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Ruh Roh Rahmbo! Rahm Busted Using Private Email Like Clinton!


Court unseals search warrant for Hillary Clinton's emails

FBI search warrant: Hillary Clinton put US at ´exceptionally grave´ risk


FBI warrant released in Clinton case, revealing extent of classified info on laptop


Intelligence Officer Who Personally Met the Democratic Email Leaker Confirms Leaker Is with AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE Services

Obama: Clinton Emails Were ‘Fairly Routine,’ ‘Not Very Interesting’


FBI still hasn’t turned over Abedin emails


Judicial Watch Asks Federal Court to Find Government Misconduct in Clinton Email Scandal, Force Release of Documents

Issa: Obama Essentially Tried To ‘Jury Tamper’ In Clinton Investigation [VIDEO]


Jason Chaffetz: We Aren't Done With Hillary Yet


Hill-o-ween Hell: FBI to Examine 650,000 Emails on Pervert’s Laptop

After FBI Announcement, Hillary's Campaign Manager Appears to Have Deleted His Twitter Timeline

Clinton demands FBI make public reason for reopening email probe

Election Shocker: FBI Reopens Criminal Investigation Into Clinton’s Private Email Server

In Leaked Memo, James Comey Explains Why FBI Told Congress About Reopened Clinton Probe

White House Says Obama Had No 'Advance Warning' Of FBI's Clinton Probe

An Angry John Podesta Issues A Statement On "Reopening" Of FBI Probe

AP: Newly Discovered Emails Related To Clinton Investigation "Did Not Come From Her Private Server"



Podesta Part 21: Wikileaks Releases Another 1,400 Emails; Total Is Now 35,594


Robert Creamer Says He Was on Calls With Clinton Campaign ‘Every Morning’

Report: 97 Percent of DOJ Employee Political Donations Went to Hillary Clinton

Clinton Campaign Chairman Had Multiple Dinners With Top DOJ Official During Clinton Email Investigation


White House: Obama never lied about Hillary Clinton's emails

The Smoking Gun: Cheryl Mills Tells Podesta "We Need To Clean This Up - Obama Has Emails From Her"

CLEAN THIS UP’: Obama Had Emails From Clinton’s Private Account

"Executive Orders For Sale": Leaked Email Shows Hillary Auctioning Off 'Laws' To The Highest Bidder

Clinton Campaign Chairman Had Multiple Dinners With Top DOJ Official During Clinton Email Investigation

WIkileaks: Podesta taught 'Congressional Investigations' Seminar at Georgetown Law

Wikileaks -- The Soros Connection is more than just "Wild-Eyed Speculation"


Wikileaks Releases Part 16 Of The Podesta Files: Total Is Now 26,803 Emails

No comment: Clinton has ´nothing to say´ about Wikileaks email revealing $12M quid pro quo with Morocco´s king that an aide said was a ´mess´ of her own making

Mook Struggles to Defend Clintons, State Department Over Haitian Rebuilding Contracts

Hillary Sent Classified Email to Home for Printing by Household Employee


Unquestionably An OPSEC Violation’: Clinton Sent US Operations Info To Podesta’s Hacked Email

1,000 Clinton-Petraeus emails missing from records sent to State, FBI files show

More Clinton classified email emerges in State Department document dump

Wikileaks Releases First Batch Of Emails Sent To And From President Obama's Secret Email Address


Wikileaks Releases First Batch Of Emails Sent To And From President Obama's Secret Email Address

WIKILEAKS: White House Knew ‘POTUS And HRC Emailed’

Leaked Email: Diversity To Obama Admin Means No Whites


New Clinton emails appear to contradict her sworn testimony

Hillary Clinton Deleted Emails With Her Email Server Technician

Wikileaks Exposes The Clinton Campaign Held Secret Dinners With Reporters

Wikileaks Rocks The Clinton Camp : New Dump Reveals A Joint Bank Account With The DNC

Podesta Struggles to Answer Questions About Hacked Emails

Never Before Seen Secret Memo On AIG Bailout From Fed's Tarullo To Obama Revealed In Podesta Emails


Scandals surround Clinton's gatekeeper at State

Ecuador blocks Assange from dumping more Clinton docs

Bill Clinton's Secret Service Agent Did IT Work for Hillary's Server and Clinton Foundation

Wikileaks: Trusted Clinton Foundation Insider Was Caught Loading Spyware on Computers, Reading Employee Emails


Wikileaks: HRC staff told by DeptofState of Top Secret emails, talk how to bury it in New York Times

EMAILS: Clinton Allies ‘Believe The Obama Forces’ Committed Voter Fraud In ’08

Wikileaks Releases Another 1,054 Podesta Emails In Part 9 Of Data Dump; Total Is Now 12,073

Latest Wiki Dump Reveals Heavy Press Collusion Over Hillary's "Excellent Health" Medical Statement

Kaine: ‘I Don’t Know’ if Obama Lied About Not Knowing Clinton Used Private Server

WikiLeaks: Podesta lamented that a Muslim, not a white man, named as killer in 2015 massacre

Senior Clinton aide may have tried to cut a deal with FBI agents  Summaries from the FBI investigation into Clinton’s email server indicate that she may have asked FBI agents to reclassify emails.

Wikileaks - MANPADS intended to go to Libyan rebels, now with Al-Qa'ida Islamic Maghreb

BENGHAZI COVER-UP Exposed: Proof Hillary Team Debated How To Hide Subpoenaed Benghazi Info

Emails show Bloomberg wants to be Clinton’s secretary of state

The State Department 'tried to make the FBI change the classification of emails during the Hillary Clinton investigation in exchange for more overseas postings for agents'

Hillary email: Don't help Savage with ban from U.K. 'Let's hold on doing anything until we all talk,' she wrote to top aides


Emails: Clinton Allies ‘Believe The Obama Forces’ Committed Voter Fraud In ’08

Batch #8 of The Podesta Emails Released…

Report: State Dept Wanted ‘Quid Pro Quo’ with FBI to Change Hillary’s Classification Markings

Leaked emails reveal Hillary Clinton’s life of deceit


WikiLeaks: Podesta Asks Clinton's Lawyer, 'Think We Should Hold Emails To and From (Obama)?'

Wikileaks uncovers attempt to protect Obama in email scandal 'Hillary couldn't be proven guilty without proving the president guilty as well'

Hillary Sent Classified Intelligence Info to John Podesta's Hacked Email Account

Wikileaks Releases Another 1,150 Podesta Emails In Part 7 Of Data Dump: Total Is Now 10,169

18 Reasons (So Far) Leaked Podesta Emails Reveal Dishonest Side of Clinton, Her Campaign and Media Collusion

 Podesta Linked Up Google’s Executive Chairman and Cheryl Mills, Robby Mook Google was accused of manipulating search results for Hillary

HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Top Wikileaks Podesta Emails (Update 2)


Wikileaks Bombshell: John Podesta Owned 75,000 Shares in Putin-Connected Energy Company

Unsecured Podesta-Hillary Exchange Exposes Intelligence Source On The Ground in Libya

Wikileaks Releases Another 2,000 Podesta Emails In Part 6 Of Data Dump

'Does not recall': Clinton dodges email questions in court submission

Emails: Clinton aides touted her 'cordial relationship' with Loretta Lynch

Leaked Emails Reveals Clinton Campaign Plotted Supreme Court Threat Over Obamacare

Clinton changes story, admits she didn’t have permission for secret email server


Clinton secretly accused Saudi Arabia and Qatar of funding ISIS - and said ´US and Western intelligence´ were sources for email leveling the charge

Huma Abedin in Leaked Email: ‘Can We Survive Not Answering Questions from Press?’

HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Top Wikileaks Podesta Emails (Update 1)


House Judiciary Committee Calls For Inspector General Probe Into FBI "Special Treatment Of Clinton Insiders"

White House: No political interference in Clinton email probe

Emails show Clinton aides discussing home server

WikiLeaks: State Dept Coordinated Email Release With Clinton Campaign

Wikileaks Releases Another 1,100 Emails From John Podesta In Third Data Dump

Hillary In Leaked Email: Saudi Arabia And Qatar Are Funding ISIS

WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Says Vetting Refugees Impossible

Wikileaks: Debate Moderator John Harwood Emailed Podesta — Often

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton on Chinese Aggression: ‘You Can’t Blame’ China

Leaked Emails Show Clinton Camp Mocking Catholics

 Clinton Staffers Considered Joking About Email Server the Day Before Congressional Subpoena ‘Might get a big laugh tonight and regret it when content of emails is disclosed’


Leaked Email Reveals Potential Collusion Between State Department And Clinton Campaign

Wikileaks Dumps ANOTHER 2,086 John Podesta Emails

Leaked Emails Expose Tight Link Between CNBC And Clinton Campaign

Clinton staff debated how much ‘outrage’ to show lawmakers over Benghazi, emails show


Acting DNC Head Donna Brazile Urges Employees Not to Read Hacked Clinton Emails

WikiLeaks Publishes Two Thousand Emails From Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta

WikiLeaks Shows Hillary’s Coming Out Against Keystone XL Was A Totally Calculated Move


Leaked Emails Show Clinton Campaign Coordinating With Soros Organization


State Dept. to release hundreds of deleted Clinton emails Friday

State Dept. And White House Coordinated To ‘Crush’ Clinton Email Coverage

White House Intervened To Suppress Hillary 'Secret Server' Scandal, Leaked Emails Reveal

Emails reveal White House was “managing” Hillary’s private server scandal in 2015

Déjà vu: Two “banker’s boxes” of Hillary e-mails missing from FBI probe


FBI files reveal missing email 'boxes' in Clinton case, allegations of evidence tampering

Hacker Releases Tons Of Emails From Clinton State Department Insider

New emails show intersection of Clinton Foundation, State Dept., paid speeches

Huma Abedin Email Attacked Jewish Group

State Department "Loses" Smoking-Gun Clinton Greek Bond Insider-Trading Email


DOJ Let Clinton Aides’ Lawyer Limit FBI’s Investigation

Immunity deals stopped FBI from investigating BleachBit use in Clinton email case


Clinton says ‘I don’t recall’ when asked if she joked about killing WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

FBI agreed to destroy laptops of Clinton aides with immunity deal, lawmaker says


State Department Admits It ‘Lost’ Clinton Foundation Email


It´s Alive: FBI files reveal how Clinton server was created in K Street lab

      FBI Director Comey Took Millions from Clinton Foundation Defense Contractor


Clintons’ Payments To Email Technician Match Up With Tax Deductions

Clinton docs released late because lawyer couldn’t use smartphone

Day #10 – FBI Director James Comey Admits “Stonetear” is Paul Combetta During Hearing….


Comey on Clinton email probe: ‘Don’t call us weasels’

Jim Jordan Gets FBI Director To Confirm Cover Up of Evidence Tampering

FBI’s Comey rejects call to reopen Clinton email case, refuses to say she’s truthful

FBI Director: An FBI Agent Would ‘Be In Big Trouble’ If They Did What Hillary Did

FBI doc dump on email case reveals role of 'confidential' Clinton aide

FBI Director Comey Takes Stand Again To Answer For "Handing Out Immunity Agreements Like Candy"

FBI Bombshell: No Followup After Huma Abedin Caught in Falsehood


James Comey discusses Cheryl Mills' immunity

State Dept misses court's deadline on Clinton docs

FBI says Clinton aide Cheryl Mills’ immunity was ‘not irregular’


Loss Of FBI Reputation Irredeemable: James Comey Will Resign

12 Biggest Bombshells In FBI’s Clinton Investigation


The FBI Investigation of EmailGate Was a Sham NSA Analyst: We now have incontrovertible proof the Bureau never had any intention of prosecuting Hillary Clinton


White House Knew of Clinton Private Email

Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal

Obama’s Top Iran Negotiator May Have Had Personal Email Account Hacked While Negotiating Deal

27 things we learned from Clinton's FBI files

Former US Attorney Calls for FBI Director James Comey to Resign


Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal

FBI: Clinton IT aides described 'Hillary cover-up operation'

FBI Release 189 Pages of Investigative Notes Into Clinton Email – Platte River Network and “Stonetear”(Full pdf)…

FBI releases nearly 200 Clinton email documents

Five Clinton aides received immunity deals in FBI probe

GOP lawmaker: FBI gave immunity for Clinton aide's testimony

State Department has 2,800 emails Clinton never turned over

Most of Clinton’s Recovered Emails Will Be Released After Election Day

Hillary Emailgate: How One Twitter User Proved The "Intent" That The FBI Missed After Months "Investigating


House panel holds Clinton IT aide in contempt

 House Committee Orders Reddit To Preserve Hillary Email Technician’s Posts

Email shows federal immigration bosses in OT push to swear in new citizens ´due to election´


Judge Orders Release of Clinton Security Training Docs To Begin In Five Days

IRS commissioner admits he made ´mistaken´ statements about email destruction


GOP subpoenas FBI to turn over Clinton email docs

Hillary's IT person anonymously posted this on #Reddit in Sept. 2009

House Committee Demands Interview With "Oh Shit" Guy By Friday At Noon Over Reddit Thread

House Committee Threatens To Subpoena Clinton Email Tech Who Sought Reddit Advice 


House panel looking into Reddit post about Clinton´s email server

Reddit Users Break HUGE Clinton Email Story – Proving Hillary ORDERED Emails to Be Stripped

Judge blasts State Dept. for slow-walking Hillary emails


Jason Chaffetz Makes FBI ADMIT That They Covered Up Hillary Clinton's LIES

 Senator Seeks Formal Damage Assessment of Clinton Email Secrets Loss Lack of DNI inquiry risks charges of ‘partisanship or incompetence’ by spy agencies

 Congress Investigating Obama Admin-Funded Campaign to Unseat Israeli PM State Department purged emails about $300,000 grant to anti-Netanyahu group


Clinton postpones email questions due to 'campaign business'

Oversight threatens to subpoena IT firm for Clinton server records

State ignored 17 FOIA requests for Clinton's emails before 2014

Hillary Emails Betrayed Whereabouts of Murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens


Destruction of Hillary Clinton’s Email Records During the U.S. Federal Government Investigation — The Legal and Records Management Implications

Oops: DNC Continued to Email Passwords After They Knew They’d Been Hacked

Email Bombshell: Hillary Clinton ‘Could Barely Climb The Podium Steps’

FBI Botched Clinton Investigation: Aides Used Covert Google Server to Hide Benghazi Emails


 FBI mistakenly gives 27 ’embarrassing’ Hillary Clinton emails to Congress, now asks for them back

VIDEO: Hillary server workers plead Fifth 11 times before Congress — in 10 minutes

Clinton Aide Subpoenaed Over Server Won’t Appear Before Congress

Clinton Email Tech Assistant Had No Security Clearance

Colin Powell Urged Hillary Clinton’s Team Not to Scapegoat Him for Her Private Server, Leaked Emails Reveal


Lawmaker Subpoenas FBI Official For ALL Hillary Case Records During House Hearing [Video]

Rep. Jordan - Classifications and Redactions in FBI's Investigative File

Trey Gowdy Q & A - Trey asks Mr. Herring why congress didn’t get all the 302’s

FBI Director Comey refused to testify on Clinton emails


The Clearest (No Spin) Summary of FBI Report on Hillary Clinton Email


Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation Connection


Leaked Emails Show Tension Between General, White House

Justice Dept. Granted Immunity to Specialist Who Deleted Hillary Clinton’s Emails

New Hillary Clinton Lie: I Used Secure Server for Classified Email

State rushed Clinton documents to Dems but withheld from Republicans

Hillary’s Classified Info Defense Has Evolved — AGAIN

FBI Director Comey: I released Clinton docs on Friday because ‘we don’t play games’

Comey defends Clinton private email server investigation in FBI memo

More State Department Docs Show Hillary Should Have Been Aware of Classification Rules

´Read the reports´: Hillary Clinton refuses to explain what she told the FBI about how a concussion impaired her memory


FBI director defends Clinton email probe, document releases

State Dept. releases first batch of deleted Clinton emails on Benghazi

Chaffetz: Clinton bought used Blackberrys on eBay

Chris Ruddy President of Newsmax got favors from Huma Abedin


House Sets New Clinton Email Hearings [AUDIO]

Emails show coordination between Clinton, Congress at Benghazi hearing

House GOP Leader Asks US Attorney to Investigate Clinton for Destruction of Evidence

Analysis: Seven Email Scandal Revelations in the FBI's Holiday Weekend Document Dump

´We wired it´: Emails suggest Clinton aide stage-managed Benghazi hearing questions

FBI: Gen. Petraeus Crossed Out ‘Classified’ Mark On Hillary Clinton Meeting Document

DOJ Official Who Led ‘Independent’ Clinton Email Probe Is An Obama Donor

FBI: Clinton Brought Personal Mobile Devices Into Area Where They Are Prohibited

Clinton’s Campaign Manager Kept Blacklist of Potential State Dept Hires

About That ‘SECRET’ Email Sidney Blumenthal Sent To Hillary


FBI's 302 Report Proves Complicity in Clinton Email Scandal


Laptop with Entire Clinton Email Archive Lost in the Mail

From FBI fragments, a question: Did Team Clinton destroy evidence under subpoena?

 WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Sent THOUSANDS of Classified Cables Marked “(C)” for Classified

The Curious Case of Cheryl Mills

Meet the mastermind behind Clinton’s massive email coverup; Cheryl Mills


Hillary Clinton’s email archives lost in the mail during back-up: FBI

FBI Files: Clinton Aide Smashed Hillary's Old Phones—With a Hammer!


Clinton emails wiped clean after NYT story

Gowdy: FBI barely probed Clinton about intent on emails

Hillary Clinton told the FBI she didn't think drone strike plans were classified

Clinton told FBI she relied on others' judgment on classified material

Clinton email investigation: FBI notes reveal laptop and thumb drive are missing

FBI: Hillary Clinton Lost Cell Phones with Classified Emails

FBI Summary: Hillary Said She ‘Could Not Recall’ ‘Did Not Recall,’ ‘Did Not Remember,’ 'Had No Recollection' 41 Times

Clinton told FBI she was ‘not concerned’ about sending classified emails

FBI: Hillary Clinton Could Not Remember Briefings Due to Concussion

FBI found extensive evidence Hillary emails violated federal records laws

FBI: Clinton withheld 17,500 emails

Hillary Signed She Received Briefing on Classified Info, But Told FBI She Hadn't See the two conflicting documents.

Newly Released FBI Interview Notes Shows Hillary Didn't Know 'C' Meant Classified

(Labor Day Document Dump)...FBI releases Clinton investigation documents

The "Oh Shit" Moment: Hillary Wiped Her Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena


FBI found extensive evidence Hillary emails violated federal records laws


State Dept Contradicts Clinton Spokesman on New Benghazi Emails

 Judge Orders State Dept To Release Hillary’s Security Training Records, Or Be Deposed

Clinton emailed classified information after leaving State Dept.

Here Are the 25 Questions Hillary Clinton Must Answer — Under Oath — by Sept. 29th


Hillary Clinton to explain to court who ‘recommended’ secret email account

Dozens of Hillary Clinton Emails About Benghazi Found in 15,000 Messages She Kept from FBI

State Department ordered to hand over files on Abedin

FBI Is Releasing Hillary Clinton Email Report, Notes From Her Interrogation

Citizens United's Bossie: Emails Show Link Between State, Clinton Foundation


Clinton's use of BleachBit avoided 'money trail' in email destruction


Emails reveal Clinton Foundation officials asked for favors from Hillary´s team during the nominee´s time as secretary of state - after Chelsea says she is staying on board


 Assange Points to ‘Tick Tock’ Email as BIGGEST WIKILEAKS RELEASE YET – We’ve Posted It Here…


Tech firm brags about blocking FBI from recovering Clinton emails

Clinton: ‘I Am Sure’ There Are No More Damaging Emails About Foundation

Bill Clinton bombed Saddam to distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal - what Huma Abedin´s Muslim journal claimed about her boss´s husband

Gowdy: FBI’s Description Of Sidney Blumenthal-Hillary Clinton Relationship Will Come As A Surprise


Court orders State to hand over new Clinton emails by Sept. 13

 BENGHAZI DOCUMENTS Found in Deleted Hillary Clinton Email Files: State Dept

FBI Admits Clinton Used Software Designed To "Prevent Recovery" And "Hide Traces Of" Deleted Emails

Hillary Clinton KNEW her aides were working with family foundation despite her pledge not to – and she even hosted dinner at her home for the charity when in office

Emails: Hillary Aide Huma Abedin Left Important 'Burn' Papers in Car's Front Seat

Gowdy Lays Out What Answers Clinton Hasn’t Given on Private Email, Deletion Practices


White House: Enough with the Clinton investigations

Wikileaks: 67 Emails Between Hillary and Chelsea Clinton under HER FAKE NAME “Diane Reynolds”

Wikileaks E-Mails Show Hillary Looked Into Parkinson's Drug After Suffering From "Decision Fatigue"

Wikileaks Emails Show Bill and Hillary Sought to Cozy up to Putin …(Not Trump)


Emails show State Department coordinated diplomacy with Clinton Foundation

Huma Abedin, Hillary’s Bribe Broker Strong evidence of Hillary and Huma’s pay-to-play conspiracy emerges in new email dump.

Emails: Huma Abedin Left Classified Material Unsecured In The Front Seat Of Her Car

Emails Show Huma Used To Put Hillary Down For Nap Time

New emails disprove Clinton’s story

Clinton State Department Stonewalled AP for Three Years


Call logs show frequent contact between Clinton Foundation, State Department

Clinton Deleted More Emails Than She Turned Over to State Dept.

Clinton email tech companies hit with subpoenas

Tom Fitton: State Department Stonewalling Release of 15K Newly Discovered Hillary Clinton Emails

New Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton State Department Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors

State Dept. ordered to review 15,000 deleted Clinton emails

FBI found 14,000 new Clinton emails

Apparent Army Opsec Brief Lists Hillary Clinton, David Petraeus As Examples Of Insider Security Threats

Condi Rice Also Has No Recollection Of Hillary’s Email Convo With Colin Powell


Colin Powell sets record straight on involvement in email scandal

Colin Powell Says Hillary Clinton's 'People Have Been Trying to Pin' Email Scandal on Him


Federal Judge Protects Hillary From Sworn Email Server Deposition, Rules For Written Q&A Instead

Judge orders Clinton to answer questions in email lawsuit

Powell: 'No recollection' of dinner party email advice to Clinton

Hillary to FBI: Colin Powell told me to use private e-mail


House to hold Clinton perjury hearing

No evidence Clinton aides took required ethics training


FBI did not let State see notes from its Clinton interview

FBI defends Clinton handling of classified material, says markings weren’t conclusive

All Clinton Emails The FBI Recovered Will Be Made Public Photo of Ethan Barton Ethan Barton

FBI sends Clinton notes to Congress

State Department to Turn over All FBI Clinton Email Records to Judicial Watch


Report: State Dept. Insists on Reviewing Clinton Email Docs Before FBI Gives Them to Congress

House Committee Chairmen Lay Out Case For Perjury Against Hillary Clinton To U.S. Attorney

Hillary Clinton 2016: WikiLeaks Shows Connection To Weapons For ISIS


Sources: Congress to get Hillary Clinton's FBI Interview Notes


Email Classification Issues Are ‘Too Complicated To Explain To People’ [Video]


DNC Email Hack Just Got A Lot Bigger

Clinton Scandal: 44 More Lies Turn Up In Hillary´s Emails


Judicial Watch releases private emails Clinton did not turn over

Couple in hacked DNC emails to host Obama at fundraiser for Clinton

Emails show top Clinton aide knew more than she testified

Reporter Calls Out State Dept for Repeatedly Dodging on Clinton Emails

Bloomberg, Daily Caller: Bombshells in top Clinton aides’ e-mails tie back to former Marc Rich partner


Hillary Emails: Message in Private Server Betrayed Name of NSA Agent

Secret emails reveal how Hillary´s closest aide Huma was ordered by Clinton Foundation to open State Department doors to donors

New emails show Huma scheming for Hillary

Emails: Clinton met with Wall Street exec about policy in China

AP: Legal group issues private emails Clinton did not turn over

The chilling effect Hillary Clinton's emails could have on U.S. intelligence

 Another Lie Exposed=> US Intelligence: There Is NO CONNECTION Between Russians and Wikileaks

Emails show Clinton, aides in touch with Morgan Stanley exec, Clinton Foundation official


State Department dodges questions on Clinton emails about executed Iranian scientist

Julian Assange Just Delivered The Next Batch Of Emails! She’s TOAST!: Strong ties to Turkey and Gulen

Tim Kaine Says Hillary Clinton Has Learned From Email ‘Mistake’


Julian Assange says “1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection” proves she sold weapons to ISIS in Syria [Video]

Shock: You Won’t Believe Just How Connected Khizr Khan Is To Hillary’s Email Server


SHOCK: You Won’t Believe Just How Connected Khizr Khan Is To Hillary’s Email Server


Democratic National Committee loses three top officials in wake of email hack

Obama: DNC hack wouldn't change relationship with Putin

DNC CEO resigns in wake of email scandal


Clinton camp refutes FBI: 'Not true' she sent classified info


Whistleblower's Stunning Claim: "NSA Has All Of Hillary's Deleted Emails, It May Be The Leak"

 NSA Whistleblower: Agency Has All of Clinton’s Deleted Emails


Another "Smoking Gun" Looms As Hillary Campaign Admits Server Hacked

FBI warned Clinton campaign last spring of cyberattack

´Do not get me into a war´: Leaked emails show Obama didn´t want to engage with Europe over Russia because US could be seen as a ´threat´

Leaked Emails Reveal Democrats Shamelessly Cheering The Loss Of Jobs In North Carolina

WikiLeaks reveals DNC holds unions in contempt


DNC Lawyers Now Implicated in Email Leaks as Giving ‘Pro-Hillary’ Advice


Emails: DNC Staffers Annoyed At Having To Commemorate Holocaust

 Obama: It’s ‘possible’ Russia trying to sway US presidential vote In wake of DNC email breach posted by Wikileaks, president says Russians regularly hack US government, private systems

Obama accuses Putin of helping Trump with Democratic Party email hack as The Donald calls conspiracy theory ´crazy´ and Kremlin issues ´four-letter words´ denial


FBI investigating suspected Russian hack of DNC emails


Obama White House Issues Non-Response to DNC Crack-Up

Detailed List of Findings in Wikileaks DNC Document Dump

 Hillary Clinton exchanged top secret emails on her private server with three aides

Wasserman Schultz to Have a New Role in Clinton Campaign

Wasserman Schultz ousted from convention post amid email leak

Top DNC staffer apologizes for email on Sanders’ religion


DNC Email Leaks Show Racist Outreach to Latinos Called “Taco Bowl Engagement”

Washington Post to DNC: Story ‘Running on A1 Tomorrow… You All Will Be Totally Fine with It’


Senator stiff-armed over concerns of FBI 'double standard' for Hillary Clinton


One Of Hillary’s Top VP Picks Also Destroyed Emails, Used A Secret Account


Lawyer: Clinton already answered every question on email use


'Gag' order: FBI confirms special secrecy agreements for agents in Clinton email probe

FBI Agents Were Told To Sign A "Very, Very Unusual" NDA In Hillary Email Case

State Dept. to release deleted Clinton emails uncovered by FBI


Clinton legal team moves to block deposition in email lawsuit

House Chairmen Request Perjury Investigation of Hillary Clinton


 Judge tells Hillary Clinton she has until TUESDAY to explain why she shouldn't have to testify in federal case about Huma Abedin's double-dipping job arrangement

Here Are 35 Email Lies Hillary Is Still Telling On Her Campaign Website

Republicans Ask for New Federal Probe of Clinton Over Emails 2 committee chairmen seek perjury investigation stemming from testimony


State Dept Can’t Find Evidence Hillary Was Trained To Handle Classified Documents

Clinton Refuses to Say if She’ll Cooperate with State Department Investigation

Judge May Force Clinton Into Deposition Chair Hot seat in July.


Obama 'concerned' by State Dept. handling of classified info


White House dodges on possible Clinton email hack

Comey has long history of Clinton-related cases In Berger probe said 'we take issues of classified information very seriously'

State Department Re-Opens Clinton Emails Probe, Hints At "Administrative Sanctions"

State Department Reopens Clinton Emails Probe, Aides Handled Classified Information

Stunning: Obama and Comey Clinton Email Comments Sound Eerily Similar

Comey: Hillary’s FBI Testimony Wasn’t Under Oath Or Recorded, But It Would Still Be a Crime To Lie

Chaffetz Tells FBI Director He'll Get a Referral to Investigate Clinton's 'Statements Under Oath' Within Hours

Chaffetz: 'Did Hillary Clinton Do Anything Wrong?' Comey: 'What Do You Mean by Wrong?'

Senate Judiciary Chair: 'FBI Tried to Gag Its Agents With Non-Disclosure Agreement' on Clinton Probe

Republicans threaten PERJURY probe of Hillary Clinton over congressional testimony that 'nothing marked classified' was on her email server as committee chairman grills FBI director

BOOM! Rep Gowdy DESTROYS FBI Director Comey in House Hearing on Email Scandal (VIDEO)

'Clinton lied to the public': Republican Party clobbers Hillary with brutal ad that puts her classified email explanations side-by-side with the FBI's

Attorneys Intend to Ask for ´the Clinton Deal´

Clinton email decision seen as lifeline for those facing similar charges

State Department: Classification markings were ‘human error’


WH rejects call to block Clinton from receiving classified briefings

Loretta Lynch, James Comey Set To Testify Before Congress About Email Investigation

Peter Schweizer: What’s Missing from the ‘Strange Gaps’ in Hillary’s Email History?

WH: ´We Have Gone to Great Lengths to Avoid the Appearance of Interfering´ With FBI´s Clinton-Email Probe

FBI Proves Hillary Clinton Committed Perjury Before Benghazi Committee

In Clinton Case, Obama Administration Nullifies 6 Criminal Laws


State Dept. refuses to say whether Clinton, aides still have security clearance

White House Says Obama Will Not Discuss FBI Probe With Clinton

FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook

FBI Recommends No Charges for Hillary Clinton over Email Server

FBI Director to meet press, take off-camera questions at 11; Update: Live feed added

Martin Armstrong: "James Comey Had No Problem Keeping Me In Prison Without Any Charges"


WikiLeaks Releases Over 1,000 Clinton Iraq War Emails

Huma: Hillary Flouted Protocol, Used Burn Bags To Destroy Documents Prohibited By Federal Regs

Hacker who claims he breached Clinton server pleads guilty, strikes deal with feds

Bill Clinton’s ‘Oral Sex’ Attorney Is Defending Hillary Clinton on Email Scandal

Sources to CNN: Hillary Likely Won't Face Prosecution


Senator Admits The FBI Is "About To Ask Putin For His Copies Of Hillary's Emails"

Hillary brushes off FBI interview at Hamilt on: Presidential candidate and husband join hit-musical cast just hours after email scandal meeting

Clinton Surrogate Sherrod Brown Says Indictment Over Emails is Unlikely

Cory Booker: Hillary Clinton as Likely as ‘You or I’ to Be Indicted


Clinton interviewed by the FBI about private email server

FBI Grills Hillary for More Than Three Hours, Witness Cheryl Mills Seen at Residence

Flashback: Influential people worldwide wrote Clinton on her personal email address


Clinton Email Update: Judicial Watch Releases Under Secretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy Deposition Testimony


Huma Abedin dishes: Hillary Clinton set up private server before secretary term

 US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meet privately in Phoenix before Benghazi report.

State Department Won’t Release Clinton Foundation Emails for 27 Months


AP: Aide (Huma) said Clinton didn't want emails accessible to 'anybody'

Huma Abedin testifies private email may have interfered with Clinton's job

 Clinton’s Private E-Mail Use Said to Frustrate Top Aide Huma Abedin Both witnesses to Abedin’s testimony described her as cooperative.

Clinton Email Update: Judicial Watch Releases Former Clinton Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin Deposition Testimony

New analysis shows 160 emails missing from Clinton’s disclosure to State


Top State Dept. Official: Hillary Was ‘Not Allowed’ To Keep Her Work-Related Emails


Emails: Susan Rice Was ‘Off The Reservation’ For Blaming Benghazi Attacks On YouTube Video

Emails Show Big-Time Clinton Donor Directly Asked To Be Placed On State Dept. Arms Control Panel

Huma Abedin, Patrick Kennedy to Testify in Hillary Clinton Email Case


Darrell Issa: There Is Enough Evidence to Indict Hillary Clinton


Clinton Campaign Admits Hillary Didn’t Turn Over Mysterious Email Exchange With Top Aide

Judicial Watch: Clinton IT staffer pleads 5th 125 consecutive times

State Department Disabled Security Software To Allow Hillary's Private Server Emails

Watchdog Accuses State Department of Slow-Rolling Release of Chelsea Clinton Emails

Clinton Failed to Hand Over Key Email to State Department


Documents show State Dept. tried to give Clinton official email

State Records Show Hillary Had "Zero Interest In Disclosing Emails To Public" As Law Requires

Judicial Watch Releases State Department Inspector General Investigation Records Related to Hillary Clinton Emails

Emails: State Dept. scrambled on trouble on Clinton's server


Clinton IT Witness’ Testimony Scheduled for Wednesday, June 22


Attorney General Loretta Lynch Denies Ever Speaking to Obama About Hillary’s Email


Emails Show State Department ‘Rushed’ Security Clearance for Clinton Donor


MEMO RECEIVED BY CLINTON: Obama Admin Aided Group That Became ISIS to Control Area Where ISIS Formed Caliphate

Hacker Who Breached Democratic National Committee Server Posts Confidential Trump, Hillary Files


 Judge Orders Release of State Memos Relating to Clinton Server Clinton tech aide’s deposition will be filmed, but tape will be sealed

FBI’s Probe Of Clinton Email Server Is A ‘Criminal Investigation,’ Judge Says

Hillary Clinton Received Secret Memo Stating Obama Admin ‘Support’ for ISIS


Hillary Clinton Sent Information Marked Classified


Stunning Emails Reveal How Clinton Foundation Donor Bought Seat As Hillary's Nuclear Weapons Advisor

The FBI Leaks Begin: Emails At Center Of Hillary Criminal Probe Revealed

State Dept: FOIA officers didn’t know, didn’t ask about Clinton use of private email

State Department admits Hillary may have destroyed emails Former Clinton staff director deposed in lawsuit

Josh Earnest Suddenly Has No Idea Whether Hillary Clinton Case Is Criminal


White House refers to Clinton email probe as ´criminal´

Emails in Clinton Probe Dealt With Planned Drone Strikes Some vaguely worded messages from U.S. diplomats in Pakistan and Washington used a less-secure communications system

WH Denies Endorsement Will Intimidate FBI Investigators Obama meets privately with Loretta Lynch.


Clinton Doesn’t Remember Signing NDA About Handling of Classified Material

 Clinton Aide Will Plead Fifth in Court, Attorneys Cite ‘Sufficient’ Risk of Self-Incrimination Pagliano asks judge to keep his immunity agreement sealed

FBI: Records from Clinton's email server being held as 'evidence'

Bryan Pagliano’s Lawyers Provide New Details About Immunity Agreement With Justice Department

State Dept. Is Searching Emails Of ‘4 Or 5’ Officials As Part Of Video Edit Investigation

AP: Hillary Clinton Emails ‘Could Have Compromised CIA Names’


Justice Dept. granted limited immunity to staffer in Clinton email probe

 Clinton Tech Aide Asks Court to Withhold Details of FBI Immunity Deal Judge demands aide explain why he plans to take the Fifth during deposition

FBI offers second secret filing in Clinton email suit

Clinton Email Update: Judicial Watch Releases Clinton Email Deposition Testimony of Amb. Stephen Mull, Former Executive Secretary for State Department

State Department official's lawyer repeatedly objects to questions on Clinton's email during deposition

Emails Show State Dept. Officials Were Warned Of Hillary Clinton Email Spin


State Dept. would need 75 years to compile Clinton emails

Third transcript in Clinton email case released

State Department Predicts Release of Clinton Emails Concerning TPP on November 31, Which Is Not a Real Date

State Department Blocks Release Of Hillary Clinton-Era TPP Emails Until After The Election


Clinton Testily Rejects Inspector General’s Conclusion That Private Email Server Violated Rules

Clinton's IT aide keeps email server shrouded in mystery


Hillary Clinton on the Sanctity of Protecting Classified Information


Federal Judge Orders Clinton IT Witness To Produce Reported Immunity Agreement, Legal Basis for Fifth Amendment Claims

Albright: 'Nobody is going to die' from Clinton emails 

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Posted Names of Hidden Intelligence Officials On Her Email


189 Times In 7 Hours: Cheryl Mills Did Not Know or Did Not Recall Almost Everything About Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Judge orders Obama administration to release new Clinton emails

Clinton, aides tried to use wireless devices in secure areas

Emails Reveal Clinton School Appearances Are Totally Scripted, Controlled

Dana Perino Blasts State Department: Explanation of Editing ‘Well Short of Acceptable’


A Federal Judge Once Called Cheryl Mills’ Handling Of A Clinton Email Scandal ‘Loathsome’ And ‘Totally Inadequate’

Kristina Schake: State Dept. Rules on Private Email Server Not Clear When Clinton Was There


Wikileaks Asks If This Is The "Smoking Gun" Email That Will Bring Down Hillary

Former State Dept. chief of staff blames Clinton email bungle on Benghazi terrorist attack

Lawyers for Clinton aide block questioning on IT specialist who set up server

Clinton aide began preparing for media questions about emails in 2014

Cheryl Mills Testifies: Hillary Clinton’s Emails Were NOT Available For FOIA Requests

Obama still thinks Clinton email use didn't hurt national security

Clinton Campaign Has A Brand New Explanation For Hillary’s Email Setup; Thought she was following standard practices


Former State Dept. watchdog debunks central Clinton email claim

Clinton Foundation Snafu: Video Footage Catches FBI Probe Suspects Arriving At Hillary's House


Justice Dept. Tries to Prevent Deposition of Clinton in Email-Related Suit

Hillary has been burying emails since she was First Lady

Hillary ‘lost’ 2 years of emails to a ‘glitch’ when she was under investigation as the first lady, too


Obama Steps In To Defend Hillary: DOJ Fights To Block Clinton Deposition

Clinton Foundation Snafu: Video Footage Catches FBI Probe Suspects Arriving At Hillary's House

First "Shocking" Deposition In Clinton Email Case Reveals She Did Not Use A Password


Federal Judge Seals Video Evidence Pertaining to Clinton Email Scandal


Report: Concerned State Dept Employees Told to ‘Never Speak of’ Hillary’s Server

Clinton: IG Report Vindicates Me, ‘Rules Were Not Clarified Until After I Had Left’

Five State Department Rules That Hillary’s Email Practices Violated

Obama Grumpy After Reporter Asks Him Questions About Hillary Clinton Emails

State Dept. Staffers Looking At Benghazi Records ID’d Hillary’s Email Address Much Earlier Than Thought

Cheryl Mills Tries To Block Release of Her Video Deposition

State Dept IG Finds Hillary Clinton Violated Government Records Act and Refused to Speak to Investigators

State Department: Clinton Email Scandal Is a ‘Learning Experience’


State Department Can’t Definitively Say Clinton Server Wasn’t Hacked

In Tense Briefing on Clinton Audit Report, State Dept. Spokesman Can’t Seem to Speak

Hillary Clinton failed to report several hacking attempts, grew afraid of opening emails

Inspector General Finds Hillary Clinton Violated Federal Records Act By Deleting Emails

State Department Audit: Clinton Disregarded Cybersecurity Guidelines

State Dept Audit Faults Clinton in Emails

 Clinton expressed worries about exposure of personal emails at State Dept.  The worry came after her top aide said they needed to discuss putting Clinton on State's email system

Hacker who claims he breached Clinton server pleads guilty, strikes deal with feds

Eight Times Hillary Said Everyone Knew About Her Email Setup


(Fast and Furious) The scandal in Washington no one is talking about


 'The Government Must Provide More Information' Why The FBI May Have To Admit The Email Investigation Is Criminal: ---Lawyers Present FBI With A Dilemma In Hillary Clinton Email Server Investigation: argued in court papers filed Monday that the FBI has not provided enough evidence to justify the withholding


Judicial Watch Announces the Schedule for Deposition Testimony in Clinton Email Lawsuit

Six Clinton aides set for depositions in email case

Pro-Turkey Lobbyist Sought Secret Favors From Hillary And Huma


State Dept. Redacted Hillary And Huma Conversation After Flack Lied About Weinergate

Video: Jake Tapper fact checks Hillary Clinton on her email server claims… brutally


Email reveals Hillary used standard phone line when secure line failed

Documents Show Hillary’s Email Technician Was Underqualified For The Job


New Clinton Emails Reveal Clinton Knew about Security Risk of Private Blackberry, Avoided Use of Secure Phone

Blumenthal Goes Off-Script, Refers to Clinton FBI Probe as ‘Investigation’ Instead of ‘Security Review’

Author Ed Klein: Hillary Clinton Telling Inner Circle She’ll Run Even if Indicted (VIDEO)


FBI Director: This 'Security Inquiry' Hillary Keeps Talking About Isn't a Thing, This Is a Criminal Investigation

 FBI's Comey: I feel 'pressure' to quickly finish Clinton email probe  Handling investigation 'well' is top priority, FBI director says, rejecting any 'external deadline'

Comey rebuffs Clinton claim FBI only conducting ‘security inquiry’ on emails

Sidney Blumenthal Claims Inside Knowledge About FBI’s Clinton Email Investigation

Blumenthal Evades Questions On Why Hillary Used Private Email Server [VIDEO]


Cheryl Mills walked out on FBI interview after question about email sorting procedure

Top Hillary Clinton Aide Walks Out In Middle Of FBI Interview: Cheryl Mills

Washington Post: Clinton aide Cheryl Mills leaves FBI interview briefly after being asked about emails

MOOK JUKE REVEALED: Hillary’s Campaign Manager Held Political Adviser Role At Clinton State Dept.

New State Department Documents Reveal Clinton Top Political Operative Pushed For Hire of Pagliano at State Department

Hillary’s Emails Hacked by Russia – Kremlin Deciding Whether to Release 20,000 Stolen Emails


Blumenthal declines to say whether he's been interviewed in Clinton email probe

State Dept says it has no emails from ex-Clinton staffer

 Emails From Hillary Clinton’s IT Director at State Department Appear to Be Missing


Hillary Would Rather Not Talk About FBI Contacting Her Aides

FORMER CIA ANALYST: Hillary Clinton’s Unencrypted Personal Email Server May Have Led to Benghazi Attack


Romanian hacker who claims he breached Clinton server says he spoke with FBI at length

CNN Reports FBI Has Found ‘No Criminal Wrongdoing’ in Hillary Clinton Email ‘Investigation’


Why was news just leaked that Huma Abedin was questioned by FBI a month ago?


AP Source: Clinton aide interviewed in email investigation

Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers More Hillary Clinton Emails Withheld from State Department

Deadlines loom for answers in Clinton email probe as U.S. judge sets discovery

Judge orders top Hillary Clinton aides to answer questions about secret emails


Federal Judge: Hillary May Have to Give Deposition on Private Server Use

Romanian Clinton Server Hacker: ‘It Was Easy’


Clinton Campaign Made Payments to Hard Drive and Document Destruction Company


CIA director: '28 pages' contain inaccurate information

Gates defends Clinton over emails

Hillary Clinton’s Damning Emails


Bill Clinton Calls FBI Email Investigation ‘A Game’ [Video]

Released Email Spotlights Unusual Nature of U.S. Mission in Benghazi


John Kerry, Teresa Heinz Family Trusts Invest Heavily In Fossil Fuels


State: 'Administrative error' caused Clinton email confusion

State doubts it tried to 'bury' Clinton email, but isn't sure

Oops. State Department withheld Clinton email which revealed private server for almost 2 years


State Department Excuses Clinton’s Delayed, Ignored FOIAs


FBI May "Leak" Clinton Email Probe If DOJ Blocking Continues


Hillary’s IT Guru Again Refuses To Talk To Congress


Judge rejects DOJ's classified court filing on Clinton emails

Former FBI agents to Director Comey: ‘Future of the Bureau’ rests on handling of Clinton email case


 State Department Consents to Depositions Over Clinton Email Server Granting request for discovery rare in FOIA cases


Huma Abedin will be grilled over Hillary’s emails

Clinton On Her Server: ‘Of Course I Never Endangered National Security’ [VIDEO]

Feds Agree To Allow Probe Of ‘Creation And Operation’ Of Hillary’s Email System


Cornyn: Obama 'trying to influence' FBI Clinton probe

Clinton Email Server Greatest Intel Disaster in History-Scott Uehlinger


Obama administration considers killing lowest tier of classification

Judicial Watch, State Department Tangle Over Clinton Aide Testimonies


Ex-DOJ official: Obama signaling FBI to back off Hillary

Flynn: Clinton Showed ‘Indifference’ With Classified Info [VIDEO]

 Obama's comments on Clinton email raises concerns of bias

Politico Analysis: Highly Unlikely Clinton Will Be Indicted

You Say Scandal, Hillary Clinton Says ‘Security Review’

Hillary’s Backers Want Obama to Grant a Preemptive Pardon


Obama: Hillary Was Careless in Managing Her Emails

Obama to Terrorists: ‘You Can Kill Some of Us, But We Will Get You’

Obama vows no influence in Clinton email probe, defends terror fight

Obama: Not going to help Hillary get out of FBI investigation

Obama: Clinton Never Jeopardized National Security in Email Case


Source: No 'coincidence' Romanian hacker Guccifer extradited amid Clinton probe

Clinton Calls FBI Investigation a ‘Security Review’


Emails Show Clinton Intervened On Behalf Of Tax Avoiding Corporate Crony

Boston Globe: Why is the FBI so slow on Clinton e-mail probe?

Clinton Email Scandal: Hillary’s Documents Flowed Openly Across Web


State ducks questions on Clinton lawsuit

State Department: Don’t Ask Hillary Aides About Classified Info in Lawsuit; Lawyers object to any attempt to ask Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and others about how information was handled—and are dead set against Clinton testifying.


FBI's Comey: No rush on Clinton email probe

Clinton server may have been breached in 2009

DoJ Vet: Clinton Broke Law With Emails Law is clear says former DoJ lawyer


Former DHS Official: ‘Very Real Probability’ Asian Intelligence Services Read Unsecured Clinton E-Mails

Key Figure In Petraeus Case Says Justice Dept. Won’t Indict Hillary Over Emails [VIDEO]

Unfazed by FBI Probe, Clinton ‘Absolutely Confident’ She'll Be Dem Nominee


Four Hillary aides hire joint defense counsel

U.S. State Department halts internal review of Hillary Clinton´s emails to avoid interfering with FBI investigation into ´top secret´ messages


FBI orders State Dept. to halt review of Clinton emails

Hillary Private Server Goes All the Way Back to 2000


'One shot at the queen': FBI, AG intensify focus on Clinton email probe

The FBI stalks Hillary while Bill Clinton trolls Obama  The Clintons may sense a breakdown

Inside the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail

The State Dept. Has Still Not Answered This Crucial Question About Those 22 ‘Top Secret’ Hillary Emails


AJAM’s David Shuster Exclusive: Hillary Clinton to be Interviewed by FBI Director Comey in Coming Days

Noose Tightens On Clinton As Second Federal Judge Grants Discovery In E-Mail Fiasco

Hillary Clinton email stories ‘constantly shifting,’ judge says  Finds ‘bad faith’ by Obama administration in follow of open-records laws

Devastating: 12 Key Quotes from WaPo's Email Scandal Deep Dive


Judge slams State Dept. for 'bad faith' in Clinton case

 Federal Judge Grants ‘Discovery’ in Clinton Email Case Judge cites ‘evidence of government wrong-doing, bad faith’


147 FBI Agents Probing If Hillary 'Committed Crime'

Los Angeles Times previews Hillary’s strategy to dispute a criminal referral on email scandal; 'Overzealous agents'

FBI to Interview Hillary Clinton’s Top Aides in Email Investigation


Clinton email probe enters new phase as FBI interviews loom

FBI says it has not contacted Clinton about email investigation


New FBI Filings Reveal ‘Pending Investigation’ Into Clinton’s E-Mails is Far From Over


New documents refute Hillary Clinton’s secret email server timeline


Clinton Received Training On Classsified Docs Just ONCE in Three Years At State

Lost emails from Clinton server discovered

Watchdog Discovers ANOTHER Email Hillary Failed To Turn Over To The State Department


State: We don't have enough people to process Clinton records requests

Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Hillary’s Shady BlackBerry Use


FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private email server, career agents say.


Clinton email reveals: Google sought overthrow of Syria's Assad


NSA: How did GAMMA compartment info end up in Hillary’s unclassified e-mail?

Video Shows Hillary Acknowledging Risk Of China And Russia Hacking Her BlackBerry [VIDEO


INVESTIGATION: Hillary Sent Dozens Of Emails On Her BlackBerry From Russia And China, Raising Risk Profile

State Department Documents Show that NSA Rebuffed Hillary Clinton’s Attempts to Obtain a Secure Blackberry; Hillary Clinton repeatedly sought to obtain “Blackberry-like communications,” but was rebuffed by the National Security Agency due to security and cost concerns


Judicial Watch Wants to Question Hillary's Muslim Aide (Huma Abedin) on Emails


'Filegate’ Attorney Represents State Dept. Tech Official Who Is Silent On Hillary Server

Another State Department IT Official Refuses to Talk About Hillary Clinton Emails With Senate Investigators


Former State Dept. IT Official Threatened With Subpoena Over Clinton Emails

Another Ex-State Dept. Official Refuses To Talk To Congress About Hillary’s Server


Source: Clinton IT specialist revealing server details to FBI, ´devastating witness´


Clinton: Indictment ‘not gonna happen’

Claim: Hillary Grand Jury Looking Into Political Corruption

Odds of a Hillary email grand jury underway just went much higher


Fox on Twitter :Catherine Herridge: "A judge has ruled that @StateDept officials, incl. Clinton's top aides, will be questioned under oath about the server"

Washington Post: Why Hillary Clinton is unlikely to be indicted over her private email server

Washington Post: Fact checking the Hillary Clinton email controversy

The aggressive posture of the FBI under Director James Comey is becoming a political problem for the White House.


Hillary Clinton tries putting her email scandal to bed by clearing up ´misinformation going on around here´ during Fox News forum

Citizens United Sues For Clinton Campaign Finance Director’s State Dept. Emails

Email Scandal: Hillary Clinton’s Last Defense Just Blew Up

Hillary Clinton Target of Runaway Grand Jury?


Clinton Says FBI Has Not Informed Her She Is Target Of Investigation [VIDEO]

Here Are The 23 Classified Memos Sidney Blumenthal Sent To Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on Emails: 'No Basis' for Concerns About Indictment


Clinton says email probe ‘moving toward a resolution’

Hillary: Retroactive Classification Raises ‘Serious Questions’ About Email Investigation

Castro Brother: Hillary's Been Cleared By Justice Department


Email Scandal: A Desperate Clinton Lashes Out At Independent Investigators

13 Times Hillary And Surrogates Scoffed At The FBI’s Investigation Of Her Server [VIDEO]


 Release of Clinton Documents Delayed After State Department Discovers ‘Thousands’ of Unsearched Records Citizens United, Judicial Watch lawsuits affected by development

Hillary’s IT Guru Jokes About Security Risks Posed By Federal Employees Using Personal Mobile Devices [VIDEO]

Hillary Emails – NATO Commander on Libya War Mission: ‘Inshallah, Soon’ 

White House Suddenly ‘Reluctant’ to Weigh in on Clinton Email Investigation


FBI focusing on how sensitive intel made it to Clinton’s server

FBI investigating if Clinton aides shared passwords to access classified info

  Clinton Arranged WH Access for Donor During Obamacare Fight ; Emails reveal new details of Obama administration approach to health care fight

Fmr Attorney General Lists All Laws Hillary Possibly Broke


Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server

 Clinton Aide Demanded to Clear Travel Warnings, Human Rights Reports on Haiti State Department releases interfered with fundraiser benefitting Haiti

State Dept. Expresses Confidence In Inspector General Following Clinton Campaign Attack

Ambassador killed in Benghazi attack considered leaving Libya in April 2011, emails reveal

Hillary Emails Betrayed Whereabouts of Murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens


State Dept: Review of Clinton secret emails may wait until after November election

Email Undermines Hillary’s ‘Unmarked’ Classified Info Defense

Ambassador Joked About State Dept. ‘Incompetent Nincompoops’ After Mystery Hostage Release

Hillary Asked Adviser To Pass Sid Blumenthal Memo To White House ‘Unidentified’


Emails reveal Hillary´s plans for Israel

Email: Hillary Clinton confidante reported Netanyahu’s ‘disparagement’


‘Is There Any Double Standard?’ Fox’s Baier Grills Loretta Lynch on Hillary Emails

State Dept. declares 261 new Clinton emails classified

State Dept. releases final batch of Clinton emails

State Dept. to withhold two new Clinton emails

State Dept.: Assessment Of ‘Top Secret’ Hillary Email ‘Was Not Correct’

Senior Clinton aide maintained top secret clearance amid email probe, letters show

Final Clinton emails coming today


Hillary’s email account an open secret in Washington long before scandal broke

Hillary Emails: State Discussed ‘Cooperating,’ ‘Increased Investment’ With Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Government

CBS: Never Has a Secretary Set Up a Home Server to Pick Emails to Release and Destroy the Rest  


With new email release, total of classified emails on Hillary’s unsecured server reaches 1,818

Hillary’s ‘Home Girl,’ And Other Notable Emails From The Latest State Dept. Document Dump

Email: Nancy Pelosi Said Dealing With Obama Was Like Dealing With ‘The Junior Senator From Illinois’

New email shows Embassy Tripoli urged DC to “NOT CONFLATE” VIDEO with Benghazi attack


State Department Turns Over 1,600 Newly-Discovered Clinton Documents to Benghazi Committee

State Dept. releases 800 new Clinton emails

FBI professionals ‘will be angry’ if no indictment recommendation is made

State Dept. Won’t Rule Out Completely Withholding Other Hillary Emails

State Dept. to release more Clinton emails before South Carolina


While US Attorney General, Eric Holder Used Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Birth Name as His Official Email Address

John Kerry Says He Had ‘No Knowledge What Kind Of Email’ Hillary Used At State Dept. When He Was Emailing Her [VIDEO]


Emails on Hillary Clinton´s secret server matched top secret documents virtually word for word and included details of CIA drone strikes against Islamic radicals

Attorney general promises 'independent' review of Clinton email case

Lynch: FBI, DOJ Investigating 'How Information Was Handled by State Department'

 Hillary Spokesman Says Judge in Email Scandal Part of Right Wing Even Though Bill Clinton Appointed Him


Clinton´s right-hand woman Huma Abedin faces being questioned under oath over Hillary´s secret server - and White House candidate could be next

Judge Orders Hillary Aides Be Questioned Under Oath in Email Lawsuit

Judge threatens subpoena against Clinton over emails

Revealed: State Dept. Created Classified Email Account For Hillary, But She Never Used It

John Kerry Complains That He’s Had To ‘Cannibalize’ Bureaus To Help With Hillary Email Probes

Kerry: Clinton email probe 'tying up international diplomats'

Judicial Watch: Federal Court Grants Discovery on Clinton Email Issue

Watchog Or Lapdog? Emails Show Hillary Had A Hand In Inspector General Selection


Did Sid ‘Vicious’ Blumenthal Commission Rahm Emanuel Hit Pieces After State Dept Snub?


Oh Woe’: Hillary DID NOT Want To Leave Hamptons Vacation To Attend Crucial Libya Meeting


At least 1,730 Clinton emails contain classified material


State releases hundreds of Clinton emails just before Nevada caucus

And then there's this gem from Hillary's emails: Hezbollah in Cuba


Clinton email chain discussed Afghan national's CIA ties, official says


Watchdog Wants Investigation Into Ex-State Dept. Employees’ Using Clinton Campaign Email Accounts

Email Shows Hillary Ordering Aide To ‘Remove The Heading’ From Sid Blumenthal Message


Judicial Watch: New Records Reveal State Department Asked Hillary Clinton for Emails in July 2014

LinkedIn Knew About Hillary's Personal Email As Early As February 2012


Email: Clinton Hoped for a ‘Soft Landing’ After Bringing Obama Around on Libya Intervention


Clinton Campaign Accuses Obama-Appointed State Dept. IG Of ‘Fishing Expedition’ [VIDEO]


State Dept. to release 550 Clinton emails over Presidents Day weekend

State Department offers to release some Hillary Clinton emails on Saturday

State Dept: Top Official Didn’t Know About Hillary’s Server, Even Though He Was On Email Discussing It


State Department Asked Hillary Clinton Lawyer to Delete Specific Classified Records, Return Paper Copies

Official: Top Clinton aides also handled ‘top secret’ intel on server


Judge orders State Dept. to speed up Clinton emails: ‘Unreasonably long’

Judicial Watch: Hillary e-mail requested printout “without any identifiers”

Judicial Watch: New Emails Show Hillary Clinton and Aides Had Classified Information on Non-Government Email Accounts


FBI formally confirms its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server

Pressure on Lynch to step aside in Clinton email prob


Judge Wants Explanation from State Department on ‘Newly’ Discovered Clinton Records

Nobody’s Saying Whether Hillary Still Has Her Security Clearance


Lawmaker Says He’s ‘Never Read Anything That’s More Sensitive’ Than Information In Hillary’s ‘Top Secret’ Emails [Video]

Seven additional Clinton emails to be marked ´top secret´

Obama’s Growing Conflict of Interest in the Clinton E-Mail Scandal

Former Inspector General: Powerful Democrat Women Standing in way of Hillary Indictment

Former FBI Official Red-Flags Troubling Lack of Activity at DOJ Regarding Hillary´s Emails


New State Department Emails Reveal Blumenthal Advised Clinton that former Rep. Eric Cantor Committed a Possible ‘Felony’ by Disclosing Petraeus Classified Information


Hillary’s emails included CIA officers’ names, report says

Cheryl Mills Refused To Speak To State Dept. Investigators About Hillary’s Email Account

Plans For Hidden IT Network To Help Clinton Skirt Rules Uncovered by Judicial Watch

Official: Withheld Clinton emails contain ´operational´ intel, put lives at risk

Hillary’s Email Scandal Envelops the Intelligence Agencies

Emails show aides wanted 'super encrypted' Blackberry for Clinton

Emails: State Dept. Set Up ‘Stand Alone Separate Network PC’ For Hillary


Hillary Is Finally Asked About Non-Disclosure Agreement That Obliterates Her Classified Email Defense [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton: Release my emails from State, I have nothing to hide

‘This was all planned’: Former IG says Hillary, State Dept. are lying


State Won’t Release 18 Emails Between Clinton and Obama That Were on Her Private Server—But Says They Weren’t Classified

Four Sid Blumenthal Emails In Latest Clinton Release Are COMPLETELY Classified

State Dept. Records Show John Kerry Sent Hillary A ‘SECRET’ Email From His iPad

State Department declares 22 Clinton emails 'top secret'

 MOST DISHONEST PRESIDENT EVER Caught in Another Major Lie… This Time on Hillary’s Personal Email

COLLUSION? State Dept is withholding 18 emails between Hillary and Obama

Josh Earnest may have gotten himself in a whole heap of trouble with comments on Hillary email scandal


White House: Clinton Will Not Be Indicted Over Emails ‘Based on What We Know’

Hillary Clinton Campaign Meltdown: Top-Secret Emails ‘Innocuous,’ Should Be Released

Official: Some Clinton emails 'too damaging' to release

Gov't declares 22 Clinton emails 'top secret'

State Department Won’t Acknowledge That Clinton Emails Have Already Been Classified Top Secret

State Department Delays Full Hillary Clinton Email Dump Until After Early Primaries

State Dept. To Meet Just 10 Percent Of Its Hillary Email Goal For January

State Dept. set to release some Clinton emails amid legal battle

State Dept. Indicates Hillary’s Most ‘Complex’ Emails Have Yet To Be Released


Clinton Chief Of Staff Lost Her Personal Blackberry, Which Contained Classified Emails

How Hillary Got Classified Information Onto Her Private Email


Can Clinton delay email release until after Iowa and N.H.? Judge to rule

State Dept. accused of political tampering in delay of Clinton emails


Hillary's team copied intel off top-secret server to email

Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m Not Concerned’ About FBI Investigating My Private Server [Vid


Page and McLaughlin: The FBI Will Recommend Prosecution For Hillary

Why the Justice Department Won’t Work with the FBI on Clinton’s E-mail Case


State Dept. requests delay of final release of Clinton emails due to storm

Catherine Herridge: "The @FBI was able to recover [Clinton's] deleted emails (Twitter)


State Department Undermines Hillary’s Claim That It’s OK To Forward News Article Containing Classified Info

Report: Senators had to be cleared above 'top secret' to read new Clinton emails

Clinton emails so secret some lawmakers can´t read them


State Department Releases Clinton IT Guru Emails

Hillary’s Campaign Accuses Intel IG Of Coordinating With GOP On Damning Email Reports


State Department Won’t Say Whether Clinton Sent Information Deemed ‘Beyond Top Secret’

 Report: Clinton Emails Contained Intel From Government’s Most Secret Programs Intelligence review finds ‘several dozen’ classified ema


Clinton Aides Resisted State Department Suggestion That Clinton Use Account Photo of Chuck Ross Chuck Ross


Hillary: FBI Has Not Interviewed Me Yet


House Opens New Investigation Into Hillary Email Server


How the State Department Caved to Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer on Classified Emails


Citizens United sues over Chelsea Clinton emails

Emails Prove Hillary Knew Libyan Rebels Were Conducting Ethnic Cleansing, Supported Them Anyway


State Dept. preparing to release thousands of top Clinton aide's emails

 US ‘My Role’: Emails Raise New Questions About Sid Blumenthal’s ‘Projects’ For The Clintons

Email shows Secretary Clinton helped Joe Wilson get government contracts


 Email to Clinton Contained Sensitive U.S. Intelligence Info Redactions to an email sent by top aide indicate info revealing internal intel community operations

White House: Hillary Email Release Is Evidence Of Obama’s Commitment To Transparency [VIDEO]

FBI´s Clinton probe expands to public corruption track

Report: FBI Now Investigating Hillary’s State Department For Corruption

Storm Clouds Form: Bob Woodward Compares Hillary Scandal to Watergate

Hillary: By ordering “identifying headings” removed, I meant “don’t transmit classified info,” or something

Judicial Watch: State Department Finds New Records in Clinton FOIA Litigation


Emails Show Feds Specifically Targeted Faith Groups Under Obamacare Mandate

Ex-Prosecutor diGenova: FBI 'Would Go Ballistic' If Hillary Not Indicted


Clinton 'Surprised' by Staffer Using Private Email, New Docs Show

Hillary’s EmailGate Goes Nuclear Does the latest release of Hillary’s State Department emails include highly classified U.S. intelligence?

Veterans Group Urges DOJ To Take Action Against Hillary For Ordering Classified Info To Be Sent ‘Nonsecure’


State Dept. won't say whether Clinton aides removed classified markings on email

Hillary e-mail instructs aide to transmit classified data without markings

State Dept. ups classified Clinton emails in overnight document dump

State Dept. Dumps Thousands of Hillary Clinton Emails at 2 a.m.


State Department covered up Hillary´s private email server for years even though ´dozens of senior officials´ knew about it, says scathing inspector general report

Report: State Dept. Record Searches 'Inaccurate, Incomplete' Under Hillary  Read Latest Breaking News from

State Department gave ‘inaccurate’ answer on Clinton email use, review says


State Dept. set to release 2,900 additional pages of Clinton emails

Clinton's private email account exploits FOIA loophole, report says


 Clinton’s Staff Vetted Public Records Requests, Emails Show Top aide involved in process meant to be free of political influence


Emails Show Hillary Met At State Department With Sidney Blumenthal


New Clinton emails reveal critiques from Israel-bashing son of adviser

Emails show Hillary aides constantly complimented her looks


State Department still doesn’t have all of Clinton’s emails

NOW more than 1,000 of Hillary Clinton´s emails have been deemed classified - with two ´secret´ emails found in the New Year´s Eve State Department dump

 More than 1,200 Clinton emails now deemed classified  The agency also falls short of its court-ordered goal of releasing 43,000 pages of the former secretary of state's emails by the end of the year.


State Department Kept Tabs on the Drudge Report, Emails Reveal

New ‘secret’ message among Clinton’s emails as classification rate spikes again  More than 8 percent of latest batch deemed classified

Clinton email: Merkel despised ‘Obama phenomenon’

State Dept. to miss target in Clinton email release

State Dept. set to release nearly 9,000 pages of Clinton emails


State Dept. plans New Year's Eve release of Clinton emails


Clinton aide key focus in FBI server investigation


Judicial Watch: State Department Documents Reveal Intense Debate over Security Risk Poised by Clinton Blackberry Use in Foggy Bottom Executive Offices


Affirmed: At Least Two Clinton Emails Were 'Top Secret'

Sources: Review affirms Clinton server emails were "top secret," despite department challenge


State Department belatedly finds 1300 emails on Anwar Al-Awlaki


State Department can't find emails of top Clinton IT staffer


Obama not briefed on FBI´s Clinton probe


Shock Email: Hillary Claimed She ‘Lost A Bunch Of Emails’ When She Switched Blackberries

New release of Hillary e-mails: 7800 pages, 328 classified - 999 total


Hillary LOVED Sid Blumenthal’s Plan To Attack Republican ‘Rape Rage’ During 2012 Election [VIDEO]

State Dept. set to release 7,800 new Clinton emails


Senator Wonders If Hillary Is Covering Legal Expenses For Tech Firm That Managed Her Email


 Hillary and the mystery of the vanishing woman who decided which of her emails were to be erased: Key aide has not taken up expected campaign role


Top Hillary Aide Signed, Failed To Comply With State Dept ‘Separation Agreement’

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Update: Judge Rules Against Judicial Watch´s Attempt To Speed Up Email Release


 FBI steps up interviews in Clinton email probe  Questions focus on whether State officials improperly sent classified material.

Hillary acolytes 'trying to shut down FBI probe' Clinton watcher sees 'spin machine' behind report on emails


DCNF Sues State For Hillary, Aides Security Training Records Photo of Richard Pollock Richard Pollock

Memo: Hillary Warned of 'Repeated' Hack Attempts Against US Officials' Private Emails in 2011


 Clinton Signed NDA Laying Out Criminal Penalties for Mishandling of Classified Info Dem presidential candidate and top aides signed NDAs warning against ‘negligent handling’ of classified information


Clinton Made Time For Donors At State Department


Obama-Clinton Emails Render His Related Kroft Interview Statements False


As Benghazi inquiry fades, Clinton still faces legal questions about emails

Emails reveal Blair´s fight to save Gaddafi: Former PM urged Hillary Clinton not to ´humiliate´ dictator as he attempted to broker peace after eruption of civil war

Hillary blasted Obama’s ‘political malpractice’ before 2012 election

Hillary And Big Banks--The Best Of Friends

‘Unsolicited?’: Emails Show Blumenthal Drafted Speech Hillary Gave In 2009

Classification rate continues to rise in Clinton emails


White House Seeks to Keep Some Clinton Emails Secret


State Can’t Verify Clinton Email Claim Made At Benghazi Hearing


No Computer in Clinton’s Office? ‘Email’s a Relatively New Beast,’ State Dep’t. Says

Here´s What Could Happen If DOJ Declines to Indict Hillary


FBI Director Won't Comment On Ongoing Hillary Clinton Investigation


WikiLeaks is releasing documents from one of CIA chief John Brennan's non-government email accounts.


'Smoking gun' emails just released by UK Daily Mail prove Hillary a bigger liar than Tony Blair


Hillary Can’t Name What Security Measures Were Taken To Protect Email Server [VIDEO]


FBI Agents Angered By Obama’s Attempt to Influence Hillary Clinton Investigation

Obama’s Comments on Clinton Emails Collide With F.B.I. Inquiry

Report: FBI probe of Hillary is focused on Section 793(f) of Espionage Act

Obama's comments about Hillary Clinton's email left 'a foul taste in the FBI's mouth'


White House walks back Obama's Clinton email comments

Open doors, no checkpoints and a dumpster waiting to be rifled through - security farce at 'data fortress' run by company that held Hillary Clinton's emails

Hillary server had remote-control gateways wide open

Michael Isikoff: Blumenthal E-mail to Hillary Is ‘Evidence of a Commission of a Federal Crime’

Claim: Hillary Clinton Camp Asked IT Company to ‘Cut the Backup’ on Private Email Server


Obama says Clinton didn’t harm national security with private email server

Obama: Hillary's Email Scandal a 'Legitimate' Issue

new Hillary Clinton ad by the RNC


Clinton Advisor Emails On Benghazi to be Released Shows Blumenthal stood to gain financially from war.


Found on Hillary’s Home Server: Sid Blumenthal Trashes Barack Obama


Second company turns over Hillary email data to FBI

Benghazi Committee: New Emails Show Clinton Promoted Blumenthal Interests in Libya


Judge says Hillary Clinton’s server is private

Hillary´s emails WERE backed up Homeland Security committee reveals - and IT firm she used feared they were involved in ´shaddy s***´

Hillary server employee: The whole thing is ‘covering up some shady s– –t’


Second IT firm agrees to give Clinton’s server data to FBI

FBI probe of Clinton e-mail expands to second data company

 Judge Orders State Department to Release Clinton Aide’s Emails With Foundation Citizens United: ‘A big win for transparency’

Clinton's tech firm worried about being dragged into cover-up

State Dept. tells Hillary Clinton to search for more emails


Hillary Clinton’s legal adviser warns her --Time to lawyer up

Ex-Ambassador Joseph Wilson’s ‘Embarrassing’ Emails To Hillary


Emails show Hillary's deep involvement in bank investigation

Clinton emails show simmering tensions with Obama

 A Clinton Email Scandal Checklist


Hillary Clinton tells top aide Sidney Blumenthal it's a 'good idea' for diplomats to STOP telling the truth in newly revealed email exchange

Dozens of Clinton emails in latest release contain classified info

Hillary Ignored Mandatory Cyber-Security Training At State Department

Hillary Emailed With John Kerry And Another State Department Official At Center Of Scandal

Why Do Federal Agencies Keep Hiding Information About Hillary Clinton’s Emails From Congress?


New batch of Hillary Clinton emails includes 215 classified messages – more than 1 in every 18 – as the number of state secrets on her private server Doubles

Huma Abedin Used One Of Hillary Clinton’s Email Accounts

More Than 6,000 More Pages of Clinton Emails Released

Emails show Clinton 'leadership, ownership' of U.S. policy in Libya

Valerie Jarrett: WH Issued ‘Guidance’ to Clinton Recommending She Use Official Email

Despite FBI inquiry, Clinton retains security clearance

State Dept. due to release latest batch of Clinton emails

Russia-linked HACKERS tried to break into Hillary Clinton’s server at LEAST FIVE TIMES!

Emails: Russia-Linked Hackers Tried to Access Clinton Server


Hillary Clinton Says She Had Nothing To Do With Private Email Server It wasn't me, really.

Chuck Todd Grills Hillary on Email ‘Discrepancies,’ Changing Positions


Bill Clinton Blames G.O.P. and Press for Wife’s Email Woes

State Dept. receives Clinton email chain apparently not included in pages turned over

String of Emails Raises Question About When Hillary Clinton Began Using Personal Account


Another big fat Hillary lie exposed: Huma Abedin Job Arrangement


Hillary Clinton personally signed deal that let Huma Abedin double dip on salaries

Huma Abedin and the web of influence peddling revealed in newly released emails

Watch: Here are Multiple Times Hillary Clinton Lied About Her Emails


Clinton ´can´t answer´ why State Department demanded her emails as new report says investigators focused only on her – not on all former secretaries of state

Emails show Huma Abedin´s ties to private consulting firm

State Dept. releases new emails from top Clinton aide


FBI refuses to cooperate in Hillary Clinton email server probe


State Dept. requests deleted Clinton emails from FBI


State Department Is Mum On Whether Hillary Signed Important Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement

Preferential Treatment Of Hillary’s Lawyer ‘Smacks Of Favoritism’


Cornyn: DOJ Should Assign Special Counsel to Clinton Emails

Clinton Emails Have Five Months Worth of Gaps


Justice Dept: Hillary Can Delete Her Emails If She Wants

Huma Abedin, top Clinton aide, delivers 6,714 emails, 2,533 pages of documents


Tech company: No indication that Clinton’s e-mail server was ‘wiped’

Hillary Email Storage Company: The Emails Could Be Recovered


ISIS Hacks Obama and Michelle’s Email/ IP


State Department ‘Email Czar’ Received Classified Hillary Clinton Emails

Justice Department rules Hillary Clinton followed law in deleting emails

 House Armed Services Chief: Intel Losses, Including Clinton Emails, Caused Serious Damage Enemies helped by classified info passed to Wikileaks, Snowden compromises

Judge denies Obama admin. request to halt Clinton email cases


Hillary Clinton's email on the web?

State Department Had No Idea That New Email Czar Was A Hillary Clinton Donor

Hillary Clinton Emailed Aide on Hotmail Account

Clinton Tax Docs: Bill’s Speeches Paid For ‘Computer Services’

Clinton Only Apologized for Emails After Bad Focus Group Reactions


Clinton’s Email Apology Came After New Hampshire Focus Group Session

Clinton says private email was a ‘mistake,’ she’s ‘sorry’

Hillary: What I Did Was Allowed

Special Review Confirms Hillary Clinton’s Email Had ‘Top Secret’ Information

Exclusive: U.S. to shift 50 staff to boost office handling Clinton emails

State Department’s New Email Czar Donated $2,700 to Hillary Earlier This Year

State Department’s New Email Czar Is A Hillary Clinton Donor

Kerry names State Department email and transparency czar

Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton’s Email Defense Is ‘Dumbfounding’ [AUDIO]


Clinton Says No Email Apology: 'What I did was allowed'

Hillary Clinton: “I don’t know anything technical about servers"


Former Obama Intel Chief Says Suspend Hillary’s Security Clearance

Hillary’s Highly Paid IT Guru At State Department Had No National Security Experience

Clintons personally paid State Department staffer to maintain server

Hillary Clinton Urges Cooperation on Inquiry Into Her Emails, as She Finds Joy Elsewhere


Reuters Finds Another 57 Clinton Emails 'Classified from the Start'

Hillary Clinton: 'I'm so careful about classified information'

Clinton: ‘I Was Not Thinking a Lot’ When I Became Secretary of State

Hillary Apologizes For ‘Confusing’ Americans With Private Email Server [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton: Email use was ‘fully above board’

 Gateway Pundit Gets Results: WaPo’s Ignatius Admits Source Who Cleared Hillary in Email Scandal – Is Clinton Adviser

IT Experts: Anti-Spam Companies May Have Copies Or Logs Of Clinton’s Emails

There’s a Whole Arsenal of Smoking Guns in the Clinton E-mail Scandal


State Dept. seeks to oust 16 judges from Clinton email cases in favor of one judge

 Hillary’s Email Server Had A Webmail Portal That Allowed Unrestricted Access To Hackers

Hillary´s emails WERE for sale on the open market but the Obama administration didn´t go after them, says US intelligence official

Report: Hacker Threatens To Sell Granny Clinton’s Unreleased Private Emails For $500K

Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal She’s Obsessed With Her Image

Clinton Spox Fallon: ‘I Don’t Know What Wiped Means’

Tech specialist who helped Hillary Clinton set up her private email server was paid with TAXPAYER dollars

Hillary Clinton’s Email: the Definitive Timeline

Hillary’s Email Server Crashed Weeks After Benghazi


Another 57 Clinton email threads contain foreign governments' information

Ex-State Dept. Staffer Who Set Up Clinton Home Server to Take 5th Amendment Before Congress

Staffer who worked on Clinton’s private e-mail server faces subpoena

IRS Lawyer Who Headed Lerner Email Release Present When Markings on Clinton Emails Changed

Emails show Clinton Foundation shaped policy

Huma Doesn’t Think Her $500,000 Annual Pay Is Enough–And Other Clinton Email Revelations

Schweizer: Clinton Set Up Server To Hide ‘Blurring’ Between Private Clinton Activity and State Dept Business

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal, you can now search Hillary Clinton’s emails yourself


REPORT: Top Secret Spy Satellite Info on N Korea Nuclear Assets Found in Hillary Clinton Home Brew Server Email

CBS News Reports Aide Refused Hillary Clinton Demand to Send Classified Info to Her Home Brew Server

Sources: Clinton email markings changed to hide classified info

State Dept Still Does Not Know Whether Clinton’s Server was Breached

Hillary Intentionally Originated And Distributed Highly Classified Information

 Clinton Told Aide to Send Classified Info to Personal Email Address Request came the same day that WikiLeaks released tens of thousands of classified State Department cables

Sid Blumenthal Trashes David Axelrod, Suggests Impeaching Clarence Thomas in Latest Clinton E-mails

Attkisson: New Hillary Emails Show She Violated Freedom of Information Law

 Clinton Reportedly Used Private Server For Clinton Foundation and State Department Business

Clinton Told Aide to Send Classified Info to Personal Email Address

Unofficial adviser regularly sent Hillary Clinton anti-Israel articles

Emails: Hillary kept close ties to Clinton Foundation while at State

Controversial Clinton ally trashed ´alcoholic´John Boehner in emails to Hillary

Hillary, with Sid’s Aid, Has Long Plotted to Overturn Citizens United

More sleepless nights for Team Clinton as additional classified documents are released

Hillary Worried About Ambassador 'Table-Dancing' and 'Karaoke Singing'

Clinton’s Private Server Crashed Repeatedly, Sowed Confusion at State Department


The Largest Tranche Of Hillary Emails Has Been Released: 7000

Fox Correspondent: State Dept In ‘Clear Violation Of The Law’ By Not Investigating Hillary [VIDEO]

Hillary Shared An Email Network With The Clinton Foundation

Latest Clinton Email Server Dump Reveals 150 More Documents Flagged For Classified Information

Mystery deepens into how classified emails got onto Clinton´s unclassified server

State Dept. to release 6,000 pages of Clinton emails

Top State Department Staff Used Personal Email to Send ‘Sensitive’ Data


MI6 Spy Found Dead in Bag in Bath Had Hacked Clinton Data


Source: FBI ‘A-team’ leading ‘serious’ Clinton server probe, focusing on defense info


Clinton ally accused of running interference on email scandal

 Clinton Data Went Unsecured For Over a Month After ‘Classified’ Data Discovered Timeline indicates data may have been unsecure for months


Watch: Hillary laughs off email scandal in Iowa

State Dept.-released Clinton email had classified intel from 3 agencies, in possible violation

Huma Abedin lashing out at Chuck Grassley for “damaging her reputation”

(Grassley) GOP senator accuses Clinton of improperly passing state secrets to her lawyer

New York Times: Huma Abedin, a Clinton Aide, Is Back in Spotlight as Republicans Seize on Emails

State Department officials routinely sent secrets over email

Inspector general cites Caroline Kennedy for using private email


Fox: Clinton Emails Were Classified Under Executive Order Signed By Obama

Here's what Clinton's classified emails discussed


Clinton’s email server firm scrubs ‘data-disposal’ references from website

DHS has no record of State Dept. giving info for Clinton server audit, despite rules

Lawyer for Huma Abedin, a Hillary Clinton Aide, Strikes Back at Accuser

Mukasey: FBI probe is about Hillary Clinton, not her private emails

NBC News On The Evolution Of Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal


More evidence, questions arise about existence of second, private Clinton email server

Email timeline suggests second server may exist


Intel, Military Officials Fire Back At Hillary’s Over-Classification Tweet

Confirmed: Despite Clinton´s Claims, Documents on Her Server Were Always Classified

Reuters: Hillary Clinton Sent and Received Scores of Emails Containing Information ‘Born Classified’

State Dept. declined to investigate hack exposing Clinton emails in 2013

AP: Sorry Lefties, Our Reporting on the Iran Agreement´s Secret Side Deals is Accurate

AP releases draft side deal between Iran and IAEA


Judge presses State Department to learn more about Clinton’s e-mail server

U.S. Said to Probe How Classified Data Got on Hillary Clinton’s Server

VIDEO: Hillary spox stumbles and stammers over deleted emails

Hillary’s Denver Server Company Claims To Have No Idea They Had Sensitive Material

Hillary Clinton Campaign Says Classified Emails Were on Server

State Department did nothing to protect Clinton emails after hack

 Watchdog: Two National Security Laws Appear Broken in Clinton Email Scandal Hillary aides refused judge’s order on returning documents  

State Dept., intelligence community battle over Hillary´s emails

Hillary Spokesman on Server: 'She Didn't Really Think It Through'... Email excuses hit rock bottom


2009 State Dept. Document: Hillary Clinton Trained in ‘Safe Handling’ of Classified Information

Judicial Watch: State Department Did Not Provide Secure BlackBerry to Hillary Clinton

State Department: Mills and Abedin official BlackBerrys likely gone

Classified emails from Clinton aides kick-started FBI probe, candidate downplays controversy

Law firm representing Hillary has ties to State Dept.

Federal Judge Moves Up Hearing for Hillary Email

Surprise: Most of the 340 'rabbis' for Iran came from Iran-supported J Street

Hillary Battles Fox’s Ed Henry, Shrugs Shoulders at Email Server Question


Clinton Refuses to Say Whether She Wiped the Server

Clinton pulls plug on testy presser over server questions

Hillary’s Got Jokes! When Asked If She Wiped Server: ‘With a Cloth or Something?’

Hillarymail ‘Chain of Custody’ Request May Lead To Indictments

Hillary's email firm was run from a loft apartment with its servers in the BATHROOM, raising new questions over security of sensitive messages she held

Grassley: Hillary´s attorney lacked security clearance

Giuliani says Hillary got a 'political break' in server saga


State Dept. uncovers 17,000 missing emails

State Department Finds Thousands of Philippe Reines Emails It Claimed Did Not Exist

State Department Accused Of ‘Incompetence’ After It ‘Finds’ 81,000 Clinton Aide Emails

Oh my: State Dept suddenly finds thousands of Hillary aide’s e-mails they denied existing in 2013

Report: State officials hiding extent of classified info on Clinton servers

New Clinton email count: 305 documents with potentially classified information

Hillary Clinton’s Computer Company Wasn’t Cleared for Classified Material

Gowdy on Clinton's Oct. 22 Testimony: 'You're Going to Stay There Until All of the Questions Are Asked and Answered'

IT firm hired by Hillary Clinton: It's 'highly likely' there's a backup of emails she deleted

ABC: “Highly likely” a backup of Hillary’s original server files exists

 Report: State officials hiding extent of classified info on Clinton servers

Pentagon Colonel says serious concerns over Hillary Clinton's erased e-mails, not about former first-lady's alleged lesbian affair with aid Huma Abedin, but involve Abedin's close ties to the radical Muslim Brotherhood - "The Nations' security could be at rish,"

Hillary Clinton: "If I Had Not Asked For My Emails All To Be Made Public, None Of This Would Have Been In The Public Arena"


Number of Hillary Clinton’s emails flagged for classified data grows to 60 as review continues

Report: ‘Highly Likely’ That There’s A Full Backup Of Hillary’s Email Server [VIDEO]

Gowdy Responds: Hillary Blames Investigation On ‘Nonexistent Right-Wing Conspiracy’

CNN National Security Analyst Unloads On Hillary Over Email Scandal: ‘I Wonder Whether She Is Capable Of Being President’ [VIDEO]


State Dept. will not search Hillary's server

Hillary Clinton Says She Did Not Send or Receive Emails With Material ‘Marked’ Classified

Petraeus Prosecutor Looking Into Clinton Server

How did Hillary’s lawyers search a server no longer in her possession

F.B.I. Tracking Path of Classified Email From State Dept. to Hillary Clinton

State Dept. confirms Clinton aides had other unreported email accounts

Hillary on Snapchat: I love how messages 'disappear all by themselves'

Hillary Clinton Sneers at Republicans: ‘It’s Not About Benghazi… It’s Not About Emails’

Hillary Jokes About Emails, Says She ‘Won’t Get Down in the Mud’ with GOP


Where did Hillary's personal emails go?- data was "migrated" - or transferred electronically - onto another server around the summer of 2013

Hillary’s IT Contractor Did Not Have Proper Security Clearance

FBI Said to Examine Whether Hillary Clinton E-Mail Was Backed Up

State Department Delivered a Safe to Hillary Clinton’s Attorney to Secure Classified Emails

Report: Top secret Clinton emails covered drones

CBS: Email Discussing Secret CIA Drones Sent Through Clinton’s Unsecured Server

If Hillary’s Server Was ‘Blank,’ Why Was It Kept At A Data Center In New Jersey?

Released Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal... She Was Reading A Book On How To Delete Emails


Hillary Clinton Had Presidential Authority to Personally Classify Top Secret Emails Received on Home Server

Judge orders State Department to probe Hillary Clinton’s ‘personal’ emails

Tech company which maintained Hillary's secret server was sued for 'illegally accessing' database

Hillary Clinton’s Server Was In New Jersey This Whole Time. It’s Blank Now.

Member of Hillary Clinton ‘Inner Circle’ May Have Committed Felony, State Department Official Says

FBI reportedly takes possession of 'blank' Clinton email server

Official: Clinton ‘inner circle’ may have stripped email classification markings

 Emailgate: In Univision Interview Hillary Clinton Failed to Disclose Thumb Drive Surrendered to DOJ Last Week

Email Probe Includes Hillary Clinton Top Aide Huma Abedin

Clinton aides vow not to destroy emails

Hillary is following the Clinton Scandal Playbook in email criminal investigation

Cover-Up: Major Newspapers Keep Hillary´s E-Mails Off the Front Page

Gowdy: Clinton email bombshell a ´serious national security issue´

Chuck Todd: Why did Hillary not just turn over a blank server six months ago?


The Spy Satellite Secrets in Hillary’s Emails These weren’t just ordinary secrets found in Clinton’s private server, but some of the most classified material the U.S. government has.

 Sources Say Clinton Campaign Lying in Email Cover-Up

Gowdy On Hillary Turning Server Over To FBI: ‘About Damn Time’

Hillary Clinton Directs Aides to Give Email Server and Thumb Drive to the Justice Department

Clinton Campaign Tries To Calm Supporters About Email Scandal


Hillary Clinton to give her private email server to Justice Dept.

FBI Seizes Hillary Clinton’s ´Top Secret’ Emails

Top Secret Emails Stored In Hillary Clinton’s Private Server

‘Top Secret’ emails found as Clinton probe expands to key aides

State Department Can Still Keep Two Hillary Clinton Emails


Hillary Clinton Signs Court Statement That She’s Turned Over All State Dept. Emails

Federal Judge Issues Emergency Order Blocking Cheryl Mills From Deleting Emails

Clinton Email Scandal: Cheryl Mills To Judge -- Drop Dead


Clinton certifies she has turned over work-related emails


CIA Figure in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Dies at 63

Tyler Drumheller, CIA officer who exposed U.S. reliance on discredited Iraq source ‘Curveball,’ dies at 63


Cheryl Mills to Destroy EMails About Boss Hillary Clinton

State Department request for HumaAbedin´s records waylaid for 2 months

Judge Orders State Department Turn Over Thousands of Clinton Documents Before Democratic Primary


State Dept.: OK for Clinton’s Lawyer to Have 30K Dept. Emails, But Not IG of Intelligence Community

State Department request for Huma Abedin's records waylaid for 2 months

Court asked to seize copies of Clinton's emails

Source: FBI Clinton Email Investigation Is Criminal

Intelligence watchdog was denied access to Clinton emails


FBI Investigating Hillary Clinton's Use of Private Email To Send and Receive Classified Information


FBI looking into Hillary’s email

New documents suggest Clinton's email server may have crashed

Clinton aide may have 'delivered favors' for friends, IG finds

State Dept: 'We Frankly Don't Know' If IGs Are Right That Some Clinton Emails Were Classified When Generated

Hillary Clinton email security breaches worry officials


Hillary Clinton’s email woes will worsen


Obama heavily redacts latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails

Judge Orders Hillary Clinton to Answer for ‘Home-Brew’ Server

Would that be this Hillary Clinton email?


Planned Parenthood Had Hillary´s Private Email Address

Judge Blasts State Dept for Clinton Email Delays: ‘Even the Least Ambitious Bureaucrat Could Do This’

Exposed: Planned Parenthood Had Hillary Clinton’s Private Email, Lobbied Her to Push Abortion

Newly Released Email PROVES Hillary Was TIPPED OFF on Meet the Press Questions

New Batch of Emails From Hillary Clinton’s Controversial Private Account Released: ‘Attacks on Benghazi’


U.S. intel fears hundreds of secrets leaked in Hillary’s private emails

Report: Clinton mishandled classified data from 5 different agencies


2 Month Gap In Emails Released By Hillary Coincides With Benghazi, Huma

The Missing Hillary Emails No One Can Explain

Reported two-month gap in Clinton emails coincides with escalating Libya violence


State Dept. Inspector General Contradicts Clinton: Emails ‘Contained Classified Information When They Were Generated’

Mitchell: No One Can Give Explanation For Clinton’s Server Other Than Dodging Inquiries and FOIAs


´I think there´s so much confusion´: Hillary Clinton reiterates she didn´t ´knowingly´ send or receive classified information using her private email server

Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of ‘criminal’ activity in email scandal

NY Times Changes Clinton Email Story “It was a response to complaints we received from the Clinton camp."


 Clinton: I Did Not Send Nor Receive Classified Material Hillary Clinton denies she used a private email account to send or receive classified information while she was secretary of state.


IG: Clinton’s Emails ‘Included IC-Derived Classified Information;’ 30,000 Emails ‘Purported to Have Been Copied’ to Thumb Drive in Possession of Her Lawyer

Inspector General: Hillary Clinton Received Classified Info on ‘Homebrew’ Email Server

Obama Administration Restricts Investigative Powers Of Inspectors General

Boehner to Hillary: 'Immediately' Turn Over Email Server

Department of Justice Backtracks, Clinton Email Inquiry Was Not ‘Criminal’


Hillary Clinton Comes One Step Closer to a Criminal Investigation


Federal Judge Declares State Department Will “Answer For” Any Destruction of Clinton Emails


Watch: Trey Gowdy says State handed over Richard Gere press clippings in response to subpoena


 Bill and Hillary Clinton ordered to give depositions about emails in civil case

‘This Interview Is Over': Clinton Backer Hangs Up On Host After Grilling Over Clinton Emails [VIDEO]


Judicial Watch: Secret Emails Show Hillary Clinton Tied To Benghazi Talking Points


IRS Fails To Meet Deadline To Produce Lois Lerner’s Emails

Trust me, 'everything I did was permitted,' storms Hillary as she finally gives a campaign interview and says secret emails are not a problem  

Emails: Obama Administration Discussed Prosecuting Nonprofit Orgs


Fox Grills White House: How Was Hillary’s Private Server In Compliance With Obama’s Transparency Measures?


Hillary Clinton Corresponded with Foreign Lobbyist as Secretary of State

E-Mails Show CNN Analyst Paul Begala Went to State Dept. for Pro-Hillary Talking Points In 2009


 Emails Show Hillary’s State Department Communicating With Google About Blocked Benghazi Video Exchange shows administration concerned about video after it publicly declared Benghazi a preplanned act of terror

Email bombshells from Hillary's secret account show she didn't know when cabinet meetings were held, was dumbfounded by a fax machine and emailed aides to fetch her iced tea

11 Juicy Nuggets From The Latest Batch Of Hillary Clinton Emails

Dozens of Hillary Emails Classified

FLASHBACK: When David Axelrod said he didn't know anything about Clinton's private server

Axelrod knew nothing about that secret Hillary email server he was sending mail to

State Department: ‘Small Number’ of Clinton Emails Being Withheld Due to ‘Executive Privilege Purposes’


State releases more than 1,900 Clinton emails

Attorney in Charge of IRS’ Email Production Now in Charge of State Dep’t Emails

State Dept. set to produce nearly 4,000 pages of Clinton emails Tuesday

Hillary Deleted Passages from and Edited Emails Delivered to State; Will Press Ignore?


No probe over undisclosed Clinton emails, State says

Hillary’s Claim That She Gave State Department All Of Her Emails Falls Apart [VIDEO]


State Dept.: 15 emails missing from Clinton cache


State Dept Admits It’s Still Combing Through Blumenthal’s Benghazi Emails to See Which Ones Clinton Didn’t Provide


Emails: Hillary Used iPad And Blackberry, Despite Previous Claim


Gowdy releases new batch of unseen Clinton emails

Busted: Hillary Caught Not Turning Over All Work Emails

Emails Undermine Hillary’s Claim That Sid Blumenthal Sent Her ‘Unsolicited’ Intel


Leaked Blumenthal emails show Hillary getting false intel

Report: Blumenthal’s Benghazi Emails Withheld from Select Committee

Documents challenge Clinton claim no classified intel on personal emails

Blumenthal’s E-Mail to Hillary on Spinning Qaddafi’s Fall


Former Obama Chief of Staff Had No Idea Clinton Used a Private Email Serve


  House Committee Knows Of Hillary Email Server Whistleblower


HRC EMAILS: Federal officials voiced growing alarm over Clinton’s compliance with records laws, documents show


2 Of Hillary’s Libya Emails Are Missing


 Muslim Brotherhood Operative Used Hillary’s Email Server


Judge Orders State Dept. to Release Hillary Emails Every 30 Days

Judge rejects State Dept. plan for Clinton emails, sets timetable for release


2 Of Hillary’s Libya Emails Are Missing



Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi emails released; Gowdy accuses State Dept. of holding back docs

State Department Releases 1st Batch of Clinton Emails (Available Online)

REVEALED: Hillary Clinton Received Now Classified Benghazi Info at Private Email Server

Hillary Discussed Speculation About Her Health With Aides In Emails

Intel Committee Members: Release More Bin Laden Docs

Clinton Camp Demands Anonymity On Conference Call With Media


Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi emails showcorrespondence with Sidney Blumenthal

Report: Hillary Emails Contained Sensitive Information

Emails show Blumenthal helped shape Benghazi narrative

MORE EMAILS Prove Hillary Clinton & Obama KNEW Benghazi Terror Attack Was Planned by Al-Qaeda Group


Hillary Clinton On Her Emails: I Want Them Out, too!

Hillary had second secret email address

State Department to release Hillary emails in January 2016


Hillary Caught in Another Email Lie: New Docs Reveal She Used Second Private Account While Sec. of State

Hillary Clinton & Attorney CAUGHT IN LIE to Trey Gowdy Benghazi Committee About Clinton Email Accounts

Hillary Clinton Used Multiple Secret Email Addresses as Secretary of State

Newly Released Documents Indicate Key Hillary Clinton Claim on Emails Was Not True

Hillary’s closest adviser is hiding the truth of her emails

NYT: Banned from State Dep’t, Clinton Foundation crony advised Hillary on Libya anyway — while pursuing business there; Update: Another e-mail lie


Hillary Clinton’s consigliere covers up for her scandals


Former Obama CIA chief: Foreign governments have Hillary’s emails


Hillary Clinton email case reopened by federal judge


Clinton aide’s emails face disclosure suit


Memo: Since 2009, The State Department Required Outgoing Officials To Turn Over Emails


State Department allowing Clinton Foundation to approve emails for release


IRS watchdog finds 6,400 missing Lois Lerner emails


Judge sets deadline for deadline to release Hillary Clinton emails

Thousands of new Lerner emails found


STUDY: How the Broadcast Networks Have Deleted Hillary’s E-Mail Scandal


Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Affairs Named in Secret Email


Obama’s AG pick won’t commit to federal probe of Hillary Clinton email scandal


Issa Asked Hillary in 2012 About Private Email Address, Clinton Deleted Emails After Inquiry


Fmr Obama Spy Chief: ‘Very High’ Likelihood Clinton’s Emails Were Monitored by U.S. Enemies


By The Way, Hillary Clinton Lied About The Reason For The Illegal E-Mail Server She Just Wiped Clean


 Former U.S. Attorney: ‘Hillary Clinton Is Going to Have to Testify in a Federal Court’ Experts say Clinton knowingly circumvented the law at State Department

Feds should have told national archivist of Clinton´s private email abuse


State Department found 4 emails about drones sent by Clinton

State Dept IG probing Clinton email setup

AP: Hillary used more than one device for e-mail while SecState

Clinton also used iPad for email despite claims of single device; mixed personal, work chats


Report: Hillary’s Emails Reveal Adviser Illegally Lobbied for Billionaire Putin Ally


 Senators: Spies May Have Intercepted Hillary Emails Corker, Burr, Johnson express concerns to State Dept. IG


Private Emails Reveal Ex-Clinton Aide’s Secret Spy Network

Kerry orders recordkeeping audit at State Department


Hillary Clinton wiped email server clean, refuses to turn it over

John Kerry asks investigator to review State Dept. email policy


Valerie Jarrett Defends Hillary: ‘Everybody Has A Gmail’

Grassley pushes for new investigations of Clinton email, Abedin´s special status


Hillary Is Already Telling Jokes About Her Private Email Fiasco [VIDEO]

Reports: MSM Reporters Give Hillary Clinton Standing Ovation after She Takes No Questions, Jokes about Email Scandal


Obama Hosts Secret Meeting At The White House With Hillary Clinton

White House scrambles to limit damage from Hillary Clinton email scandal

Hillary Clinton ponders who she’ll call after White House win

Bloomberg: ‘Questionable’ That Hillary’s Benghazi Emails ‘Just Happened To Be’ To Personal Accounts

Van Susteren Slams NY Times Story on Clinton Emails: ‘What’s Wrong with Journalism’


Jailed hacker Guccifer boasts, “I used to read [Clinton’s] memos… and then do the gardening”


DOJ Lawyers Argue Government Has No Duty to Search Hillary Emails

Gowdy asks Clinton to turn over email server for review


Trey Gowdy says nearly a DOZEN Hillary aides have been subpoenaed for EMAILS

Emails sought of nearly a dozen U.S. State Department workers under Clinton

Senator Presses for Info on Huma's Special Gov't Status--and Her Emails


Ed Klein: Obama Knew and Cautioned Hillary About Private Email Use (VIDEO)


Former State Department Official Refuses to Testify About Hillary's Emails

WH: Separation Statement a Question for Clinton Team, No Senior WH Staff is Exempt from Forms

Boehner: Hillary Clinton Needs to Handover Her Email Server

Treasury Secretary Lew: No Recollection of Clinton Email System

State Department Has ‘No Record’ Of Clinton Signing Separation Statement [VIDEO]

Psaki: Former Secretaries of State Are Not 'Standard Employees'

Teachers’ Union President Knew About Clinton’s Personal Email American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten says its existence wasn’t ‘secret’

Obama Moves to Keep Hillary's Emails Secret

Former FOIA Chief: ‘I Have Absolutely No Doubt’ Hillary Clinton Knew Server Would Stop Oversight

 Hillary´s popularity takes a dive amid email scandal - just weeks before her expected presidential campaign launch

Hillary’s Emailgate Scandal Could Snare Current Sec’y Of State John Kerry


AP reporter to Psaki: Why is it so hard to find out whether Hillary signed the separation form when she left State?

'Utter Baloney’: White House Dismisses Report That Valerie Jarrett Leaked Clinton Email Story

CBS: Never Has a Secretary Set up a Home Server to Pick Emails to Release and Destroy The Rest

Team Hillary changes its story on email deletions

‘How Hard Can It Be?’ State Dept Still Can’t Find Hillary’s Crucial ‘Separation’ Form


State asked if White House ordered Clinton probes; refers question to White House

Clintons Furious At Obama After Valerie Jarrett Linked To Email Leak

Carville: I 'Suspect' Hillary Used Private Email to Avoid Congressional Oversight


NY Post: Valerie Jarrett Leaked Hillary’s Private Email Use to Press

NY POST: Obama adviser behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

Top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett reported to have leaked Hillary Clinton email scandal to press just as she was to announce her candidacy for president (and more leaks are planned)


State Dept Contradicts Clinton Claim that Emails to State Accounts Were ‘Automatically Saved’

Top State Dept. officials’ work emails not automatically archived before February

Last Time Clintons Withheld Gov't Docs, Obama Urged Voters to 'Turn the Page' on Them

Editor: Gawker Suing Feds Over ‘Nixonian’ Plot to Frustrate FOIA Process

Hillary Deleted Emails Without Opening and Reading Each Piece


More than a billion emails at State Department, but few saved

Clinton hides emails from period when account was reportedly unencrypted

Martin O'Malley: 'Important' for secretary of state to use official server

State Dept Won’t Say Whether Hillary Signed Crucial Records Form, Committed Felony

1997: Report of then President Clinton's pager hacked


Eric Holder Used Fake Name Email Accounts Several fake names used to prevent "spam"

2012 VIDEO: Ambassador to Kenya Fired For Misconduct & Setting Up Private Email Account for Gov. Business

Widespread: State Dept. Employees Sent Less than .01% of Emails Through Official Accounts

After Hillary Deletes Emails, Team Obama Still Claims To Be Most Transparent Administration In History

Josh Earnest Refuses To Say Whether Or Not Obama Uses Private Email [Video]

AP sues State Department, seeking access to Clinton records

Did three Hillary Clinton aides use the private '' server while she ran the State Department? Two news outlets say it's so

Hillary's Top Two Aides Used Personal Email at State Department

White House not ‘particularly interested’ in thousands of deleted Clinton emails

White House Squirms Trying to Defend Hillary Clinton’s Deletion of Thousand of Emails

Gowdy: 'Our Committee Doesn't Have the Power' to Seize Hillary's Email Server

IT Expert Says He Traced Hillary’s Email Server To Manhattan Government Building [VIDEO]


Hillary Flashback: I Have Two Phones

I’ve deleted all my personal emails and the server will remain private: Hillary Clinton reveals HALF her inbox - 31,830 messages - has not been handed over and says she used one account for convenience 

Bill Clinton Accidentally Proves Wife is Lying about Contents of Emails, Lying at Presser

Multiple Contradictions in Clinton’s First Comments on Email Scandal

Jon Karl Grills Hillary: Why Did You Wait 2 Years to Comply with Email Rules?

Gowdy: ‘No Choice’ But for Clinton to Turn Server Over to Third-Party Arbiter

Trey Gowdy to Hillary Clinton: Testify Twice on Benghazi, and Hand Over Your Private Server

State Dept. Source: Hillary Likely Used Unauthorized iPad, iPhone as Sec. of State

5 House Democrats call for release of first batch of Hillary Clinton emails

White House declines to discuss Obama email account

 Hillary meets the press  Clinton is holding a press conference Tuesday following her appearance at the United Nations.

Obama chained State watchdog while Clinton sent emails

Credentials for Hillary Press Avail Needed to Be Requested 24 Hours Ahead of Time

Facebook Conversation On Hillary Clinton Is Getting More And More Negative  Data shared by Facebook exclusively with BuzzFeed News shows more people talking about Hillary Clinton after the email scandal hit.

Gov. Palin: I faced tough questions over email, so should Hillary Clinton

'Shame on me for taking 6 months' Gowdy apologizes for Clinton subpoena delay

Holder Used Secret Email Address, Too

Attkisson: Federal Officials Regularly Use Private E-Mail "Clinton: Not the First


Republicans warn that Hillary could be charged with a crime if she doesn´t hand over ALL her State Department emails as questions mount over her and Bill’s foundation

White House: Obama Did Email Clinton but Didn’t Know About Her Homebrewed Server

White House: Obama Was Aware Of Clinton’s Email Address

Lanny Davis: Because Clinton Traveled a Lot, She Needed Her Own Email System

Sebelius Offers No Excuse for Hillary´s Email Troubles

 State Department to Be Slammed With FOIA Lawsuits Barrage of lawsuits following Hillary Clinton email scandal


Hillary in 1996: To Avoid Subpoenas ‘I Don’t Write Anything Down’

Issa: Clinton could face criminal charges

Obama: All my emails ´are available and archived´

Obama Implies in Four Years Clinton Never Emailed Him (VIDEO)

Huma Abedin’s private emails, Muslim Brotherhood

Feinstein Calls on Hillary Clinton to ‘Come out’ over Emails

Chris Wallace GRILLS Fmr Clinton Lawyer: ‘Do You Really Believe She Did Nothing Wrong?’ [VIDEO]

Fox’s Wallace Grills Lanny Davis: ‘Do You Ever Get Tired of Cleaning up After the Clintons?’

In Wake of Email Scandal, Hillary Clinton to Take Down Iconic Photo of Her Holding Blackberry

Trey Gowdy: Remember Hillary Flying to Libya, Device in Hand? ‘We Have No Emails from That Day’

Clinton e-mail flap reveals common practice [JEB, IRS, EPA do it too]

Fired Former Ambassador: 'Unfair' I Was Held to Different Standard Than Hillary

‘Huge gaps’ in Clinton emails: Chairman of House Benghazi Committee

The Benghazi Committee’s Belated Interest in Hillary’s Hidden E-mails


Obama weighs in on Hillary Clinton´s private emails

Obama says Clinton's private email account was news to him

AP Doesn’t Ask WH Officials if They Successfully Emailed Hillary on Private Account

State Department: Hillary decides what emails we can see

State Dept: ‘Correct’ That We Can’t Know Clinton Provided All Emails Without Access to Her Server

Emails show Hillary Clinton aides ran interference for her during Benghazi attack


Fired ambassador: I used State’s e-mail for official business

White House knew about Clinton´s e-mails in August

White House Suggests Obama Found Out About Hillary Email Scandal From ‘Reading The Newspaper’

White House Suggests Obama Found Out About Hillary Email Server From Media

House investigators: Hillary Clinton engaged in a 'scheme to conceal' her email

FOIA Request for Hillary Clinton’s Email Address Went Missing; CREW says it never received response from State Dept to 2012 request

Valerie Jarrett: ‘I Don’t Know’ if Obama Officials Ever Received Emails from Hillary

Valerie Jarrett Won’t Defend Hillary: ‘The President Had a Very Firm Policy’ for Govt Email

State Dept Official to ABC: Hillary Violated Policy for All 4 Years She Served as Secretary

Hacker: Hillary Clinton Created MULTIPLE Private Email Accounts

Hillary Clinton Was in Violation of State Dept. Policy for Nearly 6 Years

A Hillary Clinton Email the State Department Couldn´t Find


Flashback: Hillary Clinton Bashes Bush Officials for Secret Email Accounts (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton Says She Wants to Release Her Emails

Judicial Watch Sues for Hillary and Huma’s Egypt Emails

Harf: "Not Pertinent" To Know If Contents Of Hillary's Emails Had Classified Material

Clinton State Department Ousted Ambassador Using Private Email

Most Transparent Administration Ever Suffers Curious Epidemic of Disappearing Email Systems, Crashed Hard Drives and Lost Backup Tapes

Hillary Clinton won't take questions at event honoring journalism

New Emails Could Send Democrat Elijah Cummings to Prison for Targeting Voter Rights Group

State Dept. Can't 'Definitively' Say Hillary Email Didn't Contain Classified Info

State Department Refusing To Answer How It Handled Open Records Requests For Hillary Emails

Source: Obama Counsel Not Aware of Clinton’s Email Practice

 Hillary Clinton Emails, Schmeemails ... Tell TMZ You're Running!

 'It's Fair Game'; Veterans Group To Sue State Department Over Clinton Benghazi Emails And Phone Logs

‘No One Cares!’: Major Garrett Unloads On WH ‘Deference’ To Hillary Over Emails

State Dept. Can't 'Definitively' Say Hillary Email Didn't Contain Classified Info

Hacked emails: Saudi money financed Benghazi attack Intel reportedly sent to Hillary by Clinton White House staffer

Benghazi committee to subpoena Hillary Clinton's emails

Benghazi committee won't release Hillary Clinton emails for now


ABC’s Jon Karl: ‘Silence Today from Hillary Clinton’ as Email Scandal Gets ‘Stranger

 Former Clinton Spokesman Denies Using Private Email Account Communications staffer well known for aggressive responses to reporters

Trey Gowdy GRILLS Dr Moure-Eraso For Using Personal Emails For Official Business

Sharyl Attkisson: Hillary's Personal Email Use Part of Pattern

Attkisson: Obama Official ‘Specifically Told’ Avoid Email Records by Texting

Hillary Clinton’s Off-the-Books Mail Server Was in Her House, Registered to a Non-Existent Man

Clinton ran own computer system for her official emails


Source: Top Clinton Aides Used Secret Email Accounts at State Dept. (Reines & Mrs. Weiner)

Jon Karl Grills Earnest: ‘Does The White House Believe Hillary Clinton Broke The Law? Yes Or No?’ [VIDEO]

WH Won't Say if Clinton Broke Law by Using Personal Email

Flashback to Carney in 2011: All Obama Admin Work ‘Is Conducted on Work Email Accounts’

Benghazi committee says Hillary used multiple personal email accounts

New Documents Blow Lid Off Obama/Clinton Benghazi Scandal


Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal Top Hillary Clinton Advisers Knew Immediately that Assault on Benghazi was Armed Attack


Benghazi Scandal: New Pentagon Documents Show Military Knew It Was Islamic Terrorism


JW Forces Obama Admin to Release Pentagon Benghazi Attack Documents


Judicial Watch: U.S. Military Tied Benghazi Attack to Al-Qaeda Allied Terrorists


Judicial W. obtains 'smoking gun' Benghazi docs. Clear evidence U.S. State Dept peddled false story


Obama intimidating Benghazi witness into silence? Congressman says key general 'on a leash' to keep him quiet


Federal Agencies Stonewall House Committee’s Benghazi Investigation


Judicial Watch Dismantles Another Benghazi Cover-Up


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