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Obama vs. The U.S. Military

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Navy Wants to Grow Fleet to 355 Ships; 47 Hull Increase Adds Destroyers, Attacks Subs

The U.S. Navy’s Redesigned Future Ship Still Won’t Fight


TRUMP to Attend 117th Army-Navy Game – Something Obama Skipped Every Year But One


White House: ‘embittered’ World War II veterans should get over Pearl Harbor

On Obama’s Nod, Major Defense Contractors Plan To Build Jets In India


White House: Obama supports registering women for military draft


White House Panics After This General Discusses Cause of Chopper Crash That Killed 12 Marines


USS Zumwalt, our new high tech ship is being repaired at a facility controlled by China?


Army Sec: Trump Would Have Trouble Rolling Back Women in Combat


White House agrees with Navy plan to scrap job titles


Military Veteran Bonus Scandal Might Be Much Worse Than Initially Reported


Military Leaders: ‘We’re Seeing a Lot of Interest’ from Women Looking to Join Combat Units


Thousands of California soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war


US Navy gets PC makeover — while its ships fall apart

U.S. weaponry still dependent on foreigners Army announces 'improvements' to shoulder-fired blaster from Sweden


Inside the Ring: Pentagon Issues Handbook on Sex Change in the Ranks


 Navy Changed Job Titles to ‘Quit Segregating Women’ SecNav: ‘I thought that it was important to be gender neutral’


Pentagon Issues Transgender Handbook for Military Service Members


Navy scuttles sailors' enlisted rating titles in huge career shake-up


Obama to deliver farewell to troops at Army base


White House tells the Pentagon to quit talking about 'competition' with China


Obama Kept Military Out of the Loop on Cash Payments to Iran


Obama orders climate change be considered in military planning

Retired Navy Chaplain Says Military is Now Hostile to Christianity


Armed forces chiefs confirm sense of Obama distrust


 Service Leaders: Military Can’t Defend Homeland if Sequestration Persists Budget cuts risk force’s ability to counter threats from adversaries like China, Russia

Navy Secretary Defends Naming Ships After Harvey Milk, Gabrielle Giffords


Obama’s U.S. Military Academy Investigating West Point Football Team for Postgame Prayer

Obama purged military of those who sought victory


Leaked Emails Show Tension Between General, White House

 Military Services Report Low Readiness Levels as Russia, China Demand Increased Commitments Audit: Pentagon does not have a comprehensive plan to rebuild readiness amid force, budget reductions


 Obama Admin Wants to Cut Army’s Force Size by 25,000 by 2018 Growing debate takes place over size of U.S. force


House Armed Services chairman blasts Obama for military pay cut


 Navy Can’t Prove That Green Energy Projects Save Money Service awarded $334 million contract for solar power without proper controls


The U.S. Navy Is Short on Submarine Hunters


Army confirms: Training slide lists Hillary Clinton as insider threat


Navy to lose ´invaluable´ only repair ship in cost-cutting


Report: U.S. Army Manipulated Its Accounting Entries by Trillions of Dollars


Prison inmates produced defective combat helmets for U.S. soldiers


Joe Biden Gives Away Agent Holding Nuclear Codes at Hillary Rally (VIDEO)

 Pentagon Faces Budget Cuts in Combating Biological, Chemical Warfare DoD report warns cutbacks hurt efforts to thwart increasingly severe, widespread threats


Military court upholds Marine’s bad conduct discharge over Bible verses


U.S. Air Force laments that it’s short of pilots


Ray Mabus bypasses war heroes, names Navy ship for gay rights icon Harvey Milk


Gold Star Mom: If You’re Outraged By Trump, Be Outraged That Obama Ignored Requests To Keep Media Away From Son’s Casket


 Military Making Officers’ Clubs ‘Inclusive,’ Open to All Ranks Army cites George S. Patton in making case for change


US Military Adds Jeff Bezos, Cass Sunstein To Pentagon's Defense Innovation Advisory Board


Obama to Name Navy Ship After Child Molester


US Navy´s newest $12.9bn supercarrier doesn´t work: Most expensive warship ever built ´struggles with jets taking off and landing´ according to internal memo as delivery is delayed again


Pentagon Officials: Modernizing Nukes ‘Crucial’ To Security, Yet Obama Wants To Disarm


 Military Warns Against Nuclear Policy Change Growing strategic threats from China, Russia, N. Korea preclude no-first-use


Pentagon issues sex change manual, allows extended time off for proces


Pentagon's transgender policy steamrolls religious liberty 'Americans need to know the extreme implications of this policy'

Head of the ­Defense Intelligence Agency FIRED for Calling our Enemies Radical Jihadis


Obama’s PC military rules are putting America at grave risk


US Marines To Accept Chubbier Women


White House cancels Fourth of July for troops

Obama DoD Pushes Trans Integration Amid Readiness Crisis When social engineering trumps military priorities.

Hacked Emails Reveal NATO General Plotting Against Obama on Russia Policy


Senator: Navy Evaluates Commanders Based On Climate Change Views

McCain Promises Hearings on Military's New Transgender Policy, Including the Cost

U.S. Military to Allow Soldiers to Crossdress

Navy commander surrendered to Iran to protect Obama’s nuclear deal


Navy says American sailors blabbed to Iranian captors

CNN: Pentagon ends transgender ban

Military Thinks Pentagon Bureaucracy Is Moving Way Too Fast On Transgenders

Carter About to Announce DOD Transgender Policy, Amid Concerns From Senior Leaders

DoD Installation Commander Celebrates LGBT Pride


Green Beret who fought off ten Taliban fighters as his comrades lay trapped or wounded speaks out as he´s denied the Medal Of Honor despite his commanders´ recommendation


 Navy to Release More Details on Iran’s Capture of U.S. Sailors Findings could result in more punishments for American personnel


Obama Pushes Military to Salute Transgender, Cross-Dressing Soldiers


U.S. Set to Lift Ban on Openly Transgender Troops

Pentagon schedules RAMADAN IFTAR for June 30

Pentagon investigating military's crackdown on 'God' Veteran forcibly removed from Air Force flag-folding ceremony


U.S. commanders now openly challenging ISIS strategy of outgoing Obama


U.S. Spends More on Medical Care for Inmates than Seniors, Veterans, Military Personnel

Marine Corps forced to pull warbirds oArmed Federal Officers of ´boneyard´ after new fleet delay

Armed Federal Officers Now Outnumber… The US Marines?


Exclusive Video: Veteran Forcibly Dragged from Air Force Ceremony for Mentioning God


The Pentagon's controversial plan to hire military leaders off the street


House rejects effort to ban illegal immigrants from military service

Army plans to cut 40,000 troops


Computer Crash Wipes Out Years of Air Force Investigation Records


Navy Secretary Ray Mabus celebrates gay pride, hits ‘bigots’ who backed ban


Air Force Secretary: ‘I’m Certain Transgenders Will Be Allowed to Serve in a More Open Way’

Air Force Secretary: ‘I Think Women Should Register for the Selective Service’


Air Force secretary supports draft registration for women

Former defense official: Clinton is the real ´danger´


VFW to Obama: ‘No confused politics here’

Obama: Vietnam, Iraq wars were ‘overreach’ for U.S.

Obama: America’s Military Is Stronger Because All Combat Positions Are Open to Women

Air Force Secretary Tells Grads to 'Follow the President's Lead'

Cuba Secret Police Thug Tours US Naval Base


After Cutting Military Healthcare, Obama Calls for "Good Healthcare" for Vets

The Obama Navy as Farce


Defense Secretary Ponders How to Change ´Unmanned´ Job Titles to Gender-Neutral Wording


Bill Launches Investigation Into Why Army Gave Away Military Dogs Formal investigation into missing military dogs bills passes house


Biden: Diverse military of women, gays strengthens US forces

Retired Air Force General: Obama ‘Unilaterally Disarmed America’ [VIDEO]


Rep. Duncan Hunter Questions Navy Sec's Political Ship-Naming Practices

U.S. Crews Fail To Place in NATO Tank Competition


Navy secretary fires back at conservatives: Will name warships as I please; no politics involved


Senate confirms first openly gay Army secretary

GOP blocks provision to require women to register for draft


Navy secretary: Green energy saves Marines' lives


Frustrated with Obama, Congress moves to increase Joint Chiefs chairman’s war powers

Air Force general is 1st woman at top-tier US combat command

Former SEAL Carl Higbie: ‘If Hillary Clinton Is the Commander-in-chief, Half the Military Is Gonna Get Out’


Navy SEAL Publishes Book on Absence of Victory Under Obama


Whistleblower fired from CENTCOM after speaking out against how data was cooked to downplay ISIS threat


Report: Army at Smallest Since WWII


Obama Administration Finally Honors American Heroes Killed in Benghazi


U.S. West Point academy set for first woman dean in two century history

Armed Services Committee Rejects Amendment to Allow Abortions at Military Facilities


Army retains decorated Green Beret it planned to kick out over confronting Afghan child rapist


Team Obama raising tobacco prices at U.S. military bases to curb smoking


Defense bill amendment targets Obama micromanagement, gives Pentagon leverage


Mabus defends Navy ship names against GOP attacks


President Obama marches armed forces leftward  Makes his mark on social front

Army continues to stall Congressman on release of records for female Ranger School grads


Manpower-challenged U.S. Army sets new priority: ‘Mitigate climate change’


Marine leader: Air superiority seriously suffering


Pentagon wants to sell Cold War missiles that used to be pointed at Russia to space exploration company


Army approves first 22 female officers for ground combat jobs

Budget cuts leaving Marine Corps aircraft grounded

China’s aggression over South China Sea exposes rift between Obama, top Navy advisers


US Navy moves ship launching ceremony due to ‘harsh anti-gay laws’ in Mississippi


Navy Secretary Bends Rules About Ship Naming to Honor Democratic Politician

Navy sets new climate change rules for vendors


Obama admin. snubs Medal of Honor recipients, names warships after liberal politicians


Report: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Telling Troops to ‘Stay Out of Politics’


Obama’s Former Pentagon Chiefs: Military Suffered From Overbearing, Inexperienced White House

Brutal: Former Defense Secretaries Openly Slam ´Inexperienced´ Obama White House War Micromanagement


Army Chief of Staff Opposes Private Weapons for Protection on U.S. Military Installations

Obama cements drone-centric counterterrorism strategy with Central Command pick

Jumpy Obama, Rice Tell Generals To Shut Up About China


Ash Carter says U.S. military too ‘top heavy,’ aims to cut ranks of generals and admirals


Gates: Obama “double-crossed” me on defense budget


Why should Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen operate charter schools on U.S. Military bases?


Michelle Obama Forgets to Mention Military Families, Her 'Peanut Crew' Husband Reminds Too busy naming families from all kinds of backgrounds, etc.


Marine Corps Will Mandate Unconscious Bias Training Ahead of Gender Integration

Marines brace for mandatory sensitivity training


More high-ranking officers being charged with sex crimes against subordinates


Obama’s Supreme Court nominee pushed for referendum on Harvard’s ROTC ban


Air Force General Resigns Over Extramarital Relationship: Lt. Gen. John Hesterman, The assistant vice chief of staff of the Air Force

US troops punished over airstrike on Afghan hospital that left 42 dead last year

Obama to pick first female four-star commander

Few women show interest in infantry jobs opened to them


Pentagon skips tests on key component of U.S.-based missile defense system

US Army Plans Stockpiles in Vietnam, Cambodia: Hello China


US general says we could be screwed in a war against China or Russia


Official behind DOD´s transgender push to resign


SpaceX Faces Off Against Russia To Supply Rockets To US Military


SecDef: ´There Tend to Be Physical and Other Physiological Differences Between Men and Women´

Defense Secretary Ash Carter OKs final strategy for women in combat


USAF to get more F-35s, maybe more F-22s  Defense rethinking combat aircraft


Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal US Army Indoctrinated Soldiers on Dangers of ‘White Privilege’

Pentagon admits it has deployed military spy drones over the U.S.


Navy SEALs tell top House lawmaker they don't have enough combat rifles

 Veterans Affairs Cut POW/MIA Scholarships by $1 Million Under Duckworth Senate candidate has faced criticism in past from VA employees


Sailors face more lenient body fat rules


Air Force Thunderbirds too male, too white, top general warns

Military Begins Recruiting Women for Combat Jobs "they have made required changes to base bathrooms..."

More PC BS: Military Ordered To Remove Combat Patches


Marine Special Operator Highlights Dark Truths Behind Obama’s New Afghan War General

Obama: My ISIS strategy has forced pay cuts for terrorists


Congressmen Have No Idea Why Special Operators Have To Pay Out Of Pocket For Basic Gear

CENTCOM Destroyed Evidence? Rumor that ISIS files being destroyed


Marine Special Operator Highlights Dark Truths Behind Obama’s New Afghan War General

General’s Email: Air Force Having Trouble Recruiting for Thunderbirds


Lockheed Martin offers to build F-16 jets in India

CIA Has Dedicated Program to Recruit Transgender Individuals

 Marine: New U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Threw Us Under the Bus Then-Col. Nicholson called unit wrongfully accused of civilian killings a 'stain on our honor'


Military Tells Congress It Can't Send Gitmo Detainees to U.S.


POSTURE Act Intended To Prevent Obama Budget From Depleting Military


U.S. special forces not ready to integrate women, report finds


Army looks to recruit more women, adapt physical testing


Pentagon Kills Its Killer Drone Fleet

Michelle Obama Targets Military Food: ‘Don’t Worry, You’ll Be a Vegetable Guy Soon’


Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions


Pentagon releases Bush-era torture pictures after 12-year-long legal battle


Obama Plays Catch-Up On Military Readiness

DOD Diversity Chief Violates Rules, Gives Leftist Groups $300k to Promote Agenda

Erika Lopez, first Tenn. woman to enlist for combat role, goes AWOL from Army

Navy begins to force out senior enlisted sailors


U.S. Military Denies ISIS Targets Christians; “We’ve seen no specific evidence of a specific targeting towards Christians.” – Col. Steve Warren


Top U.S. General: ‘I Do Not Have Authority’ to Offensively Attack Taliban

US Commander in Iraq: It Doesn't Only Matter Whether You Win, 'It Matters How You Win'

Raymond Ibrahim: U.S. Military Denies ISIS Targets Christians

US Generals: Women Should Have to Register for Draft

Ash Carter: Pentagon to Reshape Spending Amid Changing Security Environment


Obama bucks history, directs Pentagon to make guns safer, not more lethal


Pentagon won’t punish David Petraeus any further in sex-and-secrets scandal

Generals fear Benghazi 2 in Libya Washington confirms it's working on 'decisive military action' against ISIS


DOD Will Allow Troops On Duty to Breastfeed

PC Flip-Flop by White House Correspondent on Armed Defense


Top US naval intelligence officer barred from access to classified naval intelligence

Obama’s Petraeus obsession


 Special Ops Commander Demands Pentagon Stop Exposing Operations Gen. Joseph Votel: Publicity makes it harder for forces to do their jobs

Pentagon defends use of Russian engines to launch satellites

Army Command Recommends Green Beret Be Kicked Out for Confronting Afghan Child Rapist


DoD to release two Al Qaeda detainees from Gitmo with explosives expertise

Navy Deploys ‘Great Green Fleet’ Energy-conscious ships run on cow fat

DoD bases no longer accepting driver's licenses from 5 states as ID


VIDEO: Federal Employees Brag About Swindling WWII Vets Off Their Land


 Pentagon Ordered to Address ‘Climate Change’ All military branches required to ‘address the impacts of climate change’

Obama Goes After Petraeus To Send A Chicago-Style Message


New York Post Editorial: The rape of the US Marine Corps: a lunatic drive for ‘fairness’


Camera Catches Joint Chiefs After Obama Mocks Them at SOTU… Their Reaction Is Going Viral


Air Force delays mothballing A-10 Thunderbolt to combat Islamic State


 U.S. General: Military Will Face ‘Great Pressure’ to Lower Standards for Women in Combat Roles Gen. John Kelly urges commanders to ask, ‘Does it make us more lethal?’

Lawmaker Accuses Mabus of ‘Social Meddling’ That Will Get Marines Killed


Secretary of Navy orders gender-neutral Marine Corps boot camp, job titles

Top US Admiral Fired For Questioning Obama Purchase Of Mansion In Dubai


General Warns: Military Will Face 'Great Pressure' to Lower Standards for Women in Combat to Please ‘Agenda-Driven’ in D.C.


Marine Corps scolded for dragging its feet integrating women into the infantry


SecNav Bans Marine Job Titles With Term ‘Man’ to Ensure Gender Neutrality


US Pacific Fleet shrinks even as China grows more aggressive

Admiral: Tight budgets mean Navy must get clever


US Defense Department: Navy security clearance does not discriminate against Jews


Report: Pentagon Thwarts Obama's Effort to Close Guantanamo


Veteran homelessness on decline in U.S. after Obama administration spends billions

The Vast Majority of Military Women Don’t Want to be Fully Integrated into Combat

Marine Corps Study: Few Nations Open Combat Roles to Women


Obama: ‘Bisexual Men and Women in Uniform Make Our Country Stronger’


Hagel: The White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me

Army women hurt more often in combat training, experience more mental health issues


Carter: Using Personal Email Account for Work Was a Mistake

Pentagon Says Defense Secretary Ash Carter Used Personal Email for Work-Related Business


As Army Shrinks, Milley Considers Ways to Regenerate Force

Due to Massive Personnel Cuts, US Army Moving to Failed Hollow Force Model


US Commandos Say No to Women in Special Operations Jobs


Combat Harms Women & Combat Effectiveness


DOD: Now That Women Can Serve in All Combat Roles They 'May' Need to Register for Selective Service


Carter telling military to open all combat jobs to women


F-35 Too Expensive: US Air Force Might Buy 72 New F-15 or F-16 Fighter Jets

Oops: US Close-Air Support Bomb Doesn't Fit on the F-35


Army 3-Star: Mass Resignations If Trump ‘Bombs The S***’ Out Of ISIS [VIDEO]


Our military overwhelmingly wants concealed carry rights on base


Pentagon plan to close Guantanamo expected in coming week


Obama’s War Advisors Turn on Him


Obama pushes military frustration to highest level in decades  President’s overly cautious, centralized style irking Pentagon


Obama's Corrupt and Immoral Abuse of the Military


 Hero Dogs Lobby Congress as Obama Vetoes Their Bill Provision helping return military dogs home in limbo


WSJ Op-Ed: Obama’s Cuts To Military Go Deeper Than Sequestration, Reflect Deliberate Strategy

US Army scores 'weak' in think tank's review of military power


Obama’s Veto Betrays America’s Military


Former Defense Secretary Gates Describes Obama-Era Morale Problem in Military


Admiral punished suspected whistleblowers, is still poised for promotion

Disaster: Today's Warrior Purge in the U.S. military

US Army forced to borrow British helicopters amid budget cuts


 China, Russia, Iran Closing Gap with Smaller, Older U.S. Military Air Force general: Adversaries developing capabilities that are ‘better than what we currently have in many areas’

Gen. Mark Welsh, Air Force chief, questions grounding of three pilots over Miley Cyrus lyric texts


´Flawed´ study casts doubts on mixed- gender units in US Marine Corps


Gates: Obama´s Distrust of Military ´Particularly True in Afghanistan´


The U.S. Military's 'Top Guns' in the Air Have a Big Weakness


Bipartisan Calls for Release of USMC’s Gender Integration Study Grow Louder


Army Sec: American Women Could Be Required to Register for Draft if Combat Jobs Integrated


WH: On Afghanistan, Obama Will 'Take Input' From Diplomats, NATO Allies, Not Just Military Commander Who's There

 Forbes Blasts Obama for Delaying Ships, Planes for Troops ‘What kind of image is that putting around the globe?’


 Obama Threatens to Veto ‘Biggest Reform’ to Pentagon in Decades National defense bill also provides resources to U.S. service members, allies to defeat adversaries abroad

U.S. Marines introduce 29 gender-neutral jobs


Biden: No Question That Transgenders Can Serve in U.S. Military


Navy Secretary Dismisses Risks to Women in Combat A new study reveals the disturbing facts.

'Hostage Takers:' Dems Block Bill to Fund Veterans, Demanding More Spending Elsewhere


Was It Fixed? Army General Told Subordinates: ´A Woman Will Graduate Ranger School,´ Sources Say


"Bacha Bazi": Obama's Silence on Afghan Military's Child Rape


Here's the US Army's shoulder patch for the war against ISIS  (and bears a striking resemblance to the patch worn by the Islamic Republic of Iran Army)

Multiple Investigations Launched into Skewed Islamic State Intelligence Allegations

Disgrace: Green Beret Who Defended Boy Against Rape in Afghanistan Loses Appeal

 Army Discharges War Hero Who Blew Whistle on Afghan Rape Rep. Buchanan calls dismissal of Sgt. Martland a ‘national disgrace’


Air Force Instructs Airmen To Say ‘Positive Things’ About Troubled F-35


Ray Mabus Can’t Handle the Truth The secretary of the Navy attacks his own Marines over women in combat


 Pentagon Admits U.S. Allied Afghans Are Raping Children Denies policy of ignoring abuses

White House dodges on child rape in Afghanistan

US soldiers disciplined for stopping rape of children by Afghan police


U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys


Army Allegedly Issued ‘gag order’ to Silence Green Berets

Obama's alleged intelligence fraud began with 2012 election: Intel chairman


Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Pentagon To Scrap Warplane The Islamic State Fears


Pentagon says F-35 operational test aboard USS Wasp did not measure up


Probe of hero Green Beret focusing on presentation he made on Bowe Bergdahl


Mabus Throws Down: All Combat Positions In Dept Of Navy Will Open To Women

 Marine Sergeant Major: Sec Navy Comments on Gender Study ‘Way Off Base’ Secretary of the Navy Mabus had questioned fairness of Marines conducting female integration study


50 Defense Dept. Whistleblowers Slam "Stalinist" Pentagon Officials For Lying About ISIS

Obama's Navy Secretary Slanders Marines


James Clapper's 'highly unusual' contact with military official raises concerns; James Clapper said to have frequent communication with military official who is said to be implicated in a Pentagon inquiry into manipulated intelligence

Marine Corps Study: Male Combat Units Safer, More Efficient and Lethal Than Mixed-Gender Units


Secretary of the Navy Implies Marines are Dishonest Chauvinists


The Intelligence Community Goes to War with the Obama Administration


Third year running, Obama cuts military pay from already threadbare Armed Forces


Army Soldier-Aviator Faces Possible 58-Year Sentence As Pentagon’s Sexual Assault Witch Hunt Seeks New Victim


Obama’s Secretary of the Navy Walks Back Complaints About Size of Fleet


Obama Navy chief fires back at GOP: Numbers aren’t the only way to measure seapower


Memo shows Green Beret fighting to stay in Army was severely reprimanded for shoving Afghan rapist

 They Really Care… DNC Veterans Website Mistakes Foreign Vets for Former US Troops


BlackRock, Obama Campaign Donors Stand To Benefit From Cuts To Military Pensions


Army kicking out decorated Green Beret who stood up for Afghan rape victim


 More troubling results from the new F-35 Lightning


Report Argues That The F-35 Is Totally Inferior To Foreign Fighters


The Pentagon Is Keeping Half of Gitmo Locked Up-- Against The White House’s Wishes


Huckabee: ‘The Military Is Not A Social Experiment’ [VIDEO] Photo of Steve Guest Steve Guest


Pentagon decries lack of diversity in special forces SOCOM chief: 'We need people of color'


Obama stonewalls probe into deadly SEAL Team 6 helicopter crash, watchdog says

Video=> Barack Obama: America Has a Mindset that “Prefers Military Action Over Negotiation”

The Existential Angst of America’s Top Generals;  If the Pentagon and the Obama administration can’t even get on the same page about the top existential threats to America...


Naval Officer Now Confirms He Fired on Chattanooga Gunman; Allen West Says Navy is Charging Him


Navy responds to reports sailor will be charged for returning fire against Chattanooga gunman


REPORT: Navy to Charge Officer Who Fired on Islamist During Chattanooga Terror Attack

INSANE: Heroic Naval Officer who SHOT BACK at Chattanooga terrorist is getting PUNISHED FOR IT!

White House Petition Started Asking Obama to Honor Navy Officer Who Fired on Chattanooga Terrorist


 ARMED VOLUNTEERS Refuse to Abandon Military Recruitment Centers Despite Pentagon Request (VIDEO)

Pentagon asks armed ´citizen guards´ to stand do


Family: DOJ Used Perjured Testimony to Secure Guilty Verdict on War Vets Working as Blackwater Guards

 Incoming Army Chief of Staff: ‘Increased Risk’ From Military Cutbacks Gen. Mark A. Milley testifies that troop drawdown and global threats make for bad combination


Pentagon Tells Military Recruiters ‘No Guns’ Allowed at Centers – “Close the Blinds” for Safety (Video)

After Chatanooga shooting, Congress weighs arming troops on bases

Green Beret tells of shooting Taliban in CIA job interview, loses Silver Star for it


While Obama Vacations in New York City, GOP Governors Act to Protect Troops


 PENTAGON: Recruiting Centers to Remain Unarmed, Unguarded; Recruiters Told to Not Wear Uniforms

Army Boss: Letting Soldiers Defend Themselves from Terrorists "Causes More Problems Than it Solves"


Senator: SEAL Team 6 At Risk After OPM Hack

Navy to Ban Fried Food

DOD trying behavioral analytics as a way to thwart insider threats


Pentagon announces plan aimed at lifting transgender ban


 U.S. Military Unprepared for Multiplying Threats Abroad Changes from previous report suggests Obama admin surprised by actions of foreign adversaries, analysts say


U.S. Military Makes Monumental Shift To Hollowpoint Pistol Ammunition


Obama: Won’t Accept Budget That Shortchanges Readiness

Navy, Marines Ease Up on Transgender Policy


Army plans to cut 40,000 troops

 The U.S. Air Force Promised the F-4 Would Never Dogfight   Now it’s saying the same thing about the F-35


US Navy Triples Paid Maternity Leave in Effort to Attract Women

DoD renames “unlawful combatants” in detainee manual to … "Unprivileged Belligerents"


Test Pilot Admits the F-35 Can’t Dogfight

Panel urges ex-Green Beret hero out of Army with VA benefits


U.S. Troops Face Eating, Drinking Restrictions During Ramadan


New Pentagon Manual Declares Journalists Can Be Enemy Combatants


Former US military personnel urge drone pilots to walk away from controls


As Stress Drives Off Drone Operators, Air Force Must Cut Flights


Why the Marines have failed to adopt a new sniper rifle in the past 14 years

Naval Chaplain Files Formal Complaint over Christian Persecution


Alaska’s Joint Army-Air Force Base Promotes, Sponsors First Drag Queen Event for Families, Children


Army refuses to provide Honor Guard for church's July 4th celebration


Suicide rate of female military veterans is called ´staggering´


Vets told they can 'buy back' 2nd Amendment rights 'This is illegal and is called extortion'


US Air Force Inches Closer To Accepting Transgender Service Members By Making It Harder To Discharge


All 8 Females in First Co-Ed Class at Army Ranger School Failed

DESPICABLE: Look what’s happening to a special forces vet who dared to be a whistleblower


U.S. Navy Vet: Veterans Affairs Gun Locks ‘Another Obama Back Door Gun Control Measure’

Obama: ‘The Values That Drive Our Brave Men and Women in Uniform Remain Constant’


In Memorial Day tribute to fallen troops, Obama cites his role in ending wars

Defense Sec at Arlington: ‘Troops of Such Caliber’ Have ‘Great Leader’ in Obama

Obama Celebrates 1st Memorial Day Without U.S. Combat Mission in Afghanistan


Biden To The Navy: ‘Our Forces WillHave To Be Ready’ For Climate Change


Obama At U.S. Coast Guard Academy Commencement: Denying Climate Change "Dereliction Of Dut


House passes $612 billion defense bill opposed by Obama


GOP-led House clears way for illegals in military 'What matters is quality and commitment of people … not immigration status'


New Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Joseph Dunford to make call on women in combat

Report: Defense Dept. paid NFL millions of taxpayer dollars to salute troops


Obama Threatens Veto of Defense Funding Shift


Obama Joint Chiefs pick´s tough task: Cut pay


Obama says 401(k) retirement plans for troops needs further consideration

Oppression of Christians in U.S. Military Is Triggering Their Exodus


Obama Overruled: Little Rock Victims Awarded Purple Hearts


Navy Chaplain Censored: ‘Don’t pray in the name of Jesus’


Army ROTC program allegedly pressured cadets to walk in high heels for ASU event

General Dempsey tells mom of fallen SEAL he´s sorry for Ramadi remark


GOP Rep. Doug Collins: ‘Political Correctness Run Amok’ in Military


Obama Cuts Food, HealthCare for Vets, Spends $287 Mil on Morale Improvement

99% of Names on List of Federal Gun Bans are Veterans


Grassley to Holder: Why Is The VA Putting So Many Veterans on Your Federal Gun Ban List?


 Air Force Confirms Shuttering of Vital Airlift Wing Sen. Tillis: ‘It essentially takes the ‘air’ out of ‘airborne’’

U.S. military ‘hostile’ to Christians under Obama; morale, retention devastated


Afghan Colonel Was Paid $250,000 to Kill U.S. Air Force Personnel, Pentagon Cover-Up Ensued


Defense Department: The Bible, Constitution And Declaration Of Independence All Perpetuate Sexism


Two-star fired for 'treason' rant against A-10 supporters

‘Outrageous, indefensible’ that Ft. Hood victims get Purple Heart, but no benefits


Marine Corps Gender Integration Program Ends Without A Female Grad


US aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker

Troops in special operations units, of both genders, are overwhelmingly concerned that political pressure will cause leaders to cave on important training standards


US Soldiers Now Being Lectured on White Privilege at Diversity Training Sessions


Tea Party References Scrubbed From ‘Battlefield Hardline’ After Breitbart Report

Feds hide details of Navy SEALs shootdown Parents suing for 'betrayal' want government held in contempt


Obama supports reduction in military retirement pay

Pentagon chief may ease military enlistment standards


Engel: Many In Military View Obama's Middle East Policy As "Incoherent"


Military Drill Identifying “Hostile” U.S. States Sparks Alarm


 Tillis: Questions ‘Remain Unanswered’ About Air Force Plans to Shutter Vital Airlift Wing 440th helps train airborne and special operations units at Fort Bragg, N.C.


Navy bans chaplain from ministering to family of dead sailor


Obama Pentagon can´t account for $500 million in weapons left in Yemen

Reports: Navy fires commodore after a loss of confidence in her ability to lead, Capt. Heather Cole

Navy Strategic Air Wing Commander Fired


From Hero to Hater: Navy Beats Down Chaplain’s Appeal for Religious Freedom in Homophobia Complaint

Chiefs: Budget Cuts Weaken Force, Increase Risk of Losing Wars Strategy of fighting one war while holding off another enemy in doubt


Army’s withdrawal of officer’s Silver Star sparks ire of Congress

U.S. Air Force blasted for defying Congress over Russian rocket ban


Obama’s budget offers Army ‘bare minimum’ while at ‘historically low levels

General Jerry Boykin: Navy Forcing out Evangelical Chaplain After he was “Deliberately Set Up” by Homosexual Activist


The Navy Just ‘Lost’ 9 Ships From The Fleet


Army Makes It Harder to Dismiss Transgender Soldiers

Army Court Rules Military Must Refer to Bradley Manning as a Woman

Why would a transcript from a U.S. gov court-martial refer to the POTUS as Barrack Houssein Obama II


Armed Services Chair: Budget Proposal 'A Start' to Rebuilding Defense Spending

Marine Commandant Outlines Budget-based Priority Shifts

Greenert: Sequestration Threatens Readiness, Modernization


Army Not Interested in Taking A-10 Warthogs from Air Force


Army Says ‘No Chance’ It Would Ever Save The A-10s From Scrap Yard


Is The Air Force Trying To Make The A-10 Look Bad?


China submarines outnumber U.S. fleet: U.S. admiral


WH: We 'Welcome' Defense Secretary's Remarks About Transgenders Serving in Military

 U.S. Military No Longer Able to Fight Two Wars at Same Time Report finds that shrinking armed forces are less able to respond to global threats

U.S. military decimated under Obama, only ‘marginally able’ to defend nation


Carter Selects Fanning as First Openly Gay Pentagon Chief of Staff


Senator: Air Force is Unlawfully Dismantling Airlift Wing


 Air Force secretary supports lifting transgender ban


Decisions on removing transgender soldiers from Army moving to federal level


Air Force released cherry-picked data to smear A-10 Thunderbolts II


 Woodward: Military Upset Susan Rice Telling Generals How To Fight


Fort Hood victims get Purple Heart and the @SecArmy lies through his teeth


Army announces Fort Hood victims will receive Purple Heart


U.S. Air Force allows rainbow- striped U.S. flag at Arizona base


Obama's Defense Budget Well Below Gates's Proposal

Obama wants to strip funding from veterans' medical choice program

Obama Wants More Money for Military Spy Satellites, Lasers, Space Fence: It could be a great year for lasers and spy satellites, but a bad one for drones on aircraft carriers


Chuck Hagel Says He Was Pressured By White House To Release More GITMO Prisoners [VIDEO]


Air Force Vet Rep. Martha McSally Urges Obama to Fund A-10 Warthogs


Military Silent Through Obama’s Jokes at Hagel Ceremony


Outgoing US Defense Secretary Hagel Warns of Limits of Military Power


Obama Makes History: First Time Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Used in SOTU


Obama Promises to Close Gitmo at SOTU – Top Generals Do Not Applaud (Video)

The A-10 Has Carried Out 11% Of US Airstrikes On ISIS Though The Plane May Be Scrapped


‘For God and country’ recruiting poster removed; ‘God’ is a problem in Obama’s military?


Obama whispers “bang-bang” to terrorists: Trainee's out of ammo, reduced to saying 'bang bang' in drills

James: New Acquisition Initiative Aims to Cut Costs


Air Force Secretary: 'No regrets' on retiring A-10


Obama’s mark on the military; A deeply unpopular commander in chief is forcing profound change inside the ranks


The U.S. Govt. vs. Gen. David Petraeus


Dempsey jokes about White House 'micromanagement' of Pentagon

Former Army officer to remain in prison for slaying of 2 Afghan nationals


 U.S. to Shutter 15 European Bases Under Cost Cutting Plan

DoD Announces European Infrastructure Consolidation Actions and F-35 Basing in Europe


      US Scaling Back Troops in Europe to Save $500M


Exclusive: U.S. Drone Fleet at ‘Breaking Point,’ Air Force Says


Obama Promises to End 'Combat Mission' in Afghanistan 'Next Week'

Obama gives Christmas-time salute to troops, (from Hawaii)


Obama’s nominee for Pentagon post implicated in alleged theft of CIA documents


Obama Gives Military 1 Percent Pay Raise


State Dept: U.S. Nukes Down 85%, From 31,255 to 4,804


Gitmo Terrorists Released to ISIS While Hero U.S. Soldier Rots in Jail


FLASHBACK: Valerie Jarrett Mistakes 4-Star General For Waiter


 State Department Backs Off Controversial ASAT Test Ban Proposal Pentagon, military opposing space weapons testing ban

Cruz Makes Case for Fort Hood Terror Victims to Receive Purple Heart


Obama Vows 'Leaner' Military In Ongoing Fight Against Terror

President Obama's Joke Calling Troops 'Santa in Fatigues' Silences Audience

 Obama Revisits the Army Base Where His Buddy Bill Ayers Tried to Kill Servicemen


Interrogation Program Architect Says Democrats Using Report to Gain More Control Over CIA


Army Chaplain Refuses To Be Censored On Bible

U.S. Military Has 1,000 Full-time, 22,000 Part-Time Sexual Assault Response Coordinators


Chaplain punished for sharing his faith in suicide prevention class


Survey: Military Morale Plummets 35-Points Since Obama Became Commander-In-Chief…


A worsening morale crisis After 13 years of war, troops feel burned out and without a sense of mission. More doubt their leaders and their job security

America´s Mlitary: A force adrift


Stunning map shows America´s population of young veterans falling since 1980


DoD renames “unlawful combatants” in detainee manual to “unprivileged enemy belligerents”

Air Force TV Ad Quotes Reagan, Kennedy, Bush, Clinton, Not Obama

Veterans Slam Obama's Leadership On Iraq


US military urged to allow transgender troops to serve openly


U.S. military readiness for war, competitive edge worsening: officials

HUD secretary says L.A., nation on track to house all homeless vets


Three US missile bases had to SHARE a wrench, Hagel admits as he orders top-to-bottom changes in nuke force


Combat pilot who tried to halt lesbian kissing episode faces discharge

Cuts in Military Mean Job Losses for Career Staff

 Congress: Military Left Out of Space Arms Control Talks Not consulted on proposed code of conduct, ban on anti-satellite weapons tests


Veterans Day Celebrated By Leasing Moffett Naval Air Station To Google


Over At CNN, Even America's Seals Have Had It With "Obama"


Military service members complain about sex survey


Inside the Ring: Problems of U.S. Nuclear Forces Must Be Addressed


 Air Force fires 2 more nuclear missile corps commanders, disciplines another Air Force nuclear missile corps also fired top commander last year...

The Air Force Just Fired Two More Nuclear Missile Commanders


Obama admin orders sensitivity training after Army bars man from woman’s restroom

Does the military have a problem with Jesus?


Obama's quarantine remarks draw fire from military spouses


92% of Marine Casualties in Afghanistan War Occurred Under Obama


Springsteen, Eminem Concert to Close Metro to Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day

2002: Eminem Dresses Up Like Bin Laden For ‘Without Me’ Video


101st Airborne Won’t Get Full Protective Hazmat Suits for Ebola Mission in West Africa


US Army Handbook From 2011 Confirms Airborne Ebola Cases

General: US Troops Who Contract Ebola Will Be Quarantined in Liberia

US Soldiers Get Just 4 Hours of Training Before Ebola Deployment


Pentagon backlash: Why are top military leaders attacking Obama’s foreign policy?


U.S. Army Says it Faces Huge Equipment, Training Risks with Budget Cuts


ABC Medical Expert: ‘Very Real Possibility’ U.S. Soldier Contracts Ebola


Navy sailors distrust commanders, fear crippling political correctness


Defense Department Admits US Troops In Liberia Will "Come In Contact" With the Ebola-Infected

Congress on verge of doing what Taliban, al Qaeda can’t: Break U.S. Army

NIH Official Dismisses Rand Paul´s Concerns Of Ebola Threat To US Troops

Obama Administration Ignores Warnings from Military Labor Department dismisses concerns from Navy, small businessmen that executive order will close businesses on base

Michelle Blames ‘This Country’ For Female Vet’s Unemployment


Outrageous: Obama Just Spat In The Face Of Two Vietnam Vets Trying To Save A Fellow Marine


Obama's top 30 most disrespectful insults to the military


Outrage Forces Obama Admin to Stop Withholding Medals from Soldiers Fighting ISIS


In Chicago – Obama Still Struggles to Render Proper Salute

 Outrage: Troops Fighting in Iraq Not Eligible For Certain Medals Also, Tom Ricks publishes absurdist, probably fictional dialogue by 9/11 Truther

WH Brushes Off Plight of U.S. Marine Jailed in Mexico


Pentagon Official: The President Is Lying To America — About Us, And About ISIS

Sergeant Tahmooressi’s Mother Delivers Passionate Testimony On Her Son’s Continued Detainment


Rep. Franks: Obama Latte Salute Symbolizes 'Resentment' of Military


Americans forced out of US military; illegal aliens allowed to enlist


‘Semper Latte’: GOP Now Fundraising off Obama Coffee Salute Video

White House defends 'latte salute'


Obama in 2009: F-22 Jets Used to Strike Syria 'Outdated and Unnecessary'

Obama returns a salute from Marines with coffee cup in his saluting hand

Navy used 47 Tomahawks last night, 47% of planned 2015 purchases


Obama Declines Invitation to Attend Memorial Dedication for Disabled Veterans


Odierno: More troops in Afghanistan may get pink slips

Report: 'Hagel to Examine Military Ties to NFL'


Army opens Ranger school to women

Gen. Jack Keane: Frustration level with Obama in the Pentagon, CENTCOM and among military is as HIGH AS EVER


Mark Levin: "A Revolt Going On With Top Generals And Obama"

Former Navy SEAL: Over 90 Percent Of Troops Do Not Support Obama [VIDEO]

Cruz: Hagel, Dempsey more ‘social workers’ than military leaders

Air Force Members Can Now Omit ‘So Help Me God’ from Oath


 Obama Declines to Attend Memorial Dedication for Disabled Veterans President’s decision not to attend is among first in recent history


‘It doesn’t make sense’: Concerns over enlisting DOD in Ebola response

 Obama Rejected ‘Best Military Advice’ From Top Military Commander 'The American people will once again see us in a war that doesn't seem to be making progress'

"Army worried too many white men lead combat units."

WFB's Aaron MacLean On the Left's Effect On the Military


Obama: US Military Could Help in Ebola Fight

Obama caps military pay for the 2nd year in a row


Parents of Navy SEAL Killed in Action Demand Obama’s Resignation


Mulitcultural US Navy Ad


Obama’s Speech To The American Legion Was Painfully Awkward [VIDEO]


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel did, in fact, attend the Greene funeral, (no POTUS or VPOTUS)

Study Finds 25% of Troops Use Food Banks


Almost 8,000 Navy chiefs face ax


Guess who was missing at funeral of highest ranking officer killed in combat since Vietnam War, The POTUS and VPOTUS

“ To those who asked: Yes, Obama was, in fact, on course at Vineyard Golf Club during Gen. Greene's funeral." Byron York @ByronYork


Breaking: Obama VA Is Trolling Veteran Community For Gun Owners

New Bill Would Open Air Force to Deaf

U.S. Navy catching hell for yanking Bibles Atheist group successfully lobbied for removal


Military Leaders Turning Against We the People?


Navy removes Bibles from guest rooms


Obama on first combat death of an American general in decades: (Silence)

National Guard Banned From Meet-&-Greet at Bible Camp – It’s ‘Against Policy’


Lawsuit: Soldier forced out of Army for serving Chick-fil-A, reading Hannity book

Army General Harold Greene; American General Killed in Shooting at Afghan Military Academy ; U.S. general killed in Afghanistan was key figure in training effort : Army General Harold Greene Was Shot in Back Four Times: Source


Army to Force Out 550 Majors; Some in Afghanistan


German officer will serve as US Army Chief of Staff in Europe. First non-American Officer.


Military bars troops from attending Vacation Bible school honor


Many Military Generals Now Taking Public Stands Against Obama


Veterans show Obama how they turn their backs on him, as he has done to them


Diversity drive: Air Force command nominee is 1st woman, non-pilot Promotion sought in diversity drive


Pentagon’s big budget F-35 fighter ‘can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run’


The Obama Administration will send out pink slips to US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan in the coming weeks


U.S. Nuke Sites Dismantled Security to Save Money, Report Warns


US Military To Face Growing Crises, Falling Budgets


Navy SEAL contractor denied medical treatment by U.S. Embassy medical professionals


Military Bans Bibles But Forces Soldiers to Adhere to Ramadan Rules


Obama Flips on Immunity for U.S. Troops in Iraq: Troops can be prosecuted by Iraq's courts


Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown


Obama Reminds the Greatest Generation How He's Changing the Military


Obama official Brandon Friedman: Military supporters 'have a cartoonish view of the military'

Obama Advisor: Rising Sea Levels Threaten Military Bases: ‘Where Will We Move Them?’


Pentagon wrestles with bogus climate warnings as fundshifted to green agenda s

New file (related) The Bad Bergdahl Bargain


Report: ´Undocumented Immigrants´ Will Be Able to ´Join the Military´


Obama gives military latrine duty new meaning; Government document puts naval engineering group in charge of Kenya pit toilets


 Military Plans To Test Brain Implants To Fight Mental Disorders


6 Times Obama Used the Troops for Photo Ops

VA cuts D-Day veteran’s benefits to $6 a month


Military Leave Policy Altered to Accommodate Same-Sex Weddings


U.S. Air Base Provides Comfort and Benefits for 1,000 Illegal Immigrants in Texas

ONLY IN OBAMALAND: On Armed Forces Day Obama Honors Gays & Trannies Instead of Armed Forces


Rep. Paul Broun: VA Scandal Shows Obama's 'Disdain' for Military

Pentagon Press Conference Turns Into Heated Debate Between Top Generals From US And China


CNN Grills W.H. Chief of Staff: How Many Dead Veterans Do You Need?

Obama Sends in The Cleaner; Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors, to “help” and to “oversee” things at Veterans Affairs

VA Spends Close to $500 Million on Conference Room, Office Makeovers Under Obama

VA Chief To Withhold Information From Congress, Citing Ongoing Investigation

Shinseki to testify on wait-list fraud in Senate hearing

Cascade of scandals has Veterans Secretary Eric Shinseki fighting for his job

Memos Show VA Staffers Have Been ´Gaming System´ for Six Years


Obama Appoints Top Aide to Oversee VA Review

Sixth VA office probing “inappropriate scheduling”

VA Scandal: Testing and Care Rationed "Because of Dollars and Cents"

CBS News reveals another VA center with a secret waiting list; VA social worker says it’s all about bonuses

No, Uncle Sam doesn’t really want YOU: Military now turns down 80% of applicants

Republicans Overturn Obama Decision To Deny Honors And Benefits To The Victims Of Fort Hood


Committee head wants Obama to name special commission to investigate Veterans Affairs patient deaths, care delays

Army to Reduce Active Duty Soldiers by Another 30,000

Eric Holder: No Plans at DOJ to Investigate Secret Waiting Lists and Veteran Deaths at VA Hospitals

Air Force plan to strip generals of authority


Transgenders in the U.S. Military: ‘I’m Open to That,’ Hagel Says

U.S. Naval Academy Hosts First Same-Sex Wedding for Maryland Couple


Defense Sec. Hagel Open to ‘Review’ of Military Transgender Policy


Minimum wage order sends veterans packing from nursing homes


Veterans Secretary Eric Shinseki is missing in action

Pentagon to destroy $1 billion worth of ammo Read more at


Navy orders 10 nuclear subs for $17.6B in most lucrative contract ever

 Military Commanders: Fewer Assets Leading to More Drugs Sequestration hurting ability to interdict flow of drugs into U.S.

Sensitivity: DOD's 'Human Goals' Updated to Include LGBTs


 Report: Pentagon Has No Plan For Troops, Military Assets Pentagon fails to issue legally mandated policy on troops, materials

New U.S. Stealth Jet Can't Hide From Russian Radar

Navy losing sailors and SEALs over emphasis on social issues


MILITARY UPDATE: Ex-commissary chief warns cuts could topple resale system


Administration to cancel Hellfire and Tomahawk missile programs


Veterans overwhelmingly disapprove of Obama

Today's Army: Commander Suspended for Alleged Insensitivity

Marine: President Obama Lied to Me

Michelle Obama: Average American doesn't 'know much about the military'


Marines, Army prepare women for combat


Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Barrett: Less pay raises discipline


Yes, the Navy Did Try To Ban The "Don’t Tread On Me Patch"

Top Senate Republican Says Obama 'Disarmed America'


VA Pays $200 Million for Nearly 1,000 veterans' Wrongful Deaths


Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Progressivism (Not an April Fool’s Joke)


Obama Told Military Leaders: Accept Gays In Military Or Step Down, Admiral Says

Air Force removes Bible from POW-MIA display


 VA Hides Names of Hospitals Where Vets Died From Delays  FOIA experts say docs wrongly withheld

GOP Rep. Hunter slams reported proposal to ban tobacco sales on Navy bases, ships


VA Hides Names of Hospitals Where Vets Died From Delays

Air force staff at Montana nuclear base fired over exam cheating scandal   None of the nine fired commanders were directly involved in the cheating, but each was found to have failed on leadership issues

The Air Force fired nine mid-level nuclear commanders in cheating scandal

Obama Purges Top Nuke Commanders After 'Nuke In Manhattan' Warning

Commanders fired in nuke missile cheating scandal


 Report: F-35 Delay to Harm U.S. Warfighting Ability   Costs skyrocketing as reliability plunges


Sailors leaving Navy over stress on social issues, Top Gun instructor says

Obama worries NATO allies spending less on defense


Obama to Cut Tomahawk Missiles 10 Years Before Replacement Ready(Including Hellfire Missiles)


Obama to Kill Tomahawk, Hellfire Missile Programs Cornerstone of U.S. Naval power eliminated under Obama budget

 Veterans Affairs Stonewalling the Press Veterans' Affairs Committee website highlights VA refusal to comment


 U.S. Forces Unable to Seize Drug Shipments Due to Declining Resources Southern Command is lowest priority command region


Hospital Ships to Be Counted in U.S. Combat Fleet

Air Force sacks two commanders in Europe


Air Force: Christians' Religious Speech Not Legally Protected Right


Some Air Force Cadets So Angry Over What Happened With Bible Verses on Campus They Have Staged a 'Revolt'

USMC to Create 'Experimental Task Force' to See if Women Can Handle Combat


Army cutting combat brigades


Military families would take a $5,000 hit in benefits with Obama budget


Gates: Defense Budget Cuts 'A Serious Mistake'

Did SEAL Team 6 die in Afghanistan to give Obama good publicity? [VIDEO]


Author Richard Miniter: Obama Injecting Political Correctness into Military


Muslim Brotherhood Group Recommending Chaplains for U.S. Military


Nearly 1 in 5 had mental illness before enlisting in Army, study says


Gays Perform First Drag Show on US Military Base (Video)


Wounded Warrior Blasts Obama for Lack of Leadership in Fiercely Worded Open Letter


Obama-Hagel defense budget is based on dangerous guesswork


Hagel: Year One: Celebrating Chuck Hagel's first anniversary as Secretary of Defense


Pentagon's Counter-IED Force to Shrink by Two-Thirds This Year

Hagel to the Troops: It’s Not About the Money


Defense secretary recommends elimination of A-10 fleet

Pentagon Budget Slashes Benefits for Active Duty Personnel as Obama Wants Pay Raise for Civilian Fed Employees

 DoD budget seeks cuts in BAH, commissary, Tricare benefits

DOD to Continue Using Liberal Southern Poverty Law Center as Training Resource


Department of Veterans Affairs employees destroyed veterans' medical records to cancel backlogged exam requests [AUDIO]

Pentagon budget slashes benefits

Hagel: Dominance of US military 'can no longer be taken for granted'

Hagel 2005: Beware Defense Cuts!

Defense budget said to shrink Army to pre-World War II low

 Pentagon to propose shrinking Army, scrapping some jets: report

Governors to Obama: 'Don´t Cut the National Guard'

General Keane: Proposed Budget Cuts Into Bone of Army


 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to recommend deep budget cuts targeting pay, benefits

Obama administration knew that veterans' personal info was at risk, security programs violated federal law


Defense Dept. Fights the Enemy: Tobacco, Cigarettes


Rumsfeld: US Going Into Decline Due to 'Weakness' in Military


Food stamp use among troops skyrockets during Obama admin


US Army Builds 'Fake City' in Virginia to Practice Military Occupation


Exclusive: Misconduct forces more soldiers out

"I Didn´t Join to Be Sacrificed": US Troop Deaths in Afghanistan Skyrocket Under Obama

The Army’s $5 Billion New Uniform Already Being Replaced


How Obama and the Army Betrayed the Victims of Fort Hood

China flexes its muscles in U.S.-led military exercises

Gender Madness Taking Over the Military and Schools


'I Didn't Join to Be Sacrificed': U.S. Troops Fed Up with Risky Afghanistan Strategy


New Benghazi Report Finds 'Severely Degraded' Readiness and a Pentagon Struggling to Catch Up


Report: General Mattis Forced Out of CENTCOM For Questioning Obama


Debbie Does USAF  The cheating scandal is huge—and there's more.: Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the Air Force, 20 years of her 30-year career as a House Armed Services Committee staffer and a Clinton administration Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs. Her last ten years were spent at SAIC (a large Beltway consulting firm). Never in the military


Obama's Army Only 85% Ready To Fight


In trying to reduce the cost of its specialized AC-130 gunships, the U.S. Air Force may have made them more vulnerable to enemy gunfire.


Pentagon to relax rules on personal religious wear — including beards, turbans


Fmr Navy SEAL Tells Judge Pirro: Nobody That Wears a Navy SEAL Trident is a Fan of Obama or Hillary


Obama Administration Retaliates Against Catholic Priest Who Was Barred From Naval Base During Shutdown


Navy's second-ranking civilian resigns amid criminal investigation

37 Nuclear missile launch officers being investigated


US Air Force drug probe grows to 10 officers

How Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Steals From His Soldiers


Senate Democrats Block Amendment to Restore Military Pensions Amendment would close loophole that allows tax refunds for illegal aliens

Postal Service ordered to reinstate National Guardsman fired in 2000 The soldier is awarded reinstatement and about $2 million in back pay and benefits. Legal experts expect claims to rise as more Reserve and Guard veterans return to civilian life.  


U.S. waived laws to keep F-35 on track with China-made parts

Robert Gates: Obama Browbeat Petraeus for Afghanistan Withdrawal Criticism

DOD Reviewing Its 'Equal Opportunity' Training--After Anti-Christian Materials Exposed

Navy Mistakenly Sends Memo to NBC Reporter of Plans to Derail Him


Here Are The 12 Worst Ways Obama Has Assaulted Our Military


Security backdoor found in China-made US military chip

Obama Administration Is Secretly Declaring Thousands of US Veterans Incompetent – Then Taking Away Their Second Amendment Rights


House committee: Obama administration banned Christmas carols and cards for veterans


Military retirees say new budget deal breaks the ultimate promise

Marines Delay Female Fitness Plan After Half of Women Fail - See more at:


Army 1LT Clint Lorance: Sentenced to Prison for Protecting His Unit


Female Marines Not Required To Do 1 Pull-Up


Georgia Veterans Hospital Bans Christmas Carolers From Singing Religious Songs


Obamas' Christmas Message Touts Administration's Foreign Policy

Obama lauds returning troops in holiday broadcast


Thanks to Obama's Policies – 900,000 Veterans Live On Food Stamps Today (Video)

AP: Military Personnel Make Enough Money to Survive Pension Cuts

Liberty Institute: Veterans Affairs Bans Christmas Cards to Troops over Religious Content

Army: Don't say Christmas


'Zero Dark Thirty' leak investigators now target of leak probe


Sickened by service: More US sailors claim cancer from helping at Fukushima


Special ops vets slam military benefit cuts


Simpson-Bowles Plan Eliminates Cost-of-Living Adjustments for Working-Age Military Retirees

Senate Dems block amendment to restore veteran benefits by closing illegal immigrant welfare loophole


Army to cut up to 4,000 captains and majors

Disabled Military Retirees Not Exempt from Pension Cuts in Budget Deal


Endangered species: 'Warthog' faces extinction as Air Force eyes Pacific

Marine's Career In Jeopardy After Exposing Child Rapist Linked To Taliban (Video)


Sen. Levin: We'll Review Budget Deal's Military Cuts

Ryan Defends Reduction to Cost-of-Living Adjustments for Early Military Retirees


Female Integration into Combat Roles Could Harm National Security May also increase injuries, deaths, sexual assaults

President Obama nominates the first ever female 4 Star Navy admiral

Did the White House lie to cover up another American left behind on the battlefield? [VIDEO]

Purging Senior Military Officers/NCOs..........Martial Law in the not distant future---Sounds feasible to me


Obama's Afghanistan experts stumped on U.S. death toll, war costs during hearing

CNN: Military retirees: You betrayed us, Congress

Defense Secretary Hagel Asked to Review Military's Connections to the Southern Poverty Law Center


Veterans Administration Scales Back Efforts to Reduce Veterans Benefit Backlog

Under Obama, troops forced to rely on welfare, holiday charity to make ends meet


Possible closing of commissaries worries Charleston-area military families

Obama Administration Sees Three Quarters of All U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan

Army Eyes New Standards for Women in Combat

Budget negotiators looking at military pensions

The Air Force 'Informant Program': Newspaper confirms former Air Force Academy cadet's OSI account

Air Force removes Nativity scene


Extortion 17 Navy SEAL's Letter Shows Demoralization of Special Forces

Shades of Vietnam: Spike in U.S. troop deaths tied to stricter rules of engagement


Kill team: Obama war chiefs widen drone death zones

Honor and deception: Secretive Air Force program recruits academy cadets to inform...


Obama to Close Commissaries for Poor Military Families (Video)


U.S. commander in Afghanistan apologizes to Karzai for civilian deaths, injuries

Rules of engagement limit the actions of U.S. troops and drones in Afghanistan Say dwellings now virtual safe havens for terrorists


Military Reserve Pay And Benefits Are Under Attack


 Despite Promises, Obama Planning to Close ICBM Squadron President vowed New START treaty would not cause reduction in ICBM force


Army PR Push: Use 'Average-Looking Women'


DoD seeks plan to shut all U.S. commissaries


Military Update: Veterans could see benefits cut in effort to reduce federal deficit


Military Veteran Put on Leave for Having 'God Bless America' in Email Signature


6 States Refuse Benefits to Gay National Guard Spouses


Obama building 'compliant officer class' Army intel official: Increasingly, 'to make colonel and higher is all politics'

Purging America's Military


Military members, veterans missing out on key ObamaCare provision

Veterans Affairs forced chaplains from program for quoting Scripture, praying in the name of Jesus, suit alleges


Military 'tricare' not OBAMACARE Compliant

Two Navy admirals suspended amid mushrooming bribery, prostitution scandal

Christians Face Culture of Fear, Intimidation in U.S. Military Today

NYC Food Bank Head: 40% Of Veterans Need Food Assistance 95,000 Former Service Members In NYC Eating At Soup Kitchens, Pantries


Mandatory Snoop Program In Army

How the military isolates itself -- and hurts veterans

Obama Administration Says Cuts to Military Pay and Benefits Are Needed

VA sued for harassing Christian chaplains Military pastors ordered to stop quoting Bible, leave Jesus at home


Pentagon Manual Says White Males Have Unfair Advantage


3 Navy Officials Now Charged with Taking Bribes


Video: Obama's Military Purge

A Clear and Present Danger: The Threat of Religious Freedom in the Military

Navy: No Ban on 'Don't Tread on Me' Patch


VA sends $4,000 bill to double-amputee Purple Heart recipient after he spoke out against Obama

Is Homeland Security Building a Mercenary Unit? DHS to Hire "Top Secret" Domestic Security Force

Obama Admin. Has 680 'Green Military' Projects Underway Despite Slashing Budgets

General blames 'Night Stalker' for military purge: Valerie Jarrett


Camp Zama commander relieved of duty: Col. Eric Tilley was suspended from his job as commander of U.S. Army Garrison Japan.

In reversal, Obama says he will boost US military support in Iraq

Riot Control: DHS Spends $500,000 on Fully Automatic Pepper Spray Launchers

West Point hosts first wedding between 2 men


More Distinguished Military Blasting Administration

Retired General: Some in Military Want to 'Take Out the President' -William Boykin, now a Family Research Council executive, says military officers are sick of Obama's political correctness.

Navy SEALs ordered to remove 'don’t tread on me' Navy Jack from uniforms

Top generals: Obama is 'purging the military' Describe president's actions as 'emasculating,' ranks now lack 'will to win'


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Thursday sharply criticized U.S. states that are defying the Pentagon by refusing to allow National Guard facilities to issue ID cards that enable same-sex spouses of military members to claim benefits.

Pleading the Fifth: Official Won't Answer Questions About Making Parody Videos While Injured Vets Wait for Benefits

Pentagon training manual: white males have unfair advantages

VA Spent MILLIONS On Florida Conference While Vets Suffered


Battle Rattle - these are the types of Marines the USMC is kicking out without benefits


Marine under fire for warning about insider threat: Jason Bresler

Obama's Military Coup Purges 197 Officers In "My Military" In Five Years

Suck it out: Chubby military personnel are getting liposuction to pass Pentagon's body fat test


Court to feds: Explain Marine's Facebook-postings arrest Judge refuses to dismiss law enforcement officers from false-detention lawsuit


Marine Corps Shoots Down Unisex Caps

Air Force Academy cadets are no longer required to say "so help me God" at the end of the Honor Oath, school officials said


U.S. Marines turn up noses at Obama's new 'girly' hats

Army halts training program that labeled Christians as extremists


Air Force Academy to drop 'God' from oath

SEAL Veteran: Military Leaders Being Asked if They Will Disarm Americans

(CURRENT COUNT: 45) High-Ranking Military Officials Removed By Obama


...only two of [the Army's] 42 combat brigades are ready for combat

Shocking admission on Army preparedness: No training the last 6 months

Another Navy Commanding Officer goes down: Navy officer charged with trading secrets for Lady Gaga tickets- Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz

The Stumbled and fallen…..Why are many of our high US military officers departing military service for obscure reasons?

Jon Stewart Delivers Blistering Takedown of Obamacare Rollout: Dems Can't 'Spin This Turd'


Revealed: Medal of Honor hero's anger that his request for backup was denied TEN TIMES while he single-handedly fought for seven hours against 60 Taliban


Pentagon Cleaning House?

Two More Commanding Military Officials Suspended Pending Investigation Following Dismissal of Generals

9 Generals Fired During the Obama Administration So Far

New NSA deputy expected to be leaks task force head: sources

Embattled NSA director, deputy director both to retire; National Security Agency Director General Keith Alexander and his deputy will leave their jobs at the top of the US intelligence agency within six months, according to a new report.


Colonel in charge of Quantico's Security Battalion relieved

Senior officer, NCIS agent are among those arrested in Navy bribery scandal

New gay Army


DOD Refuses to Say If It Would Stop Priest from Giving Last Rites to Dying Serviceman- 'We Are Currently Litigating' Matter

Soldier Receives 20 Year Sentence One Year After Afghanistan Shooting


143rd ESC command team suspended pending investigation

Army corrects Camp Shelby for labeling American Family Association as hate group

DOD Still Barring 50 Priests from Administering Sacraments, Locks Up Eucharist, Priest Sues

Obama's Curious Purge Of The Military Continues


 US Army defines Christian ministry as 'domestic hate group'

Pentagon Cleaning House? Are These The Ones That Won't Cooperate With Impending Martial Law?


Air Force general in charge of ICBMs to be fired: Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, the second-in-charge at U.S. Strategic Command


Air Force general in charge of nuclear weapons removed for lack of trust: defense officials


Judicial Watch asks: Why did the Air Force Academy remove "God" from its inductee oath?


3-star Navy admiral fired as No. 2 commander of US nuclear forces; decision approved by Obama: Vice Adm. Tim Giardina


Report: Department of Energy Discriminated Against Veterans


Pentagon Warns To Expect "Radical"” Change In US Government Soon: Military Coup coming?


Priests Threatened with Arrest if they Minister to Military During Shutdown

Pentagon ordering most of its furloughed civilian employees back to work despite shutdown


No Sunday Mass at Quantico If Government Shutdown Continues

Shutdown forces West Point to combine classes

OBAMA's message to the MIlitary, 10-1-2013

Air Force Grounds Squadrons Of Fighter Jets, Drones Due To Shut Down


2nd high-ranking Navy officer relieved of duty as bribery probe expands

Obama blurs line between military, foreign aid Seeking adviser to 'deploy with DOD forces in humanitarian emergencies'


Airmen say Air Force is punishing evangelical Christians


Naval Military Officers Relieved of Duty under Obama administration in 2012

2011: 14 Navy commanders relieved of duty, prompting conduct memo


Former Special Forces Commander: Now It's Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for Christians


Leaked Department of Defense Report Blames Budget Cuts For Lax Security at Naval Yard


Airman Claiming Religious Discrimination Mirandized, May Face Court Martial


AF couple receives first same-sex join spouse assignment


Air Force cracking down on Christians


Justice Department to require VA to provide benefits to same-sex couples


Obama Reduces 2014 Pay Hike for U.S. Troops, Still Fighting in Afghanistan


Citizens Claim Pentagon Forced Them to Shut Down Charity for Deployed Soldiers

Suicides in the Military up for the 3rd month in a row


Is the IRS Fishing for Lists of Veterans?


Leaked Letter: Unsupervised Nurses to Replace Doctors in VA Medical Facilities?

VA Gives Employees Bonuses While Veterans Wait for Benefits


Christian Airman Claims He Was Fired by Lesbian Commander for Gay Marriage Stance


Defense Department guide calls Founding Fathers 'extremist'

Marine Corps to open infantry training to enlisted women


IRS is targeting the American Legion with new set of guidelines

Hagel: Budget Cuts Will Make Troops 'Stronger'


Military gives bonuses only to same-sex couples


Military Reverses Decision After Suspending Meal Tickets, Reducing Hours at Walter Reed´s Warrior Cafe

Insult to Injury: Wounded warriors snubbed at Walter Reed dining hall

Obama upends intel panel

Military judge raps Obama for sexual assault comments

Fort Hood's Casualties Have Earned The Purple Heart

Airmen Punished for Objecting to Gay Marriage


DOD: Gay Troops Will Get Extra Time Off to Go to Same-Sex Marriage States and Get Hitched

Department of Defense 'Announces Same-Sex Spouse Benefits'

Pentagon Considers Combatant Command Consolidation Plan


Chairman of House Armed Services subcommittee on strategic forces: Obama administration has cut $6 billion from U.S. missile defense programs at a time when missile threats are growin


Are These The Last Days Of The U.S. Marine Corps?

Obama to Jay Leno: Russian Laws Against Homosexuality 'Violating Basic Morality'


Obama warns disabled veterans prolonged sequester could put their benefits in jeopardy

Air Force Says Drag Acts Symbolize Gay Pride


Judicial Watch Sues CIA for Guest List from bin Laden Assault Awards Ceremony Where Panetta Revealed "Top Secret" DOD Information

Where Are the Carriers?


VIDEO: Ft Hood Victims Say Obama Gave Them Substandard Med Care, Betrayed Them

Military convoy, honks in support for protesters of Impeach Obama overpass rally

Navy drops plans to repair fire-damaged USS Miami sub

Memo: Gay Troops to Get 10 Days of Leave to Marry


Wife Of Ft. Hood Survivor: "DOD Is Gagging Us"

Report: Obama's DOD Slaps Gag Order on Fort Hood Survivors & Family Members

Pentagon may revise same-sex benefits

President Obama to Troops: Sexual Assault in the MIlitary Must Stop, "And That Comes From the Top"


Experts: Pentagon Strategic Plan Would Produce Aging, Hollow Military


Army won't suspend contracts with Al Qaeda-tied companies, citing 'due process rights'


Pentagon Looking to Find New Ways to 'Nurture' Warriors and Women in Combat


Hagel Gives Dire Assessment of Choices He Expects Cuts to Force on the Pentagon


Pentagon Furlough Days Inflated


Citizens Claim Pentagon Forced Them to Shut Down Charity for Deployed Soldiers

Government Promises to Stop Lying Because of Drudge Report Spotlight


Chaplain Ordered to Remove Religious Essay From Military Website


Navy Using Video Game 'Avatars' to Combat Sexual Assault; Sailors to Act Out 'Scripted Scenarios'


Obama: Defense Veto Unless Vets Pay More For Health Care

Congress to probe lethal SEAL crash


Hurt Locker: No proof U.S. life-saving anti-IED program ever implemented in Afghanistan

 Experts: Sequester Cuts Will Devastate U.S. Military Furloughs hitting employees hard, while U.S. verging on inability to fight two-front war

Chuck Hagel warns: Troops are 'close to the breaking point'

Gays in, Bibles out in the new American military


Pentagon Signs $31K Contract for Oil Portrait of Leon Panetta

Pentagon Hosts Ramadan Iftar Dinner Keynoted by Keith Ellison


Formerly Incarcerated Veteran  Describes Year-Long "Psychiatric Evaluations"


Military Will Not Rescind Reprimand for Airman Opposed to Gay Marriage


Hagel orders 20 percent cut in Pentagon top brass, senior civilians

IG Report: Federal Energy Agency Disadvantaged Military Vets in Hiring


Air Force's Thunderbirds, other units to fly again

Republicans Blame Obama Funding Cuts for 3rd Failure of U.S. Missile Defense Test

Marine officer: Scope of sex assault problem exaggerated


Obama Remark Is Complicating Military Trials


27-Year Veteran Punished for Objecting to Homosexual Marriage at West Point Chapel


Congressman: Christian Soldiers Being Singled out for Punishment

What Boondoggle? Carney unaware of $34M military HQ troops won't use

DOD eyes trimming danger-pay regions; for some it’s a 'slap in the face'

Fort Bragg soldiers say cuts to danger pay would hurt morale, not worth savings

 If sequestration continues next year, the Pentagon says it might have to freeze all promotions, stop accepting new recruits, suspend permanent change-of-station moves and eliminate discretionary bonuses.

VA triples spending on homelessness problem

Was Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the much-discussed Saudi national once identified as a "person of interest" in the Boston Marathon bombings, at the White House for a 4th of July celebration for military heros and their families?  Apparent pictures posted on the Internet and a Saudi news outlet say yes.


Activists mount new campaign for servicemembers' religious freedom'


Report Details Hostility in U.S. Military toward Christian Members

The TSA agents who can't tell a hero from a terrorist: Moment wounded Iraq veteran marine was treated 'shamefully' because he couldn't raise his injured arm and was ordered to take off dress uniform because it had 'too much metal'


DoD civilian furloughs set to begin Monday


Military Fireworks Show Cut, Even Though Local Company Volunteered To Do It For Free


Military closes, cuts hours at some swimming pools

Pentagon civilian workers in Germany get raises while those in U.S. get cuts (Germans get raise)

M. Savage: Russian soldiers will be put on U.S. soil to provide security at mass events (07/01/2013)


 Sequestration Endangers Missile Defense Program... JLENS program faces cuts as Iran, North Korea missile threat grows

 Experts: Defense Cuts Could Stifle Innovation ...VP of Pratt and Whitney, AEI experts talk sequester at Brookings Institute


Gen. John Allen: Lawmaker: Pentagon probe of general's e-mails faulty

Obama's Purge: Military Officers Replaced Under the Commander-in-Chief


July 4th fireworks scrapped at a number of bases

The disturbing pattern: Obama rids America's military of yet another top general

US military chaplains concerned about freedom of religion

U.S. Army Teams Heading to 35 African Countries


Fear of G.I. Jane: Special operations forces are worried about adding women

US to Spend $771M on Planes Afghans Can't Use

Did Obama request 15,000 Russian Troops for an "Upcoming Disaster"?


Burial at Arlington Now Among Benefits for Military's Same-Sex Spouses

Justice Dept. targets general in leak probe


DOMA: Military spouses to see benefits 'as soon as possible,' Hagel vows

Air Force offers fighter pilots $225,000 to stay in ...The pilots must extend their contracts for nine years


Air Force Secretary Touts 'Gay Pride' Events in Afghanistan Where Homosexuality is Illegal

Army to cut combat brigades at 10 US bases

FBI investigation of Petraeus continues


Pentagon's LGBT 'Pride Month' Comes With a Poster


Military after 'Offensive' Materials in Workplace

Battle rages in the Military over Religious Rights

Gay Man Becomes Acting Secretary of the Air Force


Uncovering the Camp Bastion cover-up

Navy ditches toast to 'wives and sweethearts' for the first time in 200 years because there are now so many women at sea


Hagel: Why Shouldn't Women Have 'Same Opportunities' as Men to Serve in Combat?


Walter Reed plans to furlough thousands; soldier advocacy groups worry about care despite assurances


Navy Will Inspect Its Bathrooms for 'Degrading' Images of Women

Military plans would put women in most combat jobs


Report: Pentagon to open SEALs, Army Rangers to women


Department of Defense inspector general dumpst West Point superintendent Lt. Gen. David Huntoon

Maj. Gen. Michael T. Harrison, a 33-year veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, was relieved of his duties as commanding general of U.S. Army Japan and I Corps (Forward) by agreement of Gen. Ray Odierno, the Army chief of Staff, and Army Secretary John McHugh, the Army said in a statement.


Judge: Obama sex assault comments 'unlawful command influence'

Soldier Faces Charges For Reading Conservative Books


Congressman: Christian Soldiers Being Singled out for Punishment


Hagel: Obama Has Not Consulted Me on Defense Spending Bill

 America's Shrinking, Hurting Military Hagel, Dempsey discuss budget cuts and long term strategy before House budget committee

Obama Threatens Veto of Religious Protection for Military

Troops 'targeted by NSA for anti-Obama views'


USAFA Commencement sans Obama White House representation

Military told not to read Obama-scandal news Verizon phone records story off-limits to airmen


Air Force Removes Video that Mentions God

Soldier Told Not to Read Levin, Limbaugh or Hannity in Uniform


Source: DOD Delayed IG Report on Bin Laden Raid Leaks Until After Election

Army Punishes Soldier who Served Chick-fil-A


Pentagon Denies Relationship with Anti-Christian Extremist; Instantly Complies with His Demands


The New York Times: American and Their Military, Drifting Apart

Ret. Navy Captain: Obama Desecrating the US Military's Sacred POW Code of Conduct


Walter Reed hospital workers receive furlough notices: more than 3,500 civilian employees who care for the nation’s wounded warriors, nearly their entire civilian staffs.

The Drawdown Diet: Marines steamed by loss of hot meal at Afghanistan base


Obama To Spend $700 Million In US Tax Dollars For Russian Helicopters For Afghan Air Force

 America invites China to joint excercises off of Hawaii


Marine Corps commandant warns U.S. may be unable to respond to major threats


DHS Caught Spying On Veterans


Obama: 'Today Most Americans Are Not Directly Touched By War'

Palin: Obama Scandals Trample On Sacrifices of America´s Soldiers

Obama transforms mission as military struggles to remake itself: Downsizing


Obama Cancels Fleet Week

Fleet Week: A New York City tradition since 1982

From the Halls of Montezuma to Obama servant


At Naval Academy graduation, Obama vows to fight ‘foolish’ sequester cuts (that his admin came up with)

Obama uses Naval Academy commencement to discuss sexual assaults

Obama Fails to Salute Marine


Military suffers wave of 'gay' sex assaults 'We've got a male-on-male problem here'

"The War On Our Veterans" | By Michael Connelly, Constitutional Attorney


U.S. Navy Celebrates Diversity, Inclusion, Asian Pacific People


Congressmen to Hagel: Where are the missing war records?


Obama breaches Marine umbrella protocol

Pentagon recognizes transgender service members for first time in 'symbolic' move for LGBT community

U.S. Military Grants Itself the Authority to Deploy Troops in American Cities Without Presidential or Local Approval


Defense Department civilians to go on unpaid leave for 11 days [800,000 civilian employees]

Pentagon furloughs planned at 11 days: cut in half


59 Congress Members Demand Hagel Explain Meeting with Anti-Christian Extremist


Hagel demands answers on 'rot' at Air Force nuclear missile base


US discussing giving Russia missile defense data

Obama is not done cutting defense just yet

Air Force reportedly strips 17 officers of power to launch intercontinental nuclear missiles

Hagel: Troops' workplaces will be checked for 'degrading' images of women


The Obama Admin’s attack on LTC Dooley: taught course on Islam to the military and was removed


 Justice Department says Edmond soldier's case does not deserve U.S. Supreme Court review- In brief to the high court, the Justice Department argues an Edmond soldier, 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, was the aggressor in a conflict he created and that military appeals court rightfully upheld his conviction of unpremeditated murder in a combat zone.

''Unconscionable cover-up' Book Exposes Links Between DoD Memos and 'Green-on-Blue' Attacks in Afghanistan'

Pentagon: No, we won't court- martial Christians who talk about their religion


Rear Admiral Says Religious Liberty Under Threat in Military

Air Force Officer Told to Remove Bible from Desk

Pentagon Defends Unconstitutional Policy Against Soldiers Sharing Faith


Air Force Recruits Chaplains From Muslim Brotherhood Front Group


Pentagon Confirms May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith


Dozens of air shows cancelled after military jets grounded due to sequester

Top brass crush career of Army officer who warned of jihadists


Pentagon Consults Anti-Christian Extremist for Religious Tolerance Policy


Pentagon Says They Will Unblock Southern Baptist Website


 U.S. Army labels Southern Baptist Convention 'hostile'


Army Allegedly Orders That Bible Inscriptions Be Scraped Off of Weapon Scopes


General Amos: Marine Corps "Will Be Very, Very Strained" by Sequestration


Hagel Grilled on Army Email Equating Christians to Racists and Terrorists


Gen. Amos: Marines Can’t Fight One Major War If Sequestration Implemented 'There's really not a lot of slack'

US reportedly footing more of the bill for overseas bases despite cuts to military


Obama Cuts Military, Boosts UN Spending to $3.6 Billion


Declaration of War on American Values: Battalion Commander Tells Troops that Patriots, Christians belong to Hate Groups

Will the Left Radicalize the Military?

101st Battalion Commander’s Outrageous E-mail to Subordinates Regarding US Hate Groups


Hagel questioned about Defense Department's treatment of Christians in military

Hagel: Job not to cut heart out of Pentagon

Fleet Week Cancelled, Obama Parties On

Chairman Miller on Morning Joe: The National Disgrace of the VA (video)

Shinseki speech in August of 2012 year idolizing Obama and telling the Veterans in attendance how much Obama is doing for them

Lawmakers Demand Army Apologize for Anti-Christian Briefing

Obama's 'Strategic Guidance' Calls for More Defense Gutting McKeon: "With no assessment of strategic impact, the president has proposed yet another arbitrary cut of $120 billion from the military."

US Gives 4 More F-16 Fighter Jets To Egyptian Gov't Despite Outcry


One-third of Air Force including Blue Angels grounded by sequester

Again: US Army Officer Describes Mainstream Christian Groups as Extremists

U.S. admiral: Global-warming threat dwarfs N. Korea... Pacific fleet commander doubles down on claim


The U.S. Air Force as you know it no longer exists: beginning today, 17 combat units grounded

94th Fighter Squadron — Grounded April 9

27th Fighter Squadron — Basic mission capable through September

3rd Fighter Wing — Two squadrons combat mission ready through September

15th Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

49th Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

F-15 C/D
67th Fighter Squadron — Basic mission capable through September

44th Fighter Squadron — Basic mission capable through July, then Combat mission ready through September

48th Fighter Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

336th Fighter Squadron — Grounded April 9

335th Fighter Squadron — Combat mission ready through September

48th Fighter Wing — Two squadrons stand down April 9

391st Fighter Squadron — Stands down April 9

F-16 C/D
8th Fighter Wing — Two squadrons combat mission ready through September

77th Fighter Squadron — Stands down April 9

55th Fighter Squadron — Combat mission ready through September

79th Fighter Squadron — Basic mission capable through July, then combat mission ready through September

555th Fighter Squadron — Stands down April 9

510th Fighter Squadron — Combat mission ready through September

13th Fighter Squadron — Combat mission ready through September

14th Fighter Squadron — Basic mission capable through September

51st Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

57th Wing — One squadron (Thunderbirds) stands down April 9

158th Fighter Wing — One squadron stands down April 9

169th Fighter Wing — One squadron stands down April 9

187th Fighter Wing — One squadron stands down April 9

354th Fighter Wing — One squadron stands down April 9

4th Fighter Squadron — Basic mission capable until redeployment

421st Fighter Squadron — Basic mission capable through September

75th Fighter Squadron — Basic mission capable through July, then combat mission ready through September

51st Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

52nd Fighter Wing — Closing

442nd Fighter Wing — One squadron stands down April 9

917th Wing — One squadron stands down April 9

18th Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

48th Fighter Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

7th Bomb Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

2nd Bomb Wing — Two squadrons stand down April 9

509th Bomb Wing — Two squadrons combat mission ready through September

2nd Bomb Wing — One squadron stand down April 9

5th Bomb Wing — Two combat squadrons combat mission ready through September

2nd Bomb Wing — Basic mission capable through September

18th Wing — One squadron basic mission capable through September

552nd Air Control Wing — One squadron basic mission capable through September

55th Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

55 Electronic Combat Group — One squadron combat mission ready through September

55th Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

55th Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

55th Wing — One squadron combat mission ready through September

55th Wing — One squadron basic mission capable through September

55th Wing (training) — One squadron basic mission capable through September

55th Wing. — One squadron combat mission ready through September


White House promises more funding to address VA backlog of disability claims


Barack Obama blames US Navy for increased North Korean tensions

How America Lost Its Four Great Generals


After Pentagon investigations, three Army generals censured for misconduct

The FBI interviewed former CIA director David Petraeus at his home Friday, USA Today reported

Kerry in '86: Missile Defense System is a 'Cancer on Our Nation’s Defense'

Army Labeled Evangelicals as Religious Extremists


Military warned 'evangelicals' No. 1 threat Christians targeted ahead of Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida, KKK


Hagel tells military to prepare for cuts, 'appreciate' its 'limits'

Hagel hints at military pay cuts, dings Reagan DOD


Obama's No Purple Heart for Wounded Fort Hood Survivors Easter


U.S. Air Force General to Be NATO Commander: General Breedlove

Pentagon cuts number of furlough days

Ships Costing U.S. $37 Billion Lack Firepower, Navy Told


Sequester: Pentagon Suspends Thunderbird, Blue Angel Air Shows

General Amos Warns His Marines: 'Save Every Round, Every Gallon of Gas'


Is the DHS ammo purchase... too little ammo?


General Mattis Full Remarks at CENTCOM Change of Command Ceremony


US Navy Instruction Confirms Retirement of Nuclear Tomahawk Cruise Missile

Obama Tunes Out US Marine Band

Administration Unleashes Food Police on the U.S. Military


Under Obama, Veterans Wait 2000% Longer for Disability Benefits

Is DoD Waging War on Warriors?

Is DoD Waging War on Men?

Air Force Officer attacked by Senator Claire McCaskill


Official: Production stopped on new medal


Desperate times: Marines told to 'save every round'

Air Force Chaplain Awarded Bronze Star for PowerPoint Teaching Proper Sensitivity for the Koran

Revolving door of generals takes Afghanistan command Leadership post unstable at heart of war on terror


Obama Kills Military Commissions


Army suspends tuition assistance program for troops


Banks to 700 veterans: Oops, sorry for the foreclosures


4 Navy air wings grounded, 8 deployments canned

Nuclear missile program's future in doubt, retired general warns


Budget Cuts Could Force Army and Marines to Cut 200,000 Troops


Pentagon Frets Billions in Sequester Cuts But Wastes $1.5 Trillion on Non-Working Fighter Jet

Top General: Protecting U.S. from 'Catastrophic Attack' is Lower Priority than Protecting 'Global Economic System'

The first time since WWII that five U.S. aircraft carriers were docked together.- This breached a long standing military protocol in the Navy


Obama Threatening Veterans' Gun Rights


Females in Combat Can Use Birth Control to 'Regulate or Eliminate Their Periods,' Advocate Says'


Troops getting gear from charity as U.S. military braces for budget cuts'


Pentagon investigates whether ex-Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden revealed classified information for Esquire profile

Pentagon informs Congress of plans to furlough 800K civilians

The disturbing pattern: Obama rids America's military of yet another top general

Obama's New Military Discriminates Against Heterosexuals


White House: Marine General John Allen will retire, not take top NATO spot

6 Generals eliminated over last 4yrs: Gen.David Patraeus,Gen.William Ward, Gen.David McKiernan, Gen Stanley McCrystal, Gen Carter F Hamm and now John Allen


Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley presents the Exceptional Civilian Service Award to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, - a lower rank, handing an award to a higher rank

Commander Says ISAF Will Comply With Karzai's Air Support Ban

Supporter of Iranian dictatorship brought Chuck Hagel to Rutgers University for 2007 speech

Complaint filed over school's purge of Islam Legal team challenges accreditation of National Defense University


Veteran charities rush to support US Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden

Feds OK First Burial Of A Veteran's Same-Sex Spouse In A National Cemetery

Report: Army Cancels Hybrid Airship Project

Obama placing America-haters in the U.S. Military?


Obama Continues Radical Social Engineering of the Military


Obama Bemoans Hagel Delay: 'I Need a Secretary of Defense'

GAO: Defense Dept. Lowered Standards for Afghan Forces to Justify Withdrawal

Gen. Allen 'Pushed Out' For Top NATO Post By White House, Source Says


 Sequestration 'Wolf' Eats at Nation’s Readiness, Carter Says


Fort Hood Hero Says Obama 'Betrayed' Her, Other Victims (Helped Confront Shooter Hassan)

Homeland Security Prepares Budget Cuts ... Up to 1,000 Furloughs at Secret Service

Top Pentagon Brass Lay Out Details of Sequestration Nightmare


DHS Source Tells Why Military Train in U.S. Cities: .."DHS and DOD are conducting desensitizing exercises all across the U.S"......"we’re being prepared for mass civil unrest in major U.S. cities."

Military Warns Cuts Would Create 'Hollow Force' Akin To 1970s

The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden... Is Screwed

SEAL Who Killed bin Laden Jobless,Offered No Security


Cheney criticizes Obama nominees in Wyoming speech

New US commander takes the helm in Afghanis


Dropping combat ban could result in drafting of women


By year's end, troops will be unable to respond to crises, Pentagon says

Navy: Lincoln Refueling Delayed, Will Hurt Carrier Readiness


Panetta says US at risk of being second-rate power

Fmr. Defense Undersecretary Outlines Pentagon Pare Down

If cuts take effect, GW may be only carrier ready to respond to a crisis

Sequester Cuts: Navy to ground Blue Angels


Hagel Vote Postponed; New Audio Surfaces.... (Audio here)

Pentagon delays deployment of carrier to Mideast over budget woes

Panetta to propose military pay cut after Obama raised federal officials pay

CNN: Panetta to Recommend Pay Cut For Military


Obama waives "Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008" to... allow child soldiers in  Libya, South Sudan, and Yemen : and has been sending U.S. troops to all of those places in 2012

AP sources: Pentagon extending benefits for gays

General Robert H. Barrow, 27th Commandant of the Marine Corps testimony before the SASC on Women in Combat. June 1991.


Gibbs: Chuck Hagel's military service more impressive than John McCain's

U.S. Navy Cuts Fleet Goal to 306 Ships

Number of unemployed veterans up 150,000 in four months

Veterans in Maryland seeking disability benefits can face a perilous wait


Panetta: 'Shameful and irresponsible' if Congress allows sequestration

Supreme Court asks feds to explain sentence Soldier jailed after death of attacking terror suspect

Defense Secretary Panetta Admits Information from Waterboarding Led US to Bin Laden (Video)


Joint Chiefs chairman: Women in combat spins 'the paradigm on its head'

When the President Attacks America's Military - Bradlee Dean

Obama Eliminates Breakfast for US Troops in Afghanistan, Stuffs Own Face


Spending Cuts Including to Defense Seen to Start in March

Government Report: Women in Combat to Cost Money

Black helicopters? Army says don't worry Military explains Special Ops units doing 'urban training'

....signs point to impending state of martial law...White House silent on matter

American Military Attacked By Their Commander-In-Chief


Commander: Special ops to lose $1 billion


Marines, Army shrinking force size under budgetary restraints


Obama to cut medical benefits for active, retired military, not union workers

Navy orders cuts to begin now; thousands to be fired


Joint Chiefs Chairman: 'We Can Figure Out Privacy' for Young Ladies in Frontline Combat, Including in Navy SEALS and Delta Force

Trashing Tricare

Melissa Harris-Perry Admits: U.S. Military 'Despised By Many Progressives'


Obama Fires Top General Without Even a Phone Call

Military suffers with sale of company to China: A123 Systems...-will lose access to critical materials used in military technology and the country’s electrical grid

Demilitarizing the Military

Pentagon laying off 46,000 staff

Army Removes Crosses, Steeple from Chapel


Panetta: 'Everyone Entitled to a Chance' to be Combat Soldier in 'Gender Neutra'´ Military

Inhofe: 'Unacceptable' That DoD Leaked 'Women in Combat' Plans Before Briefing Congress

'We don´t shower for a month... and we're often naked': Male soldiers warn female comrades of harsh conditions on frontline as Panetta lifts battlefield ban on women

Women in Combat 'Part of Another Social Experiment,' Says Retired Army General Boykin


Panetta removes military ban on women in combat, opening thousands of front line positions

Pentagon bracing for 30% reduction in Army base operations


Shock claim: Obama only wants military leaders who 'will fire on U.S. citizens'


Report: Gen. Mattis Forced Out of CENTCOM for Questioning Obama's Advisers


Retirees Not Near Bases to Lose TRICARE Prime Oct. 1


Military Suicides Hit New High


Obamacare's Other Shoe ; The Pentagon and Chuck Hagel

72% of U.S. Casualities in Afghan War Under Obama's Watch


Pentagon Moves Forward on Cutting Prime Health Coverage for Vets


Families struggle with long deployments of aircraft carrier crews

Navy admits standard-issue uniform is highly flammable and will melt onto skin


Families struggle with long deployments of aircraft carrier crews


Budget cut likely to hit most Pentagon civilian workers: analyst

Obama Advisor: Hagel Will Bring 'Huge Cuts' to the Military


The Grand Bargain: Gutting Tricare - the sacred health insurance program for the military


As defense secretary, Chuck Hagel would have to shrink Pentagon immediately

Obama’s nominations of Hagel and Brennan signal course adjustments at Pentagon and CIA

'Don’t ask, don't tell' dischargees to receive full back pay from DOD


Obama calls Conscience Clause for Military Chaplains 'Ill-Advised'


New Army Handbook: 'Ignorance' And 'Lack Of Empathy' Cause of U.S. Deaths


Obama Seizing Sole Authority for US Defense

Fiscal cliff: Industries serving military would lose jobs


White House Botches Schwarzkopf Statement: ...having to upgrade it from a “statement by the press secretary” to one by the president.


Sources Say DOD Inspector General Report Criticizes Vickers in Discussions with Filmmaker


Army acknowledges pedophilia part of Islam Manual warns soldiers in Afghanistan not to talk about certain subjects


Report: Chuck Hagel "likely" to be nominated as next Secretary of Defense

Potential Obama nominee, Hagel, favors massive defense reductions


U.S. Navy cancels Christmas in the Persian Gulf


Military personnel gun rights surface in defense appropriations amendment debate

Pentagon now preparing for massive cuts as fiscal negotiations appear stalled


U.S. military court removes judge in Fort Hood massacre case


FRC's Perkins: 'We are Losing a Moral Standard in the Military'

West Point Chapel Hosts Its First Same-Sex Wedding

Disarming America: State Department advisory board urges deeper nuclear force cuts including unilateral reductions


 Trashing Tricare; Obama to cut healthcare benefits for active duty and retired US military


Obama fires 20,000 Marines, promises billions to Muslim green energy


Russian GRU Intelligence Agency Reportedly Says Obama Fired Military Officers Because He 'Fears a Coup'

US Navy to Briefly Reduce Carriers in Persian Gulf

Defense Department: Signing secession petitions won’t affect your security clearance


Navy Fires Two More Commanders

Rush military caller says that Obama ordered no response to Benghazi attack (10/26/2012)

Leader of California Taliban cell arrested yesterday was US Air Force veteran

Military Suicides 'Out of Control'


Massive Voter Fraud: MIlitary Vote suppressed


Cast aside: Thousands of votes from our military troops uncounted or missing


Obama Budget Would Slash Defense Spending Sharply


Bill Clinton: American Military Is Now 'Less Racist, Less Sexist, and Less Homophobic'

500 Admirals, Generals to Endorse Romney

Navy SEAL PAC Demands Criminal Investigation of WH on Benghazi


Military Families are Outing Obama


U.S. court-martial delayed for Fort Hood shooting suspect


Obama Pushed Sequestration And Defense Spending Cuts

Obama Doctrine: Ft. Hood Was Not Terrorism, Wounded Soldiers Get No Benefits


Killed Soldier Warned Obama's Afghanistan Strategy Needlessly Endangering Troops


State Dept. Walks Back Biden Deadline on Afghanistan

SEAL Team VI Family: 'Obama’s Rules Are Getting Our Warriors Killed'


Obama’s War: US Soldiers Are Told They Are Fighting For The Afghan People, Not For The US


Without Asking Congress, Obama Puts U.S. Troops on Syria Border

Obama's Cool Chills Military Families With Heartless Form Letters


Blinded U.S. soldier blasts Obama for Omar Khadr's transfer from Guantanamo

Obama Administration Blames "Friendly Fire Attacks in Afghanistan on US Troops: -Blaming the troops themselves for their own deaths at the hands of the enemy...


Hundreds of thousands of war vets still waiting for health benefits

US military deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000 after 11 years of war

Losing Afghanistan: Clerics now openly support the Taliban

Clinton Pledges $45 Million to Syrian Opposition


NATO: Afghanistan Military Surge a Failure


Obama Accused Of Suppressing Military Vote By Withholding Absentee Ballots


Marines accused of urinating on Afghan bodies face court-martial


Joint Chiefs chairman 'disappointed' by former officers behind anti-Obama video


General McCrystal MuzzledGeneral McCrystal Muzzled



Nachumlist The Bad Bergdahl Bargain

Nachumlist Beghazi-Gate File

Nachumlist Obama Dead Pool File

Nachumlist Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood File

Nachumlist Military Officers Relieved of Duty under Obama File