President Obama's Three Hundred and Thirty-Third Week in Office

News and Notes:   Michelle Obama 3/21/14:  "Rare that I have the chance to travel outside of the U.S."?.... -5 yrs 23 countries



Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

ObamaTrade Secrecy: Log of Which Members of Congress Actually Read Bill in Secret Room Also Private

WikiLeaks Releases More of ObamaTrade Draft Altering Healthcare, Halting Medicare Reform

Revealed: The Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s Trade Agreement

U.S. Shifts Stance on Drug Pricing in Pacific Trade Pact Talks, Document Reveals

House sets Friday vote on 'fast track' trade powers for Obama

Sessions Warns TPA Would Create ‘Pacific Union’ Akin to European Union

 Bret Baier Grills McConnell Over TPA: ‘Why Not Make The Trade Bill Transparent?’ [VIDEO]

Paul Ryan Cooks Up Elaborate Ruse To Save Immigration Components Of Obamatrade

OBAMA: Trade Bill Will Advance One of My Highest Priorities — “Climate Change” (VIDEO)

It's 3am and nobody's there

‘Wishful Thinking’: Obama’s ex-military intel chief blasts Iran talks in scathing testimony

Obama’s new plan against ISIS signals that U.S. still in for a long war in Iraq

The Islamic State in Possession of U.S. Anti-Tank Missiles

Isis's dirty bomb: Jihadists have seized 'enough radioactive material to build their first WMD'

TSA Whistleblowers Describe Security Concerns, Culture of ‘Fear and Distrust’

Countries Don’t Report Iran Sanctions Violations, UN Report Says

Obama’s Evolution on Iran Confounds His Critics As Mullahs Scent Success

 US Will Send 400 More Troops To Iraq Bringing Total To 3,500; Open New Military Base

Record Number of Americans Renounced Their U.S. Citizenship in 2015

Obama Amnesty

Armored Blackhawks Heading to Texas Border in Wake of Mexican Attack on US Chopper

Obama Admin Joins de Blasio To Promote Immigrant Citizenship: ‘Opportunities To Vote, To Get A Better Job’

Abbott Signs Sweeping Border Security Bill

Obama vs the US Military

Alaska’s Joint Army-Air Force Base Promotes, Sponsors First Drag Queen Event for Families, Children

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Netanyahu: ‘Nobody in This Region Believes This Deal Will Block Iran’s Path to the Bomb

Report: Israel spied on Iran nuclear talks

'Israel used virus to spy on hotels which hosted Iran nuclear talks'

'For ideological reasons, Obama doesn’t like the Israel that exists. Period.'

‘Ally': Michael Oren’s Memoir to Expose Obama Administration’s Abuse of Israel

A new inside account of Obama’s Israel ire

Obama: “The fact that you are an anti-semite, doesn’t preclude you from being rational”

Obama and Agenda 21

Senators vote to block Obama’s water rule

 Obama Puts Solar Panels on Brewery to Fight Climate Change Administration announces $6.7 million in additional funding

Prison Labor Helps Solar Firm Backed by Dem Donor Undercut Competition

EPA Launches New Environmental Justice Screening Tool

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

U.S. Shifts Stance on Drug Pricing in Pacific Trade Pact Talks, Document Reveals

House sets Friday vote on 'fast track' trade powers for Obama

 Bret Baier Grills McConnell Over TPA: ‘Why Not Make The Trade Bill Transparent?’ [VIDEO]


Favors to foundation donors stretch back to Hillary Clinton’s Senate days

Clinton Foundation Donation Not Publicly Listed by NYTimes

 New York Times’ Top Shareholder Is a Clinton Foundation Donor A rundown of the many connections between the Times and the Clintons


House Passes Gosar Amendment Defunding Obama’s AFFH Housing Power Grab

The Job Market Will Get Much Worse, JPMorgan Warns

Student-Loan Refinancing Boom Could Cost U.S. Taxpayers Billions

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Feds Now Trying to Force Employers Nationwide to Allow Transgender People to Use Opposite-Sex Bathrooms

 Hillary Clinton State Dept Accused of Covering Up Investigations on Sex Crimes (VIDEO)

How Bush Empowered Obama to Erode the Constitution

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama to Chicago Grads: 'You Have More Scars Than They Do'

Michelle Obama talks about the ´proud burden´ she and her husband carry in the White House as she remembers fallen teenager at Chicago high school graduation


Burwell: Obama wouldn´t sign GOP plan to extend insurance subsidies

Burwell ducks Obamacare subsidies question

Obama Recalls His Work for Catholic Church: ‘Every Human Being, Made in the Image of God, Deserves to Live in Dignity’

Obama praises healthcare reform, thanks Catholic assembly

Russian Reset

 Russian Jet Again Harasses U.S. Reconnaissance Plane ‘Unsafe’ aerial intercept of RC-135 over Baltic Sea

Russian Warships Approach Canadian Frigate Carrying Prime Minister After Meeting In Poland


Russian Reset

Report Shows State Department Lied About Russia Arms Violation

Obama vs the US Military

Army refuses to provide Honor Guard for church's July 4th celebration

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama to send hundreds more advisers to Iraq

"All Clear" Issued After White House Briefing Room Evacuated Following Bomb Threat

White House Evacuated Because of Bomb Threat

Police Evacuate Part of U.S. Senate Building Near Capitol

Lawmakers Take Aim at Iran’s Missiles, Omitted From Nuclear Talks

Senator: TSA 'Much Worse Than the Public Understands'

Pentagon spokesman: Hey, we have a strategy against ISIS

State Dep´t Explains Obama´s ´We Don´t Yet Have a Complete Strategy´ Remark


Obama Mocks ‘Unending Chicken Little Warnings’ That Obamacare ‘Would End Freedom’

Obama: Obamacare "Restored The Basic Promise Of America"

Obama: Obamacare opponents are deeply ´cynical´

President decries ‘endless partisan’ attacks on ObamaCare

Emails Reveal Jonathan Gruber’s Obamacare Work Was Of ‘Key Political Importance’

Obama: 'You Interpret a Statute Based On...Intent'

Why Obamacare Penalties in 2016 Will Be the Worst Yet

Obama: Congress can fix health law if court rules against it

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

Chaffetz: Obama Administration Has Claimed 550,000 FOIA Exemptions

The Obama Administration’s Newly Political Approach to FOIAs

Obama and Your Privacy

Obama Goes Full Stalin: Tells Secret Court To Ignore Law He Signed 4 Hours Earlier, Extend Illegal NSA Surveillance

Obama lawyers asked secret court to ignore public court's decision on spying

Exclusive: U.S. tech industry appeals to Obama to keep hands off encryption

Head of U.S. Marshals Service Resigns Amid Investigation Of Domestic Surveillance Programs…

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Israeli PM Says Arab Leaders Also Weary of Iran Nuclear Deal

White House Celebrates 'Jerusalem Not Israel' Ruling Press Secretary Earnest welcomes passport ruling at Supreme Court, saying it gives president authority to recognize borders.

US Diplomats Reveal EU Sanctions Assault After Iran Deal Senior diplomats expose EU sanctions list all ready to force Israel into 'peace talk' concessions; Obama is threatening to let it happen.

Jewish Orgs Slam 'Myopic' Supreme Court Decision on Jerusalem Both ADL and ZOA blast the decision to separate 'Jerusalem' from 'Israel' on passports, accuse US gov't of bias against Israel.

Report: CIA Chief John Brennan makes 'secret' visit to Israel

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama's EPA Regulations: 6,552x As Long As Constitution; 46x As Long As Bible

G7 Leaders Pledge To Phase Out Fossil Fuels, But Stop Short Of Setting Binding Emissions Targets

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Why are Congressmen Signing Non-Disclosure Forms on Obama’s Secret Treaty?

Bill would require trade deals to be publicly available before fast-track vote

GOP aiming for Friday trade vote, but snag remains  They’re trying to resolve a last-minute hangup over aid for workers who lose their jobs to free trade

Obamatrade Support Falling Apart In House Despite Leadership Push

Seeking trade votes, Obama offers help to Dems who vote yes

Obama will use TPP Authority to enforce UN global warming goals

EU Chiefs Attempt to Stop TTIP Debate, ‘Crack in Corporatist Stitch-Up’ Proclaims Farage

Peru’s story haunts the TPP


‘New York Times’ Won’t Reveal When Clintons Donated

Clinton Foundation Got Millions from Fiercely Anti-Gay African Church


Wholesale Inventory Ratio, Sales Stabilize At Recessionary Levels

HSBC To Fire 50,000, One In Five Jobs, To Fund Dividends To Shareholders

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama’s frustration with courts bursts into public view



Obama Amnesty

Border Crisis Re-Emerging, Says National Border Patrol Council — 70 Women and Children in 1 Hour

Obama said he´s not giving up immigration fight: ´We are being as aggressive´ as possible

Obama derides judge who blocked amnesty

Obama and the IRS

Federal Judge Gives IRS Until Friday To Explain Itself On Lerner Emails


More Lies… Obama Tells G7: “Since I Took Office the United States Has Reduced Deficit by 2/3’s” (VIDEO)

Obama 'did not say strong dollar a problem': US official

America's Housing Problem: Buying And Renting Are Both Unaffordable

Millennials Have No Hope Of Buying A Home In These 13 US Cities

Barack Obama poised to hike wages for millions


Only 2 states accept federal offer to protect subsidies if court rules against Obamacare

Obama says King v. Burwell is “easy case” that “probably shouldn’t even have been taken up”

Obama slams Obamacare case as ´twisted interpretation of four words´

Kentucky Hospitals Say They Will Lose $1 Billion Due to State’s Obamacare Exchange

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Directive 11: Obama’s Secret Islamist Plan

Obama and Your Privacy

Net Neutrality: Obama has an offer that AT&T can't refuse

Department Of Justice Uses Grand Jury Subpoena To Identify Anonymous

It's 3am and nobody's there

Ex-US Intelligence Officials Confirm: Secret Pentagon Report Proves US Complicity In Creation Of ISIS

 Obama Blames Pentagon for Lack of ISIS Strategy – Pentagon Responds: “What the F*** Was That?” (Video)

State Dept Struggles to Answer Whether They Have Complete Strategy Against Islamic State

Obama admits: We don’t have a complete strategy to fight Islamic State

Obama snubs his closest ally in fight against Islamic State

Snubbed! Barack Obama Completely Ignores Iraqi Prime Minister at G7 Summit (VIDEO)

Obama's Response to Data Breach: 'New Systems and New Infrastructure'

Obama´s ´Cybersecurity Czar´ Is MIA As Hackers Run Wild

GOP Sen. Says Classified TSA Details ‘Even Worse’ Than Public Failures, Calls For Their Release

TSA failed to identify 73 workers “linked to terrorism”

Obama and Egypt

Report: Egypt angered after Muslim Brotherhood members attended Washington conference

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama Admin Defends Meeting with Group That 'Slanders' Israel "Another blow to Israeli perceptions of the U.S."

State Dept Spox Doesn’t Appear To Know U.S.’s Own Jerusalem Policy

US Supreme Court Backs Obama on 'Jerusalem Passport' Ground-breaking ruling on case, as Supreme Court sides with Obama and Bush in refusing to list Jerusalem as part of Israel.

Obama and Agenda 21

Dept of Education Partner & CEO Of “Games For Change” Retweets Ad For UN World “Goals” Comic Book

With Little Regard for Science, Obama Targets Livestock and Meat

Obama vs the US Military

Suicide rate of female military veterans is called ´staggering´

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

BUSTED: Freshman GOP Rep Admits She Hasn’t Read Obamatrade While Shilling for It on MSNBC

 Kevin McCarthy Pressured By Republican Conference: What’s The Rush On Obamatrade Plans With Its ‘Global Governance’ Hidden Inside?

Trade agreements like TiSA, TPP and TTIP will sideline national laws, Wikileaks says


 ‘New York Times’ Won’t Reveal When Clintons Donated Clinton-run foundation donated to NYT-run charity same year NYT endorsed Hillary for prez

Ciommunity Organizer to the World

Obama Celebrates Immigrant Heritage Month by Invoking 'Ancestors in Chains' "Yes, you have arrived."


Russian Reset

Obama vows he's 'standing up to Russian aggression' at G-7 meeting

Russian bomber flights buzzing U.S. airspace doubled last year

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Smoking-gun document said to prove Obama-Muslim Brotherhood ties McCarthy: 'No such thing as a moderate Islamist'

Obama Amnesty

Obama administration stops work on immigrant program

Court Ruling Could Shut Down Feds’ Detention Centers for Illegal Immigrants

Obama on His Amnesty: ‘The Law Is on Our Side’

Obama: 'I'm going to keep doing everything I can' for undocumented immigrants

Obama and Israel, Year 7

WHOA! US Jews HECKLE OBAMA OFFICIAL at NYC Talk on Iran Agreement! (VIDEO)

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama enjoys a beer ahead of the G7 summit in Germany

Obama looks to patch US-German relations on Bavarian trip

Gen. McChrystal: We have to halt the spread of ISIS in people's minds

US Embassy moves Fourth of July Celebration to June 4 ´out of respect for Ramadan´

Obama Lambasted for Ruling Out Military Option on Iran

Obama and Egypt

 In first, Russia and Egypt hold naval drill Putin, Sissi hope exercise will build strategic partnership as both countries face Western pressure

Russia and Egypt hold joint naval exercise

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Lew gives fervent defense of Iran deal to vocal skeptics at Jpost Conference

ISIS is Winning, Israel Prepares

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Obama To Circumvent Congress With ‘Gag Order’ On Firearm Coverage

Obama's Planned Gag Order on Firearm-Related Speech


Disgraced Firm Ensnared In New Jersey Sandy Recovery Flimflam

$200 million Hawaii Obamacare exchange bites the dust


Greenspan: US 'Way Underestimating' the National Debt

 Another Bubble Alert: Home Down Payments Hit Three-Year Low

Fracking divides red, blue states

 For Many in US, More Jobs Don't Mean More Financial Security


As Hillary’s Numbers Dip, Benghazi Rises As an Issue

 Hillary’s Top Aide With Terror Ties Saw All Emails-highly sensitive information re Benghazi

Obama Voter Fraud

Mark Shields: Voter Fraud is a Great GOP Fraud

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama has plastic surgery at Walter Reed on taxpayer’s dime


Clinton Donated $100K to New York Times Group the Same Year Paper Endorsed Her

Bill Clinton Was Paid $400K By Singapore Company That Was Scamming Its Employees [VIDEO]


Obama Amnesty

 US CBP Chopper Down at Texas Border, Fired on from Mexico

War Breaks Out on Border: U.S. Chopper Struck by Gunfire from Mexico

Obama: I took action to enhance border security

Stickin’-it to Rep. Trey Gowdy, US State Dept. contractor World Relief brings first refugees to Spartanburg


The "Illegal Immigrant" Recovery? The Real Stunner In The Jobs Report: the "recovery" has almost entirely benefited foreign-born workers, to the tune fo 3 to 1 relative to native-born Americans


Hawaii abandons troubled state ObamaCare exchange

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Rand Paul demands White House release trade deal text immediately

Sessions to Obama: Why Are You Keeping Obamatrade’s New Global Governance Secret?

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Bergdahl seeks to remove general from his case

Russian Reset

 Stratcom Deploys Bombers Near Baltics Three B-52s join war games

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Legal Expert: Obama Is ‘Undermining The Rule Of Law’ [VIDEO]

It's 3am and nobody's there

Team Obama’s B.S. ISIS Body Count

Flashback: Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died

UK warns 500,000 migrants could try Mediterranean crossing

Libyan gains may offer ISIS a base for new attacks

Saudi Arabia says it shot down Scud missile fired from Yemen

 100 Days: State Dept. Sets Record for Violating Deadline for Human Rights Reports

Obama’s Weekly Address: Ignores D-Day

Obama vs the US Military

Vets told they can 'buy back' 2nd Amendment rights 'This is illegal and is called extortion'

Obama and the IRS

IRS Created “Special Project Team” of “Hundreds of Lawyers” to Hide Information from Congress



"The Job Numbers Literally Do Not Add Up"

6,652,000: More Americans Working Part-Time, But Not by Choice

Jobs Data: 92,986,000 People Not In the Workforce

55,951,000 Women Outside Labor Force

Black Unemployment Nearly Double National Rate, Twice As High As White Unemployment

Where The May Jobs Were: Teachers, Waiters, Retail, And Temp Help

WH Celebrates Jobs Report: 'Strongest Month of the Year So Far'

CNBC: Nonfarm payrolls total 280,000; unemployment rate at 5.5%

Nearly Half of U.S. Can’t Afford Unexpected $400 Bill – Forgo Medical Treatment

Obama Consumer Official Leaves Amid Charges He Helped Create ‘Toxic Workplace’ Photo of Richard Pollock Richard Pollock


Report: States crushed by $35b bill for Obamacare, other regulations

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Sessions to Obama: Why Are You Keeping Obamatrade’s New Global Governance Secret?


Ex-Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal to testify in private on Benghazi


VIDEO– IRS Mocks Lawmakers – Blows Off Congressional Request for Clinton Foundation Investigation

Clinton Foundation Hiding Names of Secret Foreign Donors to Its Shell Charity in Sweden

Russian Reset

US Navy Releases VIDEO of Russian Warplane “Buzzing” US Destroyer

Feds Spend $150K to 'Embed' Russian Journalists in U.S. Newsrooms

Obama Ethics, Year 7

White House Hires MSNBC Staffer

Clinton Opposition Research Group Fed NY Times Info on Bogus Rubio Hit Piece

VA Death Panel

Hidden Camera: VA Director says VA Turning Veterans into Drug Addicts

It's 3am and nobody's there

Al-Qaeda Informant Says Yemen Lied To US, Secretly Channelled Money, Bombs

ISIS is turning US Humvees into Iraq's worst nightmare

Report: Obama Plans to Free Up to 10 Detainees from Guantanamo Bay Soon

NANCY PELOSI Blames Retired General Petraeus for ISIS Victories (VIDEO)

FOX NEWS: Obama admin tried to ‘recruit’ Taliban Five, but failed miserably

Indonesia: US Embassy celebrates 4th of July earlier out of respect for Ramadan

CBS: Suspected Chinese Cyber Attack ‘An Embarrassment’ for Obama Administration

Obama and Syria

         ISIS Moves Assets to Southern Syria – Gaza ISIS Launches MISSILE ATTACK on Israel

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Israel and Saudi Arabia publicly acknowledge secret bilateral talks

Obama and Agenda 21

Industry on edge as EPA prepares to regulate airline emissions

NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data To Erase The 15-Year Global Warming ‘Hiatus’

Will Obama Force Consumers To Buy Electric Cars They Don´t Want?\

Obama vs the US Military

US Air Force Inches Closer To Accepting Transgender Service Members By Making It Harder To Discharge

Queen Michelle

 Michelle O Serves German Turnip to Kids, Nazis served kohlrabi to American POWs

Obama Voter Fraud

Bankroller of Democratic Voting Rights Cases? George Soros

Justice Department. Indians and ‘Idiots’: DOJ Attacks State Power Over Elections

President Obama's Three Hundred and Thirty-Second Week in Office

News and Notes:   Michelle Obama 3/21/14:  "Rare that I have the chance to travel outside of the U.S."?.... -5 yrs 23 countries



Obama and the IRS

IRS sends Congress unsigned form letter to brush off demands for Clinton Foundation investigation

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Obama’s Trade Agreement Leaks as Republicans Cower

Leaked TISA Documents Reveal Privacy Threat

WikiLeaks releases documents related to controversial US trade pact

We The People: 2 Million Petitions Delivered To Congress to Stop TPP

Obama admits that climate change will be in Obamatrade

Pelosi: GOP must find more votes for Obama´s trade agenda

Obama and Your Privacy

Hunting for Hackers, N.S.A. Secretly Expands Internet Spying at U.S. Border

Obama Amnesty

House Blocks Funding For Obama Legal Defense Of Exec. Amnesty

3,700 illegal immigrant ‘Threat Level 1’ criminals released into U.S. by DHS

It's 3am and nobody's there

 Obama Admin Scrambles to Reassure Congress on Iran Nuke Deal in Classified Brief Administration still withholding key docs from Congress

Officials: Largest Cyberattack on US Government in History Personal info of 4 million federal employees hacked; US points the finger at China, which denies the charges.

U.S.Officials: Massive Breach of Federal Personnel Data

Expect Up to 10 Guantanamo Transfers Within Weeks

Obama and Syria

Iran deploys 15,000 troops to support Assad in Syria

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama secretly backing Muslim Brotherhood

Obama and Israel, Year 7

White House steps carefully around Obama’s reported ‘closest thing to a Jew’ comment

  Obama Blames Netanyahu, Jihadists Attack Israel

Obama’s Ongoing Obsession with Netanyahu

Obama: African-Americans Have a ‘Special Empathy’ for the Jewish People


In Vermont, Frustrations Mount Over Affordable Care Act

´Successful´ ObamaCare Missed 2015 Enrollment Goal By 22%


Men's or Women's? OSHA: Permit Workers to Use Restroom of Their 'Gender Identity'

The Real Reason The US Economy Simply Won't Grow: Lowest Worker Productivity In 22 Years

Obama and Agenda 21

 Satellite Data Shows No Global Warming For Nearly 19 Years

Harvard, Syracuse Researchers Caught Lying to Boost Obama Climate Rules

EPA Study of Fracking Finds ´No Widespread, Systemic´ Pollution

House Committee Drops Funding for State Department Climate-Change Programs

Obama To Peasants On Climate Change: Sacrifices For Thee, Not For Me

White House to 'Honor Faith Leaders' Who 'Combat Climate Change'

Valerie Jarrett Secretly Lobbying Big Corporations To Support UN Climate Talks

Obama Voter Fraud

FCC Has Shocker for GOP That Could Guarantee Big Democrat Win in '16

Queen Michelle

Obamas, Minus Barack, Get Ready for European Vacation

The Sandy Hook Massacre

We Need to Talk about Sandy Ho


Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama invokes waiver postponing US embassy relocation to Jerusalem

No Wonder – Obama’s Jewish Advisors Are From The New Israel Fund

Israeli Government Takes Action Against New Israel Fund

Obama and the IRS

Obama IRS Political Appointees Protected Tea Party Probe Requests

Obama Amnesty

IRS: Amnesty Recipients Don’t Need To Have Filed Returns To Get Tax Credits For Illegal Work

     IRS Confirms Illegals Can Get Back-Taxes Under Obama’s Amnesty Plan

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

Obama’s Cabinet on FOIA: We’re Trying Our Best

Journalists Tell Oversight Committee: Bureaucrats Make FOIA Process ‘Useless’

Attkisson: Feds ‘Perverted’ FOIA to Intentionally ‘Obfuscate, Obstruct and Delay’


  House Committee Knows Of Hillary Email Server Whistleblower

It's 3am and nobody's there

 Pentagon: Iran Continuing Work on Nuclear Systems Covert support for terrorism ‘unabated’

State Dept.: We Expect Iran to Reduce Uranium by June 30

Embassy in Havana? House panel: Cuba, no!

U.S. official: More than 10,000 jihadists killed in airstrikes

Corker: Obama Contradicted Earlier Statement When He Claimed Deal Would Keep Iran From Getting Nuke for 20 Years

Obama and Syria

Syrian army defunct, rebels 100 yards from Israel border, senior officer says

U.S. Intel: Obama Coalition Supported Islamic State in Syria

 Arab Affairs Analyst Predicts Near-Term Fall of Assad Regime Says Assad will fall soon if Iran does not send in forces

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA Chief: Just Trust Us On Climate Science

Obama and Your Privacy

Obama signs bill reforming surveillance program

Obama Ethics, Year 7

The College Board's Sabotage of American History


Bill Clinton to Give Secret Address to Health Insurers "No press is allowed."

Insurers request big rate hikes, citing coming Medicaid changes

The Obamacare Death Spiral Is Still Coming

Huge ObamaCare Rate Hikes Are Sign Of Worse Things To Come

Most health insurance rates expected to rise next year in Kentucky

8 Minnesota Health Plans Propose Big Premium Hikes for 2016

Obamacare, states and insurers make gender reassignment surgery more accessible Maximum

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Barack Obama: China might join trade deal — eventually


ADP Employment Bounces, Still Weaker Than All Of 2014, 3rd Monthly Decline In Manufacturing Jobs

Obama Selfies

Obama and Kerry Obama, Kerry Run Up $1.4M Bill for Hotels, Cars in Panama


Hillary Clinton´s State Department Increased Chemical Arms Sales To Middle East Countries That Gave To Clinton Foundation

 TNR Owner Raises Cash for Hillary, Who Backed Husband’s Campaign At the last minute, Clinton backed Sean Eldridge’s doomed congressional run. Now Eldridge and his husband are fundraising for her

Bill Clinton’s foundation cashed in as Sweden lobbied Hillary on sanctions

Community Organizer to the World

CNN: With Obama Polling At ‘Abysmal Numbers,’ White House ‘Can’t Be Happy’ [VIDEO]

Obama less popular than every living president - including George W. Bush

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Republicans Introduce DOJ Spending Amendment to Block Future Bullet Bans

More Executive Gun Control: Check out Obama’s Latest Gun Grabbing Rules

VA Death Panel

If These Care Providers Don’t Get Paid Soon By The VA, Veterans May Be At Risk

Posse Comitatus

Explosions rock Michigan neighborhood as US Army urban military training exercise begins

The National Guard is reported to be training against OPFOR dressed .... American Woodland

BOOM! Bombshell Proof of Blue Bell Trucks Being Used In Military Exercises

Evidence Suggesting That Closed Walmarts Are Staging Centers for FEMA Camps


Sandy Hook School Massacre

Wolfgang Halbig FOIA hearing - 'Everyone Must Check In' sign



HRC EMAILS: Federal officials voiced growing alarm over Clinton’s compliance with records laws, documents show

Obama and Israel, Year 7

 Obama Threatens to Cut US Support at UN in Israeli Interview -In remarkably open attack against Netanyahu, Obama says if Israel doesn't renew peace talks he will not be able to defend it in the UN.

Obama: World does not believe Israel serious about two-state solution

PM preempts Obama TV interview pitching Iran deal to Israeli public: We must rely on ourselves

Obama: “I Am the Closest Thing to Jew” That Has Ever Sat in the Oval Office

Unexpected! Iran's nuclear stockpile has GROWN by 20% during 18 months of negotiations

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

WANTED! WikiLeaks To Offer $100,000 Reward For Missing TPP Chapters

It's 3am and nobody's there

Harf: We’re All ‘Totally Perplexed’ by NYT Story on Iran’s Increased Nuclear Stockpile

Earnest: Remember, We Can See Iran Increase Its Nuclear Stockpile Thanks to Our Monitoring Measures

Obama Red-Faced: Iran Nuclear Stockpiles Grew 20% in 18 Months Despite US President's claims Tehran 'froze' its nuclear stockpiles, IAEA report shows Iran actually increased them significantly.

'Iran-North Korea Cooperation May Sabotage Nuclear Deal'

 State Department: ‘No Plans’ for Evacuation of U.S. Citizens From Yemen Americans left to fend for themselves in war-torn country

Homeland Security Chief Reassigns Top TSA Official

U.S. Tightens Airport Security After Screeners Fail Undercover Tests

State Dep’t: Having an Ambassador in Cuba Helps Promote Human Rights

 ISIS Shuts Down Ramadi Dam – Breaks Flow of Water to Region

Russian Reset

Russian Foreign Minister: Russian Reset 'Invention of Hillary Clinton,' Not Us

Obama and Syria

U.S. Accuses Syria of Backing Islamic State’s Aleppo Advance

Obama and Your Privacy

NSA Is Back Online After Senate Passes "USA Freedom Act"

Congress sends NSA phone-records bill to president

NSA Is Offline So Here "They" Come: Multiple Bomb Threats Made Against US Aircraft, NBC Reports

FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities

Obama Ethics, Year 7

House Investigating Whether Obama Administration Complying With Transparency Laws Conservative group complains that State Department still silent on two-year-old request


44% of Covered California Customers Report Difficulty Paying Premiums

6.4 million Americans could lose Obamacare subsidies, federal data show

House panel votes to repeal Obamacare’s medical device tax

Premera seeks 38.7% rate hike for individual health insurance in Alaska

Obamacare hikes on the way Some rates could see 'enormous' increases


Factory Orders Scream Recession, Drop 6% From Year Ago In Sixth Consecutive Drop

Factory Orders: Where's the Bounce?

Recovery 2015: Use Of Non-Bank Credit (e.g. Payday Loans) Continues To Soar

Obama Selfies

Obama Memo Creates Preference for Antibiotic Free Meat


The inside story of how the Clintons built a $2 billion global empire

The Clinton Foundation Took Money from Saudi Propagandists

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Turns Attention to 'Promote Pollinator Health'

Community Organizer to the World

 Obama SCOLDS America During Medal of Honor Ceremony at White House

The Rise and Fall of the Obama-Media Romance

Obama and Agenda 21

 Obama’s Climate Fear-Mongering President cites $200 billion loss to United States by 2100 from climate change, yet the U.S. economy contracted by a similar amount in the last year

DOE to Pour Another $32 Million into Floundering Solar Industry

Obama vs the U.S. Military

All 8 Females in First Co-Ed Class at Army Ranger School Failed

DESPICABLE: Look what’s happening to a special forces vet who dared to be a whistleblower

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

New York Times Lawyer: Obama Admin Made Us Wait YEARS To Get Public Information


Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty

TTP Regulates Essentially Every Aspect of a Modern Economy; Only 5 of 29 Chapters About Trade


2 Of Hillary’s Libya Emails Are Missing

Loretta Lynch File

U.S. Scrutinizes Conduct of Movie Theaters AMC, Regal say Justice Department has asked for information in investigation

Justice Department Studying ‘Far-Right’ Social Media Use

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama Vowed to Renew Pressure on Israel after Iran Deal?

Obama Assures Israel: Only Deal Will Prevent Iran from Nukes, Full interview of President Obama discussing US-Israel relations and Iran deal to be broadcast in Israel Tuesday night.

Obama says no military solution to Iran nuclear program

State Dept.: No Decision Yet on French UN Initiative

Jerusalem Post: Column One: Barack Obama’s anti-Semitism test (fails)

Jewish Journal, Los Angeles: Obama loves the wrong Israel

Obama and Your Privacy

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against the PATRIOT Act - May 31, 2015 -"The President has been committing an illegal act.."

CIA Director: 'Most Americans Expect the Government to Protect Them'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama: Under My Presidency, U.S. ‘The Most Respected Country In The World’ [VIDEO]

SHOCK VIDEO=> Obama Tells Audience: One of My “Core Principles” Is to Never Divide People

Barack Obama: I Think Many Things Said About Me Are “Terribly Unfair”

White House: John Kerry Bicycle Accident Will Alter Nuclear Talks With Iran (no replacement named)

Harf: We Only Went Over Nuclear Deadline By a Couple of Days

Obama warns China against 'throwing elbows' in sea dispute

China is gambling Obama doesn’t have will to respond to its massive land grab

75% of U.S. bombing runs targeting Islamic State returned without firing a shot

Islamic State expands its territory in Libya

The ‘Ferguson Effect': How Obama’s racial pimping has endangered ALL Americans

Russian Reset

Russia Calls the United States a Joke to the World

Obama and Agenda 21

Appalachian Power closes 3 WV coal-fired plants

5 reasons Obama’s transformative power plan won’t transform anything

EPA Using Taxpayer Funds to Cheer Harmful Water Regs

Obama Admin. Deems Part of Wyoming Tribal Land, Putting Hospital in Legal Battle

Obama Ethics, Year 7

House Issues Subpoena for Release of Diplomatic Spending Documents

Emails Raise Questions of Bias in Case Against Bakers Who Denied Service for Same-Sex Wedding


May Consumer Spending Has Biggest Annual Drop Since Great Financial Crisis, Gallup Survey Finds

Frugality of High Earners in U.S. Shows Long Shadow of Recession

HSBC Joins JPMorgan: Prepares To Unveil Up To 20,000 Job Cuts

US Manufacturing PMI Weakest Since Jan, ISM Beats, Construction Spending Spikes Most In 3 Years

US Savings Rate Jumps As Americans Again Spend Less, PCE Tumbles

Obama administration clashes with friends over workers’ comp

As Obama´s Economy Falls, White House Excuses Boom

A Full-Time Minimum Wage Job Can’t Pay Rent For An Apartment Anywhere In The U.S.

Obama Amnesty

Obama’s Immigration Anarchy: Dangerous release of almost 100,000 criminal illegal aliens

Obama and Common Core

Expeditionary Learning a Common Core Partner in Social Justice Indoctrination


Clinton Foundation Meeting in Morocco Last Month Cost Taxpayers $21K

Revealed: Clintons Bagged $3.4 Million for 18 Speeches Funded by Keystone Pipeline Banks

Queen Michelle

WV teacher threatened with fine for violating Michelle O’s school snack rules


Obama and Your Privacy

NSA Loses Authority to Collect Phone Records as Senate Adjourns

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Obama’s DOJ To Circumvent Congress With ‘More Than A Dozen’ New Gun Controls

Justice Department prepares raft of new gun restrictions

Obama and Irael, Year 7

Obama raises specter of dual loyalty

CIA Chief: Cooperation with Israel Still Very Strong CIA Director John Brennan says intelligence cooperation with Israel has not been harmed despite differences on Iran.

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Qatar extends travel bans on ex-Gitmo detainees traded for Bergdahl as talks with US continue

As five Taliban officials walk free, Bergdahl deal stink grows

Bergdahl Cleared of Sexual Harassment Charges -Allegedly visited female soldier's room dressed in a gorilla costume


U.S. judge grills lawyer defending Obama´s healthcare law changes

VA Death Panel

Phoenix VA Whistleblower Calls For Resignation Of Officials Amid ER Staffing Crisis

Queen Michelle

NBC’s ‘Today’ Mocks Michelle Obama’s Latest Food Police Push


Affordable Care Excise Tax, Part IV


President Obama's Alibi Factory 'Things are fine...really they are.'

Labor Dept Employees Watch Porn, Lie About Hours

It's 3am and nobody's there

Iraq lost 2,300 Humvee armoured vehicles to the Islamic State in Mosul

Pentagon chief pledges $18 million for Hanoi to buy patrol boats


It's 3am and nobody's there

Islamic State fighter trained by State Dept.: ‘We will come to your homes and we will kill you’

Cuba´s Twisted Definition Of Terrorism

US demands immediate halt to South China Sea reclamations


Blame It on Global Cooling? Obama Has Lowest Average 1stQ GDP Growth of Any President on Record

Commerce Secretary on GDP Contraction: ‘Actually, I Think Things Are Pretty Good’

Obama Ethics, Year 7

This Is How Little It Cost Goldman To Bribe America's Senators To Fast Track Obama's TPP Bill

Obama and Your Privacy

Obama: controversial NSA bulk data collection 'not controversial'


Judge orders Clinton Foundation racketeering case to trial

Community Organizer to the World

Barack Obama loves telling audiences to 'have a seat' twice

Loretta Lynch File

2014 Flashback:  Hastert Gathers Chicago Republicans To Push Amnesty


 Muslim Brotherhood Operative Used Hillary’s Email Server


44% of Covered California customers report difficulty paying premiums

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Guantanamo Bay jihadis swapped for deserter Bowe Bergdahl could soon move freely


It's 3am and nobody's there

White House: United States Not ‘Responsible’ for Defending Iraq

As Obama Removes Cuba from Terrorism List – Castro Brothers Arrest 164 Activists & Artists

Obama Administration Drops Cuba from State Terrorism List

INS agent at center of Elián González saga would like to host him in the U.S.

 Group: Iranian, North Korean Officials Worked on Nuclear Warhead Obama administration looking into reports

The Bin Laden Papers Show Obama to be a Fool

White House: ‘There is no plan B’ if Patriot Act powers expire

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

SHOCK VIDEO=> Top Democratic Advisor: We Need to Debate the “Limits of First Amendment”

Obama and the IRS

IRS Hires $1,000-An-Hour Lawyers And It Might Have Violated Federal Law

House GOP demands criminal investigation into Lois Lerner


Decline: Economy Did Even Worse Than We Thought in First Quarter Anemic 0.2% increase revised down to 0.7% decline

Sagging economy: Q1 GDP revised downward to -0.7%

U.S. Households Under Pressure: Stagnant Incomes, Rising Basic Expenses

UMich Consumer Sentiment Slumps To 6-Month Lows, Current Conditions Tumble

Chicago PMI Bounce Is Dead, Crashes Back Near 6 Year Lows

Why is Obama blocking infrastructure projects?

Obama and Your Privacy

Subsidized Broadband: FCC Chairman Plans to Expand ‘Obama Phone’ Program to Internet


Bill Clinton Pleads for Donations After ‘Clinton Cash’ Chases Donors Away

State Department spending followed foreign Clinton Foundation donors

Charity Gave $500K to Clinton Foundation for Bill to Accept Award from Supermodel

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama warns global warming could maybe make hurricanes worse, if we had any

Community Organizer to the World

Obama talks b-ball (and more important stuff) on Twitter

'Hope' poster creator says he's run out of hope for Obama

Loretta Lynch File

Feds indict ex-House Speaker Hastert for allegedly hiding payments to apparent blackmailer

Hastert indictment offers few clues about alleged misconduct

Former Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted For Lying To The FBI, Evading Currency Transaction Reports

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Bergdahl appeared to lay groundwork for his disappearance in Afghanistan, squad mates say


Obamacare’s $273 Billion Bonanza for Paper Pushers

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden Warns Liberals: ‘We Always Lose the Bumper Sticker War with Republicans’

President Obama's Three Hundred and Thirty-First Week in Office

News and Notes:   Ted Cruz' Father "I lost my freedom once, I'll die before it happens again.



Obama and the IRS

IRS Hires $1,000-An-Hour Lawyers And It Might Have Violated Federal Law

House GOP demands criminal investigation into Lois Lerner



Federal judge hammers White House lawyer over argument in Obamacare lawsuit filed by Congress: ´You don´t really believe that, do you?´

How Healthcare Is Dooming the U.S. Economy (In Just 3 Charts)

Overhead costs exploding under ObamaCare, study finds

Treasury Rule Allows Taxpayer Subsidized Health Insurance For Illegal Immigrants

Commonwealth Fund: “Underinsurance” Unchanged under Obamacare

Will Medicaid Expansion Really Create Jobs?

Obama Ethics, Year7

 Obama to Force Faith- Based Grant Recipients to Hire LGBTs


40% of Workers Now Have 'Contingent' Jobs, Says U.S. Government

 Labor Department Premieres ‘Blacklist’ New regs could force agencies to weigh labor compliance in contracting

Consumer Comfort Plunges For Longest Streak In 7 Years

Russian Reset

 NATO Chief: Russian Nuclear Threats ‘Destabilizing and Dangerous’ Says the Kremlin’s deployment of nuclear weapons would ‘fundamentally change the balance of security in Europe’

It's 3am and nobody's there

U.S. Saw Islamic State Coming, Let It Take Ramadi

White House: Obama ISIS Strategy A ’Recipe That Has Succeeded’

The ‘war’ word is being increasingly heard as Europe, Russia, China and the United States adopt provocative postures

CBS Reports Hundreds of Millions In Cost Overruns on U.S. Embassies

Kerry Attending Inauguration of Nigeria's New Muslim President, Who Once Advocated Shari'a Law

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Obama’s Top Admiral Forced Bergdahl’s Squadmates to Sign Non-Disclosure Statements (VIDEO)

Obama and Syria

 Al Qaeda in Syria ‘Tweeting Jihad to Over 200,000 Followers’ Twitter support for terror group hits high point


Clinton Foundation paid Blumenthal $10K per month while he advised on Libya

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama defends plan, links hurricanes to climate change

Obama: Teach climate change in schools

Obama Ethics, Year 7

From Communists to Progressives, the Left´s Takedown of Family and Marriage

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: Dwindling Years As President ‘Concentrates The Mind’


Surprise: State Department labeled Benghazi ‘terrorism event’ within hours

Queen Michelle

Percentage of Obese Americans At Its Highest Level, 27.7% Under Obama

Obama and Common Core

Common Core ‘architect’ David Coleman’s history with Bill Ayers and Barack Obama



Judge Orders State Dept. to Release Hillary Emails Every 30 Days

Judge rejects State Dept. plan for Clinton emails, sets timetable for release

Obama Amnesty

Obama Won’t Take Executive Amnesty Fight To The Supreme Court

U.S. pushback against Muslim refugees 'growing'


Hillary Clinton Knew BACK IN 2011 About US Weapons Shipments from Libya to Syria (VIDEO)

Declassified docs: Hillary aided rise of ISIS Confirm reports of U.S. arming Middle East jihadists

Clinton Confidant Revealed as Source of Benghazi Misinformation

Hillary email indicates another American with slain ambassador? Message released by State Department refers to 2 bodies

Obama and Your Privacy

Obama “strongly” urges Senate to get back to D.C. and renew surveillance powers

The NSA’s Technotyranny: One Nation Under Surveillance


Greta: Obama Playing Terrible Game With Your Health Care

ObamaCare drafters: We never intended to limit federal subsidies to state exchanges

Obamacare's Intent? Just Read the Law

Russian Reset

Russia masses heavy firepower on border with Ukraine - witness

It's 3am and nobody's there

Pentagon Officials Call Out Obama's 'Pathetic' ISIS Strategy "What strategy?"

The remarkable rise of Marie Harf

State Dept. Sets 20-Year Record for Delaying Release of Human Rights Reports

Detroit Police Chief: I Wouldn’t Gas Up in the City Late at Night Unless I Had To

Loretta Lynch File

Loretta Lynch's Justice Department Just Launched a Full-Blown Offensive Against FIFA

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

‘Gun shop’ wasn’t only thing fake in CeaseFire ‘social experiment’ PSA


Another Clinton Scandal – FIFA Corruptocrats Linked to Clinton Foundation

George Stephanopoulos Wife Cancels Book Tour Appearance After Husband’s Clinton Cash Donation


Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill

Kiss Your Pension Fund Goodbye

Obama and Agenda 21

West Virginia Joins Five Other States in Bailing on Interior Department Mine Regulation Agreement

EPA’s Shocking Actions to Gain Support for Its Water Rule

Obama Voter Fraud

Don’t Believe Voter Fraud Happens? Here’s Some Examples

Community Organizer to the World

Hillary Brings Back Southern Twang for South Carolina Visit

Biden Says the U.S. Should Follow Ireland’s Lead on Gay Marriage

Posse Comitatus

JADE HELM 15 Exposed: PURGED General Spills Beans. Forewarned. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

General McChrystal: Yep, We Knew Bergdahl Was a Deserter Immediately

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama 3/21/14:  "Rare that I have the chance to travel outside of the U.S."?.... -5 yrs 23 countries


Obama Amnesty

White House Hits Back at Appeals Court After Immigration Ruling

Federal appeals court deals blow to President Obama’s amnesty

Obama and Egypt

Egyptian TV political panel discusses Obama's climate-change-is-our-biggest-security-threat address to Coast Guard Academy

It's 3am and nobody's there

Russia Confirms Sale of S-300 Missile Systems To Iran

U.S. Intel: Obama Coalition Supported Islamic State in Syria

White House Blames Bush for ISIS

New York Times: With ISIS in Cross Hairs, U.S. Holds Back to Protect Civilians

Obama’s Policies to Empower ISIS Exposed

Chinese military sets course to expand global reach as ‘national interests’ grow


2 Of Hillary’s Libya Emails Are Missing

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Netanyahu: Nuclear Iran 'A Thousand Times More Dangerous Than ISIS'

Obama, the Jews, the Muslims, and Us

Legitimizing Anti-Semitism


Today's Economic Data Enough To Push Q2 GDP By Whopping 0.1% To 0.8%..... at least according to the Atlanta Fed

New Home Sales Rebound Despite Median Price Rising To Just Shy Of All Time High

Case-Shiller Home Prices Rise Over 5% YoY To 7 Year High

Durable Goods Orders Slide YoY 4th Month In A Row Despite Dramatic Upward Revisions

Near-Record Wage Spike Stabilizes Richmond Fed Manufacturing Survey

US Services PMI Slides To Lowest Since January

Obama vs the US Military

U.S. Navy Vet: Veterans Affairs Gun Locks ‘Another Obama Back Door Gun Control Measure’

Obama: ‘The Values That Drive Our Brave Men and Women in Uniform Remain Constant’

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Bob Woodward: Wrong, Bush Did Not Lie Us Into Iraq


Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department

ABC spokeswoman in Stephanopoulos flap worked in Clinton White House


Obama vs The US Military

In Memorial Day tribute to fallen troops, Obama cites his role in ending wars

Defense Sec at Arlington: ‘Troops of Such Caliber’ Have ‘Great Leader’ in Obama

Obama Celebrates 1st Memorial Day Without U.S. Combat Mission in Afghanistan

It's 3am and nobody's there

A combat veteran, a woman, and a Dem — and she SLAMS Obama ISIS strategy

Fall of Ramadi has ex-troops frustrated with Iraqi forces, Obama’s strategy

Biden Does Damage Control: Assures Iraqi Government Obama Administration Backs Them

Iranian Special Forces Commander: ‘Obama Has Not Done a Damn Thing’ to Fight ISIS

Defense chief: Iraqis showed no will to fight at Ramadi

Iraqi Prime Minister: Ramadi Will Be Recaptured from ISIS ‘Within Days’ (VIDEO)

ISIS horror grows: Things to know this week about the terrorist group

 The Amtrak Crash: Why The FBI Lied And Why It Is No Freak Accident Lending The Possibility Of A Terror Attack

Chinese State Paper Warns "War Will Be Inevitable" Unless U.S. Stops Meddling In Territorial Dispute

VA Death Panel

Billions of Dollars ‘Making Mockery’ of Federal Law and Taxpayers at VA

Obama and Israel, Year 7

US government cuts off Shia in Lebanon... except Hezbullah


More on Hillary’s Benghazi Emails


Traders Are Buying Gold & Silver At Fastest Pace In Over A Decade

Obama DOJ

Cleveland Reaches Settlement With Justice Department Over Police Conduct

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Tells Graduates to 'Shape the Revolutions'

Obama and Agenda 21

With new EPA water rule, Obama again takes executive action on environment

Chevy still has 6,000 unsold last-gen Volt hybrids

Obama Ethics, Year 7

To get around Congress, Obama turns to city halls

Communty Organizer to the World

 Obama’s Memorial Day Ice Cream Gloat

Democrats’ Happy Memorial Weekend Tweet: No American Flag, Just Obama and Ice Cream

Obama takes time out to praise 5-YEAR-OLD for view on gay marriage

Posse Comitatus

Obama Usurps Local Police With Fake “Ban” on Militarization


It's 3am and nobody's there

State Dep’t: We Never Called ISIS ‘Ragtag’

´Look ... It´s My Name on This´:Obama Defends the Iran Nuclear Deal

US warns China not to challengemilitary flights over South China Sea

Special Ops to Obama:Let Us Fight ISIS, Already

Obama and Israel, Year 7

President Obama urges American Jews to accept nuclear deal with Iran

Obama Calls Himself ´HonoraryMember of the Tribe´

Obama responds to anti-Israel critique: 'I must object' ;..speaks at DC congregation in commemoration of Jewish American Heritage Month.

Hezbullah gives rare tour of its terror tunnels into Israel - will anyone notice?


Hillary Slept Through Security Briefing on Benghazi Attack (Video)

E-mails: Hillary knew that State Department asked YouTube to block anti-Muslim movie overseas; Update: Creepy reporter transcript added

E-mails: Hillary knew that State Department asked YouTube to block anti-Muslim movie overseas

Clinton emails show concern about image after Benghazi

On Day Of Benghazi Attack, HillarySent Email Requesting Copy OfLibya Documentary She Starred In

First round of Hillary ClintonState Department emails to be released Friday

Blumenthal: I’d be happy to talk with the Benghazi select committee



Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi emails released; Gowdy accuses State Dept. of holding back docs

State Department Releases 1st Batch of Clinton Emails (Available Online)

REVEALED: Hillary Clinton Received Now Classified Benghazi Info at Private Email Server

Hillary Discussed Speculation About Her Health With Aides In Emails

Intel Committee Members: Release More Bin Laden Docs

Clinton Camp Demands Anonymity On Conference Call With Media


Documents show Hillary Clinton pushed tax breaks for nonprofits while husband solicited library donations

New Clinton speech disclosuresreveal foundation’s take

Archives show Hillary ClintonOK´d tax breaks for nonprofits

NYT Reporter: Clintons Keep Changing The Rules On Ethics Agreement


US Department Of Commerce Officially Jumps The Shark, Will "Double Seasonally Adjust" GDP Data

Obama Deal Seeks to ‘Eliminate’ Trade Barriers With Communist Regime Now Running $24.9B Trade Deficit With U.S.

How Obama Radically Transformed America's Patent System

Obama Amnesty

MS-13 Gang Epidemic Tests Obama´s Amnesty Excuse

States Call For Increased Oversight Of Obama Admin. Compliance With Exec. Amnesty Injunction

Posse Comitatus

Report: Obama Calls For “Softer Look” Uniforms for Cops

Obama vs The US Military

Biden To The Navy: ‘Our Forces WillHave To Be Ready’ For Climate Change


Orrin Hatch on Trade Bill: ‘I Don’t Know Fully What’s in TPP Myself’


Surprise: Insurers Anticipate Significant 2016 Obamacare Premium Hikes

Loretta Lynch File

Loretta Lynch: US Will Be ‘Less Safe’ If Congress Doesn’t Reauthorize Patriot Act

Obama and Your Privacy

FBI admits no major cases crackedwith Patriot Act snooping powers

Communty Organizer to the World

Empowered Thugs Rule The Streets –Post Riot Baltimore Shootings Skyrocket70% – Murder Rate Increases 42%– Mayor “Disheartened”…

Obama and Agenda 21

Feds: Coal power plant closureswould double under EPA rule

President Obama's Three Hundred and Thirtieth Week in Office

News and Notes:    Ted Cruz' Father "I lost my freedom once, I'll die before it happens again.



Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama: Netanyahu's Comments Have 'Consequences'President Obama continues criticism of Netanyahu’s comments on a Palestinian state and Arab-Israelis before the last elections.

Obama administration trying to bribe Israel to accept Iran deal

Obama: (Iran's)Supreme leader is anti-Semitic

Common Core teaches kids to 'divide Jerusalem' Boston U. professor gets federal funding for role-playing game

Israel Fears Obama Will Stop Hiding Its Nuclear 'Secret'


Senate averts trade filibuster, delivers big win to Obama in fast-track fight

Sen. Sessions Myth-Busts Obama Trade Effort

"We Reached The Tipping Point": Income Inequality Is Highest Since Records Began

Kansas City Fed In Recession Territory After Respondent "Laid Off 8% Of Workforce In 2 Months"

40% Of Existing Home Sales At Or Above Asking Price, Highest On NAR Record; supply in many markets is very tight, which in turn is leading to bidding wars, faster price growth and properties selling at a quicker pace

Economic Hope Crashes By Most Since 2013 Government Shutdown

US Manufacturing PMI Tumbles To Lowest In 16 Months As New Orders Tumbled

 Feds Spent $100 Billion on Food Assistance Last Year 109,930,090 Americans participated in overlapping programs


Top Aide’s Pre-Benghazi Email: Hillary Clinton Had ‘Leadership/Ownership/Stewardship of This Country’s Libya Policy From Start to Finish’

Emails Reportedly Show Confidant Told Clinton Benghazi Attack Planned by Fighters Tied to Al Qaeda

Ex-aide Blumenthal emailed Hillary on Benghazi


Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi emails showcorrespondence with Sidney Blumenthal

Report: Hillary Emails Contained Sensitive Information

Emails show Blumenthal helped shape Benghazi narrative

MORE EMAILS Prove Hillary Clinton & Obama KNEW Benghazi Terror Attack Was Planned by Al-Qaeda Group

It's 3am and nobody's there

Islamic State seizes Syria’s last border crossing with Iraq

Obama: We Are Not Losing War Against ISIS – Loss of Ramadi Just a “Setback”

Obama says US not losing against Islamic State

Gen. Jack Keane: ‘We Are Not Only Failing, We Are In Fact Losing This War’

Richard Engel on Obama’s Strategy Against Islamic State: The Definition of Stupidity

  Islamic State Bulletin: ISIS Controls 50% of Syria After Takeover of Palmyra

State Dept. denies Iran leader's claim over inspections

Iran’s Idea of a ‘Snap’ Inspection: 24 Days’ Notice

Obama and Agenda 21

Noted Climatologist BLASTS Obama over His Latest Crackpot Global Warming Claims


Clinton Foundation reveals up to $26 million in additional payments

24 Emails from Sid Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton Released

Clinton Fundraiser Highlights Donor Disclosure Discrepancies The Clinton Foundation dramatically undercounts contributions from a Clinton campaign donor’s group

 Clinton Foundation Silent on Blumenthal’s Exit Date Emails subpoenaed by congressional committee investigating Benghazi

Startling Connection Between Jeb And Hillary Just Exposed, And It Looks Awful For Him

Obama Amnesty

Texas demands Obama prove he’s halted deportation amnesty

Obama and Your Privacy

Public outcry forces FEC Democratsto junk bid to regulate Internet, Drudge

NSA Planned to Hijack Google App Store to Hack Smartphones

Obama vs The US Military

Obama At U.S. Coast Guard Academy Commencement: Denying Climate Change "Dereliction Of Duty"

Obama Amnesty

U.S. 'Prepared to Play a Leading Role' in Absorbing Muslim Refugees From Burma


Obamacare’s Dirty Secret: 31 Million Still Can’t Afford Treatment

Amid slower growth, California's Obamacare exchange cuts proposed spending

Report: Kitzhaber scrapped state Obamacare website to save election chances

Queen Michelle

Brian Williams pulls out of hostingawards show for military veteransand will be replaced by Michelle Obama


It's 3am and nobody's there

3 Years After He ´Ended the War´: Obama Declares Iraq a ´National Emergency´ for U.S.

China warns U.S. surveillance plane

Tom Cotton: Obama Isn’t Providing the Resources to Achieve His Stated Goal of Defeating ISIS

ISIS TAKES PALMYRA… Obama Tweets on National Security Threat of Global Warming

Breaking: Historic Palmyra, Syria FALLS to ISIS

Obama admin says “file footage of ISIL convoys operating in broad daylight” is “inaccurate” days before huge ISIL convoy in Ramadi

Obama Demands Congress Assume Responsibility for War on ISIS

Iran's Ayatollah: Nuke Inspectors Will Not Have Access to Military Sites, Scientists

Susan Rice: 'We Have Ended Two Wars Responsibly'

Obama to unleash 'community organizers' on crime-filled cities Critics decry president's handout to ACORN-style agitators

No Hope: Record High Suicide Rate by Black Children and Young Women in Obama Era

Obama and Syria

ISIS storms Syrian city near Palmyra ruins

Assad chemical weapons claims pose ‘reputational problem’ for US

Obama and Agenda 21

Barack Obama Warns Coast Guard Cadets: “We’re Witnessing the Birth of a New Ocean”

Obama Previews Stern Warning About Climate Change Threat to Humanity

White House: Climate change causes allergies, asthma, downpours, poverty, terrorism


Democrat blasts Benghazi subpoena tactics

The Benghazi-Syria Weapons Connection


Poof! CNN's Jake Tapper disappears from Clinton Foundation website: Column

Pro-Clinton super PAC hit with FEC complaint, allegations of illegal in-kind contributions

House Benghazi panel subpoenas former Clinton White House aide (Sidney Blumenthal)

Who Is Sidney Blumenthal? The many roles of Hillary’s secret diplomatic adviser

 Spanish-Language News Network Failed to Disclose Clinton Donation, Lobbying Expenditures TV Azteca and its philanthropic arms have donated as much as $375,000 to the Clinton Foundation


For Caterpillar, This Is What The "Second Great Depression" Looks Like

Even Harvard Economists Admit Fed Policy Has "Created Dangerous Risks"

 Feds Have No Idea If $4 Billion Farmers Program Does Anything Initiative questioned for more than three decades


Killing ObamaCare Subsidies Could Benefit Millions, Study Finds

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Over 1 Million Bin Laden Documents Remain Unreleased

Queen Michelle

Don´t mess with Michelle! First Lady stars in new KICKBOXING video that is sure to terrify Republicans


It's 3am and nobody's there

Report: ANBAR IS LOST — SHIITE MILITIAS Move to Protect Shia Holy Cities

Top Democrat Sounds “Alarm Bells” over Obama Admin’s Delusional Rhetoric on ISIS

Fall of Ramadi reflects failure of Iraq’s strategy against Islamic State, analysts say

Fall of Ramadi raises new questions about U.S. strategy in Iraq

White House: Obama's Strategy Against The Islamic State Has 'Overall' Been a Success

ISIS Begins Assault on Habbaniyah Base West of Ramadi

Iran Navy Fires at Singapore Ship in International Waters

America Snores When Christian Terrorist Threatens to Massacre Muslims

Zero Dark Thirty Was Filled With CIA Lies


AT LONG LAST: Hillary Finally Answers Questions From The Media [VIDEO]

 52 House Republicans to IRS: Investigate Hillary Clinton Foundation Tax Status

Judge orders ´rolling´ release of Clinton´s State Department emails

NY Post: Stephanopoulos gets $105M from ABC

Hillary Clinton Paid by Jeb Bush’s Education Company

'Clinton Cash’ Author: ‘We’re Finding Some Interesting, Compelling Things’ on Jeb

Bill doubled speaking fees from foreign groups while Hillary was secretary of state


NYT: Gowdy to subpoena Sid Blumenthal for Benghazi committee

Anti-Muslim film that sparked protests reposted on YouTube


Hillary Clinton On Her Emails: I Want Them Out, too!

Hillary had second secret email address

State Department to release Hillary emails in January 2016

Obama vs Your Privacy

GOP Wants Review of Internet Governance Handover

Obama Amnesty

Obama’s Task Force On Policing Argues Against Immigration Enforcement By Local/State Agencies

Agents Under Attack; Field training officer required multiple surgeries to repair damage

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Federalization of Law Enforcement Would Remove Bulwark for Second Amendment


Obama Administration Issues 184 Major Rules Costing $80 Billion Annually

Why Chicago Bonds Are Junk, In 7 Charts

Spot The Housing Starts Outlier (picture not so rosy)

Housing Starts Surge to Highest Since Nov 2007, Permits At 7 Year Highs

Walmart Sales, Comps Miss; Operating Income Tumbles; Runs Out Of Scapegoats


GOP Lawmakers Call For A Special Inspector General To Oversee Obamacare

Skyrocketing Medicaid signups stir Obamacare fights

Obamacare Is a Horror Story for Young Americans

Obama Ethics, Year 7

DOJ Official: Slavery to Blame for Riots in Ferguson and Baltimore

Hypocrite John Kerry owns millions in oil and gas stocks but the media and the Uniparty protect him

Obama and Agenda 21

To fight bee decline, Obama proposes more land to feed bees

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama Achieves the Impossible: He’s United Israel and Saudi Arabia The organizer of the controversial 'Ted Cruz fireside chat' on strange alliances and misguided boycotts

Common Core-Approved Workshop Teaches Sympathy for Hamas

Queen Michelle

USDA Launching Program To Defend Michelle Obama From Criticism Over Horrible School Lunches…



Defense, State Department Documents Reveal Obama Administration Knew that al Qaeda Terrorists Had Planned Benghazi Attack 10 Days in Advance


US intel knew about weapons going from Benghazi to Syria

SMOKING GUN MEMO: DIA Issued Memo Saying Benghazi Was Terror Attack SAME DAY Susan Rice Called It a Protest

Military intel predicted rise of ISIS in 2012, detailed arms shipments from Benghazi to Syria

It's 3am and nobody's there

As Ramadi Falls to ISIS, POTUS Goes Golfing, Gets New Twitter Account

White House pledges to help Iraqis retake Ramadi

Kerry: Don’t Worry About Fall of Ramadi, ‘Daesh Has Been Driven Back’

Experts: U.S. claims Ramadi a mere setback are ‘delusional

WH: Fall of Ramadi to ISIS a ´setback´

ISIS Counterpunch Stuns U.S. and Iraq

Pentagon: 'Strategy to Defeat ISIL Is Working'

Pentagon Betrays Apology to Gold Star Mother: ISIS Taking Ramadi Just a ‘Propaganda Boost’

White House steps up warnings about jihad terrorism on U.S. soil

Kamala Harris: Don’t Equate Islamic Terrorists with Islam

Russian Reset

US Military Cargo Transits Through Russia to Afghanistan Halted

Posse Comitatus

Obama bans some surplus military gear from transfer to police departments

U.S. Cracking Down on ´Militarization´ of Local Police

Obama blocks sale to police of paramilitary hardware in effort to halt decline in public trust


House Financial Services Committee Chair Demands Answers from Treasury on Uranium Deal, May Hold Hearings

Clinton Foundation Donors Include Newsmax, Fox News Personalities, Many Other “Conservatives,” Media Groups

Stephanopoulos’s Long, Long Record of Loyal Service to the Clintons

 Unions Pour Millions into Clinton Foundation Some contributions reported as political activity


Hillary Caught in Another Email Lie: New Docs Reveal She Used Second Private Account While Sec. of State

Hillary Clinton & Attorney CAUGHT IN LIE to Trey Gowdy Benghazi Committee About Clinton Email Accounts

Hillary Clinton Used Multiple Secret Email Addresses as Secretary of State

Newly Released Documents Indicate Key Hillary Clinton Claim on Emails Was Not True

Hillary’s closest adviser is hiding the truth of her emails

NYT: Banned from State Dep’t, Clinton Foundation crony advised Hillary on Libya anyway — while pursuing business there; Update: Another e-mail lie


Homebuilder Sentiment Slides, Misses For 5th Of Last 6 Months

Retailers Compete for American Shoppers

Obama Ethics, Year 7

UN Ambassador Compares Struggles of Afghan Women to a College Student Who Lied About Rape


How 7 States Wasted Nearly $1.3 Billion in Federal Money on Obamacare

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Joins Twitter

Obama Opens New Twitter Account – Crops out George and Laura Bush from Banner

Obama DOJ Announces Plan to Pay Community Organizers $163 Million to ‘Build Trust’

Agenda 21

Obama Admin Is BLOWING $250,000 to Make Morocco “Green”

New Texas Law Bans Cities From Banning Fracking, Drilling

Obama vs Your Privacy

John Kerry: Internet Needs More Rules to Flourish & Work Properly


It's 3am and nobody's there

ISIS Celebrates Victory in Ramadi – Thanks OBAMA for Spoils of War

Ramadi Falls, More U.S. Weapons Seized: See the Gains ISIS Made in Just Two Days

ISIS TAKES RAMADI – Begins Public Executions – Residents Flee (VIDEO)

The US Lost 1,335 Soldiers in Anbar – ISIS Just Took it Back …Thanks Obama

Ayatollah Khamenei: US Is Main Sponsor of Terrorism

Saudis to Buy Nukes from Pakistan - US Officials

Kerry - North Korea can have a great nuke deal like Iran if it becomes as moderate

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Did the U.S. Just Agree to Support Arab Forces in a War Against Israel?

Obama and Egypt

US 'Deeply Concerned' Over Morsi Death Sentence


How did $17 million disappear from Clinton Foundation? Wall Street analyst's findings call for investigation

Big Labor Groups Gave Over $2 Million in Members’ Dues to Clinton Foundation

George Stephanopoulos’ Twitter Explodes with Calls for Resignation

Watch: Stephanopoulos Apologizes to ‘This Week’ Viewers


Hillary Clinton’s consigliere covers up for her scandals


Food industry braces for Obama trans fat ban

Obama and Agenda 21

Kerry in China: ‘Because of Climate Change in the United States, We Are Ending Any Funding’ of ‘Coal-Fired Power’

The Government’s New Power Grab: 'Waters of the United States'

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Disgusting. Obama Ambassador Spews “Mattress Girl” Lie During Commencement Speech

Obama: LGBT rights are human rights

Lapdogs, Redux: How The Press Tried To Discredit Seymour Hersh’s Bombshell Reporting On CIA Domestic Spying


Paying for Obamacare;  Insurers pass tax along to the states


It's 3am and nobody's there

ISIS takes ancient city of Palmyra

Biden promises Iraq heavy weapons after Islamic State takes Ramadi

Abu Sayyaf raid required U.S. troops to use ‘hand to hand’ combat

Sources: U.S. Special Operations forces kill ISIS commander Abu Sayyaf in Syria raid

Khamenei: The United States Makes the Region 'Insecure' Iran’s supreme leader lashes out at the United States, even after his country seized a ship in the Persian Gulf.

Obama Failed to Appoint Railroad Chief

Kerry spars with China over South China Sea

TSA Failing ‘in Almost Every Area of Their Functions’

Obama, Arab nations dance to different tunes

Mosque Obama hails as “model” tied to 12 jihad terrorists

Obama and Egypt

Ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi sentenced to death

Obama Amnesty

DHS blames tech glitch for violating judge’s amnesty injunction


The dire ObamaCare threat to New York’s hospitals


'Clinton Cash’ Author Investigates George Stephanopoulos, Uncovers Undisclosed Involvement with Clinton Foundation

Ethically troubled Clinton Foundation donor received $92m in Ex-Im financing

Hillary Clinton personally took money from companies that sought to influence her

Flashback: George Stephanopoulos to Hillary Clinton: ´I Love You´

Clintons Earned $30 Million in 16 Months, Report Shows

George Stephanopoulos´s top ABC spokeswoman was a Clinton employee too: Network VP at center of donation crisis worked in Bill´s White House press office


Former Obama CIA chief: Foreign governments have Hillary’s emails


Obama: ´We want a place where you can make it if you try´

US Spending on Social Programs 17 times that of Socialist China

Obama and Agenda 21

 Obama: We Have to Transition Off of Fossil Fuels to Prevent Climate Change

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Democrats Push Bans and Reporting Requirements for Online Ammo Sales

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: I'll Commemorate Sunday as ‘International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia’



The Mystery of Declining Productivity Growth The healthy 2.6% a year from 1995-2010 has since been an anemic 0.4%. What’s scary is that we don’t know why.

Blue Bell lays off 1,450 workers; 1,400 more furloughed

US Farmers In "Dire Straits": JPM Warns Of Imminent Liquidity Crunch

 US Industrial Production Weakens For 5th Month - Longest Streak Since Great Recession

Soon You Might Be Able To Receive Food Stamps Over The Phone

Food Stamp Recipients Drop from 46,028,930 to 45,682,474, Still Outnumber Population of Kenya

Obama and Israel, Year 7

 Israeli Ambassador on Iran Deal: ‘We Cannot Roll the Dice’ on Survival of Jewish State

It's 3am and nobody's there

As Ramadi Falls to Islamic State Terrorists, WH Says IS Momentum ‘Has Been Blunted’

 REPORT: US Troops Flee Habbaniyya Base Near Ramadi From ISIS

Iranian Ayatollah: We ‘Will Never Allow’ Inspections of Nuke Sites

Russian Reset

 Russia Says It Can Deploy Nuclear Arms to Crimea Moscow to bolster military in occupied Ukrainian peninsula

 Cold War 2.0 Caught On Tape: US Military Convoy Crosses Eastern Europe While NATO Sings Karaoke Peace Ballad

Obama vs the US Military

House passes $612 billion defense bill opposed by Obama

Obama Amnesty

 New Report Strikes Serious Blow Against Obama Administration’s Defense in Executive Amnesty Lawsuit


The ACA’s Unintended Consequences Obamacare will depress wages and productivity.

1 in 4 adults had insurance but still couldn’t afford medical care

Obamacare Exchanges on Life Support

How Many People Has Obamacare Really Insured?


WATCH: George Stephanopoulos Issues Righteous Apology Over Hiding Clinton Foundation Donations

ABC News spokesperson at center of Stephanopoulos scandal also worked in Clinton White House

George Stephanopoulos a Member of Clinton Global Initiative in 2010, 2011

VIDEO MONTAGE=> Stephanopoulos Defends Hillary While Donating $75K to Her Foundation

Ten Times George Stephanopoulos Sucked Up to the Clintons on ABC News

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama Has Less Than $1,001 in Savings Account

Obama Promotes Parks Just as It's Announced Library Will Lead to Destruction of Historical Park

 Queen Michelle

  Feds to Use Social Media to Combat Complaints about Michelle O School Lunches USDA official asks for tweets using #realschoolfood

Boston Marathon Massacre

US Attorney: Boston Marathon Bombing ‘Not a Religious Crime,’ It Was ‘Political’

 Boston Marathon bomber sentenced to death

VA Death Panel

VA Whistleblower Sheds Light On Billions Spent In Violation Of Federal Law 

Obama and Syria

 Obama seeks to reassure Gulf allies, sees no early end to Syria war

President Obama's Three Hundred and Twenty-Ninth Week in Office

News and Notes:   Obama FCC Commissioner: "Online speech is a ... brave new world that needs to be regulated"




Education Secretary Meets With Chicago Gang Leaders: They Just Need Jobs

U.S. capital spending seen falling to four-year low in 2015

Wholesale Deflation Strikes US Economy: April PPI Has Biggest Annual Drop In 5 Years

The Recovery Itself Unravels; Consumer Recession

Consumer Comfort Tumbles For Longest Streak In 18 Months

Jobless Claims Collapse Near 42 Year Low, But Texas Turmoils

Obama and Israel, Year 7

In Camp David homage, Obama says Israeli-Palestinian peace 'seems distant now'; US president recognizes Israel's successful formation of a government, but notes that some of its members are openly opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state.

Obama: 'Two-State Solution' Best for Israel's Security

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Says Gulf Leaders Agree with Him On Iran

House Approves Iran Nuclear Review Bill

Obama: 'We Welcome an Iran that Plays a Responsible Role in the Region'

Saudi Arabia vows to set off new Middle East arms race and 'match Iran's nuclear capability'

Hosting rare summit, Obama pitches Iran accord to Arab powers

Stop using ISIL footage, Obama administration asks networks

US Embassy: American citizen killed in Afghanistan attack

 U.S. Official: Afghan Security Forces Still Not Prepared to Fight Despite billions spent on training

Iran Cheated During Obama Nuke Talks – Attempted to Buy Nuke Technology With False Documentation

 Pentagon Building Up Forces, Alliances in South China Sea Stronger regional presence aimed at countering illegal Chinese maritime claims, coercion

Russian Reset

Obama’s Iran Deal Lie Collapses: Russia Says No ‘Snap-Back’ Sanctions

Obama vs the US Military

GOP-led House clears way for illegals in military 'What matters is quality and commitment of people … not immigration status'

Obama Amnesty

House cancels illegal immigrant Dreamer path to military service

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Taliban Dream Team Exchanged for Deserter Bowe Bergdahl Set to Be Freed in 2 Weeks

Obama and Syria

Tom Cotton Blasts Obama for Failing to Enforce ‘Redline’ After Sarin Gas Discovery in Syria

Obama and Your Privacy

US to give up control of internet? ICANN sees privatization of Internet management soon


ABC’s Stephanopoulos gave $75G to Clinton Foundation without disclosing it, apologizes

George Stephanopoulos donated $50k to Clinton Foundation, did not disclose when interviewing Peter Schweizer

 Clinton Connections Paid Off for Indonesian Tobacco Tycoon’s Group Foundation donor hired Clinton supporters to successfully lobby for U.S. support

Obama Ethics, Year 7

 Treasury Rolls Back Changes to Transparency Website Bipartisan group of senators sent letter expressing concern

Obama and Agenda 21

The Greatest Water Crisis In The History Of The United States

Obama Education

‘Obama regime’ pushes public boarding schools: ‘Certain kids we should have 24/7

Queen Michelle

‘Michelle Obama’s Lifetime of Microaggressions’

Joltin' Joe Bide

Biden Defends Cops, Jabs DOJ

Posse Comitatus

Sheriff's deputies team with military for special-ops exercises Residents advised to ignore 'sounds of gunfire,' vehicles in streets

Big Spring Landowners Paid to Accommodate Jade Helm, Says Mayor

VA Death Panel

Memo: VA Is Using Illegal 'Shopping Lists' to Buy Medical Devices that May Not Meet Safety Standards


Benghazi panel head: Clinton testimony will be delayed

Loretta Lynch File

AG Vows to Advance Obama’s Push to End ‘Zero Tolerance’ School Discipline Policies

Queen Michelle

Students discover ‘ginormous bugs’ in Michelle O lunch


Obama Ethics, Year 7

Guard Tells Dem Senator: You Can’t Take Notes About Obama’s Trade Agreement

House abortion bill ‘disgraceful,’ White House says

Obama Disapproves: 'Kids Start Going to Private Schools...Private Clubs'


Obama trade bill revived after bipartisan deal sets new votes

Obama after trade deal defeat: This is personal for me

Q2 GDP Forecast Cut To 0.7% By Atlanta Fed

 The US Is In Recession According To These 7 Charts

Import Prices Plunge For 9th Month In A Row, Biggest Drop Ex-Fuel Since 2009

US Retail Sales Hint At Recession, Weakest Since Financial Crisis

Chicago "Junking" Triggers $2.2 Billion Payment, Deepening Financial Crisis

Obama: I´ve been called ´Hitler´ for trying to tax hedge fund managers

Regulators Thrive While Economy Struggles Under Obama

Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Qatar to Free (Five Senior) Taliban Commanders Exchanged for (Army Deserter) Bergdahl

It's 3am and nobody's there

Report: King of Bahrain skips President Obama meeting for horse show

FLASHBACK: FBI Warns of Train Derailment Threat

Josh Earnest Expects Apology From Democratic Senator Who Accused Obama Of Sexism [VIDEO]

China Lashes Out At US: "Refrain From Provocative Action" In South China Sea

Pentagon report: Chinese ballistic missiles can target nearly the entirety of the US

Senators Say China Diverted U.S. Nuclear Technology to Submarines in Violation of ’85 Accord

SOURCE: Police officers may TURN THEIR BACKS on Obama at Capitol Memorial service on Friday

Russian Reset

 Kerry in Russia Holds Out Possibility of Easing Sanctions; Crimea Not Mentioned

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama Rips Israel and Iran in Interview with Saudi Paper

Obama: Palestinians deserve an end to the occupation

Obama and Syria

Obama Admin is Training "About 90" ..Syrians to Defeat ISIS ..(That Ought to Do It)

White House Concerned Over Syrian Chemical Weapons White House concerned over the fact that undeclared traces of chemical weapons were found in Syria


Obama Administration Tries To Blackmail States Into Expanding Medicaid

Amid slower growth, California's Obamacare exchange cuts proposed spending

Feds Order Insurance Companies to Provide Mammogram Coverage for Men Who Have Undergone Sex Change Ops

 Increased Health Care Costs Topple Support for Drug Take-Back Programs Viability of in-home disposal trumps increased costs


Federal Records Agency’s Top Lawyer Expressed “Concern,” Surprise At Clinton’s Private Email Use, Internal Emails Reveal

Obama and Agenda 21

House votes to block EPA from implementing new water-regulation plan

Rainwater collection being criminalized in U.S. to solidify total government dependence

Posse Comitatus

Voters Worry Military Exercises May Lead to Federal Control Of States

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: 'There's Nothing We Can't Achieve'

Obama Amnesty

DHS Fails To Keep Track Of Number Of Illegals Allowed To Stay In U.S.



Senate deals stinging defeat to Obama trade agenda

Obama: 'The Most Progressive Trade Agreement in Our Nation's History'

CNN’s Acosta To Earnest: Do Obama’s Poverty Comments Show He’s ‘Out Of Touch?’ [VIDEO]

Obama complains about people who send kids to ‘private schools’ and use ‘private clubs’

Obama: Wealthiest people aren’t ‘evil,’ they just make too much money

Obama Lectures Christians: Church Should Focus More on Poverty & Less on Abortion, Marriage (VIDEO)

Recap: The Obama-Attended Poverty Panel Discussion at Georgetown University

7,231,000 Lost Jobs: Manufacturing Employment Down 37% From 1979 Peak

Obama Admits That Fox News Stories About Obamaphones ‘Make Me Mad’

Labor Department Finally Notices The Jobs Bloodbath In Texas: Midwest "Discharges" Surge To 4 Year High

Second Largest Coal Miner East Of The Mississippi Files For Bankruptcy: 4000 Patriot Coal Jobs In Peril

Obama’s Hidden Taxes Crushing Economic Growth

America is a food stamp nation

Obama to target lack of opportunity at poverty summit

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama’s Energy Regulations To Cost Americans $460.5 Billion

Angry over reach of EPA water rules, farmers urge lawmakers to block them

It's 3am and nobody's there

Police Officers: Morale Is Low In Departments Across The Country

NBC Confirms Obama Lied About Bin Laden Raid

SEAL Who Allegedly Shot bin Laden: Hersh’s Article Is ‘Garbage’

White House denies Obama's Gulf overtures are unraveling

Iran Responds To US Naval Escalation, Sends Warship Escort For Yemen Aid Vessel

Obama’s quiet nuclear deal with China raises proliferation concerns

Obama Admin Apologizes to U.N. for American Cops Promises to prosecute those who "wilfully use excessive force."

 Report: TSA Doesn’t Know if Bomb-Detecting Machines Are ‘Operational’ ‘Safety of airline passengers and aircraft could be jeopardized’

Russian Reset

Kerry Meets Putin For The First Time In 2 Years As Russia And China Launch First Ever Joint Naval Drill

Russia Slams ‘Unfriendly’ U.S. Ahead of Kerry Visit

First Russia-China naval war games underway in Mediterranean

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama Expects Israel to Work Towards 'Two-State Solution'; In an interview with Arab newspaper, Obama says he wants "genuine commitment to a two-state solution" from Israel.

Obama Amnesty

113 Members of Congress File Legal Brief Against Obama’s Executive Immigration Action

Marco Rubio says U.S. admits 1 million immigrants a year, far more than any nation

1.6 Million Immigrants from Predominantly Muslim Countries Since 9/11

SHOCK VIDEO=> DHS Caught Moving Illegal Somalis & Africans to Detention Center in California


  State Department approved $50 million in Bill Clinton speeches during Hillary’s tenure

Clinton Foundation Donor Involved in Uranium Deal Flails When Grilled by CNBC Anchors


Health exchange considers higher fees as federal grants end (Colorado)

Obama’s Home State To Shut Down State-Based Obamacare Exchange Over Lack of Funds

Obamacare's 'Cadillac Tax' Will Soon Hit Many Cities and States

Is Medicaid expansion still voluntary?

Doctors Beware: the Electronic Health Records Debacle May Get Much Worse

Ky hospitals: Obamacare forcing cuts, layoffs


Mike Morell: WH Benghazi Talking Points Crossed The Line Between Politics and National Security

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

Charge: Election commission Dems want to regulate conservative Internet, super PACs



The Average Age Of A Minimum Wage Worker In America Is 36

Almost Half Of US States Are Officially Broke

The Government's Career Suggestion For Massively Indebted College Grads: Become Farmers

America's Vanishing Worker: The Truth Behind The "Recovery" Propaganda

Elizabeth Warren fires back at Obama: Here’s what they’re really fighting about

White House escalates war with Elizabeth Warren on trade

Homelessness up 12% in L.A. city and county

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama Tweets Old HuffPo Piece Saying NASA Budget Cut by ‘Climate Deniers’

It's 3am and nobody's there

US admits at UN: We crossed line on interrogating detainees

Saudi Arabia: King Didn't Mean to Snub Obama Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says King Salman's decision not to attend summit was not intended to snub the United States.

White House: If Saudis Were Sending a Snub, ‘That Message Was Not Received’

White House regroups after Gulf state summit plans unravel

Persian Gulf Allies Confront Crisis of Confidence in U.S.

White House Sees No Snub in Arab Leaders Skipping Summit

Obama to try to allay Gulf nation leaders´ fears about Iran

Along with Saudi king, most Gulf rulers to skip US summit

King of Bahrain will also skip Obama's Camp David summit

Sharia Compliance–Report: Veterans Told to Avoid Targeting by ISIS ‘Lone Wolves’… Don’t Act ‘Pompous’ Online, Hide Your Military Service

White House: Obama visit to Cuba ´not ruled out´

Pakistanis Knew Where Bin Laden Was Hiding All Along, Say US Sources

Bin Laden report 'full of lies,' says former SEAL

White House denies claims it misled public on bin Laden killing

Former top CIA official on bin Laden raid account: ´It´s all wrong´

US defends record before top UN human rights body

DHS Secretary: Counter-Terror Narrative ´Not Necessarily a Government Objective´

McCaul: DHS Spending ´More Money´ on Climate Change Than Combating Violent Extremists

Saudi Army Strike Force Arrives On Yemen Border In Preparation For Land Invasion

FBI: Law Enforcement Officers Feloniously Killed in Line of Duty Up 89% in 2014

Ex-Gitmo warden 'beyond disgusted' Obama released Taliban 5 Jihadist leaders certainly will 'return to the fight'

 The Killing of Osama bin Laden; Seymour M. Hersh

Russian Reset

Kerry, Putin to meet over Ukraine, Syria crises despite 'confrontational, difficult times'

Loretta Lynch File

Loretta Lynch Issues Statement of Solidarity with Law Enforcement After Hattiesburg Cops Killed

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama: ‘Sex’ And ‘Gender’ Are Different Things

Obama Sent 3 Officials to Criminal Freddie Gray’s Funeral – No One to NYPD Officer Brian Moore’s Funeral


HHS re-writes Obamacare rules: Orders free birth control for all

Health Insurers Ordered to Heed Law on Free Contraception Coverage

Credit Bush for America's Healthcare Spending Slowdown


Reuters: Clinton Foundation still not disclosing full picture of foreign-govt funding

Clinton Foundation Broke Transparency Promise To Obama, "Strong Armed" Charity Watchdog

Ties of Hillary Clinton’s Brother Invite Scrutiny

Hillary's Brother: I Used the Clinton Foundation for Deals

5 ‘Clinton Cash’ Revelations That Have Leftists Steaming

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama Staffers Meet Arab Boy Beaten by Border Policeman

Israel’s New Justice Minister to Clamp Down on New Israel Fund & Radical Left

CNN: Israel treating mostly 'anti-Assad' forces in its hospitals


Trey Gowdy: Obama administration obstructing Benghazi probe


It's 3am and nobody's there

Saudi Arabia Says King Won’t Attend Meetings in U.S.

Report: Obama lied about bin Laden raid

Kerry: Deal Would 'Guarantee' Iran 'Won’t Possibly Be Able to Advance' Nuke Program

Gaffney Issues WARNING! “We Are Dealing With National Security Fraud”

Queen Michelle

FLOTUS: As First African-American First Lady I Faced Fear, Misperceptions

Michelle Obama Confesses Caricature of Angry Black Woman ´Knocked Me Back´

Michelle Obama Plays Race Card at Tuskegee University: “Sting” of Racism “Didn’t Hold Me Back” (Video)

Michelle Obama says she was held to different standard in ´08 campaign due to her race


The cash crisis begins as Chase to start charging 1% fee on bank deposits starting May 1

Something Doesn't Add Up - Strong Jobs, Weak Spending, Sagging Sales


Hillary Clinton email case reopened by federal judge

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama to schools: Gender-bend or lose funding Outraged parents locked out of board meeting

Obama and Agenda 21

The Economics Of Tesla's PowerWall Don’t Make Sense For Most Customers In North America

Obama vs the 2nd Amendment

Congress giving Obama 'blank check' for gun control Larry Pratt: Secret trade deal allows prez to 'stick it to 2nd Amendment'

Community Organizer to the World

Republican rep explains how Obama incited race riots, starting with the ‘Beer Summit’

Obama and the IRS

Two years later, IRS probes drag on

Posse Comitatus

Texas bristles at Obama’s ‘invasion’

Military Convoy with Microwave Weapons Going West On I-80 In Nevada

Obama vs the US Military

New Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Joseph Dunford to make call on women in combat

Report: Defense Dept. paid NFL millions of taxpayer dollars to salute troops

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

‘How the Left is Killing Free Speech’


It's 3am and nobody's there

Kerry: Deal Would 'Guarantee' Iran 'Won’t Possibly Be Able to Advance' Nuke Program

Gitmo Killer Released In Canada – Omar Khadr Who Killed US Soldier With Grenade Walks Free

Obama Amnesty

Obama: Illegals ‘Are Americans Just Like Our Kids, Except They Don’t Have the Right Documents’

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: ´This was the generation that literally saved the world´ ( V-E Day remarks)

Last and least? Obama´s visit to South Dakota marks president´s 50th state (but they don´t seem too thrilled to see him)

Obama and Your Privacy

Intel chief ‘absolutely’ forgot about NSA data sweep program, attorney says

Obama and Egypt

Egyptian court: Former President Hosni Mubarak can go free

Court sentences Egypt's Mubarak, sons to 3 years in prison

Obama and Israel, Year 7

US, EU Condemn 'Illegal' Building in Jerusalem Plans released to build 900 homes in Ramat Shlomo. EU, US condemn 'illegal' and 'disappointing' move.

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: Blacks have been ´frustrated and invisible´ for ´decades´


Levin: Rand Paul covering up Obamacare fraud

Obama Ethics, Year 7

U.S. Government: We Can Classify Anything and Judges Can’t Stop Us

Obama and Agenda 21

U.S. Energy Secretary: Policy Makers Should Ignore Climate Deniers (VIDEO)


Class Of 2015 Sets Student Debt Record

Obama and Common Core

Scholar: Under New AP Standards, ‘American History Will Not Be About America’ [VIDEO]

Officers Relieved from Duty Under Obama

Goat Removed from USS Lake Erie Along with CO



Gowdy’s Benghazi Panel Wants Clinton’s Top Aides

AP Reporter Grills Spokesman Who Admitted State Dept. Won’t Look Into Clinton Foundation Donors [VIDEO]

Earth Institute Director on Clinton Foundation: 'It's Not Good'

Obama Amnesty

Report: Obama Administration Admits Breaking Executive Amnesty Injunction

DHS broke judge’s order, approved amnesty applications despite injunction

Gowdy Requests Follow-Up Information On Spartanburg Refugee Resettlement Program


 Part-Time Jobs Soar By 437,000; Full-Time Jobs Tumble, Stay Firmly Under Pre-Recession Highs

Old Workers Hit New All Time High As All April Jobs Go To The "55 And Older"

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Unemployment drops to 7-year low

Americans Not In The Labor Force Rise To Record 93,194,000

Jobs growth is ‘back on track,’ economists say after payrolls report

In April There Were 26 Waiters And Bartenders For Every Manufacturing Job Added

Was The Payrolls Report Leaked Early (Again)?

Record 56,167,000 Women Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Matches 27-Year Low

Americans Living Abroad Set Record for Giving Up Citizenship

Home Flipping Profits Hit Record As Wall Street Drives Speculation (Again)

It's 3am and nobody's there

The 'Concerns' of Secretary Kerry Samples from a study of impotence.

John Kerry asks Fench leaders to " give Iran the benefit of a doubt" on the nuclear issue, French sources claim.

ISIS activity prompts threat level increase at bases

FBI Director: 'Maybe Thousands' Recruited by ISIS in US "The haystack is the entire country. We are looking for the needles, but increasingly the needles are unavailable to us."

SEAL who shot Bin Laden reacts to report ISIS operates in 15 states: 'They're telling the truth'

FBI KNEW Terrorist Was Heading to Garland, TX – DID NOT Notify Organizers (VIDEO)


Benghazi Committee: The White House Is Still Stonewalling Us

Loretta Lynch File

Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces probe of Baltimore Police Department

Lynch to Investigate Constitutional Violations of Baltimore PD

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Homeschoolers interrogated on guns, vaccines Caseworker demands: 'Follow public school' curriculum

Obama vs The 2nd Amendment

Battle erupts over censorship of 3D-printer gun plans Lawsuit: Feds violating Constitution by banning online posts

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama: ‘I Can Understand Science’

Obama and Your Privacy

Judge: Administration's Legal Argument Would Allow Mass Seizure of 'Metadata' for 'Financial Records, Medical Records and Electronic Communications'

Posse Comitatus

Hidden cactus cameras are freaking out the residents of a small Arizona town

Defense chief shrugs off special-ops fears Carter: 'Very open and upfront about our training activities'


Obamacare program may be linked to ER opioid prescriptions

President Obama's Three Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Week in Office

News and Notes:   Obama: 'By Hook or By Crook' I'm Going to Be a Successful President



Obama and Israel, Year 7

Rumor: Obama to back Palestinian state at Security Council – payback for Israel’s right-wing cabinet

Obama Congratulates Netanyahu on New Israeli Government 'Obama looks forward to working with Prime Minister Netanyahu,' the White House said, in a businesslike statement.

Obama ´looks forward´ to working with Netanyahu

It's 3am and nobody's there

Top Iran Commander: ‘We Welcome War With The United States’

By an overwhelming 98-1 margin the Senate has passed a bill which purports to give Congress a say on President Hussein Obama's proposed nuclear deal with Iran

Dempsey: Global Security ‘as Uncertain as I’ve Seen in 40 Years’

Once Again… Iranian Leader Khamenei Leads “Death to America” Chants at Prayer Service (VIDEO)

Pam Geller: No Contact from FBI, Homeland Security Since Terror Attack

Official: FBI Overlooked Texas Shooter’s Violent Tweets Because ‘There are So Many Like Him’

Report: US drone strike kills man who claimed Charlie Hebdo, kosher market attacks

Loretta Lynch File

Lynch: Decision on Baltimore PD probe coming soon


Why Did a Nigerian Company Pay Bill Clinton $1.4 Million for Two Speeches?

Revealed: Four Clinton Foundation Trustees Charged or Convicted of Financial Crimes

ABC: Clinton Foundation Event with Human Rights Violating Donors ‘Held in Great Secrecy’


Autauga Co. substitute teacher shortage linked to Obamacare


Feds set tax haul record: $472B in one month

Wendy´s to sell 640 restaurants

Despite Biggest Spike In Job Cuts Since 2011, Jobless Claims Hover At 15-Year Lows

Obama Amnesty

US-Mexico border braces for summer migrant surge as children risk lives alone

Flashback: Hillary Clinton: I’m “adamantly against illegal immigrants.”

WH Refuses to Say Whether Hillary's Proposed Executive Amnesty Is Legal

Obama vs The US Military

Obama Threatens Veto of Defense Funding Shift

Obama and Agenda 21

State Dep’t Official Ducks Question on Whether Global Climate Deal Will be Brought Before Senate

Environment Chairman: ‘Global Warming Alarmism Has Evolved Into a Religion’

NOAA Caught Rewriting US Temperature History (Again)

Obama and Your Privacy

US appeals court: NSA's bulk collection of Americans' phone records exceeds what is allowed

Top court rules against NSA program

Posse Comitatus

Gohmert Statement on Jade Helm Exercises

Is Obama Gay?

Feds Forcing Public Schools to Adopt ´Nondiscrimination´ for Transgender Teachers and Students


Obama and the IRS

The IRS Goes To Court: The agency suggests it can discriminate for 270 days. Judge Gasp.

IRS Scandal: I was targeted and I´ve got proof it was a Democratically-led conspiracy

It's 3am and nobody's there

WH: ‘Common Sense’ That Iran Will Use Money From Lifted Sanctions to Boost Economy, Not Fund Terror

Reports, Terrorist Acts Corroborate ISIS in Mexico Story JW Broke Last Month

Obama Islamic State strategy slammed as terrorist group claims it has infiltrated U.S.

Question for Josh Earnest: Was it “appropriate” for Americans to hold a Mohammed cartoon contest?

New sanctions in works – against U.S. businesses Pending outcome of final deal with foe Iran

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama’s State Department repeatedly ignores open government laws


Hillary Clinton to Court Donors for Super PAC

Bill Clinton on Foundation Troubles: 'I Just Work Here. I Don't Know.'

The Hill-Billy Cash Pump


Trade Authority For Obama Will Cut Congress Out Of Picture

Only 169,000 Jobs Added in April, Says ADP The ADP Employment Report released Wednesday could be a bad omen for Friday's Labor Department announcement.

ADP Employment Tumbles To 15 Month Lows As Manufacturing Jobs Plunge

US Productivity Suffers First Consecutive Quarterly Plunge Since 1993

Secrecy marks Trans-Pacific trade pact Easier to 'learn more about ISIS or Yemen'

Documents: Republicans In Congress Cook Up Phony Poll-Tested Talking Points To Push Obama Trade Deal

Obama vs the US Military

Obama Joint Chiefs pick´s tough task: Cut pay

Obama Amnesty

Hillary can’t top Obama’s immigration amnesty: White House

WH Refuses to Say Whether Hillary's Proposed Executive Amnesty Is Legal

Center For Immigration Studies Unveils Interactive Map Of Immigrant Removals By County

Judicial Watch: DHS Records Detail Mexican Government Helicopter Crossing Border and Firing on Border Patrol

Obama Agenda 21

EPA Plan for ‘Clean Power’ Could Jeopardize Safety of U.S. Electrical Grid

Loretta Lynch File

Justice Department Weighing Federal Civil Rights Probe of Entire Baltimore Police Department

Posse Comitatus

17 Different Videos Showing Military Preparations for Obama’s “Martial Law” Exercises


It's 3am and nobody's there

ISIS POSTS WARNING: “We Have 71 Trained Soldiers in 15 States” – NAMES 5 TARGETS

White House: Too Early To Say If ISIS Is In The United States

Because Conservatives? Still No Statement from Obama on Islamist Terror Attack in Texas

At least four Florida companies approved for ferry service to Cuba

 Congress Launches Probe Into White House Data Breaches Hackers may have swiped info on U.S. citizens, high-level meetings

US Trying to Free Ship Seized by Iran 'Diplomatically' Rathke says US talking to Marshall Islands to try and return ship, won't answer if US has contacted Iran and won't list consequences to it

Iran’s Military Chief Says No Inspection of Military Sites Under Any Nuclear Deal

Kerry Becomes First Secretary of State to Visit Somalia, Doesn’t Leave Airport

Obama’s Justice Department turned down cop training for Baltimore


Clinton aide’s emails face disclosure suit


Schweizer: Clinton Financial Dealings ‘Unprecedented’


Obama Takes Credit for ‘Reforming Our Schools,’ Then Thanks Private Sector for Teaching Poor Kids…

US Economic Confidence Crashes Most Since July To Lowest Since December

US Non-Manufacturing Rises (ISM) & Falls (PMI) In April As Export Orders Collapse

US Trade Deficit Soars To Worst Since Financial Crisis; Will Push Q1 GDP Negative

Steve Wynn: Recovery "pure fiction"

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama weighs offering Saudi Arabia weapons provided only to Israel

US Condemns Israeli Singer for Comparing Obama to Hitler, Embassy 'repulsed' by song in which Amir Benayoun calls Obama a cruel raven following chain of those trying to destroy Israel.

It Begins: Democrats Hand Out Anti-Semitic Flyer at Maryland Meeting

Kerry just tried to reassure Israel on Iran mentioning redesigned 30,000-pound US bomb

Obama and the IRS

IRS wasted $5.6B on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits: Audit

IRS Seizes Over $100,000 From Innocent Small Business Owner, Despite Promise To End Raids

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Fed Admits Yellen "Met With" FOMC Leaker In 2012, DOJ Probe Begins


Yet Another ObamaCare Promise Bites The Dust As ER Visits Spike

Loretta Lynch File

Loretta Lynch, Justice Department officials go to Baltimore

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: Museums Intimidate Minorities

Records Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal Michelle Obama’s Weekend Ski Trip in February Cost More than $57,000 in Transportation Expenses Alone

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: My 'Project' Continues After My Presidency 'This is something that we have to sustain over the long term.'

Obama vs Your Privacy

Ron Paul Warns The "USA Freedom Act" Is Just Another Name For Lost Liberty

NSA converts spoken words into readable text

FCC Chairman, a Longtime Clinton Family Supporter, Chooses Hillary for 2016

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

FCC Commissioner: Obama Regime May Target Conservative News Sites

Officers Relieved of Duty Under Obama

Maj. Gen. Michael Keltz: Air Force general lost job over ethnic slur

Posse Comitatus

Texas Ranger Reports What He Saw INSIDE Military Train Used for “Martial Law” Exercises

Obama Amnesty

Hillary Clinton says Obama´s immigration orders are ´just the beginning´ as she slams Republicans for giving illegal immigrants ´second-class status´ and promises ´to go even further´ if she´s president



Not enough money? Baltimore got $1.8 billion from Obama Stimulus

US Factory Orders Drop YoY For 5th Consecutive Month

Billionaires Horde $100 Million Homes At Record Pace: "Beats Gold, Because You Can Boast"

Major U.S. Retailers Are Closing More Than 6,000 Stores


Hillary Clinton Declines Request For Two Benghazi Committee Appearances – Says She Will Only Attend Once….

Hillary Clinton agrees to testify this month on Benghazi, emails

Obama Voter Fraud

Watchdog: Team Clinton broke ethics rules meeting with Senate Democrats

FEC head under fire for women’s forum ‘stacked’ with Dems


Bill Clinton: Accountant to Blame for Not Disclosing Foreign Donations on Taxes

Bill Clinton Defends His Foundation´s Foreign Money

Bill Clinton: Clinton Foundation Has Never Done Anything ‘Knowingly Inappropriate’ [VIDEO]

The Clintons, a luxury jet and their $100 million donor from Canada

Bill Clinton on Getting $500,000 for Speeches: 'I Gotta Pay Our Bills'

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama Uses Bogus Statistics to Accuse US Police of Being Racist

Obama on Baltimore: ‘No Dispute’ Men of Color Disproportionately Targeted by Police

Special Ops Officer Blows Whistle on CIA Funding ISIS Through Swiss Bank Accounts

Obama to expand My Brother’s Keeper program

Obama vs The US Military

Obama says 401(k) retirement plans for troops needs further consideration

Oppression of Christians in U.S. Military Is Triggering Their Exodus

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Kerry to Israel: ‘I Absolutely Guarantee’ the U.S. Can Stop Iran From Getting Nuke

Posse Comitatus

The chairman of the House Armed Services committee called concerns about a special forces training exercise in Texas “silly"

It's 3am and nobody's there

State Dept. Spending $500K on a Cricket League in Afghanistan

Obama condemns shooting at Muhammad cartoon contest

Kerry: 'There's a Lot of Hysteria About This Deal'

 White House Retooling Hostage Recovery Infrastructure Move comes following death of American in drone strike

Obama Amnesty

Justice Department checked with White House before telling immigration judge amnesty already begun

Texas Attorney General: DOJ Brazenly Disregarded Judge’s Order in Executive Amnesty Case

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

Russian Reset

New Russia-China alliance latest diplomatic, strategic blow to Obama  Analysts see budding ‘bromance’ between Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping

Queen Michelle

PHOTO: School serves burned burritos covered with melted plastic for ‘healthy’ lunch

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: ‘Young People’ Like Trayvon Martin ‘Just as Talented as Me’

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

 FCC Commissioner: Feds May Come for Drudge


It's 3am and nobody's there

Biden on War with Iran: If Required, It Will Happen Statement may be the most direct public threat ever made by a US administration of war against Iran.

Biden: ´Path has already been paved´ to Iranian bomb

U.S. navy to escort U.S.- flagged ships in Gulf

Obama’s Iran Adviser Followed Pro-Regime Sites Prior to Publicizing Social Media Account

WH defends Obama´s record on race relations

Six Baltimore Police Officers Charged In Freddie Gray’s Death

Baltimore: City State’s Attorney Says Freddie Gray’s Arrest Illegal, Charges Officers

FBI Director: Police Frustrated By Media Ignoring Blue Deaths

Obama State Department Won’t Let Persecuted Iraqi Nun Enter US to Speak

No “Obligation” to Pay Compensation to Ex-Inmates of Guantanamo, Says U.S.


US Manufacturing Weakest In 2 Years As Construction Spending Plunges; Mfg Employment Lowest Since 2009

16 Signs That The Economy Has Stalled Out And The Next Economic Downturn Is Here


Memo: Since 2009, The State Department Required Outgoing Officials To Turn Over Emails


 Clinton Charities Raked in Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Embattled Clinton Foundation and Clinton Health Access Initiative received over $7 million

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Report: Obama’s Kenyan Family Has Disowned Him

Obama's Brother Is An Active Islamist An exclusive on Obama's half brother Malik and his affiliation with Islamism

Obama and Your Privacy

Changes to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Allows the FBI to Install Malware on Computers

VA Death Panel

More VA cover-ups


Jindal blasts Obama’s ‘Mafia-style’ tactics to expand Medicaid

Nearly half of Obamacare exchanges are struggling over their future

Russian Reset

15 months later, U.S. now pretty sure Russia behind fighting in Ukraine

Posse Comitatus

Turning America into a Battlefield: A Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation

President Obama's Three Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Week in Office

News and Notes:   Obama: 'By Hook or By Crook' I'm Going to Be a Successful President



It's 3am and nobody's there

Baltimore Police Report Shows Obama Jumped Gun Again On Racism Charge

Jarrett: Obama Would Just be ‘Enormous Distraction’ in Baltimore

Britain told U.N. monitors of active Iran nuclear procurement - panel

Gitmo Terrorist Who Killed Army Sgt., Lived at Bin Laden Compound Freed in Canada

 Former Gitmo Prisoners Demand Reparations from US Stake out US embassy in Uruguay

President Obama Averages One Veto Threat Every Five Days

The Messes Obama Will Leave Behind The list of unsolved problems is long and growing—and that’s not counting foreign policy.

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Biden pushes back on Khamenei's terms for Iran nuclear deal; says Washington "deepening" cooperation with Israel amid efforts to forge comprehensive nuclear deal

Netanyahu: Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal Is “Great Historic Blunder”

John F. Kerry: Netanyahu’s Iran “Mythology” Is Not Going to Happen


16 Signs That The Economy Has Stalled Out And The Next Economic Downturn Is Here

Obama program would give e-books to poor

Once Again, Economists Promise Strong Growth After A Lousy Q1

No Growth In Personal Income Pushes Savings Rate To Lowest In 2015; Spending Misses Expectations


State Department allowing Clinton Foundation to approve emails for release


Did Hillary Clinton change her stance on Indian nukes in response to donations?

Karl GRILLS Earnest Over Clintons: ‘Is Out-And-Out Bribery’ The Only Problem W.H. Would Have? [VIDEO]

NYT: Hillary’s Foreign Uranium Exec Hiding Identities of $20 Million-Worth of Clinton Donors

Clinton Praised Controversial GM Plant One Year After Massive Donation

Politico: Clinton Foundation in ‘Tailspin,’ Donors Halting Donations over Spending Practices

Good Grief – John Podesta Lobbied The State Dept. On Behalf of Uranium One…


State gives Benghazi panel 4,000 pages of new documents

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Baltimore Mayor on Police Lies: Officers ‘Collaborate & Collude to Get Stories Straight’

 Obama Board Asks Obama Judges to Keep Workers in Dark NLRB asks for rare court maneuver to overturn precedent

Obama and Agenda 21

McConnell unveils surprise attack on EPA power plant rule

EPA Administrator Tells Rappers: ‘We Need You’

EPA Employees Watched Porn, Harassed Women And Got Promoted

Community Organizer to the World

Taxpayers Foot $49K Bill for Air Conditioning, 'Staging' for Obama's Town Hall in Jamaica

Posse Comitatus

White House dismisses talk of Texas takeover; Guard to ‘monitor’ U.S. troops

WH: U.S. Special Ops Forces Will Be 'Wearing Arm Bands' When They Come to Texas

Queen Michelle

School serves 6-year-old meat to TN students

Obama and Your Privacy

2 members of Supreme Court 'targeted by U.S. spies' Shock claim: Intel agencies 'harvested' personal data

Obama Voter Fraud

Obama Admin. Won’t Let States Ask for Proof of Citizenship … On Voter Registration Form!

Obama and the IRS

IRS still targeting tea party: Nine groups awaiting agency approval

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Jokes About Running for President


It's 3am and nobody's there

Sen. Tom Cotton challenges Iran’s Foreign Minister to a debate

Zarif: A Few Days After Deal UN Will Drop All Sanctions ‘Whether Sen. Cotton Likes It or Not’

US Denies Treaty-Bound Duty to Protect Marshall Islands from Iran

Report: Kerry Told Iran He Wishes ‘U.S. Had a Leader like Iran’s Supreme Leader’

Pentagon lawyers discover we don’t have to defend our allies if threatened by Iran

Valerie Jarrett in ´Regular Contact´ With Baltimore Mayor

DHS Secretary: 'We Should Not Profile at Airports

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Netanyahu: Iran, North Korea Deals Both Mistakes Netanyahu draws similarities between Israel and South Korea - as well as their main enemies.


U.S. economic growth slows to 0.2 percent, grinding nearly to a halt

US economy stalls in Q1 as weather, lower energy prices bite

Biggest Inventory Build In History Prevents Total Collapse Of The US Economy

 Contracts for U.S. home sales at highest level since June 2013


Oyster Farmer: ‘We Are Terrified’ Of The Gov’t


IRS watchdog finds 6,400 missing Lois Lerner emails


WH Again Dodges on Clinton Foundation Despite Revelation 1,100 Foreign Donors Went Undisclosed

 Clinton Proposal Could Allow Feds to Ban Book Critical of Clinton Foundation Experts: constitutional amendment proposed by Hillary to get money out of politics likely to leave Clinton Foundation untouched

The author of a book hammering Hillary Clinton says he has full-time security

Firm Co-Founded By Hillary’s Campaign Chair Lobbies For Russia’s Uranium One

Is Obama Gay?

‘We Will Not Obey’: Christian Leaders Threaten Civil Disobedience if Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Obama’s Lawyer Basically Tells SCOTUS That Religious Schools Are Toast

HILLARY: There's an 'undeniable' pattern in police-involved deaths across the US

Seven Reasons Barack Obama is not a Christian

Obama Amnesty

Obama Administration Hires Top Attorney For Immigration Enforcement With Zero Immigration Law Experience

Expert: Up to 400K Children Born To Illegal Immigrants in U.S. Annually, One In 10 Births

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

Obama Orders Reporter to Stop Filming Him at Lunch Outing–Reporter Obeys

Posse Comitatus

No trust: Texas military to monitor feds; Governor orders Guard to eyeball special-ops exercises

Texas Governor Calls Up State Guard To Counter Jade Helm "Federal Invasion" Fears

Obama and Common Core

State threatening anti-Common Core parents with jail? Fight over federalized testing escalates

Military Officers Relieved Under Obama

Capt. John Banigan: Navy Relieves Commander of San Diego-Based Ship From Post

Col. Eric Schaefer: ,Marine Corps Base Hawaii leader removed from command




Judge sets deadline for deadline to release Hillary Clinton emails

Thousands of new Lerner emails found


Washington Post: 1,100 donors to a Canadian charity tied to Clinton Foundation remain secret

REVEALED: Washington Post Uncovers 1,100 Hidden Foreign ‘Clinton Cash’ Donations

Spokesman: Bill Clinton Was Not Paid For Speeches Book Says He Was

That Time Bill Clinton Ran Ads Attacking His Rivals For Taking Money From Foreign Interests

181 Clinton Foundation donors who lobbied Hillary´s State Department

Goldman Paid Bill Clinton $200,000 For Speech Before Bank Lobbied Hillary Clinton

Clinton Campaign: Despite Demands, Clinton Foundation Won’t Stop Taking Foreign Money

(pro Hillary) Dem Super PAC Seeks Dirt on Kochs’ University Donations

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama: Baltimore Riots 'Counterproductive'; 'This Has Been a Slow Rolling Crisis'

Obama SLAMS US Police After Baltimore Riots: Too Often Target Poor, African Americans (VIDEO)

Obama Says Laws Were Not Applied Evenly in Regards to Eddie Gray (VIDEO)

Obama: 'Handful of People' Causing Problems in Baltimore

Obama Refers To Baltimore Rioters As ‘Criminals And Thugs’

Baltimore Mayor Spoke With Obama in Afternoon – Then Waited 5 Hours to Call in the National Guard

Team Obama To Respond To Baltimore Rioting; Requests Law Enforcement Restraint

Thousands of US Troops Deployed as Baltimore Descends into Chaos Massive deployment seen day after violent riots wrought havoc in Baltimore, as protest of black man's death spirals out of control.

Japan and U.S. Set New Rules for Military Cooperation

US Secretary of State John Kerry and chief 'negotiator' Wendy Sherman became the first US officials to set foot on Iranian soil since 1979

Boehner: Congress doesn't have the votes to stop Iran deal

Senator: Why Is Obama Bucking 36 Years of Bipartisan Foreign Policy to Allow Iran to Go Nuclear?

State Dept Declines to Condemn Iran’s Cargo Ship Seizure in the Strait of Hormuz

Iran Forces Open Fire On, Seize "Trespassing"US Cargo Ship With 34 People On Board, Arabiya Reports


Death Of The Middle Class: Homeownership Rate Drops To 29 Year Low As Average Rent Hits Record High

Americans Have No Money To Save

Obama and Israel, Year 7

It's Official: Obama 'The Worst US President for Israel' Overwhelming majority of Israelis think current US administration is 'pro-Palestinian' - but there's still some hope...

Obama and Egypt

Egypt Files Criminal Complaint Against Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton

Is Obama Gay?

Obama’s Lawyer: Religious Institutions May Lose Tax-Exempt Status If Court Rules for Gay Marriage

 America's new LGBT envoy  His job is to promote the human rights of gays and lesbians around the world.

Obama Ethics, Year 7

(video) Hillary Clinton: "Religion Beliefs" Must Be Changed

Joltin' Joe Biden

Joe Biden Misstates Israel's Age in Independence Day Remarks '[T]he dream of every Irish-Catholic father is for his daughter to marry a Jewish surgeon.'

Posse Comitatus

Abbott Asks State Guard To Monitor U.S. Military Exercise (Jade Helm)


Two in three Obamacare beneficiaries had to repay subsidies [income from welfare too high]



In 2013, The Clinton Foundation Only Spent 10 Percent Of Its Budget On Charitable Grants

Clinton Foundation: We are More Transparent than Ever

Acting CEO of Clinton Foundation says it will work quickly to 'remedy' mistakes in disclosure

Video: Eleven strange “coincidences” from the Clinton Foundation

Muslim Brotherhood Pay-rolled by Clinton Foundation

Russian Reset

Clinton Flashback: Russia 'Reset' Policy 'Totally Transactional'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Iran's nuclear map - much more than you knew about

Iran's Nuclear Installations 2015

Is Obama Gay?

DOJ: ‘No Scientific Basis for Assertion That’ Same-Sex Couples ‘Are Not Fit to Marry or Become Parents’

Communty Organizer to the World

White House Teams Up With Soros for Disturbing 2016 Plan

Obama Sends Three WH Officials to Freddie Gray’s Funeral – Sent No One to Chris Kyle’s Funeral


In 1 in 5 Families in U.S., No One Works

Despite US Services PMI Miss, Markit Says "FOMC Should Normalize Policy Sooner"

Desperate "Bubble Thinking" Takes Hold on Wall Street

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Sherman to US Jews: Military strike would only set Iran's nuclear program back 2 years

VA Death Panel

Veterans Affairs Spent $5K for 'Floor Cleaning' For Obama's Visit


Supreme Court tells another court to reconsider Obamacare mandate for religious groups

Obamacare Medical Device Tax Hurts Innovation and Consumers

Obama Voter Fraud

Fifth Circuit Panel to Hear Texas Voter ID Case Includes Two Democrat Appointees

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Sen. David Perdue: Obama Runs ‘Country Without Congress’

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama-backed green energy failures leave taxpayers with $2.2 billion tab

EPA Spends $84,000 to Study Churches That Preach Climate Change

Queen Michelle

FLOTUS goes bold with $367,000 Hawaii-inspired official Obama White House china accented in ´Kailua Blue´



11 Explosive Clinton Cash Facts Mainstream Media Confirm are Accurate

Clinton Foundation addresses disclosure of $31M Canadian donation, re-filing IRS revenue forms

Fleeing Hillary: Top Dem money man departs because Clinton hasn’t answered ethics questions

Stephanopoulos Floored as Gingrich, Bloomberg Editors Detail Seriousness of ‘Clinton Cash’

Stephanopoulos Aggressively Questions Peter Schweizer Over ‘Clinton Cash

Clinton Foundation Admits: ‘Clinton Cash’ Accurate; We Took Undisclosed Foreign Cash

Clinton Foundation Acknowledges Mistakes as Schweizer Calls for Investigation

Fox’s Wallace Grills Lanny Davis over Clinton Donations: Not Just ‘Smoke and Mirrors’

Charity watchdog: Clinton Foundation a ‘slush fund’

Mark Halperin: An Assistant Secretary Would be Fired for What Already We Know Hillary Clinton Did

Clinton Foundation: 'Yes, We Made Mistakes'

Clinton Foundation distributed useless drugs to AIDS patients Pharmaceutical executive: 'It's just blacks dying'


One-Third Drop Obamacare in California

It's 3am and nobody's there

George W. Bush Bashes Obama on Middle East

Obama to Decide if Families Can Pay Ransom to Terror Groups While the feds look the other way

Boston Marathon Massacre

Tsarnaev Family Flown to U.S., Housed in Boston at Taxpayer Expense

Communty Organizer to the World

At correspondents dinner, Obama lets second-term anger out

Obama and Common Core

Feds Play the Race Card to Crush Parents’ Revolt Against Common Core

Russian Reset

Putin Accuses US of Supporting Separatists in Russia  Read Latest Breaking

Obama and Agenda 21

Kerry: Arctic climate change goals more important than containing Russia


It's 3am and nobody's there

Officials pick up possible ISIS threat to U.S. military, police

‘Are You Afraid of Turkey?’: Harf Gets Owned on Armenian Genocide Questions

White House won´t rule out hostage ´czar´

Obama vs the 1st Amendment

White House Press Corps: Obama Doesn’t Like Us

Obama DoJ

DOJ ‘Monitoring’ Arkansas Gun Range Owner Who Banned Muslims

Obama and Common Core

Education Secretary: Parents Who Opt Out Of Common Core are Racist – “Feds Will Step In” If Opt Out Continues…

No juniors show up to take SBAC at Seattle high school

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Obama pokes fun at strained ties with Netanyahu: He'll speak at my funeral

The Obama-Netanyahu Cold War Isn’t Over, Just Paused

Russian Reset

Russian Hackers Read Obama’s Unclassified Emails, Officials Say

Obama Ethics, Year 7

Issam Fares: Supporter of Hezbullah and Hillary Clinton

Obama and Agenda 21

Nye & Obama Tackle Science, Climate Change Deniers "It's part of my Constitutional duties."

Queen Michelle

Students rip school lunches: #ThanksMichelleObama ‘for screwing us out of a good meal’

Community Organizer to the World

Obama jokes at WHCA dinner: ‘I have something that rhymes with bucket list’

Obama: ´My entire presidency is about helping working families´

Obama Takes Cheap Shot at FL Gov. Rick Scott During Sparsely Attended Everglades Speech


Obama Ethics, Year 7

White House Dodges on Whether Hillary Clinton Violated Secretary of State Contract (VIDEO)

Report: Companies With Ties to Clintons Profited After Haiti Quake

Asked About Clinton’s Failure to Meet Admin Disclosure Rules, WH Blames ‘Conservative Authors’

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Attacked Obama for Backroom Deals with Nuclear Industry Donors

White House: You know, Hillary is totally with us on this trade deal

Romney: “Every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed” on uranium deal

Hillary On Abortion: ‘Deep-Seated Cultural Codes, Religious Beliefs And Structural Biases Have To Be Changed’

Malik Obama: I’d Take DNA Test to See If Barack Obama Is Really My Brother (VIDEO)

For 7th year in a row, Obama breaks promise to acknowledge Armenian genocide

Obama Amnesty

The White House And Soros-Backed Open Borders Group Strategize About Bribing Immigrants To Naturalize Before 2016

Eric The Red

Holder: Historians Will View My Tenure As ‘Golden Age’ Of Justice Dept [Video]

Obama and Israel, Year 7

Biden: ‘No President Has Ever Done More to Support Israel’s Security than Obama’

Russian Reset

Russian forces building up on the border as the fighting returns to Ukraine

It's 3am and nobody's there

Family of Jewish victim of US drone attack ‘disappointed’ in Obama

WSJ Says Obama's Iran 'Obsession' Has Sunk the Democrats

VA Death Panel

NYT: 60 fired VA employees turns out to be … zero


Electric Car Sales Plunge To 4 Year Lows

Worst Drop In Core Durable Goods Since December 2012

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama comes to Manassas, urges companies to hire vets


Who is really drawing out the Benghazi investigation?