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Obama Voter Fraud



Surprise! Electoral college ´rebels´ who wanted to stop Trump Were in touch with Clinton campaign (and now movement´s leader is facing prosecution)


NBC: Obama Told Putin Election Hacking Could Result in 'Armed Conflict'


Democrats Inflate Electoral College Vote into Another Burst Bubble for Clinton


BREAKING: GA, KY, WV Confirm They Suspect Obama’s DHS Hacked Their Election Networks [VIDEO]

Donald Trump Seals Electoral College Victory, Officially Becomes 45th US President


In last-shot bid, thousands urge electoral college to block Trump at Monday vote

´CUT IT OUT´ Barack Obama warned Putin to STOP cyber attacks ahead of US elections

The Latest: Obama silent on need to brief electors on Russia

Group Using Celebrities to Urge Electors to Vote Against Trump Has Foreign-Registered Website


"Bullet In The Mouth" - Trump Electors Flooded With Death Threats

Electors are being harassed, threatened in bid to stop Trump

Ohio upgrades nonprofits´ security against terrorism

No record of'faithless elector' Chris Suprun as a 9/11 first responder

George Soros, Big Banks And Google Fund Anti-Trump Resistance Group


"Bullet In The Mouth" - Trump Electors Flooded With Death Threats

Electors are being harassed, threatened in bid to stop Trump

Ohio upgrades nonprofits´ security against terrorism

No record of ‘faithless elector' Chris Suprun as a 9/11 first responder

George Soros, Big Banks And Google Fund Anti-Trump Resistance Group


 Wikileaks Operative: Facebook Is Suppressing Report That DNC Leaker is Democrat Party Insider

White House: Trump Knew About Russian Interference in Election, Encouraged It

State Dept. on Syria: ‘The Failure Is in the Belief This War Can Be Solved Militarily’

Obama Intelligence Officials Refuse To Brief Congress on Promoted “Russian Hacking Conspiracy”…

Georgia secretary of state says cyberattacks traced to DHS addresses (10 separate attacks!)


White House, Clinton Tied To PR Firm Behind Electoral College Push

House Intelligence Committee will not start investigation on Russian hacking

US judge rejects Green Party´s Pennsylvania recount case


REVEALED: Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit- VOTES COUNTED UP TO 6 TIMES

FBI Probes HuffPo Editor After "Destroy Trump Ballots" Tweet

Detroit Voter Fraud so Extensive Half of Initial Votes Ineligible for Recount…


Vota Sign found in Atwater, CA.

Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered! Donald Trump Won Election By More Than We Thought!


Report: Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered in Nevada


Breaking: Michigan AG files suit to block Stein recount

DOJ Declines To Comment On Why Agency Won’t Investigate Threats To Electors



Ex-ICE Agent: I 'Routinely' Arrested Illegal Immigrants with Voter Registrations


Hillary Clinton’s Team to Join Wisconsin Recount Pushed by Jill Stein

Electoral voters 'deluged' with death threats in multiple states Hillary backers: 'Hateful bigot, I hope you die ... I will put a bullet in your brain'


Jill Stein Raises Enough Money To Force Wisconsin Recount Michigan & Pennsylvania Up Next

Limbaugh: Hillary campaign behind push to 'threaten electors' Clinton now urged to contest 3 states to deprive Trump of presidency


Blocks Of Anti-Trump Protest Buses Caught On Tape


Unprecedented Surge In Election Fraud Incidents From Around The Count


Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved


Obama Warned Of Rigged Elections Back In 2008: "It Helps We Got Democrats In Charge Of Machines"

Benenson: I’m ‘Pretty Confident’ Other Democratic Operatives Aren’t Doing What We Saw in Project Veritas Videos

Mook: 'No evidence' that Trump rally agitators were hired by DNC, Clinton


Wikileaks confirms damning Veritas videos. Ted Cruz demands criminal investigation


James O’Keefe Files FEC Suit Against Hillary Clinton


White House Denies Obama Is Friends With Democratic Operative Who Met President 47 Times And Admitted To Voter Fraud

‘How to Commit Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale’: Part II of Project Veritas Investigation into Clinton Network

Absentee Ballots Burned in “Firebomb” at North Carolina GOP Office

Masters of Universe: Wikileaks Reveals Google’s Schmidt Working with Clinton Campaign

DNC Schemes to Bully Women at Trump Rally


Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin

Watch: Obama in 2008 Boasts to Ohioans ‘It Helps’ That Dems Are ‘in Charge of’ Voting Machines

Undercover Video: Dem Operatives Boast of Deliberate Scheme to Provoke Violence at Trump Events


Statisticians Warn Of "Systemic Mainstream Misinformation" In Poll Data


EMAILS: Clinton Allies ‘Believe The Obama Forces’ Committed Voter Fraud In ’08


Democratic Election Commissioner “I Think There Is A lot of Voter Fraud


Watchdog group accuses Clinton campaign of election law violations

More Illegal Immigrant Voters Discovered In Philly - "Just The Tip Of The Iceberg"

Indiana State police expand Indiana Voter Registration Project investigation to 57 counties

Global Bureaucrats Invited By Obama To Inspect US Elections

DHS: Half of U.S. States Seeking Federal Help to Stop Election Hackers


Over 1,000 Illegal Voters in Eight Virginia Localities

Florida Democrats Outraged Over 'Fried Chicken' Voter Registration Drive


The election is being stolen right before our eyes


And now the dead are eagerly voting in Colorado


Email shows federal immigration bosses in OT push to swear in new citizens ´due to election´


Supreme Court turns down Ohio Democrats´ bid to restore ´golden week´ of early voting

DHS accused of sitting on damning border report as immigration issue drives presidential race


Research Proves Google Manipulates Millions to Favor Clinton


Appeals Court blocks Kansas, Alabama, Georgia on voter ID rule


 Back to Videos Carville: "Possible" To Rig Voting Machine For 100 Votes; Calling Election Rigged "Fundamental Attack On The Country"


U.S. Spends Another $10 Mil to Register New Immigrant Voters


Same-day voter registration at issue in Illinois lawsuit


EX-CLINTON STAFFER: Hillary Very Ill; Sleeping Up to 18 Hours a Day; Health Records Will NEVER Be Released


Homeland eyes special declaration to take charge of elections


"Election Fraud Underway" - NBC Affiliate Posts "Election Results" For Florida Race That Hasn't Happened Ye


Foreign Election Observers in U.S. to Increase Tenfold From 2012


 Leaked Docs: Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018 Soros has bankrolled efforts to challenge voter ID laws, register minority voters


Surprise: 'Non-Existent' Voter Fraud Strikes Again, in Four States

Obama Administration Plotting to Usurp Control Over Elections

Glenn Greenwald: The U.S. Media Is Essentially 100 Percent United Against Donald Trump


Illegal Immigrant Tapped for Clinton ‘Dreamer’ Campaign Tied to Soros-Funded Voter Effort


Hacking Democracy - The Hack

VIDEO: Voter Fraud Threatens Integrity of U.S. Elections We can’t let the Democrats believe otherwise.


Clinton Campaign Launches Voter Registration Effort Led By Illegal Aliens


Hacker demonstrates how voting machines can be compromised

 Dem Regulators Again Target Protections for Online Political Speech Critics accuse Federal Election commissioner of extra-legal censorship campaign


James O'Keefe Obtains Eminem's Ballot in Undercover Video


Soon-To-Be-Released Book by Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Warns of Massive Voter Fraud Danger in Current Presidential Election

US embassies alert Muslim US citizens abroad register to VOTE HILLARY


Soon-To-Be-Released Book by Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Warns of Massive Voter Fraud Danger in Current Presidential Election

US embassies alert Muslim US citizens abroad register to VOTE HILLARY


FBI Raids Labor Leader’s Home, IBEW Union Hall, Councilman’s Office (Hillary Clinton office Raided)


Perfect U.S. Presidential Election Stealing Software turns Black vote into non-persons

Anonymous Leaks Clinton Foundation Payoff to Khan

DOCUMENTED PROOF: Clinton Camp Caught Breaking Federal Law – Coordinating with Hillary Super PAC


White House to Trump: Election won't be 'rigged'

Obama eyes takeover of presidential election security


Pat Caddell Blasts Reuters’ Back-Rigging Polls to Show Clinton Winning

Kansas judge rules 17,500 suspended voters can cast ballots in all races

Election Fraud Story Gets Worse: Irregularities Tied to E-Voting Machine Companies that Donated to Clinton Fund


 DNC Wikileaks Email Hack Confirms CNN is in Bed With The Democratic Party

Shock Poll: Reuters/Ipsos Radically Changes Methodology to Favor Clinton

Court strikes down 2013 North Carolina voter ID law


Russia To US: "Sort Out Your Own Hacking Scandal; It Is Not Our Headache"


WikiLeaks Just Released a Whole Batch of DNC Voicemails

WIKILEAKS RELEASES DNC RECORDINGS – Including Pay for Play with Top Dem Leaders


DNC Blocked Challenge to Tim Kaine By Denying Paperwork to Bernie Supporters


Wasserman Schultz Resigns as DNC Chairwoman – Is Served Class Action Lawsuit for Rigging Primary


Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Democrats Rigged Primary, Reveal Extensive Media Collusion

Leaked Emails Show DNC Officials Planned Anti-Trump Protests

Internal emails show DNC staffers conspired to develop anti-Bernie ‘narrative


Appeals Court Rules Against Voter ID Law


Federal appeals court orders changes to Texas voter ID law


Obama won´t punish HUD chief Castro for giving partisan interview

How Democrats Steal Elections

WI: Federal judge: Voters without ID may vote in November by signing affidavit


Rampant Voter Fraud Alleged In Minnesota


Fox targeted by FEC Dems in first-ever vote to punish debate sponsorship


Hillary Campaign Accused of Mass Cheating in Kentucky Primary– 4,000 Votes Scratched

 Soros, Top Clinton Lawyer Lose Lawsuit Against Virginia’s Voter ID Law Millions have gone into the effort to attack voter identification laws in numerous states


More Florida voter fraud? 3000 registrations list UPS stores as residence


Supreme Court Not Blocking Texas Voter ID Law


Federal judge delivers huge win for voter ID laws

McAuliffe Accused of Violating Virginia Constitution


McAuliffe tells Republicans to 'quit complaining' about felons voting


Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud


Report: Illegals funding candidates through union dues, FEC Dems ignore

 Dems on FEC Target Corporations in Attempt to ‘Blunt’ First Amendment; Critics say proposals could disenfranchise many Americans from the political process


Dems on FEC target conservatives, vote to punish maker of anti-Obama movie


Soros Board Member Chairs Firm Running Online Voting for Tuesday’s Utah Caucuses


Voter Fraud! Before The OH Primary, Voters Noticed Something Odd


Over 80,000 People Want Bill Clinton Arrested For Violating Election Laws On Super Tuesday


 Judge Denies Motion to Halt Voter Citizenship Requirement Lawyers challenging rule have given thousands to Clinton


Judge Has Harsh Words For DOJ in Key Voter Integrity Case


Report: Judge unimpressed by Obama DOJ’s dive on non-citizen voting


The Obama Administration Wants to Make Sure Non-Citizens Vote in the Upcoming Election


VIDEO: Hillary supporters register AFTER voting?


How the DNC Helps Clinton Buy Off Superdelegates

New Hampshire voter-fraud probe into Sanders campaign expands after latest Project Veritas video

BUSTED ON HIDDEN CAM: Sanders Staff Illegally Using NH Campaign Office Address to Vote


Nevada Democrats Screw Military Voters


DNC Chair: Superdelegates Make Sure Party Leaders Don’t Have to Run Against Grassroots Activists


Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire, but Hillary Clinton Gets All the Delegates

New O’Keefe Video Shows How Easy It Is To Commit Voter Fraud In New Hampshire


ABC Debate Moderator Martha Raddatz Had Obama at Her Wedding


The Iowa Democratic Party Chair Refusing To Review Caucus Results Is A HUGE Hillary Supporter


Hillary Won Six Straight Coin Tosses To Win Handful Of County Delegates [VIDEO]


CNBC Debate Executive Worked In The Clinton White House For Al Gore


Feds Preparing to Undo ‘Citizens United’ by Forcing Disclosure of Donors to Conservative Groups


Hidden Camera: Hillary Campaign Using Photos of Trump to Illegally Register Vo


James O’Keefe Video: Hillary Campaign Workers ‘Run’ from Questions About Election Law Violations


FEC Chair: Feds Must Help Americans Make ‘Thoughtful’ Contributions


Nevada Election Officials Investigating Hillary Campaign

 Video=> O’Keefe Strikes Again – Hillary Campaign Caught Breaking Election Laws


O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN: Undercover Video Purports to Show Hillary Campaign Violating Election Law


Judicial Watch: FEC Must Investigate Democratic National Committee for Employing Illegal Alien to Craft 2016 Political Message


HIDDEN CAM: Hillary's National Marketing Director Illegally Accepting Foreign Contribution


 James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Release New Undercover Sting Video; Warn Hillary Camp More Is Coming!


 USDA Putting Solar Panels on Chicken Coops Agency announces $63 million for solar projects for farms


Group Files to Help States Fighting Soros-Backed Voter ID Lawsuits Top Clinton campaign lawyer also behind challenges to voter ID laws ahead of 2016 elections

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals says Texas voter ID law violates Voting Rights Act


Judicial Watch: New Documents Reveal DOJ, IRS, and FBI Plan to Seek Criminal Charges of Obama Opponents


Soros helps pro-Clinton Super PACs to $20 million haul


Supremes Block Voter ID Decline to hear case


Clinton Lawyer, Soros Back Anti-Voter ID Lawsuits George Soros and Clinton lawyer Marc Elias engaging in multi-state effort to overturn ID laws


Hack the vote: Cyber experts say ballot machines easy targets


Mark Shields: Voter Fraud is a Great GOP Fraud


Bankroller of Democratic Voting Rights Cases? George Soros

Justice Department. Indians and ‘Idiots’: DOJ Attacks State Power Over Election


FCC Has Shocker for GOP That Could Guarantee Big Democrat Win in '16


Don’t Believe Voter Fraud Happens? Here’s Some Examples


Watchdog: Team Clinton broke ethics rules meeting with Senate Democrats

FEC head under fire for women’s forum ‘stacked’ with Dems


Obama Admin. Won’t Let States Ask for Proof of Citizenship … On Voter Registration Form!


Fifth Circuit Panel to Hear Texas Voter ID Case Includes Two Democrat Appointees


Obama Lawyer Dodges Alien ‘Voting Rights’ Hypothetical – Multiple Times


Voting machine password hacks as easy as 'abcde', details Virginia state report


Can Obama Force Companies To Disclose Political Donations?


An Insider Tells All on Voter Fraud Volunteer for poll monitoring task force to Arutz Sheva: if I hadn't been there, 200-300 votes would have been stuffed into the ballot box.

 U.S. Progressive Group Defends Its Campaign to Influence Israeli Elections Says progressives need to embrace new tactics, ideas


White House Clarifies ‘Provocative’ Obama Comment On Mandatory Voting

Obama retreats from mandatory voting push amid backlash

Obama Urges Soviet-Style Voting Laws


Obama calls for mandatory voting in U.S.


Police investigate 51 cases of alleged voting fraud (Israel)


Justice Department ramps up scrutiny of candidates and independent groups


 Complaint: Extensive Campaign Finance Violations by Clinton-Tied Data Firm Democratic firm Catalist may have facilitated illegal coordination by Dems, outside groups


IRS commissioner: Illegals now eligible for tax credits under Obama’s amnesty — even for years past

Axelrod Denies Leaking Obama Opponent’s Sex Secrets


Battleground Texas Whines About Complying With Texas Election Laws


Pro-Hillary PAC Accused of Illegal Activity in FEC Lawsuit


Democrat Mayor Encourages Voter Fraud at Landrieu Event


Republicans File Complaint Alleging Vote-Counting Abuse in Colorado


Gruber Studied Church Attendance’s Impact On Voting

Democracy Alliance State Spending Plans Revealed; At secretive donor retreat, Committee on States plans ways to circumvent campaign finance laws


Patriotism vs. Bribery: My experience at the 2014 midterm polls


Calls to election judges a 'serious attempt to disrupt' voting


Voting Machine Disabled After Allegedly Failing to Show Greg Abbott's Name on Ballot

Judicial Watch: Election Integrity 'Concerns' About Same-Day Registration, Voting in New Hampshire

VIDEO Captures Virginia Voting Machine Casting Ballot for Democrat When Republican Selected

A D.C. Board of Elections spokeswoman says thieves stole digital voter books from a polling site

Controversy over 40,000 ‘missing voters’ in Georgia is raising racial tensions in U.S. Senate race

Eric Holder will be watching for “discrimination” in voting today

MSNBC: Minority Voters Disenfranchised, Problems at Polls

Voter Fraud and Voter I.D.


James OKeefe Offered a Bus Load of Ballots in North Carolina

BUSTED – North Carolina Newspaper, Charlotte Observer, Pulls Story of Kay Hagen Family Corruption Just Prior To Election Day…

Undercover video shows North Carolina poll workers offering ballots to ineligible impostor – TWENTY TIMES – putting voter ID battle on the front burner

Holder Sends 'Election Monitors' to Polls

New Mexico University President ‘Clarifies’ Remarks After Telling Students to “Vote Often”

Mail carrier investigated over allegations of dumping GOP political mailers


New Mexico University President Emails Students: “Vote As Often as Possible”

Voter Fraud in New Mexico: Voter Turned Away After Illegal Voted as Him; Lack of Voter ID Law Blamed

New Mexico: First case of voter fraud confirmed in Rio Arriba Co.

States ditch electronic voting machines

Voter fraud could play a huge role in narrow elections, expert says

Illinois Democrat Caught In Vote Buying Scandal on Facebook (Video)


CAUGHT ON TAPE>>> Video Shows Voting Machine Changing Ballot from Republican to Democrat

An FBI October surprise dirty trick in South Dakota Senate race?

Dead Voter's "Signature" Just Like Mom's (San Diego, CA)


New O'Keefe Video Allegedly Shows Democratic Poll Workers Assisting Illegal, Non-Citizen to Vote in NC

HUNDREDS of Illegals Caught Voting in Maryland

Massive Non-Citizan Voting Uncovered in Maryland

La Raza Promotes Washington Post Guide On Where People Can Vote Without An ID


Democrats Accused Of Posing As Republican Election Judges In Colorado

Report Claims WI Gov. Candidate Falsified Her Job History, Resume

Democratic Group La Raza Caught Promoting Illegal Immigrant Voter Fraud

Caught on Tape: GOP Election Signs Stolen in Delaware


Group sues Maryland over ‘illegal’ voters

Obama May Have Been Elected With Illegal Votes

Maryland Officials Probe Republican-to Democrat Ballot Switch Claims

Voting Machines in Maryland Change Votes For Republicans to Votes For Democrats (First IL, now MD)

 FEC Republicans Vow to Fight Regulations on Online Political Speech Chairman warns of abuses of power in efforts to roll back Internet speech protections


How Many Elections Will Democrats Steal Next Week?

Citizens United Wins At The 10th Circuit Court Of Appeals

Michelle Malkin & David Bossie Talk "Rocky Mountain Heist" On The Kelly File

Washington Post Publishes Scientific Evidence of Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale

‘Calibration issue’ pops up on Maryland voting machine


Washington Post: Obama Won 80% of Non-Citizen Votes in 2008

Study: Non-Citizens Cast Deciding Votes for Al Franken–and Thus Obamacare


 Republicans See Anti-Transparency Agenda in Dems’ Massive FEC Filings Bruce Braley files 26,000-page report as FEC struggles to process backlog


Could non-citizens decide the November election?

Judge restricts Dinesh D'Souza's travel University speech canceled after Fox News appearance

Milwaukee election officials demean, intimidate observers, monitors claim

An Avalanche of Ballots in Colorado


Stuffed ballots, rigged voting machines, and illegal immigrants voting

Tennant may have violated election laws at polling place

Colorado Voter Fraud: "Ghetto" Politics


Mark Udall Advocates Condone Voter Fraud: "That’s not even like lying or stealing"

‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county


 IL Poll Workers Break Law – Tell Obama to “Vote Democrat” at Chicago Polling Booth (Video)


CAUGHT ON TAPE: Dem Operative Stuffs Ballot Box in Arizona (Video)

Early voting problems arise in Cook County suburbs


Texas voter ID law reinstated


Whistleblower: Obama blocking voter roll cleanup 'We actually have Obamacare because of fraud'


Supreme Court rules 5-4 for Republican plan to limit early voting in Ohio

O’KEEFE VIDEO: ‘Turn Texas Blue’ Group Covering Up ‘Illegal’ Voter Registration?

Obama broke the same law, three times, that he had anti-Obama filmmaker D’Souza arrested for


D’Souza Speaks Out on Sentencing: There Was ‘All-Out Attempt to Put Me Away’


'America' Director Sentenced to Eight Months in 'Confinement Center' Over Campaign Finance Violation: Prosecutor Obama donor


Texas voter ID trial opens in U.S. court


Washington Post Covers Voter Fraud Inaccurately and Incompletely


Liberal Super PAC Tries To Defend Taking Soros Money While Bashing Kochs


Voter citizenship issue goes before federal court


Lack of Oversight Leaves Massive Openings for Voter Fraud


AP Fails to Mention DOJ's Involvement As Judge Allows North Carolina Voter-ID Law to Stand


Federal Court Smacks Down Eric Holder’s Attack on NC Voter ID


Justice Dept. files in Ohio, Wisconsin voter cases


Senator Calls Out Campaign Finance Reformers for Ties to Secretive Democracy Alliance

The left’s dark money


Biden decries voting restrictions in NAACP address


Judicial Watch, AEF Challenge Obama Admin For States´ Right To Block Noncitizen Voters


DOJ Files Lawsuit Against North Carolina’s 'Discriminatory' Voter ID Law


What Voter Fraud? Study Finds More Than 35K Incidents of ‘Double Voting’ In North Carolina In 2012


D'Souza Says He Won't Be Silenced by 'Selective Prosecution'


White House Sued Over Possible Hatch Act Violations Judicial Watch seeking records on Rahm Emanuel, Jim Messina investigations


Issa Subpoenas DOJ After ‘Election Crimes’ Director Refuses to Answer Critical Questions 34 Times

'2016' Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza Pleads Guilty in Campaign Case


Dept. Of Justice To Monitor Tuesday’s Nebraska Elections For Civil Rights Violations


Voter Fraud: An Existential Threat to America


Lawbreaking Federal Employee Resigns Quietly, Anonymously… and Lucratively


 EPA Delayed Climate Change Regulation Until After Midterms Inhofe: 'Possibility of electioneering is deeply troubling'


More Florida voter fraud? 3000 registrations list UPS stores as residence


President Obama's Bogus Voting Rights Claims


Obama Decries "Bogus" Voter Fraud Complaints After 35,570 Double Votes Counted in North Carolina


Obama at Sharpton Event: Voter ID Supporters Are 'the Real Frauds'

Obama Lies about Voter Fraud and DOJ Investigations Before Paranoid Audience


Obama decries 'bogus;' voter fraud complaints

Obama Whines About Birth Certificate: Felony Sitting On White House Website


Based on North Carolina Study: National Voter Fraud Numbers May Have Reached One Million in 2012


Dems' Voter-Fraud Denial - How do you address a problem they insist doesn’t exist?


MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD IN NORTH CAROLINA: 35,570 Voters With Same Last Name and DOB Voted in Two States

Massive Voter Fraud Discovered in North Carolina’s 2012 Election


Texas Border County Sued for 105 Percent Voter Registration


Six-time Obama voter's group received Obama administration grant


No Justice Department Charges Against Ohio Woman Who Voted Six Times for Obama


Voting Machine Irregularities Claimed in Two Border County Democrat Primaries


Federal Judge Hands Republicans In Kansas, Arizona A Big Win In Voting Rights Fight


Illegal Aliens, Non-Citizens Caught Voting In Florida In Large Numbers


Battleground Texas Ends 'Questionable' Voter Registration Practice


Texas Tribune Distances Itself from Battleground Texas Apologist Buck Wood


Texas LT. Governor: Investigate Battleground Texas Immediately

Texas Tribune Duped by Dem Operative on Battleground Texas Scandal

Texas Tribune Downplays Video Proving Left-wing Voter Fraud in Lone Star State


Unrepentant Battleground Texas Now Subject to State Investigation


VIDEO: Battleground Texas Illegally Copying Voter Registration Data

Exclusive: O’Keefe Busts Illegal Voter Scheme to 'Turn Texas Blue'


Holder: State Laws That Bar Felons From Voting Are 'Too Unjust to Tolerate'

DOJ Aruges to Court Against Rules to Prevent Foreigners From Voting


Obama split 500,000 American families to legalize illegals before 2012 election


ACLJ Chief Counsel: Very Possible IRS Targeting Impacted 2012 Election


NLRB resurrects union election rule


AG Eric Holder Tells MSNBC: Feds Must Intervene to Stop Voter Photo ID Laws


Dinesh D'Souza indicted for violating U.S. election law


Krauthammer: Christie Investigations, Legitimate or Not, Are Just Beginning

After firing CGI, no-bid contract for Obamacare site goes to firm whose former top researcher developed Obama campaign voter tracking


Judicial Watch, True the Vote announce 'historic' victory in voter fraud fight


New Ohio Voter Fraud Charges Put Obama’s 2% Margin In Question


North Carolina Democrat Warns Private School Vouchers Will Lead to Terrorist Kids


Why voting irregularities could swing the Virginia AG recount to Republicans


DNC Chair: We Give You Health Care – You Give Us Votes (Video)


IRS Floats Strict Rules for Political Groups Before 2014 Midterm Elections


Gowdy: If Obama Chooses Not to Enforce Immigration Laws, Can He Suspend Election Laws Too?


America has gone from government of laws to semi-political banana republic


Tea Party group must disclose donors, Federal Election Commission rules

Enroll America Director Conspires to Release Private Data for Political Purposes


Revealed: Obama Campaign Bundler Helping Fund Libertarian in Tight Va. Gubernatorial Race

 Polling Machine Problems Happening in Swing County in Virginia

Election Integrity Activists: Obamacare 'Biggest Voter Registration Fraud Scheme in History'


Victims or Perpetrators? How Democrats Are Waging Guerilla War Against Popular Voter ID Laws


Voter ID: Eric Holder's 2014 Racial Politics; The Attorney General tries to reverse a Supreme Court ruling by the back door.


Atty General Holder Threatens to Sue Every State that Passes Voter ID Laws


Atty General Holder Threatens to Sue Every State that Passes Voter ID Laws

NC Republicans vow to fight US DOJ over voter laws

Justice Department to challenge North Carolina voter ID law


IRS offers True the Vote tax exempt status, files to dismiss lawsuit

Ohio GOP Official: 270 Cases of Voter 'Fraud or Irregularity' in 2012, 'Zero Cases of Suppression'

Did IRS bureaucrats, liberal media help Obama win in 2012?

For Those Who Don't Believe in Election Fraud


Attorney General Eric Holder says civil rights struggle continues with Voting Rights enforcement


Jim Inhofe about Voter Fraud: "I see Fed. elections and many state elections will still be won by voter fraud"


PPP sat on poll showing Colorado recall strength


Possible Voter Fraud Crops Up in Colorado Recall Election

The Latest Evidence of Voter Fraud -- and Discrimination


Lawless White House' Has Made a 'Clear Attempt' to 'Aid & Abet Voter Fraud,' Says GOP Rep


Justice Department will challenge Texas Voter ID law


DOJ whistleblower: 'Voting law, Civil Rights Law is a tool to help Democrats' [VIDEO]


Republicans vote to bar CNN, NBC News from partnering in '16 debates


Stephanopoulos on charges he planted birth control question in GOP debate: 'Factually incorrect' (AUDIO)


Governor McCrory Signs Popular Voter ID into Law


Did Obama break law to win re-election? Former Homeland Security attorney exposes shrewd maneuver


Holder Wants Texas to Clear Voting Changes With the U.S.

Holder vows to force Texas into pre-clearance despite Supreme Court ruling on VRA

AG Eric Holder: Justice Department targeting Texas redistricting in voting-rights fight

Justice Department to challenge states' voting rights laws


James O'Keefe Says He Was Harassed by Federal Agents


Supreme Court says Arizona cannot ask for proof of citizenship for federal voter registration


Ohio Democrat and Obama Supporter Melowese Richardson Convicted of Felony Voter Fraud


The Real Voter Suppression of 2012 - Voter ID didn’t reduce turnout, but the IRS may have.


Obama Election Commission Appointee and White House General Council Bob Bauer in his own words

President Obama Announces His Intent to Appoint Individuals to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration

Strassel: IRS Scandal's Roots in Obama's 2008 Campaign; Attacked Clinton, Edwards, Too


Obama appoints anti-voter ID Dem to co-lead voter commission


Look who's rubber stamping foreign vote-counting Certifies firm as 'efficient, secure, transparent, reliable': Voting machines 'Soros' ties


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Urged Feds to 'Investigate True the Vote' in 2010


IRS wasn't only agency hassling True the Vote: The FBI, The ATF, and OSHA


IRS Grilled Tea Party Groups on Relationship to True the Vote



Dem Candidate Listed Twice on Ballot in South Carolina Special Election

Justice Department to monitor today's special election in South Carolina


 Overhauling the Vote Colorado bill raises possibility of voter fraud and intimidation, critics say


Officials found guilty in Obama, Clinton ballot petition fraud


Voter Fraud Trial Underway: Did Obama Ever Qualify for 2008 State Ballot? (video)


Boston Marathon Bomber was registered to vote


Voter Fraudster Amy Busefink Lobbies Texas Legislature to Conceal Voter Fraud


Dem congressmen oversaw Florida gerrymander, emails reveal


Thousands of Out-of-State Voters Found On Alaska's Voter Registry


Fraud Conviction tied to 2008 Obama victory: (Indiana)Fraud was committed to get the name of Barack Obama on the ballot in St. Joseph County in 2008

Obama Accused of Trying to 'Nationalize' Elections


Obama creates panel to recommend state election law changes

Executive Order -- Establishment of the Presidential Commission of Election Administration

Mark Levin: Obama trying to nationalize election process


Obamavote: Healthcare application registers voters, too


Section 5 Is a Racial Entitlement. Even DOJ Says So...Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez - a possible Obama nominee to head the Department of Labor - makes clear that he doesn’t think Section 5 should ever be used to protect a white minority in covered jurisdictions.

Justice Department’s voting rights section hurt by unprofessional behavior, report says


Top Obama Officials Held Secret Scott Walker Recall Meeting In 2011: Report


Sotomayor, Kagan Browbeat Scalia over Voting Rights Act Argument


Obama & left-wing nonprofits ignore voter registration laws & limits on electioneering


Memo Allegedly Leaked From Soros-Backed Organization Shows Progressive Plan to 'Eviscerate' Conservative Government


NC: Obama Campaign Voter Fraud


True The Vote: Obama Campaign Targeted Citizens Trained To Prevent Voter Fraud In Ohio

Obama campaign caught in major NC vote fraud scheme

NC: Elections Bureaucrats Ran Amok


Debate Commission Co-Chair: Yeah, Candy Crowley Was a 'Mistake'

Did Obama supporter vote 6 times in 2012? Ohio poll worker target of investigation


Did Hagel rig vote to win Senate seat? Details revealed in magazine profile on alleged GOP plan to steal election

Massive Voter Fraud in St. Lucie County, Florida

Double-Voting For Obama


Voter-Fraud Allegations in Hamilton County, Ohio Not Covered by the Cincinnati Enquirer


HA HA! Ohio Election Official: 'I Voted Twice for Obama'


Democrats selling voter data to retailers?


True the Vote Files Lawsuit Against Supervisor of Elections Over Mishandling of Allen West Recount


Author: MSNBC 'Essentially' Ran 'a Voter Suppression Campaign' Against GOP During 2012 Presidential Election


How Democratic Operatives Are Accessing 2.9 million Private Voter Records - Right Now


Two U.S. officials in Israel quietly conceded that Obama's statements to Atlantic columnist Jeffrey Goldberg were an intentional effort to hurt Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in the election


Israel election marred by 350 cases of voter fraud


Did Obama Steal The Election With Hagel's Help?


Federal Court: DOJ Must Reimburse South Carolin

AP Gives False and Conflicting Information on Potential Voter Fraud Case

Why did FBI militia informant have a foot in Alaska politics?

Voter ID battle set to rage again


Federal Court: DOJ Must Reimburse South Carolina for Voter ID Folly

The Federal Election Commission has fined President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign $375,000 for an assortment of reporting violations.

Florida: Lots of problems in Allen West election county... Report: Poor procedures, workers' inexperience coupled with technical problems marred count


How Chicago and Obama Globalized Voter Fraud


Prosecutor: SEIU organizer committed voter fraud in 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election

SEIU paid anti-Romney protesters $11/hour in Ohio (VIDEO)

REPORT: Kellogg Foundation, SEIU funded attacks on voter ID laws

Secretive SEIU network partners with Occupy movement


U.S. Should Consider Automatic Voter Registration: Holder

Video: Romney Defeated Obama – If Not For Voter Fraud

Man Hires Illegal Aliens To Vote For Obama In The 2012 Election

A Homeland Security spokesman, was "categorically false" that the department delayed the arrest of Luis Abrahan Sanchez Zavaleta, 18, until after the election.


Did Obama steal the 2012 election?


Group-Home Staff Took Illiterate, Developmentally Disabled Resident to Vote


Report: Kellogg Foundation, SEIU funded attacks on voter ID laws


The Harvesting of Votes: traditional harvesting of votes by parties has degenerated into massive, uncontrollable ballot manipulation by Democrats


Liberal Stealth Groups Paved Obama Win


Audio: Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) came under fire from several national news organizations Tuesday for comments he made during an interview on WMAL's Mornings on the Mall program on Tuesday, November 20th, concerning allegations of voter fraud in the presidential election From the audio: " There are far too many examples of precincts that delivered fraudulent votes in key cities to pack the totals that may have impacted who got the electoral votes in many swing states. This tactic was so pervasive it earned its own name of “spigot cities.” In 59 Philadelphia, PA precincts, Obama recorded 100% of the votes. In Cleveland, OH districts, Obama recorded 100% of the votes. In 100 precincts in Ohio, Obama recorded 99% of the votes. In Broward County, FL precincts, Obama received over 99% of the votes. In one precinct, a rout over 99% is a possibility but hundreds of precincts recording over 99% exceed any possibility of credibility. In St. Lucie County, FL, 141% of eligible voters turned out to vote! (Statistically impossible) In Ohio, Obama won a county by 108% of registered voters. In two counties in Colorado, voting turnout exceeded the voter-age population" (transcription H/T stephenjohnbanker @ Free Republic)

FBI May Impound 'Pro-Obama' Voting Machines


FBI asked to probe Obama 'vote-changing' machines


Forensic profiler: Obama confessing election fraud Concludes 'in his secret fury he stole 2012 presidential' race

Book: The Obama Confession (Paperback)

Horowitz: Democrats Groom the Mentally Disabled to Vote


New York City: In 91 of the city’s 5,286 precincts, Obama won 100 percent of the vote

Maker of Unskewed Polls Creates 'Obama Voter Fraud' Map - See Which States He Thinks Should’ve Been Romney's


Rep. Allen West concedes after Fla. recount fight


Why There Won't Be a Presidential Recount


West Fights On amid Vote-Recount Mayhem

Allen West and the Big Fix

Homeland Security promotes welfare to new immigrants in government 'welcome' materials


St. Lucie..- The recount showed 900 voters cast ballots in precinct 93, where there are 7 registered voters

West seeks hearing after Murphy camp declares victory when St. Lucie board misses deadline

Murphy camp declares victory due to missed deadline (St. Lucie)

St. Lucie voting system noted for errors


UPDATE: DELAYED OVERNIGHT -- Allen West Closer to Triggering Full Recount

St. Lucie County Canvassing Board Orders Retabulation of All Early Votes in Allen West Race

VA, MD Poll Watchers Claim They Witnessed Voter Fraud


Attorneys for Allen West say they have proof of voting discrepancies

No Joke: The GOP Can Not Legally Help Stop Vote Fraud


Citing high number of rural black voters, Maine GOP chair suspects "improprieties" at the polls

19,605 to zero is statistical proof of outright vote fraud in 2012 presidential election

22 Signs That Voter Fraud Is Wildly Out Of Control And The Election Was A Sham

Discrepancies Found in Election Results from Several Swing States

 Florida sends auditors to investigate voting irregularities, as Rep. West holds out hope


Almost 1K ballots found in Broward elections warehouse

BIG LIST of vote fraud reports


Up to 10 percent of the ballots cast at a polling station in Pennsylvania reverted to a default, which gave Barack Obama a vote no matter who the voter had selected, according to a poll watcher who was a witness to the proceedings.


Did Obama Steal The Election?

Poll watcher sees Romney ballots changed Witness to voting says he monitored as software redirected choices

Romney earned zero votes in some urban precincts


Voter fraud? Boston reports 129% voter turnout, 79% for Obama; 74% for Elizabeth Warren

Voter Fraud: Obama Won 108% of Registered Voters in Ohio County

16M White Votes ‘Missing’ - Smell like Election Tampering?

333,000 Votes in 4 Swing States Would Have Given Romney the Presidency

Video: Angry crowd reacts to 'misleading recount' in Allen West race

Chairman of the Republican Party of St. Lucie County on the Allen West vote recount (video)

St. Lucie County to hold emergency meeting to recount early votes  (video)

Update: Massive Voter Fraud in St. Lucie County, FL Called into Question - 141% Turnout

Audio Emerges of Dem Pollster Getting Rid of GOP Inspectors: 'I Say What the Law Is!'

Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud

Wisconsin Vote Fraud: Federal Job Corps Vans Used to Bus Voters in Wisconsin

From May 2012: The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed

April 2012: Illegal Aliens Caught Voting and Stealing Elections In Florida In Vast Numbers


Massive Voter Fraud: MIlitary Vote suppressed


Letter from Rep. Allen West to elections stupidvisor; he allegedly lost his reelection bid.

First person account of Wisconsin voter fraud

According to the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association, scores of military absentee ballots cast in the 2012 Election will not be counted. U.S. Military personnel and their families are outraged:

Obama Lost in Every State with a Voter Photo-ID Law

Obama Got Over 99% of Vote Where Inspectors were Removed; Turnout Somehow "30%" Above Gov't Numbers

Vast Majority of Voters Concerned About Federal Government Corruption


One out of five registered Ohio voters is bogus (9/17/2012)

Ohio Residents Told They Already Voted When They Showed Up At the Polls Tuesday

Complaint Filed over Illegal Alien Voters

Vote Investigations called for: Election Stolen? Suspicious election data.


As voters head to polls, reports of problems start pouring in (Video)

Thousands report voting problems

Report: Two Ohio Election Judges Removed for Allowing Unregistered Voters to Cast Ballots

Chicago Source Tells Author Brad Thor: Obama Campaign Planning to Proclaim Early Victory to 'Demoralize Romney Supporters'

GOP U.S. Senate candidate: Poll worker told me to vote for Democrats only

Progressive Chinese Group Passing Out Fake Ballots at Boston Polling Place Instructing People to Vote Obama & Elizabeth Warren

Election Judge Wears Obama CapWhile Checking in Voters in Obama'sChicago Ward

 Election Intimidation, Irregularities, And Broken Machines

FRAUD: Democrat- "Already Voted Twice Today, Once in MO, Once in KS"

Massive Voter Fraud in Broward County Florida: Poll Watcher Ejected From Station

Obama Poster Hanging in Florida Polling Station

Obama mural inside polling place in Philly

Report of GOP vote observer chased by man claiming to have gun

Detroit Polls: Obama Campaigner Punches Voter in Face

Black Panthers Return to Philly, GOP Tossed Out UPDATE: FIGHT

Return of the New Black Panthers: Members .. are again stalking the polls in Philadelphia.

Judge issuing order to reinstate booted Philadelphia election officials, Republicans say

Philly GOP: Court ordered Poll inspectors being ousted for Dems

ICE Releases Docs Detailing Electronic Surveillance Problems, Demands Them Back a Year Later

Former DNC Chair Howard Dean: The Only Way We Lose Is Through Fraud

Exclusive: Faked Tea Party Flyer Urges OH Voters to Defeat 'N***er in the White House'

NPR reports today 75% of Cuban Americans in FL voting Romney because Obamas actions remind them of Castro

Brit Hume on presidential polling: 'There’s something wrong here'


Obama's Army of Illegal Election Workers

Allegation of unions putting illegal immigrants on voter rolls clouds Nevada voting

Non-citizens registered to vote in Lawrence, but officials shrug

Las Vegas Columnist Meets Noncitizens Who Say Union Pressured Them to Register Then Cast Vote

 VA: Military absentee ballots going AWOL in 2012

Oops: MSNBC Accidentally Publishes Election Results Showing Obama Win

Liberals, MSM Preemptively Attacking Voter Fraud Watchdog Groups

OH Union Members Caught with Truckload of Stolen Romney Signs

Sen. Vitter Labels Justice Dept. 'Campaign Arm' for Obama, Demands Deportation of Illegals Who Vote

Justice Dept. Sending Observers to Monitor Tuesday's Election--In Queens, N.Y.


N.C. Democrat admits he’s voted 4 times already and will vote again on election day

NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates for President Obama

'Dozens' of Colorado Romney Voters Claim Machines Changed Votes to Obama

'Hitler' appears on Ohio voter registration form

Team Obama Hands Out Free Pizza at Florida Early Voting Stations


Ohio Voting Machines Only Allow Vote for Obama

 Claims increase of machines switching votes in Ohio, other battlegrounds

GOP wants Ohio voting machines fixed 6 states asked to recalibrate before Election Day

Republican National Committee alleges voting machine troubles in Nevada, other swing states


VIDEO: Eyewitness of Somali Muslim voter fraud in OHIO by Obama camp

More Electronic Voting Machines Changing Romney Votes to Obama: We Looked Into It and Here’s What a Vendor Told Us


Ohio: More voting problems as ballot cast for Romney comes up Obama


Nationally, one out of every eight voter registrations is inaccurate


Undercover Video: Obama workers enable double-voting across state lines.


Colorado Counties Have More Voters Than People


None Dare Call it Stolen Ohio, the election, and America’s servile press

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