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Obama and the IRS


House gently kills IRS impeachment resolution

House to vote this week on IRS impeachment


New Documents Reveal Top Obama IRS Official Admitted Cincinnati Office Targeted Office Targeted Groups Based on ‘Guilt by Association’


IRS denies tea party groups after long wait for decision on tax-exempt status


IRS subjects tea party groups to new round of scrutiny, publicizes tax return data


IRS Accused of Operating ‘Behind a Veil of Secrecy’ in Probe of 99 Churches


IRS chief Koskinen says he was misled, doesn’t deserve impeachment

IRS commissioner admits he made ´mistaken´ statements about email destruction


IRS chief: Protect my rights in House impeachment inquiry


IRS commissioner John Koskinen to face impeachment hearings next week


IRS refuses to abandon targeting criteria used against tea party, conservative groups


IRS doesn’t tell 1M taxpayers that illegals stole their Social Security numbers


IRS vows action on years-old tea party applications held up by targeting


Federal Judge Says IRS Still Targeting Tea Party With Classic ‘Catch-22’

Court says IRS must prove it stopped tea party targeting

Justice Dept. Had ‘Powerful Case’ For IRS Targeting Charges Photo of Ethan Barton Ethan Barton


 New Documents Reveal IRS Headquarters in D.C. Buried Conservative Groups’ Tax Applications Attorney who investigated IRS scandal is an Obama, Democratic Party donor

IRS Colleagues Called Lois Lerner ‘Volatile’


Judicial Watch: FBI Interviews Show Apparent IRS Policy of Burying Tea Party Applications in 2010-2012


The Two Giant Reasons the IRS Is Investigating the Clinton Foundation


Justice Department Knew of IRS Scandal 2 Years Before Congress but Did Nothing


Defying Ryan, conservatives move to force vote on IRS impeachment


Conservatives move to impeach IRS chief


Obama Admin Lawyers Threatened IRS Employee Testifying About Illegal Obamacare Payments


From Cincinnati to Washington: How Lois Lerner´s IRS Ruthlessly Targeted the Tea Party


 New Documents Suggest IRS’s Lerner Likely Broke the Law


Report: IRS Spent $11 Million On Guns, Ammo In The Past 10 Years


House committee votes to censure IRS commissioner


IRS Releases Larger List of Targeted Groups

IRS finally reveals list of tea party groups targeted for extra scrutiny


Has the IRS Been Illegally Deleting Records


Has the IRS Been Illegally Deleting Records


 Republicans Take Steps to Impeach IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen failed to attend impeachment hearing

Koskinen will skip IRS impeachment hearing

Chaffetz: IRS Commissioner Should Be Removed for Misleading Congress

IRS chief to Congress: I never wanted this job


IRS chief: I’ve never spoken to Lois Lerner

Koskinen will not appear at IRS impeachment hearing


House oversight chairman moves to censure IRS chief, strip pension


Chairman Wants IRS Commissioner Censured for False Statements, Impeding Investigation


Congress Moves Forward With Impeachment of IRS Commissioner


Top Republican to IRS: You say you’re broke. How can you afford 700 new employees?


Obama administration proposes rules aimed at tax evasion


House would ban IRS from rehiring people fired for misconduct


House votes to ban IRS bonuses until customer service improves


GOP Congressman: IRS Too Busy Spying On Americans To Do Its Job


Rep. Kristi Noem: IRS Is Rehiring Employees Fired for Misconduct

White House rejects demand to boost IRS integrity


Congressmen to Demand Impeachment of IRS Commissioner

Federal judge calls IRS untrustworthy in tea party case


The IRS again fails to protect taxpayer information


IRS must publicize sensitive tea party data obtained in targeting, Obama administration says

IRS chief: Agency encourages illegal immigrant theft of SSNs to file tax returns


IRS sued for refusing to release secret ‘church investigations’ procedures  Agency reached agreement with atheist groups in 2014


Whistleblower Allegedly Exposes Vast Abuse Within IRS Union


Court rebukes IRS for tea party targeting, orders release of secret list


Why Did The IRS Give The Dept. of Justice Twenty One CD-ROM’s?….


 IRS Has Answered Only 15.6 Percent of Calls This Tax Filing Season Audit finds increasing problems with customer service and tax fraud

Treasury Secretary: Don't Blame IRS for Its 'Bad Performance Record'


GOP Debate=> Dr. Ben Carson: After I Spoke Out Against Obamacare – I Was Audited by Obama IRS (Video)


ObamaCare Has Made The IRS A Shambles


IRS’s New Ethics Chief Once Ordered Records Be Illegally Destroyed


Chaffetz, Jordan Erupt After IRS Erases Another Hard Drive

IRS under fire for erasing records sought in court order


IRS Wipes Hard Drive that Court Ordered It to Preserve

Beware: IRS Now Has Six Years To Audit Your Taxes, Up From Three


Federal judge certifies tea party in class action lawsuit against IRS


IRS Employees Fuel Democratic Candidates, Causes


IRS proposes churches, other nonprofits get Social Security numbers from donors


IRS tries Backdoor Way to Undercut Nonprofits


Report Calls On IRS To Target Wealthiest Americans In Audits


Loretta Lynch: Lois Lerner was protected by prosecutorial discretion


Secret IRS policy hides identity theft from victim


Cruz asks feds to save documents in IRS probe


Senators Grassley, Leahy Investigating IRS’s Cell Phone Tracking


GOP moves to impeach IRS chief

IRS chief faces Senate grilling over Tea Party targeting

Why Is The IRS Spying On Americans' Phone Calls?


Rep. Jim Jordan: 'Flat Out Wrong' Not to Bring Criminal Charges Against Lois Lerner


Feds clear IRS, Lois Lerner of criminal behavior in tea party scandal

When IRS scandal broke, Obama was ‘angry’


Lois Lerner's 'Partners' (NASCO - the National Association of State Charity Officials)


Vet group hosting Trump lost nonprofit status


Court Orders IRS To Reveal White House Requests About Taxpayers


 Chaffetz calls to fire IRS Commissioner, 7-28-15


IRS must say if White House sought taxpayers’ information: Judge

IRS scandal: Lois Lerner's secret, personal email account was perfect cover


Lois Lerner May Have Committed a Crime With Use of Private Email at IRS


IRS finds yet another Lois Lerner email account


Lerner, in newly released emails, calls GOP critics ´evil and dishonest´

Lois Lerner Was Upset With Photographers at Congressional Hearing: “I Looked Like Crap” (VIDEO)


IRS Awarded One Conservative Group Tax-Exempt Status in Three-Year Period


Lois Lerner Emails Released: "Lincoln Should Have Let The South Go..."


 Report: ‘Within IRS, Union Exerts Extreme Influence on Employees;’ ‘Makes It Difficult for Agency to Remain Apolitical’

 Senate Report Finds IRS ‘Delinquent’ in Targeting of Conservative Groups Rep. Jordan says report shows IRS Commissioner has to go

Lois Lerner Wanted To Audit A Group With Ties To Bristol Palin Photo of Chuck Ross Chuck Ross

McConnell: Obama Administration ‘Misled’ Congress, Hid Evidence to Conceal IRS Targeting


IRS report finds ´gross mismanagement,´ ´personal politics´


IRS Commissioner Vows to Not Target Christian Colleges Opposed to Gay Marriage ... 'At This Time'

IRS “Midnight Unit” Destroyed Backup Tapes With Lois Lerner Emails


We Now Know Where Lois Lerner's Emails and Backup Tapes Were Destroyed


Judge: I Will Hold IRS Commissioner In Contempt

Federal judge threatens to hold IRS chief in contempt

The Curious Case of Lois Lerner's Physically Damaged Hard Drive

IRS Demanded Content of Prayers from Pro-Life Group


Congressmen Call for Impeachment of IRS Head


GOP House chairman asks Obama to remove IRS commissioner; says he obstructed tea party inquiry


President punts on IRS


Issa: IRS Targeting 'Still Happening'


19 Facts On IRS Targeting President Obama Can't Blame On Republicans

IRS Scandal: It´s Dangerous On Wrong Side Of Obama

GAO: ´Americans Still Vulnerable to IRS Audits Over Personal Beliefs´


Judicial Watch: New Documents Show IRS Used Donor Lists to Target Audits


Obama defends IRS, says tea party targeting didn’t happen

Obama: ‘Real’ IRS Scandal Is That It’s ‘Poorly Funded’


 Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Definitely’ Looking at Possibility of Impeaching IRS Commissioner ‘Everyone knows the fix is in at the Justice Department’

The IRS has hit a new low


New Documents Implicate Justice Department in IRS Conservative-Targeting Scandal


Midnight raids, secret subpoenas: IRS´ Lerner close friends with leader who targeted Scott Walker


Emails: Lois Lerner Is Longtime Friends With Regulator Who Targeted Scott Walker

Another Blistering Smidgen Alert – More FOIA Documents Reveal IRS Targeting Stemmed From DOJ and White House…


Wall Street Journal: GAB Sought Assistance From IRS on John Doe Probe

Wall Street Journal: GAB’s Kennedy had a friend in IRS’ Lois Lerner

Surprise, Surprise: Lois Lerner Had Friends in Wisconsin


Emails: Obama Administration Discussed Prosecuting Nonprofit Orgs


IRS erased Lerner emails even after subpoena: audit

Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive Was SHREDDED

House Republicans Considering Impeachment of IRS Head over Stonewalling in Lois Lerner Investigation

 Obama IRS Erased 422 Computer Backup Tapes Related to Tea Party Scandal

Watchdog: IRS workers mistakenly erased tea party emails

Report: IRS Illegally Awarding Contracts to Companies With Tax Debt


Watchdog: IRS erased backups after loss of tea party emails


 Court Rules Against IRS in Z Street Case, Paving Way for Discovery Nonprofit claims IRS official said org was singling out pro-Israel groups for scrutiny


Judicial Watch: Federal Judge Orders IRS to Account for “Lost” Emails


 Federal Judge Orders Obama IRS to Court


IRS Finds 6,400 New Lois Lerner Emails…Gives DUMBEST EXCUSE YET For Not Releasing Them; -Because the IRS is busy making sure that none of the emails are duplicates


Federal Judge Gives IRS Until Friday To Explain Itself On Lerner Emails


IRS Created “Special Project Team” of “Hundreds of Lawyers” to Hide Information from Congress


VIDEO– IRS Mocks Lawmakers – Blows Off Congressional Request for Clinton Foundation Investigation


IRS sends Congress unsigned form letter to brush off demands for Clinton Foundation investigation


Obama IRS Political Appointees Protected Tea Party Probe Requests


IRS Hires $1,000-An-Hour Lawyers And It Might Have Violated Federal Law

House GOP demands criminal investigation into Lois Lerner


Two years later, IRS probes drag on


The IRS Goes To Court: The agency suggests it can discriminate for 270 days. Judge Gasp.

IRS Scandal: I was targeted and I´ve got proof it was a Democratically-led conspiracy


IRS wasted $5.6B on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits: Audit

IRS Seizes Over $100,000 From Innocent Small Business Owner, Despite Promise To End Raids


IRS still targeting tea party: Nine groups awaiting agency approval


Report: IRS Deliberately Cut Its Own Customer Service Budget

"Resource Lacking" IRS Deliberately Ignored Your Phone Calls to Pay For Union Time And Bonuses

House report: Cash-strapped IRS prioritized bonuses, union activity over helping taxpayers


DOJ Singles Out Tax Cheats in a Pay-or-Else Warning to Taxpayers


IRS: Mistakes Were Made


      Lerner Email Warned IRS Employees of Emails That ‘Can Be Seen By Congress’


The IRS wants everyone to set up a safe, secure IRS account and pay their taxes online


IRS loses big procedural battle with tea party Agency ordered to produce names of 298 targeted groups

Norquist book: IRS assault on Tea Party saved Obama's presidency


DOJ lets Lois Lerner off the contempt hook

Koskinen Says IRS Has Eliminated Backlog of Tax-Exempt Applications


Report Says Former IRS Employees--Think Lois Lerner--Can Still Peruse Your Tax Returns


IRS may broaden rule to police political nonprofits


Outgoing US attorney hasn´t acted on Lerner contempt charge


NO MORE EXCUSES: Obama Admin Has What It Needs To Give Up Lerner’s Emails


Politico sat on allegations Lois Lerner had prior history of targeting conservatives


Conflict of Interest..Elijah Cummings is Knee Deep in IRS Scandal


Congress demands Obama-approved IRS emails disclosing taxpayers’ info


EXPOSED: Department of Justice Shut Down Search For Lois Lerner’s Emails

The Blind Leading The Find: Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive Was Searched By Legally Blind IRS Employee


More Lois Lerner Emails Recovered: ‘No One Will Ever Believe That Both Your Hard Drive and Mine Crashed Within a Week’

Tea Party Leader Gerritson: IRS Has “Gone to Great Lengths to Hide the Evidence” (VIDEO)

IRS Employee Looking for Lois Lerner Emails Was Blind, Literally!

GOP Lawmaker: IRS Officials Need to Be FIRED & PROSECUTED Before Confidence Is Restored (VIDEO)


Lerner Email Search Is On Hold Over Software Problems: ‘There Is Potential Criminal Activity’


Investigators Recover 32,000 Emails To and From Lois Lerner


 Lois Lerner Received $129K in Bonuses, Bonus suspended in 2012 when she exceeded $230,700, federal limit for the calendar year


 Watchdog Group Asks Court to Force Release of Docs on IRS Targeting Motion comes two days before an Oversight Committee hearing on emails related to the targeting


White House that promised transparency refuses to cooperate with IRS probe


Iraq Vet: IRS Extorted Me, Left Me No Money to Run My Business

IRS commissioner: Illegals now eligible for tax credits under Obama’s amnesty — even for years pas


IRS: We’re Sorry for Seizing Small Business Bank Accounts

IRS to pay back-refunds to illegal immigrants who didn’t pay taxes  Lawmakers fear illegals could use Obama amnesty to find ways to vote


Obama administration won’t release IRS targeting documents


If Your Name Is On This List, Prepare To Be Audited (Or Worse) 


Tea Party Leader Becky Gerritson Speaks Out on Harassment & Abuse by Obama IRS (VIDEO)


Senate Republicans to Investigate Illegal Information Sharing Between White House & IRS


Senate GOP demands Obama turn over all communications with IRS


Churches Fear IRS As Election Season Looms


Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch: I Haven't Been Briefed on The IRS Scandal and Therefore Can't Comment


Top Lawmaker Demands Answers From IRS Over Hiring Of HealthCare.Gov Company


Obama IRS Shares Private Financial Data With Foreign Tyrants


IRS Has Active Contract For MILLIONS With Company HHS FIRED Over Botched Healthcare.gov


Docs: Ahead of 2012 Presidential Election Lois Lerner Begged Supervisor Not to Visit IRS Office


IRS mistakenly penalizes Christine O’Donnell a second time, placed levy on bank accounts


NY Times, Wash Post Give Early Gift to Obama on IRS Scandal: 'No Links to White House'


Report Blames Obama White House for Weaponizing the IRS and Turning It Against Conservatives


GOP report: Top IRS official considered admitting targeting before 2012 election -- but didn’t

Obama Nominee to Elections Panel Helped Dem Group Skirt Massive IRS Fine

BOMBSHELL REPORT: IRS Targeted ‘Icky’ Conservative Groups


Nonpartisan, apolitical IRS prepares to blame the GOP for delayed tax refunds


IRS Watchdog Continues to Hide Records on White House Leaks Of 2509 documents, government agrees to release 31


Obama Admin Releases ONE PERCENT of Its Documents About IRS-White House Coordination

New IRS Emails Surface: Evidence of a White House Cover-Up?


California Attorney General Sued to Stop Disclosure of Conservative Group´s Donor Addresses


New Poll: 70 Percent Want Congress to Keep Probing IRS


New emails show IRS' Lerner met with DOJ prosecutors before 2010 elections

Smidgen Trails – IRS FOIA Release Shows Origin of DOJ and IRS Scheme in 2010…


IRS holding “thousands” of requests by White House for tax documents Update: Congress already knew?

Dept. of Treasury Blocks Release of IRS to White House Emails Because The Content Would Be Illegal To Share With Court…


THOUSANDS OF DOCUMENTS: IRS Gave Taxpayer Information To White House


2,500 new documents ID´d in White House-IRS taxpayer harassment cases

Top Republican: IRS planning bonuses for employees who owe taxes


 Records on Taxpayer Leaks to White House to Be Released IRS watchdog will turn over documents to Cause of Action

The IRS Scandal Rears Its Head


Lois Lerner Refused Tax Exempt Status to Hundreds of Conservative Groups – But Granted Status to an Underage Prostitution Ring


30,000 missing emails from IRS' Lerner recovered


IRS is monitoring comment threads on conservative blogs


Church Leaders Alarmed That IRS Agents Could Pose as Clergy to Access Privileged Information


How The IRS & Homeland Security Are Expanding Undercover Work


IRS Admits to Court it Hasn’t Searched for Missing Lerner Emails


Bombshell Memo Dem Senator Jeanne Shaheen Conspired With Lois Lerner

IRS letter to Shaheen confirms intent to pursue 501(c)(4) questions


IRS Stonewalls Cruz Investigation; Cruz Threatens Subpoena Come January


We're All Flies in the IRS's Widening Web


IRS seizes woman's entire savings because she deposits less than $10,000 at a time


Woodward: Lots of Unanswered Questions on Obama's Involvement in IRS Scandal


Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required


Court sides with IRS in tea-party targeting scandal Bush-appointed judge says 'no harm done'

Tea Party loses court battle over targeting to IRS


'This Was White House-Driven' Senator: Valerie Jarrett Was Involved in IRS Scandal


Producer of anti-Obamacare movie ‘Sick and Sicker’ hit with IRS audit


CAUGHT ON VIDEO>>> LOIS LERNER Tries Busting Into Neighbor’s Home When Confronted on Targeting Scandal


Is Another Obama Administration Scandal About to Explode?;...there is strong reason to believe that one or more White House political appointees have illegally accessed private taxpayer information and used it for political gain.


 IRS Wrongly Withheld Info in Hundreds of Cases, Watchdog Finds Also improperly released taxpayer information


Durbin caught lying about IRS contact at Chicago Tribune editorial board session


Lerner breaks silence, says 'not sorry' over role in IRS scandal

Congress livid over Lois 'I did nothing wrong' Lerner Ex-IRS honcho talks to press while refusing to answer investigators

American Thinker: Politico does weepy story about poor Lois Lerner

Politico: Lois Lerner breaks silence: "I didn't do anything wrong."

Lois Lerner Compares Herself To Jeffrey Dahmer

IRS Official Who Called Conseratives A**holes Says She "Isn't a Political Person,"


IRS — abuse and cover


Inside the IRS, part 7


Koskinen: ‘Hard Drive Crashes Continue As We Speak’


Lois Lerner vs. Federal Workers Union


Holder Aide Accidentally Calls Issa´s Office to Spin IRS Scandal, Nets Don´t Report


IRS Commissioner: We Follow the Law ‘Wherever We Can’

IRS and DOJ Conducted Targeting With Illegally Obtained Conservative Donor Lists- The DOJ “Secret Research Project” Exposed…


 Cruz Letter: Why is the IRS Auditing Breitbart News?

Breitbart News says IRS targeted company for audit

Letter: Holder Aide Accidentally Calls Issa Staff for Help Spinning IRS Scandal


Surprise: IRS 'Loses' Emails of Five More Employees Connected to Targeting Investigation


There May Be Hope That Lois Lerner’s Lost Emails Exist Somewhere Else

Missing Person Alert! Where is IRS Scandal Figure Andrew Strelka?

IRS says it has lost emails from 5 more employees

GOP lawmaker accuses DOJ of hiding former employee linked to IRS scandal

IRS had 'secret research project' on conservatives Lois Lerner warned colleague questions by Congress were 'dangerous'


New IRS Documents Show Lerner Did Not Need Conservative Group Donor Lists – Emails Mention “Secret Research Project” by Top IRS Official

Washington Post: Why did the IRS clean out Lois Lerner’s Blackberry as probes began?


Email Reveals Lois Lerner Ignored Political Expenditures By Unions


IRS now claims Lois Lerner’s emails not really missing, just really hard to find

Darrell Issa: IRS Scandal Is ‘Amazing Sequence’ of Cover-Up, Denial

Networks Dodge Huge IRS Scandal News as DOJ Attorney Says Lost Lerner E-Mails Do Exist

House Committee: DOJ Lawyers Have ‘Conflict of Interest’ In IRS Case

GOP lawmakers say DOJ probe into IRS ´compromised,´ demand special counsel


IRS Shocker: Filing Reveals Lerner Blackberry Destroyed: The device was wiped AFTER Congressional inquiry began

Judicial Watch: DOJ Admits Lois Lerner’s Emails Exist


Judge Demands Answers After IRS Contradicts Sworn Testimony on Lerner’s Scratched Hard Drive


Time’s Up for Lois Lerner and the IRS Judge Sullivan Gave Them A Chance. What’s next?

Judge launches special inquiry into missing IRS emails and Lerner hard drive


Judge: Indiana can sue IRS over health care rules


Justice Department lawyer in Z Street case a potential witness


Judge Refuses to Appoint Forensics Expert to Locate Lost IRS Emails

Conservatives suing IRS fail to get injunction

Z Street becomes the key to the IRS scandal


IRS Will ‘Monitor’ 99 Churches on Behalf of Atheist Organization to Avoid Another Lawsuit


Washington Post: Ends up Lois Lerner was e-mailing her husband with the conservative knock


IRS commissioner: Even if we find those lost emails, Congress ´won´t concede error´ and will find something else to attack

Top Tea Party Lawyer: The More We Learn the More We Know Dems & IRS Colluded to Silence Conservatives (Video)


Lois Lerner Called Conservatives ‘Assholes,’ Fantasized About Working At Obama Group

New Emails: Lois Lerner Referred to Conservatives As ´***holes´ and ´TeRrorists´


Revealed: IRS and State Department conspired in targeting pro-Israel group


IRS Strikes Deal With Atheist Group to Monitor Content of Sermons


IRS Beltway Clown Show on Kelly File


IRS backup tapes discovered!


 Jim Jordan GRILLS Irs Commissioner John Koskinen 7/23/14. FULL EXCHANGE

Rep. Jordan to IRS on Lost Emails: ‘You Guys Were Never Going to Tell Us Until We Caught You’

Watch: Rep. Gowdy slams IRS commissioner for dragging feet on congressional investigation

Tale of the Tapes: IRS head confirms investigators have found backup tapes in Lerner probe

'We Have STOPPED Asking People About It' IRS Commissioner: We're Not Investigating Missing Emails

Senators Blast Dem Mega-Donor Over IRS Investigation into Tax Avoidance Scheme

7-23-2014 IRS Response to Its Targeting Scandal Part 1

7-23-2014 IRS Response to Its Targeting Scandal Part 2


Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive Was ‘Scratched’ Then ‘Shredded’

Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings calls for end to ´public harassment´ of IRS chief John Koskinen


What Happened To the IRS IT Asset Management Team?

IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 hard drives Loss of Lois Lerner emails amid tea party targeting probe unresolved

Now IRS Reports EVEN MORE Computer Crashes, Doesn’t Know If Emails Still Exist

IRS official: Lost Lois Lerner emails may still exist

IRS lawyer: By the way, the hard drives of some other employees who dealt with Lois Lerner also crashed

Whistleblower: IRS in cahoots with NSA Warns taxman may have been spying on tea party


Lois Lerner emails reveal gaping open-records loophole


Tea party groups' suit against IRS moves forward


Department of Justice: We Heard About IRS Missing Emails On The News

FBI To Finally Meet With Target Of IRS Bullying

Top Justice official denies conspiring with IRS on tea party targeting

IRS Ship Sinking: First Deadline Friday


FBI Probing Lost IRS Emails as DOJ Sets to Defend Its Investigation

Lerner Associate: "I Don’t Understand How Anyone But Straight White Men Can Vote Republican”


Lois Lerner Suddenly Remembers She DID Keep Copies of Email. What Jogged Her Memory?

Group At Center Of IRS Scandal Has Never Been Interviewed By FBI Investigators


IRS to investigate building safety after deaths, illnesses of several employees: “Although many of the workers in that building are very worried and one even called us to notify FOX 5 of the problems, none of the current IRS employees were willing to talk on camera, saying they fear retaliation and worry they could lose their jobs.”


Second federal judge tells IRS to explain lost Lerner emails: under oath

Federal judge to IRS: Explain these “lost” e-mails, please … under oath

Double standard? Pro-Obama IRS Worker Suspended, Postal Employee Fired For Political Violation


Stockman files motion ordering the arrest of Lois Lerner

Resolution submitted to hold Lois Lerner in contempt Congress takes 1st step toward arrest, jailing of former IRS division chief

Federal Judge Orders IRS to Explain Lost Emails

New pressures for special prosecutor on IRS scandal

 IRS employee suspended for urging taxpayers to ‘reelect President Obama’


GOP: Lerner warned IRS employees to hide information from Congress

7-9-2014 Jordan Q&A on Lois Lerner IRS emails

IRS Commissioner: Nothing Odd About Lois Lerner Asking if Instant Messages Are 'Searchable'

Lois Lerner: 'We Need to Be Cautious About What We Say in Emails'

Lois Lerner Did Print Out ‘Some’ Emails, After All

Lawyer: Lerner may have printed some emails

Former IRS Director: IRS Scandal Due to Budget Restrictions


RS Official Whose Computer Crashed Was Responsible For Spinning Congress On Targeting


Watchdog: IRS Obstructed Congress When It Lost Lois Lerner’s Emails


Issa to IRS Commissioner: Lerner’s Lawyer Contradicted Your Testimony… Want To Try Again?


Lois Lerner Targeted Chuck Grassley After He Blocked Obama’s DOJ Tax Nominee

Another federal judge tells IRS to explain itself on lost emails

Lois Lerner and Fellow IRS Official Announced Targeting At 2010 Conference The Same Month Their Emails Went Missing

Court Grants Judicial Watch Hearing over Missing IRS Emails

Chairman Issa on IRS investigation - CNN's State of the Union


Lois Lerner Attorney Claims She Pleaded The Fifth To Avoid Being Bullied

Former IRS Attorney Donated $12,831 to Democrats


Darrell Issa: Lerner Definitely 'Broke Some Laws' on Emails

Smoking Gun Trail To White House – Possible IRS Bombshell Within Politico Interview Of Lois Lerner Attorney William Taylor III – When Questioned About Lerner Sending DOJ 501(c)(4) Info: “Justice requested the documents”…

Lois Lerner’s lawyer: She’s JUST as UPSET as you are about her missing emails, no really! (VIDEOS)

IRS Officials To Face Judge Who Once Sicced a Special Prosecutor on the DOJ


Lois Lerner’s Lawyer: ‘A Little Brazen’ to Say She Purposely Destroyed Hard Drive


Clinton Adviser Lanny Davis: Time for Independent Counsel to Investigate IRS Scandal

The sleeper case that could bust open the IRS scandals


Cruz: Appoint Special Prosecutor on IRS or Impeach Eric Holder

Meet The Seven IRS Employees Whose Computers ‘Crashed’

Lerner sought IRS audit of sitting GOP senator, emails show

Dems Fawn Over IRS Commissioner Who Contributed Over $85,000 to Their Committees, Candidates

Chuck Todd's Nixonian Defense of the IRS


Tea Party Lawyer: Last Four IRS Commissioners Lied About Targeting Scandal (Video)

Issa Expands Investigation – Subpoenas 28 Years of Lois Lerner Emails

Emails Show Lois Lerner Targeted GOP Senator Charles Grassley

Report: Lois Lerner Tried to Get a Sitting GOP Senator In IRS Trouble (Update: Email Added)

Issa: I'll Consider Immunity for Lois Lerner

WH Spokesman: Congressional Oversight ´Is Pretty Entertaining´

IRS Prematurely ‘Retired’ Data Storage Devices

WH Counsel Can’t Name One Person She Worked With During 6-Month Stint at IRS

Z Street at center of IRS email scandal



Lois Lerner Caught Granting Muslim Brotherhood front groups Tax Exempt status as far back as BUSH ADMINISTRATION

U.S. Archivist: IRS "Did Not Follow The Law" On Lerner Emails

House panel drags White House attorney to testify on missing IRS emails

CNN Reporter Spars with Earnest on IRS Emails: Like Saying ‘Dog Ate My Homework’

Koskinen to Issa: 'I Never Said I Would Provide You Emails We Didn't Have'

IRS chief scorched as 'liar' 'We are sick and tired of your game playing'

IRS Chief Admits: WH Wrong that Scandal Was Just 'Rogue Agents'

IRS Commissioner Insists Law Hasn't Been Broken, Admits He Doesn't Know the Law

IRS Chief Says He Was First Informed of Sonasoft Email Archiving Contract Today

Koskinen used to be the CEO of Freddie Mac

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is Major Democratic Donor The IRS commissioner has been contributing to Dems for four decades

IRS Admits Wrongdoing, to Pay $50,000 in Leaking of Marriage Group’s Tax Return

Flashback: The Dog Also Ate The EPA’s E-mails Back In 2001 (under Clinton)


 ´We have a problem with you, and you have a problem maintaining your credibility´: House Republicans slam IRS commissioner as they subpoena a White House lawyer*

Video: IRS Head Waited 2 Months to Tell Congress, FBI About Lost Emails

'We have a problem with you, and you have a problem maintaining your credibility': House Republicans slam IRS commissioner as they subpoena a White House lawyer in 'missing emails' case

Email Shows IRS Official Was Pretty Happy About Obama Publicly Singling Out Conservative "Secret Donor" Groups

Darrell Issa: Lois Lerner Acted on Obama's Opposition to Citizens United

IRS Commissioner Denies Issa Information Ahead Of Monday Night’s Showdown

Dem Strategist on IRS Emails: Bush Admin Lost Emails All The Time


IRS CANCELLED Contract with Email-Storage Firm Weeks After Lerner’s Computer Crash

Report: IRS Used Private Company to Back Up Emails

2012 flashback: IRS Awards Contract to Unisys to Deliver On-Demand Storage Service via Private Cloud Solution


Lost Emails? The IRS Has a Contract with an Email Backup Company

IRS Contracted With Sonasoft for ‘Email Archiving Done Right’ Back in 2005

Lois Lerner's Hard Drive "Crashed" Ten Days After House Ways & Means Chairman Made First Inquiry

Why Are IRS Retention Standards More Lax Than Standards for Taxpayers?


White House Calls IRS Investigation a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Treasury: Lerner never talked Tea Party with us

GOP Rep. to IRS Commissioner: Why Should Anyone Believe You?

Paul Ryan to IRS: 'Nobody Believes You'

Paul Ryan Slams IRS Chief: Excuses On Missing Emails 'Unbelievable'

White House Learned of Lerner's Crashed Hard Drive 6 Weeks Before Congress

IRS commissioner won´t apologize for lost e-mails

‘Let Me Finish!’ GOP Rep. Dave Camp and IRS Commissioner’s Testy Exchange

IRS commissioner: You know, e-mail isn’t necessarily an “official record”

On the Missing IRS Emails, Two Observations


IRS ‘Lost’ Emails From Official That Met With Top Obama Assistant

Wall Street Journal: IRS scandal ´worse than Watergate´

GOP fury after report claims IRS ´recycled´ Lerner hard drive

Furious Tea Party Lawyer Promises To ‘Subpoena Every Single Govt Agency Lois Lerner Talked To’

Dog Ate the Homework? Newspapers Take Four Days to Notice Lois Lerner's E-mails 'Missing'

“Jihad Cool”: Muslims from U.S. head to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS and “bring back the Caliphate”

IRS boss faces ‘cover-up’ claims ahead of Hill hearing on missing emails


Darrell Issa: Records Like Lois Lerner's Emails 'Don't Just Disappear... Unless That Was the Intention'

Sources: Lois Lerner’s emails likely gone forever

White House: No emails between White House, Lerner

Lois Lerner Lost Email Narrative Debunked by IT experts on The Mark Levin Show (Audio)

Obama´s IRS Sent The FBI 1.1 Million Pages Of Taxpayer Documents: An Update


Issa asks IRS to hand over hard drive

IRS regulations require e-mails that are “federal records” to be stored in separate, permanent system

Lerner on missing emails: 'Sometimes stuff just happens'

WH on Lerner Emails: 'You've Never Heard of a Computer Crashing Before?'

IRS Knew Lerner Emails Were Missing For Months, ‘Lied To’ Congress

House budget punishes IRS with 15% cut, halts Obamacare enforcement

Congress to Obama: Send Us 'All Communications' Between Your Office and Lois Lerner

IRS Has Lost More Emails...

What the IRS Commissioner Said About Those Lois Lerner Emails Back in March

Flashback: Koskinen Has Hard Time Saying If IRS Will Hand Over All Lerner's Emails

IRS Was Required By Law to Print Out Lois Lerner’s Emails

Republicans Demand Answers From IRS on Lerner's Missing E-Mails

House GOP investigators argue IRS targeting influenced by Obama

Kerry: 'We Have the Security We Need for Our Embassy'

Tea Party Lawyers Demand Access to All IRS Computers Used By Administration Defendants

Attkisson On Missing IRS Documents: If The Emails Really Are Lost, ‘That’s Quite A Story In Itself’

Cleta Mitchell to the IRS: Answer this


The Latest on Lois Lerner’s “Lost” Emails, With a Bombshell At the End

Congress will drag IRS commissioner into TWO hearings to explain how 28 months of Lois Lerner´s emails were ´lost´

Darrell Issa subpoenas IRS commissioner over lost Lois Lerner emails

IRS Commissioner, in March: Lerner´s Emails Are ´Stored in Servers´

 CNN Lampoons IRS for Missing Lois Lerner Emails King: Do you believe in the Easter bunny? Do you believe in Santa Claus?


Watch the IRS Commissioner Testify They Had ALL of Lois Lerner’s Emails & Would Turn Them Over!

IT experts call BS on IRS claim to have lost Lerner emails


Congressman Asks NSA To Restore Two Years Of "Lost" Lois Lerner IRS Emails

IRS Commissioner previously testified Lois Lerner emails were archived

Lois Lerner’s ‘Lost’ Emails

2013 Treasury IG Report May Hint What Was in Destroyed Lerner Emails


Dang! The IRS says Lois Lerner’s emails done got wiped out in one of them there computer crashes


The IRS’s war on free speech


Issa on IRS's Lerner: 'Did She Break the Law? As Far As I Can Tell, Yes, She Did'


IRS Sent Confidential Information On Nonprofit Groups To FBI Days Before 2010 Midterm Elections

Report: IRS Sent Database Containing Confidential Taxpayer Information to FBI


Schumer’s IRS


Z-Street Wins Ruling Against IRS – Was Targeted By Obama Officials Because of It’s Pro-Israel Views


Lawsuit Alleging IRS Discrimination Against Pro-Israel Groups Moves Forward


IRS: Employers Face $36,500 Per Worker Tax for ´Obamacare Dumping´

IRS Eyes New Ways To Tax Miles of Frequent Fliers


I.R.S. Bars Employers From Dumping Workers Into Health Exchanges


IRS slams door in face of conservatives Responds to criticism of explosive new rule by hiding from public


GOP: Justice Department pushed Lois Lerner to help build criminal case against nonprofits

Sen. Ted Cruz GRILLS FBI Director on IRS investigation

Barber Breaks Down Report of IRS Workers Spending 500K Hours on ‘Union Activities’

IRS backs off proposal critics warned would ‘silence’ conservative groups


 After DOJ Dodges Questions, Issa Subpoenas Justice Department for IRS Investigation Targeting Documents

Issa Subpoenas DOJ After ‘Election Crimes’ Director Refuses to Answer Critical Questions 34 Times


The Obama Administration is still stonewalling IRS scandal documents

The Internal Repression Service


Judicial Watch's Farrell: IRS Targeting Directed By Obama Campaign

NEW: IRS office in D.C. heavily involved in tea party assault

Your Tax Dollar Collectors At Work- The IRS Targeting Scandal Deepens


Smoking Gun? Watch Leaked Video Of Lois Lerner Discussing Targeting Conservatives (Video)

Soros Behind IRS Targeting Scandal – Big Daddy Gave $6.1 Million to Lib Groups Linked to Scandal

WHITE HOUSE CAUGHT IN ANOTHER LIE – IRS Scandal Originated in DC Not Cincy (Video)

New Emails: Democratic Senator Pressured IRS To Target Groups

Judicial Watch Obtains New Documents Showing IRS Targeting Came Directly From Washington D.C.

Watchdog: Accountability New IRS emails describe Washington direction of Tea Party targeting efforts


Rep. Elijah Cummings Could Go To Prison for Five Years


The Hill Insists GOP Abandoning IRS Investigation

 Obama’s IRS Spends Nearly $100 Million on Office Furniture Spending on furniture outnumbers Bush administration

Boehner Won´t Issue an Arrest Warrant for Lerner If Holder Fails to Prosecute Her


Boehner: House won't arrest Lerner


Congressman calls DOJ Lois Lerner criminal investigation ´a joke´ after Holder deputy says he DOESN´T KNOW who´s in charge


On The Kelly File: Donate to a Non-Profit Conservative Group and Your Odds of Being Audited Go Up Tenfold


IRS finally agrees to turn over ALL Lois Lerner emails to House Republicans - a day after she´s found in criminal contempt

Pelosi misses Lerner vote for fundraiser


House Republicans find 10% of tea party donors audited by IRS

House votes to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress

Exclusive: IRS delays tax exempt application for black conservative group


Oversight Democrats: A Republican IRS official started the Tea Party targeting

House Will Vote Today on Lerner Contempt

Ten IRS scandal Excuses That Are Now Completely Discredited


IRS Brazenly Continues Crackdowns On Conservative Organizations


House Oversight Chairman Demands Heads For IRS Abuse


House Republicans call for special prosecutor on Tea Party targeting


Republicans reject Lerner meeting

Lois Lerner's Lawyer: Holding Her in Contempt Would Be 'Un-American'


Hillary, the Left-Wing Money Machine and a New IRS Crackdown


IRS Gives Tax Exempt Status to Major Muslim Terrorist Groups with Clinton Ties

House to Vote in May on Holding IRS Official Lois Lerner in Contempt


REPORT: Tax Exempt Media Matters Engaged in Anti-Romney Attacks in Run-Up to 2012 Election


IRS Revokes Tax-Exempt Status of Conservative Group Org highlighted columns critical of Hillary, Kerry: The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty

Tax-Cheating IRS Staff Got Bonuses


Is there an ethics investigation in Rep. Cummings' future over IRS emails with Lerner? [VIDEO]

Reading the Tea Leaves in Johnson County


Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty Flouts IRS List Demand

IRS Among agencies that hired license plate-tracking vendor


Darrell Issa demands answers on revised Census health care questions

Issa: IRS Probe will continue despite White House road blocks


A New, More Sinister IRS Scandal: government conniving with outside interests to put political opponents in prison.


New Emails Show Lois Lerner Was in Contact With DOJ About Prosecuting Tax Exempt Groups

Oversight member on Lois Lerner coordination with DOJ: 'Now I see why IRS is scared to give up emails'

Lerner was in contact with DOJ about prosecuting tax-exempt groups

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Holder’s 'Childish and Lame' Performance at Hearing Undermines His Credibility On the IRS Scandal

Obama IRS Confirms: Abortions Are Now Tax Deductible


AP’s Julie Pace: Media Not Covering IRS Scandal Because 'We Don´t Have A Lot To Work With'

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen Audited by IRS After Finishing at Top of Forbes Rich List


House Dem Repeatedly Dodges Questions to Explain IRS Targeting


Federal government seizes $424 million in tax refunds from children to pay back old debts owed by their PARENTS

The 'Disconcerting' Things Dallas IRS Employees Did Around Obama's Reelection May Have Been Illegal


True the Vote President: Cummings Emails 'Tip of an Ugly Iceberg'

The Lois Lerner files: A partisan bureaucrat at work


Oversight committee votes to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress

Resolution to Hold Lois Lerner in Contempt of Congress, Part 2

Speier: Lois Lerner Just a 'Mid-Level Bureaucrat' -- 'No Connection to the White House'

House Republicans won't rule out arresting Lois Lerner if Justice Department doesn't

House Panel: IRS' Lerner Targeted Rove Group, Should be Prosecuted

Rep. Trey Gowdy: How does Lois Lerner Still Have the Right to Remain Silent?  Trey Gowdy continued

Timeline of Targeting: The Evidence Mounts Against the IRS’s Lois Lerner

Issa hits Cummings over staffers' IRS request

Republicans Raise 'Disturbing Concerns' About Cummings' Contacts With Lois Lerner's Office

Elijah Cummings promises to respond to Republican request for information on Lois Lerner

Rep. Jordan: DOJ Investigation of Lois Lerner 'Is a Complete Joke'

Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents' decades-old debts


 Schock: 'Clear Evidence' Lerner Broke The Law Illinois Rep. discusses Ways & Means decision to refer Lerner to DOJ for prosecution

Emails Show Lois Lerner Fed True the Vote Tax Information to Democrat Elijah Cummings

Lois Lerner 2013 e-mail: Maybe I can land an office job at Organizing For Action

IRS's Lerner sought to deny Crossroads tax status, emails show

Committee to DOJ: IRS Official Denied Conservative Groups 'Due Process and Equal Protection'

Committee Votes to Refer Lois Lerner for Possible Criminal Prosecution

House committee: Possible crimes by IRS official

IRS under fire: Vote for Obama stickers, campaign cheerleading commonplace Agency still under fire for Lois Lerner-tea party targeting scandal

IRS employees accused of donning pro-Obama gear, urging callers to vote for him

Holder pleads ignorance in IRS-targeting probe Tells Congress he doesn't know if he has access to evidence

Ethics watchdog: IRS customer representative urged vote for Obama


IRS's Lois Lerner faces CRIMINAL prosecution over targeting of Tea Party groups

Issa Report Slams Dem Collaboration with the IRS

Boehner: 'Somebody at the IRS Violated the Law'

Handling of former IRS employee Lois Lerner makes lawyers cringe


House Committee to File 3 Criminal Charges Against IRS Official Lois Lerner… And Contempt Charges!

House Committee: Possible Crimes by IRS Official

IRS agents' testimony: NO progressive groups were targeted by IRS


Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State -IRS Targeting Continues

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State -IRS Targeting

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State -IRS Targeting Continues


Darrell Issa wants Elijah Cummings to disclose talks with Lois Lerner's attorney

Washington Post: 'Cat's Out of the Bag’ on IRS Targeting Scandal


Issa calls meeting next week to weigh contempt against ex-IRS official Lerner

ATF Director: 'Wish I Had Better Answers' About ATF Agents Probing a Tea Party Conservative

IRS chief: No 'targeting' of tea party groups, just 'inappropriate criteria'


Rep. Trey Gowdy: Lois Lerner Is Going to Be Held in Contempt No Matter What


Trey Gowdy threatens to hold IRS commissioner in contempt for withholding Lerner emails [VIDEO]

Trey Gowdy: IRS' Lerner to be Held in Contempt of Congress Soon

IRS stonewalls probe of tea party targeting emails

Turning over Lerner e-mails could take years, IRS says

Combative Bench Grills IRS in Halbig v. Sebelius


 IRS commissioner to testify before Issa but still no contempt charge for Lois Lerner


DOJ: We Have No 'Conflict of Interest' in Investigating IRS Targeting of Tea Party

´They've blown off the subpoenas': Republicans prepare brickbats for Obama administration with new IRS corruption hearing


Ted Cruz blasts Justice Dept.: 'Height of hypocrisy' to deny special IRS investigator

Justice Department rejects Ted Cruz's IRS probe request

Wall Street Journal: Rep. Jim Jordan summarizes some of the evidence that the IRS has committed serious crimes "A Special Prosecutor for the IRS" Despite her denials, it's now plain that Lois Lerner was deeply involved in targeting conservative nonprofit groups.


IRS doubles down on lawbreaking with regulation to kill free speech


Issa to Cummings: You're wrong. We can hold Lois Lerner in contempt


Democrats: Issa's Gaffe Will Block Lerner Contempt Charge

The NAACP Realizes the IRS Limiting Free Speech is a Bad Thing


Lois Lerner's Lies and Cover-Up Revealed


Oversight report: 6 reasons Lois Lerner waived her Fifth Amendment rights

House Oversight Committee Releases Lois Lerner Report

Report: Lerner Emails Show Partisan Concern For Democrats

IRS Emails: Lerner Too 'Unpredictable' to Testify in Probe


Top House Republican: We Already Caught White House Lying About IRS Targeting Scandal (Video)


IRS silent on nonprofit Center for American Progress' coordination with the White House

IRS: 89K Fewer Audits in 2013 Because of 'Sequestration and Furloughs'

Flashback: Embattled IRS official Lois Lerner’s husband's law firm has strong Obama connections


Lois Lerner Talks to DOJ

Darrell Issa seen plowing ahead with IRS probe amid new evidence

IRS to turn over Lerner emails in tea party targeting probe

Bozell on IRS Scandal: 'Bigger Than Watergate'


New Emails Point to IRS Officials Targeting Political Groups

Oversight lawmaker: Holding Lois Lerner in contempt is 'where we're moving'

Issa apologizes, skirts censure, Vista rep says he has personally apologized for cutting off Rep. Elijah Cummings during hearing

Issa to Megyn Kelly: Cummings Threw a 'Hissy Fit,' Racist Accusation Beneath Response

Black caucus wants Issa stripped of committee chairmanship

IRS Currently Employing Convicted Terrorist Associate A former policeman convicted of tipping off a terror suspect is now a senior official at the IRS


Issa: We May Hold Lois Lerner in Contempt As Early As Next Week

Woman Who Asked IRS's Lois Lerner Scandal Breaking Question a Plant

Obama charged with blocking IRS probe, breaking promises to help

Lois Lerner attorney negotiated over testifying, emails show

Video: Nine times Lois Lerner took the Fifth in the House Oversight Committee

Lois Lerner Again Takes the Fifth at Congressional Hearing

Issa: Rep. Cummings 'Was Slandering Me' During IRS Hearing Outburst

'Absolutely Un-American': Dem Rep. Explodes During IRS Investigation Hearing; Issa Walks Out


Lois Lerner fears for her life if she testifies at Wednesday's oversight hearing

IRS emails shed light on dispute between Lois Lerner, congressional investigators

New Inconsistencies with Malik Obama's IRS Paperwork Revealed on Eve of Hearing


Lois Lerner's Attorney Has No Idea Why Darrell Issa Is Claiming She’ll Testify (Update)

Lois Lerner to Testify before Congress on Wednesday


Congress Recalls IRS Official Who Took the Fifth: 'If We Have to Hold Her in Contempt, So Be It'


 8 Election Experts Slam IRS for Interfering with Campaign Finance

Trey Gowdy: NO WAY we’re giving Lois Lerner immunity, PERIOD!


Official's testimony reveals IRS planned crackdown rules in 2012

After 3 Years, 2 Months & 10 Days – Tea Party Patriots Granted Tax Exempt Status By Phone Call on Eve of Congressional Testimony

McConnell to IRS: Leave the First Amendment Alone

House Majority Whip: Obama administration 'will hold up every firewall they can' to block IRS investigation

Proposed IRS rules for non-profits - limiting free speech


Ex-IRS official Lerner's attorney says no Hill testimony without immunity or court order

Republicans recall Lois Lerner to testify on IRS targeting

IRS WARNING: 'Shared Responsibility' Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid With Tax Return\


White House Vows to Kill Bill That Would Block New IRS 501(c)(4) Rules

Cleta Chronicles: IRS scandals, part 1


COMPLAINT: IRS 'improperly withheld' documents on new nonprofit rules


Christine O'Donnell: I was a victim of the IRS




Way more than a smidgen: Voters say IRS corrupt


IRS 'trusted partner' joined at hip with La Raza


IRS Political Targeting Scandal Bombshell: IRS Paid Leftist Group to Review Right

Vulnerable Dems want IRS to step up


Companies Must Swear to IRS They Didn´t Fire Employees Because of Obamacare


 100% of 501(c)(4) Groups Audited by IRS Were Conservative

Court Rules IRS May Not Regulate Tax Preparers


Connoly-Cartwright complaint letter

Two Democrats File Complaint Against Watchdog for Handling of IRS Probe

Former IRS Chief: Democratic Senator Made Us Do It A House investigation reveals who was behind the regulation of political speech. Plus, the GOP punts on immigration.

 Dems declare war on Inspector General uncovering IRS scandal

'Caught Red-Handed': Sekulow Details New 'Smoking Gun' IRS Emails

Power Line Blog op-ed:  Inside the IRS, by William Hencke:

More than a smidgen: IRS whistleblower's terrifying charges


Congressman Tried to Shut Down a Tea Party Leader at Thursday's Hearing — That’s When a GOP Rep. Showed He Wasn't Having Any of It


Cleta Mitchell Rattles Off A Litany Of IRS Criminal Offenses

Tea Party Attorney to Congress: "DOJ IRS Investigation Is a Sham, Non-Existent" (Video)

Catherine Engelbrecht: IRS targeting of conservatives is the weaponization of government

SC Rep Trey Gowdy on Fire! Blast Obama on Prejudging IRS Tea Party Investigation

Conservative activist claims Rep. Cummings tried to 'intimidate' her, files complaint

Tea Party Leader(Englebrecht) Filing Ethics Complaint Against Dem Rep (Cummings)

Rep. Elijah Cummings accuses Katherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote of racism

Cleta Mitchell: I was a Democrat till I realized they had become the party of gov't & not the people

SMOKING GUN: Email Proves IRS's Lois Lerner & Treasury Dept. Secretly Drafted Rules Targeting Conservatives

 The IRS Secret Police? Proposed rules seek to curb the free speech of Obama's political opponents.


Obama donor leading feds' IRS scandal investigation 'highly unlikely' to attend Thursday oversight hearing

 Email: IRS's Lerner, Treasury Department secretly drafted new rules to restrict nonprofits......----.Two years ago

New IRS chief apologizes to targeted conservative groups after House hearing

Obama's intervention in FBI investigation is fine, says Carney

Jay Carney Denies IRS Corruption: Obama''s 'Smidgen, Not a Gaffe


Obama didn’t consult Justice before saying no corruption at IRS President dismissed any ‘corruption’ in scandal

Obama's intervention in FBI investigation is fine, says Carney


Embattled IRS plans employee bonuses for 2013 work


'Not even a SMIDGEN of corruption': Obama DOUBLES DOWN on IRS targeting denial [VIDEO]


Justice bars lawyer from testifying before House panel in IRS probe

Dinesh D’Souza Tells Hannity Indictment Could Be 'Payback' for Anti-Obama Film


Confirmed: IRS Gave Preferential Treatment to Malik Obama – Who Is Linked to Hamas


Mitch McConnell: Obama, IRS Fight to Keep Conservative Nonprofits from Forming


Sen. Ted Cruz Questions Eric Holder on the Investigation into IRS Targeting of Conservatives

Cornyn Demands Answers From AG Holder on Texans Targeted By The IRS


Targeting conservatives? It's 'Nixonian' 'This action may have been designed to intimidate us, but it will have the opposite effect'


Leaning Right in Hollywood, Under a Lens: IRS investigates 'Friends of Abe' group of conservative actors


Obama FBI Closed Case on IRS Targeting Scandal Before Interviewing Single One of 292 Targeted Groups (Video)


FBI Won’t File Charges Against IRS for Targeting Conservatives – BUT NEVER INTERVIEWED a Single Tea Party Group

Sarah Palin's father harassed by IRS six times since 2008


Darrell Issa slams Justice Deparment over report no charges forthcoming in IRS Tea Party probe


Most powerful White House Obamacare official at center of IRS scandal

Report: IRS Harasses Sarah Palin's Father

Report Says DOJ Will File No Criminal Charges In IRS Tea Party Targeting Scandal…

Obama weaponizing IRS Attorney warns taxman opening '2nd front' in war on conservatives


Late to the party: FBI finally contacts some targets of IRS

Darrell Issa Details Obama Donor Conflict of Interest on IRS Tea Party Targeting Investigation

Republicans call for removal of Obama supporter leading IRS targeting probe

There's Already 17 Times More Coverage on Christie Scandal Than in Last Six Months of IRS

FreedomWorks CEO: New IRS Guidelines Target Tea Party and Exempt Unions


Feds pick Obama supporter to lead probe of IRS tea party targeting


Obama assures Americans that new IRS commissioner won't target conservatives

Senate confirms turnaround specialist to head IRS


Obama Tries to Legalize the IRS Scandal


IRS Targeting: Round Two


IRS intimidating health insurance broker helping people who lose policies

Analyst: Kerry's Jordan Valley Arrangements 'A Death-Trap' Arutz Sheva analyst reveals Kerry's Jordan Valley security arrangements follow 'Allon Plan,' would be 'death-trap for Israel'.

Obama's Four-State Solution


IRS Goes After Obamacare Whistleblowers: An Interview with C. Steven Tucker

The Latest IRS Power Grab; The left wants the disclosure of private information about conservative donors.


POTUS Subverted DOJ Investigation During Chris Matthews Interview


IRS using Google Maps to spy on taxpayers  


Obama dismisses IRS targeting: 'They've got a list, and suddenly everybody's outraged'

Obama's Veiled Threat


IRS Floats Strict Rules for Political Groups Before 2014 Midterm Elections


IRS lawyer at the center of tea-party targeting scandal told Congress 'I don;t recall'--a whopping 80 times!


Issa: FBI impeding inquiry into IRS targeting of conservative groups


Reporter Bob Franken Slams Obama: 'Most Hostile' White House In U.S History

Silenced by the Taxman: The IRS launches another attack on political speech.


Cancer Patient Who Spoke Out Against ObamaCare Now Being Audited

Demnesia strike IRS political appointee

Censored: After Skipping the IRS Scandal for Five Months, ABC Allows a Scant 22 Seconds


IRS Program Allows Employees to Access IRS Data on Personal Smartphones

Obama's IRS Moves to Close Down Political Speech of Nonprofits


Obama responds to IRS abuse scandal by adding more regulations to abuse

IRS moves to clean up scandal of tea party targeting


The Insiders: New Obamacare marketing --'Sign up and shut up or the IRS will be calling'


IRS Training Manual: Pay 'Special Attention' to Groups Involved in 'Sensitive Political Issues'


Study finds IRS suppression of Tea Party swung 2012 election


Rep. Issa jolts probe of IRS targeting with new subpoena


Lois Lerner Gave Confidential Tax Info of Tea Party Groups to the FEC


Report: IRS provided conservative groups' confidential tax information to FEC

 Investigation IDs IRS Leaker: But the law he broke actually prevents NOM, the victim, from learning more


Blast From The Past: Harry Reid Claimed Income Taxes Are "Voluntary"


Most powerful White House Obamacare official at center of IRS scandal: Jeanne Lambrew, deputy assistant to the president for health policy


IRS, White House officials that shared confidential taxpayer info had 155 White House meetings


IRS Official: Not 'Consorting With Devil' on Obamacare

Jordan Questions Ingram on Withholding Information Originally Given White House P. II

Jordan Questions Ingram on Withholding Information Originally Given White House

Rep. Jim Jordan: Unbelievable it took 5 months for Laura Hall Ingram to appear before the Committee

Rep. Jim Jordan grills IRS Obamacare director on Capitol Hill

Issa Committee uncovers IRS providing confidential taxpayer information to White House

Video: CBS News Slams "Disastrous" Obamacare


White House, IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info


Is This How IRS Cover-up Works

After Months of Obstruction, Congress to Hear From Key IRS Official (Sarah Hall Ingram)

Darrell Issa: IRS Officials Sent Private Data Over Personal Email Accounts Issa suggests actions were violation of IRS policy and possibly federal law

IG That Watchdogs IRS--And Uncovered Targeting of Tea Party--'Shut Down'


IRS Sued By The National Organization For Marriage For Leaking Tax Information


IRS targeted Dr. Ben Carson after Prayer Breakfast speech

IRS must turn over improperly obtained conservative donor lists


Three years later, TheTeaParty.net finally gets IRS tax-exempt OK


Ben Carson: 'I had my first encounter with the IRS' after challenging Obama


Lois Lerner's lawyers negotiating with Oversight Committee on immunity

IRS rides 1884 'dead horse' law to defense of tax preparer rules


IRS Has Produced Only 10% of Docs Responsive to Demand by Congress

IRS offers True the Vote tax exempt status, files to dismiss lawsuit

Lois Lerner Retires From IRS


IRS officials thought Obama wanted crackdown on tea party groups, worried about negative press


IRS list reveals concerns over Tea Party 'propaganda'

IRS workers turn to elite D.C. lawyers for defense


Audit Finds IRS Employees Don't Follow Their Own Rules


Republicans say IRS e-mails from Lois Lerner show 'abuse of power'


Emails show IRS' Lois Lerner specifically targeted tea party

New Emails Raise Serious Questions About Disgraced IRS Official: The Tea Party Issue Is 'Very Dangerous'


Lois Lerner's Own Words


IRS Gave Black Nonprofits Preferential Treatment


IRS spent $10,000 to make parody of Trump's 'Apprentice'

New IRS policy taxes automatic tips for waiters

IRS continues to hound Tea Party Patriots, demands more data for tax-exempt status


IG:IRS 'Hindered' Efforts to Stop Illegals from Misusing Social Security Numbers

IRS Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages


IRS Sued For Not Releasing Tax-Exempt Training Manuals


 The Missing Koch Report Treasury won’t let the conservative donors see the results of an inspector general’s investigation.


Lerner Covers Her Tracks

IRS drumbeat continues with Congress on break


IRS's Lerner Used Personal E-mail to Conduct Official Business, Investigators Say

IRS agent: We’re STILL applying extra scrutiny to Tea Party applications

Hannity: Lois Lerner Contradicts 'Rogue Agents in Cincinnati' Excuse for IRS Scandal


Lois Lerner's FEC Problem: Did she illegally disclose IRS information to the FEC?


Colorado conservative group sues 'Gestapo-like' IRS over disclosure of tax docs


IRS official who oversaw Cincinnati exempt operations office during scandal gets promotion


Obama wanted Lerner to "Fix it now before the election"


Issa expanding IRS probe to include FEC

Did the IRS also use cover-up techniques of the DEA?

IRS agent: Tax agency is still targeting Tea Party groups


Issa expands IRS investigation

IRS manual detailed DEA's use of hidden intel evidence

Former Obama staffer, Margaret Weiss, who arranged White House meetings for IRS officials now works for Ted Leonsis


Lois Lerner Discusses Political Pressure on the IRS in 2010


Oversight Committee Subpoenas IRS Communications With White House; Cites 'Ongoing Obstruction'


Another Agency Goes IRS (FEC also targeted conservative groups)

IRS scoreboard: 100 percent of "targeted" liberal groups were approved, conservatives languished


Issa Blasts Acting IRS Chief for Slow Pace, Will Subpoena Documents

 Issa subpoenas Treasury for IRS documents, accuses agency of obstructing probe

House subpoenas Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew for IRS documents

Documents: IRS targeting of pro-life groups continues


New Links Emerge in the IRS Scandal: Federal Election Commission

Obama nominating restructuring expert to lead IRS amid political controversy

Did IRS Help Other Agencies Target Conservatives?

Document Redactions:  The IRS Paints it Black


House Oversight Committee: IRS Chief Werfel Stonewalling Investigation

E-mails Suggest Collusion Between FEC, IRS to Target Conservative Groups

Issa to IRS: Provide information or face subpoenas


Conservative groups already tax-exempt were also targeted by IRS

IRS Now Has More Agents Than German Army


Issa expanding probe into IRS scrutiny of conservative groups


Wallace goes after Jack Lew Over IRS Scandal: 'Where's The Investigation? The Questions Haven't Been Asked'

Lew Won't Say Whether Chief Counsel Has Been Asked About IRS Scandal


IRS: $9 Million Travel Costs Not Excessive

Coons denies knowledge of or involvement with O'Donnell tax breach Delaware Democrat says additional investigations don’t appear necessary


Lew: Political appointee not involved in IRS tea party targeting

New IRS scandal: Private jet-hopping executives spend $8.5 MILLION in travel expenses

Questions raised about IRS executive travel

Insulating Obama From His Corrupt IRS

When will Jeffrey Zients return from South Africa?


Records of snooping into Christine O'Donnell tax records disappear

O'Donnell: IRS 'Set Up A Back Door' for Political Opponents to Access Tax Records

Where Is Jeffrey Zients? Obama staffer at center of IRS targeting scandal has still not returned from an overseas exile


Embattled IRS chief counsel met with Obama 2 days before writing new targeting criteria

IRS fears Disclosure Above All Else, Offer Made in Court Confirms


IRS watchdog to investigate Christine O'Donnell claim


DOJ Declines to Prosecute Officials Involved in Tax Record Scandal

Trey Gowdy: Claiming the White House wasn't involved in IRS scandal is BALDERDASH

IRS Chief Counsel Visited White House Several Times Between 2010 and 2012


Delaware officials admit tax snooping; won’t identify Christine O'Donnell as target

IRS Leaked Christine O'Donnell’s Info the Day She Announced Her Senate Candidacy

IRS official testifies that political appointee´s office involved in Tea Party screening

Noonan: A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal A higher office is implicated.  


 IRS Scandal Hearing. FULL HEARING 7/18/2013

IRS Political Appointee Defended Obama's Church in IRS Inquiry

Round Two: 'Shoot the Messenger' Flops at IRS Hearings

IRS Hearings: Republicans Ask Questions, Democrats Attack Issa

IRS Hearing Trail Leads to Washington, Not Cincinnati 'Rogues'

IRS IG: Audit never labeled groups 'conservative' or 'liberal'

IRS watchdog 'disturbed' agency withheld documents

Former GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell told her tax records were breached Errant lien on house placed, publicized

Now We Know Why Ms. Lerner Took the Fifth: the Tax Exempt Applications Literally Went Through Her Office (+video)

IRS Employees Ordered to Send Tea Party Cases to IRS's Only Obama Political Appointee

IRS Gave $14 Billion in Refundable Tax Credits to Illegals

IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins a Big Donor and Loyal Democrat


IRS lawyer says scandal was overseen by D.C., names names; Retiring IRS lawyer Carter C. Hull

Rep. Darrell Issa Has Information That Will Link IRS Scandal 'Into the White House' (Video)

IRS chief counsel's office involved in targeting controvers

IRS officials in Washington ordered special scrutiny: congressional investigation

Dems set sights on IRS watchdog

DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Case of 'Willful' Tax Records Access


Justice Department in hot seat after declining to prosecute alleged IRS abuse


IG: IRS Made 'Policy Decision' to 'Legalize Illegal Aliens;' Ended Up Paying Illegals $4.2B in Refundable Credits in 1 Year


Union prevents Werfel from canceling IRS bonuses as promised

Lois Lerner's big mouth: She enjoyed wielding her power so much that she boasted about it, and in doing so in a 2011 interview with Business Week, she conceded a point that could be used to prove criminal culpability


House Republicans push to slash IRS budget by 24 percent, cite abuses and sequestration  


 Treasury Department IG Refused FOIA on Austan Goolsbee Investigation... Goolsbee was alleged to have illegally examined Koch Industries tax records

New York Times: I.R.S. Scrutiny Went Beyond the Political.....One Palistinian group denied tax exempt status too


'Common' Enemies: Liberal nonprofit that pressed former IRS commissioner Shulman to target conservatives houses his wife's group Politics

Lois Lerner: Accessory To Terror Funding


Coburn, Gingrey demand answers on 201 full-time IRS union reps

Who are the IRS Union Bosses? Republicans want to know about the 201 IRS employees who work full-time on union business

Oversight Committee Yawns As Lerner Demands Immunity in Exchange for Testimony

Lois Lerner's price for testimony: Immunity

FBI Still Hasn't Contacted IRS-Targeted Tea Party Groups About Investigation


Coburn: Hundreds of IRS employees work full-time on labor union business


Oversight Committee Votes: IRS' Lerner Waved Fifth Amendment Rights With Opening Statement........votes to bring Lerner back to Hill

Rep. Darrell Issa: IRS' Lois Lerner waived Fifth Amendment rights

IRS's National Taxpayer Advocate: Exempt Organizations Division May Have Violated the Law


Video: 'This is junk!' Congressman flips out at IRS docs 'redacted to the point of absurdity'

IRS Commissioner: Our Review Doesn't Show Progressives Were Targeted

Treasury: IRS targeted 292 Tea Party groups, just 6 progressive groups

IRS auditor reaffirms that conservatives, not liberals, were targeted


IRS Could Revoke Non-Profit Status for Religious Institutions over Same-Sex Marriage

IRS official refuses to testify before Congress: Gregory Roseman


Roskam: IRS Credit Card Excesses A 'Pathetic Joke'

ACLJ lawsuit against IRS swells to 41 conservative groups

IG: Audit of IRS actions limited to Tea Party groups at GOP request

Confirmed: IRS Director Werfel Lied -- Progressive Groups DID NOT Receive Same Scrutiny

Twelve different IRS units nationwide targeted conservatives

IRS: We didn't politically discriminate when auditing Israel-affiliated groups

 An Eye on Pro-Israel Groups IRS flagged terms related to Israeli settlements for special scrutiny


No, there are no indications IRS targeted 'progressives' the way it did 'Tea Party' groups

CNN Reports: IRS Also Targeted 'Progressive' Groups For Tax- Exempt Applications

IRS chief: Inappropriate screening was broad

IRS scraps 'be on the lookout' lists at heart of Tea Party fracas

IRS chief: Agency improperly screened groups until last month

WSJ: IRS scandal not a closed case


IRS Sent $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 'Unauthorized' Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address


IRS Money Laundering Scheme Exposed By Veteran


Top aide to former IRS chief reportedly logged hundreds of White House visits


Paul Ryan: IRS employees are getting bonuses while the Pentagon is dishing out furloughs, really?

The IRS Is Defying An Obama Administration Order To Give Employees $70 Million In Bonuses

IRS Agents 'Accidentally' Discharged Guns 11 Times, Possible Injuries


P. Jeffrey Black: Whistle-blower says he was targeted by IRS

Video: Obama's Eligibility Attorney Bob Bauer Behind Illegal IRS Targeting


IRS Tea Party Targeting Was Directed From D.C.


IRS: We Investigate Pro-Israel Groups for Terrorism Ties

Cheney Rejects Obama's IRS Story On Fox: 'Cannot Conceive' Of Agents Acting On Their Own

Political optics overlooked in 'Tea Party' review: IRS official

IRS supervisor in DC scrutinized Tea Party groups' cases

Rep. Jim Jordan bores into FBI Director Mueller on IRS Targeting Scandal


Senior Washington IRS Official & Obama Donor Admits to Targeting Tea Party Groups (Video)

IRS Supervisor in DC Scrutinized Tea Party Cases

The IRS and its 46 new powers to enforce ObamaCare

Threats made to figures at center of IRS controversy: sources

Why the IRS IG Stopped with an Audit

IRS Plays Favorites With Terror-Tied, Democrat-backed CAIR


 Is the FBI Really Investigating the IRS Abuse Scandal?

Confirmed: Obama IRS Targeted, Infiltrated and Harassed Christian Churches


 Why the IRS IG Stopped with an Audit- Probably in part because the Obama administration intimidates inspector generals.

IRS Hiring 'Diversity and Inclusion Specialist,' Starting at $123,758/Year

FBI hasn't contacted a single tea party group in IRS probe, groups say


Did the IRS Fire Holly Paz?

Chief counsel in lawsuit against IRS: top Democrat Cummings' claim is 'ridiculous'

The 'Very Serious' Tradition of the Internal Revenue Service

Jeff Duncan questions IRS gun usage

Cummings Retreats: IRS Case Not 'Solved'


Obama IRS Agents Seen Training With AR15s

Blaming Cincinnati a 'Nuclear Strike on Us,' Says Cincy IRS Employee

IRS Cancels Order for Spying Equipment

House committee looks into IRS seizure of 60 million medical records   ..... Video

Washington Post: Republicans insist IRS case is not solved

Networks Skip Video of IRS Official Lecturing Pro-Life Group: Don't 'Force Your Beliefs' on People

322 IRS visits to White House Left claims it was to discuss Obamacare


IRS 'Replaces' Official Who Sat in on IG Interviews of Employees

Darrell Issa On IRS Investigation: Releasing Full Transcripts Now Would Be 'Reckless'

Cummings: Unnamed ‘conservative Republican' behind IRS abuse

Computer Access Not Restricted, Lerner Continues to Log In to IRS System


IRS Purchasing Surveillance Equipment: Hidden Cameras in Coffee Trays, Plants

IRS Caught on Tape Telling Nonprofit: 'Keep Your Faith to Yourself'


IRS manager: White House not involved in reviews

Rep. Issa (R-CA): Cummings Wants to Stop 'Needed Congressional Oversight'

Rep. Darrell Issa slams Rep. Elijah Cummings: IRS scandal is not 'solved'

Democratic congressman Elijah Cummings says the case of the IRS scandal has been "solved."

Why did the Obama administration target Catherine Engelbrecht personally?

Carter Hull, who oversaw tea party targeting, quitting IRS and Facebook..Is removed


IRS employee: Washington showed "unprecedented interest" in Tea Party groups

What IRS scandal? Obama now says all should play 'by the same rules'


IRS Workers Say Washington Directed Conservative Targeting

Misfired 2010 email alerted IRS officials in Washington of targeting

IRS worker blasts Lerner for blaming Ohio office on targeting, likens effort to 'nuclear strike'


An IRS Political Timeline

IRS Reviewing 64,600,000 Pages of Documents for Info 'Potentially Relevant' to Tea Party Targeting

IRS employees: Washington IRS official Carter Hull oversaw targeting of conservative groups

IRS official grilled on Mr. Spock video, plastic squirting fish

$4 million conference taught IRS employees to be 'honest,' 'transparent'

IRS Lied to Senator Coburn About Costs of Extravagant Conferences

IRS Takes Vengeance on Virginia for Enforcing the Law

IRS Division Head Apologizes for 'Embarrassing' Videos

IRS Scandal: The Soros Connection


Top IRS Official For Obamacare Implementation Placed On Administrative Leave: Sources say a key official in charge of overseeing health reform implementation, as well as another staffer, have been put on leave for accepting more than $1,000 in free meals and other items at a 2010 conference.

IRS refuses to turn over documents on targeting to Senate

Bash: IRS Can’t Locate Its Receipts from 2010 conference

The Exploding IRS Scandal


IRS Agent to Pro-Life Group: 'Please Explain in Detail the Activities at [Your] Prayer Meetings'

Stephanie Cutter Attended WH Meetings With IRS Chief

IRS: $17k for artist to paint portraits of Michael Jordan, Bono

Average Guest Speaker At IRS Conference Made More Than $9,000

Conservative group claims it has proof IRS leaked donor list

Carney paints Issa's IRS investigation as illegitimate

Karen Kenney Testifies at Hearing on IRS Abuses of Power

Watch: Gallery Erupts During IRS Hearing After Paul Ryan Calls out a Dem Rep

Tea Party group founder to Congress: I am outraged by the accusation we are subsidized by the taxpayer

Dem to IRS victims: 'I get the feeling many of you…believe you should be free from any scrutiny at all'

3 IRS-targeted groups contacted by Lerner; 'Born free American woman' Gerritson blasts 'chilling' IRS

Emotional Testimony of Becky Gerritson over IRS Scutiny before Congress Committee, June 4, 2013

Tea party witness chokes up: 'I'm not begging my lords for mercy. I'm a born free American woman' [VIDEO]

Tea party: IRS questions were 'willful act of intimidation'

Congress Hears from Tea Party and Conservative Groups Targeted in IRS Scandal

 Pervasive Political Targeting Testimony suggests IRS targeting of conservative groups not limited to Cincinnati office

Democratic Talking Points: IRS Targeting of Nearly 500 Conservative Groups Was Not Partisan

The IRS acting commissioner and the inspector general of the Treasury Department revealed they have yet to determine who ordered the targeting of conservative groups during testimony before Congress on Monday.

IRS Employees Won't Say Who Ordered Targeting of Conservatives

Five hearings and counting: The House Ways and Means committee..to hold the fifth hearing on the IRS' inappropriate targeting of conservative groups.

Press Shakedown? Labor Dept. Wanted $1M from AP

IRS victims testify as new agency scandal emerges

Here Are Some of the Questions the IRS Asked Conservative Groups

IRS Commissioner Aided Tax Cheat Congressman

Leftist Groups Enjoy IRS Tax-Exempt Status While Tea Party Suffers

Did IRS Target Homebuliders on Behalf of Mobbed-Up Union?


Treasury IG Compares IRS Scandal to Nixon Only Worse  - "This Is Unprecedented"

IRS Paper Trail All The Way To Top Levels In D.C.

Watchdog: IRS agents would not say who ordered targeting program

GOP threatens IRS purse strings

Dem rep: We're "asking for more trouble" from the IRS by cutting its budget

Video: Tim Carney: IRS employee a member of anti-Tea Party Facebook group

Why Shulman and not Colleen Kelly?

Gibbs: Issa charges against IRS 'shameful,' owes agency apology

Occupy IRS: Wife of Former IRS Commissioner Joined Occupy Wall Street

IRS Agent Was So Disturbed by Targeting, Sought Another Job

Did Palestinian Authority Officials Cause Obama's IRS to Target Pro-Israel Groups?

 Obama´s Campaign Team Comes Out to Defend the IRS

New Details Emerge on IRS Targeting Conservatives: more coordinated than the agency has admitted.

IRS audits moderate group with GOP ties; Issa says scrutiny known in D.C.


IRS employee in bombshell congressional interviews about tea party targeting: 'Washington, DC wanted some cases ... I sent seven'

IRS agents tell House committee that the targeting started in D.C.

IRS Employee: D.C. Told Us To Target Tea Party

Axelrod urges a new look at nonprofits


White House defense: Visitor logs too unreliable to reveal whether Shulman visited 157 times

Former IRS commissioner Shulman’s wife works for liberal group fighting open campaign spending

Report: IRS sought gift tax on conservative group's donors

Obama Deputy Campaign Manager attended White House meetings with IRS chief: "I was in them"

CNN: Conservative sites tie IRS controversy to liberal group

Another frivolous IRS-produced video emerges


Former IRS commissioner Shulman's wife works for liberal group fighting open campaign spending

Flashback: Maxine Waters: Obama has secret database with everything on everyone

IRS Has Documents from 88 Employees in Investigation

IRS Ignores Senate Deadline to Answer Questions About Scandal

Criticism of IRS grows amid allegations of targeting beyond Tea Party

McClatchy: IRS targeting of conservatives may go beyond tax-exempt applications

WH: No Need for Special Prosecutor in IRS Scandal

Lois Lerner: Accessory To Terror Funding

O'Reilly: IRS Chief's Unprecedented, Epic Number Of WH Visits A 'Smoking Gun' Of Obama Leading Agency’s War

Newly released IRS video shows employees dancing


IRS may have targeted conservatives more broadly

'Rogue' IRS agent who wrote threatening letters gets promotion

CBS: The strange case of True the Vote vs the IRS and … lots of other bureaucrats

Lerner intrigue goes back to '96 Durbin/Salvi U.S. Senate race

157 Shulman WH Visits: IRS Fish Rots From The Head

IRS's Shulman had more public White House visits than any cabinet member...........-twice as often as Eric Holder

Obama Approval Drops; 76% Want Special Prosecutor for IRS Scandal

At least 5 pro-Israel organization targeted by the IRS


Lois Lerner Told Republican in 1996: "Promise me You Will Never Run Again,."

Holder Personally Sued in Massive Tea Party Abuse Lawsuit

25 tea party groups sue Obama administration, IRS

Goolsbee's Mysterious Tweet About the Koch Brothers' Taxes Why did a former White House official delete a statement about Koch Industries taxes?

Report: Lerner, Other IRS Officials Signed Letters Inquiring About Conservative Groups

Cincinnati IRS Agent: Special 'task force' in DC made decisions about processing Tea Party applications

IRS to be hit by new law suit claiming tea party groups got intimidating letters from the agency just four weeks ago

Confirmed Again: IRS Targeting of Conservatives Came From the Top in Washington

Embattled IRS official Lois Lerner's husband's law firm has strong Obama connections

Rep. Peter King: Holder May Be Guilty of Perjury

Curious IRS Timing: Did the tax agency also target groups that support Israel?


IRS higher-ups requested info on conservative groups, letters show

IRS to Tea Party: 'State the Reasons You Did Not Have Candidate Rally for Lone Democratic Candidate'

IRS Chief's 118 White House Visits Must Be Explained

Washington launches four different investigations into IRS scandal

IRS Gave Preferential Treatment to Malik Obama's Charity - Now Found Linked to Genocidal Regime


It Didn’t End, The IRS is still stringing conservative groups along.


Hume: Holder Investigation 'Howling Conflict Of Interest'

White House's "Excessive Entanglement" with the IRS: Former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Doug Shulman visited the White House 118 times between 2010 and 2011.

Why a Level Playing Field Matters in U.S. Politics-- and How the IRS Helped One Side


Inside IRS Unit Under Fire: Office Rankled Other Groups With Its Aggressive Tactics


Revealed: Obama Donor Sat in on IG Interviews with IRS Employees

Conservative Groups, Donors Became Targets in 2008: 'We're Going to Put Them at Risk'

Lois Lerner, Slapped With Lawsuit Papers at Home

Lois Lerner Directly Involved in IRS Targeting, Letters Show

 IRS official (Lois Lerner) on leave refused to resign, GOP senator says

2007: Obama Demanded Atty Gen Resign For Carrying Out 'Political Vendettas' Of Admin

Ten Leading Democrats Wrote IRS Demanding the Agency Crack Down on Conservative Groups

Conservative group´s lawsuit targets IRS employees personally

2008 The Obama campaign played a big role in a liberal onslaught that far pre-dated Citizens United

Noonan: A Battering Ram Becomes a Stonewall The IRS's leaders refuse to account for the agency's corruption and abuse


IRS Org Chart Puts Ingram, Lerner at Center of Power

IRS Source: Lerner Placed On Administrative Leave

IRS Tyrant Lois Lerner was former FEC Tyrant Terrorizing Conservative and Christian Groups while Refusing to Pursue Obama's Illegal and Foreign Contributions

Questions on Prayer Asked of Lt. Col. Oliver North When Lois Lerner Was at the FEC in the 90s

IRS slow-walks tax-exempt status for Wyoming conservative think tank

RNC files FOIA with IRS, organizes petition against "rogue" administration

John Boehner: 'Really is inconceivable' Obama wouldn’t have known about IRS woes

Ruemmler met one-on-one with Treasury lawyer long before April

Ben Swann Blows The Cover Off The IRS Scandal On FOX News

Who Is Cindy Thomas? The highest-ranking official in the Cincinnati office where, the IRS would have us believe, a few rogue employees initiated a scheme to target conservatives.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass)There Will be Special Prosecutor and 'Hell to Pay' If IRS Keeps Stonewalling

Awkward: Former IRS Head Says He 'Really Can't Recite the Constitution' When Pressed by GOP Rep.

Did IRS boss tell a whopper under oath? Lawmaker: 'If he knew about that when he testified, that's a lie. That's perjury'

Ex-IRS Chief: 'I Certainly Believe I Did Not Have Any Conversations' with WH About Tea Party

It Didn’t End: The IRS is still stringing conservative groups along

IRS audited 69% of filers claiming child adoption tax credit

Congressman: IRS Used 'Soviet-Style Intimidation'


JournoList's IRS Angle Begins to Gel

Gowdy Questions Former IRS Commissioner on Targeting of Conservative Groups

Gowdy Pursues Shulman's Evasions in IRS Scandal

Lummis Questions IRS Officials at House Oversight Hearing on IRS Political Targeting Scandal

Carney Dodges Question On Why Lois Lerner Is Still Employed At IRS

Top Democratic Congressman Worries About 'Chilling Effect' of Scandal On IRS! Not Conservatives

Darrell Issa: Lois Lerner lost her rights

Shulman never looked into IRS targeting, though 132 congressmen contacted him [VIDEO]

Former IRS Chief Asked Why He Visited White House 118 Times: 'I Went To The Easter Egg Roll…'

The Insiders: A special prosecutor in the IRS matter is inevitable

Former IRS Commissioner Visited White House 118 Times During Tea Party Targeting

IRS's Own Internal Investigation Ended 6 Months Before Election, Hidden From Congress

'That's Not How It Works!': Rep. Gowdy Objects to Top IRS Official Taking the Fifth

Trey Gowdy to Head of IRS Unit: 'You Don't Get to Come in Here and Give YOUR Side of the Story... then Take the 5th!'

IRS Official Lois Lerner: 'I Have Not Done Anything Wrong'

IRS Misses Filing Deadline: Fails to Comply With Congressional Demand for All Communications With WH About Targeting Conservatives

Internal IRS probe cited same problems with approach to conservative groups in May 2012, House aide says

California Tea Party Files Class Action Lawsuit Against IRS

Democrats Turn on IRS; Compare IRS Scandal to Totalitarian Regimes

Grassley: IRS Told Pro-Life Group to Swear It Would Not Protest Planned Parenthood

Inspector General Who Uncovered IRS Scandal Dated Michelle Obama

IRS Chain of Command Suggests Scandal Not Limited to 'Low-Level Employees'

Who coordinated multi-agency attack on tea party group?


Inspector General: IRS Leaking Info to ProPublica Could Be Criminal

IRS Scandal: Lois Lerner In her own words

Top IRS Official to Invoke Fifth, Issa Subpoenas

Lois Lerner, Top IRS. official will invoke Fifth Amendment

Jay Carney Insists Obama Comfortable With Learning About IRS Scandal From News Rather Than Advisors

Carney: Obama Didn't Ask Why He Didn’t Know about IRS Before News Reports

ARMED DHS GUARDS Meet Tea Party Protesters Outside IRS Rally in St. Louis

Outgoing IRS Chief: IRS Targeted Conservatives to 'Be More Efficient'

IRS Scandal: Outgoing Chief Says Planted Question His Idea

IRS official calls decision to use planted question on scandal 'incredibly bad idea'

Former IRS chief: Can't say how targeting happened

Senator Enzi: IRS Is Asking Christian Churches for Membership Lists (Video)

IRS Scandal: IRS Commissioner Defends 'Lie by Omission' to Congress

Ex-IRS chief heads to Hill as Carney says White House senior staff told of probe findings

Brit Hume: Obama, Holder contradict themselves on press freedom with Rosen investigation

Tea Party group files first lawsuit against IRS over targeting scandal

IRS targeted conservative college interns

The White House's shifting IRS account

Reality Check Exclusive: Cincinnati agent giving orders in IRS scandal?

Washington Post: IRS investigation: Who knew what, and when

True the Vote Files Suit Against the IRS

Senator Creates Site for Targeted Conservative Groups


IRS's Lerner Had History of Harassment, Inappropriate Religious Inquiries at FEC

IRS scandal: Wherever Lois Lerner goes, 'prayer interrogations' seem to follow

IRS Rep Told Dobson His Application Was Rejected Because He Had Been 'Critical Of The President'

White House counsel kept IRS probe results from Obama

ABC's Jon Karl to Carney: Outrage From Obama Too Late On IRS Scandal

IRS Scandal: Armed Police 'Escort' Reporters Through Cincinnati Office

Did Obama and IRS Union Boss Talk Tea Party? WH Won't Say.....Union Boss Picture

Tax-exempt Obama Foundation doesn't exist at listed addresses

Obama's IRS scam picks on a WWII interment camp survivor

Remember When Obama and Holder Went After Gibson Guitars? -Gibson Guitars CEO Henry E. Juszkiewicz is a Republican donor

Same old, same old: Obama, Nixon discuss Watergate, Obamagate scandals (IRS, Benghazi, wiretap etc.

Carney: White House aides insulated Obama from IRS scandal

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate: IRS investigates and POOF! it disappears

Who's the mystery man at the IRS who issued the directive to focus on conservative groups?

Chief IRS Counsel Got Jeremiah Wright's Church out of IRS Probe Before Joining Agency

Obama met with IRS union leader the day before Tea Party persecution began

Obama and the IRS: The Smoking Gun?---The visitors' log

'Co-Conspirator': Fox News Reporter James Rosen's Private Emails Given To Justice Dept. By Google

High noon: Tea Party Patriots plan nationwide protests at IRS buildings on Tuesday

Washington Post: A rare peek into a Justice Department leak probe

McConnell says IRS scandal proves ongoing 'culture of intimidation' in Obama Administration and effort to ´make it harder for citizens to organize and exercise freedom of speech'

Obama High-Fives IRS with $92 Million in Bonuses

IRS Targets Catholic Critics of Obama Regime

IRS Official's Admission Baffled Audience At Tax Panel


Big Government Loses Control; Tea party and other groups use social media to spread the news about IRS abuse world-wide.

Obama's Counsel Told of IRS Audit Findings Weeks Ago

Two House Dems demand Lerner resignation after using lobbyist to stage modified limited hangout

Two IRS Offices Targeted Hawaii GOP Leader at Same Time

'What did you do when you found out?’: Rep. Darrell Issa slams lying-liar Dan Pfeiffer

White House aide: 'Nothing that suggests' IRS official at center of scandal 'did anything wrong'

Anonymous Cincinnati IRS official: "Everything comes from the top."

Obama Threatens IRS Audit at Arizona State University Commencement Address (May 2009)

White House insists Obama was not involved in IRS-  only learned from news accounts

IRS Claims Release of Conservative Groups' Confidential Info to Soros-Affiliated Media Outlet 'Inadvertent and Unintentional'

Obama Appointed IRS Union President to Group in Charge of Federal Raises in 2010

Obama Denies Role in Government

The Treasury connection: Not merely an IRS scandal

Candy Crowley: Is it Possible This Isn't Political and IRS Didn't Intend to Harass the Tea Party?


Evidence emerges that Obama administration official knew of IRS targeting during 2012 campaign

Obama administration knew about IRS scrutinizing conservative groups in June: inspector general

IG letter to Geithner: Targeting not among top concerns

Congress Receives Irrefutable Evidence of IRS Harassment of Pro-Life Organizations

IRS Head: Actions 'Obnoxious' but 'Would Not Characterize It as Targeting'

IRS breaks the rules

Outgoing IRS Chief: Taxes Voluntary

Treasury Sec: I Knew About IRS Scandal Last Week-- And Also Last Fall

Higher-Ups Knew of IRS Case

Timeline of Obama Foreknowledge of IRS Scandal Continues to Slip

IRS targeting overlooked biggest players in outside political spending

Noted Catholic Scholar Claims IRS Audit Triggered by Criticism of Obama

James Dobson: IRS Stonewalled Christian Family Org for Being 'Critical of the President'

Reality Check: 5th Cincinnati IRS agent allegedly connected to scandal

There Was No Surge in IRS Tax-Exempt Applications in 2010

Durbin Asked IRS' Shulman to Probe 'Several' Conservative 501(c)(4) Groups in 2010

'We could lose everything': Tea Party groups prepare to sue IRS

Former IRS Official Investigating Tea Partiers Scrutinized Groups Critical of Clinton Admin


Video: IRS commissioner not sure if it’s inappropriate to ask pro-life group about the content of … its prayers

Treasury Knew of I.R.S. Inquiry in 2012, Official Says

Obama IRS Asked Tea Party Groups For Back-End Access to Their Websites (Audio)

Congressman Goes On Berating Rant At Ousted IRS Commissioner And Gets A Standing Ovation

IRS wasn't only agency hassling True the Vote: The FBI, The ATF, and OSHA

Paul Ryan's Tense Exchange with IRS Head on Why He Withheld Targeting Info in July Despite Knowing About It

IRS official won't say who is responsible for scandal: 'I don't have names for you'

Rep. Dave Camp accuses White House of 'cover-up' in IRS scandal

Lerner’s admission of IRS's inappropriate behavior was pre-planned public disclosure

IRS Leader Claims No Partisanship, Just 'Foolish Mistakes'

IG On IRS Scandal: 'Clear Evidence' of Wrongdoing

Democrat Baucus warns: More to come out on IRS scandal

Who Is Sarah Hall Ingram?

IRS scandal: Ousted chief tells Congress errors not caused by politics

Report: IRS Deliberately Chose Not to Fess Up to Scandal Before Election

Flashback: Schumer, Franken urged IRS to target tea party in 2012

ABC: Yes, it's true, the acting IRS commissioner was preparing to leave in a few weeks anyway; Update: Second IRS official to step down; Update: Was promoted last week?

Obama says he didn't 'know anything' about probe into IRS targeting

Former White House Counsel during the Clinton Administration, Lanny Davis, is calling for the resignation of Obama White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler

IRS sued for seizing 60 million medical records


IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office

IRS tax exemption/Obamacare exec got $103,390 in bonuses

Obama evades question on White House knowledge of IRS targeting

Obama: No Special Counsel Needed on IRS

Holder Says 'No´ to Special Counsel to Investigate Benghazi

IRS's Lois Lerner, 'active member' of 'umane Society, may have delayed investigating group's tax status

The Nine Lies of Lois Lerner

Embattled IRS Official Lois Lerner's Husband's Law Firm Has STRONG Obama Connections..

Republican senator: New IRS commissioner a "White House insider," will do "absolutely nothing" to restore public trust

Speaker Boehner Says IRS Scandal Will Get Bigger: 'I Doubt That It Was Some Low-Level Employees'

Pelosi: GOP focusing on Bengazi, AP and IRS because Obama 'is a great president'

Lawmakers to focus on whether IRS misled Congress on screening practices

Second IRS official to leave amid tea party scandal

Acting Chief of I.R.S. Forced Out Over Tea Party Targeting

Eric Bolling: I Was Audited After Criticizing Obama

IRS Grilled Tea Party Groups on Relationship to True the Vote

Conservative Hispanic Groups Targeted In IRS Scandal

IRS stalled conservative groups, but gave speedy approval to Obama foundation

Carney to Piers: The Three Government Scandals This Week 'Don’t Exist'

IRS Scandal: The Union Connection

IRS faces class action lawsuit over theft of 60 million medical records

St. Louis TV Host Taken Off Air After Talking About IRS Harassment

Reporter who asked Obama about "first family jetting around" on vacations says IRS HAMMERING him since interview

IRS SCANDAL HITS CO: Did Sen. Bennet in 2012 Request IRS Target of Conservative Orgs? ( Colorado)

Director of IRS Tax-Exempt Determinations Office Is Obama Donor

Ministries founded by Billy Graham, Franklin Graham audited by IRS, letter to Obama

Stewart Destroys Obama Over IRS Scandal, Lack Of 'Managerial Competence': You’ve Vindicated Conspiracy Theorist

IRS targeted the Leadership Institute

IRS Told Pro-Life Group Not to Picket Planned Parenthood

Documents: IRS letters harassing conservative groups came from Washington, DC headquarters and from California offices, despite Inspector General's focus on Cincinnati employees

As many as four people may be the first Cincinnati Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees to face disciplinary action

IRS Targeting Pushed By Democrats Aided Obama Campaign

IRS questioning included demands for Facebook postings, the books they are reading and even what they´re THINKING, report reveals

Document: IRS ordered conservative educational group to turn over a list of students it trained


Stockman asks for probe of alleged audits of citizens reported to White House email address

Treasury IG Releases Report on IRS Targeting of Tea Party, Conservative Groups

IRS official Lerner speedily approved exemption for Obama brother's'charity'

Holder launches probe into IRS targeting of Tea Party groups

Reporter Presses Carney: How Can You Be Sure No One in WH Was Involved in IRS Scandal?

Issa: No way we're going to let Obama administration investigate the IRS by itself

Franklin Graham: IRS targeted us, too

Corruption Flashback: White House Asks Contractors to Release Political Donations Before Bidding

KMOV anchor: The IRS is targeting me

Reporter Claims IRS Harassment After Tough Obama Interview

IRS Won't Say If It Will Comply With Congressional Demand for All Communications and Names Involved in Discriminating Against Tea Party Groups

Progressive Group: IRS Gave Us Conservative Groups' Confidential Docs

Report: 4 IRS offices targeted conservatives

Justice Dept. Seized Call Records from More Than 20 Associated Press Phone Lines

Sen. Paul Proposes Resolution Condemning IRS

Rep. Issa Rips Obama Over IRS Scandal: 'How Dare The Admin Imply' They'll 'Get To The Bottom Of It'

Deja Vu: IRS boss of Tea Party probes targeted anti-Clinton group in 1990s

Top IRS official didn't reveal tea party targeting

IRS Intimidation Forced Founder To Shut Down Tea Party Group

Letter the IRS Sent to One Local Tea Party and the Detailed Demands It Made

IRS tells pro-life ministry to promote abortion. Evidence suggests problem of politicization of tax collector far bigger than admitted

How High Up Does This Go? New Report Implicates Washington Officials in IRS Scandal

Obama Tells Harvey Weinstein, Justin Timberlake to Blame Rush Limbaugh

FLASHBACK: Romney donor vilified by Obama campaign, then subjected to 2 audits

Conservative Group Says IRS Leaked Docs to Rival

White House Counsel Knew in April of IRS’s Targeting of Conservatives

McConnell: IRS Revelations 'Just The Beginning'

IRS boss of Tea Party probes targeted anti-Clinton group in 1990s

IRS sent unpublished info on conservative groups to investigative news outfit

Koch Industries Lawyer to White House: How Did You Get Our Tax Information?

Baucus, now investigating IRS, urged IRS to target conservative groups in 2010

Revealed: The 55 questions the IRS asked one tea party group after more than two years of waiting – including demands for names of all its donors and volunteers

IRS Office That Targeted Tea Party Also Disclosed Confidential Docs From Conservative Groups

'Outrageous': Obama Vows Full Investigation, Accountability Amid IRS Intimidation Furor

Obama on IRS Scandal: I´ve Got No Patience With It

IRS Warned Employees Not to Target 501(c)4 Donors in 2011

 IRS scrutiny went beyond Tea Party, targeting of conservative groups broader than thought

IRS Targeted Conservative Groups That Taught US Constitution

Pro-marriage group thinks IRS employee leaked Mitt Romney's donor info to Human Rights Campaign

Rubio calls for current IRS head’s resignation

IRS targeted groups that criticized the government, IG report says

IRS Scrutiny Was Deeper Than Thought

GOP SENATOR: Obama Must Apologize For 'Absolutely Chilling' IRS Targeting Of Tea Party Groups


IRS Blames 'Low-Level' Employees for Targeting Conservative Groups

10 crazy things the IRS asked Tea Party groups

Carney Distances White House From 'Independent Agency' IR'’s Targeting Of Conservative Groups

Flashback 2009: Obama Jokes About IRS Auditing Political Enemies

IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups

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