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Obama and Israel, Year Seven

Week Three Hundred and Sixty-Five

 Netanyahu on 'Transparency Law': It's not anti-democratic Netanyahu defends NGO Transparency Law in meeting with foreign journalists.

Glick: The Obama Administration’s Most Covert War The Obama Administration believes it is at war with Israel- not a shooting war, but a political war.

Clinton mulled secret plan to spark Palestinian unrest Clandestine plan was created in 2011 by her then-advisers to push the Israeli government back to the negotiating table with the PA.

US reiterates concern over controversial Israeli NGO-funding bill  Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked meets with Dan Shapiro, US Ambassador to Israel, to discuss bill US officials fear could pose dangers to a 'free and functioning civil society'.

Week Three Hundred and Sixty-Four

Terrorists Arrested for Attempting to Bomb Netanyahu Were Backed by Iran

US tongue-lashes Israel for its strategic ´new settlement´

 Kerry's Magic: Making the Jewish Victims Disappear

Report: Netanyahu to lead effort in thwarting Obama bid for UN chief

Week Three Hundred and Sixty-Three

US rejects likening Israel’s NGO law to lobbying registry State Department spokesman says Minister Shaked’s bill endangers a ‘free and functioning civil society’

State Dept. Won’t Say If Kerry Saw Intel Reports Referencing Communications Between Israelis and Members of Congress

Did Martin Indyk lie about Netanyahu's Rabin remarks?

Obama's 'honest broker' takes pot shots at Netanyahu

How US Jewish groups got spied on by Obama

'This isn’t how you treat friends, it’s how you spy against enemies'

US Defense Department: Navy security clearance does not discriminate against Jews

New Clinton emails reveal critiques from Israel-bashing son of adviser

Week Three Hundred and Sixty-Two

Michigan: Muslim State Dept rep defends “Palestinian” stabbings of Jews, says foes of stabbings are defending “animal rights”

Obama Writes Own Rules for Spying on Netanyahu

House Intelligence Chair Seeks Answers on Netanyahu-GOP Spying Report

 Israel: We don’t spy on US, and expect US not to spy on us If claims Washington listened in on Netanyahu are true, Jerusalem must lodge a formal protest, intelligence minister says

State Dept. has no comment on Israel spying report

The Phone Call That Upended U.S.-Israel Relations

Report: Obama spied on Netanyahu after NSA reforms

US spied on Netanyahu’s anti Iran deal lobbying — report

Report: U.S. spying on Israel swept up members of Congress

Israelis have less favorable view of Obama than do Iranians

Week Three Hundred and Sixty-One

State Department defends presence of PLO office in Washington

Anti-Israel Activists Say Obama Chanukah Party Invite Was No Accident “I’ve been to the White House several times before"

Obama signs budget with $3.1 bn aid package to Israel

Week Three Hundred and Sixty

Obama seeks to restore aid to bodies that recognize ´Palestine´

IAEA admits Israel was right Iran tried to build bomb

Ya'alon: If we'd listened to US, we'd get rockets on Tel Aviv

Obama Administration Moves to Restore Funding for Anti-Israel U.N. Organization UNESCO funding was cut after accepting ‘state of Palestine’ as member state

US officials: Netanyahu ‘myopic, untrustworthy, disrespectful of Obama’

American UN ambassador criticizes Israeli 'settlement growth' Ambassador Samantha Power speaks at Haaretz Conference, says Israeli "settlements" raise questions about its objectives.

Week Three Hundred and Fifty-Nine

Why Obama says 'ISIL' and not 'ISIS'

Netanyahu responds to Kerry: Israel won’t be a bi-national state

 'Kerry's actions - a series of mistakes and failures' MK Moti Yogev rips into John Kerry after the Secretary of State says Israel not upholding its responsibility to Palestinian Authority.

Kerry: ‘Violence, settlements, demolitions’ imperiling the vital two-state solution

Kerry: 'One-state solution' isn't the answer Secretary of State lashes out at Israel at Saban Forum, hints Israel isn't serious when it states it favors a "two-state solution"

Week Three Hundred and Fifty-Eight

This is not the Onion: Obama appoints Hamas-loving Rob Malley his adviser on ISIS

Israeli-Arab Communist Leader to be Hosted at White House Head of Hadash, a socialist-communist party which “supports a communist economy and workers' rights.”

Netanyahu acknowledges 'Israel is active in Syria' PM makes most explicit revelation of Israeli airstrikes yet, saying 'from time to time' state acts to prevent weapon transfers to Hezbollah.

Week Three Hundred and Fifty-Seven

Israeli-Palestinian relations at 'pivotal moment,' Kerry says

Kerry: Israeli-Palestinian conflict may ‘spin out of control’

Four days later: Obama calls Ezra Schwartz's parents

Kerry in Ramallah: US committed to Palestinian statehood

Netanyahu tells Kerry: No construction freeze

Kerry subtly backtracks on 'legitimizing' Charlie Hebdo attacks

Kerry calls parents of terror victim Ezra Schwartz, says no excuse for Palestinian terror

Obama, Kerry Ignore American Victim of Palestinian Terror

US State Department: We got no request to let Pollard leave State Dept. contradicts Netanyahu claim, says Israel never asked it to allow Pollard to leave US; Kerry en route to Mideast.

Social Media Mourns Murder Of American Citizen Ezra Schwartz By Palestinian Terrorist: Obama Remains Silent

Four Israelis stabbed ahead of Kerry visit

Jonathan Pollard’s lawyers fighting terms of his parole

Pollard Lawyers appeal 'illegal' terms of release

Jonathan Pollard is free Pollard finally leaves jail, after being held since 1985; Netanyahu welcomes news

Jonathan Pollard’s lawyers fighting terms of his parole

Pollard Lawyers appeal 'illegal' terms of release

Jonathan Pollard is free Pollard finally leaves jail, after being held since 1985; Netanyahu welcomes news

Week Three Hundred and Fifty-Six

Jonathan Pollard to leave jail on Friday

Kerry returns to Israel after a year US Secretary of State will meet with Netanyahu to discuss calming tensions between Israel and Palestinians.

Week Three Hundred and Fifty-Five

 Recognize Israeli annexation of Golan, Netanyahu hints to Obama As Syrian war grinds on into fifth year, Israel believes it is time ‘to think differently’ about ownership of plateau

Biden Professes Love for Israel and Scorn for Degrading Obama

Report: Pollard to remain in US after release

Obama’s Passive-Aggressive War on Israel More political gaslighting from the White House.

 Top WH aide: Actions leading to 1-state reality must be reversed Denis McDonough speaks out against incitement and settlements alike at JFNA confab, says Iran implementing nuke deal

Meeting Obama, Netanyahu says Israel 'committed to two states' Friendly words as the two leaders speak to journalists ahead of meeting, but 'no secret' disagreements remain.

Obama to Netanyahu: The security of Israel remains a top priority

Father of US boy injured in attack: 'Where was the US embassy?' Father of boy wounded in Hevron attack disappointed by lack of interest from US, but overwhelmed by Israelis' concern.

Week Three Hundred and Fifty-Four

No two-state solution during Obama presidency, White House assesses

 PM tells Kerry he’ll ‘review’ choice of media chief who insulted president, secretary Ran Baratz apologizes for calling Obama an anti-Semite and deriding Kerry; remarks ‘troubling and offensive,’ says State Department

 Hasbara Head  Dr. Ran Baratz's Facebook post about Obama Dr. Ran Baratz's Facebook post about Obama;  US finds new media chief comments 'offensive'  Dr. Ran Baratz apologizes following revelation of social media posts expressing open disdain for US officials and President Rivlin, which were criticized by ministers

Leaked Copy Of Obama’s Iran Deal EXPOSED… This Is Much Worse Than We Imagined; Iran can end deal with 35 days notice

Leaked Iran Document

IDF warns that CIA is trying to recruit Israeli soldiers; IDF warns its soldiers and officers against foreign attempts to turn them into spies.

Week Three Hundred and Fifty-Three

 US warns against PM’s idea of revoking residency for some Jerusalem Arabs Netanyahu raised possibility at Knesset defense panel meeting; also said Israel will have to maintain control of West Bank for ‘foreseeable future’

White House 'concerned' over alleged plans for eastern Jerusalem

 Obama Tells Falsehoods About Israel, Retracts, Then Repeats Falsehoods

 United States cutting PA's economic aid United States cutting economic aid for the Palestinian Authority because of unhelpful actions by the Palestinians, says American diplomat.

Week Three Hundred and Fifty-Two

White House condemns Netanyahu's 'inflammatory rhetoric' White House spokesperson cracks down on Netanyuahu's suggestion that Jerusalem Grand Mufti instigated Holocaust.

Obama Continues to “Blame the Victims” as Terrorists Pummel Israel

Kerry admits al-Aqsa threats a lie but won't say 'Palestinians' are trying to change status quo

US 'strongly opposes' UNESCO proposal to reclassify Western Wall

Kerry Urges Israelis to ‘Restrain from Any Kind of Self-Help’

American Military Chief in Israel to Discuss Iran, Russia, Syria Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, makes Israel the destination for his first visit outside the United States.

Obama Blames Israeli Leaders for “Rhetoric That Feeds” Palestinian Murder

Responsibility for 'incitement' falls on both Netanyahu and Abbas, Obama says

Obama 'Very Concerned' About Middle East Violence President Barack Obama calls on Israeli and PA leaders to restore calm amid latest terror wave.

Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself, Kerry Tells Netanyahu Secretary of State speaks with Netanyahu, reiterates his stance that PA must stop inciting against Israel.

Ambassador Shapiro puts distance between himself and Kerry

Week Three Hundred and Fifty-One

Kerry Once Again Denounces Terrorist Attacks

 Kerry blasts ‘reprehensible attacks’ on civilians Amid firestorm over State Department comments on Israel, US secretary doubles down on condemnation of terrorism

Washington: European anti-Israel sentiment crossed the line into anti-Semitism

State Dep’t on Israelis Visiting Temple Mount: 'Incitement Can Take Many Forms'

State Department spox John Kirby reaches bottom, keeps digging

Jerusalem outraged at State Dept.'concern' about disproportionate use of Israeli force

State Department clarifies Kerry's link between terror wave and settlements:.. not intended to justify the wave of violence

Obama Admin Blames Palestinian and JEWISH TERRORISTS for Wave of Stabbings in Israel

Obama Admin Accuses Israel of ‘Terrorism’ As More Jews Murdered Accuses Israel of using 'excessive force' to stop terror

MK Derides Kerry's 'Irrational' Linkage of Terror, 'Settlements' Jewish Home MK Moti Yogev says John Kerry 'has made every mistake possible in every Middle East country.'

Kerry to Travel Israel in an Attempt to Stop Terror Attacks

Kerry links wave of terrorism in Israel to settlement activity

 US condemns Palestinian terror; UN chief laments Israeli ‘excessive force’ Mixed reactions from world leaders as deadly attacks kill 3 Israelis

Week Three Hundred and Fifty

Ex-Mid East Adviser: 'Combative' Rice Harmed Israel Relations

 Obama Admin’s Iran Point Man Promotes Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theories Personal posts promote anti-Semitic authors, websites

White House 'deeply concerned' by escalating tensions in Jerusalem, official says, Pending a full investigation, the US has not yet determined whether to characterize the attacks as acts of terrorism.

State Department denies threatening Israel over 'settlement' construction

Why Obama Pulled Kerry from Netanyahu's UN 'Silence' Speech; Breitbart News reported that it was told by a State Department official that “Ambassador Power and Secretary Kerry were unable to attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before the General Assembly because they were called into a meeting with President Obama, [in] which they participated via video teleconference.

US Officials Kerry, Power Miss Netanyahu UN Speech Over Obama Video Talk

Israel to provide Russia with intelligence about Syrian opposition

Former NSA official joins chorus accusing Obama of ordering Kerry and Power to miss Netanyahu speech

BLACKMAIL: Netanyahu defers after Obama once again THREATENS not to back Israel in UN

Islamic State gaining ground on Golan border

American Officials: Netanyahu Has Ended Fight Against Iran Deal American officials claim Netanyahu's UN speech was the swansong on his public fight against the Iran deal.

Netanyahu to Kerry: Where's Abbas's Condemnation of Terror?

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon broke protocol and summarily left when Netanyahu came to the lectern

Week Three Hundred and Forty-Nine

Obama Pulled John Kerry and Samantha Power From Netanyahu UN Speech

US Delegates Refuse to Applaud Netanyahu at UN – Kerry and US Ambassador Power Skip Speech (VIDEO)

Chilling: Netanyahu Glares at UN Delegates for 45 Seconds for Their 'Deafening Silence' on Iran Deal

Report: Senior Democrat failed to obtain Obama commitment to veto Palestinian state at UN

 Obama Twice Refused to Block Palestinian State Politico reveals Senator Reid twice asked Obama to state he would veto UN resolution establishing 'Palestine,' and was twice ignored.

Clinton in 2010 E-mail: Israel 'Always Cocky' Then secretary of state accused Israel of 'always' sounding 'cocky' during a feud between Obama Administration and Israel over construction.

Israel’s Iranian attack plan leaked to reporter by Hillary Clinton: Watchdog

Russia 'Gave Israel Advanced Warning of Syria Airstrikes'

Kerry prevented meeting between Netanyahu and Abu Mazen... because he wants Herzog in the government

Report: Kerry Blocked Netanyahu-Abbas Meeting Israeli and PA sources say US Secretary of State asked Abbas to 'wait a few weeks' before meeting with Netanyahu to revive peace talks.

Hezbollah to Get Russian- Made Tanks from Syria

Week Three Hundred and Forty-Eight

Russian navy to conduct drills near Israel

Israel Military Says It Is Coordinating With Russia on Syria

Palestinians Kill Jews, US Condemns ‘All Sides’

Week Three Hundred and Forty-Seven

Obama disliked in Israeli polls

Israel, US working to prevent discussion of 'Israel's nuclear capabilities' at IAEA meeting

Why Netanyahu Is Meeting with Obama in November: Wants to meet with him on Nov. 9th, the anniversary of  Kristallnacht

Less than 10% of top US Jewish groups back Iran deal, umbrella org says

Israel, US Quietly Begin Post-Iran Deal Security Talks Talks between low-level American and Israeli officials will culminate with highly anticipated Obama-Netanyahu meeting in November.

Leading US-Jewish Org: 'Barack-Iran Deal is On; We Must Unite' Conference of Presidents calls for unity for the "day after," essentially conceding in the fight against the Obama-Iran nuclear deal.

Israel to Boost F-35 Capabilities After Iran Deal IAF working to double range for the stealth jet; first planes to arrive in December 2016.

Week Three Hundred and Forty-Six

Obama 'Ready to Meet with Netanyahu' In annual phone call with American rabbis, President Obama says he's ready to meet Israel's PM at the UN General Assembly.

ISIS militants causing Middle East to 'DISINTEGRATE', says Israel PM Netanyahu

Iran sent hundreds of fighters to Syria to back Assad, Israel says ‘Unprecedented’ deployment of Revolutionary Guards forces said to be carried out in coordination with Russia, which is also sending in troops

Biden: We Want to Meet with Israel to Discuss Security Vice President tells American Jewish leaders the United States wants to meet with Israel to discuss military assistance.

Netanyahu: Iran Leaves 'No Room for Illusion' Over Deal Iran's Supreme Leader clear that 'the US is a Great Satan and that Iran intends to destroy the State of Israel,' Netanyahu says.

 Khamenei: Israel won’t survive next 25 years Taking to Twitter, Iranian leader says Zionists won’t find serenity until destruction, calls US ‘Great Satan’ and rejects any talks with Washington beyond nuke deal

 Obama Official Headlining Conference that Booed Cruz for Pro-Israel Comments Ambassador for religious freedom addressing group that booed condemnation of Hezbollah

Clinton: Iran Deal Good for Israel Democratic candidate urges Congress to accept deal, calling it a 'strong agreement' and a 'chance to block Iran's path to a nuclear weapon.'

Moniz appeals to rabbis with letter on Iran nuclear deal

Kerry Speaks to Netanyahu, Reaffirms Commitment to Israel State Department reveals that Kerry phoned PM Netanyahu over the weekend and reaffirmed America's commitment to Israel's security.

 Iran Deal: Cory Booker Plans Emergency Meeting with Jews

In Damage Control Mode, Cory Booker Invites Jews to Emergency Summit

2008 flashback: Obama will stop "zionist" influence, remove US Israel support

Biden Tells Jewish Leaders: Iran Deal Makes Israel a Safer Place

Week Three Hundred and Forty-Five

 Kerry Promises Israel, Saudis Money In Wake of Iran Nuclear Deal Move meant to sooth congressional, regional fears following deal

John Kerry: ‘The People of Israel Will Be Safer With This Deal’

Iran Deal: The ‘Israel Lobby’ is Dead– and Obama Killed I

 Obama Justice Dept. backs Planned Parenthood against La. Gov. Jindal

Unofficial adviser regularly sent Hillary Clinton anti-Israel articles

Obama: Attacking Jews Over Iran Deal Like Saying He's 'Not Black Enough'

Obama: US and Israel must improve Intel cooperation to stop Hezbollah from getting missiles

Obama: I´m Personally Hurt When People Call Me Anti-Semitic

Obama: I Understand ‘Cruelty Of Man’ Because I’m An African-American

Report: Netanyahu’s US Confidantes Believe Congress Won’t Overrule Iran Nuclear Deal

New York Times: Iran Deal Opens a Vitriolic Divide Among American Jews

PA Portrays US as 'Occupier' Official PA daily also demonizes Presidential candidates as 'inane,' 'aged teenager' - despite the US being a major donor.

Obama expects better US-Israel ties after Iran deal in place

Week Three Hundred and Forty-Four

Iran salary for murdering Jews: $100 per month: Bonuses tied to number killed

Iranian Official: Israel's Annihilation Still Our Central Goal Senior official rebuffs British claims Iran's stance towards Israel has softened.

 Judge Lets PA Off Easy After Obama Intervention; Judge orders PA and PLO to post $10 million in cash or bond in terror victims' case, following Obama administration's intervention

791 American Rabbis sign petition against sellout to nuclear-armed Iran

Counter-Terrorism Bureau: Terror threat from Iran not changed since deal signed last month

Abbas: Iran is 'Our Neighbor, a Sister Nation' The PA chief is planning a trip to Tehran - and based on his comments, he can't wait to go.

Netanyahu: 'You Rush to Embrace Iran, They Fire Rockets at Us'

 Israel’s leaders ‘furious’ over Barak tapes describing aborted plans to hit Iran In recordings played on TV, ex-defense minister details 3 occasions when Israel came close to striking nuke facilities; ex-colleagues say his account not entirely accurate

Netanyahu repeatedly pressed for Iran attacks, but was rebuffed by military

Leaked audio: Israeli leaders drew up plans to attack Iranian military

White House Allies Suggest Israel Forged Iran-IAEA Agreement Document Deal would allow Iran to inspect own nuclear sites

US embassy warns Americans against traveling to North in light of Syria tensions

Obama to Address North American Jews on Iran Deal President Obama to participate in a live webcast on Iran deal with Jews from the United States and Canada.

 Obama vows to up Israel defense aid if nuke deal approved In letter to undecided Democrat, president says military option still on the table, and Jewish state’s security is ‘sacrosanct’

US troubled by Israeli escalation of Palestinian home demolitions

‘Israel called off 2012 strike on Iran because it coincided with joint US drill’

 Obama administration played Catch-22 on Iran deal, fumes Israeli arms control expert US team ignored all advice, says Emily Landau, created situation where you couldn’t criticize deal before it was done, and can’t criticize it now either

Week Three Hundred and Forty-Three

Syria Declares End to 41 Year Ceasefire with Israel – Fires Rockets into Northern Israel

Iran Behind Rocket Fire on Golan, Says Senior IDF Officer; The order to fire rockets from Syrian territory was given by a senior officer in Iran's Al-Quds force, according to the IDF.

Israeli Defense official denies US to withdraw Sinai force

'Iran trying to move Yakhont missiles and SA-22 Air Defense Systems to Hezbollah'

Surprise: Most of the 340 'rabbis' for Iran came from Iran-supported J Street

US may pull out Sinai force that helps keep Israel-Egypt peace

Iran Deploys New Fighter Jets Meant to Combat Israel Iranian Defense Minister runs down military buildup, says UN resolution won't stop ballistic tests, four S-300s ordered from Russia.

US Slams Israel's 'Unequal' Entry for Palestinian-Americans

 Iran Releases Video of Revolutionary Guard Soldiers Massing on Hillside Outside Jerusalem

Israel: Iran deal a ´tornado coming at us´

Iran's Al Quds Force builds forward command near Israeli Border

Arab Bank reaches settlement with terror victims

Dr. Ben Carson suggests Obama's an anti-Semite

Oh my: @RealDonaldTrump blasts @POTUS for abandoning Israel

Israeli Professor: Obama’s Language is Similar to ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

Week Three Hundred and Forty-Two

Threats Against US Ambassador over Iran Deal Amb. Shapiro has received threatening letters, and the security around him has been beefed up

Intelligence sources assess: Mashaal asks Erdogan to let key terrorist operate from Turkey

Top Jewish Organization: In Light of All of Obama’s Lies and Deceptions How Can We Trust Anything He Says?

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif meets Hezbullah's Nasrallah in Beirut

Obama vs. The Jews “You'd think they'd be nicer to me on my birthday.”

 White House, Allies Accuse Jewish Lawmakers of Dual Loyalty to Israel Administration engages in anti-Semitic rhetoric to smear nuke deal opponents

The anti-Semitic drive to silence Schumer on the Iran deal

AIPAC defends itself against White House slander

 State Department Interferes in Favor of PLO Terrorists Washington asks a judge presiding over terror victims' compensation case to reduce money paid to Israelis injured during Second Intifada.

Obama administration warns US court: High cost of appealing terror verdict could topple PA

Iranian Senior Officials Disclose Confidential Details From Nuclear Negotiations: Already In 2011 We Received Letter From U.S. Administration Recognizing Iran's Right To Enrich Uranium

US President Obama slams pro-Israeli AIPAC over Iran nuke deal

U.S. Ambassador to Israel: Netanyahu is Refusing to Discuss the Day After Iran Deal

Obama to Young Israeli: ‘I Don’t Oppose Netanyahu Across the Board’

 Israeli Defense Minister: Iran Nuclear Deal ‘An Historic Mistake’ ‘Iranian military nuclear ambitions should be stopped’

Ugliness: Iran deal supporters call Schumer a greedy, disloyal Jew

Schumer Dismantles Obama's Iran Rhetoric, Point By Point

Iran Deal: Obama Says ‘No Alternative’ from Netanyahu

Obama: Netanyahu's interference in US affairs unprecedented;  US president says PM is wrong on 'substance' of nuclear deal with Iran; 'I think that the basic assumptions that he's made are incorrect,' he say

I guess Schumer didn't coordinate with the White House and anti-Semitism is alive and well in America

Defense minister: I'm not responsible for the life expectancy of Iran's scientists  Moshe Ya'alon attacks Iran nuclear deal in Der Spiegel interview, calling it 'a historic mistake'; ' There have been certain points in history when people believed that appeasement could bring a solution, but ultimately paid a very high price, and that's exactly the case with Iran today.'

Israel to Resume Assassinations of Iranian Nuclear Scientists? In interview with Germany's Der Spiegel, Israeli defense minister hints Israel could target Iranian scientists to halt nuclear program.

'If Khamenei could, he would inflict great harm on Israel,' Obama says

Schumer to Lynch, Kerry: Don’t Step in to Help Palestinians in Multi-Million Terror Lawsuit

Kerry casts doubt on Iran’s desire to annihilate Israel

Obama to Jewish Leaders: Lay Off the Iran Deal, and I Will Lay Off You

Week Three Hundred and Forty-One

Senator Schumer Opposes Iran Deal

Skeptics of Iran deal express offense at Obama tactics; AIPAC tells Post that it rejects the assertion that it supported the Iraq War.

Obama’s Wealthy Critics

'This Agreement Doesn't Prevent War - It Brings it Closer' Jerusalem snaps back at Washington, breaking down several of Obama's justifications of the Iran deal after he criticized Netanyahu.

Obama Says Israel Stands Alone against Iran Deal In speech laced with jabs at Netanyahu, Obama says opponents of Iran deal the same people who supported Iraq War.

Netanyahu: Iran Nuke Deal ‘Will Bring War’ Says Islamic Republic will have nuclear weapon within 10 to 15 years

Despite Obama's Efforts, Jewish Group Rejects Iran Deal American Jewish Committee says it concluded overwhelmingly it must oppose Iran nuclear deal.

Obama: Rockets will fall on Tel Aviv if Congress kills Iran nuke deal

Kerry 'Doesn't Know' if Iran is Serious about Destroying Israel US Secretary of State says Congress rejecting nuclear deal would be 'the ultimate screwing' of Ayatollah Khamenei.

Comedy gold: Obama's favorite reporter interviews John Kerry

RJC to Obama: Stop Trying to Isolate Israel

Obama: "Netanyahu refuses to meet with me, wants to continue fighting over Iran

Iran Deal: White House Tweets to Vicious Jew-Hating ‘Hate Site’

Obama: Rejecting Iran Deal a 'Historic Mistake' Obama plans to address Americans on Wednesday and warn that Congress rejecting the nuclear deal would be a "historic mistake"

IAF helicopter squadrons complete huge training drill in Greece

Zarif: 'Karine A Was an Israeli False Flag'

White House accusing Iran deal critics of warmongering 'outrageous,' Netanyahu says

PM Netanyahu's Address to the Jewish Federations of North America

Netanyahu: Iran Deal Supporters Trying to Stifle Debate In live webcast to US Jewish leaders, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu urges them to speak out.

Energy Minister: I Would Oppose Iran Deal if I were an American Yuval Steinitz fires back at comments by US Energy Secretary Moniz, who claimed he'd support the Iran deal even if he was Israeli.

Report: Obama Admin Taking the Side of Palestinians Over U.S. Citizens in Terror Case

US can't defend Israel against a nuclear attack; Analysis: A senior American official has vowed to protect Israel if it is attacked by Iran, but the only way to deter the ayatollahs from launching a surprise attack on Israel is by deploying tens of thousands of US soldiers on Israeli territory

Moniz to Israeli reporters: Iran deal does not change ‘one iota’ who America’s friends are

Obama to speak to Jewish leaders in first post-Iran deal meeting

Senior American official: If Iran attacks Israel, US will protect it  Following nuclear deal with Iran, Washington tries to ease Israel's fears; official states Israel's military qualitative edge will be ensured, adding: 'US intelligence will check Iranian compliance with laser accuracy'.

Report: Iran Details Plan to Thwart 'Great American Satan,' Destroy Israel NY Post obtains copy of Israel's "416-page screed against the Jewish state"

Jewish [Republican] Group Demands Obama Stop Demonizing Jews

Is Iran accord tearing US Jewry apart?

Israel’s US Allies Push Back Against Iran Deal [VIDEO]

Khameni publishes instruction manual for how to destroy Israel

Mudar Zahran: “If Israel disappears, others will too”

Iran Promises to 'Annihilate' Israel in New Book Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vows to introduce 'Israel fatigue' to the world, drive out Israeli Jews through fear in new official publication.

Would that be this Hillary Clinton email?

Week Three Hundred and Forty

SodaStream CEO Gives Amazing BDS Testimony To Congress: 'Manipulation, Violence and Destruction' "It is an anti-Semitic, Israel-hating organization"

State Department Condemns 'Vicious' Attack on Arab Village United States condemns attack in Duma as a "vicious terrorist attack", calls on both sides to "avoid escalating tensions".

Dozens of West Bank settlers treated for smoke inhalation after suspected arson by Palestinians

Palestinian baby killed in Israeli terror attack

Week Three Hundred and Forty

Netanyahu: The more one looks at the Iran accord, the worse it looks

Obama and Kerry finally listen to Netanyahu: Kerry Does not visit Israel

Bad news: Sign that Schumer will back Iran deal (WITH THE VIDEO)

 Contentions; Obama, Kerry Sacrificing U.S.-Israel Alliance for Iran Deal

What Information Collected by Israeli Intelligence Reveals About the Iran Talks  Over the years of negotiation, concession after concession from the West

Khamenei Tweets: Israel a 'Dangerous & Deadly Outgrowth'

John Kerry: Pollard's release not related to Iran deal

How generous: Obama wants to release Pollard 3 months before parole date but tie him to US

Pollard Will Go Free November 20 After spending half his life in an American jail, Jonathan Pollard's release date has finally been set.

Huckabee Tells Arutz Sheva: Why I Attacked Obama 'I have no regrets': presidential candidate explains why he said Obama leading Israel 'to the oven,' warns Pollard release may be a ploy.

The Cynical Pollard Release Leak

Kerry: Iran 'May' Kill Americans or Israelis

Kerry tells US House Foreign Affairs C'tee that Iran deal makes Israel safer

Marie Harf and the Washington Post lie about Israeli support for Iran deal

Kerry to Visit Middle East - but Not Israel

Iranian foreign minister: 'Nuke deal puts Zionist regime in irrecoverable danger'

Iran Deal Worth More Than All U.S. Aid to Israel Since 1948

Former US secretary of defense: Releasing Pollard doesn't make Iran deal any less of a disaster

 Bennett: No Connection Between Iran Deal, Pollard Reports of Jonathan Pollard's release are due to the time passed since his arrest - not a ploy to mend US-Israel relations, Bennett says.

Huckabee: Why Wouldn’t I Bring Up the Holocaust When ‘We’re on the Verge of Repeating It’?

Obama Calls Huckabee Holocaust Comment ‘Ridiculous If It Weren’t So Sad’

Huckabee Lashes Back at Obama: Take Iran Threat Seriously Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee notes POTUS is 'ridiculous and sad' for ignoring Iran's threats of wiping Israel off the map.

Kerry's 'threats, intimidation' won't silence Israel, official tells NYT

Kerry has ‘intense exchange’ with Jewish leaders over Iran deal

Nasrallah after nuclear deal: Iran won't abandon Hezbollah

Obama names pro-BDS, self-hating Jew Sandra Black to his Council of Economic Advisers

U.S. Preparing to Release Convicted Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard, Officials Say Some administration officials hope freeing spy may smooth relations with Israel after Iran nuclear deal

 Kerry: Israel Will Be ‘Blamed’ If Congress Rejects Iran Deal Former Israeli ambassador Oren slams Kerry comments

Kerry: Any action by Israel would provide justification for Iran’s pursuit of nukes

Jewish Democrats Must Choose Obama or Israel Jewish Democratic legislators face conflicts of loyalty after right, left-wing Jewish groups call for opposition to Iran nuclear deal.

Kerry Warns Israel: Strike on Iran Would Be 'Enormous Mistake'

Chuck Schumer a tool to drive a wedge in the US-Israel relationship

New York police ordered to keep anti-Iran rally from getting 'too big'?

Week Three Hundred and Thirty-Nine

Watch: Kerry Indicates US Will Defend Iran from Israel

ICYMI: P5+1 agreed to protect Iranian nuke program against Israel

Assemblyman Hikind Before the Arrest: This is About Survival

Thousands rally in New York to stop Iran, put Schumer on the spot

Pentagon Releases Photo of Angry Netanyahu

Israeli government sources: Iranian windfall from nuke sellout is $700 billion

Israeli Envoy: ‘When the Villain is Laughing, You Know Something is Wrong’

Khameni posts on YouTube and tweets video threatening war with Israel

Netanyahu on Iran Deal: The Whole World Has Been Wrong Before

Netanyahu: Those Praising Iran Deal Already Proven Wrong "If someone thought that the extraordinary concessions to Iran would lead to a change in its policy, they received an unequivocal answer over the weekend..."

White House Seeks to Soothe Jewish Community Concern Over Nuclear Deal Biden: ‘I was the bad guy in these ongoing negotiations because I was skeptical’

Security Council vote on Iranian sellout will include agenda item on Israel

Senior defense source: IDF preparing for possible covert Iranian nuclear production

Michael Oren Interviewed by Daniel Pipes: A discussion reveals how Obama purposefully broke the historic US-Israel alliance.

PM: Why would US compensate Israel for a good Iran deal?

Netanyahu: Nuclear Agreement ‘A Dream Deal’ for Iran

 Netanyahu: Nothing Can Compensate Israel for Iran Deal

Pentagon chief Carter not offering new arms deal to Israel

Netanyahu: Khamenei's words prove nuclear deal will not stop Iranian terror machine

Kerry: Netanyahu's 'Better Deal' is a 'Fantasy'

 Iranian Leader Presides Over “Death to America!” Chants – Says Aid to Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria Will Continue

 The Tennessee Shooter Had A Different Name And Is Now Confirmed To Have Been A PALESTINIAN TERRORIST Who Visited An ISIS Infested Community

Muslim in Chattanooga Terror Attack Was Palestinian; Texted Koran Verse Before Killing Servicemen

Report: Jonathan Pollard May Be Released in 2015

US warns Israel against 'provocative' plan to raze Palestinian village

2012 Video predicting the Iran Deal: RJC Presents: "Perilous Times"

'Alleged killer of US Marines is son of Palestinian ex-terror suspect'

Week Three Hundred and Thirty-Eight

White House reportedly offers to boost military aid to Israel after Iran deal

Iran continues post-deal bashing of Israel, calls it 'cause of extremism'

US Negotiator Claims Israel Influenced the Iran Deal ; Undersecretary of State Sherman tells Israeli press that Israeli experts influenced significant parts of the 'good deal for Israel.'

Watch: Netanyahu and British FM Clash Over Iran Deal British Foreign Secretary and Netanyahu hold a joint press meeting that morphs into a diplomatic debate over Iran nuclear deal

Netanyahu: ‘Biting Sanctions’ Halted Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program ‘for Decades’

The Deal Wasn’t About Iran’s Nukes

The Iranian nuke deal isn't about the nukes - it's about Israel

Kerry dismisses Iran’s financial support for Hizballah

 Obama: Netanyahu yet to provide alternative to Iran deal; President says agreement prevents Iranian nuke, which would compound Israel’s ‘legitimate’ concerns; skewers PM for saying Tehran seeks to ‘take over the world’

 Benjamin Netanyahu to Lester Holt: Iran Nuclear Deal Poses Threat to U.S., Israel

Netanyahu Says Iran Deal 'Puts Us All In Danger'

Netanyahu on Iran deal: The more you read it, the worse it gets

Israeli Ambassador to U.S.: 'Those ICBMs Are for You'

April 2014:  Top Obama adviser dismisses idea that better Iran deal is possible Hours after Israel sets out demands, Ben Rhodes tells Israeli TV the framework meets US ‘core objectives,’ enables ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections

 Leak: US Spied on Israeli Communications in Syria Leak reveals Israel killed a top Syrian commando in 2008 during a party in his home; US had access to Israeli military communications.

Kerry: Netanyahu's Comments 'Way Over the Top' Netanyahu made the same comments about the interim agreement and he was wrong, says Secretary of State

US Official Dismisses Israeli Concerns Over Iran Deal : No one Takes Netanyahu Seriously

Netanyahu Tells Obama: Iran Deal Threatens Israel's Security In post-deal phone call, Israeli PM tells US president deal will allow Iran to go nuclear and funnel hundreds of billions to terror.

The Latest: Obama speaks with Israeli PM, a fierce critic of Iran nuclear deal

Netanyahu on Iran Nuclear Deal: The World Is Now a More Dangerous Place

Israel blasts Iran deal as ‘one of the darkest days in history’

'Iran have been given a licence to kill'

Israeli leader says his country not bound by Iran nuke deal

Netanyahu Warns: Deal Or No Deal, We Won't Let Iran Go Nuclear

Netanyahu: We are obligated now more than ever to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran

 Netanyahu Slams Obama, West for Violating More ‘Red Lines’ in Iran Deal

Security Official: Don't Count on Congress to Dump Iran Deal

 Netanyahu briefed cabinet meetings on the upcoming Iran nuclear deal and showed them this video

US Officials Brief Israel on Looming Iran Deal US confident deal is close, as Israeli officials begin looking ahead to meeting between Netanyahu and Obama sometime over the summer.

Iran unveils cell phone game targeting Israel (and why the nuke deal is 10 years)

Week Three Hundred and Thirty-Seven

Jerusalem 'unimpressed' by difficulties in Iran talks, believes accord just a matter of time

Tehran’s anti-Israel Quds day falls on date of new Iran deadline

Reports: WH Keeping Israel in the Dark on Iran Talks, May Extend Negotiations Indefinitely

Obama adviser wants Israel to give up nukes His group helping White House defend deal with Iran

White House's 'blocking back,' convicted felon, to sell Iran nuke deal to Jews

White House Instructs Allies To Lean On ‘Jewish Community’ to Force Iran Deal Officials push polling from fringe left-wing J Street organization

'Hamas Aiding ISIS in Egypt to Prepare for Next War with Israel'

Will Samantha Power Be the First American UN Ambassador to Abandon Israel?

Netanyahu: What's happening in Iran talks is a breakdown, not a breakthrough

Official: Permanent Iran Deal Even Worse than Interim One Senior Israeli official says impending deal will allow Iran to continue to develop nuclear weapons and support global terrorism.

'Iran Will Still be Existential Threat to Israel After Deal' Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warns Iran's 'aggressiveness' and sponsorship of terror won't end with a nuclear agreement.

Clinton Hints to Donors: I'll be Better for Israel than Obama

Week Three Hundred and Thirty-Six

IDF General: Hamas working with ISIS in Sinai

Israel mum on State Department clarification on settlement policy

Congressman: State Dept. Warped US Policy Roskam slams State Dept. for not defending Israel from BDS in Judea-Samaria, accuses it of 'prejudging peace process outcomes.'

Exposed: Sandy Berger advises Hillary Clinton how to disagree with Israel

The Obama-Kerry State Department comes out in favor of BDS

Obama signs anti-BDS bill into law President approves provisions making rejection of Israel boycott a key objective in trade talks with EU

'Americans never presented Israel with full security plan for West Bank withdrawal'

Longtime Obama Official Rewrites Bush's Letter on Israel

Netanyahu: Western concessions to Iran growing as nuclear deal looms

Netanyahu warns of attack against Iran; US says deal deadline may 'slip'

Week Three Hundred and Thirty-Five

Netanyahu's Last-Minute Warning on Iran: 'No Agreement Is Better Than a Bad Agreement' "This agreement is fundamentally flaw

The ‘Obama Coffee’ Joke That Sparked Outrage and Has Some Calling for US to End Funding to Israel

Obama Hosts Israel-Haters at Iftar Dinner ‘President’s Table’

 Court Rules Against IRS in Z Street Case, Paving Way for Discovery Nonprofit claims IRS official said org was singling out pro-Israel groups for scrutiny

White House Reaffirms Israel's Right to Self-Defense -White House reaffirms Israel’s right to self-defense after UN report on Gaza, adds it awaits "further outcomes" of Israel's investigation

Obama rebuffs Israel’s last-ditch bid for nuclear constraints in Iran accord

Michael Oren: 'Non-Orthodox' intermarried Jews in Obama administration don't understand Israeli character

An Insider Account: Obama’s Jihad Against the Jews

 ADL Joins Obama’s War on Israel Anti-Semitism org embraces Dems under new leadership

Barack Obama must be wondering what hit him: Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren continues to hammer away at the President

Oren: Obama's abandonment by Muslim father figures may explain policies

Ambassador reveals how Obama undermined Israel

The ‘Court Jew’ Controversy Re-Erupts  New reality for an old phenomenon: How Obama and Israel changed the stakes of Jewish powe

Rep. Gohmert: Obama Outed Active Israeli Iranian Spy Mission Congressman also blasts White House for disclosing possible use of Azerbaijani airspace by Israel in Iran strike.

The Report  Does the State Department Terror Report Contain a Subtle Slap at Israel? A recap of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict last year contains an unusual level of detail.

US details Iran funding of terror proxies targeting Israel in new report

 ‘We’re On Our Own’ Column: Michael Oren reveals how Barack Obama tore apart the U.S.-Israel alliance

 An Inside Look At How Obama Killed The U.S.-Israel Relationship Oren book reveals Iimmense hostility, anger at Israel

WH: 'No Invitation' to Netanyahu to Discuss Iran Deal

Week Three Hundred and Thirty-Four

 American UN envoy: US fighting ‘delegitimization’ of Israel; Samantha Power assures lawmakers of commitment to Jewish state, remains cagey on possible Security Council Palestine resolution

Bibi Refusing to Apologize for Ex-Envoy Oren's Obama-Slam US Ambassador Shapiro has been pressuring Jerusalem to criticize MK Michael Oren, but Netanyahu has decided not to do so.

AIPAC calls Kerry's Iran remarks 'disturbing'

Kerry raises eyebrows with remarks on Iran's past military work

State Department Denounces Oren's 'False' Assertions State Department spokesman denounces former ambassador Michael Oren's comments that Obama abandoned Israel.

Kahlon sends letter of apology to US officials for party mate Oren's Obama comments

Former Israeli Ambassador: Obama Has a Problem–with America

 Obama Admin ‘Cheered’ Private Scolding of Israeli Ambassador State Department let staffers listen in on rebuke of top official

Hillary Clinton's staffers listened and cheered while one of her deputies chewed out Ambassador Oren

 'We Push Back Against Efforts to Delegitimize Israel'; Ambassador Samantha Power downplays concerns over Obama's comments on "re-evaluating" policy towards Israel at the UN.

 White House denies report Obama invited Netanyahu for Washington meeting Officials in Washington, Jerusalem say no invitation has been extended; senior U.S. official says he expects the two leaders will have an opportunity to meet in the future.

Michael Oren: How Obama abandoned Israel

Congressmen call on Obama to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital after US court ruling

Former Ambassador: Obama Incapable of Empathizing with Israel Former Israeli envoy to Washington, MK Michael Oren, explains why Obama is gambling on Israel's future - and why there is still hope.

Michael Oren: US altered 40-year policy on ’67 lines without consulting Israel

Week Three Hundred and Thirty-Three

Obama’s latest wooing of Jews not working, poll suggests

Washington 'Confident' Talks with Iran Weren't Breached

Report: CIA head was in Israel to argue for closure of IAEA nuclear probe of Iran

 Netanyahu Endorses Candidate in U.S. Presidential Race: Ted Cruz

Netanyahu: ‘Nobody in This Region Believes This Deal Will Block Iran’s Path to the Bomb

Report: Israel spied on Iran nuclear talks

'Israel used virus to spy on hotels which hosted Iran nuclear talks'

'For ideological reasons, Obama doesn’t like the Israel that exists. Period.'

‘Ally': Michael Oren’s Memoir to Expose Obama Administration’s Abuse of Israel

A new inside account of Obama’s Israel ire

Obama: “The fact that you are an anti-semite, doesn’t preclude you from being rational”

Israeli PM Says Arab Leaders Also Weary of Iran Nuclear Deal

White House Celebrates 'Jerusalem Not Israel' Ruling Press Secretary Earnest welcomes passport ruling at Supreme Court, saying it gives president authority to recognize borders.

US Diplomats Reveal EU Sanctions Assault After Iran Deal Senior diplomats expose EU sanctions list all ready to force Israel into 'peace talk' concessions; Obama is threatening to let it happen.

Jewish Orgs Slam 'Myopic' Supreme Court Decision on Jerusalem Both ADL and ZOA blast the decision to separate 'Jerusalem' from 'Israel' on passports, accuse US gov't of bias against Israel.

Report: CIA Chief John Brennan makes 'secret' visit to Israel

Obama Admin Defends Meeting with Group That 'Slanders' Israel "Another blow to Israeli perceptions of the U.S."

State Dept Spox Doesn’t Appear To Know U.S.’s Own Jerusalem Policy

US Supreme Court Backs Obama on 'Jerusalem Passport' Ground-breaking ruling on case, as Supreme Court sides with Obama and Bush in refusing to list Jerusalem as part of Israel.

WHOA! US Jews HECKLE OBAMA OFFICIAL at NYC Talk on Iran Agreement! (VIDEO)

Lew gives fervent defense of Iran deal to vocal skeptics at Jpost Conference

ISIS is Winning, Israel Prepares

Israel and Saudi Arabia publicly acknowledge secret bilateral talks

Week Three Hundred and Thirty-Two

White House steps carefully around Obama’s reported ‘closest thing to a Jew’ comment

Obama Blames Netanyahu, Jihadists Attack Israel

Obama’s Ongoing Obsession with Netanyahu

Obama: African-Americans Have a ‘Special Empathy’ for the Jewish People

Obama invokes waiver postponing US embassy relocation to Jerusalem

No Wonder – Obama’s Jewish Advisors Are From The New Israel Fund

Israeli Government Takes Action Against New Israel Fund

Obama Threatens to Cut US Support at UN in Israeli Interview -In remarkably open attack against Netanyahu, Obama says if Israel doesn't renew peace talks he will not be able to defend it in the UN.

Obama: World does not believe Israel serious about two-state solution

PM preempts Obama TV interview pitching Iran deal to Israeli public: We must rely on ourselves

Obama: “I Am the Closest Thing to Jew” That Has Ever Sat in the Oval Office

Unexpected! Iran's nuclear stockpile has GROWN by 20% during 18 months of negotiations

Obama Vowed to Renew Pressure on Israel after Iran Deal?

Obama Assures Israel: Only Deal Will Prevent Iran from Nukes, Full interview of President Obama discussing US-Israel relations and Iran deal to be broadcast in Israel Tuesday night.

Obama says no military solution to Iran nuclear program

State Dept.: No Decision Yet on French UN Initiative

Jerusalem Post: Column One: Barack Obama’s anti-Semitism test (fails)

Jewish Journal, Los Angeles: Obama loves the wrong Israel

Obama raises specter of dual loyalty

CIA Chief: Cooperation with Israel Still Very Strong CIA Director John Brennan says intelligence cooperation with Israel has not been harmed despite differences on Iran.

Week Three Hundred and Thirty-One

Netanyahu: Nuclear Iran 'A Thousand Times More Dangerous Than ISIS'

Obama, the Jews, the Muslims, and Us

Legitimizing Anti-Semitism

US government cuts off Shia in Lebanon... except Hezbullah

President Obama urges American Jews to accept nuclear deal with Iran

Obama Calls Himself ´HonoraryMember of the Tribe´

Obama responds to anti-Israel critique: 'I must object' ;..speaks at DC congregation in commemoration of Jewish American Heritage Month.

Hezbullah gives rare tour of its terror tunnels into Israel - will anyone notice?

President Obama urges American Jews to accept nuclear deal with Iran

Obama Calls Himself ´HonoraryMember of the Tribe´

Obama responds to anti-Israel critique: 'I must object' ;..speaks at DC congregation in commemoration of Jewish American Heritage Month.

Hezbullah gives rare tour of its terror tunnels into Israel - will anyone notice?

Week Three Hundred and Thirty

Obama: Netanyahu's Comments Have 'Consequences'President Obama continues criticism of Netanyahu’s comments on a Palestinian state and Arab-Israelis before the last elections.

Obama administration trying to bribe Israel to accept Iran deal

Obama: (Iran's)Supreme leader is anti-Semitic

Common Core teaches kids to 'divide Jerusalem' Boston U. professor gets federal funding for role-playing game

Israel Fears Obama Will Stop Hiding Its Nuclear 'Secret'

Obama Achieves the Impossible: He’s United Israel and Saudi Arabia The organizer of the controversial 'Ted Cruz fireside chat' on strange alliances and misguided boycotts

Common Core-Approved Workshop Teaches Sympathy for Hamas

Did the U.S. Just Agree to Support Arab Forces in a War Against Israel?

 Israeli Ambassador on Iran Deal: ‘We Cannot Roll the Dice’ on Survival of Jewish State

Week Three Hundred and Twenty-Nine

In Camp David homage, Obama says Israeli-Palestinian peace 'seems distant now'; US president recognizes Israel's successful formation of a government, but notes that some of its members are openly opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state.

Obama: 'Two-State Solution' Best for Israel's Security

Obama Rips Israel and Iran in Interview with Saudi Paper

Obama: Palestinians deserve an end to the occupation

Voters Worry Military Exercises May Lead to Federal Control Of States

Obama Expects Israel to Work Towards 'Two-State Solution'; In an interview with Arab newspaper, Obama says he wants "genuine commitment to a two-state solution" from Israel.

Obama Staffers Meet Arab Boy Beaten by Border Policeman

Israel’s New Justice Minister to Clamp Down on New Israel Fund & Radical Left

CNN: Israel treating mostly 'anti-Assad' forces in its hospitals

US, EU Condemn 'Illegal' Building in Jerusalem Plans released to build 900 homes in Ramat Shlomo. EU, US condemn 'illegal' and 'disappointing' move.

Week Three Hundred and Twenty-Eight

Rumor: Obama to back Palestinian state at Security Council – payback for Israel’s right-wing cabinet

Obama Congratulates Netanyahu on New Israeli Government 'Obama looks forward to working with Prime Minister Netanyahu,' the White House said, in a businesslike statement.

Obama ´looks forward´ to working with Netanyahu

Obama weighs offering Saudi Arabia weapons provided only to Israel

US Condemns Israeli Singer for Comparing Obama to Hitler, Embassy 'repulsed' by song in which Amir Benayoun calls Obama a cruel raven following chain of those trying to destroy Israel.

It Begins: Democrats Hand Out Anti-Semitic Flyer at Maryland Meeting

Kerry just tried to reassure Israel on Iran mentioning redesigned 30,000-pound US bomb

Kerry to Israel: ‘I Absolutely Guarantee’ the U.S. Can Stop Iran From Getting Nuke

Week Three Hundred and Twenty-Seven

Biden pushes back on Khamenei's terms for Iran nuclear deal; says Washington "deepening" cooperation with Israel amid efforts to forge comprehensive nuclear deal

Netanyahu: Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal Is “Great Historic Blunder”

John F. Kerry: Netanyahu’s Iran “Mythology” Is Not Going to Happen

Netanyahu: Iran, North Korea Deals Both Mistakes Netanyahu draws similarities between Israel and South Korea - as well as their main enemies.

It's Official: Obama 'The Worst US President for Israel' Overwhelming majority of Israelis think current US administration is 'pro-Palestinian' - but there's still some hope...

Sherman to US Jews: Military strike would only set Iran's nuclear program back 2 years

Biden: ‘No President Has Ever Done More to Support Israel’s Security than Obama’

Week Three Hundred and Twenty-Six

US Vice President Joe Biden made a high-profile appearance at an Israeli Independence Day celebration in Washington hosted by the Israeli Embassy

White House reiterates pledge to invite Netanyahu after government formation

Obama Refuses to Meet Netanyahu Until Iran Talks End Telling Jewish leaders that Netanyahu would just vent about Iran during a meeting, Obama says he will only see PM face-to-face after June.

Anti-Israel PLO Ally Hosted for Meeting At White House One of several anti-Israel activists who met with admin

Report: Obama knew Netanyahu was right about Iran’s nuclear break out time all along

Week Three Hundred and Twenty-Five

Reporter To Earnest: Why Does Ayatollah Get ‘Benefit Of The Doubt,’ But Not Netanyahu? [VIDEO]

Inside Obama’s Meeting With Jewish Leaders  What he said, what they said, and what America is now saying to the world about exterminationist anti-Semitism

Obama condemns anti-Semitism in Holocaust Remembrance Day message

Finally, Jewish support for Obama fades

Obama meets with some of Israel's most radical Leftists

Israel becoming an increasingly more partisan issue in US, poll finds

Obama meets with Jewish American leaders to defuse Iran fears

Israel: Russian decision on S-300 anti-missile system proves dangers of Iran deal

Israel: Russian missile sale ‘direct result’ of nuclear deal

Netanyahu: Nuclear deal gives Iran billions for terrorism, regional aggression

Netanyahu: Iran 'Grasping the Middle East with Arms of Terror'

 Israel: Iran steps up arms shipments to Hezbollah, Hamas Jerusalem sources say Tehran upping support for terror groups, express fear Iran will have billions more to spend under nuke deal

 White House Ally Addresses ‘Israel Lobby’ Conspiracy Conference Authors, former public officials say Israel Lobby more powerful than any other interest group

US nuclear negotiator says committed to Israel security

Countdown to Israel Attack: Russia Lifts Ban on Missile Sales to Iran

Trouble for J Street? Liberal Jews Turn on Obama Over Iran Deal

Report: US working to stop Iran arms reaching Yemen

Israel's Netanyahu says sanctions should remain on Iran

Statement by PM Netanyahu: Re: Iran

Netanyahu: Iran deal gives nuclear weapons to most dangerous terror state: vowed to unite the country at the Mimouna event, which marks the end of Passover.

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter agrees with Ehud Barak: 'Of course we can destroy Iran's nuclear capability

Week Three Hundred and Twenty-Four

Israel's most decorated soldier: Wiping out Iran's nuclear capability would take one night

Is the White House trolling Netanyahu?

Israel rejects US attempt to reinterpret Obama’s admission of nuke deal’s flaws

Netanyahu and Obama agree: Iran could be ready to make atomic bomb by deal's end

 Netanyahu: Iran’s post-deal breakout time will be zero Alternative to bad deal is not war, but a good deal, PM says; Israel rejects US clarification of Obama’s comments on breakout

Steinitz: Iran deal won’t provide insurance for even a year unless loopholes closed; Steinitz fears that deal would allow Iran to continue research and development on more advanced reactors for weapon production.

Iran nuke deal: “Everything Netanyahu warned about has turned out to be true”

Netanyahu Asks Why Iran Deal Ignores Nuclear Missile Program Netanyahu points out framework deal ignores ICBM program 'whose sole purpose is to carry nuclear payloads,' $100 billion goes to terror.

Obama’s Brother Joined Hamas, Wore Muslim Scarf that Said ‘Jerusalem is ours – We Are Coming’

 Israel: Obama’s pledges of support useless if Iran gets nuke Top minister acerbic on president’s assurances; Netanyahu set to keep up his US media campaign against Iran deal

Obama says tying Iran deal to recognition of Israel "misjudgment"

Obama Advisor: Iran Will Not Be Able to Manufacture Nuclear Bomb Speaking on Israeli networks, security adviser Ben Rhodes says US will consider all action - including military - if Iran violates deal.

Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz outlines to journalists Israel's proposed terms for final nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1 powers.

Obama Rejects Netanyahu’s Call for Iran to Recognize Israel

Obama: My Promise of Protection ‘Should be Sufficient’ for Israel

Netanyahu: Obama 'Doing What He Thinks Is Good for the U.S.'

Israel Suggests Ways to Make Iran Nuclear Deal ‘More Reasonable’

Iran Giving Hamas Tens Of Millions For Terror Tunnels

Obama: Vulnerable Israel Would be 'Failure of My Presidency' Obama talks about 'moral failure' if his actions endanger Israel, vowing to defend Israel while claiming Iran deal is 'most effective.'

Barack Obama Says Criticisms of His Jewish Policy “Difficult for Me to Hear”

State Department rejects call for Iran deal to affirm Israel´s ´right to exist´

Benjamin Netanyahu, Republicans take aim at Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran

Dianne Feinstein: ´I wish Netanyahu would contain himself´

Netanyahu: ‘Im not trying to kill deal with Iran, just a bad deal’

US would not back Iran deal that threatens Israel, says White House

Netanyahu: Israel's Survival is 'Non-Negotiable'

Netanyahu: Final Iran Deal Must Recognize Israel’s Right to Exist

Israeli Cabinet Unanimously Rejects Iran Framework Deal Three-hour-long meeting between PM, cabinet, ends in wall-to-wall rejection of Thursday's deal.

Taking Obama´s signal, Democrats turn on Israel, now see Mexico as a better ally

Obama: Tentative Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Best Option’ For Israel

German FM: Israel should take closer look at framework Iran deal : .. Iran's nuclear program will endanger Israeli security, should take a closer look at the deal.

Week Three Hundred and Twenty-Three

 Report: As Nuclear Deal Closes, Iranian Troops Headed to Israel’s Border

Netanyahu BLASTS Obama’s Nuclear Deal: “Would Not Block Iran’s Path to Bomb. It Would Pave It”

In call, Obama tells Netanyahu of remaining concerns about Iran's sponsorship of terrorism

Netanyahu to Obama: Iran Deal Threatens Israel's Survival Netanyahu speaks to President Obama, expresses Israel's "strong opposition" to the framework agreement with Iran

Israel: Obama’s Iran Deal ‘Detached From Wretched Reality’

Israeli Officials: Obama’s Iran Deal an “Historic Mistake”

Israel: Deal a ‘capitulation,’ will give Iran nuclear power ‘for purpose of war

Israel Warns of ‘Military Option’ as Iran Talks Drag On

State Dept. Cancels Daily Press Briefing Three Days in a Row

John Boehner and Benjamin Netanyahu, in Israel Meeting, Keep It Low Key

Obama’s Next Move May Be Lifting U.S. Protection of Israel at UN

Netanyahu: “Evidently giving Iran’s murderous regime a clear path to the bomb is negotiable”

As Obama rushes to appease Iran, Iran places guided warheads on Hizb’Allah rockets aimed at Israel

Iran is Smuggling Precision Missiles to Hezbollah Top colonel in missile defense system says Iran upgrading warheads to give Hezbollah pinpoint accuracy in striking Israel.

Netanyahu catches Obama in Iran-nuclear flip-flop: PM points out elements "apparently" in nuclear deal that Obama said last year are things that Iran does not need in order to have a peaceful program.

PM: Deal Leaves Iran with Underground Facilities, Centrifuges Netanyahu warns Knesset at swearing-in that Iran deal being reached leaves Islamic regime with rapid nuclear 'breakout.'

France using US-Israel tensions to push for UN resolution on Mideast peace effort

Frustrated Israelis Liken Obama to Hard-Hearted Biblical Tyrant: New Song "Pharoah Obama"

Biden: American Jews Can Only Rely on Israel, Not US; US Vice President makes shocking statement, telling American Jews 'no matter how involved you are in the US, the only guarantee is Israel."

Netanyahu: Nuke Deal A ‘Reward For Iran’s Aggression’

White House to Netanyahu: Your move

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton enables Obama’s anti-Israel vendetta

Israeli PM lashes out as Iran nuclear talks intensify;  the "Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis" was "dangerous for all of humanity"

Expected Iranian nuclear deal worse than Israel feared: Netanyahu

Ya'alon: You don't have to be in intelligence to know that Iran is lying

Boehner: Obama treatment of Netanyahu 'reprehensible'

Former intelligence official: Obama’s Middle East policy is ‘willful ignorance’

Israeli officials resigned to Iran nuke deal

Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence on US-Israel Tensions Under Obama, Calls for Return of ‘Constructive’ Relationship

Anti-Israel sentiments force Virginia Bar to cancel trip to Jerusalem  Prominent liberal lawyers accuse Obama of fanning anti-Israel fervor

U.S. Raises Pressure on Israel Over Palestinians White House leaves open the possibility of letting the United Nations set a deadline for a Palestinian state

Washington welcomes Israeli release of PA tax revenue

Israel to release frozen Palestinian tax funds

US 'disappointed UN rights council continues to single out Israel’

White House Declines to Say If Obama Views Bibi in the Same Light He Views Putin

'Netanyahu has burned his bridges with Black Democrats'

Week Three Hundred and Twenty-Two

Watch: 'Obama is Out of Control' Democratic assemblyman slams Obama who is 'desperate' for a foreign policy accomplishment at Israel's expense.

US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel's Nuclear Program

Watch: AP Reporter Grills Psaki on Treatment of Iran Vs. Israel

Obama Takes Uneasy Stance with Netanyahu, Israel: Can’t Just ‘Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya’

Official: White House was part of bid to oust Netanyahu

Hoyer: U.S. Not So Innocent as It Accuses Israel of Spying

Obama says there won't be a 'peace agreement,' blames Netanyahu, will try to force creation of a 'Palestinian state'

Obama: Disagreement with Netanyahu 'Isn't Personal' US President Barack Obama says differences of opinion over two-state solution are a matter of policy, not personal animosity.

Graham: WH Chief Of Staff Speaks Like Terrorists

Jewish establishment sounds alarm as White House rhetoric intensifies

Donors of Abraham Fund Worked To Defeat Bibi — and Abraham Fund Donors Include Alisa Doctoroff

Despite 'Spying' Claims US to Keep Briefing Israel on Iran Talks

Boehner 'baffled' by reports that Israel spied on Iran nuclear talks

Obama-Netanyahu Hostility is 'Unprecedented' in History

Diplomat: Obama Seeking 'Revenge' on Netanyahu The White House's latest tirade against Israel is due to revenge over failed V15 campaign, to distract Americans from Iran, source says.

Ya'alon: Someone has an interest in sparking dispute between Israel and the US

Israeli official: 'No Palestinian state in our generation'

Democrat Apologizes for 'Orthodox Jew' Slur at J Street Event

AP Reporter to Psaki: You Let Iran Slide For "Death to America" Chants But Hold Netanyahu To Different Standard

Report: Israel spied on US nuclear talks with Iran

Top White House official calls for end to '50-year occupation'

White House chief of Staff: US watching to see if Netanyahu's actions match words on 2 states

US State department questions Netanyahu's 'sincerity' after apology

Reuters Files False Story About Obama Punishment Of Israel

US Abandons Israel at United Nations Human Rights Council

 The US was not supposed to participate in the 'human rights council' hearing -..... 'Press advisory"

Netanyahu apologizes to Arab Israelis for Election Day remarks

Associated Press "Analysis": Is Israel democratic? Not so clear

Wow – Details of How Far President Obama Went To Defeat Netanyahu Begin To Surface – Reports From Pollster In Israel….

CIA director: Iran general 'destabilizing' efforts in Iraq

Obama is enraged - by Netanyahu quoting Kerry

Former Envoys Say Obama’s ‘Childish’ Attacks on Israel ‘Cause Significant Strategic Harm’

An Insider Tells All on Voter Fraud Volunteer for poll monitoring task force to Arutz Sheva: if I hadn't been there, 200-300 votes would have been stuffed into the ballot box.

 U.S. Progressive Group Defends Its Campaign to Influence Israeli Elections Says progressives need to embrace new tactics, ideas

Netanyahu pollster: Obama role in election larger than reported

The ‘Stunning’ Deteriorating Relationship Between Obama and Bibi, Obama and Congress

Obama Scolds Netanyahu: 'Hard to Find a Path' to Work Together

Report: Obama May Reveal Understandings Reached with Israel, PA Channel 1 says President won't support a unilateral Palestinian initiative but may float a US framework for a future agreement

Amb. Dermer: No to a Hostile Palestinian State Ambassador denies Israel changed its position on a Palestinian state, brushes off calls for him to leave his post.

Senator Says Obama’s ‘Open Hostility’ to Netanyahu Causing Democrats to Lose Trust in President

US officials: France doing Israel's (and the Gulf States') bidding in Iran talks

Israel reaches out to France in effort to prevent bad nuclear deal

McCain: US should rethink UN funding if Palestinian resolution approved

McCain to Obama: Get over your temper tantrum over Netanyahu remarks

Tom Cotton, unrepentant

 MK-elect Oren: Obama Statement 'a Strategic Blow' Former Ambassador to US says Israel must act immediately to improve relations with US.

What Tensions? Israel's Elbit to Sell Marines New Laser System President Obama's 're-evaluations' aside, Israeli-American defense cooperation is going full steam ahead with a new deal.

New York Post: Israel: Beware of Obama

OBAMA Blasts Netanyahu Yet Again, Saying: His Comments “Erode the Name of Democracy”

Not News: Obama Admin's 'Lying Weasels' Delisted Iran and Hezbollah As Terror Threats

US Ambassador to Israel Laments 'Confusing' Situation US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro attempts damage control for the White House after Obama says he's 're-evaluating' US stance on Israel.

New York Times: White House Antagonism Toward Netanyahu Grows

Obama: It's now 'hard to find path' on Mideast peace process

Obama: US 'Evaluating' its Stance on Palestinian Statehood Bid Obama says White House takes Netanyahu 'at his word' in opposing 2-state solution, hints US could support PA bids at the UN in response.

Obama To Netanyahu: I May Allow UN Support For Arabs

Obama told Netanyahu during their phone call that he objects to his “divisive” election tactics

Source: Obama May Cut Direct Ties With Netanyahu and Make Kerry Sole Liaison

Obama May Cut Direct Ties With Netanyahu

A Complete Timeline of Obama’s Anti-Israel Hatred

Netanyahu: I Support Two-State Solution, But 'Circumstances Have to Change’

Boehner to Visit Israel As Iran Nuclear Deadline Looms (no comment from WH)

Networks Hype Obama's 'Stern Message' and 'Tough Talk' to Netanyahu

Week Three Hundred and Twenty-One

Marco Rubio Delivers Blistering Speech on Obama's Assault on Israel

Obama Mulls Supporting UN Resolution That Pushes Israel Back to Pre-1967 Borders

In call, Obama tells Netanyahu he will reassess US policy on Mideast peace

Two Days Later, Obama Phones Netanyahu President Obama calls Netanyahu to congratulate him on his elections victory, but also reaffirms his commitment to the "two-state solution".

White House: US 'to Reevaluate' Backing for Israel at UN

Palestinians confirm U.S. 'studying' abandoning Israel at U.N. Charge Netanyahu 'spat on face of American policy'

Media distorts Bibi’s statements, then claims he’s walking them back

'We can't forget' Netanyahu comments on Palestinian statehood, US says

Netanyahu: Israel May Accept Some Iran Centrifuges

Schumer: 'No Comment' on Obama Administration Threat to Israel

U.S.-tied anti-Bibi group vows: 'We are here to stay' Will continue 'long march' in wake of defeat

New York Times: Obama May Find It Impossible to Mend Frayed Ties to Netanyahu

          Netanyahu to NBC: Israel has 'no greater ally' than US

Netanyahu: I'm Not Racist Grilled over statements to Arutz Sheva, Prime Minister denies racism behind warning about Arab voters being bused to polling booths.

Netanyahu backs off opposition to a Palestinian state, NBC reports

White House: Bibi´s Election Undermines ´Democratic Ideals´

White House ‘Surprised, Deeply Disappointed’ By Netanyahu Victory

New rift opens between Obama, Netanyahu after election victory

US: Netanyahu Win to Have No Impact on Nuclear Talks

Kerry Calls Netanyahu to Congratulate Him – Obama May Call in a Few Days

White House knocks 'divisive rhetoric' against Israeli Arabs in election

US still backs two-state solution in Mideast: White House

WH Avoids Congratulating Bibi

EPIC! US House Congratulates Netanyahu – Chides Obama

Republicans Congratulate Netanyahu on Win

ABC: ‘There’s a Lot of Disappointment at the White House This Morning’ with Bibi Victory

Obama Won’t Congratulate Bibi — But He Congratulated Erdogan, Sisi, Rouhani … and Putin!

With Netanyahu holding on, the administration is weighing a turn to the U.N. to help force a deal.

Israeli elections take dramatic turn as official tally gives Likud sweeping victory

Obama-linked nonprofit filed for new IRS status after accusation of meddling in Israeli election

Netanyahu hails ‘a great victory for our people,’ though Herzog in no hurry to concede

In victory speech, Netanyahu says he will seek 'strong, stable government'

Police investigate 51 cases of alleged voting fraud

Group Working to Influence Israeli Elections Still Receiving State Department Funding Abraham Fund Initiatives received $98,000 grant from State

AP: Israel´s Netanyahu declares victory in tight race

Netanyahu warns: The Left is busing Arabs to vote, the Right is in danger

On Election Eve, Netanyahu Rejects Palestinian Statehood

Obama Campaign Manager Accuses Netanyahu of “Shameful 11th Hour Demagoguery”


 Obama refuses to renew 40-year-old emergency oil supply pact with Israel

State Dept. scrubbed from anti-Bibi group's website Senate panel probes whether Obama funded effort to oust Netanyahu

 Anti-Netanyahu Nonprofit Forms New Entity After Congress Says It Violated Tax Law Obama-linked OneVoice under scrutiny for tax law violations, State Department Backing

 Hillary’s Hezbollah-Friendly Donor Pro-Syrian Lebanese billionaire donates to Clintons, decries 'Zionist Lobby'

New Israel Fund Received More Than $1 Million From U.S. State Department

Even if Likud loses, Netanyahu could become prime minister

Netanyahu to masses in Tel Aviv: There's a great danger that a left-wing gov't will come into power

100,000 at Nationalist Rally, Say Organizers

Likud Warns: Leftists Planning 'Provocations' During Rally

Senate Launches Probe: Is Obama Funding an Anti-Netanyahu NGO? Both Democrats and Republicans in Subcommittee on Investigations have signed off on probe of funding for One Voice.

Source: Senate panel probing possible Obama administration ties to anti-Netanyahu effort

Obama administration rejected accusations of interference in Israeli election

The next 22 months until President Barack Obama leaves office promise to be the most challenging period in the history of US-Israel relations

Week Three Hundred and Twenty

Jpost asks Netanyahu: What happens if you lose – is your career over?

Netanyahu says sees 'real danger' of losing re-election bid

Netanyahu: There is a worldwide effort to topple Likud rule

New Israel Fund Received More than $1M from US State Department; US directly involved in million-dollar MEPI program - which organizes 'strikes and protests' from the Arab community.

New Israel Fund Paid Millions To Undermine Israel Via State Department

Israel Critic and Hamas Defender Named As Obama's New Mideast Coordinator

 U.S. Generals: Israeli Military Restraint Bolstered Hamas Report rejects American adoption of Israeli level of restraint

Obama’s Favorite Israeli Novelist: Obama Criminally Naïve on Iran

Feinstein Doubts Netanyahu is an Ally of America Feels embarrassed and humiliated by his actions

Netanyahu says Israel will not cede land to Palestinians

Obama Administration, Netanyahu bicker on Twitter

Netanyahu: Iran deal "a matter of survival" for Israel

Netanyahu: U.S. speech ‘well worth’ confrontation with Obama

White House Tweets Attack on Bibi Using Noted Plagiarist

Rick Perry: Security of Israel Threatened by Iran Deal

Week Three Hundred and Nineteen

Netanyahu makes a phone call. Report: Obama asks Netanyahu to 'take a breather' from vocal criticism

White House pushing Israel to recall ambassador?

Netanyahu Speech Reveals U.S., Israel Gaps on Iran and the Middle East

US challenges Israel to sharpen alternative path on Iranian nuclear negotiations

US State Department Slams Netanyahu's 'Magic Formula'

Kerry says demanding Iran's 'capitulation' is no way to secure nuclear deal

Netanyahu says he gave ‘practical alternative’ to Iran deal

State Dept. Slams Netanyahu: ‘Overstated,’ ‘Oversimplification,' 'Scary’

 Why Obama hates Netanyahu, and vice versa; The enmity between the two leaders over the Iran deal is at a fever pitch, but it is an older and deeper loathing that will not end no matter how that crisis is resolved

Ex-Iranian hostages agree with Bibi: Tehran can't be trusted

White House hides behind anonymous tweets read on CNN

Obama 'Unimpressed' With Netanyahu 'Theater' in Congress

Obama: Netanyahu offers no viable alternative to Iran talks

White House: Netanyahu Offers 'No Concrete Action Plan' on Iran

Pelosi 'near tears' at Bibi 'insult'

Democrats LASH OUT at Netanyahu, Tell Him to Go Home, Call Him “a Child”

Pelosi, Black Caucus Members Walk Out on Netanyahu Speech

Netanyahu to US Congress: This is a VERY BAD DEAL – We’d Be Better Off Without It (VIDEO)

Netanyahu to Congress: Emerging deal would lead to a nuclear Iran and inevitable war

Netanyahu: Iran's opposition to Islamic State doesn't make it 'a friend'

Thunderous Applause: State of the Union Like Welcome for Bibi

World leaders will be yakking it up with snub-snit Obama in Situation Room

Congress Will Award Netanyahu With a Bust of Churchill Before Historic Speech (VIDEO)

Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech to Joint Session of Congress:( full video)

PM Netanyahu's Speech in Congress (transcript)

More than 50 Democratic members of Congress boycotting Netanyahu speech

Democrats boycott Cruz, Wiesel panel

OOPS! Susan Rice Accidentally Gives Pro-Israel Crowd Reason to Cheer

 State Department Tweets Speech by Cleric Who Blames Unrest on Global Zionist Conspiracy Cleric: Unrest due to ‘new global colonialism allied to world Zionism'

Democratic New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez not-so-subtly criticized Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice during his speech before the 2015 AIPAC policy

Bennett on Fox: Iran Deal is an 'Unmitigated Disaster

Another bipartisan tradition bites the dust: AIPAC breaks with Obama on Iran

On Eve of Speech, Obama Smears Netanyahu

Obama: Speaking to Congress a few weeks before election - 'a mistake'

White House: Obama won’t watch all of Netanyahu’s speech

White House: Netanyahu Speech Won't Complicate Iran Talks

Report: Obama Has Cut Intelligence Cooperation with Israel

US Admonishes Israel not to 'Betray' its Trust

Boehner to give Netanyahu bust of Churchill

Flashback 2013: Churchill bust welcomed back to US Capitol after Obama 'snub'

Flashback 2012: White House admits it did return Winston Churchill bust to Britain

Obama to Be Interviewed By Reuters to Pre-empt Netanyahu’s Speech

Netanyahu: Today the Jewish people have a voice, tomorrow I will make it heard in Congress

Netanyahu to AIPAC: No ‘Disrespect’ for Obama

Netanyahu: Despite Disagreements Israel and America are Family

Bibi Lists Times Israel Defied U.S. to Act in Self Defense

Power Tells AIPAC 'US Support of Israel Transcends Politics'

Ahead of Netanyahu speech, Kerry fires across the bow: Warns of giving out details of Iran negotiations

Kerry: Hey, we’re not trying to politicize Netanyahu’s visit

At Least 34 Democrats Will Boycott Netanyahu’s Congressional Speech on Security of Israel

White House Denounces ‘Despicable Attack’ Ad Against Susan Rice

Saudi columnist: 'I'm glad Netanyahu decided to speak to Congress against the nuclear agreement despite Obama's anger and fury'

Senior official on Netanyahu's plane: Congress must be made aware of Iran deal concessions

Netanyahu to Unveil Details of Iran Agreement During Speech; Member of Netanyahu's entourage says he will unveil some details of the agreement with Iran during his Congress speech.

Congress uninformed on Iran deal while Israel already 'knows a lot,' official says

Administration denies Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli warplanes

Flashback: Samantha Power Suggests U.S. Invade Israel to Impose Peace

Why Obama Order to Shoot Down Israeli Jets Most Likely Untrue

Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike, Kuwaiti paper claims unnamed Israeli minister with good ties with the US administration 'revealed the attack plan to John Kerry.'

Report: Obama threatened to fire on Israeli jets attacking Iran

Kerry to avoid Netanyahu speech by meeting with Iran FM in Geneva, defending Israel at UN

Kerry: It Was 'Odd' Boehner Invited Netanyahu to Address Congress

Kerry: US Has Closest Security Relationship With Israel Ever

Kerry: Netanyahu 'Welcome to Speak in US', Secretary of State issues mollifying words, says: 'We don't want to see this turned into some great political football.'

US Senator Feinstein slams 'arrogant' Netanyahu: 'He doesn't speak for me'

Netanyahu: Congress speech is not illegitimate because American public supports Israel

Netanyahu boards plane for Washington: I go as an emissary of the entire Jewish people

Netanyahu: 'I Am Deeply and Genuinely Concerned for the Security of All Israelis'

Israel asks US for extra missile defense funds, report says: Goes to Congress, not the White House

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu is coming to Washington next week because Obama left him no choice

On Eve of Historic US Trip, PM Netanyahu Prays At Western Wall

NYT: White House Offers Rebuttal Before Netanyahu’s Speech

ABC: Obama, Netanyahu on Collision Course 6 Years in the Making

Washington Post: Netanyahu’s address to Congress will be most important speech of his life

Ex-Obama campaign aide works to oust Netanyahu 'Data point ... that indicates how the relationship has deteriorated'; Jeremy Bird

AP: Anti-Israel divestment push gains traction at US colleges

Ad: Does Hillary Stand With the Boycotters or Supporters of Israel?

Jewish Group BLASTS SUSAN RICE In NYT Ad: “Susan Rice Has Blind Spot: Genocide”

Senate Unanimously Welcomes Netanyahu to America, No Senate Democrats block measure backing Bibi’s speech

Netanyahu releases clip of him writing Congress speech

Bolton: ‘Obama Has the Worst Relationship with Israel’ Since 1948

Why Obama is making such a big deal out of Netanyahu's speech : hoping to permanently damage American support for Israel.

Ex-Obama aide Ross: PM’s speech to Congress ‘definitely a mistake’

Week Three Hundred and Eighteen

Kerry heading to Switzerland with Zarif, as Netanyahu goes to Washington

Rice and Power looked at being the two most 'Anti-Israel' advisers

Obama backs down - sending Rice and Power to AIPAC

New tensions erupt between the White House and Netanyahu

Senator Hits Back at Obama: Israel Ties Greater Than One Person

U.S. and Israel: The Manufactured Crisis

Kerry blasts Netanyahu... for being wrong on Iraq

New tensions erupt between the White House and Netanyahu

Senior Israeli Minister Responds to Kerry’s Criticism of Netanyahu: ‘He Might Not Know What We Know’

In DC, Netanyahu plans to avoid all political affiliations

BLACK CAUCUS DEMOCRATS Plan to Sabotage Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

Saudi Arabia Prepared to Let Israel Into Saudi Airspace to Bomb Iranian Nuclear Sites if Necessary

PM: It's 'My Duty' to Speak in Congress, For Israel's Security

Netanyahu accuses West of forsaking pledge to prevent nuclear-armed Iran

White House Backs Rice's Comments on Bibi Speech White House spokesman says Susan Rice's comments are "entirely consistent with what the President has already said"

Kerry questions Netanyahu's judgement over Iran deal

Netanyahu declines US Democrats' invitation for meeting during visit

US national security advisor Rice says Netanyahu address 'destructive'

In Veiled Jab at Bibi, Kerry Says Iran Deal Critics 'Uninformed'

President Clinton Hosted Israel Prime Minister in Election Against Bibi

White House ‘Considering’ AIPAC Invitation, Won’t Commit to Sending Official

White House may not send a cabinet-level official to largest gathering of pro-Israel Americans

US Senate Democrats invite Netanyahu to meeting during visit

Kerry Concerned Over 'Viability' of Palestinian Authority ,Kerry warns PA may cease to exist if it does not soon receive tax revenue which has been withheld by Israel.

Not Just Israel: Arab States Worried About Iran Deal

How the media is spinning Netanyahu's speech

Amid row over Israel and Iran, White House sidestepping AIPAC summit

AP: Unwelcome Mat: White House Tries to Counter Netanyahu Visit

White House mulling ways to undercut Netanyahu speech

PM: Stop ‘courting’ an Iran that’s refusing to come clean on its nuke program

Netanyahu throws cold water on IAEA report claiming Iran restraining its nuclear program

National Iranian American Council Buys Full-Page Ad in NYT Against Netanyahu Speech

Week Three Hundred and Seventeen

Marie Harf Wrote Thesis on How Conservative Support for Israel Complicates U.S. Foreign Policy

State Dept.: Kerry Will be 'Out of Town' During Netanyahu Speech

'US, EU to test Israel's sincerity on Palestine after elections'

US takes swipe at Netanyahu: Sounds like he knows more about Iran deal than negotiators

Democrats Complain Netanyahu Speech Could 'Undermine' Iran Deal ,23 Democrat senators write to Boehner asking to postpone Netanyahu's speech, saying invite was 'political tool' to urge sanctions on Iran.

 US accuses Israel of inaccurate leaks on Iran nuclear talks

 EU officials confirm Israel not fully briefed on Iran talks; US State Department reported to say Israelis would ‘twist details’ to undermine negotiations

White House: US-Israel Tensions over Iran 'False' Reports

US acknowledges withholding information from Israel on Iran talks

Muslim Leader Who Called Israel a ‘Suspect’ After 9/11 Meets with Biden at White House

PM: US Must Fight Islamic Fanatics, From ISIS and Iran Prime Minister Netanyahu stressed to US Senator David Perdue the need to fight Islamic fanaticism - whatever its source.

'Israelis must protest Iran deal outside US Embassy'

WHIP LIST: Dems skipping Netanyahu speech

'Israeli sources': We killed Mughniyah, not the CIA

 Virginia Dems Run Away From Vote to Support Israel, Republicans chide Democrat stunt as 'profile in courage'

Netanyahu: If emerging nuclear deal with Iran is so good, why hide it?

Washington Post: Obama Thinks Netanyahu Authorized Leaks on Iran

'Rampaging Iran Has Created 3 Fronts on Israel' Netanyahu explains it is his duty to warn against Iranian nukes in Congress, 'militant Islam with WMDs is greatest danger to humanity.'

Boehner: 'I didn't tell Obama I was inviting Netanyahu because I knew he would interfere'

Boehner Slams White House 'Animosity' toward Netanyahu

American Officials Deny Obama Admin is 'Punishing', Israel Senior officials in Washington deny Channel 2 report that the Obama administration stopped sharing information with Israel on Iran.

US officials deny report of freezing Israel out of Iran nuclear talks

Report: US to halt updates to Israel on Iran nuclear talks in response to Netanyahu speech plans

Boehner admits making calculated move not to inform White House of Netanyahu speech

  US condemns Copenhagen attacks, vows to stand with Denmark against anti-Semitism (The State Dept. only)

Hear Israel’s urgent plea on Iran: Senators and representatives boycotting Benjamin Netanyahu´s speech are making a huge mistake

GOP Representative: Obama Is Using Final Two Years to “Get Back at Israel” (Audio)

Obama defended Israel Hater's death- Kayla Mueller

Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel to Attend Netanyahu Speech to Congress: “How Can I Remain Silent?”

 Top Lawmakers Launch Counterattack on Obama Anti-Israel Campaign Republicans voice support for Netanyahu congressional speech

Israelis think Obama interfering in election, poll finds

Week Three Hundred and Sixteen

Joint ECI-CUFI statement on Democratic boycott of Israeli PM's speech

State Dept. Backs Obama: Paris Attack Didn't Target Jews Jen Psaki the latest Obama spokesperson to stutter an explanation as to why he described the attack on kosher store as just 'random'.

Charlie Rangel To Benjamin Netanyahu: Meet Me By The Bike Racks After School

Netanyahu: I Must Address Congress to Ensure Israel's Survival

Netanyahu: I am not looking for fight with Obama over Congress speech

White House Telling Congressional Black Caucus Netanyahu Speech Is Racism Against Obama, So Don’t Attend…

U.S. Embassy Met With Group Trying to Influence Israeli Elections

Obama Calls Terror Attack on Paris Jews ‘Random’ Shooting

Obama calls Paris supermarket massacre 'random shooting'

Obama: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Coy’ About ‘Very Real Difference’ on Iran with Netanyahu

Obama Defends Netanyahu Snub 'With respect to PM Netanyahu . . . I talk to him all the time,' Obama says, insists 'unbreakable' US-Israel bond still stable.

Criticizing Netanyahu, Obama says 'united' world presenting Iran with nuclear deal

Netanyahu 'Determined to Address Congress' Premier assures the Israeli public, detractors that Congress address will not harm US-Israel relations amid rumors of changes to event.

Netanyahu: Speech at congress not political, it's existential

 PM Considering Changing Format of Congress Address: To 'Closed Door" session of Congress

Dem boycott of Netanyahu address to Congress grows

11 Dem Reps, 1 Dem Senator to skip Netanyahu speech

Lawmakers who announced they will not attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress:

Netanyahu vows to scuttle world powers’ Iran deal

After Refusing to Meet With Netanyahu, Biden and Kerry Meet With Israeli Opposition Leader

Democrats Too Busy To Meet With Netanyahu – But Party Down at Grammy Awards

Biden, Kerry Meet Bibi’s Opponent in Munich

Israeli officials: Netanyahu to give speech to Congress as planned

Netanyahu: I Will Not Form a Government with the Left

Netanyahu hits Obama again on Iran

 The Obama administration is providing $25 million in advanced weapons to Lebanon, a country where Hezbullah is part of the government

Whistleblower: AG nominee in $1 billion Obama cover-up Loretta Lynch played role in scandal leading back to White House

 Democrat Strategist UNLOADS: My Party Is The ‘Dictator To The Common Man’

POTUS: Burning the Jordanian Pilot Avenges the Crusades

Likud Incensed After Biden Meets Herzog in Munich; A day after announcing he would boycott PM Netanyahu's speech, Vice President Joe Biden met MK Yitzhak Herzog in Munich.

A chorus of Israeli politicians urge Netanyahu to cancel US Congress Iran speech

Angry over Netanyahu’s speech, Democrats hope to limit harm

Insider says Obama administration 'sent a message' to black Democratic lawmakers that they should skip Netanyahu speech to Congress

Biden to skip Netanyahu's speech before Congress

Two prominent Democrats announce boycott of upcoming Netanyahu speech

Bibi Expands Lead in Israeli Polls; U.S. Democrats Hardest Hit

Week Three Hundred and Fifteen

Top Black Dems to skip Netanyahu speech

Obama Spat with Israel’s Netanyahu was White House Creation

Suspicious Ties Revealed of US Activist Group Working to Oust Netanyahu

Senior Democratic Senators May Boycott Netanyahu’s Congressional Address

 Memo Reveals Plan of U.S.-Funded Groups to Influence the Israeli Elections Nonprofits targeting populations, such as Arab Israelis, opposed to Likud

Biden Threatens to Shun Bibi

Netanyahu: Iran 'Trying to Open Front' from Golan Heights

Meet Obama organizer working to boot Bibi; Mentored by disciple of notorious radical Saul Alinsky-  Jeremy Bird

Anti-Netanyahu election group admits to American funding U.S. money, Obama campaigners team up to swing Israeli election

VIDEO: Israel’s Prime Minister Reminds a Misguided Obama, “Iran Is Your Enemy."  

State Department: UN's Gaza Commission is 'One-Sided'

Livni-Herzog-Obama One Voice Movement keffiyeh says 'the land is ours'

'American Israel-Haters are Buying the Government for the Left'

  Netanyahu’s strongman image boosts ratings, countering U.S. rift

US and Iran moving closer to nuclear deal, EU diplomats tell Israeli officials

Anti-Netanyahu election group admits to American funding

The NY Times corrects a big lie : Netanyahu notified the White House before the acceptance of the invitation to speak to Congress

Story that Boehner blindsided Obama on Netanyahu invitation was manufactured agitprop

Obama, Netanyahu and Iran: Why Israel´s leader won´t back down on Congress speech

Obama’s Anti-Israel Attitude

Egypt Labels Hamas’ Military Wing Terrorists

Likud Press Conference to Expose Obama-Labor Link Motion filed to Elections Committee against V15, a campaign Likud says is illegally using foreign money to boost Labor ticket.

Senate Democrats Leave Door Open To Skip Netanyahu Speech

Cruz: Probe if State Dept. funds used in Israeli elections

New York Times floats trial balloon for next Obama admin anti-Israel initiative

Netanyahu´s Likud moves ahead in Israeli election polling as party seeks ban on Obama-affiliated organizations campaigning in Israel

‘Little being done to repair US-Israel ties’

The Washington Post reports that the death of Imad Mughniyah was a joint CIA-Mossad operation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party reached the top spot in a Panels Research poll taken for The Jerusalem Post and its Hebrew sister newspaper, Ma’ariv Sof Hashavua

White House Blasts 'Illegitimate' Israeli Construction White House spokesman warns new Israeli construction will "have detrimental impacts on the ground"

Israeli claims of major Obama concessions to Iran 'complete nonsense,' US says

Obama has agreed to 80 percent of Iran´s demands in nuclear talks, Israeli officials tell Ch. 10

Bibi Surges in Israeli Polls

Week Three Hundred and Fourteen

Full text of the letter from Cruz to John Kerry

Sen. Cruz: Has President Obama Launched a Political Campaign Against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu?

Obama’s Israel Problem: Attacks Netanyahu through the New York Times- Administration Official Criticizes Israeli Ambassador Over Netanyahu Visit

Boehner: Admin ´Doesn´t Even Try to Hide´ Antipathy Toward Netanyahu

Obama Doubles-Down on Dishonesty: Says He Will Not Meet With Netanyahu Because of Election

State Department-Funded Group Bankrolling Anti-Bibi Campaign OneVoice International aiding anti-Netanyahu V15

Obama Campaign Team Arrives in Israel to Defeat Netanyahu in March Elections

Netanyahu: Iran Agreement is Unacceptable to Israel

Obama administration intervened to silence prosecutor in Argentine probe of Iranian leader

Tit for tat: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin declines meeting with Obama

Netanyahu defends planned Congress speech as anti-Iran strategy

Bibi Defends Congress Trip: I´ll Go Anywhere to Defend Israel

White House Caught in Lie over Netanyahu Speech

New York Post: White House going nuclear on Netanyahu

White House: Relations with Israel 'Deep, Abiding' White House chief of staff McDonough says Obama does not stand behind 'Israel spat in our face' quote.

Hollywood actor Rob Lowe: Obama prefers fruit loops over Netanyahu

Video: Fox News' Chris Wallace goes ballistic over Netanyahu visit

'We're Committed to Israel's Security', Reiterates White House White House spokesman says Obama's refusal to meet Netanyahu is only because of the timing of his visit.

Netanyahu's Congress stunt could cost Israel American support, U.S. officials warn

Netanyahu ‘spat in our face,’ White House officials say  PM ‘will pay price’ for spat over Congress address; Obama said to have asked him to tone down pro-sanctions rhetoric; Wash. Post: Kerry’s enthusiasm for defending Israel may wane

Obama Feuds with Bibi Because He's 'Like a Republican'

Week Three Hundred and Thirteen

Fury in Israel Over Obama's Mossad 'Lies'

Mossad Denies Telling U.S. Senators It Opposes Sanctioning Iran

Israel source says leaked report of Netanyahu-Mossad rift on Iran sanctions is ´Obama´s revenge´

Breaking: Full statement from Mossad head on Iran

WH: Obama won't meet with Israeli leader (to avoid appearance of influencing an election)

Obama will not meet with Netanyahu during trip to Washington

Israel´s Netanyahu says will address U.S. Congress in March

US-UN Amb sings praises of Int'l Crim Court now gunning for Israelis. At Auschwitz event.

Change: Netanyahu welcome to speak in the US anytime he wants

Kerry, Boehner: Netanyahu's Invitation Not a Ploy

White House says Netanyahu 'departing from protocol' with US visit

 White House to 'reserve judgment' on Netanyahu visit to US Congress

Boehner Jabs Obama By Inviting Bibi to Address Joint Session of Congress


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