turmoil: Big Pizza fights ObamaCare menu mandate

Obama: Regulators will never approve those massive health premium increases; Regulators: APPROVED

Dodging Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax The MTA should ditch the gold-plated health plans and plow the savings into higher wages.

One-Fourth of Employers Offering Health Benefits Will Be Hit With ACA's 'Cadillac Tax'

Community Organizer to the World

States With GOP Majorities Are Planning Something Big For Obama’s Continuing Overreach

Obama and the IRS

IRS must say if White House sought taxpayers’ information: Judge

IRS scandal: Lois Lerner's secret, personal email account was perfect cover

Obama and Syria

Kirby: We Continue to Welcome Syrian Refugees Into the US

Obama’s Politicized Intelligence Column: The White House spins--and ignores--its losing war in Iraq and Syria


Group: Emails show Clinton, aides mixed State Department, foundation business

Bill Clinton Sought State Department OK For Paid Speeches Related to North Korea, Congo, New E-mails Show

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Full, Unedited 8th Video Confirms Planned Parenthood Sells Fully Intact Aborted Babies

Hillary Clinton’s State Department IG Was More Lapdog than Watchdog

What is Obama’s top population control freak hiding?

Obama and Your Privacy

Appeals judges turn back challenge to NSA data collection Order district court to review 'limited discovery' into government's 'secret' program

Obama Amnesty

WH Plans A Country Within A Country With Citizens Pushed Aside

President Obama's Three Hundred and Forty-Fourth Week in Office

News and Notes:  ""You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." -- Churchill's remark after Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich Pact with Hitler



Obama's Bad Iran Deal

IAEA Says Iran May Have Built 'Extension' to Parchin New IAEA report says Iran appears to have built an extension to part of its suspicious Parchin military site.

IAEA: Iran may have built extension to Parchin

Samantha Power: US will be Isolated if it Rejects Iran Deal UN envoy warns Congress against projecting an image of a 'divided America', claims 'no' vote would isolate the US from world stage

State laughs off 195 retired brass opposing Iran deal

Iran to Receive Advanced Russian Air Defense by End of 2015


Benghazi Witness: U.S. Provided Arms to Jihadists Who Killed Americans in 9/11 Attack

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Iran salary for murdering Jews: $100 per month: Bonuses tied to number killed


Clinton ally accused of running interference on email scandal

 Clinton Data Went Unsecured For Over a Month After ‘Classified’ Data Discovered Timeline indicates data may have been unsecure for months

Obama and Agenda 21

Federal judge blocks Obama’s water rule


IF YOU LIKE YOUR 401(k), YOU CAN KEEP YOUR 401(k): Obama Labor Dept. Sets Stage for Nationalizing Retirement Accounts

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama Punishes Kansas for De-Funding Planned Parenthood by Cutting Its Title X Funding

South Carolina Legislators to Investigate Funding of Planned Parenthood, Which Sells Aborted Babies

White House spars with Koch brother, says 'chose to squeal' to reporter


Amputees protest proposed restrictions for prosthetics

States approving huge spikes in health-insurance premiums

Community Organizer to the World

In Katrina commemoration, Obama cites inequities ´brewing for decades´

Since Obama Took Office Dems Have Been Decimated All Across the Country

Since President Obama took office, 85 of 98 state legislative bodies got more Republican

Clinton Compares GOP Candidates To Terrorist Groups

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Trying To Sneak Gitmo´s Worst Terrorists Into U.S.

It's Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington

Spies: Obama’s Brass Pressured Us to Downplay ISIS Threat

One Year After Obama Announces Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal – Taliban Takes Control of 2 Districts

Obama vs the US Military

Memo shows Green Beret fighting to stay in Army was severely reprimanded for shoving Afghan rapist

 They Really Care… DNC Veterans Website Mistakes Foreign Vets for Former US Troops

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Quote of the Day: America Continues to Disappoint the President

Jarrett on Gun-Control Push: ‘Everyone Should Be Able to Live in Our Country’

White House Reacts to Roanoke Shooting: Calls for More Gun Control [VIDEO]

Secretary of State John Kerry Signs United Nations Gun Ban Treaty Against Wishes of U.S. Senate

Russian Reset

What six years of ‘reset’ have wrought


Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Obama Working on Keeping Congress from 'Spoiling' Iran Deal

Two Hundred Retired Generals, Flag Officers Call on Congress to Reject Iran Deal

Saudi Arabia Paying American Lobbyists To Spread Anti-Iran Propaganda

Has the DOJ Silenced Bob Menendez on the Iran Deal?


Watch: Hillary laughs off email scandal in Iowa

State Dept.-released Clinton email had classified intel from 3 agencies, in possible violation

Huma Abedin lashing out at Chuck Grassley for “damaging her reputation”

(Grassley) GOP senator accuses Clinton of improperly passing state secrets to her lawyer

New York Times: Huma Abedin, a Clinton Aide, Is Back in Spotlight as Republicans Seize on Emails

State Department officials routinely sent secrets over email

Inspector general cites Caroline Kennedy for using private email


DOE Confirms Major Inventory Draw, Crude Production Slowest In 3 Months

‘Joint Employer’ Status Represents a Loss of Autonomy for Small Business Owners

Welfare Is the Highest Paying Entry-Level Job in 38 States

Government Motors

GM's Ignition Switch Findings: 124 Deaths, 275 Injuries

Obama Ethics, Year 7

 Hillary Hires Former Planned Parenthood Staffer for Asian Outreach Announcement comes as organ-harvesting scandal deepens

(Johm Holdren) What Is Obama's Top Population-Control Freak Hiding?

Watchdog Wins Big FOIA Decision In Federal Appeals Court


 Michigan’s Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Incentives gone awry

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Obama: Gun-Related Deaths ‘Dwarf’ Terrorist-Caused Deaths

WH Spox: Virginia Shooting Shows Need For "Common Sense" Gun Control

Hillary on Virginia Shooting: 'We Must Act to Stop Gun Violence'

Obama Voter Fraud

 James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Release New Undercover Sting Video; Warn Hillary Camp More Is Coming!

Community Organizer to the World

Obama to attend Democratic Party’s LGBT event

White House takes swipe at Trump for booting Univision reporter

Jorge Ramos’s Daughter Works for Hillary Campaign – Supported Obama

The Solyndra Scandal

Report: Solyndra Misrepresented Facts to Get Loan Guarantee


Trey Gowdy frustrated by Dem stonewalling

Obama Amnesty

 Thousands of Illegal Immigrant Children Could Be Freed Into U.S. Federal ruling issued despite warnings from DHS

It's 3am and nobody's there

Pentagon watchdog probing whether anti-ISIS campaign analysis altered

Obama and the IRS

Lois Lerner May Have Committed a Crime With Use of Private Email at IRS

Obama vs the US Military

BlackRock, Obama Campaign Donors Stand To Benefit From Cuts To Military Pensions

VA Death Panel

Pentagon investigating Centcom for Lying About Success Against ISIS

‘We’re left to the wolves’: Videos allegedly show Memphis VA leaving disabled vets unattended

Obama and Syria

U.S. to Accept 5,000 to 8,000 Syrian Refugees Next Year


Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Cash-Strapped IAEA to Stop Monitoring Iran Next Month? UN's atomic body admits it has no money to inspect Iran's nuclear program, asks member states to hand over more funds to let it continue.

US Taxpayers to Pay Iranian Regime to Inspect Its Own Nuclear Sites

White House: Obama ‘flip’ in referring to ‘crazies’

Barack Obama Calls Opponents of His Iran Nuke Deal: “The Crazies”

Europeans: 'Obama administration put more pressure on its friends in the negotiations than on the Iranians'

Obama on Iran Nuke Deal: ‘We Don’t Rely on Bluster or Bravado’

Traitor Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby, Back Iran Nukes The Democrats are becoming a party of atom bomb spies.

Obama’s end-run around the nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Iranian Official: Israel's Annihilation Still Our Central Goal Senior official rebuffs British claims Iran's stance towards Israel has softened.


Fox: Clinton Emails Were Classified Under Executive Order Signed By Obama

Here's what Clinton's classified emails discussed


Obama Mega-Donor, Clinton Foundation Donor: ‘The Economy is Fine’ Billionaire hedge funder has donated hundreds of thousands to Democrats

 US Consumer Confidence Is Both The Highest & Lowest In 2015 Depending On Who You Ask

 US Services Economy "Momentum Shifts Down A Gear", Slides Back Towards 2015 Lows

Case-Shiller Home Prices Dip In June, Miss For 3rd Month In A Row

It's 3am and nobody's there

Devaluation Stunner: China Has Dumped $100 Billion In Treasurys In The Past Two Weeks

Inspector General Slams Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy’s Embassy as Amateur Hour

Fort Bragg troops prepare for domestic disaster

Samantha Power: U.S. Injecting LGBT Rights 'Into the DNA of the United Nations'

Amid Security Failures DHS Spends $20.3 Mil on Conferences

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Buyer StemExpress Wants "Another 50 Livers/Week"

 Organ Buyer: Happiness is ‘Another 50 Livers a Week’ StemExpress founder keeps autographed Hillary photo on her desk

President who once called for a ´new era of civility´ now calls opponents ´crazies´

Community Organizer to the World

Obama gives Joe Biden 'blessing' for 2016 bid


75% of Obamacare plans in California use narrow networks, study shows

Queen Michael

Michelle Obama’s Lunch Rules Have Cost Cafeteria Worker Jobs


Obama and the IRS

IRS finds yet another Lois Lerner email account

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Iran Deal Surprise: Clause Negates Snapback Sanctions European businesses are flooding Iran due to a clause in the deal that doesn't penalize current businesses dealings with the Islamic Republic.

Iran unveils new surface-to-surface missile with 500km range

Britain reopens embassy in Tehran with 'death to England' still graffitied above Queen's portrait

Iran says no to U.S. embassy in Tehran

Obama and Israel, Year 7

 Judge Lets PA Off Easy After Obama Intervention; Judge orders PA and PLO to post $10 million in cash or bond in terror victims' case, following Obama administration's intervention

791 American Rabbis sign petition against sellout to nuclear-armed Iran

Counter-Terrorism Bureau: Terror threat from Iran not changed since deal signed last month

Obama and Syria

Syrian rebels: Turkey tipped al Qaida group to U.S.-trained fighters

“The whole Syria will pass through Serbia”: Belgrade to face five million “refugees”

How Obama is enabling the Syrian genocide


Clinton’s email server firm scrubs ‘data-disposal’ references from website

DHS has no record of State Dept. giving info for Clinton server audit, despite rules

Lawyer for Huma Abedin, a Hillary Clinton Aide, Strikes Back at Accuser

Mukasey: FBI probe is about Hillary Clinton, not her private emails

NBC News On The Evolution Of Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal


Top Clinton Aides To Testify Before Benghazi Committee Next Week


Obama´s $1.2 Trillion Student Loan Program Is Falling Apart

Majority of Food Stamp Recipients Are Now Working Age Adults, Not Children or Seniors

As Minimum Wages Rise, Restaurants Say No to Tips, Yes to Higher Prices

This chart shows how federal housing policy benefits the rich more than the poor

All Major US Equity Indices Underwater Post-QE3

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama accuses Kochs of un-American campaign to undermine green energy

Obama gives clean energy a $1 billion boost

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Obama Officials Heading to Mexico to Discuss International Gun Control Via UN Treaty

It's 3am and nobody's there

Top Cop: America Will Pay For Obama’s Pardons With ‘Blood And Tears’

Baghdad, Where Officials Fire on Crowds to Move Traffic

How Obama Transformed America His progressive legacy won’t last because he passed vague laws and abused his executive power to impose policies that are unpopular.

Amazing picture of the Obamas coming home to the White House

Obama Ethics, Year 7

While on Vacation, Obama Criticizes Congress for Taking Vacation

DOJ: Menendez corruption 'clear and unmistakable'

 StemExpress Honcho: Researchers ‘Have Meltdowns’ Over Abortion Organ Harvests Planned Parenthood partner denies charges it received ‘intact fetuses’

StemExpress CEO Now Denies Planned Parenthood Sells It Fully Intact Aborted Babies

Community Organizer to the World

WH: Obama's Best Decision Was Picking Biden for VP, Not Hillary for SecState

Obama not 'torn' over possible Biden challenge to Clinton

White House Pretty Much Endorses Biden Run For President


Obamacare's latest problem: Narrow doctor networks


Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Khamenei urges Islamic unity against real enemies: US and Israel

Iran’s Supremo: U.S., Israel conspiring against the Qur’an

Rouhani Channels Obama: Only “Warmongers” and “Zionists” Oppose Iran Deal

Iran’s Ayatollah: America is the ‘Enemy.’ ‘We Will Confront Them With All Our Power’

The Israel Project's Omri Ceren talks about the Iran deal

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Abbas: Iran is 'Our Neighbor, a Sister Nation' The PA chief is planning a trip to Tehran - and based on his comments, he can't wait to go.

Obama Selfies

Post-holiday blues? The Obamas look glum as they return home from Martha's Vineyard

CNN: Obama’s Played More Than 1,000 Hours of Golf as President


Obamacare tax already affecting worker health plans

Obama and Agenda 21

The details behind that EPA gold mine spill just get worse and worse

Climate change expert sentenced to 32 months for fraud, says lying was a 'rush'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Shattering new evidence reveals Obama spent $500MIL to train Jihadi elite force which now partners with Al-Qaeda group

 China Tests Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon of All Time

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama targets lawyer helping persecuted Christians 'He was light at the end of a very long, horrid tunnel'


Obama's Bad Iran Deal

 Unveiling new missile, Rouhani says Iran will obtain ‘any weapons we need’

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Netanyahu: 'You Rush to Embrace Iran, They Fire Rockets at Us'

 Israel’s leaders ‘furious’ over Barak tapes describing aborted plans to hit Iran In recordings played on TV, ex-defense minister details 3 occasions when Israel came close to striking nuke facilities; ex-colleagues say his account not entirely accurate

Netanyahu repeatedly pressed for Iran attacks, but was rebuffed by military

Leaked audio: Israeli leaders drew up plans to attack Iranian military


More evidence, questions arise about existence of second, private Clinton email server

Email timeline suggests second server may exist

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama calls three Americans, commends ´extraordinary bravery´

Obama’s New Cuban Partners, My Old Jailers The regime was built on the blood of dissidents like those the U.S. now avoids acknowledging.


Appeals Court Says Obama Can’t Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Obey HHS Mandate

Obama Ethics, Year 7

StemExpress CEO Laughs: ‘I’ve Seen Really Rampant, Rampant Problems with Bacteria in Certain Clinics’

The Justice Department’s ‘Grotesque’ Misconduct against New Orleans Cops

 New Planned Parenthood Video Shows CEO Joking About WHOLE BABIES

Boehner Aide, Sister of CEO Who Discussed Shipping ‘Intact’ Aborted Baby Parts, Resigns to Join Lobbying Firm

Planned Parenthood Did 378,692 Pap Smears--and 327,653 Abortions

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA knew of ´blowout´ risk for tainted water at gold mine

Sen. Lee: WH Hasn’t Responded to Congressional Inquiries Regarding EPA’s Toxic Spill



Intel, Military Officials Fire Back At Hillary’s Over-Classification Tweet

Confirmed: Despite Clinton´s Claims, Documents on Her Server Were Always Classified

Reuters: Hillary Clinton Sent and Received Scores of Emails Containing Information ‘Born Classified’

State Dept. declined to investigate hack exposing Clinton emails in 2013

AP: Sorry Lefties, Our Reporting on the Iran Agreement´s Secret Side Deals is Accurate

AP releases draft side deal between Iran and IAEA

Obama and Israel, Year 7

White House Allies Suggest Israel Forged Iran-IAEA Agreement Document Deal would allow Iran to inspect own nuclear sites

US embassy warns Americans against traveling to North in light of Syria tensions

Obama to Address North American Jews on Iran Deal President Obama to participate in a live webcast on Iran deal with Jews from the United States and Canada.

 Obama vows to up Israel defense aid if nuke deal approved In letter to undecided Democrat, president says military option still on the table, and Jewish state’s security is ‘sacrosanct’

US troubled by Israeli escalation of Palestinian home demolitions

‘Israel called off 2012 strike on Iran because it coincided with joint US drill’

 Obama administration played Catch-22 on Iran deal, fumes Israeli arms control expert US team ignored all advice, says Emily Landau, created situation where you couldn’t criticize deal before it was done, and can’t criticize it now either

Obama and Syria

US calls for de-escalation on Israel-Syria border


S&P dips below 2K, Dow plunges triple digits as growth concerns weigh

 US Manufacturing PMI Tumbles To 22 Month Low: "Lack Of Growth" And Deflation Blamed

It's 3am and nobody's there

Islamic State No. 2 killed in US strike — White House

US Troops Mobilized in South Korea As North Korea Declares Semi-War State

North Korea exchanges fire with South Korea

North Korean Underground Missile Complex Detected

China Conducts Fifth Test of Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Maneuvering missile takes evasive actions

 Pentagon: China Expands Military Activities on Newly Created Islands U.S. warships, aircraft to continue operations in S. China Sea

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Obama: US Will Act Firmly if Iran Reneges on Nuke Deal

Obama: U.S. can use military if Iran breaks deal

Obama Amnesty

 DHS Kept Secret the Release Of Violent Criminal Illegal Immigrants Local law enforcement ‘perplexed’ over controversial policy

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Imprisoned for Smuggling Thousands of Illegal Aliens

Deported Illegal Immigrant and Child Sex Offender Caught on Texas Ranch

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Planned Parenthood threatens legal action against makers of videos

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

 Social Security Admits Plan to Add Recipients to Gun Background Check System NRA, Republicans promise further action to oppose the move

Russian Reset

Obama Admin Told Ukraine to “Stand Down” as Putin Invaded and Annexed Crimea

 Russia Nearing Deployment of New Intermediate-Range Naval Missile Carter calls Moscow ‘very serious threat’

Queen Michael

Michelle Obama wants you to eat your ´effin vegetables´ in a new star-studded ad campaign

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA Causes Second Spill Disaster at Old Georgia Cotton Mill – Lead Levels 20,000 TIMES Above Normal

President Obama's Three Hundred and Forty-Third Week in Office

News and Notes:  ""You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." -- Churchill's remark after Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich Pact with Hitler




Judge presses State Department to learn more about Clinton’s e-mail server

U.S. Said to Probe How Classified Data Got on Hillary Clinton’s Server

VIDEO: Hillary spox stumbles and stammers over deleted emails

Hillary’s Denver Server Company Claims To Have No Idea They Had Sensitive Material

Hillary Clinton Campaign Says Classified Emails Were on Server

State Department did nothing to protect Clinton emails after hack

 Watchdog: Two National Security Laws Appear Broken in Clinton Email Scandal Hillary aides refused judge’s order on returning documents  

State Dept., intelligence community battle over Hillary´s emails

Hillary Spokesman on Server: 'She Didn't Really Think It Through'... Email excuses hit rock bottom

Obama and Agenda 21

Mine’s owner says he tried to keep out EPA but was threatened with fines

 Shareholders Sue Solar Firm Backed by Billions in U.S. Funds Three former employees describe a pervasive culture of illegality at the Spanish solar company Abengoa

EPA Incompetence Could Cost Taxpayers Nearly $30 Bill


How US Sugar Policies Just Helped America Lose 600 Jobs

Existing Home Sales Extrapolation Surges To Highest Since Feb 2007: Where are the buyers coming from?

Philly Fed Stagnant At 2015 Lows Amid Weaker Prices And New Orders

Conference Board "Leading Indicators" Plunges To Lowest Since March 2013

Obama Amnesty

STONEWALLED: Feds Hide Fiscal Details About Vast Operation To Resettle Illegal Alien Minors

At busy crossing, pedestrians need passports to enter Mexico

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

State Department: Iran 'In No Way' Inspecting its Own Sites State Department spokesman John Kirby rejects AP report that Iran will inspect the Parchin site on its own.

Obama admin assures foreign governments they won’t be penalized for doing business with Iran

Russia S300 deal confirms Iran on road to nukes   

Obama and Syria

'Iran trying to move Yakhont missiles and SA-22 Air Defense Systems to Hezbollah'

Obama Ethics, Year 7

 'Don't you know who I am?' How Hillary's 'arrogant' aide Huma Abedin - now in the crosshairs of Servergate - tried to force her way past Secret Service agents without ID and expected them to carry her luggage

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Syria Declares End to 41 Year Ceasefire with Israel – Fires Rockets into Northern Israel

Iran Behind Rocket Fire on Golan, Says Senior IDF Officer; The order to fire rockets from Syrian territory was given by a senior officer in Iran's Al-Quds force, according to the IDF.

Israeli Defense official denies US to withdraw Sinai force


Almost 3 Million Could Lose Their ObamaCare Subsidies Next Year

Obama vs the US Military

Army kicking out decorated Green Beret who stood up for Afghan rape victim

Queen Michael

Michelle Obama’s Trip to Italy, UK Ran Taxpayers More than $240K On Airfare Alone



2009 State Dept. Document: Hillary Clinton Trained in ‘Safe Handling’ of Classified Information

Judicial Watch: State Department Did Not Provide Secure BlackBerry to Hillary Clinton

State Department: Mills and Abedin official BlackBerrys likely gone

Classified emails from Clinton aides kick-started FBI probe, candidate downplays controversy

Law firm representing Hillary has ties to State Dept.

Federal Judge Moves Up Hearing for Hillary Email

Surprise: Most of the 340 'rabbis' for Iran came from Iran-supported J Street

Hillary Battles Fox’s Ed Henry, Shrugs Shoulders at Email Server Question

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Senators: Obama administration hiding secret Iran deal letters

State Dept.: We Totally Trust IAEA with Inspections Where Only Iran Can Inspect

AP Bombshell: Side Deal with Iran Lets It Inspect Its Own Nuclear Site

 UN to let Iran inspect its own alleged nuclear activity site; IAEA cedes investigative authority of Parchin site to Tehran; US not a party to agreement, but was briefed on its contents

Obama administration objects as Russia moves ahead with Iran missile sale

Obama and Agenda 21

Industry braces for EPA regulatory ´tidal wave´


After 6 Years Of QE, And A $4.5 Trillion Balance Sheet, St. Louis Fed Admits QE Was A Mistake

Consumer Prices Rise At Slowest Pace Since 2014 As Airfares Plunge, Car Costs Slide, But 'Rents' Jump

Obama Amnesty

Chart Lists Terrorists in U.S. Due to Lax Immigration Policies

Letter: Obama Administration Releasing Violent Illegal Immigrants Back into U.S. Towns

National Suicide: Number Of Syrian Muslim Refugees To U.S. Expected To Quadruple

Obama vs the 1st Amendent

State Department Clamps Down on Speaking to Congress or Press

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Hillary Clinton: Gun Laws Are “Way Out of Balance”


HHS Claims States Cannot Cut Funds to Planned Parenthood

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Human Capital - Episode 3: Planned Parenthood's Custom Abortions for Superior Product

Coverup: Federal Appeals Court Blasts DOJ Misconduct in Police Prosecution

Obama administration emails found in Ashley Madison data dump


 Huma Abedin Received Over $40K From Hillary’s Former Leadership PAC Abedin received the payments while working as Clinton’s senior adviser



Clinton Refuses to Say Whether She Wiped the Server

Clinton pulls plug on testy presser over server questions

Hillary’s Got Jokes! When Asked If She Wiped Server: ‘With a Cloth or Something?’

Hillarymail ‘Chain of Custody’ Request May Lead To Indictments

Hillary's email firm was run from a loft apartment with its servers in the BATHROOM, raising new questions over security of sensitive messages she held

Grassley: Hillary´s attorney lacked security clearance

Giuliani says Hillary got a 'political break' in server saga

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama admin to Congress: It’s perfectly legal for Planned Parenthood to harvest babies’ organs

Kamala Harris, Dem Rising Star, Goes for the Jugular on Conservative Nonprofits

Obama protects White House insiders, cracks down on low-level leakers

VA Death Panel

VA caught sending veterans´ mail to the shredder

Russian Reset

U.S. Navy on alert: China, Russia to launch largest-ever joint navy exercise

It's 3am and nobody's there

Russian, Chinese acts lead Pentagon to increase drone flights by 50 percent over decade

TSA Spent $160 Mil For Scanners With A 96% Failure Rate

China Tests New Long-Range Missile with Two Guided Warheads Latest DF-41 flight test indicates deployment near

Islamic State links its origins to the killing of Osama and US withdrawal from Iraq

Obama Has Stalled a Full Year in Appointing Religious-Freedom Envoy for Middle East

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Iranian Officials Ratchet Up Genocidal Anti-Israel Rhetoric After Nuclear Deal

The Iran Deal is Everything Bad About Obama in One Package

Iran Threatened ‘Harm’ to Top Nuke Inspector to Prevent Disclosure of Secret Deal Iran: ‘He himself would have been harmed'

Kerry: Iran Can Violate Parts of the Nuclear Deal Without Really Violating the Nuclear Deal

Obama and Israel, Year 7

US may pull out Sinai force that helps keep Israel-Egypt peace

Iran Deploys New Fighter Jets Meant to Combat Israel Iranian Defense Minister runs down military buildup, says UN resolution won't stop ballistic tests, four S-300s ordered from Russia.

US Slams Israel's 'Unequal' Entry for Palestinian-Americans

 Iran Releases Video of Revolutionary Guard Soldiers Massing on Hillside Outside Jerusalem

Obama and Syria

4 Years Later, Obama Still Calling for Assad to Go, As Death Toll Hits 250K

Obama and Agenda 21

Cost of EPA's toxic spill could soar to nearly $30 billion

Mine owner: EPA record of toxic dumping dates back to 2005

Obama drives down coal company stocks, and Soros buys them on the cheap

EPA targets methane emissions


Has Obamacare Really Reduced The Uninsured By 16 Million And Continued To Show Strong Growth?  -Half from additional employer enrollment,  Not much evidence Obamacare Really Reduced The Uninsured.

Government Motors

 GM plans to sell Buicks made in China to Americans


USDA ‘Creating Jobs’ By Buying Snowmobiles, Fire Trucks Agency spending $18.1 million on local projects

Is Obama Gay?

First Openly Transgender Official Hired at White House

The Sandy Hook Massacre

Hochsprung Email Suggests Sandy Hook Vacated Months Before Massacre Event


Clinton Foundation, DNC Donor Appointed as Federal Reserve Official New appointee replaces a popular critic of the Fed weeks before pivotal meeting

Obama vs the 2nd Amendent

The Fix Is In? Court Blows the Whistle on ATF Whistle Blower



State Dept. uncovers 17,000 missing emails

State Department Finds Thousands of Philippe Reines Emails It Claimed Did Not Exist

State Department Accused Of ‘Incompetence’ After It ‘Finds’ 81,000 Clinton Aide Emails

Oh my: State Dept suddenly finds thousands of Hillary aide’s e-mails they denied existing in 2013

Report: State officials hiding extent of classified info on Clinton servers

New Clinton email count: 305 documents with potentially classified information

Hillary Clinton’s Computer Company Wasn’t Cleared for Classified Material

Gowdy on Clinton's Oct. 22 Testimony: 'You're Going to Stay There Until All of the Questions Are Asked and Answered'

IT firm hired by Hillary Clinton: It's 'highly likely' there's a backup of emails she deleted

ABC: “Highly likely” a backup of Hillary’s original server files exists

 Report: State officials hiding extent of classified info on Clinton servers

Pentagon Colonel says serious concerns over Hillary Clinton's erased e-mails, not about former first-lady's alleged lesbian affair with aid Huma Abedin, but involve Abedin's close ties to the radical Muslim Brotherhood - "The Nations' security could be at rish,"

Hillary Clinton: "If I Had Not Asked For My Emails All To Be Made Public, None Of This Would Have Been In The Public Arena"


Clinton To Testify In Front of Benghazi Select Committee October 22

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Congress Investigates Obama Admin’s Connection to Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies

After Baby Part Scandal, House Oversight Investigating How Planned Parenthood Uses Taxpayer Funding


Lacking down payments and job security, more young adults renting for years before buying home

Homebuilder Confidence Jumps To 10 Year Highs As Lumber Prices, New Home Sales Slump

Empire Fed Collapses To Six Year Lows As New Orders Signal Recession Imminent

Russian Reset

 Russia Seizes More Territory in Ukraine, Eastern Europe with ‘Incremental’ Strategy Analyst: ‘Putin will do what he knows he can get away with. Right now he can get away with a lot’

It's 3am and nobody's there

Government Report: U.S. Fight Against Islamic State Disorganized, Incoherent

Obama Administration Warns Beijing About Covert Agents Operating in U.S.

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Israel: Iran deal a ´tornado coming at us´

Iran's Al Quds Force builds forward command near Israeli Border

Arab Bank reaches settlement with terror victims

Dr. Ben Carson suggests Obama's an anti-Semite

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Iran: Nuclear weapon site won't be inspected, Amano didn't disclose agreement to Congress

 All Nuke Inspectors Require Approval From Iran’s Intelligence Agency Another roadblock to transparency in Tehran

Obama Amnesty

CBP: 135 Unaccompanied Children Caught At U.S. Border Per Day in July

Obama and Agenda 21

 California measure fails to create green jobs

Obama Selfies

‘This really is a lot of golf’: Vacationing president closing in on 250th round



Number of Hillary Clinton’s emails flagged for classified data grows to 60 as review continues

Report: ‘Highly Likely’ That There’s A Full Backup Of Hillary’s Email Server [VIDEO]

Gowdy Responds: Hillary Blames Investigation On ‘Nonexistent Right-Wing Conspiracy’

CNN National Security Analyst Unloads On Hillary Over Email Scandal: ‘I Wonder Whether She Is Capable Of Being President’ [VIDEO]

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

AP: Obama can do Iran nuclear deal even if Congress disapproves

Obama, Iran deal supporters shouldn’t stifle debate

The world is already weakening one of the key 'checks' on the Iran deal

Obama and Syria

Video: IDF Kills Iran-Sponsored Golan Terrorists Terrorists infiltrated from Syria last month in order to plant bombs. IDF says Tehran sent them.

It's 3am and nobody's there

Navy reducing presence in Persian Gulf

From the Gang that Brought Us the Obamacare Website: ‘NextGen’ Air Traffic Control Computer System Blows Up

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Oh my: @RealDonaldTrump blasts @POTUS for abandoning Israel


Big Price Hikes Coming For Medicare Premiums In 2016

How Obamacare Adds $100 A Month To Your Spouse's Coverage

The FDA Just Approved OxyContin To Be Prescribed To Children

Obama and Agenda 21

What will it take to get Superfund status in Silverton?

EPA Fails to Acknowledge It Coerced Mine Owner to Grant Access


American Malls In Meltdown - The Economic Recovery Is Complete & Utter Fraud



State Dept. will not search Hillary's server

Hillary Clinton Says She Did Not Send or Receive Emails With Material ‘Marked’ Classified

Petraeus Prosecutor Looking Into Clinton Server

How did Hillary’s lawyers search a server no longer in her possession

F.B.I. Tracking Path of Classified Email From State Dept. to Hillary Clinton

State Dept. confirms Clinton aides had other unreported email accounts

Hillary on Snapchat: I love how messages 'disappear all by themselves'

Hillary Clinton Sneers at Republicans: ‘It’s Not About Benghazi… It’s Not About Emails’

Hillary Jokes About Emails, Says She ‘Won’t Get Down in the Mud’ with GOP

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Iranian hard-liner says Supreme Leader opposes nuclear deal

 White House Played Role in Iran Deal Letter Signed by Former Flag Officers Pro-deal letter part of lobbying effort from Obama admin on Iran deal

Obama and Syria

Obama administration still predicts 'Assad's days are numbered'

It's 3am and nobody's there

 North Korea threatens strikes over South propaganda broadcasts

N. Korea threatens imminent strikes against South, warns US

Obama and Your Privacy

AT&T Helped N.S.A. Spy on an Array of Internet Traffic


Most Health Insurance Co-ops Are Losing Money, Federal Audit Finds

Obamacare Could be Heading to the Supreme Court (Again)

Obama Amnesty

American Kids Pay Heavy Price For Obama´s Border Failure

Obama Selfies

Bubba golf for Obama's 245th round as president

Linksman: Obama tops Bush in golf rounds, 244-24

Obama vs the U.S. Military

 More troubling results from the new F-35 Lightning

Joltin' Joe Biden

Shocker: Biden calls Chattanooga jihadist a “jihadist”

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: There´s ´frustration in many communities of color´



Where did Hillary's personal emails go?- data was "migrated" - or transferred electronically - onto another server around the summer of 2013

Hillary’s IT Contractor Did Not Have Proper Security Clearance

FBI Said to Examine Whether Hillary Clinton E-Mail Was Backed Up

State Department Delivered a Safe to Hillary Clinton’s Attorney to Secure Classified Emails

Report: Top secret Clinton emails covered drones

CBS: Email Discussing Secret CIA Drones Sent Through Clinton’s Unsecured Server

If Hillary’s Server Was ‘Blank,’ Why Was It Kept At A Data Center In New Jersey?

Released Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal... She Was Reading A Book On How To Delete Emails

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Obama's Betrayals: The President's Secret Offer to Iran Before Negotiations

Obama and his allies are working overtime to kill a resolution disapproving the Iran nuclear deal in the Senate

Obama Ethics, Year 7

US Military Uses IMF & World Bank To Launder 85% Of Its Black Budget

It's 3am and nobody's there

DoD teams surveying US military sites for potential Gitmo transfers, lawmakers vow fight

Inside the Ring: NSA Pinpoints China’s Cyberattacks

The Stars and Stripes are flying over the U.S. embassy in Cuba for the first time in 54 years.

A Secretive Path to Raising U.S. Flag in Cuba

Islamic State posts list of 1,400 U.S. “targets”: “soon with the permission of Allah will strike at your necks in your own lands!”

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama Admin Threatens Alabama and Louisiana After They De-Fund Planned Parenthood

Tennessee Judge Halts Pro-Life Law Allowing Inspection of Abortion Clinics

Planned Parenthood workers, PACs donated $25M to Dems since 2000

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Judge Denies Injunction in 3D Printed Gun Pioneer’s Suit Against the State Department Second Amendment Foundation eager to proceed with case


  The Hill: Few sign-ups during special 'tax season' ObamaCare enrollment period

AP: Health law sign-ups pushing higher; nearly 1 million used 'special enrollment periods'

Medicare's voluntary bundled payment program grows, but many providers opt out

Obama Amnesty

Cuba’s Repression Pushed 24,000 to Risk Trip to U.S. in Eight Months

Appeals court drops Joe Arpaio immigration case

Justice Department Joins Private Discrimination Lawsuit Against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Obama Selfies

$22.5M Obama Vacation Mansion Houses 6 Bedrooms, Oversized Fireplace, Infinity Pool

Obama and Agenda 21

Obamanomics - Union Pacific Cuts 100s Of Jobs On Coal Shipments Collapse

EPA Administrator: Climate Change Affects ‘Our Ability to Earn a Decent Living’

  The Poor and Sick Suffer Under Obama’s Carbon Rule

HHS Secretary Pitches Clean Power Plan to Kids, With Reference to 'Cooties'


UMich Consumer Sentiment Slips As Business Expectations Collapse To 11-Month Lows

 Producer Prices Rise More Than Expected; Rent Increases Trump Energy Drag

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Israeli Professor: Obama’s Language is Similar to ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

Russian Reset

'Flexible' Obama Ignores Russian Treaty Violations

President Obama's Three Hundred and Forty-Second Week in Office

News and Notes:  ""You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." -- Churchill's remark after Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich Pact with Hitler




Hillary Clinton Had Presidential Authority to Personally Classify Top Secret Emails Received on Home Server

Judge orders State Department to probe Hillary Clinton’s ‘personal’ emails

Tech company which maintained Hillary's secret server was sued for 'illegally accessing' database

Hillary Clinton’s Server Was In New Jersey This Whole Time. It’s Blank Now.

Member of Hillary Clinton ‘Inner Circle’ May Have Committed Felony, State Department Official Says

FBI reportedly takes possession of 'blank' Clinton email server

Official: Clinton ‘inner circle’ may have stripped email classification markings

 Emailgate: In Univision Interview Hillary Clinton Failed to Disclose Thumb Drive Surrendered to DOJ Last Week

Email Probe Includes Hillary Clinton Top Aide Huma Abedin

Clinton aides vow not to destroy emails

Hillary is following the Clinton Scandal Playbook in email criminal investigation

Cover-Up: Major Newspapers Keep Hillary´s E-Mails Off the Front Page

Gowdy: Clinton email bombshell a ´serious national security issue´

Chuck Todd: Why did Hillary not just turn over a blank server six months ago?

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Kerry 'Concerned' Over Top Iranian Commander's Russia Visit

State Department Confused As To Whether Iranian General Traveled To Russia

Iran to Flout UN Resolution, Hold Ballistic Missile Drills

Kerry’s claim that Bush offered Iran ‘way beyond’ what Obama negotiated

Kerry Hails Iranian FM for Regional Outreach As FM Meets With Hezbollah Chief

Energy Secretary: Iran Deal Makes it Easier to Fight Terror

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Threats Against US Ambassador over Iran Deal Amb. Shapiro has received threatening letters, and the security around him has been beefed up

Intelligence sources assess: Mashaal asks Erdogan to let key terrorist operate from Turkey

It's 3am and nobody's there

Fidel Castro to US: you owe us millions

Russian Reset

Top Army leader: Russia is "most dangerous" threat facing U.S.

Obama Ethics, Year 7

 Activists Blast Obama Admin’s Human Rights ‘Dialogues’ with China Rights group: ‘What meaning do ‘human rights dialogues’ have, if they have done nothing to improve human rights conditions in China?’

U.S. warns states against defunding Planned Parenthood

Obama and Agenda 21

 House Committee Calls EPA’s Gina McCarthy Testimony ‘False and Misleading’ Committee requests McCarthy correct the record and be ‘truthful’ with American public

Navajo Nation Vows To Hold EPA Accountable As Colorado River Poisoner Identified

Obama Summer Book List Includes Doomsday Climate Change Extinction Book

EPA Contractor Behind CO Mine Spill Got $381 Million From Taxpayers Photo of Michael Bastasch Michael Bastasch

EPA Promises to Work With Navajo Leaders on Toxic Spill – Then Tries to Swindle Them #IndianLivesMatter

Obama’s new climate plan is brilliant… at punishing his red state opponents

Obama Amnesty

Report: Record 42 Million Immigrants in US Today – 1 in 10 Americans – Democrats Need New Voters

New Data: Foreign-Born Population Explodes To All-Time High

Maryland Rolls Back 'Sanctuary State' Status For Illegal Immigrant Prisoners


ObamaCare´s ´Cadillac Tax´ Could Kill Popular HSA Plans

Under Obamacare, Uninsured Rate Fell to Lowest Level in 50 Years. Why There’s More to That Number: Expansion of Medicaid

Queen Michael

Federal watchdogs charged with school-lunch fraud GAO employees accused of scamming free food for kids

Obama and the IRS

Lerner, in newly released emails, calls GOP critics ´evil and dishonest´

Lois Lerner Was Upset With Photographers at Congressional Hearing: “I Looked Like Crap” (VIDEO)



The Spy Satellite Secrets in Hillary’s Emails These weren’t just ordinary secrets found in Clinton’s private server, but some of the most classified material the U.S. government has.

 Sources Say Clinton Campaign Lying in Email Cover-Up

Gowdy On Hillary Turning Server Over To FBI: ‘About Damn Time’

Hillary Clinton Directs Aides to Give Email Server and Thumb Drive to the Justice Department

Clinton Campaign Tries To Calm Supporters About Email Scandal

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Kerry: Iran Can Violate Parts of the Nuclear Deal Without Really Violating the Nuclear Deal

Iranian military official: 'We laugh' when US threatens to attack

It's 3am and nobody's there

Manned American Airstrikes from Turkey Begin

 China Conducts Live-Fire Drills in Disputed Sea War games follow Kerry call to end island building  

Ex-Obama Aide: 'It Has Been a Long Time Since We've Had a Very Thin-Skinned Person in the White House'

ISIS Organizing Small Armies Inside America

Mideast hackers target U.S. gas pumps

Iraq Vet: Obama Admin Dealing With 'Very Enemy We Swore to Protect' America From

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Report Argues That The F-35 Is Totally Inferior To Foreign Fighters

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Top Jewish Organization: In Light of All of Obama’s Lies and Deceptions How Can We Trust Anything He Says?

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif meets Hezbullah's Nasrallah in Beirut

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

O’Keefe Won’t Back Down as U.S. Customs Assaults First Amendment

Journalists: Obama Isn’t Open And Transparent After All

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Oregon Health & Science University Relies on Babies Aborted at Planned Parenthood for Research

New Planned Parenthood Video: Selling aborted babies WITHOUT patient consent

Planned Parenthood Investigation: Baby Organs Sold Without Patient Consent

 Former Organ Buyer: Planned Parenthood ‘Just Wanted Their Money’ Describes business of organ harvesting


$2,672,414,000,000: Federal Taxes Set Record Through July; $17,955 Per Worker--Feds Still Run $465.5B Deficit

150 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

Kraft Heinz Slashing 2,500 Jobs in US, Canada After Merger

Obama and Agenda 21

Retired Geologist Predicted EPA Spill Week Prior, Says It Was Intentional for Money A "superfund blitzkrieg"

Did The EPA Intentionally Poison Animas River To Secure SuperFund Money?

Letter to Editor PREDICTED COLORADO EPA SPILL One Week Before Catastrophe=> So EPA Could Secure Control of Area

Silverton residents reconsider need for Superfund in light of spill

An inconvenient truth: ‘Climate change industry’ now a $1.5 trillion global business

EPA Head: 'We Are Way Past Any Further Discussion or Debate' on Climate Change The science is settled, so shut up

Obama Amnesty

 99,580 'Other Than Mexican' Families, Children Apprehended on Southwest Border So Far in FY 2015

 80% of California Latino Illegal Immigrant Families Live in Poverty – Need Government Assistance


Families brace for steep hikes: Opposing view; Health insurers across the country are seeking premium increases of 20% to 40% or more


Obama, Clinton Foundation Donors Sold ‘Green’ Fuel to Military for $149 per Gallon San Francisco’s Solazyme also received millions in stimulus funds from DOE

 Clinton Foundation Quietly Revises Mexican Billionaire’s Donation Carlos Slim was listed as a seven-figure donor last year. Now the foundation says he’s given far less



Hillary Clinton to give her private email server to Justice Dept.

FBI Seizes Hillary Clinton’s ´Top Secret’ Emails

Top Secret Emails Stored In Hillary Clinton’s Private Server

‘Top Secret’ emails found as Clinton probe expands to key aides

State Department Can Still Keep Two Hillary Clinton Emails

Obama and Israel, Year 7

 Obama vs. The Jews “You'd think they'd be nicer to me on my birthday.”

White House, Allies Accuse Jewish Lawmakers of Dual Loyalty to Israel Administration engages in anti-Semitic rhetoric to smear nuke deal opponents

The anti-Semitic drive to silence Schumer on the Iran deal

AIPAC defends itself against White House slander

 State Department Interferes in Favor of PLO Terrorists Washington asks a judge presiding over terror victims' compensation case to reduce money paid to Israelis injured during Second Intifada.

Obama administration warns US court: High cost of appealing terror verdict could topple PA

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

 Iranian, Russian Warships Hold Joint 'War Games'

Kerry Admits Iran Can Flout Weapons Embargo Without Violating Nuclear Deal

Kerry: If we reject Iran deal, world will lose faith in US leadership

 John Kerry Warns "Dollar Will Cease To Be Reserve Currency Of The World" If Iran Deal Rejected

Obama: Iran could get bomb material within ´months´ after deal

As Multiple White House Lies About the Iran Deal Emerge, the Regime Unleashes Bigoted Attacks on Chuck Schumer

From Bennet to Wyden: the Democrats Who'll Decide Deal's Fate One Democratic senator, Chuck Schumer, opposes the Iran deal. The positions of 19 others are not known. These are their names.

2011 Flashback: Point Man on U.S. Sanctions to Depart Levey's Move Comes as Talks on Iran's Nuclear Program Stall

It's 3am and nobody's there

What do these new images of North Korea mean? - Upgrade at North Korean Nuke facility.. doubling capacity

US military official: 'We were outraged' when Turkey pulled a fast one right after the anti-ISIS deal; when Turkey began launching airstrikes against the Kurdish PKK in northern Iraq

John Kerry claims his computer has been hacked, Chinese are ‘very likely’ reading his email

Russian Reset

White House Blocks Pentagon Report on Russian Treaty Breach

Obama and Syria

"It's A Friggin' Mess": The Pentagon Sums Up Syria Fight

 Another Obama Success Story: 54 Remaining US-Trained Syrian Rebels Refuse to Fight

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Counter-terrorism expert addresses Muslim Brotherhood in US Gov't

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

ATF Denies Being an ‘Agency’ to Avoid FOIA Compliance Requirements

Obama Ethics, Year 7

University of Wisconsin Caught Buying Aborted Baby Body Parts for Research

VA Death Panel

35,000 Combat Vets Being Denied Health Care Because Of VA Computer Error


McDonald's to shrink for the first time in 45 years

Labor secretary: We're moving ahead with financial advisor rule

 Recession Imminent As Wholesale Inventories Surge, Sales Disappoint; Autos Worst Since 2009

Wage Growth Meme In Tatters As Unit Labor Cost Growth Tumbles, Huge Downward Revisions

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Has Obama bailed out on the pan-Pacific trade deal?

EUREKA – Finally Found The Donohue TPP Trade Leverage Over The White House…

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA Administrator on Toxic Spill: ‘I’m Deeply Sorry That This Ever Happened’

EPA 'accepting full responsibility' for Colorado river spill

NM Gov. Martinez: ´We Have People Preparing a Lawsuit´ Against EPA

 New Mexico Governor: EPA Refuses to Tell Us What Toxins Are in River- Did Not Tell Us of Spill (VIDEO)


OUTRAGE: Ringleader in Murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Gets Away with Slap on Wrist

Obama Amnesty

Jerry Brown Bans the Word ‘Alien’ from California Labor Law

'Surge' of illegals at border going mostly unseen Police chief: 'Blood trail from D.C. to Sacramento'


Judge appointed by Clinton tosses case against … Clinton RICO allegations dismissed without evidence being presented

FOX News is One of Top 10 Largest Donors to the Clintons

Obama and the IRS

IRS Awarded One Conservative Group Tax-Exempt Status in Three-Year Period

Obama and the Ebola Plague

Obama dumped Bush-era quarantine proposal Regulations aimed to prevent travelers from spreading disease


Audit: Did Not Verify Social Security Numbers, Citizenship Status

IRS may never recoup $350 million in Obamacare tax credit overpayments


Obama and Israel, Year 7

Iranian Senior Officials Disclose Confidential Details From Nuclear Negotiations: Already In 2011 We Received Letter From U.S. Administration Recognizing Iran's Right To Enrich Uranium

US President Obama slams pro-Israeli AIPAC over Iran nuke deal

U.S. Ambassador to Israel: Netanyahu is Refusing to Discuss the Day After Iran Deal

Obama to Young Israeli: ‘I Don’t Oppose Netanyahu Across the Board’

 Israeli Defense Minister: Iran Nuclear Deal ‘An Historic Mistake’ ‘Iranian military nuclear ambitions should be stopped’

Ugliness: Iran deal supporters call Schumer a greedy, disloyal Jew

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Iraq Vets Take On Obama Over Iran Deal

Obama: Republicans Oppose Iran Deal for 'Political Reasons'; -says Republicans oppose the Iran deal because many of them reject anything he does.

 Iranian Leaders: Obama Admin Secretly Recognized Our Right to Nuclear Program Back in 2011

Obama and the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps They're tacitly coordinating around the Middle East

94 House Members Pen Letter Exposing Obama’s ‘Legal Obligation’ to Release Iran Nuclear Side Deals

Obama Praises Iran’s ‘Ancient Culture’ – Expresses Hope For Change

Iran Deal: Reich Attacks Jewish ‘Axis’ Powers

Dem Presidential Candidate Jim Webb Opposes Iran Deal

Axelrod Impugns Schumer's Integrity for Opposing Iran Deal

Study: Iran Terror Funding Gets $4.8 Billion Boost Under Nuke Deal Sanctions relief could boost Iranian defense spending by 50 percent

It's 3am and nobody's there

US Consulate Attacked in Istanbul; Attacks in Southern Turkey Attacks hit the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul. A car bomb went off in another district and four policemen and a soldier were killed in Sirnak.

China Hacked Private Emails of U.S. Officials Since 2010

Russian Reset

Russian Warships Dock In Iran for War Training

 NATO Reducing Air Patrols Around Baltic Sea as Russian Provocations Continue Only 8 NATO aircraft will patrol region beginning in September

Obama and the IRS

Lois Lerner Emails Released: "Lincoln Should Have Let The South Go..."


Everybody Has To Pay This New Obamacare Tax

Obama vs the U.S. Miltiary

The Pentagon Is Keeping Half of Gitmo Locked Up-- Against The White House’s Wishes


Hillary Clinton Signs Court Statement That She’s Turned Over All State Dept. Emails

Federal Judge Issues Emergency Order Blocking Cheryl Mills From Deleting Emails

Clinton Email Scandal: Cheryl Mills To Judge -- Drop Dead

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Jon Stewart asked people to look for evidence of him toting water for Obama so we did

Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Explains the Tissue Donation Process


This Wasn't Supposed To Happen: Household Spending Expectations Crash

USDA: Food Stamp Spending at Farmers Markets Up 'Nearly 6-Fold' Since 2008--A ‘Win-Win'


U.S. House and Senate Each Said They Had Only 45 Employees--Then Signed Up 12,359 for Insurance on Obamacare 'Small-Business' Exchange

Loretta Lynch File

Loretta Lynch Praises Police: ‘Thank You for Being the Peacemakers’


Obama and Israel, Year 7

Schumer Dismantles Obama's Iran Rhetoric, Point By Point

Iran Deal: Obama Says ‘No Alternative’ from Netanyahu

Obama: Netanyahu's interference in US affairs unprecedented;  US president says PM is wrong on 'substance' of nuclear deal with Iran; 'I think that the basic assumptions that he's made are incorrect,' he says.

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Iran: Future US Presidents Can't Cancel Nuclear Deal Iranian deputy FM says deal contains a clause forbidding future presidents from returning sanctions; 'no change after Obama leaves.'

Senator Catches Obama Red-Handed Violating The Law He JUST Signed

Official Iranian news agency: Obama will side with us in case of attack by Israel

ICYMI: Kerry tells Jeffrey Goldberg 'If Congress rejects Iran sellout, Iran won't play role in Middle East peace'

Obama: My Way — or You’re a Traitor

Obama’s Sanctions Gift to an Assassin for Iran The nuclear deal lifts sanctions on men like Anis Naccache, who tried to assassinate my great uncle. By Hooman Bakhtiar


Summer Jobs Disappear; Lazy Teens, Immigrants Blamed

Obama and Agenda 21

Tesla Loses More Than $4,000 On Every Car Sold

N.M. governor bashes EPA for flooding Animas River with orange toxic wastewater

Obama and Syria

Obama White House made “willful decision” to support Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood in Syria


Clinton certifies she has turned over work-related emails

It's 3am and nobody's there

6 US F-16 fighter jets arrive at Turkey´s Incirlik Air Base to join fight against IS


Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Zarif: Reports of Clean-Up at Parchin Are 'Lies' Iran's Foreign Minister claims reports of clean-up activity at the Parchin military site are lies spread by opponents of nuclear deal.

Iranian ex-pat: Nuclear deal ruins opportunity to remove the ayatollahs from power

Obama and Israel, Year 7

I guess Schumer didn't coordinate with the White House and anti-Semitism is alive and well in America


CIA Figure in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Dies at 63

Tyler Drumheller, CIA officer who exposed U.S. reliance on discredited Iraq source ‘Curveball,’ dies at 63

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: ´People who love this country can change it´

Obama Amnesty

DHS admits new surge of illegal immigrant families

Obama vs Your Privacy

"Orwellian" FBI Says Citizens Should Have No Secrets That The Government Can't Access

Obama Selfies

Obama tees off on 1st full day of Martha´s Vineyard vacation

Obama Voter Fraud

Obama: Requiring Photo-ID to Vote is Wrong. ‘Going to Vote In Somebody Else’s Name Doesn’t Happen’

Google’s Search Algorithm Could Steal the Presidency

Obama and Agenda 21

 USDA Putting Solar Panels on Chicken Coops Agency announces $63 million for solar projects for farms


Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Iran: ‘Bragging’ Obama is ‘Under An Illusion’ About Nuke Deal

White House says cannot confirm Iran Quds chief Moscow visit

Obama Defends Comparing GOP to Iran Hardliners: 'What I Said Is Absolutely True Factually'

Former Obama Staffers Hint Democrats Should Oust Chuck Schumer from Leadership

Two Democrats come out against Obama's Iran deal

FOUR TOP HOUSE JEWISH DEMOCRATS Announce Opposition to Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran

Another Jewish Democrat in Congress says will vote against Iran nuclear deal

Iran Just Made This Deal with China… And It Means They’re Ready For War

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Defense minister: I'm not responsible for the life expectancy of Iran's scientists  Moshe Ya'alon attacks Iran nuclear deal in Der Spiegel interview, calling it 'a historic mistake'; ' There have been certain points in history when people believed that appeasement could bring a solution, but ultimately paid a very high price, and that's exactly the case with Iran today.'

Israel to Resume Assassinations of Iranian Nuclear Scientists? In interview with Germany's Der Spiegel, Israeli defense minister hints Israel could target Iranian scientists to halt nuclear program.

'If Khamenei could, he would inflict great harm on Israel,' Obama says

Schumer to Lynch, Kerry: Don’t Step in to Help Palestinians in Multi-Million Terror Lawsuit

Kerry casts doubt on Iran’s desire to annihilate Israel

Obama to Jewish Leaders: Lay Off the Iran Deal, and I Will Lay Off You


Cheryl Mills to Destroy EMails About Boss Hillary Clinton

State Department request for HumaAbedin´s records waylaid for 2 months

Judge Orders State Department Turn Over Thousands of Clinton Documents Before Democratic Primary


Americans Not In The Labor Force Rise To Record 93.8 Million, Participation Rate At 1977 Level

Prime Aged Workers Tumble In July, Workers 55 And Over Surge To New All Time High

Record 56,209,000 Women Not in Labor Force

Why Obama's Favorite Student Debt "Relief" Program Will Cost Taxpayers $100 Billion

 Since 2007: 1.4 Million Manufacturing Jobs Lost; 1.4 Million Waiter/Bartender Jobs Gained

Americans: Driving More, Spending Less, Losing Faith?

Wages and salaries are barely keeping up with inflation, real household incomes are down 8.5% since 2000 and state and local government taxes and spending are rising at twice the rate of inflation

When Work Is Punished: The Ongoing Tragedy Of America's Welfare State


ObamaCare Survey: Just 30% Like Their Plans

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

 Social Security Admin Ignores Congress on Gun Rights July 31 deadline set by committee passes with no response from administration

Obama vs the U.S. Miltiary

Huckabee: ‘The Military Is Not A Social Experiment’ [VIDEO] Photo of Steve Guest Steve Guest

Obama Selfies

Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Sojourn Four Times Longer Than Average American Vacation

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Planned Parenthood Has Been Selling Body Parts From Aborted Babies For at Least 15 Years

It's 3am and nobody's there

FBI Now Refers Some Potential Terror Suspects To Counseling

Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn Says Rise of Islamic State was “a willful decision” and Defends Accuracy of 2012 Memo

President Obama's Three Hundred and Forty-First Week in Office

News and Notes:  The amount of cash Iran will receive as result of exceeds the amount of foreign aid the U.S. has given Israel over past 35 yrs



Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Iran Denies it is 'Sanitizing' the Parchin Military Complex Iran denies reports it had tried to clean up suspicious activities at the Parchin military complex as baseless and preposterous.

Iran denying IAEA inspectors access to PMD materials

 Iranian Regime Already Breaks Nuclear Deal – Quds Forces Leader Visits Russia

 Outrageous=> White House Doubles Down on Comparing Republicans to Iranian Hardliners (VIDEO

 Did Rouhani Steal Obama's Anti-Israel Speech? Iranian president says Israel and 'American warmongers' only ones opposing nuclear deal, in eerie echo of Obama's speech day before.

Corker: Obama ‘Trying to Shut Down Debate’ on Iran Deal by Branding Skeptical Lawmakers ‘Unpatriotic’

Obama State Dept=> Iran Will Collect the Samples from Nuclear Sites for UN Inspectors

Obama gets in Twitter fights over Iran deal

US Negotiator: Best for U.S. National Security That Iran-IAEA Agreements Stay Confidential

Dem Senator: ‘We Didn’t End Iran’s Nuclear Program, We Actually Preserved It’

 Report: U.S., Iran to Establish Joint Chamber of Commerce State Department denies claim by head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce

Crown Heights Jews Campaign Congresswoman to Block Iran Deal Banners hung in 3rd largest Jewish district in US, over 1,000 calls flood congresswoman's office in push to block Iran's march to the bomb.

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Senator Schumer Opposes Iran Deal

Skeptics of Iran deal express offense at Obama tactics; AIPAC tells Post that it rejects the assertion that it supported the Iraq War.

Obama’s Wealthy Critics

Obama and the IRS

 Report: ‘Within IRS, Union Exerts Extreme Influence on Employees;’ ‘Makes It Difficult for Agency to Remain Apolitical’

 Senate Report Finds IRS ‘Delinquent’ in Targeting of Conservative Groups Rep. Jordan says report shows IRS Commissioner has to go

Lois Lerner Wanted To Audit A Group With Ties To Bristol Palin Photo of Chuck Ross Chuck Ross

McConnell: Obama Administration ‘Misled’ Congress, Hid Evidence to Conceal IRS Targeting


GDP Shocker: Atlanta Fed Sees Q3 Growth At A Laughable 1%

Where Did The GDP "Growth" Go? Not Into Wages

Job Cuts Soar To Highest Since September 2011 After Mass Army Terminations, Highest YTD Layoffs Since 2009

US layoffs hit nearly 4-year high in July: Challenger

Obama Voter Fraud

Obama: Voting Fraud Not a ‘Real Problem,’ Nobody Votes Using Somebody Else’s Name

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Pentagon decries lack of diversity in special forces SOCOM chief: 'We need people of color'

Obama and Syria

Pentagon doesn't know where U.S.-trained Syrians are


State Dept.: OK for Clinton’s Lawyer to Have 30K Dept. Emails, But Not IG of Intelligence Community

State Department request for Huma Abedin's records waylaid for 2 months

Court asked to seize copies of Clinton's emails

Source: FBI Clinton Email Investigation Is Criminal

Intelligence watchdog was denied access to Clinton emails

Obama and Agenda 21

Cronyism Lawsuit Against Energy Department’s $25 Billion Green Energy Program Advances Federal judge rules ‘political favoritism’ lawsuit against DOE can proceed

Obama's "Clean Energy" Plan Comes w/Carbon Tax, Targets Red States; Obama "petty and vengeful"

Obama and Egypt

Kerry continues meeting with Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood

Russian Reset

Russia hacked Joint Chiefs of Staff and shut down the email system of 4,000 Pentagon employees for Eleven Days

Russia hacks Pentagon computers: NBC, citing sources

Russia's Latest Land Grab Attempt In The Arctic

Obama Selfies

Obama pushes up start of family's 40th vacation -- leaves Friday for Martha's Vineyard

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Raymond Ibrahim: Obama ‘Modifies’ U.S. Oath of Allegiance According to Islamic Law

All about the Barack Hussein Obama Muslim connection to Common Core

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama Admin Purchased Body Parts Possibly From Babies Planned Parenthood Aborted

More than 3,500 people detained in secretive Chicago Police warehouse where there have been only THREE official visits from lawyers in a decade


Obama and Israel, Year 7

'This Agreement Doesn't Prevent War - It Brings it Closer' Jerusalem snaps back at Washington, breaking down several of Obama's justifications of the Iran deal after he criticized Netanyahu.

Obama Says Israel Stands Alone against Iran Deal In speech laced with jabs at Netanyahu, Obama says opponents of Iran deal the same people who supported Iraq War.

Netanyahu: Iran Nuke Deal ‘Will Bring War’ Says Islamic Republic will have nuclear weapon within 10 to 15 years

Despite Obama's Efforts, Jewish Group Rejects Iran Deal American Jewish Committee says it concluded overwhelmingly it must oppose Iran nuclear deal.

Obama: Rockets will fall on Tel Aviv if Congress kills Iran nuke deal

Kerry 'Doesn't Know' if Iran is Serious about Destroying Israel US Secretary of State says Congress rejecting nuclear deal would be 'the ultimate screwing' of Ayatollah Khamenei.

Comedy gold: Obama's favorite reporter interviews John Kerry

RJC to Obama: Stop Trying to Isolate Israel

Obama: "Netanyahu refuses to meet with me, wants to continue fighting over Iran

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

State Department Unaware of Reports Iran is Sanitizing Nuclear Sites

Iran Refuses UN Inspector Access To Scientists, Caught Trying To "Clean Up" Suspected Nuclear Site

It starts: US intel warns Congress Iran is sanitizing Parchin in broad daylight

Obama urged to retract statement comparing members of Congress to Iranian hardliners

Obama lies again: Gulf countries do not support his nuclear sellout, meanwhile Iran releases anti-Arab game

Obama: Without My Iran Deal, “Some Form of War” is Possible

Obama negotiator says she didn't see final Iran 'side deals'

Kerry Warns Congress About Risk of ´Screwing´ the Ayatollah

State Dept: ‘Confident’ We Don’t Need to See the Side Deals

Obama Broke Pledge To Thwart Nuclear Terrorist Threat

Obama Will Interfere With Judgment Against Palestinian Terrorists Sen. Kirk sends letter asking Obama to side with victims of terror, not terrorists

Terror Victims Sue to Block Release of $100 Billion to Iran Under Nuke Deal

Obama and the IRS

IRS report finds ´gross mismanagement,´ ´personal politics´

Obama Voter Fraud

Group Files to Help States Fighting Soros-Backed Voter ID Lawsuits Top Clinton campaign lawyer also behind challenges to voter ID laws ahead of 2016 elections


Six Warning Signs That The Economy Is In Trouble

It's 3am and nobody's there

NASA signing $490M contract with Russia

US Allows Ally Turkey to Bomb Only Group Effectively Fighting ISIS

Veteran Marine Corps General: U.S. in a ‘Stalemate’ with Islamic State Terrorists

The Obama-Hillary Libya debacle

US, Turkey To Form Anti-ISIS "Coalition" With Saudi Arabia, Qatar

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Obama stonewalls probe into deadly SEAL Team 6 helicopter crash, watchdog says

Video=> Barack Obama: America Has a Mindset that “Prefers Military Action Over Negotiation”

The Existential Angst of America’s Top Generals;  If the Pentagon and the Obama administration can’t even get on the same page about the top existential threats to America...

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Watchdogs: DOJ memo undermines agency probes

White House criticized for not filling watchdog post at CIA

U.S. Government ‘Humanized’ Mice With Tissue Taken from Babies at 17- to 22-Weeks Gestational Age

Obama and Your Privacy

Surrender: ICANN Prepares for U.S. to Give up the Internet

FBI Director: Government Must Have Access to Your Encrypted Data


FBI Investigating Hillary Clinton's Use of Private Email To Send and Receive Classified Information


Half of Clintons’ Charitable Giving in 2014 Went to Their Own Foundation

Bill Clinton Bagged $16 Million from Company that Received Millions from Hillary’s State Dept.

Hillary Clinton’s Mega-Donors Are Also Funding Jeb Bush

Obama and Agenda 21

The president's 'Clean Power Plan' is worse than you think

Community Organizer to the World

Hillary Clinton’s Fake Southern Accent Returns

Queen Michael

 Nutritionist: Michelle Obama’s ‘Healthy’ Processed Lunch Meats Cause Cancer

Obama Voter-Fraud

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals says Texas voter ID law violates Voting Rights Act

Obama Amnesty

Arabic: Most Common Language of Refugees in America


Obama and Agenda 21

 Report: Obama’s Climate Plan Will Shrink Coal Industry By 48 Percent Regulations to cost 125,800 jobs

Obama Addresses (GOP) Critics of Clean Power Plan: 'If You Care About Low-Income Minority Communities...'

Meet Solyndra 2.0: This US-Taxpayer-Subsidized Spanish "Renewables" Firm Is Collapsing

 Secretive Meetings, ‘Collusion’ Between EPA, Activists on Climate Change Regs Report reveals extent of coordination between activists and Obama admin


This Is Your "New Economy": These 10 Startups Are Valued At $156 Billion On $4 Billion In Revenue: #1 is UBER, driving taxis

US Recession Imminent As Factory Orders Plunge For 8th Consecutive Month

US Consumer Spending Declines For Third Consecutive Month, Down 5 Of Past 7 Months

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Here we go: Senate Dems falling into line to support Obama’s disastrous Iran deal

State Dept: ‘Confident’ We Don’t Need to See the Side Deals

Chuck Schumer ‘loses it’ in meeting with Jewish leaders

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Iran Deal: White House Tweets to Vicious Jew-Hating ‘Hate Site’

Obama: Rejecting Iran Deal a 'Historic Mistake' Obama plans to address Americans on Wednesday and warn that Congress rejecting the nuclear deal would be a "historic mistake"

IAF helicopter squadrons complete huge training drill in Greece

Zarif: 'Karine A Was an Israeli False Flag'

White House accusing Iran deal critics of warmongering 'outrageous,' Netanyahu says

PM Netanyahu's Address to the Jewish Federations of North America

Netanyahu: Iran Deal Supporters Trying to Stifle Debate In live webcast to US Jewish leaders, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu urges them to speak out.

Energy Minister: I Would Oppose Iran Deal if I were an American Yuval Steinitz fires back at comments by US Energy Secretary Moniz, who claimed he'd support the Iran deal even if he was Israeli.

Report: Obama Admin Taking the Side of Palestinians Over U.S. Citizens in Terror Case

US can't defend Israel against a nuclear attack; Analysis: A senior American official has vowed to protect Israel if it is attacked by Iran, but the only way to deter the ayatollahs from launching a surprise attack on Israel is by deploying tens of thousands of US soldiers on Israeli territory

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama officials overruled experts to remove Cuba, others from human trafficking list

DHS warns: Jihadis could target airports, sensitive sites with drones

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Founder of Group Behind Undercover Videos: Planned Parenthood Hasn’t Refuted Charges of Partial Birth Abortions

Texas Gov Greg Abbott on 5th Video: We’re “Aggressively Investigating” Planned Parenthood

New CMP video: Intact fetuses “just a matter of line items” for Planned Parenthood

Federal judge extends TRO on Planned Parenthood videos to end of August; Update: New video dropping today?

Democrats Block Planned Parenthood Defunding


FBI looking into Hillary’s email

New documents suggest Clinton's email server may have crashed

Clinton aide may have 'delivered favors' for friends, IG finds

State Dept: 'We Frankly Don't Know' If IGs Are Right That Some Clinton Emails Were Classified When Generated

Hillary Clinton email security breaches worry officials


Obama Administration Urges States to Cut Health Insurers’ Requests for Big Rate Increases

Obama Administration Refuses To Identify Troubled Healthcare Co-Ops

More than two-thirds of Obamacare enrollees unsatisfied with coverage: survey

Community Organizer to the World

Nigerian Activist on Africa and Presidential Legacies: Bush Fought AIDS, Obama Promoted Homosexual Agenda


Obama and Agenda 21

Obama blasts ‘lazy’ critics of carbon rules

President Obama Explains How His "Clean Power Plan" Does Not Make Him "Nation's Greatest Destroyer" - Live Feed

Obama Will Jetset To The Arctic To Warn About Global Warming

Barack Obama´s green plans could cripple America´s economy

WH Anticipates 'A Difficult Transition' to 'Clean Power'

Ted cruz: Obama´s Lawless and Radical EPA Regulations Are Flatly Unconstitutional

Government Motors

 Here Is The Reason Why GM's July Car Sales Smashed Expectations: Government sales were up 38 percent, with deliveries to state and local governments up 59 percent."


First Default By U.S. Commonwealth In History: Puerto Rico Fails To Make Required Debt Payment

"Seasonally Data Dependent": Adjusted New Orders Highest In 2015; Unadjusted Lowest Since 2013

Construction Spending Growth Slumps To 2015 Lows

ISM Manufacturing Slumps To 3-Month Lows Led By Plunge In Employment

Real Personal Spending Growth Weakest Since Feb, Savings Rate Rises

Sears sales fall sharply in 2Q as it spins off real estate

It's 3am and nobody's there

State Department Watered Down Human Trafficking Report

Obama Charm Offensive Targets Venezuela After Iranians, Cubans

FBI: “Middle-Eastern males” approaching family members of military personnel

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Naval Officer Now Confirms He Fired on Chattanooga Gunman; Allen West Says Navy is Charging Him

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Kerry Receives Backing from Gulf States on Iran Deal Gulf Arab states welcome Iran deal, but say they want further assurances on their own security.

Majority of House Backs Resolution to Kill Iran Deal

 Iran: U.S. Banned from Knowing Details of Iran Nuclear Inspection Agreement Congress demands Obama release secret documents

Wow: Americans Oppose Iran Deal by Two to One

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Moniz to Israeli reporters: Iran deal does not change ‘one iota’ who America’s friends are

Obama to speak to Jewish leaders in first post-Iran deal meeting

          Senior American official: If Iran attacks Israel, US will protect it  Following nuclear deal with Iran, Washington tries to ease Israel's fears; official states Israel's military qualitative edge will be ensured, adding: 'US intelligence will check Iranian compliance with laser accuracy'.

Report: Iran Details Plan to Thwart 'Great American Satan,' Destroy Israel NY Post obtains copy of Israel's "416-page screed against the Jewish state"

Jewish [Republican] Group Demands Obama Stop Demonizing Jews

Obama and Syria

Obama Administration Unsure if U.S. Troops Can Protect Syrian Insurgents in Islamic State ‘Free Zone’

 SYRIAN ISLAMISTS Release Video of Captured US-Trained Rebels in Azaz

Obama Amnesty

Obama detains 27 Christian asylum seekers Fleeing ISIS in Iraq, they find no refuge in U.S.

Loretta Lynch File

Loretta Lynch Embeds Federal Agents In Baltimore To Help Control Embarrassment of Growing Crisis…

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Malia and Sasha Obama Through the Years: ABC has 49 photos, but not a single baby picture

Who Are Malia, And Natasha Obama’s Real Parents? Michelle Obama Trans Man and Fake Mom?

The Complete Breakdown Of Every Hillary And Bill Clinton Speech, And Fee, Since 2013

 Report: Clinton Aide’s Dual Roles May Have Broken Conflict of Interest Laws Sen. Grassley: Investigation 'found at least a reasonable suspicion of a violation'

Obama Says Killing to Harvest Body Parts Is a “Foolish Tradition” …In Africa


Hillary Clinton’s email woes will worsen


Obama Praises Medicare, ACA as 'Heroic' "These American endeavors…"

'Medical Meltdown:' Obamacare Ushers in Doctor Shortages "[T]he medical care you’ve enjoyed in the past in your life is simply not going to be there in the future."

Obamacare Exchange Customers: Health Care Still Costs Too Much

Obama’s Top Health Care Nominee Was Once Embroiled in Medical Fraud Case


Obama's Bad Iran Deal

 Lawmakers Confirm French Diplomat Supports Congress Rejecting Iran Deal Jacques Audibert reported to have said congressional rejection would be ‘helpful"

French diplomat pressured to retract statement on Iran, but Representatives back original story

Despite rights concerns, US resumes formal security talks with Egypt after 6-year hiatus

Speech on Khamenei Website: Hillary Clinton ‘Confessed’ That US Created ISIS

Khamenei Advisor: “Regardless of how the P5+1 countries interpret the nuclear agreement, their entry into our military sites is absolutely forbidden.”

Report: Khameni to contribute to Obama campaign to approve nuke deal

Obama's other Iran coverup: The Iran-al-Qaeda connection to 9/11 and other al-Qaeda terror

Top U.N. nuclear inspector to brief senators on Iran deal

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Is Iran accord tearing US Jewry apart?

Israel’s US Allies Push Back Against Iran Deal [VIDEO]

Khameni publishes instruction manual for how to destroy Israel

Mudar Zahran: “If Israel disappears, others will too”

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Navy responds to reports sailor will be charged for returning fire against Chattanooga gunman

Obama Amnesty

USA to Issue More Green Cards Than Populations of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina Combined

Obama and Syria

Obama Authorizes Airstrikes to Defend Syrian Rebels

Obama’s $500 million 50-man “moderate” army: half already dead, captured, out of action

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama to Require Steeper Emissions Cuts From Power Plants

 Obama to Crush Middle Class – New Program Will Force Energy Prices to Necessarily Skyrocket (VIDEO)


U.S. Paychecks Grow at Record-Slow Pace

The Latest Government Trust Fund To Go Bankrupt: The Highway Trust Fund


Alaska governor plans to impose Obamacare expansion on his state

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Congress Gives Obama Power to Keep You From TRAVELING

CONFIRMED: Hillary Clinton LIED about being ‘FLAT BROKE’ says CNN

It's 3am and nobody's there

DHS Chief: Don’t Call it ‘Islamic Extremism’ Because it Doesn’t Have Anything to Do With Islam

US spends billions on bombing campaign, but the Islamic State is no weaker than it was a year ago

The Cyber Wars Begin: Obama Says US "Must Retaliate" Against China For Historic Data Breach

Turkey’s Erdogan: “We have only one concern. It is Islam, Islam and Islam.”

Baltimore's monthly homicide toll spikes to 45, a grim toll unseen since 1972

Obama Amnesty

McKim: Is Illegal Immigration Behind Soaring U.S. Murder Rate?



WTH!? Garland Terrorist shooter bought gun under Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ program!!

Obama Ethics, Year 7

White House questions ‘authenticity’ of Planned Parenthood videos

Federal Judge Who Banned Planned Parenthood Video Releases Once Raised $230,000 For Obama

After Lobbying Hillary, Democratic Senator’s Daughter Was Hired At State Dept

Huma Abedin never got sick or took vacation in four years at State?

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Kerry jets to jittery Egypt, Qatar to reassure on Iran deal

Top French Official Contradicts Kerry on Iran Deal

Iranian Official: Senate Cannot Review Our Agreement with IAEA Iran's envoy to the IAEA says agreement between his country and the IAEA is secret and cannot be divulged to the Senate.

It's come to this: Iran demands Senate not be given access to its agreement with IAEA, 'just like the Obama administration'

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Iran Promises to 'Annihilate' Israel in New Book Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vows to introduce 'Israel fatigue' to the world, drive out Israeli Jews through fear in new official publication.

Would that be this Hillary Clinton email?

Obama and Agenda 21

White House set to adopt sweeping curbs on carbon pollution


Obama Wants 5-Year Plan: ‘I Guarantee You This Is Not How China’ Handles Its Infrastructure

Pension Crisis: Cut 30% of Payroll or Overturn Prop. 13


Obama: Medicare, Medicaid not 'in crisis'

Obama vs the U.S. Military

REPORT: Navy to Charge Officer Who Fired on Islamist During Chattanooga Terror Attack

INSANE: Heroic Naval Officer who SHOT BACK at Chattanooga terrorist is getting PUNISHED FOR IT!

White House Petition Started Asking Obama to Honor Navy Officer Who Fired on Chattanooga Terrorist

Community Organizer to the World

Media Ignore Humiliating Poll for Obama; Only 30 Percent Support Third Term


Obama heavily redacts latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails

Judge Orders Hillary Clinton to Answer for ‘Home-Brew’ Server

Obama and the IRS

IRS Commissioner Vows to Not Target Christian Colleges Opposed to Gay Marriage ... 'At This Time'

IRS “Midnight Unit” Destroyed Backup Tapes With Lois Lerner Emails

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

New Leak Confirms the Secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Is a Horrorshow



New Batch of Emails From Hillary Clinton’s Controversial Private Account Released: ‘Attacks on Benghazi’


Planned Parenthood Had Hillary´s Private Email Address

Judge Blasts State Dept for Clinton Email Delays: ‘Even the Least Ambitious Bureaucrat Could Do This’

Exposed: Planned Parenthood Had Hillary Clinton’s Private Email, Lobbied Her to Push Abortion

Newly Released Email PROVES Hillary Was TIPPED OFF on Meet the Press Questions

Obama and the IRS

We Now Know Where Lois Lerner's Emails and Backup Tapes Were Destroyed

Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Huckabee Responds to Obama’s Anti-Semitic Language

Blue State Blues: Barack Obama’s Antisemitic Rant on the Iran Deal

Tom Cotton hits back at Obama admin over SECRET SIDE DEALS with Iran

Iran Dictates Terms on Inspections Says who can and cannot take part in inspections

Iranian Official Accuses Americans of Violating the Nuclear Deal Senior Iranian official says Washington violating nuclear deal by stating that military option is still on the table.

Iran’s FM: “American and Canadian inspectors cannot be sent to Iran”

John Kerry: Iranian “Death to America” Chants Do Not Mean They Want to Kill Us

Corker: IAEA Head Declined to Appear Before Committee to Discuss Secret Side Deals

Obama and Israel, Year 7

SodaStream CEO Gives Amazing BDS Testimony To Congress: 'Manipulation, Violence and Destruction' "It is an anti-Semitic, Israel-hating organization"

State Department Condemns 'Vicious' Attack on Arab Village United States condemns attack in Duma as a "vicious terrorist attack", calls on both sides to "avoid escalating tensions".

Dozens of West Bank settlers treated for smoke inhalation after suspected arson by Palestinians

Palestinian baby killed in Israeli terror attack

It's 3am and nobody's there

"Secret" NSA Map Shows Five Years Of Chinese Cyber Attacks


Economics 101: Wal-Mart Hikes Minimum Wages, Prepares To Fire 1000

Chicago PMI Jumps To 6-Month Highs As UMich Consumer "Hope" Tumbles To 2015 Lows

Obama Ethics, Year 7

CMP chief: Stem Express hiding trade in intact human fetuses; Update: Abortion industry group demands TRO against more videos

Bombshell: Investigator says StemExpress bought intact dead babies from Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood President Made 39 Visits To Obama’s White House Since 2009

National Abortion Federation Files for Injunction Against Center for Medical Progress

Watch: White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Admits To ‘Merely Repeating’ Planned Parenthood Talking Points

Burwell: 'I Have Not Seen the Videos,' Let DOJ Investigate

Fetal Homicide Laws

Community Organizer to the World

Boehner Worries How Blogs and Talk Radio Would React Him to Golfing with Obama

VA Death Panel

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