A Conservative News List of the White House


President Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Ninth Week in Office




Darrell Issa and Charles Grassley: DOJ compromised gun probe

Secret Fast and Furious Tapes Spring a Watergate-Sized Leak

ATF Counsel email to Melson on Gunwalker-Terry murder link preceded intimidation (Demanded Coverup)

Issa holds telephone press conference on ‘Gunwalker’ with bloggers

ATF Gun Dealer Calls Murdered Patrolman “Collateral Damage”


Solyndra Employees Speak Out, and It’s Not Pretty

Solyndra: The Drunken Sailors on Shore Leave Company: "spending money left and right"

Lawyers netted millions in solar loan deal

Obama Creates Chicago Solution to Chicago Problem at Solyndra

Let them eat Kale

Moochtastic! Queen Michelle Flashes Her $42,150 Diamond Cuffs


Video: Obama: "I'm A Warrior For The Middle Class"

The Third Biggest Weekly DJIA Drop In History

..Operation Twist Will Really Hurt

Texas AG sues to stop new EPA rules

Obama officials play defense during ‘green jobs’ hearing

Easy Being Green: Odwalla

EPA’s New Regulations on Coal Fired Power Plants in Texas Will Devastate Local Communities

Obama touts his jobs plan today at an Ohio bridge that won't qualify

Jobless claims top 400k

Stocks Nosedive Amid Global Economic Fears

Bill Clinton: Obama's approach to deficit 'a little confusing'

Fed's $400bn deal to boost economy backfires as markets plummet and Moody's cuts credit ratings of three major banks

Auto Dealers: Obama’s ‘Flawed’ Fuel Economy Plan Will Hurt Consumers, Car Quality

Great Recession yields a lost generation of workers: large numbers moving in back home

Census: Recession taking toll on young adults

Could You Eat On $30 A Week?

Obama Ethics Year 3

Regulation Nation: EPA Chief Rejects GOP Charges She’s Imposing Job-Killing Rules

Connecticut Governor Enacts Card Check Through Executive Order- copied Obama

Obama to outline plan overriding education law

Fraud Charges Floating for Obama Administration

It's 3am and nobody's there

U.S, other western nations, walk out on Iran U.N. speech

Panetta: Supercommittee failure would ‘hollow out’ military's combat force

Panetta: Marine Commandant Told Him Gays in Corps Won’t Impact ‘Recruitment, Morale, Unit Cohesion’


FDA bans CFCs in some inhalers from next year (for Americans with asthma)

Obama pulls back on part of Affordable Care Act: g the CLASS Act (Community Living Assistance Services and Supports)

Study: Obamacare will jack premiums up 55%-85%

GOP lawmakers seek answers from Sebelius regarding CLASS Act

Obama Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (He now wants government to develop drugs)

Obamacare’s Definition of “Affordable” Could Add Billions to Taxpayer Burden

Obama and Israel

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee says President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party will own the Jewish vote in 2012

Palestinian Analyst..Says Palestinians "Disappointed" by Obama's Speech to the UN General Assembly



Lawmakers Claim Justice Inspector Obstructed Probe Into ‘Fast and Furious’

Panic Mode: Holder's Name Mentioned in New Fast and Furious Recordings

Audio Tapes Reveal More Details in 'Fast and Furious' Gunrunner Scandal

Issa Confirms 200 Mexicans Killed by Fast and Furious Weapons

Mexico’s attorney general: US still mum on Operation Fast and Furious

Issa calls Fast & Furious ‘dumb, useless and lethal’

ATF 'Fast and Furious' secret audio recordings reveal concerns about whistleblower

Gunwalker’s Body Count Grows, Along with the Obama Administration’s Cover-Up


Soros Turns up in Obama's LightSquared Imbroglio

Solyndra told Congress it was ‘on track’ before bankruptcy

Solyndra's CEO had agreed to answer questions, email shows

Two members leading the Congressional investigation into bankrupt solar energy firm Solyndra said the company's executives broke their promise to testify openly during a hearing scheduled for this Friday, instead electing to exercise their Fifth amendment rights not to answer questions

Video: Obama praising the Solyndra investment

Video: Joe Biden Talks Solyndra


Bank of America ups CA foreclosures by nearly 200 percent

Student loan defaults rise as job prospects dim

Moody's Investors Service lowered debt ratings for Bank of America Corp, Citigroup Inc and Wells Fargo & Co on Wednesday, saying the U.S. government is getting less comfortable with bailing out large troubled lenders.

Obama Proposes $100 Billion in Tax Hikes on Energy Producers and Families

Home sales jump 7.7 pct as foreclosures rise, prices sink lower

Moody's lowers BofA's debt ratings, shares tumble

CEA president Gary Shapiro calls Obama admin ‘most anti-business’ in his lifetime

Obama and Israel

Obama Rebuffed as Palestinians Pursue U.N. Seat

Obama UN address Contradicts His Own Supporters on May Speech: completely contradicts the president’s Jewish defenders.  

Benjamin Netanyahu: President Obama deserves 'badge of honor'

As Palestine pushes for a seat at the UN, Barack Obama is in serious trouble with his Jewish base

Netanyahu, Obama meet in efforts to avert UN ‘train wreck'

Hikind to Obama: We Don't Like Your Policy on Israel

Obama Ethics Year 3

The EPA: Food and beverage industry regulations coming from Capitol Hill soon

Major Obama bundler law firm Orrick, Harrington and Sutcliffe now to make millions in legal fees from the Solyndra case

How Obama and Buffet FIRED 40,0000 Workers in One Day!…and made $4 billion:…and made $4 billion ...........Buffett to be featured at two Obama campaign fundraisers

Fear not, US tells guitarists worried by illegal wood

Obama's Chicago pals get rich off of his fraud-ridden weatherization programs

Obama’s third war on Fox News


The EPA’s war on jobs comes to Kentucky

Industry criticism is growing against the Obama administration's proposed revisions to EPA's Bush-era definition of solid waste (DSW) as chemical manufacturing and scrap recycling industries becoming the latest to complain that the revised rule would be too costly.

Community Organizer to the World

Class Warfare: Now Obama Says ‘I Wear That Charge as a Badge of Honor’

Photo: Obama waves in Open Government Partnership group photo

Mocking Palin: Obama said Tuesday "all that hopey changey stuff" from his 2008 campaign "was real" and it's "still there

It's 3am and nobody's there

U.S. assembling secret drone bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula, officials say

Video: UN: Palestine Shakes Head When Obama Says Each Side Must See The World Through Each Other's Eyes

Military warned not to harass openly homosexual troops

Armed Services Chairman Says Defense Cuts Will Bring Back The Draft

Flashback: Obama: U.S. Involvement in Libya Action Would Last 'Days, Not Weeks'

Obama: Libya an international model

Obama accused of Destroying Western Interests in the Middle East, Helping Destabilize the Region, and Putting Millions of Lives in Jeopardy

Obama Admin. Ignored Saudi Pleas to Combat Takeover of Lebanon


New book reveals RomneyCare was model for health care reform



Attorney General in Mexico: 200 Murders Result of Operation Fast and Furious  ....Flashback (March 3, 2011); Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico

Darrell Issa bypasses big media: has a conference call with bloggers on the state of the Gunwalker investigation

Issa to launch probe of Obama actions on Solyndra, LightSquared

Grassley says F&F ‘bigger than when we first got into it

Obama and Israel

Romney: Palestinian Statehood Bid 'Culmination' of Obama's Israel Policy

Obama State Dept Refuses To Tell Turkey The U.S. Would Side w/ Israel If Armed Conflict Breaks Out

Turkey, Trying to Isolate Israel, Gets Cordial Treatment From Obama Administration


Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, seeking the appointment of an independent examiner to probe the Solyndra scandal

Orrin Hatch: 35 states got less stimulus money for infrastructure than Solyndra

Solyndra execs to plead Fifth in hearing

Solyndra execs will decline to testify at Congressional hearing Friday

Video: Solyndra Investor, Obama Bundler George Kaiser in 2009: It’s Time to Cash in on the Mother of All Government Handouts

White House’s Testimony ‘Guidance’

White House offered “guidance” to second witness in LightSquared inquiry

Billionaire Backer Disputes Charges That Company Sought White House Help to Influence Testimony

Obama Was Early Investor In LightSquared, Refused To Establish Blind Trust

Obama Ethics Year 3

DoJ not meeting with members about AT&T

What You’re Not Hearing About the New Jobs Bill: It Overrides State’s Rights

Flashback: Less than two months after ascending to the United States Senate, Barack Obama bought more than $50,000 worth of stock in two speculative companies whose major investors included some of his biggest political donors.

Flashback: Obama faces questions on his investments

FCC & Net Neutrality: The National Journal reports: Open Internet regulations, or network-neutrality rules, have cleared the final regulatory hurdle before getting on the books

Obama v. Perry: Justice Department Challenges Texas Redistricting Map


Economic Freedom In Decline

Food Inflation Reaches "Quite Concerning" Levels In Houston

California jobless rate to remain stuck at 12% — UCLA

U.S. housing starts fall 5% in August to 571,000

General Motors , SAIC agree to develop electric vehicles in China


The U.S. hospital and drug industries lashed out at provisions of President Barack Obama's deficit reduction plan that would saddle them with more than $200 billion in federal healthcare spending cuts

Community Organizer to the World

USDA Secretary: We Must ‘Create Appropriate Transition’ for What Americans Eat

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA to preside over fish cases: Commercial fishermen will no longer have their regulatory cases heard by Coast Guard Administrative Law Judges

Agencies prepare to carve up coastal waters Unprecedented zoning process will be based on ecosystem approach

It's 3am and nobody's there

Two former law enforcement officers allege that they cannot get anyone to investigate allegations that the Mexican drug cartels have corrupted U.S. law officers and politicians in the El Paso border region.

Defense Secretary Panetta: Pentagon has sent another dozen troops to Tripoli



Fast & Furious: FBI may have covered up third gun found at scene of agent’s death to protect informant

Secret recordings raise new questions in ATF 'Gunwalker' operation


House Judiciary chairman urges Justice Department to probe Solyndra loan

Solyndra Bankruptcy Unlikely to Hamper Gov’t 'Investment' In Green Jobs

Daily Caller Draws Michelle Obama Connection to Solyndra

Spinning Falsely on Solyndra, White House Rushes to Give Away Billions More

Rahm Emanuel doesn’t remember Solyndra? Really?... 2009 Email by Emanual say different

Community Organizer to the World

Canadian Commentator: The Press Gave America 'An Untried, Unknown,' 'Incompetent' President

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Military groups slam Obama plan to raise co-pays

Obama deficit plan would re-examine military retirement

Prokhorov’s Ouster a Blow to Obama’s Russia Policy

Former Navy Secretary John Lehman; The Navy’s former top civilian has rocked the service in a military journal article by accusing officials of sinking the storied naval air branch into a sea of political correctness.

Barack Obama book casts grim view of president's leadership

Obama and Israel

US urges Turkey to keep door open with Israel

67% of Voters Say Obama isn’t Pro-Israel

Obama's Palestinian Extravagance: Predicted a Palistinian state about a year ago

Obama conflicted over Palestine question

U.S. to Netanyahu: Don't sanction Palestinians following statehood bid at UN


Day No. 972: President Obama unveils a deficit reduction plan

Rising food prices hit consumers at grocery checkout; The price of groceries rose 5.4 percent from July 2010 to this July, according to the USDA's latest report.

Ghastly New 'Fees' Found in Obama Tax Plan:  Air travelers, federal workers, military retirees, wealthier Medicare beneficiaries and people taking out new mortgages are among those who would pay more than $130 billion in government revenues raised through new or increased fees.  

Class Warfare?  Obama's Bizarre Tax Attack

OMB director: “We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with people earning a lot”

Obama: I’ll veto any bill that isn’t “balanced” with tax hikes

Obama: Washington Needs to Live Within its Means

VIDEO(S): Obama Flashback: "Nobody's Looking to Raise Taxes Right Now"

Obama to call for broad tax increases Wants three dollars in taxes for each dollar of new cuts

Gallup Finds U.S. Underemployment Stuck at 18.5% in Mid-Sept.

Obama's urgent jobs plan: Right now, 'right now' means sometime next month maybe

Obama Proposes New Czar: The American Infrastructure Financing Authority (AIFA) czars.  Obama’s newest czars will be given the authority to manage over a trillion dollars of federal funding for roads, bridges, buildings, waterways, dams and other infrastructure

Is the Obama administration protecting lizards at expense of jobs?

Obama on Deficit Plan: ‘This Isn’t Class Warfare. This is Math.’

Obama: This isn't class warfare

Obama's tax on the super-rich condemned as 'class war' which will stifle the troubled U.S economy

Obama leans further left



Kaiser Foundation grant to Mrs. Obama’s health initiative sparks new Solyndra cronyism questions

Fury over Solyndra loan threatens to sunset solar investments

Rahm Emanuel on Solyndra: ‘I don’t remember’

Al Gore wangled $529 million taxpayer loan for electric cars made in Finland: More Obama "Pay-for-play"

Obama's Solyndra scandal reeks of the Chicago Way

Today’s Special: Rocket Launchers (from a Fast and Furious Dealer Near You)

Obama Ethics Year 3

Did Next Commander-in-Chief Falsify Selective Service Registration? Never Actually Register? Obama’s Draft Registration Raises Serious Question

Florida Officials: EPA is Putting State Through Water Torture: calling the EPA's proposed pollution standards heavy-handed, overly expensive and indefensibly "poor science."

Michelle Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Let them Eat Kale

Postcards from the Oval Office: Obama's feet on White House furniture (video)

Community Organizer to the World

Paul Ryan Accuses Obama of Waging 'Class Warfare' With Millionaire Tax Plan


Cloward-Piven: The Ultimate Goal of Gunwalker?

It's 3 am and nobody's there

GAO report reveals a rift over National Guard's role at border: Obama doesn't want them there

Obama and Israel

The UN Disaster is Obama's Fault

Netanyahu to Meet with Obama

In 2012, GOP Could Carry Largest Percentage of Jewish Vote Since Eisenhower

Ed Koch to President Obama: I'm staying on your case about Israel


Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue

Obama to offer his own deficit reduction package

GM, UAW agree on profit-sharing in new contract Signing bonuses, profit-sharing among perks in new GM contract agreement with the UAW


Repeal our unfunded health law? No way, says GO



Obama admin reworked Solyndra loan to favor donor

Solyndra says needs more time to find buyers

Obama Fundraiser Llnked To Loan Program That Aided Solyndra

The Solyndra Fraud

Watchdogs to pressure Obama after Solyndra, LightSquared

'Solargate' Didn't Happen By Accident

Solyndra Pestered Bush Administration Over Delays in Approving Federal Loan, Emails Show

Triangulation.... The New Obama

Obama is 'ramping up his God talk'

Community Organizer to the World

Romney boasts of Cadillac collection at Ford dealership


Are Fast and Furious Guns Coming to a Town Near You?


ObamaCare's Massachusetts Model Lost 18,000 Jobs and $8 billion

Washington Is Tightening Its Grip On Medical Decision-Making

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Senior House Democrat opposes Obama's decision on Taiwan F-16s

Mired in Gridlock, Obama on Pace to Sign Fewer Bills Into Law This Year

Obama to Taiwan: No new F-16s

Obama and Israel

A New, Selective 'Semi-Antisemitism'? Only Jews Opposing Obama Are Evil, Greedy, and Have Dual Loyalty

Turkey: We don't need U.S. mediation to end crisis with Israel


Nevada jobless rate rises to 13.4 percent in Aug.

Obama to Propose ‘Buffett Tax’ on Millionaires

Obama’s Weekly Address: Yet Another Plea To Pass The Jobs Bill

Obama: Americans must pay fair share to cut deficit



Solyndra: $469 million more than we already know about? Plus, an added surprise?

WH Official Dismissed Solyndra Warnings as "B.S."

Solyndra Investor admits: we wanted the loan so we could 'go public and cash out'

White House Emails: Solyndra Default Would Not Look Good for Obama Reelection

LightSquared: Another Solyndra? A pattern of providing White House support to favored companies — at taxpayer risk — is emerging.

Solyndra Lobbied White House for Solar Panels: paid $187,000 lobbying

Obama Ethics Year 3

A top EPA official on Thursday rebuffed concerns that some Texas power plants could shut down because they might not have enough time to prepare for a new federal limit on toxic emissions that cross state lines

White House forced me to back project funded by Obama donor, Air Force general tells secret Congressional hearing

Obama’s ‘Jobs Bill’ Makes ACORN Eligible for $15 Billion in Taxpayer Money

E-Verify on Obama yields SSN mismatch notice


‘Progressive’ group ramps up attack on Issa

Veteran Cops Recognize ‘Fast and Furious’ as a Foolhardy Idea


Mayor Rahm Emanuel is giving city workers an important health choice: enroll in a new wellness plan, expected to be unveiled Friday, or pay a higher premium.   The price if they don't enroll: $50 a month.  

Obama administration pressed on access to physician records

'Poster Boys' Take A Pass On Pioneer ACO: the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Geisinger Health System and Intermountain Healthcare were repeatedly touted as models for a new health care delivery system.  All four have declined to apply for the “Pioneer” program tailor-made by the Obama administration to reward such organizations.

Internal Emails Reveal Administration Knew All Along That Obamacare's Long-Term Care Entitlement Was a "Fiscal Disaster"

ObamaCare Exchanges Are Limping Into Oblivion

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Tiffany Hartley, Widow of American Killed in Border Violence, to Testify at Congressional Field Hearing

Declining Birthrates, Expanded Bureaucracy: Is U.S. Going European?

Obama and Israel

Pro-Hamas Turkey and U.S. Will Co-Chair Obama-Backed Counter- Terror Forum--Israel Not Included


APMEX Opens a New Office in New York City. Pays Donald Trump with Gold.

Ford TV Ad Slams Obama Auto Bailouts

Consumer Hope for Future Hits Lowest Level Since 1980

Obama: My bill will create 1.9 million jobs

Unemployment rates rose in most states in August

California unemployment rate rises to 12.1% in August

Illinois Unemployment up sharply to 9.9%

Texas unemployment rate edges up to 8.5 percent in August as state's job count falls

Book: Geithner ignored Obama order to consider dissolving Citigroup

President Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Eighth Week in Office



Obama administration e-mails: Giving more taxpayer money to Solyndra was risky

WH ignored at least three watchdog reports criticizing Energy Department’s loan controls

Obama’s Solar Scandal

Solyndra ‘Green’ Executives: $100,000+ In Obama Donations And 20+ White House Trips

Solyndra to The Daily Caller in February: ‘The federal government has not spent a dime on Solyndra’

Solyndra Not Sole Firm to Hit Rock Bottom Despite Stimulus Funding

Congressman says goal for $535 million was photo-op

Solyndra employee to Mark Levin: “Everyone knew that the plant wouldn’t work”

Solyndra CEO in 2009: Obama "Instrumental" in Securing Loan Guarantee

Solyndra the 'tip of the iceberg'?

The Solyndra saga

Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama DOJ Takes Action… Moves in to Protect Teachers With Unacceptable English Skills

Issa probing Fannie's big mortgage buy - "backdoor bailout"

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Air Force General Pressured to Change Testimony to Favor Company of Obama Donor

The Pentagon has worried for months that a project backed by a prominent Democratic donor might interfere with military GPS. Now Congress wants to know if the White House pressured a general to change his testimony

Deep Corruption at the Obama Justice Department

Obama campaign attacks author probing eligibility


"Fast and Furious" Corpses Pile Up

‘Castaway’ inmate asks reps to investigate Florida ‘gunwalking’ allegations


California could pose problem for Obama's healthcare reform: California, a model for healthcare reform, is seeking to impose some of the toughest limits on government-subsidized coverage. If approved, the limits could herald deep Medicaid cuts nationwide.

 MO Governor Nixon Issues Executive Order to Establish Obamacare Exchanges–Update: Nixon Backs Down?

Report: Administration ignored high costs in healthcare bill

More Lies: WH Emails Reveal Major Obamacare Accounting Fraud

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Obama rules out new F-16s for Taiwan

Obama: 153 Bridges Will Collapse

U.S. urges citizens to leave Syria immediately

Obama Renews Call for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Obama and Israel

Gallup: Four out of 10 Jewish voters now disapprove of Obama

Egypt PM: Israel Treaty 'Not Sacred'

Erdogan: No Free Movement for Israel in E. Mediterranean

ZOA Details Obama's Hostility to Israel

Obama trying to unseat Israeli leader? Country’s social protests may be engineered for regime change


US Postal Service eyes 35,000 job cuts

Unemployment Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Rise to Highest Level Since June

EPA delays global warming rules again

Gerald Celente: “Things Are Going to Get Much Worse…Society Is Breaking Down”

Obama administration doubling down on clean energy loans: could approve as many as 15 renewable energy loan guarantees by the end of the month

Fresh Evidence the Economy Is On the Verge of Another Major Recession

Green-jobs subsidies created 1 job for every $5.44 million spent

U.S. consumer prices jump 0.4% in August: ‘Core’ rate highest since late 2008

House moves ahead with bill limiting NLRB

Mortgage default warnings surged in August Report: Mortgage default warnings spiked in August, signaling potential new foreclosure wave

Obama Makes Plea to ‘Pass This Bill’ 100-Plus Times

Obama Pushes Jobs Bill As Help For Latinos

UH-MC receives $300,000 grant for electric cars

Community Organizer to theWorld

White House initially denies rep.'s request to attend Medal of Honor event

Obama Campaign: AttackWatch Gains Over 100,000 Sign-Ups In Less Than 24 Hours

Gutierrez: 'I Want to Thank' Obama for Bypassing Congress to Cancel Deportation of Illegals



3 more murders linked to Gunwalker


Long-term care plan alarms ignored

Obama HHS: Doctor malpractice, disciplinary data no longer public

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, fewer people received insurance coverage through their employer in 2010 than in 2009

It's 3 am and nobody's there

The Obama administration on Wednesday will unveil its much-delayed general plans for its rocket design, called the Space Launch System, which will cost about $35 billion, according to senior administration sources and information obtained by The Associated Press. It will carry astronauts in a capsule on top and start test launching in six years.

Obama and Israel

NYT: Obama, Dems Race To Save Jewish Vote

Netanyahu orders evacuation of Israel embassy in Jordan, fearing violent protests

Obama Loses ‘PA Referendum’ in NY Election

Several days after the attack on Israel's Embassy in Cairo, Ambassador Yitzhak Levanon says, "This is not the same Egypt."


Solyndra Loan: Now Treasury Dept. Is Launching Investigation

Administration officials grilled on Solyndra loan

Emails reveal Obama aides' fears over loan to solar firm that went bust

Emails show role in Solyndra loan

Carney dismisses poll, loan emails

Emails link Solyndra to Biden office

Exec Jack Baylis from company that built Solyndra plant named to Obama administration

Obama admin tries to blame Bush for Solyndra

Bombshell: Emails Reveal Direct White House Tie to Solyndra Scandal

After Solyndra bankruptcy, White House defends clean energy investments


EPA Regulations Still Killing Jobs

Comprehensive List of All 14 Tax Hikes in Obama's "Stimulus 2.0" Plan

Obama: 'If you love me, you've got to help me pass this bill.'

Geithner: Economy In "An Early Stage" Of Crisis

Income Slides to 1996 Levels

Retail Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Stagnate as Employment Stalls

Hill Dems pick apart Obama jobs plan

Struggling homeowners could get up to $25K from 'hardest hit' loan fund

Obama Ethics Year 3

EPA spending millions for ‘environmental justice’

White House Official Compares Illegal Immigration to Jaywalking

Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of conservatives

Obama uses Twitter feed to promote Attack Watch

Obama’s new Snitch Central: AttackWatch

Community Organizer to theWorld

Politics Obama Tells Black Media to Support Jobs Bill: ‘I Want You Guys to Pump This Up’

Obama's Israel policy seen as factor that cost him House seat

New York House district elects first Republican since 1920



WH Pressured OMB on Solyndra Decision

New e-mails reveal: White House closely monitored Energy Department’s deliberations of Solyndra

Emails: Obama White House Monitored Huge Loan to 'Connected' Firm

GOP to Hold Hearing on Now-Bankrupt Solar Company That Obama Once Touted

Obama Backed Solyndra Loans After Auditor Warned on Finances

Dept. of Energy to receive FOIA request on administration’s relationship with Solyndra


Issa: Holder so 'inept he is dangerous'

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitiano and FBI Director Robert Mueller denied knowing anything about the operation until Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed with guns from the program and avoided getting into details about their involvement by referring the case to the Inspector General in the Justice Department and citing an "on-going investigation"

 Rep. Issa hit with ethics allegations


At Ohio Rally, Obama Says Jobs Plan ‘Isn’t About Giving Me a Win

Obama to speak at NC company that’s shipping jobs to Costa Rica

Video: WH press corps laughs at Carney’s transparent spin

Obama Jobs Bill Regulates Home Paint Removal, strictly limits political speech

White House says Obama would sign pieces of jobs package

California incomes plummet, poverty rises

Obama's Jobs Spending Plan: $250,000 Per Job

A Whopping 77% Of Financial Professionals See No Recovery In Next Year

The number of people in the U.S. living in poverty in 2010 rose for the fourth year in a row

U.S. Poverty Climbed to 17-Year High in 2010

Number of poor hit record 46 million in 2010

Census: US poverty rate swells to nearly 1 in 6

CBO Director: ‘Economic Recovery Will Continue at Weaker Pace’

Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama campaign launches snitch line website

Michelle Obama at 9/11/11 US Flag folding [rolls her eyes] (video)

Michelle Obama mouths “all this just for the flag” at 9/11 ceremony

Will Third Teachers’ Union Bailout Fund Obama’s Re-Election?

It's 3 am and nobody's there

 Libya could fall into hands of extremists, Nato warns

Obama and Israel

U.S. Scrambles to Avert Palestinian Vote at U.N.

 Hillary: Counting Jews in Jerusalem

Palestinian ambassador reiterates call for a Jew-free Palestinian state

Report: Turkish warplanes now able to fire at Israeli targets

Let them eat Kale

Michelle Obama honors top designers at White House


Obama’s Insurance-Buying Mandate in Health Care Struck Down by U.S. Judge

Obama's Strategy of Silence

States Refuse ObamaCare's Exchanges: At least a third are having trouble setting them up

Mandated health care a failure all around



Obama team backed Solyndra aid as auditors were wary

New DOE loans support green Obama-backers


Fast and Furious: Feds Forced Gun Store Owner to Make Illegal Sales

Issa: ‘Only way’ Eric Holder ‘didn’t know’ about Fast and Furious is if ‘he made sure he didn’t want to know’

Department of Justice responds to @FOIA follow-up on Grassley

A Journalist's Guide to 'Project Gunwalker'-Part Six

Gun store owner had misgivings about ATF sting(AZ)


Obama jobs plan reduces taxable income threshold down to $200K

The Cost Of Obama's Stimulus Plan: $312,500 Per Job (Vote) Created Or Saved

Labor Dept. Data: Only 1.75 Full-Time Private Sector Workers Per Social Security Recipient

Space food, shuttle tiles for sale by NASA

As Obama Discusses His Job Creation Plan, Bank Of America Releases Details Of 30,000 Job Cuts

Obama Jobs Plan Puts Strain on Deficit Committee

EPA regs force closure of Texas energy facilities, eliminate 500 jobs

Obama Shows Up 30 Minutes Late to Speech, Demands Congress Pass Bill With 'No Delays'

Obama: Jobs plan is insurance against a ‘recession’

Airfares increase for 10th time this year

GE Guts Offshore Wind-Power Plans

U.S. readies papers v. Swiss banks on tax evasion (Tax Haven No More)

Obama Ethics Year 3

EPA Approves Emergency Fuel Waiver for Pennsylvania

It's 3 am and nobody's there

Armed Services chairman: Obama is anti-military

The Obama administration kept tight-lipped Monday following reports that the United States had endorsed a plan for the Taliban to open a political office in Qatar by the end of the year.

U.S. backs move to let Taliban open headquarters in Qatar in the hope of ending war in Afghanistan

A tale of two Obamas Media’s war president depiction obscures reality of security leadership failures

Are 3,000 Troops Worse Than None in Iraq?

U.S. Boots on the Ground in Libya, Pentagon Confirms

Head of U.N. Nuclear Agency Believes Iran Is Building Nuclear Warhead

U.S. backs move to let Taliban open headquarters in Qatar in the hope of ending war in Afghanistan

TSA Creator Says Dismantle, Privatize the Agency

Obama and Israel

Obama's Egyptian 'democracy'--violence against Israel

'Turkish Navy sending 3 warships to eastern Mediterranean'

A referendum on Obama and Israel: Bob Turner vs. David Weprin is really about the President

Community Organizer to the World

Rumor: Obama intends to unionize the military

Obama says Americans reject Tea Party ideas

Thursday's jobs speech was the third major address by Obama this year featuring a Thomas Friedman-crafted catch phrase.


Obama Admin Targets Down Syndrome Babies Under Obamacare

Blame Obamacare for unemployment


It's 3 am and nobody's there

U.S. Considers Basing Predators in Turkey

Obama Tells NBC Country Is Safer than It Was 10 Years Ago

Former Mossad Head: ‘Obama Doctrine’ Destabilizing Middle East

Video: Obama Reads Psalm 46 at 9/11 Ceremony

Scripture Quoted by Obama on White House website,....- The God of Jacob is our refuge.

Did Obama's 9/11 speech mention of Jacob have a coded message for muslims?  ........Islamic view of  Bibical Jacob

Obama urges heightened vigilance on 9/11 anniversary

White House takes possible terror threat seriously

U.S. frustrated with Canadian control of weapons exports: Cable


Jarrett: No Jobs Bill Yet; "President Is Going To Draft The Legislation"

US employers say Obama’s jobs plan won’t spur hiring

Obama changes rhetoric to try to sell Congress on transportation spending

Obama jobs plan quietly targets solutions to double-digit black unemployment, energizes base

While demanding bipartisan support for a $447-billion jobs bill, ... Obama questioned whether Republicans want a “race to the bottom” and would allow children to be exposed to mercury

Community Organizer to the World

Gaffetastic. At 9-11 Tribute Obama Thinks “Bow and Spear” Means to Bend at the Waist (Video)

Bush Cheered at Ground Zero… Silence For Obama (Video)

Canadians with mental illnesses denied U.S. entry

Obama and Israel

Egypt's Military Rulers Ignored Pleas From US As Mob Attacked Israeli Embassy

NY-9 TV Ad: You Can't Be Pro-Israel and Pro-Obama

The New York Times reports that President Obama and 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen have not spoken since February.


Obama's Pet Billionaire at Solyndra Make Take White House Down

Obama Ethics Year 3

E-Verify says Obama not eligible for employment in the United States

Disney CEO buries inconvenient facts about 9/11 to protect Hillary Clinton, say activists



Solar co. nets $150M loan despite crash of Evergreen, Solyndra


Valerie Jarret: ‘Pass This Plan Right This Minute'

Senate Approves $500 Billion Increase in Borrowing Authority


2nd Arizona crime scene yields guns from ATF sting

Issa, Grassley take ‘Fast and Furious’ investigation to the White House

A recipient of a "Gunwalker email at the White House: Sipsey St. Exclusive: In DC, no bad deed goes unrewarded. National Security Council adviser Dan Restrepo's first venture into political dirty tricks.

Gunwalker Scandal Escalates: Grenadewalker? A confessed grenade and IED smuggler was released by the U.S. just hours after his arrest.

Obama and Agenda 21

Agenda 21: Conspiracy Theory or Real Threat (audio)

Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama late on Friday approved federal disaster assistance for parts of Texas charred by recent wildfires, ... after the east gets it's aid and hundreds of  Texas homes burn

Community Organizer to the World

Obama urges national unity on 9/11 anniversary

Obama “Commemorates” 9/11 Anniversary By Packaging Meals…- Goes to Arlingon Cemetary too

September 11 commemorated by Obama in address

PBS alters transcript to hide Obama gaffe: Erroneously says that Lincoln founded the Republican Party


What ObamaCare will do to seniors

Obama and Israel

Beyond Cairo, Israel Sensing a Wider Siege

U.S. told Egypt it must rescue Israeli embassy workers or suffer 'consequences,' sources say- Leon Panetta handled the situation

Egyptian commandos rescue six Israelis from Cairo embassy mob, but the diplomatic danger is growing

Israelis Flee Cairo Embassy as Protesters Invade Offices



Solyndra Investigation Begins Critical Look at Federally Funded Green Ventures

Solyndra CEO questioned by FBI

Solyndra investigation expands with raid of executives' homes and files

Feds Visit Homes of Solyndra CEO, Execs

Obama fundraiser at George Kaiser's home?  In 2007: Held a private fundraiser with Solyndra key investor as a candidate

Obama Officials Sat In On Solyndra Meetings

FBI Solyndra raid: misuse of federal loans?

Solyndra Strikes: Obama Silent on Green Energy

Solyndra: Illustrating a Recovery Act Supply Chain


Wall Street slumps; Dow slides below 11,000

Obama’s job-training program model in Georgia “nearly bankrupt”

Video: Count How Many Times Obama Asks Congress to ‘Pass This Jobs Bill’

961 days in, Obama becomes sick and tired of someone dawdling about jobs

AP fact check skewers Porkulus II: Economic Boogaloo speech

Gibson CEO Slams “Big Liberal” Obama After Speech: “He’s Done Untold Damage to Business”

Video: President Obama Presents American Jobs Act

Bank of America restructuring puts 40,000 jobs at risk


ATF Mexico gun scandal far from over

Congress expands Fast and Furious probe to White House

Prison awaits former Fast and Furious US Attorney Dennis Burke Part 1

Darrell Issa: DOJ's ATF 'Mexican Grenade Scandal' mirrors "Fast and Furious"

ATF emails accompanying FOX exclusive.

FOX blows the Terry murder cover-up to pieces, and the Gunwalker Plot cover-up with it. How do you say "Black Mass" in Spanish?

A third gun linked to "Operation Fast and Furious" was found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

ATF Death Watch 73: Phoenix U.S. Attorney’s Office Implodes Over Gunwalker

Reuters Takes Administration Line by Describing Fast & Furious Twice as 'Botched' Operation

It's 3am and nobody's there

Egyptians break into Israel Embassy in Cairo

Biden: Terrorist threat could involve car bomb

Obama Ethics Year 3

NLRB Investigates Longshoremen Union for Strike Gone Wrong

Longshoreman assaults media: ‘Get the f**k out of this parking lot right now’

Senators Query Geithner on Tax Credits for Unauthorized Workers

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Tx., bashed new Obama administration illegal immigration policies he says the president used to favor his uncle’s release from jail

Regulators are nearing a settlement with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over whether the mortgage finance giants adequately disclosed their exposure to risky subprime loans, bringing to a close a three-year investigation.

Obama's Uncle is quietly released from jail and no one is keeping track of him

Community Organizer to the World

Biden insists jobs plan isn't political

Obama sends spam to White House reporters after speech

Teachers union president says Mayor Rahm Emanuel ‘exploded’ at her

White House Touts Hoffa’s Endorsement of Obama’s Jobs Plan

White House Claims Support from Republican Governor, then Backs Away


Documents suggest health care tailored to benefit labor 'Unions helped write the Obamacare law, then get exempted from it'

HHS Shells Out $700 Million For Community Health Centers Nationwide

Unelected Board Could Impose Medicare Cuts Without Congressional Approval

Obama and Israel

Egyptian protesters break into Israeli Embassy in Cairo; Obama expresses concern to Netanyahu

US tells Israel, Turkey to 'cool it' amid tensions

President Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Seventh Week in Office



Weapons Linked to 'Fast and Furious' Found at Violent Arizona Crime Scene

Holder Denies Prior Knowledge of 'Fast and Furious'


The Solar Dole

Flashback: Official White House Video Praises Solyndra as a Recovery Act Success Story

Solyndra officials made numerous trips to the White House, logs show

FBI agents executed search warrants on Thursday at the headquarters of California solar firm Solyndra, which received a $535 million loan from the federal government before filing for bankruptcy last week.

It's 3am and nobody's there

DHS, FBI: Al Queda To Target Bridges With Car Bombs; SPECIFIC AND CREDIBLE THREAT

Perry Blasts Obama on Border Security: Either He Has ‘Poorest Intel’ or is ‘Abject Liar’

Obama Briefed On 'Credible' Terror Threat Tied To 9/11 Anniversary

Video: Americans of Libyan descent: Pro-Sharia, anti-Israel


Obama uses variation of phrase ‘pass this bill’ 17 times in speech

Fact Check: Obama's jobs plan paid for? Seems not

Obama appeals to Congress to pass American Jobs Act (New Cost To Taxpayers, $447 billion and rising)

Labor Department probing big US homebuilders: Labor Department is investigating large U.S. homebuilders to see if they failed to pay workers the minimum wage or overtime.

Comprehensive List of Obama Tax Hikes

U.S. Census Bureau to Modernize eStatistics System -- in Bangladesh

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn today moved to lay off more than 1,900 state workers and close seven state facilities as part of a plan to cut the state budge

Outrage as White House leaks suggest Obama's jobs and growth plan could cost more than $400 billion

Gretchen Carlson And Jay Carney Lock Horns Over President Obama’s Jobs Speech

Obama to Send Congress “The American Jobs Act”

Consumer credit jumps by $12 bln in July

Bernanke says inflation is on its way down

Weekly U.S. jobless claims rise to 414,000

Weekly Jobless Claims Rise, Hiring Remains Slow

Union protesters clash with police in Longview

Kroger Hosts Job Fair for Shnucks Employees (1200 Jobs could be lost)

Obama Czars

US names aid czar for post-revolt Arab states


Judicial Watch Obtains Obamacare Records from Department of Health and Human Services

Oops! No ObamaCare Tax Credit Via Federal Exchanges?

Let them eat kale

President Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Estate Put up for Sale (Exclusive)

Obama Ethics Year 3

Obama to bypass Governor and Council to directly fund Planned Parenthood

The Obama administration is seeking tougher sentences for people who are found guilty of hacking or other digital offenses

Community Organizer to the World

Longshoremen clash shuts Northwest ports

On 10th Anniversary, Obama Calls for Return to Post-9/11 Unity

White House releases talking points to liberals ahead of speech

Leaked cables: Obama admin called Catholic Church source of spreading “homophobia” in Poland

Obama and Israel

Israel’s Growing Isolation—and America’s Decreasing Regional Power

Top U.S. official: Hamas must release Gilad Shalit unconditionally



Attorney General Eric Holder seeks distance from gun sting

Obama gunrunning? ....Flashback: 2 Cops Among 67 Shot in Weekend Violence; Teen and 56-Year-Old Bystander Killed in New York

Flashback: Violent Chicago Weekend: 7 Shooting Deaths In 24 Hours (Sept. 3rd)

ATF-Enabled Indiana Guns Went to Chicago Gangs......

A White House Gunrunner? Dan Restrepo, the National Security Council's top man for Latin America, and two other officials, were in on ATF memos from the Gunwalker operation called "Fast and Furious."

Federal LEO advocacy group charges retaliation for Gunwalker testimony

Obama Ethics

Solyndra - The Obama connection

WHITE HOUSE: Obama Is Not Going to 'Serve as the Speech Police for the Democratic Party'

Report: White House now says Obama did not hear Hoffa's remarks

A top aide to President Obama says Americans must decide for themselves how to be civil with each other -- a rather sharp departure from comments that Obama has himself made in the past

How Obama Protects the Teamsters


Carney Ducks Questions On Funding Of Jobs Plan: "It Will Be Paid For"

Gibson CEO will attend Obama's Job Speech: Says Federal Raid Will Cost Company $10 Million (Video)

New SolarCity deal will double U.S. rooftop solar power...... $344 Million DOE loan

The EPA is using taxpayer money to encourage environmentalist groups to sue … the EPA.

US falls to 5th in global competitiveness

Mich. governor signs 48-month welfare limit

Obama's failure on Jobs: Four damning charts

Obama’s Middle-Class Tax Cut Fabrication

Days after "Zero growth" in the US Economy is Announced: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Economy Is 'Continuing on the Upswing'

Obama and Israel

US Formally Asks PA to Drop Statehood Bid

PLO official: US obsessed with preventing UN state bid: Showing "disdain" for Arabs

Community Organizer to the World

Anchors get schmoozed by President Obama – lunch at the White House tomorrow - paid for by the taxpayers

Dems discuss dumping Obama


Majority of Physicians Don’t See Eye to Eye with the AMA on Obamacare

Medicare For All=Individual Mandate in Disguise

Whoops! ObamaCare Backers in Wisconsin Produce Report Showing That the Health Care Overhaul Will Make Health Insurance More Expensive



Melson Out, Holder Digs In: 1700+ Violations of the Arms Export Control Act?

Source: ATF Gunwalker case to be transferred out of Arizona

Obama's DOJ Let Cartel Bombmaker Walk

Gunwalker Explodes into the Heartland

Fast and Furious update: And now…Project Grenadewalker?!; Plus: The Indiana story

Obama Ethics

DOJ and Islamic supremacist groups - FOIA request yields 14,000 Muslim 'outreach' docs


Jay Carney And ABC’s Jake Tapper In Fiery Exchange Over Jimmy Hoffa Comments

AFL-CIO's Trumka, SEIU's Henry and UAW's King all got free ride to Detroit with Obama on AF1.

White House-ACORN smoking gun

Flashback: Obama vowed to end federal probe of Teamsters corruption

Video: Wasserman Schultz Avoids Hoffa Question

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is calling out web news aggregator Matt Drudge for suggesting that she's an ogre eager to invade the privacy of Americans and in particular those who travel by air.

Obama and Israel

'Gates lashed out, called Netanyahu an ungrateful ally'

Leak Offers Look at Efforts by U.S. to Spy on Israel

Wikileaks Bombshell: New Israel Fund Official Endorses End of Jewish State--The cables summarize meetings between U.S. officials and leaders of the New Israel Fund, B’Tselem

It's 3am and nobody's there

Media Silent as Audience Instructed to Applaud Obama

Officials: 1,000 Texas homes burned in past week... White House silent

Obama Administration to Drop Troop Levels in Iraq to 3,000


Chevron hits new deepwater oil reserves: Could have been producing wealth and jobs 2 years ago except for Obama moratorium in the Gulf

Working-age poor population highest since '60s 3 out of 5 below the poverty line are now adults between 18 and 64

Obama is expected to propose $300 billion in tax cuts and federal spending

Real Unemployment Rate Rose in August to 16.2% -- 26 million people

Solyndra files bankruptcy, employees sue

Biden: Only Unions Can Stop Middle-Class Onslaught

Wasserman Schultz: "Republicans Who Think The Recovery Act Didn't Work Are Wrong"

Community Organizer to the World

Report: W.H. hopes to hush Petraeus.. fears he would be a 'loose cannon'


Gallup: Uninsured Have Increased Under Obama and Since Obamacare Was Enacted


Obama Ethics

Flashback Video: Obama Decries “Vitriol” In Political Discourse After Giffords Shooting…

 Hoffa: “No Regrets” Over Speech calling for violence against Conservatives

White House Declines Comment On Union Leader’s Anti-Tea Party Rhetoric At Labor Day Rally

(Videos) Obama says he is proud of Hoffa, after Hoffa  declares war on Tea Party

Video: Hoffa to Labor Rally: We are Obama’s Army Against Tea Party; ‘Let’s Take These Sons of Bitches Out’

New US rules will soon require posting of workers' union rights


"Project Gangwalker?" More gunwalking -- in INDIANA!? FBI manipulated NICS system

Documents indicate ATF, FBI allowed Indiana ‘crime gun’ sales

It's 3am and nobody's there

Wildfire destroys 500 homes near Austin- Obama silent

The Mexican Miltary flies over south Texas


U.S. Debt Held by Public Tops $10T for 1st Time—Up 59 Percent Under Obama

Obama's Labor Day Address: Unionism, More Public works

Obama: I 'pulled our country back from the brink'

Gold Climbs Above $1,900

Gas prices a dollar more a gallon compared to Labor Day 2010

White House carefully comments on Tea Party rep. skipping jobs speech

NLRB Heralds Labor Day with an Attack on Workers’ Rights

Postal Service nears default

R-CALF says EPA declares hay a pollutant

Community Organizer to the World

Obama to spend Labor Day at Detroit AFL-CIO rally

Hilda Solis: Labor Secretary . . . Or Central Planning Comissar?

Obama Uses Euphemism to Obscure His Unpopular Agenda


Obamacare impacts Americans' access to drugs


Obama Ethics

Greenjobs-Gate: House Probes Obama’s Connection to Failed Solar Company Solyndra’s Massive Federal Loan

Serve.gov Somebody: NEA’s ‘Onramp for Agents of Change’

Obama and Goldman Sachs

Goldman Justifies The Need For More QE3, And Even More Record Wall Street Bonuses.......... Goldman Sachs personnel in the White House


California Employment at Record Low

Deja Vu All Over Again: Total US Debt Passes Debt Ceiling... In Under One Month Since Extension

The latest posting by the Treasury Department shows the national debt has now increased $4 trillion on President Obama's watch.

Republican Sen. Jim DeMint said Sunday he wants a jobs plan in writing from President Barack Obama, not just another speech.

Notices begin process of eliminating California government jobs

Your Share of the National Debt Is Growing Rapidly

U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Doesn’t Know Texas Has Largest Job Growth in U.S. But She is Sure Texas Has Low Pay, Dangerous Work Conditions and a Lousy Education

Anti-Jobs Agenda: Obama’s anti-jobs agenda: Adminitration's slate of yet more regulations

Obama, Ph.D’s, And Some Bizarre Ideas About Labor

Taxpayers probably won’t even be the first creditors to get paid after Solyndra files for bankruptcy next week.

Poll: 8 in 10 See US in Recession

NLRB Heralds Labor Day with an Attack on Workers’ Rights

Community Organizer to the World

Video...Libs attack Obama: Fineman Says ObamaCare Was President's Biggest Mistake - Ignatius Agrees

Olbermann Slams Obama: ‘What the Hell is Going On in the White House?’

Asked during the 2008 presidential campaign about his relationship with the left-wing radical Bill Ayers, Barack Obama replied that Ayers was just "a guy who lives in my neighborhood

It's 3am and nobody's there

IAEA: Iran reaches breakthrough in suspected nuclear weapons push

Did the White House Snub Petraeus? Few attend his retirement ceremony.

6,000 acres burning in Central Texas; highways closed & Austin calls in all available firefighters

Obama visits NJ flood zone, air traffic halted for hours. . .- Obama has flown 498 times on Marine One and 406 times on Air Force one since taking office

Attempted assassination on the President?  Speculation grows on why Marine One was forced to land.

Curiosor and Curiosor….. Headed to Camp David Marine One Diverts, Obama Disappears, Arrives Via Motorcade….......  Flashback: Obama Attends Non-Existent Soccer Game?

Iran plugs first nuclear power plant into grid

For the first time, the United States has taken a secondary role in a war prosecuted by the NATO

Libyan Rebels round up all Black Africans

Libya to fold militias into police, military

Obama and Israel

US Desperate to Resurrect Peace Process US makes a desperate last-minute try to return to the “peace process” and stop the PA from going to the UN for recognition.


It's 3am and nobody's there

IAEA: Iran reaches breakthrough in suspected nuclear weapons push

Obama Ethics

Taxpayers Rank Behind Solyndra Investors

George Kaiser Made Multiple Visits to White House Prior to $535 Loan Guarantee to Solyndra

Why the Special Treatment: Is there a Solyndra/ ObamaCare Connection?

Solyndra and the stimulus

Justice Department Tougher On Abortion Protesters


Newell perjury certain

Gunwalker: Details of Coverup Revealed: Emails reveal attempts to hide that Gunwalker guns were present at Brian Terry's murder — within hours of Terry's death.

CBS: Who at the White House knew?

Emails show some W.H. contact on 'Fast and Furious': At least three White House officials had some knowledge

First calls for special prosecutor

Obama and Israel

Report: 'Clinton Adviser Greenberg is Behind Israeli Protests'....'March of the Million': Over 100,000 gather in Tel Aviv...400,000 rally for social justice across the country.... Anti-Israel Movements Backing Protest

U.S. Appeals to Palestinians to Stall U.N. Vote on Statehood


Jobless data 'grim and scary' - rate stuck at 9.1%

Bernanke’s Next Easing May Not Aid Jobless Americans

Never letting a crisis go to waste- Current gambit...use Hurricane Irene as a pretext to prevent spending cuts

Obama is calling on Congress to pass a transportation bill to ensure funding for roads and construction jobs, arguing that failure to do so would spell economic disaster

Community Organizer to the World

Robert Redford on Obama: 'Like So Many Others I'm Beginning to Wonder Just Where the Man Stands'

Did the White House double-cross its supporters on the smog rule?


Obama Ethics

Obama still featured on Solyndra's website

Solyndra is the third U.S. solar manufacturer to fail in a month. SpectraWatt Inc., a Hopewell Junction, N.Y.-based company backed by units of Intel Corp. and Goldman Sachs, filed for bankruptcy protection Aug. 19, and Evergreen Solar of Marlboro, Mass., filed Chapter 11 four days earlier.

GOP wants White House papers on loan to failed solar company

Did Obama Administration Cut Corners For a Green Energy Company? (Solyndra)

Investigators Probe White House Role in Massive Energy Loan

Questions Raised After DOE Hides Costs Of Energy Projects


Congressional investigators: evidence the U.S. Attorney's office in Arizona sought to cover up a link between their controversial gunwalking operation known as "Fast and Furious" and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

White House received emails about Fast and Furious gun-trafficking operation

Grassley, Issa Expand ‘Fast and Furious’ Investigation

Evidence Suggests Cover-Up in ATF Scandal, as More Guns Appear at Crime Scenes

Five Gunwalker Questions the Media Won’t Ask, and the Obama Administration Won’t Answer

The Gun Walker Cover Up Unravels


New report sheds doubt on success of healthcare law’s CO-OPs

Nearly Two-Thirds of ObamaCare’s Supposed Beneficiaries Think It Won’t Help Them

Economists Caution: ACOs May Not End Wasteful Health Spending


Video: Obama Econ Advisor [Gene Sperling] on Lousy Jobs Numbers: Blame Bush

First time since 1945 that government has reported net monthly job change of zero

G.O.P.’s New Obama Label: President Zero

U.S. Employers Added No New Jobs In August

No jobs added in August............. No comment by Obama

Black Unemployment Jumped To Staggering New Highs In August.....--- highest level in 27 years

Economic News Release : Black Unemployment is up 5% in one month; teens nearly at 50%

Flashback: Obama..."better days ahead"

U.S. Debt Held by Public Tops $10T for 1st Time—More Than 60% Owned by Foreign Interests and Fed

California Democrats, backed by business, roll out last-minute proposal on regulations

California Democrats scramble on the economy

Obama White House downgrades its own economic forecasts

The Obama Manufacturing Fairy Tale

The Obama administration is spending $35 million to buy 30,000 acres of private property across the U.S. this year to make permanent homes for mice, fairy shrimp, mussels, prairie bushes and beetles

Triangulation.. The New Obama

Obama to EPA: Back down from new ozone regulations

Obama halts controversial EPA regulation: Obama on Friday sacked a controversial proposed regulation tightening health-based standards for smog, bowing to the demands of congressional Republicans and some business leaders

Community Organizer to the World

U.S. Taxpayers Subsidizing Education Costs for China, Congressman Says

The Administration Takes on ‘Islamophobia’

Obama’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month: Bad economy, poor ratings, Democrats edging away

Instead of speech, Obama will meet NASCAR champ

Five Nascar drivers decline President Obama's White House invitation

Obama and Israel

New Pro-Jewish NYC Campaign: ‘President Obama Is Not Pro-Israel’

It's 3am and nobody's there

Momentous Month for US Troops in Iraq: Not One Death

White House does nothing as Texas Wildfires burn: Texas Gov. Perry alledges an "Anti-Texas bias"

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on Friday there was no credible intelligence that al Qaeda was plotting an attack for the September 11 anniversary

President Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Sixth Week in Office


Obama and TARP

US Preparing To Sue Banks For Billions Over Misrepresenting Safety Of Mortgage Securities

Obama Ethics

House energy committee steps up investigation of Solyndra

Jay Carney Hammered On Speechgate, Says ‘It Never Came Up’ In Meeting With President

JW Uncovers Documents from DHS Detailing Obama Plan to Impose DREAM Act by Suspending Illegal Alien Deportations Records

White House: No special treatment of Obama's uncle

Obama’s ‘We The People’ initiative bashed as unethical campaigning with taxpayer resources

Carney: Obama Recognizes "There Are Things He Can Do Without Congress And He Will Do Them" (Video)

Audio: Glenn Beck interviews CEO of Gibson Guitars

DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar: according to CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, agents of the United States government are bluntly informing them that they’d be better off shipping their manufacturing labor overseas

Pajamas TV Video: The Obama Administration Cracks Down on Gibson Guitars


Issa, Grassley make good on promise to expand “Fast & Furious” investigation

Issa Statement on Resignation of Arizona U.S. Attorney, Reassignment of ATF Director


VIDEO: The Dept. of Energy is not a business...Carney on the loss of more than a half a billion tax dollars in the Soyndra Bankruptcy: "There are no gurantees in business for success or failure"

Three NLRB decisions ‘will kill jobs and force business closures,’

White House Estimates 9 Percent Unemployment Through Next Year’s Election

Vital Signs: Construction Slumped in July

Solyndra Bankruptcy Could Dry Up Solar Industry Funding

Bankrupt solar company with fed backing has cozy ties to Obama admin

Obama Spent $535 Million on Solyndra Solar Energy Firm in 2010; Firm Went Bankrupt Today; Pricetag $486,363 Per Job Saved for 18 Months

Gasoline close to record high before Labor Day

Gibson CEO: Feds Demanded Foreign Labor

The Institute for Supply Management said its manufacturing index slowed to 50.6% from 50.9% in July, marking the worst reading since July 2009

It's 3am and nobody's there

Mexican trucks could be in U.S. this month

Lieberman: Obama's concern with offending Muslims hurts war effort

New reports emerge on ransacking of U.S. Embassy in Tripoli

U.S.: No plans to tie Libya aid to Lockerbie case

Community Organizer to the World

NASCAR Drivers Blow Off Obama Invite to White House

Gov. Nikki Haley: NLRB should be disbanded

Gov. Nikki Haley: Obama ‘Cowardly,’ NLRB ‘Un-American’

Biden: Obama Really Is 'Bright'

W.H. furious over speech delay

Jay Carney: White House Not Interested In Bickering; Just Wants To Create Jobs.... White House: Chief of Staff Told Boehner Weds. Morning of Speech Request

White House: Obama speech won't interfere with NFL kickoff

WH official: Obama struggling in polls because voters don't know GOP

White House: People 'sick and tired' of Washington

White House creating website for online petitions

Minutes after his Sept. 8 address to Congress is set, Obama bashes both houses

In Email To Campaign Supporters Obama Says He Is "Frustrated" With Congress


South Carolina passes on health exchange grants

Repealing Health Care Legislation Will Create Jobs

ObamaCare A Hidden Jobs-Killer

How ObamaCare Plays Games with Your Life "Accountable care organizations" push doctors to take on only the healthiest patients

WashPost Fact Check: Biden Erred on GOP Medicare Plan



Journolist: The Bias Continues: Protect Obama at all costs


Screw Up, Move Up, Cover Up: The Fast and Furious Edition

Issa spokesman: NYT burying latest Fast and Furious stories shows paper’s ‘biased approach’ against Oversight Chairman

Issa: “We Know We’re Being Gamed” By Obama Administration (video)

Gunwalker Cover-Up Accelerates: Ken Melson Reassigned ATF whistleblower Vince Cefalu tells PJMedia: "It's no secret that they're cleaning house."

Gun Inquiry Costs Officials Their Jobs: The Obama administration on Tuesday replaced two top Justice Department officials associated with an ill-fated investigation into a gun-trafficking network in Arizona that has been at the center of a political conflagration.

Serious questions remain in ATF firearms probe

The Fast and Furious Scandal Continues

Obama Ethics

Now Obama's NLRB tells a church school it's not religious enough

Why did the White House hide the names of 3 guests at Iftar dinner? CSP filing FOIA request to find names of attendees since 2009

Obama's uncle, an illegal immigrant charged with drunken driving last week, was ordered by an immigration judge to leave the country almost two decades ago

Obama Labor Boss Buys Canadian-Built Car

Family Research Council Sues Obama Justice Department for Documents Regarding Decision Not to Defend Defense of Marriage Act

Video: Federal Judge Rules in Obama SSN CASE- Says It doesn't matter if Prez broke law

At N.L.R.B., Flurry of Acts for Unions as Chief Exits

Obama NLRB Eliminates Secret Ballot Elections--Making Card Check Forced Unionism a Reality

Obama’s Labor chief decries conservative proposal to cripple NLRB


White House Backs Down, Obama Will Address Congress Night After GOP Debate

Speaker John Boehner has rejected Obama’s request to address a joint session of Congress on September 7th to discuss his jobs plan.

HUD gives Chicago $30.5M for development

Carney grants NBC permission to reschedule debate

Obama Wants Job Speech to be "Joint Session of Congress" Address-................Scheduled at the same time as GOP candidates debate

With Union Boss Trumka at his side, Obama says: "Delay in passing highway bill could cost jobs"

Solyndra disaster: More than 1,100 people will lose their jobs

Solyndra Shutting Its Doors ( Goverrnment guaranteed loan of 535 million Dollars for Green Jobs)

Consumer confidence expected to drop in August

Will Obama Be First Post-WW-II Prez to Never See Any Quarter With 4% Economic Growth?

Leading Economics Blog: US Economy Already In Recession

Private-sector jobs in the U.S. rose by 91,000 this month,...fewer than expected

Obama Calls for Extension of Gas Tax to Fund Highway Construction, Repair

Justice Department blocks AT&T-T-Mobile merger

Gold surge draws prospectors, thieves worldwide

It's 3am and nobody's there

Libya rebels claim 'right' to kill Gaddafi

African leaders refuse to recognize the rebel authority in Libya

Community Organizer to the World

Biden: Obama Has ‘Backbone Like a Ramrod’

‘Obama Clock’ climbs iPhone reference app chart

Obama and his illegal alien family

Obama and Egypt

(Video) Senior Islamic Jihad Official in Egypt- "If We Come to Power, We will Launch a Campaign of Islamic Conquests to Instate Shari'a Worldwide"


Obama and Israel

The Obama Effect: This election highlights a growing phenomenon: non- Jewish Republican candidates outflanking Jewish Democrats in pro-Israel positions.


In Obamacare, the President’s Disregard for Consent of the Governed

Poll: Obamacare at its most unpopular

Nevermind on Obamacare Exchanges? -The Washington Post reported this week that in the face of hesitation and outright resistance from governors and legislatures, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is "working on a new partnership model to let state agencies help run the exchange — perhaps without the need for legislative authorization."

Obama Ethics

ABC News’ Report on Government Favoritism for Solyndra

Samantha Powers: Obama aide uses war to achieve ‘radical values’? Notorious extremist made stinging accusation.

Two Developments in Obama Social Security Number Investigation:........

-Barack Obama's Illegal Alien Family's Social Security Numbers Revealed:......

-Judge Lamberth Grants Defendant's Summary Judgement Killing Obama Social Security Number Case

U.S. State Department Warned U.S. Citizens in Jerusalem to Avoid Beck Event?

Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA loved outgoing NLRB chair Wilma Liebman

Obama’s HUD Violated ACORN Funding Ban

Obama's uncle is called a fugitive

President Obama’s uncle had Social Security ID

Obama’s Illegal Uncle Onyango Worked at Liquor Store – Sold Booze to Kids

Obama's Uncle and his phony documents

Interview of Henry Juszkiewicz by Dana Loesch (Audio)

The Gibson Guitar Saga Gets Steadily Curiouser: No word from the Justice Dept. and many inconsistancies


Dennis K. burke resigns as U.S. attorney for District of Arizona  ....... no mention of Gunrunner-Gate

Kenneth Melson, acting ATF chief, steps down

U.S. Justice Department will reassign embattled ATF head Kenneth Melson

It's 3am and nobody's there

NASA warns 'risk of losing' space station rising

Obama and America's space program: Lost in Space

Gay military magazine to be distributed at Army, Air Force bases

Libya's interim leaders 'reject UN military personnel'

Obama foreign policy financing the extermination of all blacks in Tripoli?

US White House’s 9/11 Anniversary Guidelines Ask Officials to "Minimize References to Al Qaeda"

Recalling "those awful attacks," President Barack Obama saluted the 9/11 generation of veterans

August is deadliest month for US in Afghanistan

Obama tolerates terror operations run out of Syria’s embassy


Study: Half of Hired Stimulus Workers Were Already Employed

Bank of America to Exit Another Line: Will sell its correspondent mortgage business

Flashback Obama in 2010: New Jobs Plan after Vacation

US economy had a 'heart attack': Obama

Obama said on Tuesday there were a range of policy options available that could create up to a million new U.S. jobs

Tip of the ‘Jobs Plan’ Iceberg Arrives: More Regulations

State, local governments cut 200,000 workers

Biden calls for new clean energy policy for US

Obama: 7 regulations could cost $109.5 bln

Jay Carney: Obama helping African-Americans

Consumer confidence plunges to lowest level since Great Recession

Economic Storm Continues: Bernanke Says ‘Recovery Even Weaker Than We Had Thought’

34 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove That The Middle Class In America Is Rapidly Shrinking

Ten Job-Destroying Regulations

White House: Only 'Fervent Partisan' Would Suggest Obama To Blame For Job Losses

Bloomberg: Obama jobs plan will feature same gimmicks we’ve already seen

Obama May Back Hiring Credit, Construction Spending to Spur Jobs

Community Organizer to the World

White House Issues Guides on Sept. 11 Observances

Obama appears on Tom Joyner radio show, tries to reassure African American listeners: “It’s always important to remember that when Dr. King gave the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, that was a march for jobs and justice, not just justice,”  ......... Tells audience to "mobilize"


Let them eat kale

Where in the World is Michelle Obama? .. Vacation Madness

Obama and Israel

Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz Heckled

Egyptian daily reports Washington is threatening to cut aid to Cairo if it doesn't release Ilan Grapel, back down over border incident

Obama Ethics

Obama Didn’t Actually Ride The Bus On His So Called "Bus Tour"

Labor Dept. Signs 'Partnerships' with Foreign Gov’s to Protect Illegal Workers in U.S.

Obama Administration Blocks Release of Bush Administration Surveillance Policy Memos

Same Attorney That Defended Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt Also Will Defend Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle

Obama's illegal alien, DUI uncle has valid social security number, license

Former officials call for investigation into political hiring at DOJ

Obama's Jewish Outreach Director and His Anti-Christian Hate Propaganda

Justice Dept. Keeping Islamic Bank Settlement Secret

The EPA is currently pushing an unprecedented rewrite of air-pollution rules in an attempt to shut down a large portion of the coal-fired power fleet

Obama's War on the Secret Ballot: Union protectionism and the NLRB

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation

Kyl Says Obama Said no Border Security for Political Reasons (video)


Atlanta’s WSB-TV2 aired a segment on U.S. border security after it obtained records from a federal detention center near Phoenix, Ariz., and found current listings for illegal aliens from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen

Behind Operation Fast & Furious – the Islamic Connection

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama said in a speech to veterans on Tuesday that Libyans are “free” after the American military helped them fight their dictator

A video has emerged of U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford being assaulted by a pro-regime demonstrator on the streets of Damascus last week.

VFW Accuses White House of Snubbing Annual Convention

Upon Returning from Vacation, Obama Talks About How Hard He’s Working

How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoli

DOD Assesses Diversity for Federal Coordination

Obama- No vindication in Libya

NASA: Space station may be evacuated by late Nov.

Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability to Write

Texas Wind Energy Fails, Again


Consumer confidence crumbles to 2-year low

   Obama’s Jobs Plan Revealed: New Spending on Roads and Bridges ... new borrowing (video)

Obama to unvail jobs plan.... in a week

Obama is set to nominate Princeton University's Alan Krueger to be chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers today. Krueger, who provided analysis on the "cash for clunkers" program to Obama during an earlier stint as assistant Treasury secretary

Dallas Fed just reported The general business activity index remained negative for the fourth month in a row and fell from –2 to –11.4

Community Organizer to the World

Carney Grilled Over Potential Hillary Primary Challenge: "You'll Have To Ask Her"

One in four Democrats wants to dump Obama

Outrage As Obama Names New Voter Initiative After ACORN

Barack Obama's uncle has been arrested and held as illegal immigrant


Obama Ethics

Third Muslim Brotherhood Figure in Obama White House Identified, Plus in U.S. Navy

Gibson Guitar CEO: We're Under Attack By Obama Administration CEO says Obama Justice Dept. Wants Them to Close Their Doors

Obama's Illegal Uncle Arrested; 'Uncle Omar' Hits Cop Car, Tries to Call White House

Obama and TARP

Obama's Newest $700 Billion Bank Bailout

Obama and Israel

The U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem has denied widespread reports that it directly told the Palestinian Authority that American aid would be cut off if it goes to the United Nations for recognition.

It's 3am and nobody's there

Arab spring has created 'intelligence disaster', warns former CIA boss

Libyan rebels says won't deport Lockerbie bomber

Biden Golfed in Hours Preceding Hurricane

Libya threatens to become terrorist arms depot


Mohawk Industries CEO says recovery years off

Bernanke Blames Politics for Financial Upheaval

Community Organizer to the World

Yahoo Readers Not Very Impressed With Obama’s Command Center Photo-Op


It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Photo-op at the hurricane command center

Horror of 150 bodies found on a farm after been massacred by pro-Gaddafi forces

Guantanamo detainee is now Libyan rebel leader

US official: Al-Qaida's No. 2 killed in Pakistan

Obama Ethics

How the Obama DOJ is going after innocent citizens: Honest Services Fraud

Gibson Competitor is Dem Donor; Uses Same Wood, Experienced No Federal Raids

While the New Mexico-born cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, is the first American on the CIA's kill or capture list, the U.S. State Department refuses to release documents about al-Awlaki citing his right to privacy

Community Organizer to the World

Even in China, Joe Biden couldn't resist using the Tea Party as a political punching-bag



Texas Gun Dealer Sues Feds Over Reporting Requirement


ExxonMobil Sues Obama Administration for Canceling Deepwater Well Worth ‘Billions of Barrels of Oil’

Biden: more US stimulus needed, business mad at S&P

Indictment of Obamanomics: Banks That Don’t Want Deposits

Eco-zealous feds target Gibson guitars, antique piano sellers: Gibson explains, exposes DOJ overreach

The EPA gone wild: Federal agents swooped in on Gibson Guitar Wednesday, raiding factories and offices in Memphis and Nashville, seizing several pallets of wood, electronic files and guitar

Former Obama Econ Advisor Flounders in interview

Bernanke Admits Economic Stall is Not Result of Earthquake, Etc.

Obama Economic Adviser Now Blaming Earthquake For Economic Woes

Economic Growth Slows to Crawl, GDP Increase at 1%

Fed's Bernanke says it's up to Congress to boost the economy

Fannie, Freddie Takeover Could Be Key to Obama Jobs Plan

Chance of Recession Is as High as 80%: Study

Video: 3 Years Of Obama's Job Promises, Promises

Obama Shocks Oil Industry by Cancelling Exxon Mobil and Statoil Leases

Deutsche Bank Projecting A 40% Decline In NY Housing Prices


Institute of Medicine Provides Medical "Cover" for Sebellius

The $5 billion Early Retirement Insurance program subsidizes coverage for those who retire early but don't yet qualify for Medicare.... the program already ran out of money.  

Obamacare blamed for the national economic doldrums

Obama Ethics

Obama Administration Allowing Mexican Police To Operate On US Soil; Wants To Apply Lessons Of Afghanistan To Mexico

Texas AG Sues EPA over Obama’s War on Energy

Arizona challenges feds on Voting Rights Act

DOJ Keeping Islamic Bank Settlement Secret

Rahm Emanuel using Chicago to Finance a Run for the White House

Biden Voted Against Condemning China’s One-Child Policy

Organizer to the World

Obama dirty tricks operative Buffy Wicks to run campaign unit named after ACORN's  voter fraud factory

Obama Campaign Launching Voter Drive Program

Most Blacks Think Obama "Has Been Treated Unfairly"

Obama declares August 26 "Women's Equality Day"

Let them eat Kale

Obama Family's Pricey Vacations are Gaining International Attention

It's 3am and nobody's there

Qaddafi Regime Offered Kucinich All-Expense Paid Trip to Libya to Broker Peace

White House releases photo proving Obama is 'at work' on Martha's Vineyard

Mexico president blasts US after casino massacre

President Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Fifth Week in Office


It's 3am and nobody's there

DOD Report Highlights Administration Incoherence on China

Awkward! Failed Russian rocket is the replacement for retired U.S. space shuttle


"Meetings, Part 1." Why the ATF scheduled a National Violent Crime and Firearms Trafficking Summit on 30 June 2009 in NM.

Community Organizer to the World

Comcast Employees Top Donors to Obama Campaign Accounts

Obama Ethics

National Labor Relations Board Sued for Documents Concerning Boeing Lawsuit

Obama kills investigation getting too close for comfort: to him and some really close friends: ....Attorney General of N.Y. Is Said to Face Pressure on Bank Foreclosure Deal- Eric T. Schneiderman, the attorney general of New York, has come under increasing pressure from the Obama administration to drop his opposition to a wide-ranging state settlement with banks over dubious foreclosure practices

Judicial Watch Sues US Air Force for Documents Detailing the Cost to Taxpayers for Michelle Obama’s Family Trip


GM cutting truck production next month

The Obama administration is setting the stage for the dismantling of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and poses the greatest threat to its existence today, according to House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings.

Percentage of Young People Employed in July Is Lowest on Record

US May Back Mortgage Refinancing for Millions

Obama's Latest Stimulus: Handing Out Jobless Benefits To Striking Workers

4200 New Regulations in Obama Pipeline- so far

Jobless Claims Tick Up to 417,000

Payless Parent Company To Close 475 Stores, Exploring Options

Warren Buffet pumps $5 Billion into Bank of America

The Obama administration imposed 75 new major rules in its first 26 months, costing the private sector more than $40 billion

Illinois: The passage of a 67% income tax hike in January 2011, as well as higher corporate taxes, has coincided with a downturn in state employment. Since the enactment of this massive tax increase, Illinois has lost 89,000 jobs.

Leet them eat kale

Golfer-in-Chief Plays 80th Golf Game Since Taking Office


Obama and Agenda 21

Implied Consent: Smart Meters (video)

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Briefed on Hurricane Irene – Goes Golfing

Obama Ethics

Picture: Obama shakes hands with Gaddafi

Online anti-Perry form on the Obama campaign website

Obama team to Texas Democrats: It’s time to start attacking Rick Perry

Obama campaign searching for disgruntled Texans

Pictures of Barack Obama and Rick Perry at the age of 22


U.S. May Back Refinance Plan for Mortgages

EPA Answers 390 ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ About Its New Pollution Regulation

CBO: Unemployment Will Remain Above 8 Percent Until 2014

Flashback: Obama in 2008: Adding $4 Trillion to National Debt ‘Unpatriotic’(video)

In China, Biden bungles numbers regarding the U.S. debt

CBO: Federal deficit will hit $1.3 trillion

The Latest Obama Administration Fake Budget Cut ‘Proposal: 10% less spending, not in cuts

Obama's EPA Is Killing More Jobs than Economy Can Create

Community Organizer to the World

Joe Biden the Gaffe Machine- So much for “pro-choice”

Biden's Office Disputes Assertion He's OK With China's 'One-Child Policy'

Gallup Poll: Fewer see better race relations

Let them eat Kale

Expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels: First Lady accused of spending $10m in public money on vacations

Obama plays through on golf course during earthquake, inspires critics


Obamacare in part responsible for short supply of cancer drugs

 Survey: Employers consider ending health coverage



Sean Hannity: Operation Fast & Furious - A & B - YouTube video.. Part C.. Part D.. Part E.. Part F

Rep. Issa: Holder 'Absolutely' Knew About Fast & Furious Earlier Than He Testified (Video/Audio)

It's 3am and nobody's there

Biden: Don’t Bet Against US and Japan

Obama Ethics

Chuck Schumer blocks EPA from enforcing water reg in NY; other states not so fortunate

Obama Labor Department to Re-Define Term ‘Employer’ to Exclude Union Bosses – Eliminates Union Disclosure

HHS. "Children are sexual beings"...The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is offering advice to parents and teens about sex education, including assurances that teens may “experiment” with homosexuality as part of “exploring their own sexuality,” and that masturbation should be of concern only “if a child seems preoccupied with it to the exclusion of other activities.

Abracadabra! 'Obama's alias' vanishing quickly from Web Analyst confirms 'Harrison J. Bounel' identity getting scrubbed from databases


GE Healthcare Ltd. is reducing its workforce at its Milwaukee and Waukesha facilities by nearly 1.5% or almost 100 positions

Obama's former political director worked at an international advertising agency that received government funds to direct a multi-million dollar campaign to sell Obamacare to the public

ObamaCare "Reforms" Destroy Insurance Cooperatives: Never designed to exist in practice

ObamaCare and ACO's: Destroying Accountable Care Organizations


Sec. Chu Uses Taxpayer Dollars For Multi-Billion-Dollar Spanish Company

Obama’s former “auto czar” said this week that the government had no choice but to bail out two of the Big Three major American car companies in 2008 and 2009

Gold Reaches $1,913.50

Boston bank sells precious coins to investors

EPA will review regulations to eliminate 'unjustified burdens'

Obama administration added $9.5 billion in new regulations last month

The Obama administration will release final plans Tuesday for ending or cutting back hundreds of regulations, an effort to reduce the burden on business and counter criticism that the White House is tone-deaf to business concerns........   will save businesses 10 billion

The WaPo admits, "Obama is on track to have the worst jobs record of any president in the modern era

The number of people who bought new homes fell for the third straight month in July, putting sales on track to finish this year as the worst on records dating back half a century.

U.S. sales of new homes declined in July for the third straight month

Fact-checking the president on free trade: The president has never officially submitted the trade agreements to Congress for approval

Martin Luther King memorial made in China

Washiington State government has gotten 7% smaller

In 31 months of Barack Obama’s presidency, according to the Treasury and CBS News, the US has added $4 trillion to its national debt.  That approaches the presidential record set by George W. Bush of $4.9 trillion, but there’s a catch to that.  Bush set that record in two terms — in 96 months:

New national debt data: It's growing about $3 million a minute, even during his vacation

Industrial sabotage? Lost Gulf Rigs from Obama Obstructionism (10 down, more to go?)

Community Organizer to the World

Biden Flip Flop! WH: Biden finds China one-child policy 'repugnant'

Obama administration attempts to clarify Biden’s one-child policy comments

Biden Under Fire for 'Not Second-Guessing' China's One-Child Policy

Biden: Second Obama term possible even with high unemployment

Word Illegal Near Extinction in Obama Administration

Back-Door Amnesty Backfires: Obama’s Approval Hits New Low of 44% With Hispanics

Let them eat Kale

Martha’s Vineyard Residents Tell Obama to ‘Go Home’ (Video)

Obama Golfing in Martha's Vineyard When Earthquake Hit

Earthquake Rattles Washington DC – Obama Goes Biking


It's 3am and nobody's there

Libyan Draft Constitution: Sharia is ‘Principle Source of Legislation’

Joe Biden: 'I Fully Understand' China's One Child Policy

Biden to China: “Not Second-Guessing” One-Child Policy

Clinton Can’t Say if Obama Asked Hu About Forced Abortions

The head of Libya's rebel national council urged his fighters on Monday to respect the law and not take violent revenge on members of Muammar Gaddafi's fallen regime

‘Heroic’ Libyan Rebels Videotaped Beheading of Surrendered Libyan Soldier –”Allahu Ackbar”(warning, graphic content)

Over 2 years After President Obama’s Cairo Speech

White House threatens $10 billion security spending cut

Obama and Tarp

Report: Federal Reserve's Wall Street bailout topped $1T

Obama Ethics

Obama Attends Cocktail Party At Home Of Wealthy Harvard Militant Marxist Mentor/Black Panther

Court Slaps Down Secrecy, Rules White House Visitor Logs Subject to FOIA

WaPo Exposes Obama's Amnesty As Deeply Political

NY Attorney General Facing Intense Pressure From Obama Administration On Bank Foreclosure Fraud Deal: "Wall Street Is Our Main Street And We Have To Make Sure We Are Doing Everything We Can To SUPPORT Them"


New data leak shows online health records not so private

Health care law will deepen deficit


 Gold Tops $1,900 for First Time

Gold reached a new record of $1,894.80/oz

National debt has increased $4 trillion under Obama

US Military Intervention in Libya Cost At Least $896 Million

Getting Libyan oil back to market could take years

White House: Vacationing Obama working on economy

China's US assets 'safe,' Biden tells students

Obama admits economic message unsatisfactory

Federal Stimulus Funds for Nevada's Green-Industry Grows Trees, But Few Jobs

Mortgage delinquency rate rises to 8.44%: MBA

General Motors Again Ripping Off Americans: Warranties Edition

Community Organizer to the World

Obama to join unions' Labor Day festivities in Detroit

Wall Street execs turn back on Obama, donate to Romney

Facebook ‘Sorry’ For Censoring Brewer

Obama and Israel

White House Mischief: Recent Anti-Israel pro-Islamist activities

Egyptians Demonstrating opposite Israeli Embassy in Cairo Shows Sign with Swastika Saying "The Gas Chambers Are Ready"

Let them eat Kale

The Obama's live it up in the Vinyard's Beach Plum Inn -and their high calorie menu

FLASHBACK--George W. Bush Gives Up Golf: ‘Playing Golf During a War Sends Wrong Message’


Obama and Israel

Mubarek's possible successor: 'Anything that kills Israelis is good'


Despite the will of the voters, Missouri lawmakers move to implement Obamacare exchanges

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama: Libya slipping from grasp of tyrant

White House: Libya Deserves a Just, Peaceful Future

Tripoli falls to rebels

Gadhafi's 'Most Prominent Son' Captured

Iraqi sniper who killed two Marines released as families mark fifth anniversary of deaths

Obama hits beach after Libya briefing

Obama: Congress Putting Party Before Country (video)


Video:Is the ATF Being Paid by a Mexican Drug Cartel?

Did Justice Department Know About 'Fast and Furious'?

Obama Ethics

Congressional Probe over Net Neutrality

Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion in Fed’s Secret Loans

Dallas Morning News: Duncan flat-out lied about Texas education

Let them eat kale

Golf: Obama Skips the 8th hole to avoid TV Cameras & photographer

Dowd: Obama Didn't Call Congress Back Because 'It Would Have Screwed Up His Vacation and Upset Michelle


Despite Economy, Ohio, U.S. Gun Sales Defy Gravity

One in Four California Families Can’t Afford Food for Their Kids

Gold hits a new high: $1,881.40 an ounce

President Obama's Deferral Proposal: Hamstringing American Companies, Reducing American Jobs

Layoffs sweep Wall Street, along with low morale

Social Security disability on verge of insolvency

States Where No One Wants To Buy A New Home



Unscrambling ATF supervisor’s omelet shows troubling timeline

Details only get worse from ATF’s Fast and Furious fiasco

NY Times hatchet job on Issa may be imploding: Suspicion is growing in the gun rights community that the Times story was aimed at discrediting Issa, focusing public attention on him and drawing it away from his Fast and Furious probe

Obama Ethics

Flashback: Obama in July: I Can't Change Immigration Laws On My Own


U.S. will guarantee GM, Chrysler warranties, Obama says

US will never default on debt: Biden

Utilities warn of higher rates because of pollution rules

New EPA rule could lead to rolling blackouts in Texas, PUC chairwoman says

Oklahoma’s Fallin resists ‘Obamacare’ Governor leery of strings attached to federal grant money

EPA imposes Obama's cap and trade regs- energy prices 'skyrocket'


HHS grants 106 new healthcare waivers

The Eleventh Circuit court was very blunt in saying that the individual mandate is not only unconstitutional but “is breathtaking in its expansive scope.”

It's 3am and nobody's there

Facebook Removes Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's Post Criticizing New Immigration Policy Set By President Obama's Administration

Let them eat kale

Obama tries to hide golf game from cameras


Obama and Israel"

IDF Spokesman on twitter: 8/18/11 terror attack.....Every terrorist carried: 4 grenades, an explosive vest w/shrapnel, AK-47, extra ammunition & a large knife

Obama policies in Egypt lead to terror on Israel.  Since Mubarek deposed, weapons flow to terrorists in the Sinai. Men who attacked Israelis wearing Egyptian uniforms

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's fundraising: Double Reagan's, triple Carter's

Arne Duncan Says Perry’s Schools Left Behind


ATF Whistleblower: Gunwalker Officials Being Shielded

Obama Ethics

About Obama's 'missing girlfriends:  Discrepancies in the Obama narrative

Promoting Islam at Lackland Air Force Base

Obama HHS caught campaigning for Democrats: New documents obtained by Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act request show that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) spent over one million taxpayer dollars promoting Obamacare in coordination with the 2010 mid-term elections.

Obama to deport illegals by ‘priority’

Republicans Decry DHS Deportation Review as 'Amnesty'

Obama's Approval Has Dropped 36 Points Among Hispanics, Says Gallup...... reported the day after the White House halts deportations of 300,000 illegals

 Don't Dial DOJ for Voter Fraud Protection


GM says bankruptcy excuses it from Impala repairs

Newest record price for gold: $1,852.20 ............Grains, livestock prices rise

EPA Delays 'Mud Rules' After Construction Industry Objects to Them as Costly, Unrealistic

Jobless Rates Increased in Most States in July

Silicon Valley the latest to be disillusioned by Hope and Change

Economist Jeffrey Sachs Hits Obama: "There's Never Been A Plan"

Biden Jokes about China Debt.

Thousands Camp Out for Job Fair as Jobless Rate Rises

California unemployment rises in July to 12%

Green Jobs Predictions Proving a Pipe Dream

Key Dems: Obama's 'green jobs' plan a bust

Dollar Sets New Record Low Against Yen


The Latest ObamaCare Assault On Health Care Innovation: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. This federal body will undertake “comparative-effectiveness” research (CER)

Obamacare, Gov't Insurance Exchanges, & The Coming Price Explosion (video)

In Verizon Strike, Unions Protest Obamacare Law They Supported

Minnesota lawmakers question health insurance exchange

It's 3am and nobody's there

White House Works to Show Obama Is Working

White House Unsure Whether it Sent Trade Deals to Congress

Let them eat kale

Michelle takes separate govt jet to get a few hours of extra vacation time in Martha's Vineyard

President Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Fourth Week in Office


Let them eat Kale

Obama all smiles as he jets to Martha's Vineyard - as approval plummets, unemployment rises and stocks tank

Community Organizer to the World

Samantha Power, Obama's anti-genocide advisor, unveils new "Atrocities Prevention Board"

Obama orders new plan to diversify federal workers

 Muslim World More Anti- American Than Ever

Obama’s vacation ripped, but he’s taken less time off than Bush

Triangulation... The New Obama

White House memo urges cuts to federal agencies


Obama’s & Holder’s guns to Mexico hitting the streets of Mexico, being used to commit robberies

ATF denies it promoted Fast and Furious supervisors

Gunwalker: President Obama’s Un-Plausible Deniability

The Berwick Chronicles

Never-Confirmed Medicare Director Announces New Obamacare Paperwork Requirement


 Employees beware: Higher healthcare costs ahead

Federal Court to Investigate ObamaCare Secret Meetings

Obamacare: Where's the investigation of Epic Systems?

Judith Faulkner, founder and CEO of Epic Systems Corp.and Democrat donor gets a federal health policy slot despite conflicts of interest: A federal committee that includes a major donor to Obama and whose company stands to profit from the panel's recommendations holds in its hands the future of health information technology policy

Obama and Israel"

Mubarak falls, Sinai terror rises

The White House condemns Thursday’s attacks in Israel near Egypt.

White House Mischief

Obama Ethics

Joe Biden update: His GOP 'terrorists' quote reaffirmed

Obama Amnesty Begins: Halts Deportations for 300,000 Illegal Aliens; Offers ‘Work Permits’

S.E.C. Files Were Illegally Destroyed, Lawyer Says

The EPA's Abuse of Power

Arne Duncan's Glass School House


Bank of America Set to Slice Jobs: Many More Seen

ASTA Refutes Obama Slam of Travel Agents

New CBO Budget Baseline Shows that Soaring Spending—Not Falling Revenues—Risks Drowning America in Debt

Administration launches energy partnership with Brazil

Obama MPG Regs Can Cause Vehicle Cost Increases of Over $11,000

Flashback: Genital Washing in Africa with Your Tax Dollars

U.S. farmers oppose EPA's proposed dust regulation

Gold hits a record $1,830

American Axle to Close Plant in Blow to UAW

Exxon Fights US Over Major Oil Discovery

Maxine Waters Says Congressional Black Caucus "Getting Tired" Of Covering For Obama

Weekly initial jobless claims go up 9,000

Jobless Claims in U.S. Increased More Than Forecast Last Week

One in five American children now living in poverty according to new report

Sales of existing homes fall 3.5% in July, 8 month low

NYSE invokes Rule 48, braces for volatile open

A Second Great Depression, or Worse?

Morgan Stanley cuts global growth forecasts (U.S., euro zone ‘dangerously close to a recession’)

It's 3am and nobody's there

Fort Knox military cops disgusted with solar patrol carts

Obama Administration Backs Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

The Border is Safe, Federal Officials Say

U.S. combat mission in Iraq only over on paper

New DHS rules cancel deportations

U.S. Announces Emergency Flood Aid for North Korea

Obama Calls on Assad to Step Down

Obama’s New ‘Terrorists’: Well-Dressed White Women (New Big Sis PSA Ad)

Obama and Agenda 21

UN’s Agenda 21 forcing society back to the Ghetto



Holder requests Fast and Furious docs from Issa, Grassley for ‘independent’ investigation

New York Times' Issa hit piece shows desperation to shield administration

Obama and Israel"

Israel Says It Won’t Apologize to Turkey for Deadly Flotilla Raid

Israel's largest daily newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, reported on Wednesday that the Obama Administration is threatening Israel to either apologize to Turkey over its bloody interception of a Gaza aid flotilla last year, or risk strained ties with Washington

Obama Re-Writes History on Bush and Jerusalem

Obama Ethics

Report: Government probe of Standard and Poor's

Oversight Committee letter to NLRB

Oversight Committee Presses NLRB on Failure to Comply with Subpoena

A federal judge is ruling against the Secret Service, saying records of visitors to the White House are subject to Freedom of Information Act requests

Secretary of State Clinton says State Department will coordinate with OIC on legal ways to implement UN's resolution criminalizing "defamation of religion"

Bankrupt Solar Company Stimulus Money Missing From Federal Records

Flashback: Biden: Tea stands for 'terrorist'

Obama's Friend Ayers: Kill 25 Million Americans


Outgoing Obama ‘Car Czar’ Makes Yet Another Communist Reference

(Video) Obama Dismisses Farmer's Concerns About Regulations: 'Don't Always Believe What You Hear'

EPA’s new ozone regulations overburden local governments, say critics

Direct Federal Subsidies to 'Clean' Energy Up 186.6%

U.S. Government Investing $500M in Solar Power Projects—In India

Obama: We're Not In Danger of Another Recession

Obama Blames the Internet for High Unemployment

Core wholesale inflation up most in 6 months

U.S. places $40 million chicken order

Southern Co., parent of Alabama Power, critical of EPA emission rule

On Day 938 of his presidency, Obama says he'll have a jobs plan in a month or so..........after his vacation

Community Organizer to the World

          Obama erroneously referred to Wyffels Hybrids Inc, the company hosting his town hall meeting in Illinois today, as "Waffles". The employees groaned and corrected him.(video)

Top Black Dem On Obama Bus Tour: "He's Not In Any Black Community" (video)

Perry responds to Obama 'lecture': 'Actions speak louder than words'

Obama bus catches buzz on the Web.... Built in Canada


Larry Klayman wins round against Obama health reform panel

David Explains 11th Circuit Ruling: Transcript from Wall Street Journal video

Obamacare means 'rationing'

HHS may have to get ‘creative’ on exchange

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama administration kills F-16 deal with Taiwan

Napolitano calls on business to support expanded security-awareness campaign

Obama: I have it tougher than Abe Lincoln


Triangulation,  The "New Obama"

Obama has again acknowledged the necessity of doing something many Democrats fiercely oppose -- reforming entitlement programs, such as Medicare and Social Security


ATF's 'Fast and Furious' firearms tracked to at least 11 violent crimes

ATF promotes supervisors in controversial gun operation (Fast and Furious)

Washington Post Stories Post stories on ATF’s Fast and Furious

Obama Ethics

White House’s Jay Carney once called Bush’s working vacation strategy a ‘photo op’

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission today sued a Raleigh insurance office for not hiring a recovering drug addict who tested positive for methadone in his system.

Donald Trump Demands Obama Campaign Pay For Bus Tour: ‘It’s A Fundraising Tour"

Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett: Brought Together by Fickle Fate, or Something More?


Miami Declares Financial State of Emergency, Gives Unions Two Weeks to Agree to Cuts; California Revenue $541 Million Below July Forecast

New IRS rules require PayPal to report sales information

Record Number Of People Say They Are Paying More For Groceries Now Than Ever Before

Residential starts drop 1.5%, single-family starts drop 4.9% in July

Solon shutters U.S. solar panel plant amid shakeout

Corporate chiefs are slowly dropping their traditional reticence to criticize presidential policies that affect their businesses.... and have begun, in uncustomary fashion, speaking up against Obama and his policies

Obama administration to invest $510M in biofuels industry to power ships, jets

Seattle green jobs program falls short of goals: Spent $20 million in stimulus funds, got 14 jobs

Obama Ag Secretary Vilsack: Food Stamps Are A Stimulus

State Department Funds Anti-American Propaganda

Free meals for all Detroit schoolchildren in fall

Bailed-Out GM Creates 800 Jobs – In Indonesia

Former WH Economist: Unemployment Won’t Drop Below 8% Before End of 2012

Fitch Ratings backs US 'AAA' credit rating

Regulation Business, Jobs Booming Under Obama

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: Foes put party ahead of country

Obama To Perry: "Be A Little More Careful About What You Say"(video)

White House Warns Perry Should Watch What He Says............Flashback: Barry's Angry Words.... Flashback: Van Jones (Obama 'advisor) Grab the Whip, Run the Plantation, Take Media & Power From Mean, Dumb Republicans

Gibbs Scolds Perry, Raises Issue of Texas Secession Comments -- with Video

Obama on tour: ‘I make no apologies for being reasonable’

Obama blames blogs, Fox News for political vitriol

Obama adviser: Obama not obsessed with keeping job

Gibbs: 'We're not running against Bush'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Brace for another U.S.-Mideast war First Libya, now sources say next country warned of NATO attack

The U.S. military has lost $360 million intended for combat and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan to the Taliban, criminals and local leaders during nearly a decade on the ground there

The uninvited guest: Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs red-faced

Obama and Israel

Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Obama and Israel are not on the same page

Let them eat kale

Obama’s Frightening Bus Tour (Massive Motorcade vide


Obama Ethics

Video: Tea Party activist talks about confrontation with Obama

Obama gets into a fiery exchange with a Tea Party member

Appeals Court Rules Fannie/Freddie Docs Can be Kept Secret:

Tax fraud suspected in Obama land deal


Obama on health care plan: It's 'Obama cares'

Obama: Individual Health Insurance Mandate ‘Should Not Be Controversial’

Grace-Marie Turner On Why Obamacare is Wrong for America


On mortgage rates, government should keep significant role, Obama says

Moodys lowers US economic outlook through 2012

Radical overhaul of military retirement eyed

Obama: I reversed recession until 'bad luck' hit

Obama to automakers: ‘You can’t just make money on SUVs and trucks’

Average Teen Unemployment Rate in D.C. is 50.1%, Analysis Shows

Obama Administration Bows To Chinese Pressure On Taiwan Arms Sales; Will Cost U.S. 16,000 Jobs

Obama to create new Department of Jobs under Commerce Department

Gallup: Only in D.C. Do They Think Economy Is Getting Better

Bank Of America: Gold Upgraded To AAAA, 12 Month Price Target: $2,000

Evergreen Solar files for bankruptcy, plans asset sale

Obama: Buffett is right on taxes

Obama On Debt: I Had A Deal That 'Would Have Solved This Problem'

Obama: Solving Deficit is `Not that complicated' (video)

Obama on his bus tour: "Over the last six months we've had a string of bad luck."

Homebuilders are just as pessimistic about the depressed housing market as they were two years ago.  The National Association of Home Builders: its index of builder sentiment in August was unchanged at 15. The index has been below 20 for all but one month during the past two years.

Treasury Yields Fall Below Fed's Stress Test Levels

Student Loan Debt Climbs

The Reagan stimulus vs. the Obama one

Is Capitalism Doomed?

President Sees Bright Green Future for Battery Jobs; Details Show Reality Still Very Cloudy

Community Organizer to the World

Obama souvenir sales in tailspin

Obama took on the entire GOP presidential field Monday — mocking their collective pledge to block even the slightest attempt to hike taxes on the rich — while singling out Mitt Romney for particularly scathing ridicule over his health reform stance

First Stops on Obama's Bus Tour Are Economically Healthy Towns

Obama’s Jekyll and Hyde Routine: Disturbing Mixed Messages

It's 3am and nobody's there

Rick Perry: Secure the Border, It's a War Zone

U.S. Secret Service gets 2 new buses ahead of Obama tour.... -$2.2 million for Secret Service's new armored buses

A disastrous summer for the White House. Is Barack Obama now the most unpopular US president since Jimmy Carter?

Pakistan lets China see downed US stealth helicopter

Obama and Israel

Obama pressured by Jewish supporters to release Pollard


Triangulation,  The "New Obama"

Obama tries to turn the tables on GOP with call for tax cut extension

Obama Ethics

House Oversight Chairman Widens Probe Into CAFE Standards Deal: White House.. "Outside the Law"

Obama's Ramadan Dinner guest list omits controversial attendees

Ramadan Dinner- Obama's iftar: Islamists secretly invited, moderates out

NY Post on Obama Dead SEALs "Photo op": Obama's cheap 'shot': These men died with honor, but the president dishonors their memories


Booming business of fear: Sales of safes soar

Companies balk at hiring, even if business picks up

A Devastating Look At Obama's Economic Policy Strategy: there doesn't seem to be anyone at The White House who really grasps the magnitude of the economic problem

Obama’s former economic adviser, Christina Romer, an architect of Obamanomics, made the argument against raising taxes on CNN.........Romer Lies

Obama's top reelection strategist charged Friday that Republican White House hopeful and Texas Governor Rick Perry had "very little to do" with his state's economic success

Feds to be foreclosure landlords? U.S. seeks ideas; local real estate experts wary

Black Employment | Back to the 1970s

Community Organizer to the World

Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time

On Morning After the Republican Debate, CBS Skips GOP, Interviews Only Obama Spokesman

Obama launches political counteroffensive this week with Midwest trip amid GOP campaign buzz

It's 3am and nobody's there

US State Dept. Reaction to China’s First Aircraft: “We would welcome any kind of explanation that China would like to give for needing this kind of equipment,”

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama administration encounters opposition to international climate agenda

Obama Administration Racing Towards Rio + 20

The UN Agenda 21 Marches on in America with the USDA-EPA National Partnership



Fast & Furious Straw Buyer Faces Charges for Gunrunning


In Weekly Address Obama Praises Plant Where‘Green’ Jobs at $2 Million Per Job (video)

Business owner said he was 'taxed out' of California lands to Corpus Christi

Obama left short-handed on economy: Advisors leave

Caterpillar CEO to Obama: Get Serious About Job Creation

Obama Ethics

The United States has apologised for controversial remarks made by a US diplomat who spoke of "dark and dirty" Indians, calling the comments "inappropriate". US Vice-Consul Maureen Chao told Indian students...that her "skin became dirty and dark like the Tamilians" after a long train journey, according to Indian media

Chairman Issa Response on NLRB Refusal to Fully Comply with Oversight Committee Subpoena

NLRB fails to comply with congressional subpoena

Straw poll rebuttal? Iowa bus tour isn't political, White House says

Obama and Israel

'Hamas, US reach compromise on Gaza aid'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Makes It Back To The Golf Course After Seven-Week Lull (76th time)

Payments to Taliban: US confronted Italy

FBI wants businesses watching for customers paying with cash

U.S fears over Al Qaeda plotters in Yemen trying to acquire deadly ricin for terrorist attack

Assad defies US as crackdown continues

Community Organizer to the World

East Sussex charities aid Obama Kenya project

Obama Compares His 'Suffering' to Martin Luther King Jr.

Obama to Frustrated Voters: Tell Congress to Start Delivering



Obama has forcefully rejected calls for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign


White House criticizes court's health care ruling

Appeals court rules against Obama healthcare law

Obamacare Bombshell: Did the Government Underestimate the Costs of PPACA's Exchanges by Hundreds of Billions?


Federal Judge Throws Out Obama Drilling Rules

EPA Regulation Would Cost $1.2 Million Per Job Created

Calls for Geithner to resign

Canada jobs rise, unemployment lowest since 2008 (Corp taxes cut from 42% to 15%)

Obama meeting with CEOs at the White House

Retail Sales in U.S. Climb Most in Four Months Even as Confidence Declines

GM to reopen Indonesia plant, create 800 jobs

Consumer Sentiment Drops to Lowest Level in 3 Decades

Deficit Averaged $110 Billion Per Month So Far in 2011

48% Think Spending Cuts Could Trigger Violence (13% very likely)

Obama Visits Corporation Where His Stimulus Created 'Green' Jobs at $2 Million Per Job

Chicago: State can no longer afford to bury dead poor

Most of America’s metropolitan areas saw personal incomes rise last year, with the biggest increases coming in towns where the military thrives and oil and other mining interests dominate the private sector

Obama Ethics

Standard & Poor's faces investigation over 'possible insider trading' over downgrade of U.S. debt

Issa: NLRB a ‘rogue agency’

SEC makes S&P downgrade Inquiries


Thousands line up for free dental services in Woodstock

Obama and Israel

The U.S. State Department threatened to withdraw more than $100 million in aid to Gaza if Hamas leaders do not end demands to audit American charities working there

White House Scrubs Web Site of Reference to ‘Jerusalem, Israel’

Let them eat Kale

Barack Obama faces calls to cancel summer holiday

Michelle Obama Spent 42 Days on Vacation During Past Year

It's 3am and nobody's there

While American defense budgets are in a rapidly escalating free-fall, Chinese defense budgets have seen annual double-digit increases

Clinton urges world cut economic ties with Syria

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Attempts to Create “National Education Industrial Complex”

Obama and TARP

Bank of America Chief Executive Brian Moynihan met privately this week with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Federal Reserve governor Daniel Tarullo amid the campaign to calm investors and employees about the bank's share price fall

President Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Third Week in Office



U.S. Attorney's Office Rejects Family of Murdered Border Patrol Agent as Crime Victims

ATF's gun surveillance program showed early signs of failure

Obama Ethics

Jay Carney vs. Jay Carney: Attacked Bush's 2001 'Heartland Tour,' Defends Obama's 2011 Midwest Job-Creation Tour

Three North Carolina Democrats admit voting twice for Obama

When Joe Wilson Said "You Lie," The President Was In Fact Lying

Photo of Obama saluting fallen troops questioned: White House used its own photographers- not the press


Video: Obama: "Hear It In My Voice ... I Am Frustrated"

USPS proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of health-care plan

White House, EPA ignore Small Business Admin’s report that new coal regulations will kill jobs, economy

30-year bond yield rises most since 2008

Market punishes U.S. Treasury bonds after poor auction

Used-car prices soaring, slowing depreciation

Panel Seeks Stiffer Rules for Drilling of Gas Wells

Obama aide: White House working ‘directly’ with Reid on energy agenda

Federal deficit tops $1T for third straight year

Initial Jobless claims fall to 4-month low (Fell 7,000 to a seasonally adjusted 395,000)

U.S. June trade gap widens unexpectedly

It's 3am and nobody's there

Ignoring Islamic Threat: A senior Army strategist and Pentagon advisor says it's "incredibly naïve and dangerous" for the Obama administration to go out of its way to extract Islam when it describes the threat of terrorism.

Taliban Claim Chinook Killer Still Alive

U.S. Imperiling National Security by Shrinking to Nine Carrier Strike Groups

Pentagon releases names of 30 Americans killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash

The two Hollywood filmmakers making a film on raid that killed Osama Bin Laden deny the film is intended to tip scales for Obama’s reelection

House Homeland Security chairman and Obama administration feud over movie on bin Laden hunt


A $500 billion "error" associated with insuring the spouses and children of new entitlement recipients

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: Something is wrong with country's politics

Obama to GOP: Put country before party

Obama: ‘Last thing we need’ is for Congress to return to DC

Video:  Obama: Celebrating Ramadan at White House ‘Quintessentially American Tradition’

Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, attends White House dinner

Obama's Iftar dinner remarks

Let them eat Kale

Obama's Vineyard Vacation Will Cost Taxpayers Millions


Van Jones Laugh-a-thon

Van Jones Group Uses Kids Video to Push Universal Health Care, Higher Taxes

Obama Ethics

Alan Gross, American contractor imprisoned in Cuba, abandoned by the Obama administration

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa: A subpoena for the NLRB

Alabama Leaders Slam Justice Department for Suing Over Immigration Law

Ghoulish: White House Posts Obama Photos At Dover

Sony Hosted Obama Fundraiser, Releasing Bin Laden Movie Before Election

White House rejects claim about bin Laden raid film

Peter King asks for probe into White House's role in bin Laden movie

Obama Adviser Says 'He Will Have to Kill Romney'

Congressmen object to new gun requirements, show support for NRA lawsuits


Obama, Bernanke huddle as Dow slides 519 points

The White House is poised to revive efforts to repeal the Bush-era tax cuts

Deficit hits $1.1 trillion, Treasury says

The Obama administration announced that it will pursue options to shift some foreclosed homes owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac onto the private rental market

Gold futures added to gains Wednesday, topping $1,800 an ounce for a fresh intraday record as equities slump

More Pain on Wall Street as Dow Dives 3%

General Motors to Remain Government Motors?

California tax revenue plummets in July, raising fear of trigger cuts

CA: High-speed rail price tag soars again, this time on pace to surpass $60 billion

Income in Cities Reflects Depth of Real Estate Woes

Goldman Sachs Goes Short The US Dollar On QE3

Feel like you didn't earn much last year? You're not alone

Nearly 10,000 Attend Transportation Job Fair At Chicago State

Video: White House: No Plan, No Specifics, No Strategy, No Responsibility

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama under fire for giving Hurt Locker director access to Navy SEALs to make Bin Laden film

White House photo of the ceremony of the fallen SEALS remains sparks protest

Pentagon to Release Names of Service Members Killed in Chinook Crash

Carney: Fallen SEALS photo was controlled release

NATO Not Confirming That U.S. Helicopter in Afghanistan Flew Into Taliban Trap

Secret peace talks between US and Taliban collapse over leaks

Entire U.S. Stealth Fighter Fleet Grounded

Obama’s FEMA Breaks Disaster Declaration Record

Ten TSA Outrages

What happened on night of deadly Afghanistan helicopter crash?


A Trojan horse named IPAB

More Tax Subsidies for Abortion in Obamacare

HHS: Obamacare-Funded Health Centers for 'Migrants' Won't Check Immigration Status

HHS Awards $8.5 Million in ObamaCare Money to 25 Migrant Health Centers

Walgreens plans to sell you health insurance

Heritage Foundation Opposes Obamacare "Exchanges"

Obama and Israel

The White House Cleanses Israel from Its Website (video)

Obama funded Revived Mujahidin faction emerges in the Gaza Strip

Community Organizer to the World

Islam has always been part of our American family: Obama

Gallup: Muslim Americans Give Obama 80 Percent Approval, Highest of Major Religions

Let them eat Kale

Carney Defends Obama Vacay To Martha's Vineyard; "No Such Thing As A Presidential Vacation"

Obama plans to vacation with family on Martha's Vineyard

The Bidens Head To The Hamptons; Obama's Summer Vacation Still A Go


Obama Ethics

Rush Limbaugh: Obama blame game (audio)

The U.S. sent its first representative Tuesday to the annual memorial for the atomic bombing of Nagasaki

Obama fundraises while markets slide

Phone give away scam: A rogue agent, representing a cellular phone company's participation in a federal government entitlement program, faked applications for the program, according to a company spokesperson.


GM to halve vehicle platforms, build Cadillacs 'in volume' in China

Dow Closes Up 430 Points After Fed Decides To Keep Interest Rates Near Zero For 2 Years

Gold near $1,800 after biggest 3-day rally since 2008

Rasmussen Consumer Index (Consumer Confidence Hits Two-Year Low, near Lowest Level in Decade)

What Double Dip? Americans Say the Recession Never Ended

The U.S. labor force is shrinking, as more Americans are giving up hope. Last month, only 58.1% of Americans age 16 and over were employed, a significant drop from before the recession and the lowest since 1983

Xerox CEO, an Obama appointee, may send jobs to Indian firm

U.S. Considers Funding Various Mexican Energy Projects

After 635-Point Sell-Off, Fed Running Out of Options

California high-speed rail gets more stimulus funds...-- The estimated cost of California's high-speed rail project is rising by billions of dollars.

Many turning to pawn shops amid hard times

Markets meltdown continues as FTSE drops below 5,000 for first time in more than a year

Obama Calls for New Stimulus, Increased Spending of at Least $100,000,000,000 a Year

S&P Executive Cites Obama's Characterization of U.S. Political System as 'Dysfunctional’

It's 3am and nobody's there

Commandos criticize call for SEALs Rangers’ danger, single helicopter among questions

The chief of the secretive US special operations command has lobbied against the release of names of American commandos killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, officials said

NATO: ‘Standard Procedure’ for Afghan Forces to Accompany Navy SEALs on Missions

Report: Obama To View Return Of Remains Of Americans Killed In Afghanistan Today

US to tell Assad that he must go

Community Organizer to the World

Flashback: Newsweek’s Adulatory 2008 Obama Cover Portraits

Never Mind: Obama Decides No Public Announcement on New Regulations


Kansas returns health insurance exchange grant

Obamacare Limits Children’s Access to Care: guarantee provisions making insurance companies leave the market

ObamaCare Promises Hurting Rich and Poor Alike

Obama and Israel

White House Cleanses Israel from  itsWebsite

The United States said Tuesday it is "deeply concerned" by Israel's approval of new housing construction in East Jerusalem.



Hay Cheaper to Ship to China Than California Hits Dairies: Freight Markets

Obama says he inherited economic problems

Dow drops 200 points during Obama speech

Obama Increased Inflation-Adjusted Debt More in 4 Days Than U.S. Did Through Entire 1950s

Dow Plunges 600, S&P and Nasdaq Sinks 6%

Obama Again Refuses to Accept any Responsibility, Offers No Deficit Reduction Plan

Dow Tumbles 75 Points as Obama Speaks

Flashback: Obama pledges to cut deficit in half at fiscal summit (2/23/2009)

Gold Headed for Biggest 1-Day Gain in 9 Months

Gold hits record over $1,718/oz

Here Comes TARP 2: Bank Of America Implodes, At $6.87, BAC CDS Up 20% To 260 bps As Bankruptcy Contemplated

Standard & Poor’s downgrades Israel’s U.S. loan guarantees

Moody's explains its U.S. rating, why there's no downgrade

Why companies won't hire

No Statement or Comment from Obama on U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade

S&P Downgrades Fannie And Freddie, As Stocks Tumble To Their Lows Of The Day

Obama Calls for More Federal Money for Roads, Bridges and Airports to Create Jobs

Michigan cuts food stamps for 30,000 college students, saving $75 million per year

Obama Ethics

HI Health Defies Subpoena for Obama's Birth Certificate Federal Judge Wants to Know Why

Did the President of the United States or someone in his inner circle leak “material non-public information” to Wall Street traders that the AAA credit rating of the United States of America would be downgraded.? Leaking of such information is criminal activity for both the trader who profits and the leaker

Waivermania hits Dept of Education: Administraion just ignores the law

Recently released documents — disclosed by the Obama Justice Department only after a court battle — reveal that the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice is engaging in politicized hiring in the career civil service ranks.

Who made a billion dollars on 10/1 bet that U.S. credit rating would be downgraded? Speculation on George Soros' involvement

Issa subpoenas labor board documents on Boeing complaint

Tarek Fatah a Canadian moderate Muslim Advocate who considers himself a liberal democrat speaks about Islamic fascism. He campaigned for Obama and believes there are advisors around Obama who are intentionally destroying our culture along with our economy (Video)


Congressional Inquiries Turn To Houston Over Gun Trafficking Investigation

It's 3am and nobody's there

Security reporter Tom Trento demands investigation (video)

Claim: Obma Administration was responsible for SEAL deaths

Special ops family members interviewed.  Made public

Obama, breaks with protocol, reveals names and pictires of SEAL special ops dead with in hours.. before family member could be contacted in person

U.S. Customs: 500,000 Troops Needed to Seal Border

Libyan rebels ‘launch oilfield squad’

Community Organizer to the World

US set to announce $100M in Somalia famine funding

Obama to host Ramadan dinner, again

Obama Administration Exempting Schools From Federal Law’s Testing Mandate


Researchers: Obamacare cost estimates hide up to $50 billion per year



U.S. America's Third War: The U.S. Cut a Deal With the Sinaloa Cartel, Say Court Documents

Sinaloa Cartel boss who supplied Chicago: I was a DEA snitch


As U.S. Stumbles, Companies Invest In Consumer Growth Overseas

Geithner-U.S. Treasuries still safe after downgrade

DOW & SP futures down big.. Dow nearly down 300

Gold up $40+ to $1695

Schieffer To Axelrod: "Things Are Worse" Since Obama Took Office

Greenspan: US "Can Pay Any Debt It Has Because We Can Always Print Money"

       Hoarding cash: Corporate America is sitting on a colossal $2 trillion in cash -- $1.4 trillion in the S&P's top 20 alone

Most post offices targeted for closure are in GOP districts

Bob Schieffer To David Axelrod On Downgrade: ‘Are You Saying The President Bears No Responsibility?’

White House adviser blames tea party for downgrade.... Tea Party Blame the new talking point for Obama allies Howard Dean and John Kerry

S&P Explains Why The US Treasury's Argument that there is a "$2 Trillion Error" Is Irrelevant

Outgoing White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee went on the attack against Standard & Poor’s on Sunday, charging the agency’s credit downgrade was based on “questionable mathematics.

A Standard & Poor's official says there is a 1 in 3 chance that the U.S. credit rating could be downgraded another notch if conditions erode over the next six to 24 months.

ABC Financial Expert Slapping S&P As 'Suspect' Is Undisclosed Obama Fundraiser

Obama absent as China scolds U.S. for debt addiction

Obama Stays Quiet After Downgrade


(Oregon) State health care costs increase $6 million due to national health care law

Was the S&P downgrade a rejection of ObamaCare?

A Kerry-Obama scam: Another Obamacare fleecing; Medicare hospital reimbursements in favor of Massachusetts hospitals and in disfavor of most other states

It's 3am and nobody's there

Fights Break Out in Afghanistan as NATO Moves to Recover Downed Helicopter

Was Obama Directly or Indirectly Responsible for the SEAL's Deaths? Use of National Guard Chopper questioned.  Protocols broken.

Kadhafi forces report gains, launch offensive

Obama and Israel

Palestinians Planning UN Action Regardless of Peace Talks

Israeli Stock Market Halts Trading As Stocks Crater

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opens to 6% losses as global crisis felt in Israel

After S&P downgrade of US, Israeli stock market delays opening on fears of steep plunge

Obama and Egypt

Uproar in Egypt as US funnels aid to civil societies

Obama Ethics

TVA to invest $3-$5 billion to settle EPA claims

Pregnant Woman Says TSA Agents 'Confiscated' Her Insulin



The White House blames loss of AAA S&P ratings on "political gridlock"

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

After S&P downgrade, WH says 'we must do better'

S&P Downgrades US to AA+ - Tied With Belgium....  -warns of a second downgrade

The Official Calls For Change Roll In: "Fire Tim Geithner"

Joint Statement By The Fed, The FDIC, NCUA And OCC

S&P officials defend US credit downgrade

S&P credit rating analysis values spending cuts more than tax revenue

IRS: Not enough rich to cover the deficit

Christina Romer, Obama's first of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, lets loose on credit downgrade: We’re ‘pretty darn f*****’

Obama administration official: S&P move 'a facts-be-damned decision'


Rahm Emanuel "Begged" Obama Not To Push Healthcare

It's 3 am an nobody's there

Russia uses dirty tricks despite U.S. ‘reset;’ Intelligence agents tell of intimidation, smears of American officials, diplomats



Flashback: 'No risk' the US will lose its top credit rating, says Treasury's Geithner

S&P downgrades US debt rating from AAA to AA+, first downgrade in national history.

S&P Reconsiders Downgrade After White House Challenge

Govt officials: US expecting S&P downgrade -- based on "serious mistake" in analysis*...S&P's numbers were off by "roughly $2 trillion

U.S. stocks end week in the basement- worst since 2008

Wind-Turbine Maker That Obama Praised Files for Bankruptcy

Homebuilders Expect New Home Sales To Flatline For The Rest Of The Year

Obama Blames Arab Springs And Tsunami In Japan For Slower Growth (video)

Cash Hoarding Starts

Obama Has Nearly Achieved His European Welfare State

Government Motors: Taxpayers Still Stand to Lose a Bundle on GM Stock

Video: Obama 'pivots' to jobs now

Average Length Of Unemployment Surges To New All Time Record 40.4 Weeks

August: “Discouraging” (200,000 Workers Drop Out Discouraged Last Month)

58% of work-age Americans have jobs, lowest since July 1983

Labor Force Participation Rate Drops To 63.9%, Lowest Since January 1984

Fewer people were working in July than in June. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics breakdown, there were 139,296,000 people working in July, compared to 139,334,000 the month before

White House readies for July job numbers with workforce photo-op

Obama on economy: We are going to get through this

The White House: We Don't Create Jobs

White House: Jobs Report is 'Welcome News' But Faster Growth Is Needed

U.S. jobs bring some relief to battered stocks (193,000 forced out of the jobs market)

Fannie Mae seeks $5.1 billion more from taxpayers

Food stamp use record 45.8 million

Obama and Agenda 21

DOD, DHS Among Agencies Dedicated To Environmental Justice

Obama Ethics

DHS Refuses to Turn Over Info on Released Criminal Aliens: VA County Sues

Employee Free Choice Act becoming law What Congress rejected, the NLRB simply mandated

Obama Admin Responsible for Legal Abortion in Kenya

Community Organizer to the World

Awkward Pause: President Obama Opens Speech With Minute Of Unexplained Silence

Obama plans $71,000/plate fat-cat dinner

Secretary Clinton Says U.S. Waiting For International Consensus To Call For Syrian President To Step Down


DEA acknowledges supporting role in Operation

ATF Death Watch 50: “The cover-up is probably worse than the crime”

The Washington Post has a Partner's Share in Terry's Death

Let them eat kale

President Obama Celebrates Birthday in Private Star-Studded Rose Garden Party

Hip Hop in the East Room


Health Care Reform Law's Impact on Child-Only Health Insurance Policies

Why Don’t Health Insurance Exchanges Work?

ObamaCare's Crystal Ball: Health Spending in 2014

It's 3 am an nobody's there

DHS: Majority of Anonymous little more than ‘script kiddies":  “[u]nskilled individuals who use scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks and deface websites.”

Obama and Israel

The Palestinian Authority is spending more than $5 million per month in salaries for 5,500 convicted and alleged terrorists imprisoned in Israel


A Conservative News List of the White House