A Conservative News List of the White House

President Obama's One Hundred and Forty-Sixth Week in Office



Elena Kagan Mania

Kagan to Tribe on Day Obamacare Passed: ‘I Hear They Have the Votes, Larry!! Simply Amazing.’


Eric Holder has told the family of slain U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry that he is “sorry for the loss of your son,”

Dem Elijah Cummings tries smear of Jack Abramoff in bid to distract Congress from Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious Was Not Botched

Dems try to turn tables on Fast and Furious

Obama Ethics Year 3

Sebelius Worked to Protect Planned Parenthood

NLRB documents shed light on Boeing fight in South Carolina

NLRB lawyer: "We screwed up the U.S. economy": General Counsel Lafe Solomon joking that the NLRB's suit against Boeing would kill jobs in South Carolina.

Justice Breyer warns of Orwellian government


White House agrees to hand over Solyndra documents to GOP

White House to hand over more Solyndra documents Thursday evening

Another DOE Loan Scandal: Are We Bailing Out Spain’s Solar Collapse?

Community Organizer to the World

BIZARRE: White House releases statement on breakup of Barack Obama and his boyfriend Reggie Love

Reggie Love, Obama ‘body man,’ to leave White House by year’s end

Obama: I’ll win over Latino voters by  showing clips from recent GOP debates

First African American policy conference held at White House

Chief of Staff Daley Retains Title, But That’s All


Turkey Dinner Costs Up 13%

Obama has signed an Executive Order to cut how much government agencies spend on technology devices, printing, swag, and vehicles by 20 percent

GM and Others Canning Spare Tires…to Meet Gov’t Fuel Economy Targets

Obama delays oil pipeline plan, discards 20,000 jobs

Bailed-Out GM Earnings Disappoint

Banks' foreclosure activity picks up in October

Smithfield Foods will close Va. plant, cut 425 jobs

Obama and Israel

Americans born in Jerusalem denied naming Israel as country of birth


Obama Ethics Year 3

Union President Gives Congress Emails Backing Testimony: ICE Ordered Agents Not to Arrest Illegals

Is Putative President Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice?

Obama again sidesteps Congress with Head Start order


Study released today by the National Federation of Independent Business

Yet Another Part of Obamacare Increases Premiums and Kills Jobs- A study released today by the National Federation of Independent Business highlights the impact of Obamacare’s new health insurance tax alone on Americans’ health care costs and the health of the economy.

Johanns: Further Proof of Health Care Law's Broken Promises


Democrats blame donor, deny fault

Solyndra Emails Claim Biden Team 'About Had an Orgasm' About Energy Loans to Firm

Obama donor from 2008 discussed solar loan with White House

E-mails Show Obama Fundraiser Involved in Solyndra ........- pressing on SOLYNDRA

As White House Threatens to Defy Subpoena, New Emails Offer Glimpse of Close Ties Between Solyndra Investor & West Wing


Obama seeks ideas on reducing black joblessness

Obama Administration to Delay New 15-Cent Christmas Tree ‘Fee’

General Motors Co.'s third-quarter profit fell 15 percent from a year earlier as the company posted a loss in Europe

U.S. Wholesale Inventories Decline

Obama & DOI impose 5 yr drill ban on most offshore areas


Murdered Border Patrol agent’s family says Holder ‘should accept responsibility immediately’ for Fast and Furious....demand apology

Holder Can’t Name a Single Person Who’s Been Held Accountable for Fast and Furious

Issa demands answers from Holder deputy about Fast and Furious ‘lie’

Slain Agent's Friend: Holder "insincere"

'The Fast and Scurrilous': A Statistical Numbers Game that Cost the Life of Border Agent Brian Terry

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama compliments military but cuts money, jobs, and praise for soldiers

Nigerian miltary receiving US training

Obama names DC earthquake "disaster zone," ignores Va. town near epicenter

Obama Sells out Latin America to Reds

Community Organizer to the World

Press barred from Oval photo op

Why Obama Betrayed the Iranian People

A Boston Globe reporter sympathetic to Barack Obama apparently received favored access to the immigration file of the president's father. In writing her biography of Barack Obama's father, Boston Globe reporter Sally H. Jacobs had access to what appears to be the father's unredacted Immigration and Naturalization Service file.

Obama and Israel

White House tries to limit Netanyahu "liar" damage

Report: US supplied Israel with 55 bunker busters this month

Obama: Was there any doubt he dislikes Bibi?


Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama Played hardball in first Chicago campaign (Flashback: Destroyed female candidate)

Did Attorney Gloria Allred & Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Use Sinclair’s Obama Allegations For Their Story Line?

Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Lived In Same Building As David Axelrod

Second Cain accuser is Obama administration communications pro

The Daily Names One Cain Accuser, And She Works In The Obama Administration

Darrell Issa Seeks Probe Of New York Group Tied To Defunct ACORN

Obama raises funds with MF Global bankruptcy law firm

Holder: DOJ is ‘ready and eager’ for AT&T antitrust trial

Obama Slaps Intimidation Lawsuit on South Carolina Over Illegals

Jailed border agent's family warned of massive fine 'Notice of intent to offset' sent to home, even though Diaz is in federal custody

Sebelis-Planned Parenthood Record-Shredding Scandal Gets Worse

Obama issues veto threat on attempt to repeal net-neutrality rules


Former Ariz. U.S. Attorney, Dennis Burke, Admits Leaking 'Fast And Furious' Memo

Holder avoids congressional questions on Fast and Furious accountability

During Senate testimony, Holder changes misleading testimony from May hearing

Fast and Furious: Holder “regrets” lies, condemns “distraction,” redistributes the blame; Holder denies receiving F&F memos; NO STRAIGHT APOLOGY TO TERRY FAMILY; Grassley and Cornyn nail Holder: “Are you winging it?”

Holder: No apology for ‘Fast and Furious’ death of border patrol agent

Holder concedes ATF let guns "walk" to Mexico

Grassley to push Holder: New evidence contradicts claim about when AG learned of ‘Fast and Furious’

After 'Fast and Furious,' Holder to Blame Congress For Not Supporting ATF


GOP senators call for Energy Dept. probe of $730M steelmaker loan

Community Organizer to the World

Obama’s Agriculture Department today announced that it will impose a new 15-cent charge on all fresh Christmas trees

Poll: Seven out of ten voters say country on wrong track, majority say Obama shouldn’t be re-elected

Dept. of Interior: Adding FDR’s D-Day Prayer to WWII Memorial Would ‘Dilute' Its 'Central Message'

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama: What Iranian nuclear weapons program?

Obama promoted two of the three 'experts' who dismissed the nuclear threat from Iran in 2007

Media Outlets Struggle To Describe White House Chief Of Staff Bill Daley’s Demotion


Despite predicting record-setting revenue for the current quarter, San Jose software company Adobe (ADBE) announced Tuesday that it will lay off up to 7.5 percent of its workforce

Fannie Mae taps $7.8 billion from Treasury, loss widens

Wall Street profits more under first two years of Obama than ALL 8 years under Bush (MSNBC VIDEO)

Obama Boasts of Rising Stock Market During His Term

Mortgage payments show surprising rise in delinquencies

The FCC’s Universal Service Folly

Obama and Israel

The White House declined comment on conversation between Sarkozy and Obama insulting Netanyahu

Sarkozy gaffe rekindles talk of US-J'lem tensions: ..."Obama’s true face has been revealed."

Barack Obama’s Israel-bashing is an embarrassment for the leader of the free world


Ohio Voters Choose to Opt Out of Health Care Mandate

Iowa Caucusgoers want Obamacare destroyed

Stalling ObamaCare Before It's Too Late

Pro-life nurses sue New Jersey hospital for requiring them to assist with abortions

A conservative-leaning panel of federal appellate judges is upholding President Barack Obama's health care law as constitutional, helping set up a Supreme Court fight.


Obama and Israel

Obama to Sarkozy about Netanyahu: "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!"


Executive privilege claim ahead on Solyndra

Grassley to White House: Cough up LightSquared docs or I’ll block FCC nominees

Obama's Solyndra Fiasco


Holder to call for tighter gun control in Fast & Furious testimony tomorrow

Fast and Furious: Whistleblower Protection Reinforcement Legislation Introduced

Obama Ethics Year 3

June 2010 flashback? ..Obama’s Dog and Lover Fly In Own Jet

Obama will act for unemployed vets ‘with or without Congress’ [VIDEO]

Obama Went to France While in College?

The Case Against Barack Obama, Sr.

Correcting the ‘fairy tale’: A SEAL’s account of how Osama bin Laden really died

Community Organizer to the World

Is this Ad made by the Obama campaign- or the opposition? - What if...?


Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield confirmed recently that they will eliminate most Small Group Health Plans in New York effective April 1, 2012.

It's 3 am and nobody's there

SEAL Commander Whose Team Killed Bin Laden Slams Obama

Did Obama administration blow bin Laden intel with touchdown dance?

 Iran gets the nukes Clinton and Obama denied Iran was seeking


77 percent of small business owners won't hire more workers

Priorities: State Department might delay decision on Keystone XL until after 2012 election

The Failure of Trickle-Down Obamanomics

Is Obama's rail initiative a 'train to nowhere'?

Wall Street’s resurgent prosperity frustrates its claims, and Obama’s

US wealth gap between young and old is widest ever


Obama Ethics Year 3

New Big Brother fears as CIA's 'vengeful librarian' team pore over the web and report to Obama every day

Larry Sinclair tells his story of Obama Gay Sex, Drugs, and Murder (video)


The Department of Health and Human Services' Death Panel


Official: Total Unemployed at 16.2 Percent

Extreme Poverty Is Now At Record Levels

To define poverty, US has a new (and improved?) formula.

Obama Tightens Screw on America's Coal Supply

EPA to probe gas drilling 's toll on drinking water

Un-made in America: A hard look at our country's diminished industrial capacity

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Under orders to cut the Pentagon budget by more than $450 billion over the next decade, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta is considering reductions in spending categories once thought sacrosanct, especially in medical and retirement benefits

Revealed: How Obama was playing golf until 20 minutes before Navy SEALs began mission to take out Bin Laden

Arrests of illegal immigrants down 43% on Arizona border

Sources: Iran Already Has Nuclear Arms.....IAEA says ...on threshold of nuclear capability

The Iranians Certainly Think They’ve Won in Iraq

A Terrorist Released: The Obama administration let Binyam Mohamed go.

Rediscovered 2004 Senate ad shows Obama pitching similar rhetorical themes

A year left: Obama running against history

The Department of Homeland Security has announced it will be bringing it’s "If You See Something, Say Something™" campaign to hotel rooms across the nation.

Obama team: No evidence of extraterrestrial life


Eric Holder has a gun problem

Community Organizer to the World

Obama honors Muslim holiday


Obama Ethics Year 3

Congressman: Science 'czar' (John Holdren) giving China U.S. technology 'Following law not voluntary for administration officials'

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Marines Warned: Don't Spit Toward Mecca

Why Did President Obama Give the Islamist Turkish Prime Minister a Hug?...Erdogan- shown a commitment to Islamist politics

Afghans: Obama wasting time talking to terrorists

Pentagon agrees to sell three attack helicopters to Turkey

Iraq is now lost, and it's Obama's fault


SSI Exclusive: FBI involvement in the murder of Brian Terry and the cover-up that followed. Part One. Peck Canyon -- The Killing Ground.

Grassley On Breuer's Testimony (video)


Joe Biden: ‘We refuse to take no for an answer’ on jobs plan

Are We Going Bankrupt?

Wind Farms Disrupting Radar, Scientists Say

Obama and the Imperceptible Recovery

Community Organizer to the World

Give 'Em Hell, Barry...The new model for Obama

Obama and Israel

U.S. concerned Israel could strike Iran

Obama and Egypt

U.S. hints it would not object to Brotherhood win in Egypt


HHS Accused of Turning Its Back on Catholic Health Care



White House Rejects Solyndra Subpoena; WH Says It's a "Fishing Expedition"

White House Fires Back at 'Overbroad' Subpoena on Solyndra Documents

ABC Skips Subpoena of Obama Emails on Solyndra Funding

House Reactions to Solyndra Supoenas: Did the White House 'Slow Walk' on Scandal Details?

Obama and Israel

Source: Pentagon Concerned About Possible Israeli Strike on Iran Nuclear Facilities

It's 3 am and nobody's there

US general booted for Afghan remarks

Congresswoman takes on Napolitano: She’s ‘releasing’ criminal illegals on U.S. streets and ‘they’re committing really horrible crimes’ [Video]

Obama and Egypt

State Department training Islamic political parties in Egypt


ObamaCare's Billions In Hidden Pork For Unions


White House Leaks New Memo Pointing to Bush AG on "Gunwalking." (But manage to raise more questions about their own actions.)


Obama: World economic recovery on 'firmer footing'

Obama’s Economic Record: The Worst Since Hoover

Video: Former Clinton adviser says jobs report “not good news”

Jobs Report: 'Things Are So Bad That This Looks Good'

Unemployment edges to 9.0%, 80K jobs added

AIG posts $4.1 billion loss

Economy: The rising cost of eating

Community Organizer to the World

Cards Snubbed By Obama? No Traditional White House Call Following Game 7 Win

Picture: Obama and Corzine..........more pictures of their 'Bromance'

Obama Ethics Year 3

MF Global ties awkward for Obama campaign

Obama Administration Opposes Prayer at WWII Memorial

Obama adviser urges 'militancy' in nationwide Occupy protests Boardmember of groups that crafted laws for health care, 'stimulus' says 'we've got to start a resistance movement'

President Obama's One Hundred and Forty-Fifth Week in Office



Solyndra filing shows founder got $456,000 severance

House GOP votes to subpoena White House Solyndra documents

Solyndra execs feasted while taxpayers got roasted

Solyndra Execs Leave With Cash. Yours.

For Sale: Banner That Greeted Obama at Solyndra

US DOE Inspector General Testifies: "Energy stimulus program plagued by problems"

Ener1 kicked off Nasdaq (subsidiary got $118M DOE grant)


ATF legal counsel had "moral objections" to gunwalking [CBS]

More Guns Provided Through Fast and Furious Found in Arizona Raid

WH, Justice Dept. silent as 34 congressmen call for Holder’s resignation

Gunwalker being used now to call for gun registration


Senate votes down Obama jobs measure

Freddie Mac reports Q3 loss, asks for $6B in aid

Spending by Fannie, Freddie comes under scrutiny

Unemployment claims drop below 400,000 (to 397,000 in the week ended Oct. 29)... Conflict with earlier report of 402,000

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Air Force cutting 9,000 civilian jobs

U.S. Calls Out China and Russia for Cyber Espionage Costing Billions

Texan warns Obama: Mexican cartels 'spilling over' border

UK and U.S. 'draw up joint plan to attack Iran': Evidence of nuclear programme raises tension in Middle East

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Gives Erdogan the 'Hug Treatment'

Elizabeth Warren and Barbra Streisand fight for the downtrodden at $5,000 a pop

Obama Ethics Year 3

Justice Department Drops Rule That Would Let It Deny Existence of Sensitive Documents  

Final Tally - Outgoing Freddie CEO Gets $4 Million Bonus To Receive $21 Billion In Bailouts After Massive Q3 Loss

Obama has ties to Corzine

Labor Department Official Advises Unions to Circumvent Disclosure Rules

Obama spiritual adviser on the tea party: ‘I distrust a movement that lifts up a philandering, Russian, atheist’

DOE Inspector General: Over 100 Criminal Investigations Of Obama Stimulus Spending

Obama and Israel

Obama asks Bosnia not to support Palestinian bid... in a letter

Instead of proudly defending Israel against UNESCO's power grab, however, the administration was nearly apologetic.

Obama 'Remains Deeply Committed to UNESCO' Despite Vote to Admit Palestine, U.S. Envoy Says


More than half health care deadlines missed by Obama administration


Community Organizer to the World

Barack Obama: The 2004 “God Factor” Interview Transcript

Obama Ethics Year 3

White House Bonus Hypocrisy

A House subcommittee on Wednesday authorized a subpoena against the Homeland Security Department for information about illegal immigrants who have been identified but not deported.

W.H. fact-checks W.H.

President Obama Mocks Congress, Speaks for God -- VIDEO

New GAO Report Says New York Fed Didn’t Cut Deals On A.I.G., Raises Questions About Geithner's Honesty

DOE IG: 100+ stimulus- related criminal probes

Sheriff Joe Arpaio demands the original microfilm of Obama's birth certificate

The Obama re-election campaign has quietly opened a counteroffensive against Republican-backed changes to election laws that Democrats say will suppress votes for their candidates and limit their get-out-the-vote drives. The effort, led by former White House counsel Robert Bauer, prompted the suspension of an Ohio law limiting early voting.


New Gun Walking Documents Show Criminal Division Knew More than Previous Acknowledged

An Arizona sheriff says that two guns seized as part of a major drug smuggling bust have been connected to... "Fast and Furious."

Obama and Israel

White House Condemns New Israeli Settlements Announced on Eve of Israeli President’s Visit


Employers Consider Dropping Insurance Plans Once Health Law Provisions Take Effect

Health cost control under Obamacare: not the kind we want

Obamacare is unconstitutional

Obamacare penalizes marriage


Debt Increased $203 Billion in Oct.--$650 for Every Man, Woman and Child in America

Inflation Pressures Here to Stay

Obama Issues Orders for Construction Jobs

Obama: We’re better off with my policies than four years ago (Video)

U.S. private-sector jobs up 110,000 in October: mostly service sector... goods producing employment fell 4,000

Congress May Tighten Food Stamp Eligibility As Participation Reaches Record Levels

Hundreds Line Up For Casino Work Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Hiring 800 People

It's 3 am and nobody's there

US may shift faster to Afghan advisory role

In October 2010, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano named the devout Muslim Mohamed Elibiary to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. The Texas Department of Public Safety now says that Elibiary may have been allowed to gain access to a highly sensitive database of intelligence reports, and then allegedly shopped some of the material he found in that database to a media outlet for a story about "Islamophobia" in the Public Safety Department.

Officials From Terror-Sponsoring State ‘Exempted From Enhanced Screening’ by TSA


Obama administration considered Solyndra bailout

Conservative group going up with ads attacking Obama over Solyndra



Jobs Panel Member Whose Solar Firm Won Loan Guarantees Raises 'Conflict of Interest' Concerns: NextEra Energy

Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama’s Secretary of Labor Calls out ‘Tea Baggers’

Issa Probes Park Service Science Used to Shut Down Oyster Farm

Holder sues South Carolina over immigration reform

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac executives get big housing bonuses


ATF Gunwalking docs show Justice Dept. feared bad press [CBS]

Emails, notes give insight into Gunwalker communications

Documents detail early knowledge by Lanny Breuer and subordinates of "gunwalking."

Top Justice Dept. Official Admits 'Mistake' in Ignoring ATF's 'Unacceptable Tactics'

Breuer:- has regrets in gun-smuggling controversy

Holder dumps new Fast and Furious docs as 11 more congressmen call for his resignation

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Texas sheriff: Drug war violence spilling over

DHS has artificially inflated its deportation numbers by including figures on voluntary removals


Obamanomics: Americans’ Incomes Have Dropped 6.7% During The “Recovery”



White House Won’t Say If It Will Comply With Solyndra Subpoena

Canadian-based Nevada Geothermal, which according to the New York Times employs only 22 people in Nevada with ties to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid paid a director the lion's share of $758,828 in reported consulting fees

Beacon Power bankrupt; had U.S. backing like Solyndra

Obama and Israel

The US cuts its aid to UNESCO, but remains a member

US says it is cutting off funding for UNESCO because of Palestinian membership vote

White House says vote to admit Palestinians to UNESCO is 'premature' (from Twitter)

Israel: UNESCO vote "bad for peace"

UNESCO votes to grant Palestinians full membership


DOJ head knew of ATF "gunwalking" in April 2010

Congressional calls for Holder’s resignation more than double to 17

It's 3 am and nobody's there

As Obama pulls out of Aghanistan, Taliban attacks surge

Libya’s turmoil, al-Qaida presence "no surprise," says White House

Nato concludes mission in Libya... but a bad omen for the future as Al Qaeda flag flies over Benghazi

Obama’s ongoing foreign policy disarray

U.S. relaxes Canadian border checks as agents are told to stop searching buses, trains and planes for illegal immigrants


Obama to Sign Prescription Drug Executive Order...an Executive Order directing the FDA to take action to help further reduce and prevent drug shortages, protect consumers and prevent price gouging.

ObamaCare Approval Lower Than Ever

ObamaCare Gives Handouts to 8 Million More Americans...Subsidies Remove 8 Million More Americans from the Tax Rolls


Home prices heading for triple-dip

The Chicago business barometer, also widely known as the Chicago PMI showed slower expansion in October

Obama; wealth gap shows need for fairer approach

Dollar hits new record low vs yen

Obamaland: American Mules Must Eat Certified Weed-Free Hay

Obama and Egypt

New American Missile Craft for Egypt Delivered New Missile Craft for Egypt Delivered

Cairo’s willingness to strengthen ties with an anti-Semitic terrorist organization is testimony to a change for the worse in the new Egypt.

Obama Ethics Year 3

Labor Department Rolls Back Transparency for Unions

Carney: Obama will "continue" to act "independently" without Congress

White House scrubs fundraiser with ex-Enron trader

Cain Gets the Clarence Thomas Treatment

 On FOIA, Obama wants a license to lie

Queen Michelle

The very angry first lady

Rush Limbaugh: "Mad Michelle"...First Lady Dispatched to Attack the Achievers

Analyst Places $2.7 Billion Value on Michelle Obama’s Public Wardrobe Choices



White House official stays mum on Solyndra subpoena compliance

Rich soak up solar subsidies


America Now More Pro-Civil Service Than Russia

USDA Predicts Surging Food Prices in Coming Year

Error: USAJobs.gov...Uncle Sam tries to create a Monster.com -like website

Majority of American Workers Not Engaged in Their Jobs

The debt fallout: How Social Security went ‘cash negative’ earlier than expected

Still no solution for illegal immigrants' long-term care costs

It's 3 am and nobody's there

The Obama administration plans to bolster the American military presence in the Persian Gulf after it withdraws the remaining troops from Iraq this year, according to officials and diplomats.

Gingrich: Obama's 'Grotesque Failure' The number of Christians in Iraq plunged from 1.2 million to 500,000 since the American invasion in 2003, and Christianity is under siege

Hillary Clinton: Time to talk with Mullah Omar

White House adviser: Can Romney make tough calls?



Did ‘Big Sis’ lay some big eggs before House Judiciary?

Obama Ethics Year 3

When Government Knows No Limitation: New DOJ Rules Allow More Intrusive Searches

EPA chief encourages college activists in campaign against coal


Goldman: Stop Kidding Yourself, The Economy Is Weak And Got Worse In October

Personal Income Up 0.1%, Consumer Spending Jumps 0.6% for September 2011

'Millionaires WANT to pay for my $447bn jobs bill': Obama says America's wealthiest are ready to dip into their wallets

Obama Says Most Millionaires Willing to Pay Higher Taxes

It's 3 am and nobody's there

US admits flying drones out of Ethiopia

Autocracies United - Why “reset” with Russia and “engagement” with Iran have failed

Community Organizer to the World

Obama uses ‘Occupy Wall Street’ language in weekly address



White House orders independent review of Solyndra scandal

U.S. announces desert 'solar energy zones'

Energy Department-Backed Company Under SEC Investigation: ECOtality -- Electric car chargers


ATF contempt and lies for Issa & Grassley. The "Giddy Omelet Man" brags he's still running Phoenix Group VII! "I'm not going anywhere!"

Eric Holder to testify on Fast and Furious

Clinton: State Dept. Has ‘No Record’ That Justice Dept. Sought Legally Required Waiver for ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Exports

Holder’s days as attorney general may be numbered as resignation calls double overnight

Obama Ethics Year 3

Open Range: The Solyndra of Broadband

Loaded Guns On Planes “Not A TSA Issue”

Another Obama fundraiser is investor in car company that won federal loan

With Lobbyist Donors, Obama Lets Himself Off on a Technicality

Boehner: 'Great concerns' Obama is exceeding Constitution

Michelle to hold fund-raiser at Enron trader’s mansion

Did Obama appointee access confidential database in effort to smear Perry as an “Islamophobe”?

Kathleen Sebelius and Planned Parenthood criminal obstruction

‘Bundlers’ for Obama Have Active Ties to Lobbying


Port Of L.A. Spends Nearly $200K [Stimulus Funds] On a Party

Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund Sell off All U.S. Mortgage Bonds

More Americans Receive Government Benefits

Night Of The Living Debt: US debt to surpass GDP on Halloween

Tuition, board pass $50,000 at 123 U.S. colleges

Obama Creates College Bailout

Obama's Illusory Student Loan Scheme

Whirlpool: 5,000 Jobs Going Down The Drain

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Washington is ready to negotiate with Taliban leader Mullah Omar and now regards his involvement as crucial to the prospects for peace in Afghanistan

Chief Obama aide bemoans not getting the “breaks” in office

Obama Has Declared Record- Breaking 89 Disasters So Far in 2011

US flying wounded Libyan fighters to US, Germany for medical treatment

Community Organizer to the World

Elizabeth Warren backpedals on claim of inspiring Occupiers

How the Obamas Got Hussein Name

Who is Barack Obama?


At yesterday's hearing of the health subcommittee of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, a Cornell University economist revealed that millions of low-income Americans may not be able to obtain subsidized insurance through the new health exchanges in 2014.  

President Obama's One Hundred and Forty-Fourth Week in Office



Found Gunwalker’s ‘Unreachable’ Man in the White House

Cornyn Presses For Fast and Furious Probe in Texas

Clinton: State Dept. unaware of "Fast & Furious" (Video)

Gun buyer linked to federal agent's murder to plead guilty

Janet Napolitano Still Giving Non-Answers on Operation Fast and Furious

Obama and Israel

Silencing Critics for Obama

Israel denies US request for settlement freeze

Hamas boosting anti-aircraft arsenal with looted Libyan missiles


Underemployed And Hating Life

Video: You wanted a jobs plan?- Unemployment rate much higher than 9.1 %

Obama set to kill off coal industry?

Boehner blasts Obama on economy: Sidestepping Congress is ‘laughable’

The Obama administration intends to terminate NASA’s planetary exploration program

GDP bounces back to 2.5%

Great news: Obama’s student-loan changes puts $8 in borrower pockets per month

Whirlpool To Close Ft. Smith Plant


Energy Secretary Chu agrees to testify in Congress about Solyndra

The Obama administration on Thursday identified 17 sites in six Western states as prime candidates for solar energy projects on public lands, continuing a push for solar power despite the high-profile bankruptcy of a solar panel maker that received a half-billion dollar federal loan

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is attacking a potential $730 million Energy Department loan to a company for manufacturing high strength automotive steel in Michigan.

It's 3 am and nobody's there

General: Cuts risk Marines’ war-fighting missions--Warns Congress against reduction

8 servicemembers file lawsuit seeking benefits for same-sex spouses

US quietly assumes military posture in Africa

Report: Panetta Says Pentagon to Offer Cuts of Up to $260 Billion in 5-Year Budget

"Wife Of Border Agent Sentenced to Prison for Rough Cuffing a Drug Suspect Speaks Out"


Obama’s Health Care Law Penalizes Marriage, Analysts Say

ObamaCare declares war on doctors

ObamaCare's Next Victims: Rural Hospitals

Estimate that ObamaCare's Medicaid Expansion Alone Could Cost Nearly $1 Trillion

Obama Ethics Year 3

DHS Hearings: Big Sis Gives Secret Clearance to Muslim Brotherhood

NYT Consultant and NYU Journalism professors of the self-identified media "elite" discuss strategy to legitimize Obama, help Occupy Wall Street, NPR tax loophole, defeating Perry and Bachmann. Jay Rosen says, "We are the one percent."

Planned Parenthood Names Obama Official as Vice-President


Community Organizer to the World

Gallup: Gun Ownership Soars To 18 Year High: 47% Of Americans Admit To Owning A Gun

New Obama Slogan Taken from Swedish Socialist Party?

Socialism in Action: Obama’s Education Chief Says Student Loan Bailout to Address Income Inequality

Obama’s Target List While calling for civility, Obama demonizes everyone in sight.

Obama reverses himself on Libya

Obama "gets off on it": making race riots


Video: Napolitano grilled... "For You To Have 2 Dead Agents and Not Had a Conversation With Holder? Totally Unacceptable" Rep. Jason Chaffetz Rips Napolitano at House Hearing

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa and Sen. Chuck Grassley lambasted Attorney General Eric Holder in a new letter detailing how Holder’s team has failed to provide congressional investigators with critical details surrounding the connections between Operation Fast and Furious and a second federal agent’s murder.

Mexican drug suspect: U.S. gave me immunity... -Flashback from July 2011- US Court Documents Claim Sinaloa “Cartel” Is Protected by US Government

SSI Exclusive: Meetings, Part 7. 11 March 2011. Andrea Howard, ATF, and the "Third Gun."


Solyndra investigation heats up with DOE interviews

CEO of Tempe-based First Solar resigns

Clean-Energy Developers Reaped Excess U.S. Aid

Obama Ethics Year 3

Despite 'ban,' fat-cat lobbyists bankroll Obama

First Lady: Kagan, Sotomayor Will Protect Right to ‘Love Whomever We Choose’

Mohamed Elibiary, Homeland Security Adviser, Allegedly Leaked Intel, Shopped Classified Info to Media, PS Director "We Know He has Accessed DPS Documents and Downloaded them.”

Napolitano: Jailed Illegals Will Get Phone Number to Report Civil Rights Violations

Obama Justice Department Sends Border Agent to Prison for "Violating Rights" of Drug Smuggler

Homeland Security not aiding Alabama with its immigration law, agency head tells Congress

House GOP Calls Janet Napolitano to Hill on Immigration Questions

State Department defends bulk buys of Obama’s books

State Department Reportedly Spends $70,000 to Buy Copies of Obama's 1995 Memoir

It's 3 am and nobody's there

As U.S.-Iraq troop talks faltered, Obama didn't pick up the phone   He and vice-president Biden went nearly a year without contacting Iraqi prime minister, U.S. Embassy logs reveal

Report: Obama, Biden did nothing while talks with Iraqi officials over troop levels faltered


HHS Admits Nearly $5 Million Spent on Implementation of CLASS Act Prior to Abandoning Program


Election time: Stalled energy projects moving forward

Sales of new single-family homes rose 5.7% in September, the fastest pace in five months

Obama has been 'relentlessly focused' on jobs, Geithner says

EPA to Regulate Dirt

The Presidential Planner: Obama Orders Lower Student-Loan Payments


Obama Ethics Year 3

Barack Obama Led #OccupyChicago – Circa 1988

GAO: With China dialogues, WH violated law

Last week, the United States House of Representatives Ethics Committee voted to end its temporary deferral of a case against Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL). The US Justice Department had requested the deferral but has since withdrawn that request. The case had been deferred for over two years

Biden Issues Official Complaint Over Conservative Reporter’s Questions

Joe Biden’s office has complained to the Senate press gallery about a confrontation the vice president had with a conservative journalist last week on Capitol Hill. Biden aides asked whether Senate rules were broken in the wake of the contentious exchange between the vice president and the reporter

Obama says he’ll be taking ‘executive actions’ without Congress on ‘regular basis’ to ‘heal the economy’

Report: Obama’s Muslim Advisers Block Middle Eastern Christians’ Access to the White House


Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican and a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. Darrell E. Issa on Monday to expand their formal “Fast and Furious” investigation to include accusations that similar gunrunning probes took place in Texas.

Let them eat kale

Obama's celebrity-rich L.A. tour causes traffic jams

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Libya's new rulers are at risk of being accused of the same kind of abuses they fought to overthrow.

The US has pulled terrorism manuals referencing Islam following complaints from terror-linked advocacy groups

Large numbers of weapons, including surface-to-air missiles that could down commercial airliners, are still strewn around unguarded in Libya more than two months after Muammar Gaddafi was toppled in a civil war

State Dep’t Considering 9,036 Diversity Visa Applicants from ‘Countries of Interest’

Community Organizer to the World

Warren: I 'created foundation' for OWS

Obama’s Checklist: 60 Percent of Promises Fulfilled

Obama freezes local reporters out of S.F. event


Obama to help students with loan repayments: White House

Chevy Volt drains power from economy, Obama’s 2012 campaign

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Decline More Than Forecast

Oct. consumer confidence weakest since March 2009


The Inconvenient Truth Behind Fisker Funding Fiasco


ObamaCare Slashes Doctor Pay, -more like Europe

Worst ObamaCare Fears Already Coming to Life: causing Medicaid cuts



Solyndra-linked fundraiser still boosting Obama campaign

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Sharia: Obama-encouraged Libyan transitional council approves polygamy, bans banking interest

Obama’s Libyan Disaster

Hillary Clinton Extols Obama’s ‘Smart’ Leadership in ‘Complex, Dangerous World’

Key General calls Iraq Pullout Plan "A disaster"

Pullout Raises Iran Concerns


NM utility asks EPA to reconsider emissions plan

Obama administration to offer home re-fi plan "independent of how deeply underwater they are"

Obama’s underwhelming housing plan

Obama will attempt an executive branch rescue of homeowners trying to refinance underwater mortgages, with a new initiative that lets people with little or no equity get a better interest rate at a reduced cost

Obama Making Plans to Nationalize Housing?

Obama Admin. Defends Fisker Cars From Solyndra Comparison

Gasoline prices at historic highs for this time of year

Biden: ‘Nobody Can Look You in the Eye and Tell You ... Stimulus Did Not Create Jobs;’ Yes, at $412,500 Per Job

Obama’s Continuing ‘Green’ Energy Agenda Subsidizes GM Wastefulness

60 Percent Of Americans Say Obama Does Not Inspire Confidence About A Recovery

Obama Ethics Year 3

The Justice Dept. proposes lying, hiding existence of records under new FOIA rule: A proposed revision to Freedom of Information Act rules would allow federal agencies to lie to citizens and reporters seeking certain records, telling them the records don’t exist

Obama Administration Bans the Truth About Islam and Jihad

Progressives, Islamists huddle at Justice Department -invited Islamist advocates lobbied them for cutbacks in anti-terror funding, changes in agents’ training manuals, additional curbs on investigators and a legal declaration that U.S. citizens’ criticism of Islam constitutes racial discrimination.

DHS Job Fair for Illegals

Obama campaign brings on ex-lobbyist as senior adviser

November 9th’s USA Nationwide Communication Blackout ?

Transparency: Obama Rule Would Allow Feds to Lie about Existence of Official Records

Top Rahm aide set herself up for sweet CTA pension

Community Organizer to the World

Republicans Respond to New Obama Slogan, 'We Can't Wait,' on Twitter

Virginia Dems To Obama: We're Just Not That Into You

Democrats duck President Obama

White House pushes back utility MACT to December


As Obama stimulus dollars run out, more and more states are "sharply" limiting hospital stays for Medicaid patients in an effort to contain costs

Let them eat kale

'American Grown': Title of Michelle Obama's Book


Obama and Israel

Abbas to Pay Released Murderers’ Pensions With U.S. Aid Money

Obama Ethics Year 3

Secret Government Workshop on Transparency

Who Scrubbed Material Defining “Natural Born Citizen” During The 2008 Campaign?

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Kenya Says Western Nations Join Fight in Somalia, as U.S. Denies Role

Karzai Says Afghanistan Would Back Pakistan if U.S. Attacks

Libya's liberation: interim ruler unveils more radical than expected plans for Islamic law

Libya’s Transitional Leader Says Islamic Sharia Law Will Be the “Basic Source” of All Law

Obama congratulates Libyan people

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Sunday that key foreign policy decisions by the Obama administration are being made for political reasons. "I would argue Iraq and Afghanistan is being run out of Chicago, not Washington, in terms of decisions,

U.S. Senator McCain: After Libya, strike on Syria may now be considered

Clinton backs calls to investigate Gadhafi's death

Clinton warns Iran not to exploit US Iraq pullout

Obama: My 'Drawdown in Iraq Allowed Us' to Get Bin Laden

U.S. judge dismisses Arizona claims against feds on immigration law

John Bolton: WH Removing All References To Islam In Terror Training Manuals, ‘Form Of Thought Control’

Obama Says I’ve Made All the Right Choices – Part 2

Community Organizer to the World

AG Holder: Some in Alabama ignoring immigrant past

Obama Offers Saudis Condolences From the Golf Course

Obama warm to scientists, cold to soldiers


Ron Paul says unemployment is 20%

Obama's failed stimulus program cost more than the Iraq war

Democratic defections and a united Republican front are hampering President Obama’s message on the economy

Heading Into The Holiday Season, The US Consumer Is Worse Off Than Last Year


Obama Admin Hides Public Comments Against Obamacare Mandate


Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama Signs Trade Deals Biggest Since NAFTA -same day he announces Iraq pullout

Sebelius administration destroyed evidence in Kansas Planned Parenthood case

New evidence conclusively establishes that 25 U.S. Supreme Court opinions were sabotaged then republished at Justia.com during the run up to the ’08 election.

OSHA is another Obama agency gone rogue

Obama and Agenda 21

UN Document S/19-2.  Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21- September 19, 1997


Solyndra to Auction Assets, But Taxpayers Won’t See a Dime

LightSquared refuses to release communications with White House

It's 3 am and nobody's there

U.S. Troop Withdrawal Motivated by Iraqi Insistence, Not U.S. Choice

How the Obama administration bungled the Iraq withdrawal negotiations

US Kicked Out Of Iraq?

Fareed Zakaria: Iraq Withdrawal Is Victory For Iran

Obama marks death of Saudi prince


Al Gore wangled $529 million taxpayer loan for electric cars made in FINLAND

About 20% of Detroit is without working street lights, and in some areas up to 50%

Monster Prediction From BofA: Another US Debt Downgrade Is Coming In Just A Few Weeks


Grassley, Issa zero in on FBI over Fast & Furious

Lawmakers blast Justice Department’s ‘Fast and Furious’ probe

SSI Exclusive: The 3rd Gun & "K1" -- not the same thing. But that doesn't mean there wasn't a 3rd


The 60 Plus Association has launched a No Medicare IRS campaign in an effort to protect seniors from being denied healthcare by the Independent Payment Advisory Board

Community Organizer to the World

Gov. Brewer: Obama 'lectured me'Gov. Brewer: Obama 'lectured me'



Why Did the White House Cancel the Rose Garden Bill Signing Ceremony for the Free Trade Agreements?

Obama Loans Car Company Half a Billion So They Can Builds Cars in Finland

Obama stimulus cash goes to foreign workers ($7M to four Oregon firms who hired no US workers)

The Democrat-controlled Senate rejected a portion of the President’s so-called jobs plan, which would have been a mini-“stimulus” program designed to save local public employee jobs

Foreign buyers scooping up U.S. homes

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama announces total Iraq troop withdrawal

Obama says I’ve made all the right choices


As Issa Closes in on FBI Role in Gunwalker, Dems Feign Outrage


Wal-Mart rolls back health care benefits

President Obama's One Hundred and Forty Third Week in Office



U.S. "misery index" rises to highest since 1983

Weekly U.S. jobless claims fall to 403,000



Obama Energy Dept. Literally Re-writing Solyndra History; Will Media Report?

Busted: DOE Altered Solyndra-Related Documents

Community Organizer to the World

Biden: Because of Bush Administration and Wall Street ‘People Died' and ‘Homes Burned’

Joe Biden Confronted on "Rape" Rhetoric, Insists It's Appropriate

Michelle Obama: ‘We Start With Kids ... We Can Affect Who They Will Be Forever

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Iranians Win 4,453 ‘Diversity Visa’ Applications to Immigrate to U.S.

U.S. invites Russia to measure missile-defense test

Obama Ethics Year 3

Napolitano: DHS Authorizing Illegal Aliens to Work in U.S.

Obama has more $$$ from Wall Street than GOP hopefuls combined.

Bogus deportation statistics released by Obama angers lawmakers

McCain: Obama bus trip abuses taxpayers' money


Cuba Prepares to Drill Where We Won't

Inflation: Biggest rise in CPI in 3 years

A Long, Steep Drop for Americans' Standard of Living

Obama, first lady tout jobs plan for veterans

U.S. housing starts jump 15%, hit 17-month high: Apartment buildings

GM Is in Talks to Help Bankroll a Guy Ritchie Cannonball Run Remake

Rough markets slam Goldman Sachs; firm loses $428 million in third quarter

Unpaid student loans top $1 trillion

Obama and Israel

'US concerned over some Palestinians freed in swap'


Napolitano on ATF Fast and Furious: "We're waiting for the Inspector General"

Holder Reveals Iran Plot To Distract From ‘Fast and Furious,’ Ends Up Highlighting Cases’ Similarities

Origins of Fast and Furious accidentally revealed by White House


Nonsensical ways ObamaCare is killing jobs when we need them most: Michelle Bachmann's piece in The Hill

The Myth of Obamacare's Deficit Reduction Takes a Hit



Senate Unanimously Passes Amendment Banning Funds for Fast and Furious-Style Programs

Sen. John Cornyn: No more 'Fast and Furious' gun programs: proposed legislation that would end Fast and Furious and bar new gun-tracking operation

Obama on ‘Fast and Furious’: ‘People Who Have Screwed Up Will Be Held Accountable’

DOJ: No 3rd gun in "Fast and Furious" murder

What Holder and administration apologists expect us to believe about Gunwalker

CNN’s King Downplays Investigation Of Holder’s Fast And Furious Testimony

Was the Gunwalker Plot Bill Newell's idea and the Obama National Security Council's opportunity? Will O'Reilly survive?


Judge denies bid by government for Solyndra trustee

Community Organizer to the World

White House accused of Barack Obama 'green screen' trickery...The White House has been accused of digitally adjusting President Barack Obama's weekly address to the nation to give the impression he was sitting in front of a car assembly line in Detroit.

Obama passes on meeting with ‘Occupy’ activists

Obama: Occupy Wall Street ‘Not That Different’ From Tea Party Protests

Axelrod Defends 'Courageous' Obama

Obama Ethics Year 3

Emails directly link White House to secret transparency meeting

Issa: ‘NLRB is acting as a rogue agency’: Openly defied committe's subpoena

College Student Credited With Uncovering Possible Election Fraud in Indiana's 2008 Primary

Butch Morgan resigns as St. Joseph County (Indiana) Democratic chairman: Claims of voter fraud .... ---- Ex-Indiana governor(Kernan): That's not my signature on Obama petition

The Obama administration is conspiring with the scandal-ridden UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to cover up official correspondence and screen it from national transparency laws, according to breaking news from the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI)

Expansive Role of White House Staffers Undermines Good Government

Michelle Obama Oct. 25 Chicago fund- raiser: "family" photo op for $10,000

Obama and Israel

US Flip-Flops, Criticizes Shalit Deal US officials retracted praise of Israel's terrorists-for-Shalit deal when it was learned some of those released had killed US citizens.

Gilad Shalit released alive: world leaders comment, - but none from Obama


Biden: ‘I Wish’ Jobs Bill Critics Knew What It Feels Like to be Raped, Robbed

Despite trillions in welfare spending, poverty increases in America

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Feds Caught and Released 28 Iranians Who Became Fugitives Inside U.S.; ICE Won’t Say What Happened to Them

State Department: Mexican Drug Cartel Activity Is ‘Consistent With’ Terrorism

Barack Obama’s disastrous first 1,000 days: Daily Telegraph..."It is hard to think of a presidency in modern times that has done more to damage the United States both at home and abroad than the current one.."


Even the Canadians themselves hate Obamacare

Republicans lay groundwork for healthcare repeal


Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama Admin Hides Official IPCC Correspondence from FOIA Using Former Romney Adviser John Holdren


Consumer electronics chief says Obama regulators lack business experience

USPS Union Hires Obama Bailout Insider Ron Bloom

Obama: Congress Is Apparently Too Stupid To Understand My Jobs Bill, So We're Going To Simplify It For Them

Obama creating hundreds of (campaign) jobs

U.S. Industrial Production Barely Increases


Green Tesla Motors: Another Day, Another Solyndra The "green" loan scandal grows to include yet another seemingly hopeless company.

Solyndra won’t talk about its contracts

Obama and JournoList

Journolist 2.0: OccupyDC Emails Show MSM, Dylan Ratigan, Working With Protesters To Craft Message

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Michelle offends the British

McCain rips Obama, warns of ‘slippery slope’ with U.S. troops in Uganda

Navy Delays Carrier, Cuts Cruisers, Amphibs In Draft Budget


For companies that employ more than 50 workers, the minimum cost of employing full-time workers under Obamacare amounts to an average of $27,500, more than what many unskilled employees produce.  


Justice Department Accuses Issa of 'Mischaracterizing' Evidence in Probe of Operation Fast and Furious

Issa to press FBI for "gunwalking" info

Video: Issa talks about the possible 3rd gun and the FBI

Issa theorizes about ‘missing’ third weapon from scene of border patrol agent’s murder

Community Organizer to the World

Communist Marching with #OccupyChicago Identified as OFA Organizer for President Obama

Obama: GOP Wants "Dirtier Air, Dirtier Water, Less People With Health Insurance" (video)

Obama launches cultural warfare


Obama Ethics Year 3

White House Official Publicly Touts Occupy Wall Street, Slogan.... -....Nazis and Communists Unite Behind Occupy Wall Street Movement

Obama offers more support for protesters

Hours after dismissing party politics, Obama attacks GOP again

Did the Obama administration create a website to combat Nachumlist?... Check out the communists' answer -ObamaAchievements.Org


Is this any way to run a cover-up? The Empire Flounders Back. Selective document releases from the White House help prove Issa's case.

Issa: Justice Dept. answers on Fast and Furious full of 'inconsistencies'

Lou Dobbs: Who in DOJ Knew About ‘Fast & Furious,’ and How Much? (video)

Issa's Gunwalker Subpoenas a Virtual Non-Story; AP Furiously Spins False 'Bush Did It Too' Meme


Top Solyndra pusher jumps up a bracket in Obama's reelection campaign bundling

White House Refuses to Release ALL Solyndra Documents


Medicare yanks licenses, gives them right back

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Nigeria: U.S. to Expand Military Co-Operation With Abuja

Obama sends troops to turbulent Uganda.  Since 2005, a brief record of what he sent our troops into...

Syria's Assad regime is a threat to the U.S.

Flashback 2008: Obama claims Iran is a tiny country and not serious threat (video)

US On High Alert, Conducts Drill In Israel And Saudi Arabia

To Isolate Iran, U.S. Presses Inspectors on Nuclear Data

EASTMED: US carrying Turkey’s water?

Community Organizer to the World

Friend of Obama? Lisa Fithian: Occupy Organizer, Union Educator, -And Israel-Hater


Official: Obama Owns Three Largest Deficits Ever



‘Fast and Furious’ Flashback: Big Sis Brags About Weapons Tracing Program In 2009 (video)

In Holder Subpoena, Issa Also Probes White House Press Aide

"Grenade-walking" part of "Gunwalker" scandal


Another Inside Man for Solyndra at the White House

Solyndra boss quits as struggling company turns to celebrity bankruptcy trustee to lead

Treasury official hasn't seen loan like Solyndra

Elena Kagan Mania

Judge Blocks Release of Recusal-Related Emails Kagan Sent WH—Says They're ‘Personal’


15 House Democrats Join in Passing Amendment to Stop Obamacare Abortion Funding

ObamaCare Squeezes Out Less Skilled Workers

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Why U.S. military in Uganda? Soros fingerprints all over it

Obama Sends U.S. Forces to Help in Central Africa

Community Organizer to the World

As Mass. Governor, Romney Consulted Obama's Environmental Policy Advisor

'Certain People in the Media...Carry the Water' for Obama's Opponents


Obama’s Weekly Address: Giving Republicans ‘Another Chance’ on Jobs

Taxpayers still own 500M underperforming GM shares, Obama says ‘investment was worth it’

White House solar panels taking "longer than expected"

The Real ‘Income Disparity’: Government Employee Pensions vs. Private Workers’ Retirement Plans

115-year-old electric car gets same 40 miles to the charge as Chevy Volt

Obama Ethics Year 3

The Obama administration is appealing a judge's ruling that Secret Service records of visitors to the White House complex are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

Obama’s inspectors scour Alabama for immigration law abuses



Alibis Falling Apart

Grenade Walking: Catch the Fever

‘Hiding in plain sight’—How did Obama know about ‘Gunwalker’ before Holder?

All the President's Liars: The New Black Panthers Case Exposed by J. Christian Adams, and the Fast & Furious Scandal


WH: Reid 'will set the schedule' on Obama plans

US gov't runs $1.3 trillion budget deficit in 2011

Gap's woes continue as retail giant plans closure of a fifth of U.S. stores - but will triple number of outlets in China

Wages have dropped and won't catch up until 2021


Energy Dept. Ignored Warnings About Solyndra Loan

Obama Energy Department: The Law Prevents Us From Doing What We Want, Therefore the Law Doesn’t Apply

Fair Share Alert: Obama’s Top Solyndra Crony Claimed Zero Income

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Now Pimping SEIU Merchandise on Twitter

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama's Performance Rating Slips Again


Fake signatures may mean Obama didn't actually qualify in Indiana

President Obama's One Hundred and Forty Second Week in Office


Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama: Republicans Don't Want A Place Where People "No Matter What They Look Like" Can Succeed

Justice Department Sets Up Hotline for Foes of Alabama’s Immigration Law


Solyndra funder Kaiser paid zero taxes for years

Stearns leads new House hearing


Romney Advisor Admits Romneycare was Blueprint for Obamacare



VIDEO: Holder downplays Fast and Furious as not ‘important,’ walks out on reporters

Democrats Defending Eric Holder After Subpoena

Information on what the Holder subpoenas are seeking

 Issa Announces Fast and Furious Subpoenas of Holder and the DOJ [YouTube]

Issa Issues Subpoena to Holder in Fast and Furious Investigation

Fox: Iranian Plot could have been revealed before now; saved to blunt Holder subpoena?


ObamaCare Spending Out of Control: projected to cost our government $1.5 trillion in new spending over the next decade.

ObamaCare Sends Premiums Soaring

(California) L.A. County expands no-cost healthcare Hoping to establish new programs before Medi-Cal takes over in 2014, it plans to register as many as 550,000 patients and assign them to medical clinics for free services.

It's 3 am and nobody's there

All 100 Senators called into Meeting on Iran

 Alleged Iran plot "dangerous escalation": Clinton

Nato success against Taliban in Afghanistan 'may be exaggerated'

Porous Southwest Border Allowed for Iranian Terror Plot

US Treasury imposes sanctions on Iran's Mahan Air

Biden: 'Nothing Off the Table' After Iran D.C. Terror Plot

Vice President Joe Biden says an alleged plot by Iranian government agents to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in the United States was "really over the top.

Only One Jewish Resident Left in Afghanistan, Says State Department

Shrinking Army faces growing percentage of medically unfit soldiers

State Dept Considering 5,662 'Diversity Visa' Applicants from Terror States |

Community Organizer to the World

Picures: Obama rally in Pittsburg 2008  vs. Pittsburgh 2011

Obama 'heartbroken' NBA season will be delayed


Tanning Tax Income Pales Compared With Estimate, Audit Finds

Vice President Joe Biden suggested that more rapes and murders could occur if President Barack Obama's jobs bill is not passed

Boehner to Obama: Congress will ‘continue’ to ‘control the purse strings’

Harrisburg, Pa., Votes to File for Bankruptcy (instead of taking stimulus cash)

Obama: "None Of Us Make It On Our Own" Without Government Help

Blow for Michelle Obama as government pulls the plug on plans to limit junk food marketing at kids

Obama raises a glass with unemployed construction workers in Florida, toasts ‘to more jobs’

Obama Ethics Year 3

DOJ: Feds Can Tell Church Who Its Ministers Will Be

NASA’s Hansen made up to $750,000 on the side in 2010: Speaking fees and prize money


Funny, Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel just can’t remember a darn thing about White House involvement in the $535 Department of Energy loan to bankrupt solar company Solyndra

The sister-in-law of John Podesta, ...Obama's White House transition director, served as the lobbyist for a wind power firm that was just awarded a $135.8 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy.

SunPower: Solar company with $1.2 billion taxpayer loan guarantee, political connections exhibits signs of financial trouble


The Red Queen: Michelle

Michelle Obama’s warning to gun owners

Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama Tells Advisers To Find How To Approve Stimulus Projects "Without Additional Congressional Authorization" (video)

Obama’s Top Political Advisor Directly Linked to Occupy Wall Street Protests ... Connected to Eric Holder

Obama Administration Rejects Anti-Islamist Muslim

A Transparent Betrayal On Open Gov't


Holder’s honesty before Congress disputed in earlier high-profile cases

Obama appoints fox to watch 'Fast and Furious' henhouse

Bush's Operation Wide Receiver: It Was Different- DOJ refuses to hand over any documents

Flashback from June 1, 2011: Latest Clinton/Obama PSYOP: Sell arms to Mex cartels, blame border shops (vid)

Flashback from March 2010: Hillary Clinton: America to Blame for Mexican Gun Deaths

Congressional Investigators to Subpoena Holder in Fast and Furious

"Gunwalking" subpoena for AG Holder imminent

Gunwalker: Issa reveals DEA involvement.


SonPower: Twice As Bad As Solyndra, Twice As Bad For Obama

Solar plants in Mass. and Mich. to be auctioned...  Moving operations to China


Romney Advisers Helpedthe White House DraftHealth Care Reform

 If they succeed in rewriting the meaning of the pertinent text in the law, Obamacare becomes more likely to pass constitutional muster under the general taxing authority of the federal government.

ObamaCare Budgeting Could Turn The U.S. Into Greece

Let them Eat Kale

Michelle’s Bad Eating Habits Scientifically Chronicled

Paula Deen: Michelle Obama likes fried food too- "She probably ate more than any other guest I've ever had on the show"


Obama's jobs bill has been defeated by Senate Democrats

The Chart That Shows Just How Wrong Obama’s Stimulus Projections Were

Expect High Unemployment for a Decade

Obama selects D.C. project,13 others to help spur jobs

California revenues down by $705 million

Obama Jobs Council Stacked With Democratic Donors

Obama and Egypt

Egypt has completely barred Jews from visiting the tomb of Rabbi Abuhatzeira, grandfather of the “Baba Sali.”

It's 3 am and nobody's there

W.H. 'disappointed' with Ukraine

Mufti of Syria...Threatens to Activate Suicide Bombers in Europe and the U.S.

Why is the State Department Apologizing to a Terrorist’s Family?

Iraq 'may bar' US trainers from 2012: top official

NATO to stay in Libya as long as it takes: Rasmussen

Community Organizer to the World

Japan nixed Obama atomic bomb apology


Obama and Egypt

Bolton: Obama Calls For Restraint From Egyptian Christians As They’re Being Killed (Video)

Obama's Czars

Judicial Watch Releases Comprehensive Special Report on President Obama’s 45 Czars

Obama Ethics Year 3

In Eric Holder’s Pocket: A Review of Christian Adams’ Injustice

Dems want door slammed on more of Obama's records Proposing new plan to keep documents secret after term

According to Department of Justice whistleblower J. Christian Adams, AG Eric Holder has a certain something in his wallet. It is a quotation — and he has carried it for decades. It essentially says, to quote Adams, "Blackness is more important than anything, and the black US attorney has common cause with the black criminal."


Peanut Butter Prices Are Rising By 24 to 40 Percent

REPORT: The Major Banks Are About To Strike A Big, $20 Billion Foreclosure Settlement

Obama ditches Slurpee analogy and shifts his tone on economy

Obama administration eyes foreign investment to help U.S. jobs

What the GM bailout has cost taxpayers

Report shows that the Obama recovery is worse than the recession on income

Obama's job-creation panel includes job-cutting executives

Food-assistance numbers soar in Durham county

Obama and Israel

The US is the number one enemy of the Palestinians because it supports Israeli "oppression" against the Palestinians, Tawfik Tirawi, a senior member of the Fatah Central Committee, said on Sunday.


"In at the beginning." The State Department & the Gunwalker Scandal. Part 3. "Caesar's Wife" and the "Mexican hat dance." (Hillary Clinton Involvement)

New evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker

Issa: Holder's defense on Fast and Furious ‘has reached a new low'

Attorney General Eric Holder at the Mexico/United States Arms Trafficking Conference in 2009 still on the DOJ website

Congressman Issa Announces New Subpoenas for Holder, and 100 Fast and Furious Guns Show up in El Paso

Local radio host scores Fast & Furious interview with Sharyl Attkisson

Issa to Holder: “You OWN Fast and Furious” (Issa Letter)

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa today sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder responding to his letter of October 7


WH Budget Official: Oh, We Made Far Worse Loans Than Solyndra

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is demanding Energy Department documents relating to more than $4.7 billion in loan guarantees for solar projects approved Sept. 30,

Solyndra Fallout:House GOP Wants Info on Other Loans Made at Deadline

Community Organizer to the World

Obama goes to Walter Reed: His press secretary tells reporters

The Sunlight Foundation reports that Barack Obama has done better at getting Wall Street cash than any other President in the last 20 years

51% Don't Want Second Term For President Obama

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Not a Single Christian Church Left in Afghanistan, Says State Department

Shocking AP Headline: 'Obama Disconnects Rhetoric, Reality'

Obama's Behavior Is Getting Worse

Elizabeth Warren: intellectual fraud: analysis of Warren’s major politically significant work by ...Megan McArdle... "her evidence doesn't really support her thesis, and can be made to appear to support her thesis only by making some very weird choices about what metrics to use"



Gunwalker fallout--Democrats go mum on gun control

New Subpoenas Prepared in 'Fast and Furious' Probe

Issa Announces Fast and Furious Subpoenas of Holder and the DOJ (video)

2008: Eric Holder’s Bold Crackdown on Illegal Immigration... helped push Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba

2008 flashback: Janet reno and Eric holder...Attorney General Janet Reno's top deputy in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Justice Dept.

Picture: Guns found in Mexican cartel enforcer's home


Issa Eyes Political Connections That Drove Loan Approvals Like Solyndra

Government adviser defends Solyndra despite ethics agreement

Community Organizer to the World

Paul Ryan: Obama Has Broken Promise to Unify Country

President Obama snubs Kenya's diaspora conference

Jack Welch: I Want to Take This Administration Out


U.S. Spends $649k To Recruit Foreigners For Public Housing

Gregory Asks Emanuel About Obama: Will Demonizing Wall Street Create Jobs - 'Is This Not a Reverse Tea Party Tactic?'

Foreclosure backlog deepens

Hawker Beechcraft CEO takes on Obama administration

California allows college aid to illegal immigrants

The CEO Of Failed Dexia Made €1.95 Million In 2009 And 2010 Despite A €150 Billion Government Guarantee And A Fed Bailout

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Big Sis and DHS are developing a 'Future Crime' program called Future Attribute Screening Technology

Let them eat kale

Obama Golfs with His Personal Chef



Fast and Furious weapons found in Mexico cartel enforcer's home

CBS Reporter to O'Reilly: More to Come on 'Fast and Furious'

Obama Ethics Year 3

Secret U.S. Memo Made Legal Case to Kill a Citizen

 Obama 'makes up meeting with teacher who "lost his job"... and he is actually still employed'


Solyndra loan deal: Warnings of legality came from within Obama administration

DOE Warned Solyndra Loan Could be Illegal

Community Organizer to the World

Shame thy neighbour: Obama's plan to boost donations by revealing what other Democrats have given to party


In what’s appearing to be a last-minute move to avoid scrutiny, President Barack Obama’s administration announced late Friday that it is doing away with Obamacare waivers.

Companies now required to publicly justify rates under Obamacare


Report: EPA regs will shut down 28 GW of energy production

Reid guarantees Obama’s jobs bill will lower 9.1% unemployment rate [Video]



Friday Solyndra Email Dump

 More Solyndra E-mails Detail Role of Second Obama Fundraiser

E-mails suggest Rahm, and maybe Obama, pushed early to spotlight Solyndra amid financial warnings; Update: Obama appointee pushed Solyndra loan — despite conflict of interest with wife’s law firm

White House adviser on Solyndra: '*#~@ show'

An elite Obama fundraiser hired to help oversee the administration's energy loan program pushed and prodded career Department of Energy officials to move faster in approving a loan guarantee for Solyndra,

Expert: Solar panels don’t work well

Company that owns Zuccotti “Protester” Park Just got 168 Million Loan Guarantee from Obama DOE

Community Organizer to the World

How Obama’s Economics Will De-Fund Churches

Michelle Obama Coached On Teleprompter Too

Picture: President Obama reads book to children about himself


Holder Challenges 'Fast and Furious' Allegations in Scathing Letter to Congress

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu joined other elected sheriffs in Arizona at a press conference Friday morning in Phoenix. They demanded the truth from the federal government about operation "Fast and Furious.".......... call for independent investigation

Informant: ATF "gun walking" went on for years- Bush did it too

Deputy AG received detailed Fast and Furious briefing

Fast and Furious: A Primer

Fast and Furious in a Rotten Nutshell

Sipsey Street Exclusive: "In at the beginning." The State Department & the Gunwalker Scandal. Part 1. "To take the fight to the Mexican drug cartels."


Obama Administration Is StillPaying Tax Dollars to Google to Promote Obamacare

ObamaCare Grapples With Tough Dilemmas That the Market Solved Long Ago

2014, Plan for the worst: "Prudent insurers, employers and benefits advisors should take the same 'better safe than sorry approach to planning for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that they’d take to planning for computer problems, or a major hurricane."

Institute of Medicine (IOM) Thursday released its long-awaited report outlining criteria for determining the "essential benefits package" which most health insurance policies will be required to cover, starting in 2014.

GOP Pressures for Health Reform Repeal with 1.6 Million Signatures

Obamacare gives rise to efforts to juggle patients, spike revenues

"Staffing firms urged Congress Thursday to repeal the healthcare law's requirement that employers provide insurance for their workers — even as they continue working with federal regulators to tweak the law."

Growing drug shortage leaves patients in the lurch


GM delays second shift at Volt plant

White House: Millionaire tax isn’t enough

Geithner denies that the White House intends to cap banking industry profits

Obama Says Jobs Plan Can Grow GDP as 'Much as 2%'--But WH Estimates It Will Cost 3%

Real unemployment approaches 25-percent?

9.1% unemployment. Again

103,000 Jobs added in September.............Half of gains from 45,000 striking Verizon employees returning

US employers likely added few jobs in September

LightSquared is threatening legal action against the Federal Communications Commission if the agency does not grant the company approval to build a planned nationwide network of around 40,000 broadband towers that many experts warn will cause interference with GPS receivers.

Obama, Vastly Overstating What His Jobs Bill Can Do, Again

It's 3am and nobody's there

Justice Department Asks Appeals Court to Block Alabama's Immigration Law

Washington Injects Another $120 Million Into Marriage, Fatherhood Programs Amid Skepticism

Obama and Israel

How Obama Got Around Congress Withholding $200 M In Aid To The 'Palestinians': The Saudi's gifted it..

Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama's political ethnic outreach staff, paid for by Department of Homeland Security.

Ron Paul warns journalists: "You could be next on the president's kill list"

President Obama's One Hundred and Forty First Week in Office



Harry Reid Uses the “Nuclear Option” to Prevent Vote on Obama’s Jobs Bill.........Reid rewrites Senate rules with shocking move

Video: Obama: "If Congress Does Something Then I Can't Run Against A Do-Nothing Congress"

Obama used the story of a Boston teacher to push his jobs bill Tuesday, even though the teacher has a job

Census: Housing bust worst since Great Depression (Women and Minorities Hardest Hit)

Biden on U.S. Economy: ‘We Have Turned It Around’

30-year mortgage below 4 pct. for first time ever

Green Fail: Inspector General Recommends Shutting Down Green Jobs Training Program

Obama Supports Millionaires Tax That's Bigger Than The Buffett Rule

Obama Plan Makes Social Security Look Like Welfare

Obama Advisor Reveals Economic Toll on Obama Presidency

It's 3am and nobody's there

Panetta brings back Clinton team to run the Pentagon


Is CBS News Silencing ‘Fast and Furious’ Reporter Sharyl Attkisson?

Idaho First Congressional District Congressman Raúl R. Labrador called for the resignation of United States Attorney General Eric Holder

A brief Time Line of events of Watergate and Monica Lewinsky vs. Gunwalker

‘Fast and Furious’ docs reveal Holder was given multiple detailed accounts of gun program

Video: Obama: Holder "Not Aware" Of What Was Happening With Fast And Furious

Holder received at least 5 memos on Fast & Furious

‘Calm down’ about Fast and Furious gun sting, ATF acting director says

Tucson ATF sting exported weapons

Eric Holder has thrived on incompetence, stonewalling, and corruption his entire career. -- long track record of putting political interests of the public interest

Obama and Israel

Biden to US Jews: Israel is our dearest ally


Obama Tells Democrats Birth Control is "Preventative Care"

Doctors to EPA: Extraneous Air Regulations Will Increase Health Care Costs

An internal Obama administration e-mail recently leaked to the press appeared to reveal that officials would shut down a controversial component of the health reform law — the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports, or CLASS Act.


The GOP's demand for all White House communications on Solyndra covers President Barack Obama's personal BlackBerry messages too,

Obama said Thursday that his administration has loaned billions to start-up high tech firms like the now-bankrupt solar firm Solyndra based not on political influence, but "on the merits."

Energy Department Official in Charge of Solyndra Loan Program to Step Down

White House: Donor Didn't Lobby on Solyndra

WH had 'cozy relationship' with Solyndra backers

Obama Ethics Year 3

White House Won’t Comment on Reuters Story About Secret Panel That Can Put Americans on ‘Kill List’

The Administration’s Expanding Scandals

Community Organizer to the World

VP Biden tells 5th graders 'Things Got Really Bad Before We Came Into Office'

Obama: Occupy Wall Street protests show Americans' frustration

Biden: Wall St protests show Americans see system unfair



Obama Brags About HHS Reg Catholic Bishops Call Attack on Liberty


New ATF chief reassigns top officials after Fast and Furious

White House defends Holder amid Fast and Furious accusations

Jay Carney’s Message To Reporters ‘Screamed At’ By Sources: Toughen Up

Video: Issa hits Holder on Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)

Is CBS News Silencing Fast and Furious Reporter?

Fast and Furious: Slide Show Indicates Holder May Have Known in March 2010

Allen West: Obama must remove Eric Holder, or he’s complicit with Fast and Furious cover-up

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona told The Daily Caller the Obama administration officials responsible for Operation Fast and Furious might be accessories to murder. “

Issa to Holder: Admit you knew

Holder’s Dubious History: The AG’s Fast & Furious amnesia is reminiscent of his Marc Rich amnesia

Did Obama Hope to Benefit from ‘Fast and Furious’?


Republicans Seek All White House Communication On Solyndra Since Obama Inauguration

Solyndra's Price Tag

Solyndra e-mails: Dept.of Energy was poised to approve $469 million for firm

In Solyndra note, Summers said Feds "crappy" investor

Obama and Egypt

Egypt: One nation for a new Holocaust

U.S. 'Paid a Price' on Egypt: In a blunt assessment, President Obama’s first national security adviser told a private audience this week that there is a “chasm” between the United States and its Gulf Arab allies that has yet to heal since the White House very publicly ushered Egypt’s president out of power in February

Obama and Israel

Palestinians Say American Aid is Their Entitlement

Reform, Conservative, Orthodox unite against Biden: Leaders of the three movements are expected to criticize US vice president at Rosh Hashana toast over his comments on Pollard

Jews are invited to the Bidens'

Obama Ethics Year 3

Fight Erupts Over First Lady's Travel Costs

Justice Department Official: Muslim ‘Juries’ Threaten ‘Our Values’

NLRB Attorney Cheers Union Attack on Boeing: “Hooray for the red, white and blue”

Community Organizer to the World

Salazar Defends Obama on Environment, Energy: We've Moved Out of 'Hummer Age'

Obama reads children book about himself

Four in 10 Americans “strongly” disapprove of how President Obama is handling job as president

Obama Supporters Cuss At Tea Partiers, Their Kids, Call Black Congressional Candidate “Uncle Tom”

Obama asked high-value celebrities to raise $350,000 each by the end of the year


Obama Has Now Increased Debt More than All Presidents from George Washington Through George H.W. Bush Combined

CBO estimates Obama jobs bill would add $175B in new spending

Nearly Half of U.S. Lives in Household Receiving Government Benefit

Economists Agree: We’re In a Depression

Friendly’s closes 63 stores as ice cream chain files for bankruptcy

U.S. Service Industries Grew at Slower Pace in Sept.

Obama: Reagan would have supported Buffett rule

Video: The Obama Presidency, By The Numbers

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Qaida weakened, can’tdo a 9/11 again: Obama



2010 Email on Solyndra: Bad days are coming

Obama and Israel

Palestinians Accost US Delegation Visiting West Bank, Hurl Shoe at Convoy

Obama Ethics Year 3

Michelle Obama Listed Daughters Malia and Sasha as “Senior Staffers” for $432,142 African Trip

Michelle Obama's Africa Vacation Cost More Than $432,142

Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Detailing the Cost to Taxpayers for Michelle Obama’s Family Trip

ATF Letter to Gun Dealers

Gov't by decree: ATF Letter To Gun Dealers: Don’t Sell Guns To People Who Use Medical Marijuana

Congressional Letter asking for a Special Prosecutor

Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) said the Obama administration was "bordering on lawlessness" with Friday’s Pentagon announcement that military chaplains may officiate in same-sex wedding ceremonies of service members in states where gay marriage is legal.

President Obama Won’t Say If He’ll Stop Pretending to Oppose Gay Marriage Before the Election

No Same-Sex Weddings at West Point's Catholic Chapel, Says Military Archdiocese

Obama’s lawyers bid to regulate religious hiring

Obama Gifted MO AFL-CIO With Half a Million in Stimulus Cash

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Vice President Joe Biden doesn't know who Van Jones is (audio)

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's Three Word Slogan for 2012: 'Our Vision for the Future'

Donors Get Reception With Michelle Obama


Holder backpedals on Fast & Furious

Fast and Furious: GOP Says Eric Holder is ‘Either Incompetent’ or ‘Misleading Congress’

The Justice Department's claim that Attorney General Eric Holder misunderstood a question from Congressman Darrell Issa regarding when Holder first knew about Operation Fast and Furious is now being questioned because additional video from the same hearing...

CBS Reporter: White House Official ‘Screamed’ & ‘Cussed’ at Me for Coverage of ‘Fast and Furious’(includes Audio interview)

CBS News Reporter Says White House Screamed, Swore at Her Over Fast and Furious

House Republicans to Request Special Counsel to Probe Holder on 'Fast and Furious'

Documents Suggest Holder Knew About 'Fast and Furious' Earlier Than He Claimed

Documents May Contradict Eric Holder Fast & Furious Testimony

Fast and Furious: White House Connection Grows Deeper

Newly Released Documents Prove: Holder Lied, and Hundreds Died via Fast and Furious

U.S. Government Invokes National Security to Conceal Deal Cut with Mexican Drug Cartel


White House: Jobs Act an LGBT issue

How Tough Are Times? Parents Cut Back Diapers

Obama: Banks Don't Have 'Inherent Right' to 'Certain Amount of Profit'

$200 million green-tech subsidy results in -100 jobs

Job-Creating Free Trade Agreements Sat on President's Desk While Unemployment Rose

Federal Employment Grows Despite Downturn: From 2010, the private sector lost 3.6 million jobs while the govt added 1.7 million

Obama wants Congress to make it easier for private debt collectors to call the cellphones of consumers delinquent on student loans and other billions owed the federal government.

House Majority Leader Cantor: Obama’s Jobs Package is Dead

Factory orders slip 0.2% in August

‘Green jobs’ farm in Colorado sheds jobs after receiving $200M in stimulus funds

State Gets $5 Mil Bonus For Food Stamp Sign Up


Obama HHS Secretary Sebelius to Host Pro-Abortion Fundraiser

It's 3 am and nobody's there

White House kept Democratic senators hanging on phone



AFT Fast and Furious: New documents show Attorney General Eric Holder was briefed in July 2010

Holder Was Aware of Fast and Furious

Despite new disclosures, White House maintains senior officials didn’t know ATF was ‘letting guns walk’

Furiously unraveling Gun scandal still growing

Unanswered Questions Haunt Family in 'Fast and Furious' Case


Obama doesn’t regret Solyndra loan

Obama touts Solyndra as having been a “good bet” as new e-mails reveal it, er, wasn’t a good bet

The Solyndra Plot Thickens: Donor, Officials Warned White House Not to Visit

Solyndra Part II: Second Energy Company Given Huge Loan By Obama About To Go Belly Up: Nevada Geothermal Power....Harry Reid-Backed

Spiking Solyndra: Big Three Networks Barely Mention Burgeoning Scandal

Flashback, 4/11/2011: Top Obama Bundler Given Half a Billion in Stimulus Cash For His Green Energy Ventures

Obama Ethics Year 3

Chicago Tribune: 'Corruption sentencing delayed for Rezko, fundraiser for Blagojevich'

New Black Panther Malik Shabazz: Obama Evoked Tenets of Black Liberation Theology in Selma

Who Is the New Black Panther Party? What Media Matters and the Obama DOJ Don’t Want You to Know

Shock Photos: Candidate Obama Appeared And Marched With New Black Panther Party in 2007

The Secret Memo That Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans: The Department of Justice produced it prior to the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki. But they won't release it.

Did Media Matters Collude With DOJ On Black Panther Story?

Liberal Journalists Plotted to Protect Obama From Rev. Wright Scandal, Online Mag Says

Excerpt From ‘Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department’ by J. Christian Adams

Top court rejects bid to disqualify US President Barack Obama

Keyes v. Bowen: Supreme Court Denies Another Obama Eligibility Case With No Comment Or Recusal From Sotomayor Or Kagan

Obama impeachment a possibility, says Ron Paul


Obama Says He Can Stop Bank of America from Making 'a Certain Amount of Profit

The White House has sent three long-delayed trade agreements to Congress.   The move puts the deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama on a path toward final passage after years of delay.   

US auto sales up in September on big trucks

Falling U.S. Wages Threaten Consumer Spending

After Worst Quarter Since ’08, Stocks Fall Again

Obama: America 'Not Better Off' Today than Four Years Ago

Biden: Charging Corporate Jets $100 Take-Off and Landing Fee ‘Not Class Warfare’

Gov't Motors sells just 723 VOLTS, far short of own goal of 10,000

Obama Plan: Teacher Jobs One Year Only

Sen. Inhofe: Obama's EPA Waging War on Fossil Fuels

Obama and Israel

Obama Shared Podium With Virulent Anti-Semite in ‘07: members of the New Black Panther Party and leader Malik Shabazz

The United States Congress has blocked nearly $200m in aid to the Palestinians,

Team Obama: Bashing Israel, again

U.S. Defense Secretary: Israel must coordinate Iran policy with international community

'Armed men force Libyan Jew from Tripoli synagogue'

Libya's New Rulers Hate Jews Too? A Libyan Jew returned from exile, believing he was safe to restore Tripoli's main synagogue. He discovered he barred from entering

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's 'class warfare' strategy finds broad appeal with voters

Video- BET's founder, Robert Johnson To Obama: Stop Attacking The Wealthy

Will Obama destroy Franciscan University of Steubenville?

Friends explain why Obama lurched to the left


Coming Soon: Kagangate: Direct conflicts of interests

Notre Dame fights Obama health care plan

D.C. Appeals Court Points the Way to the Defeat of Obamacare's Individual Mandate

Bending Obamacare’s honesty curve downward Growing list of health care lies plagues president’s overhaul

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama policy setting troop killers free in Iraq

Cuba's Repression Escalates

Van Jones Luagh-A-Thon

Van Jones On Obama: "We Made A Mistake, We Thought It Was Just About One Person" (video)


Obama Ethics Year 3

Department of Justice Cuts, Reassigns 81 Immigration Prosecutors

Obama filling more slots with globalism activists


The Obama Presidency - By The Numbers

Payrolls Probably Stagnated in September: U.S. Economy Preview

The Chicago Board Options Exchange, the world’s largest futures exchange operator, may be headed for Florida or Texas in reaction to the state of Illinois raising the board’s state taxes by 25%


 Top Obama Fundraiser OK'd Solyndra Loan

Obama and Israel

Leon Panetta Echos Obama's Anti-Israel Disinformation Campaign

Panetta Warns Israel Getting More Isolated

 Senior Fatah man calls Obama, Netanyahu "scumbags," explains how Israel would "come to an end" if exits Judea and Samaria.

Community Organizer to the World

White House Tipped Off AP Reporter Ahead of Michelle Obama’s Target Photo-Op

Video: Obama speaks about Gay Right at the "Human Rights Campaign", LGBT (Lesbian and Gay) rights group

 Obama: Commander in chief must back gay troops

Obama On Meeting Lady Gaga: 'It Was A Little Intimidating'

 Obama Announces 'Bilateral Talks' With Lady Gaga on Gays

Former Car Czar: Suskind Book 'Drive-by Shooting' Of Obama

Obama For America Literally Begging For $3 Donations

Obama and Egypt

U.S. officials have met members of the Muslim Brotherhood's political party, a U.S. diplomat said, after Washington announced it would have direct contacts with Egypt's biggest Islamist group

Let them eat kale

Obamas celebrate wedding anniversary with lavish dinner at stylish $150-a-head restaurant


Operation Fast and Furious Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Gunwalker: Under White House Control?

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Dick Armey: Obama’s ‘Lost’ Policies Could Foment Civil Unrest

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones License to practice Law...suspended...twice



New Fast and Furious docs released by White House

White House fast and furious email from CBS (pdf)

Page 2 of fast and furious email (pdf)

September 3 email from White House to ATF (pdf)

Document Dump: White House in Heavy Communication About Operation Fast and Furious

Friday night F&F document dump shows “extensive” communication with White House

White House sends Hill Fast & Furious docs, but withholds some

Despite Denials, Map Proves Deliberate Illegal Gun Trafficking by ATF to Mexico

Multiple sources, including sources from ATF, DOJ and Congressional offices have said there is a white paper circulating within the Department of Justice, outlining the essential elimination of ATF

Video flashback: Obama and Calderon make public address

Obama and Israel

Report: Obama Wanted to Release Pollard, Biden Refused

Report: Congress freezes aid to Palestinians  The Independent reports that US Congress blocked $200 million in aid to Palestinian Authority following Mahmoud Abbas' bid for UN membership and is threatening wider sanctions

Obama Ethics Year 3

A majority of the New Hampshire Executive Council is demanding that the Obama administration cancel a $1.1 million grant to Planned Parenthood

Fed Plan to Consolidate Power Over Nation's Power Highway Has States Nervous

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Al-Awlaki’s killing could pay political dividend for Obama

Killed by Same Unit That Got Bin Laden: Details About the Operation that Killed Anwar al-Awlaki

Obama: Commander-in-chief must support gay troops


DOE's $5 billion day

Solyndra Expands into Energygate

U.S. Officials Say Solyndra Execs Stonewall On Financial Info


Weekly Address: Fighting for the American Jobs Act | The White House

EDP Renewables lays off 10 percent of North American workforce

Income Drops Second Month in a Row

A Rising Fear of an Extended Downturn

Community Organizer to the World

Obama to headline gay rights dinner

Michelle Obama on President’s Upbringing: He Knows Economic Struggles

Obama refers to his wife as 'Michael'

Michelle Obama's Target trip

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones Warns America: ‘Hold on to Your Seats’ Because the ‘Progressive Fight Back’ Is Coming in October


Obama re-election ploy: Kill Obamacare



More solar companies led by Democratic donors received federal loan guarantees

Solyndra Loan Program on Pace to Commit Equivalent of $6M Per Permanent Job

Obama Ethics Year 3

Gibson: Feds 'lied' about CEO's wood statement

Obama’s illegal alien half uncle, though facing a deportation order, is back on the job at a mom-and-pop grog shop in Framingham, his lawyer said yesterday — leaving advocates of tough immigration enforcement bewildered and outraged.

US: military chaplains may perform same-sex unions

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama administration appeals Alabama immigration law

Let them eat kale

 Recession chic... or a desperate PR stunt? What REALLY happened when Michelle Obama was spotted shopping at Target

NBC's 'Today' Swoons Over Michelle Obama Shopping at Target

Only Barack Obama would bring a SWAT team with him to the gym


Bending Obamacare’s honesty curve downward


Collapsing Obama Says the Country "Has Gotten a Little Soft" as CNN Finds "90% of Americans Say Economy Stinks"

 DDOE OKs $4.7 Bil In Loan Guarantees For (Maybe) 92 Permanent Green Energy Jobs


President Obama's One Hundred and Forthieth Week in Office



Bank of America to add $5 monthly debit card fee as era of low-cost banking ebbs

On Economy, Biden Says ‘We’re in Charge’

Acting Commerce Secretary: Despite Failures, ‘U.S. Can’t Afford’ Not to Subsidize Green Tech

Obama Enlists IRS for New Union Shakedown of US Business


Obama still silent on brewing Solyndra debacle

 FBI Probing Solyndra for Possible Fraud

The Solyndra Mess Gets Messier

DOE’s Green Spending Spree Continues: $132 Mil Loan Guarantee OK’d For Abengoa Bioenergy

Crony Capitalism: $737 Million Green Jobs Loan Given to Nancy Pelosi's Brother-In-Law


MSM Sheep: Ignoring the Scandal of the Century

Homeland Security Released Terror Operative Who Illegally Crossed Border

A 'Furious' revelation, Feds Sold Guns to Drug Gangs

Obama Ethics Year 3

Feds to Gibson: Hand over more wood

Obama: 'I Don't Think Ethics' Was My Favorite Subject

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama administration widens challenges to state immigration laws

Obama, Arizona Sheriff Arpaio clash over immigration

U.S. Admits Mexican Cartels Control Parts Of Border

Obama: We're not deporting any DREAMers

Obama’s ‘Reset’ Legacy: A Return of the USSR

Obama and Israel

Netanyahu: Gilo is Not a Settlement


New Study Underlines Unfulfilled Promises of Health Care Bill

Defending Obamacare with 'a Soviet-Style Power-Grab’


Obama and Israel

Clinton, in a Sharp Turnaround Warns Against Even Symbolically Recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

Obama Ethics Year 3

Watchdog: EPA cut corners on global-warming decision Report supports lawsuits seeking to block Obama global-warming rules

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Iran 'steals surface-to-air missiles from Libya'

Obama ‘Open to a New Relationship With Cuba’

DOJ: ‘Mexican-Based Trafficking Organizations Control Access to the U.S.–Mexico Border’


"Fast And Furious" Just Might Be President Obama's Watergate

Obama evades ‘Fast and Furious’ questions from Latino media

ATF Chief Counsel’s office warned management of Gun Rights

An FBI/DEA confidential informant helped smuggle firearms from the ATF's Fast and Furious gun-trafficking surveillance operation to drug cartels in Mexico, according to evidence compiled by congressional investigators.

Sen. Chuck Grassley: Government Sold Guns to "Underworld"


The Secret Government Bank That's Financing More Solyndras

Solyndra: What the President Knew and When He Knew It

Energy Department approves $1B in solar energy loan guarantees

Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the Pelosi Clan

Solyndra Who? Obama Admin. Approves $737M Solar Loan

Solyndra Said to Have Violated Terms of Its U.S. Loan

Investment in failed solar firm Solyndra raises questions about nonprofit’s purpose


Obama’s Jobs Plan: $1.6 Million Per Job

DOE mulls loans for green projects at $23 mil per job

Obama’s jobs plan: $447 billion for one decent month of employment growth

Obama proposes letting the jobless sue for discrimination

9 American Cities Going Broke

GE began accepting applications for hundreds of new jobs at Appliance Park on Wednesday at 6:30 a.m. The company received its limit of 6,000 applications by 7:20 a.m.

U.S. durable-goods orders dip in August

Federal spending in Oklahoma last year equated to $10,256 per person; it's below national average

GM considers building Volt in China, praises U.S. hands-off policy

The U.S. Federal Deficit Reaches A Tipping Point

Community Organizer to the World

WH Insists Obama's Televised Message to High School Students Is Not Political

Secret Service Agent Quits, Campaigns Against Obama Policies

Peter Orszag calls for less democracy, more rule by elite technocrats

 Obama’s top ‘fat cat’ strays

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama's Fighter Plane Refusal Dooms Taiwan


PhRMA president calls Obama policy ‘wrongheaded’ Curtailing patents will cripple R&D on pharmaceuticals, industry warns

Fraudulent Argument on Health Reform

A Year And a Half After ObamaCare, Employee Health Insurance Premiums Spike



Journalist: Health and Human Services new media policy ‘Soviet-style power grab’

Healthcare sent health premiums up 9%......--- 17% of which was due to Obamacare

Health-Benefit Costs Rise Most in Six Years

White House plays defense after report finds healthcare premiums on the rise

Health premiums now more than a new car

Sharp Rise in U.S. Health Insurance Cost, Study Finds

Why Creating Health 'Exchange' Helps Entrench Obamacare

Obama and Israel

Obama Rosh HaShanah message for Jews: Israel faces “the uncertainties of an unpredictable age.”... "The United States will continue to stand with Israel"

Israel approves 1,100 more settlement homes: Hillary Clinton.. settlement plan.. counter-productive

Obama Administration Puts Itself in Tough Spot over Palestinian Statehood

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Iran says could deploy navy near U.S. coast: report

Nightmare in Libya: 20,000 Surface-to-Air Missiles Missing

CIA, Pentagon fight to keep Osama bin Laden death photos secret


Job prospects worst since 1983

Who’s the largest owner of REO (bank-owned) inventory in the country? The taxpayers. Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), are currently holding approximately 250,000 foreclosed homes.

$200K Per Job? Timothy Geithner Says White House Jobs Plan Is Still a Bargain

Video: Obama Tells Townhall We're In A "Deep Recession"

Coke chief criticises US tax rules: Says China more business friendly

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Monday asked President Barack Obama to use his executive authority to prevent or delay implementation of stricter pollution standards, saying they will have an "immediate and devastating" effect on the state.

Obama's Interior Chokehold on America: Bottleneck would cost the economy $20B and thousands of jobs

Delaware's Very Own Solyndra

Obama Ethics Year 3

Lawsuit: Obama visit caused $676K in airport damage

..Calls from the White House have led to Ford Motor Company yanking ads that spotlighted its refusal to take government auto bailout money

Obama's re-election campaign is helping activists in the battleground state of Ohio challenge an election law that would shorten the time for early voting, which helped Obama in his first run for the White House

Obama’s Labor Secretary To Headline AFL-CIO Union Organizing Summit Targeting Young Workers


Fast & Furious: Congress expanding probe to include grenades

Mexican attorney general demands explanation on Operation Fast and Furious

Tucson town hall over Fast and Furious

Gunwalker: Agent Admits His Testimony ‘Lacked … Completeness’

Fast and Furious: Using Humans as Collateral Damage

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Gives Elizabeth Warren's Socialist Answer to Softball Question

Obama’s fundraising off by 36% for last quarter

Gaffetastic: Team Obama relocates Colora-DOH!

Pres. Candidate Herman Cain doubles down: Obama a ‘liar’

Obama in Oct. 2008: A Glimpse of the Miserable Failure to Come (Video)

Chicago Bears legend snubs Obama


LightSquared doubles size of its lobbying team in 2011 (already spent $830,000 in first 6 months)

Worse and Worse: Obama Was Personally Briefed on Risks of Solyndra Loan Program

Obama was warned of loan dangers long before Solyndra sank

Waxman to Issa: Get Solyndra facts straight


Obama Ethics Year 3

How Obama went to Ohio and lied about a new bridge


Grassley: Holder Thwarts ATF Sting Inquiry

Gunwalker bombshell--"there never was a 'sting'"

Letter implicates ATF in committing straw purchases for Gunwalker

U.S. Gov't used an ATF employee to buy weapons with taxpayer money

U.S. Government Used Taxpayer Funds to Buy, Sell Weapons During 'Fast and Furious,' Documents Show

Fast and Furious: Justice's obstruction

Obama and Israel

Obama Administration Apparently Leaks Misleading Story To Seem More Pro-Israel Than Bush

US State Department says former president Clinton's comments blaming Netanyahu for impasse in peace process those of "private citizen."

Obama's Approval Ratings Among Jewish Voters Plummeting

The White House's Advice for Your Rabbi

Palestinian State Will Not Accept Palestinian Refugees

Egypt Uncovers Libyan SA-24 Anti-Air Missiles And Sea Mines Bound For Gaza - smuggled from Libya

Netanyahu: Abbas Trying to 'Detour' Negotiations


Doctor And AMA Split Over Contentious Issue Of ObamaCare

Feds Finalizing Ban on Over-the-Counter Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns

Obama healthcare law headed for Supreme Court

Scary truth about Obamacare keeps seeping out

It's 3am and nobody's there

President’s foreign-policy failures increase

Obama Sold Turkey Drones (Predators)

Is The U.S. Government Stockpiling Food In Anticipation Of A Major Economic Crisis?

Army, Marines could cut 150K troops

Mexican Government Under Assault From Drug Cartels, Washington Yawns

Obama Is Dangerous for Peace

As polls falter, Obama pulls Bill Clinton closer

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's strange sense of humor: Cracking jokes about the horrific fires in Texas........Video montage of past Obama odd moments

Video: Obama heckled, called Anti-Christ at CA campaign event

White House Faults GOP Candidates for Not Chastising Unruly Audience Members at Debates

Obama raises money at 7 events over 2 days

Why Is Obama 'Anti-Science' Regarding The Cause of Texas Droughts?.. igonoring  his own scientists on cause of drought

Obama insinuates global warming caused Texas wild fires

Obama’s “new, more combative” tone…same as the old tone

Rep. Waters 'suprised' Obama told the African-American community not to complain

ABC News Promotes 'Cool Lady' Michelle Obama on ABC Home-Rehab Show


Solyndra sensitivity? “The most open Administration in history” barring reporters from Obama’s tech fundraisers

Obama Cabinet Does the Hokey Pokey: Denies Solyndra involvement, but facts suggest othewise


Fed Vice Chair: Economy worse than you think

Obama: ‘You Can’t Have a Modern Industrial Economy’ Under GOP Tax Plans

Home-buying season the worst in at least 50 years

New Home Sales Fall in August for Fourth Straight Month: On pace for worst year in half century

Sales of new U.S. homes dip in August (-2.3%)

Obama Proposes Protecting Unemployed Against Hiring Bias

Joe Wilson: NLRB Driving Businesses to Right To Work States to Avoid 'Roach Motels'

Long Lines At State Offices For Low-Income Aid; Confusion About Food Stamps

Silicon Valley Becomes Rent Seeking Valley Under Obama

EPA: Regulations would require 230,000 new EPA employees, $21 billion

Obama tax hike plan derailing supercommittee talks

Obama’s Labor Department Blasted in Public Comments Over Dangerous ‘Persuader’ Proposal

Obamanomics: Failed Theory in Practice

Obama: One Step Forward, Three Steps Back On Job Creation: small list of recent Obama Job-killing actions


Obama Ethics Year 3

Video: Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay ‘Jew’ tax rate

Operation Voter Fraud 2012: Dept. of Justice Delays Approval of TX Voter ID Law

Wyoming Sheriffs Told Federal BATF & IRS Agents To Abide By The Constitution Or Face Immediate Arrest.

It's 3am and nobody's there

The Obama administration is considering a military trial in the United States for a Hezbollah commander now detained in Iraq

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Says GOP Would 'Cripple' America

Obama heads to West Coast for jobs push, campaign fundraising blitz

Small donors slow to return to Obama's fold


Bloggers will replace "legacy media" in Fast and Furious reporting, says Congressman Issa


California Democratic Party among Solyndra’s creditors

GOP to sink its teeth deeper into Solyndra and White House

Now hiring: Accountant to investigate Solyndra: GOP committee hiring more staff

A Closer Look at the Law Firm That Represented Solyndra

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Netanyahu insists Obama just as much a friend of Israel as George W. Bush

Obama and Egypt

A human rights group on Sunday noted a 'sharp decline' in freedom of opinion and expression in Egypt following the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak during a revolution earlier this year.



SolarCity Loan Guarantee Rejected by U.S. in Wake of Solyndra’s Bankruptcy

Federal Loans Fund Big-Ticket Energy Projects at Firms Outside of U.S.

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The 2008 candidate who was “Fired Up and Ready to Go” is coming to Seattle: It will cost $35,800 to go see Barack Obama close up in Medina and perhaps ask the 44th president a question.

Community Organizer to the World

Obama tells blacks to 'stop complainin' and fight

Obama Tells Congressional Black Caucus To 'Stop Grumbling'

Obama's Chicago-based re-election campaign has a hometown problem: the donors and volunteers who have lost interest after launching his run for the White House four years ago


Obama and Israel

Obama discussed the Middle East and education policy in a pre-Rosh Hashanah call with 900 reform movement rabbis

Palestinians submit application for UN recognition

News leak to save Jewish votes: Obama OK’d sale of bunker-busters to Israel in 2009


Video: Solyndra Execs Take The 5th Before Congress

“Before he became Solyndra’s chief financial officer, Wilbur G. Stover was at the center of one of the largest price-fixing scandals in U.S. history.”

Solyndra gave bright forecasts as it ran out of cash

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Solyndra executives repeatedly invoke the Fifth

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ATF Counsel email to Melson on Gunwalker-Terry murder link preceded intimidation

Issa's 'Project Gunwalker' investigation making him target


Jobless rate in Chicago area rises to 10.4 percent

Obama Ethics Year 3

The Unilateral Repeal of No Child Left Behind and the 2012 Election

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Obamacare HHS rule would give government everybody’s health records

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"A new study by the Small Business Administration shows the health insurance tax credit, effective starting in the 2010 tax year, may not be enough incentive for small businesses to offer their employees health care.

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Commits Embarrassing Gaffe While Trying To Embarrass Republican Leaders in "Bridge Speech"

NASA is "embarrassing", Neil Armstrong tells Senate Former astronauts criticise death of the Space Shuttle