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Obama's Bad Iran Deal

Iranium: award-winning film Iranium that exposes Iran’s program to build nuclear bombs



Obama declines to sign Iran sanctions renewal, but it still becomes law


WH: Iran’s Nuclear-Powered Vessel Announcement Doesn’t Violate Nuclear Deal

 Iran Vows Nuclear Retaliation for U.S. Breach of Deal Provocative moves met with apathy by Obama administration

Reporter, State Dept. Get Into Heated Discussion Over Iran Sanctions


Iran Lashes Out At US, Will Build Nuclear-Powered Boats In Retaliation To US Deal "Violation"

 Iranian defence minister vows to DESTROY Israel and threatens 'a WORLD WAR' if Donald Trump provokes the Middle East nation


China warns Trump: Iran nuclear deal must stand

Netanyahu Plans To Team Up With Trump To Rip Up Iran Deal

 Netanyahu: Notwithstanding Obama or Trump, Israel does ‘what it wants’ on settlements PM says he plans to bring up ‘bad’ Iran deal with president-elect, stop Tehran getting the bomb; claims Israel’s press is uniquely critical of him


Rouhani Urges Obama to Block Iran Sanctions Law Extension


US general sees ´uptick´ in bad behavior by Iran since nuke deal


 Congress Passes New Iran Sanctions, Ignoring Obama Admin Threats Obama admin locked in last-minute bid to preserve nuke deal


 Iranian vessel points weapon at U.S. helicopter: officials


After Warning US With "Retaliation" Iran Plans Russian Fighter Jet Purchase, Naval Bases In Syria, Yemen


 Intel: Iran Using Commercial Planes to Smuggle Weapons to Terrorists Obama admin accused of facilitating Iranian terror by approving new airplane sales


Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran will retaliate if U.S. violates nuclear deal


 Obama Admin Covering Up Key Iran Deal Details in Final Days Rubio spox: Senator looks forward to helping Trump shred Iran deal


Think Tank: Latest Atomic Energy Report on Iranian Compliance With Nuclear Deal ‘Borders on Deception by Omission’


In Clear Signal to Iran, ‘Lame Duck’ House Passes Sanctions Legislation With Overwhelming Support


Obama: Republicans Can't Seem to Understand How Well the Iran Deal is Working

 U.S. Officials ‘Concerned’ as Iran, Russia Plan $10 Billion Arms Deal Iran dismisses Trump as officials ink major weapons deal with Russia


Iran Seeking ‘Many Billions of Dollars’ in Ransom to Free U.S. Hostages , Source close to IRGC puts bounty on remaining U.S. hostages


Podesta on Iran nuke deal: 'Yup' it will lead to nuclear war


Kerry in 2015: We’re Aware of Iran’s Support for Houthi Rebels in Yemen


Top Nuclear Expert: Administration Maintaining 'Policy of Secrecy' on Iran


 Clinton Campaign, White House Coordinated Pro-Iran Deal Talking Points Leaked emails show effort to mislead public about Iran deal


Top U.S. Diplomat on Iran Nuke Deal Confronted About Forged Documents


Obama Aids Iranian Nuclear Terror New information exposes old lies about the nuclear deal


Obama Admin Secretly Facilitated Iranian Ballistic Missile Program


U.S. Signed Secret Document to Lift U.N. Sanctions on Iranian Banks Administration backed measures on the same day Tehran released four American citizens from prison


Rouhani: Obama ‘Conducting Conversations’ to Send More Money to Iran

Obama to Rabbis: ´Every Pathway Now Closed Off´ to Iran Getting Nuke

Obama Administration Wired Nearly One Million Dollars to Iranian Org, Months Before Billion-Dollar Cash Transfer


American Hostage Had to Buy His Own Plane Ticket After Iran Release

 Congress Votes to Ban Further ‘Ransom Payments’ to Iran McCarthy: Obama admin telling Iran, ‘you will be rewarded for taking hostages’


Obama Kept Military Out of the Loop on Cash Payments to Iran

Treasury: No increase in terror funding by Iran after cash payment


Obama Admin Seeks Pathway for Future ‘Ransom Payments’ to Iran

State Dept Disagrees With Former American Hostage Calling Payment to Iran a Ransom

U.S. Begins Granting Licenses for Aircraft Sales to Iran

Obama threatens veto of bill to disclose assets of Iranian leaders


Obama tells UN he’s ‘resolved the Iranian nuclear issue’


Abbas and Kerry discuss 'two-state solution'

Moniz: Administration 'Completely Transparent' About Iran Heavy Water Purchase

Obama Admin ‘Laundered’ U.S. Cash to Iran Via N.Y. Fed, Euro Banks


U.S. wire payments to Iran undercut Obama


 Internet Group ICANN Boosted Member Who Transferred U.S. Technology to Iran Obama administration pushing to hand over control of internet to ICANN

 Report: Obama Admin Provided Iranian Terror Orgs With $37.4 Million in Cash Cash payment by U.S. goes to Iran’s military budget, report finds

Has Nuke Deal Made Iran More Aggressive? State Department 'Can't Rule That Out'


Iran threatened to shoot down US Navy spy planes in the Persian Gulf

 Congress Suspects Obama Admin Delivered Billions In Cash to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps New investigation seeks to determine who in Iran got $1.7B in cash


US military: Iranian behavior getting worse in Persian Gulf


Iran May Have Received as Much as $33.6 Billion in Cash, Gold Payments From U.S.

IAEA: Iran is honoring the nuclear deal  UN nuclear agency's latest report says Iran has kept to the nuclear deal it signed with world powers.

 Obama Admin: Iran Was Only Paid $1.7 Billion in Cash After Hostages Released Obama administration officials only testified ‘under threat of subpoena’

 State Department Acknowledges Lack of Transparency Over Iran Payment

Clinton to Israeli TV: Iran was weeks from the bomb, but nuclear deal ‘put the lid on’

Clinton defends Iran nuke deal, says US ‘not being played’ by Tehran


State Dept Can’t Say U.S. Cash Payments to Iran Haven’t Funded Terrorism

State Dept Defends Caginess About Iran Cash Payments: No One Asked Us About Them Until WSJ Story Came Out

State Dept: We Have ‘Nothing to Be Ashamed About’ After Iran Cash Payment


Obama administration admits paying entire $1.7billion Iran bill in cash from little-known fund of taxpayer money

Official: 7 Iranian boats came after U.S. ship in the Persian Gulf

Iranian vessel ´harasses´, sails close to U.S. Navy ship in Gulf: U.S. officials


Congress Moves to Block Obama Admin’s ‘Ransom Payments’ to Iran


White House rejects claims that U.S. let Iran cheat on nuke deal

Report: US secretly agreed to waive Iran nuclear restrictions  US, allies, secretly agreed to waive restrictions on Iran's nuclear program in order to lift economic sanctions.

AIPAC: Obama Allowed Iran To Evade Nuclear Restrictions

Obama Granted Iran "Secret" Nuclear Deal Exemptions, Despite Claiming Otherwise

Think tank: P 5+1 secretly allowed Iran to evade nuke restrictions to allow sanctions to be lifted


Administration Still Waffling Three Months Later on Sanctioning Russia-Iran Missile System Deal

Iran's weapons ferrying service about to expand big time

CENTCOM Commander on Iranian 'Provocations': 'Big Concern...Is Miscalculation'


US calls Iran's actions in Arabian Gulf 'unsafe' and "provocative"

Former Ambassador: Obama Allowing Slaughter in Syria to Preserve Iran Nuclear Deal

 Obama Official Excuses Iranian Missile Deployment Near Nuclear Facility

US ‘concerned’ over advanced air defense battery at Iran nuke site


Iran to start construction on two more nuclear plants

 Iran deploys long-range missiles to Fordo nuclear site Protecting nuke facilities is paramount, says Iran air commander as state TV airs images of Russian-made S-300 launchers

Iran arrests nuclear negotiator suspected of spying

 Obama’s $400m cash payout to Iran is unprecedented, say legal experts No other transaction in US history has involved a planeload of bills, say diplomatic historians, raising questions about payment timed to help free prisoners


Official: Iran–US Navy Confrontations Up 50 Percent This Year


White House: Iran's actions in the Gulf a cause for concern

Confrontations reveal Obama’s nuclear deal having little effect on Iran’s behavior

Shots Fired in Persian Gulf; Iran Warns Encroaching U.S. Ships Will be ‘Severely Punished’


US Navy ship fired warning shots at Iranian ship in 2nd Mideast close call this week

How Barack Obama sold out Syrians to appease Iran

President Obama Said Pallet of Cash to Iran Because “Wire Transfers Not Available” – Records Indicate Wire Transfers Two Days Later…

Wire Transfer? Check? Cash? State Dept. Won’t Discuss ‘Mechanics’ of $1.3B Payment to Iran

 White House Echo Chamber Architect to Keynote Pro-Iran Lobby Conference Conference funded by group that test-ran nuclear deal messaging for WH


Iranian Regime Intercepts US Destroyer in Strait of Hormuz (VIDEO)

Obama administration blocking congressional inquiries into how $1.3 billion was sent to Iran

State Dept. will 'respect the privacy' of govt.s on Iran payment

State Dept. on Iran Payment Details: ‘There Are Reasons For Us Withholding This Information … Confidentiality’


 Obama Admin Won’t Tell Congress How It Paid Iran $1.3 Billion in Taxpayer Funds Mystery still surrounds payout to Iran

 Iran Expanding Terror Network in Latin America Top Iranian official visits region, sparking concern about terror in U.S.

Earnest Spends Eight Minutes Dodging on the Difference Between Leverage and Ransom


State Dept. Warns: Iran Seeking to Capture U.S. Citizens

State Department can't say who in Iran got another $1.3 billion


State Dept. Has No Idea Who Edited 8 Minutes from Iran Nuclear Talks Press Briefing No one could recall who made the request.

State Dept.: 'No apologies' for using Iran payment as 'leverage'


State Department: $400M cash to Iran was contingent on US prisoners’ release

State Dept Blames Criticism of $400 Million Payment to Iran on the Media

State Dept Interrogated for Half-Hour After Claiming ‘No Evidence’ Iran Briefing Video Was Deleted to Deceive Public


White House Partner Asked Soros for $750K to Fund Pro-Iran Deal ‘Echo Chamber’ Ploughshares Fund needed cash to spin media, pay off ‘validators’


Obama Lied: New Details Confirm $400 Million Given To Iran Was Indeed "Hostage Ransom"


WaPo Writer Discovered on Payroll of Pro-Iran ‘Echo Chamber’ Architect

Israel, US had advanced knowledge of Russian bombers on Iranian soil


Iran propaganda video hits Obama for dissembling about ransom-for-hostages deal, crows about humiliating US


Iran ‘Ransom’ Mystery Deepens – Feds Won’t Divulge Timing of Critical $1.3 Billion Payment

 Obama Admin Gives Green Light for Iran to Build Two New Nuclear Plants New Iranian nuclear plants will not violate nuclear deal, officials say


Iran ‘Ransom’: Feds Claim $1.7 Billion Paid in Full — But Won’t Explain How


State Dept: It’s a Waste of Time to Keep Asking About Possible Ransom Payment to Iran


Iranian FM Zarif Accuses America of ‘Making Big Mistake,’ Violating Nuclear Deal

Watch: Obama Can’t Say If The $400 Million We Sent To Iran Will Be Used For Terrorism

State Dept Won’t Say Whether Hostages Left Iran Before Money Arrived

Ex-Iranian president asks Obama for $2B in frozen funds


Did Hillary Clinton expose Iranian nuke scientist Shahram Amiri?

Cotton: Clinton discussed executed Iranian scientist on email


Iranian nuclear scientist who defected to US and returned is executed

Iran TV Claims Cash Sent by Obama Administration Was ‘Expensive Price’ Paid to Free Hostages


 Iran: $400 Million in Cash Was Part of ‘Expensive Price’ to Free U.S. Hostages New Iranian television footage shows stacks of cash

Israel bitterly rejects Obama’s claim it now backs Iran nuclear deal

Kerry: We Sent the $400 Million to Iran to ‘Save the American Taxpayers Dollars’


Senate Intel Chair on Obama’s Pallets of Cash to Iran: ‘It Keeps Getting Worse’

Obama: We Had to Send Iran Pallets of Cash Because We Couldn’t Send a Check

PROOF OBAMA LIED=> US Iranian Hostage Abedini Says Iran Held Plane on Tarmac Until Ransom Plane Arrived (VIDEO)

AMAZING! Obama Spends 7 Minutes Dodging on Whether Iran will Use $400 Million Ransom to Fund Terror (VIDEO)

 Obama Admin Hid Details of Multi-Million Dollar Cash Payout to Iran From Congress Classified details never disclosed to leading lawmakers on intel committee

Report: DOJ Officials Warned Obama Admin that $400 Million Iran Transfer Looked Like ‘Ransom’

Some DOJ officials objected to timing of cash haul to Iran

Is Iran raising the stakes for releasing American hostages?


Tense: Obama Administration Refuses To Give Details About Cash Payment To Iran; "Why Is That Relevant?"

State Department Spokesman Grilled Over Cash Payment to Iran

 Congress Probes White House-Linked Campaign to Deceive Media on Iran Nuclear Deal Funder of pro-Iran ‘echo chamber’ met with White House nearly 30 times

Chairman Royce on Reports That Obama Sent Plane Full of Cash to Iran: ‘It Keeps Getting Worse’

Obama sent $400m to Iran as American prisoners freed... but administration denies it paid ransom


U.S. Sent Cash to Iran as Americans Were Freed Obama administration insists there was no quid pro quo, but critics charge payment amounted to ransom

Obama paid Iran $400 million ransom for American hostages: report

White House Caught Secretly Airlifting $1.7 Billion US Taxpayer Cash To Tehran To Ensure Iran Nuclear Accord Success


Post-Convention News Dump: Obama Lets Some US Planes Land in Iran

Iran preparing site for new missile defense system


How Obama Crippled the Iranian People’s Freedom Quest


Iran plans to reopen closed nuclear sites in violation of nuclear agreement

The Islamic Republic of Iran: At War with the U.S. But the Obama administration hasn’t noticed.


 Iran Preparing to Reopen Prohibited Nuclear Sites Leader: ‘Iran has no other option but to retaliate’

In New Threats to West, Iran Prepares Plans to Build Uranium-Enrichment Plant, Boasts Increased War Games

Obama Administration Imposes Sanctions on Iran-Based Al-Qaeda Members After Denying Cooperation


In New Threats to West, Iran Prepares Plans to Build Uranium-Enrichment Plant, Boasts Increased Wargames

Newly Revealed Document Indicates Obama’s Words on Iran Nuke Deal Were Not So 'Muddled'

The Iran Deal – A Blueprint for War Secret addendum to the JCPOA reveals an agreement even more flawed than initially believed.


State Department Acknowledges Document Revealing Lift on Iran Nuclear Constraints Was Kept From the Public

White House on defensive as Iran says ambitious nuclear plan a 'matter of pride'

Iran 'proudly' outlines expansion of nuclear program  Iranian Foreign Minister boasts of ability to renew full-scale nuclear program in coming years.


AP Exclusive: Secret document lifts Iran nuke constraints


 Israeli Missile Expert: Nuclear Deal Lets Iranians Get Away with Illicit Missile Activity


 Iran conducts 4th missile test since signing nuke deal


 New Legislation Would Force Obama Admin to Disclose Details About $1.7B ‘Ransom Payment’ to Iran Payment to Iran will fund Islamic Republic's military expansion

Iran deal has 'succeeded' one year on, Obama says

Kerry on Iran deal: The world is a safer place today.

Kerry: 'Always Potential for Hiccups' in Iran Nuke Deal


Six shocking details from the Iran nuke deal


 Obama Admin Brushes Off Intel Iran Is Buying Nuke, Missile Materials GOP majority leader: Admin ignoring Iranian efforts to circumvent nuke deal


State Department Rejects Report of Iranian Attempts to Acquire Nuclear Technology

State Dept. Struggles to Answer Questions on Reports of Iran Obtaining Illicit Nuclear Technology


 Congress Moves to Block Taxpayer Dollars from Funding Iran-Boeing Deal The Republican proposal is even getting Democratic support.


#Legacy: The Iran deal a year later

 Sen. D’Amato Drops Bomb: Hillary Allowed Russia to Take Ownership of US Uranium to Sell to Iran (Video)


Navy commander surrendered to Iran to protect Obama’s nuclear deal


Obama Admin Hiding Info On $1.7B ‘Ransom Payment’ to Iran From Congress

Navy investigation finds US sailors captured in Iran were unprepared, Iran broke the law

John Kerry: Iran ‘helpful’ in fighting ISIS in Iraq


Kerry: US Is Letting Boeing Sell Planes to Terror-Sponsor Iran to Further ‘Transformation’


Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Program


White House on Hezbollah Terror Funding Admission: ´We Call on Iran to Stop Doing This´


State Dep’t: We Didn’t Strike Nuclear Deal to Help Boeing Sell Planes to Iran


 Lawmakers Seek to Re-Open ‘Flawed’ Iran Nuclear Weapons Investigation Revelations Obama admin knew of possible weapons work, stayed silent


Obama Admin Battling Internal War Over Giving Iran Access to U.S. Dollars


State Department Can’t Defend Selling Airplanes to a State Sponsor of Terrorism


Uranium discovered at Parchin complex tied to past nuclear work

Obama Administration Admits Iran Worked On Nuclear Weapons

 Obama Admin Under Scrutiny for Ignoring U.S. Law Banning Russian Arms Sale to Iran White House stalls congressional inquiry into its failure to invoke law


Iran Announces ‘Milestone’ Deal to Buy Boeing Planes


Report: $1.7 Billion Paid to Iran During Release of US Hostages Went Straight to Iranian Military

The Obama Admin Blocked An Iranian-American Judge From Hearing Iranian Immigration Cases


U.S. Taxpayers Are Funding Iran´s Military Expansion


Kerry orders State to redo investigation into video edit


State Department Grilled on 75-Year Wait Time for RNC FOIA Request

WH Spokesman Evasive When Asked if Any Senior Official Ever Lied About Iran Nuclear Deal

Kerry: ‘Successful’ Iran Nuclear Deal a ‘Model’ For How to Deal With North Korea


State Department Says Kerry Won’t Investigate Edited Briefing Video

 Lawmakers Ask State Dept Watchdog to Probe Deletion of Iran Deal Footage Oversight committee members see pattern of manipulation by Obama admin

Earnest: Not 'fair' to compare transcript edit to State Dept. video

Censored State Department Briefing: VP Biden Also Pledged Transparency


TIMELINE: The State Department's Iran video tampering scandal

Khamenei Rejects Cooperation With US, Says Trusting America a ‘Big Mistake’


Kerry vows to get to bottom of State Dept.-doctored video on Iran nuke deal

State Department: ‘There’s a Lot of Overblown Rhetoric’ About Video Deletion

State Dept. on Censored Video: Excised Portion Was Not ‘All That Sensitive’

Toner: ‘I’m Under No Obligation’ to Discuss Investigation Into Video Deletion

Wolf Blitzer Hammers Psaki Over Lies Told by State Department Over Video Deletion


 House Speaker Demands Investigation Into Obama Admin’s Iran Deception State Department censored video of press briefing about secret Iran talks

State Department: We Don’t Know How Many Other Videos May Have Been Edited

Former State Dep’t Briefer Denies Asking for Video to be Edited to Remove Sensitive Reference to Iran Talks


John Kerry, the Islamic Republic’s New Lobbyist The administration urges foreign financial institutions to fund the Iranian terror machine

State Department admits briefing footage on Iran deal intentionally deleted


Obama Admin Considers Permitting Advanced Russian Arms Sales to Iran

8 Iranian missile launches since nuke deal signed, expert tells US Congress


Obama Admin: U.S. Stopped Sanctioning Iranian Human Rights Abusers After Nuke Deal


 Iran ‘Blackmailing’ U.S. for Greater Nuke Concessions Experts: Obama admin going above and beyond nuke deal to aid Iran


Supreme Leader: America “Cannot Do a Damn Thing” About Iranian Missiles


Iran Mocks Obama Again, Test-Fires 2 More Ballistic Missiles

J Street tries to defend selling Iran deal for Obama

J Street received over $500,000 to push Iran deal


Report: Iran Deal Surrogate Gave NPR Thousands of Dollars to Provide Coverage

J-Street was paid by Obama administration to promote Iran deal


Boeing’s Budding Business Ties to Iran Face Congressional Review


Obama Admin Will Not Commit to Barring Iranian Access to U.S. Dollar Treasury Department silent in face of congressional inquiry


Kerry to State Department Staff on Iran Deal: ´Embellish it a Little Bit For the Grandchildren´

Obama's 'propagandist': Iran deception was business as usual Asked if he 'regrets' comments that he misled the public on Iran deal, Ben Rhodes says, 'that's part of what happens in Washington.'

Iranian Aerospace/Missile Force Commander: The Americans Are Telling Us ‘Don’t Talk About Missile Affairs, And If You Conduct A Test… Don’t Mention It’


White House’s Pro-Iran ‘Propaganda Operation’ May Violate U.S. Law Obama admin lambasted during investigation into Iran deal deception

Cash and Kerry: the secretary of state acts as treasury secretary for the Iranians

‘Disappointing But Typical’ Says Oversight Chairman After WH Says Rhodes Won’t Testify on Iran Deal ‘Narratives’

In Reversal, Obama Speechwriter Decries ‘Gross Political Sh*t’

Cotton: Rhodes Is a ‘Chump,’ Obama’s National Security Team Consists of ‘Yes Men and Fan Boys’


White House snubs Chaffetz, refuses to let aide testify after controversial Iran remarks

 Senators Demand Obama Fire Top Aide for Iran Deal Deception Ben Rhodes to skip congressional grilling amid deepening scandal

Iran’s ‘Moderate’ Foreign Minister Laments ‘Martyrdom’ of Top Hezbollah Terrorist

 Inside the Pro-Iran ‘Echo Chamber’ Private email list pushed pro-Iran message to journalists, think tankers, officials

Texas to ignore Iran nuclear deal and maintain sanction, Governor says


Susan Rice Denies Deceiving The Public On The Iran Deal, Evidence Says Otherwise


Hmmm: Navy “fires” commander of sailors captured by Iran

FORMER OBAMA DEFENSE SEC: Yeah, Barry was never serious about stopping Iran from getting nukes

Iran Sends Afghan Refugees Off to Jihad in Syria


White House Angrily Reacts to Request That Rhodes Testify About Iran Deal Deception

US says banks won't be punished for lawful business in Iran


GOP calls for Rhodes testimony after Iran spin job

Iran threatens to sink US warships; Islamic Republic's naval forces claim secret weapons arsenal at the ready to hit any US warship, brands America 'absolute evil.'

Kerry Says Iran Is ‘Open for Business’


State Dept.: Missing Video Potentially Showing Iran Deal Deception Was a ‘Glitch’

State Department Purged Video Archive To Cover Up Deception On Iran Negotiations

State Dept. faces questions over missing tape, amid scramble over WH aide´s Iran boast


Edited State Dept. video hides key admission on Iran nuke talks

Iran threatens to block U.S. passage in Persian Gulf: “We have no other enemy in the region except for America”

White House: US trying to determine whether Iran tested missile

Iran says it tested ballistic missile with 2,000 kilometer range

White House Can’t Say If Any Senior Official Has Publicly Lied About Iran Nuclear Deal


Flashback: When the White House accused AP of 'trutherism' on Iran


Prince Turki: Saudis will get nukes if Iranians do

Rosen: Obama Administration ‘Unquestionably’ Engaged in Deception to Sell Iran Nuclear Deal


White House Blames Allegations of Iran Deal Deceit in Ben Rhodes Profile on ‘Sour Grapes’

.@rhodes44: 'So I lied'

 Ben Rhodes, Liar: The man who creates the White House's own reality

Obama Adviser Quoted: ‘We Created an Echo Chamber’ to Sell the Iran Nuclear Deal


Obama´s Foreign Policy Guru Boasts of How the Administration Lied to Sell the Iran Deal


‘No Hormuz passage’: Iran´s navy highly dangerous to US, top general warns


Ayatollah to US: Conduct Your Military Exercises in Bay of Pigs, Not ‘Our’ Persian Gulf


Iran to Build SEVEN New NUKE Plants By 2020


Khamenei: US is main enemy, ‘Zionist regime’ a close second


Obama Admin Dodges Congressional Inquiry Into Illicit Iranian Missile Tests; Admin refuses to designate recent missile tests as a violation of U.N. resolution barring such tests

Cotton Fires Back at White House: Subsidizing Iran’s Nuclear Program Isn’t a ‘Laughing Matter’

Earnest Slams Tom Cotton: He ‘Couldn’t Differentiate Heavy Water From Sparkling Water’


White House blasts Cotton for failed amendment on Iran nuclear deal

Major Iranian Missile Test to Coincide With U.S. Presidential Inauguration

Obama Admin Withholding Details of ‘Potentially Illegal’ Deal to Buy Iranian Nuke Materials; Likely to use taxpayer dollars for unprecedented purchase


Report: Iran looks to deploy Hamas in the battle to liberate Mosul from ISIS


Obama secretly requested Rouhani meeting — report


Report: U.S. to buy 32 tons of nuclear material from Iran

Kerry: US has no objection to foreign banks dealing with Iran


Obama promises vigilance when it comes to Iran

Iran blasts terror compensation ruling as 'theft'

Obama in Riyadh: Iran nuclear deal sign of 'strength, not weakness'

Cotton Puts His Foot Down on Iran Deal;  Tom Cotton moved to block confirmation of an Obama nominee


Iranian FM uses Holocaust to justify nuclear program

Iran demands new bribes — and Obama rushes to deliver


 Obama Admin Unsure If Iran Spent $3 Billion in New Cash on Terrorism Obama officials ‘on road’ to help banks give Iran money back

.@APDiplowriter takes on State Department spox on state sanctions against Iran


Kerry to meet Iran foreign minister Tuesday on nuclear deal

Iran, Europe Pressuring U.S. to Grant Tehran Access to Financial Markets


Iran parades parts of advanced S-300 missile battery in Tehran


Obama's Nuclear Contrition Drastically increasing the chance of nuclear war.


 Tensions Rise Over Granting Iran Access to U.S. Dollar Sources point to disagreements in Obama administration over plan


 Iran Blocking Congressional Access to Country, Nuke Sites Lawmakers demand travel visas, to no avail

 Obama Admin Advised Against Calling Iranian Missile Tests Deal Violation Officials and lawmakers previously said tests were a violation of U.N. Security Council resolution


Iran Releases Video Showing Arrival Of First Russian S-300 Missile System


Iran Strengthening Precision and Destructiveness of Warheads With New Octogen Explosives Plant


US open to ‘new arrangement’ on Iran’s missile tests

 Obama Admin Advising Global Banks on Ways to Give Iran Money;   Reporter: Is Admin Exploiting Loopholes For Iran


Justice Department Kept Public in Dark About Iranian Hackers Until After Obama’s Nuclear Deal

State Dep´t Official Warns Congress, Don´t Give Iran ´Any Excuse to Walk Away From´ Nuclear Deal

 U.S. Vows to Block New Russian Arms Sale to Iran Has no issue with Iranian missile system purchase


Kerry: Iran 'deserves' sanctions relief under nuclear deal

 US Helping Iran Access Billions in Frozen Funds; Official: U.S. must step in to ease financial access for Iran

Top Iranian general: Iran preparing for all-out war with the US America 'won't do a damn thing' to stop Iranian advances, Revolutionary Guards commander boasts.

Report: Russia begins first shipment of S-300 missiles to Iran

US official: Russia not transferring ballistic missile equipment to Iran

Top US official: US would block sale of Russian Su-30 aircraft to Iran

WH vague on sanctions relief plan for Iran

Congress Investigating Obama Administration for ‘Intentional Deception’ on Concessions to Iran


US Seizes Thousands of Iranian Weapons, Including Grenade Launchers

Iran: U.S. Violating Nuke Deal

Congress Investigating Obama Admin Deception on Iran Nuke Deal Sources: Admin misled lawmakers about terms of deal

Iranian military official warns US: Stay away from Iran's red lines


Obama has to keep on giving to ‘save’ his Iran deal


Obama: Iran not following 'spirit' of deal

Obama: Iran agreement 'a substantial success'


Obama says no dollars for Iran

Obama praises Iran nuke deal as Congress slams effort to give Tehran access to U.S. banking system


Officials: US mulls new rules on dollars to help Iran

Russia - Iranian missile tests do not violate U.N. resolution: Interfax


Iran's Future Is In Missiles, Not Dialogue, And Anyone Who Says Otherwise Is "Ignorant Traitor": Ayatollah


Iranian Foreign Minister: Tehran Will Respond to US Measures by Bolstering Missile Capabilities

 Iran Expands Covert Ballistic Missile Program, Dismisses U.S. Sanctions Iran’s underground program grows amid U.S. concerns


Congress Seeks Fight Over Obama Effort to Give Iran Access to US Markets

Obama’s next gift to Iran means breaking another promise to America


Justice Department charges several Iranians in 2013 hacking of New York dam


 Obama Admin Engaged in Secret Talks to Pay Iran Nearly $2 Billion Officials admit delays in informing Congress, say more payments to come


Obama to Iranians: Benefits of nuclear deal are ‘undeniable’ Despite ‘profound differences,’ old adversaries can overcome decades of mistrust, US president says in Nowruz message


GOP tires of Obama's 'tough words,' calls for sanctions against Iran


Obama Admin Stalling Investigation Into U.S. ‘Ransom Payment’ to Iran

Pentagon chief: Iran went against law in sailors´ detention


US Government Blames 9/11 On Iran, Fines Iran $10.5 Billion; Iran Refuses To Pay

US Allowed Weak Language on Iran Missile Activity That Russia Is Now Using As Excuse Not to Act


State Department Releases Another Travel Warning For Iran


Iran Aiming to Shut Down UN Human Rights Investigator Critical of Its Record


Israel: Iran's missile test - a 'blatant violation' of nuclear deal


U.S. Reverses Position, Demands Greater Oversight on Iran Nuke Program

Iran fires 2 missiles marked with 'Israel must be wiped out'

Biden vows to 'act' on Iran missile tests - if confirmed


 Iran Threatens to Walk Away From Nuke Deal After New Missile Test; Islamic Republic breached international agreements by test-firing ballistic missiles

Iran Shows Off "The Power of Velayat", Test Fires More Ballistic Missiles

Islamic Republic of Iran conducts new missile tests, defying “our main enemies, the Americans”


 IAEA: Iran Nuke Deal Limits Public Reporting on Possible Violations Nuclear watchdog says deal limits agency oversight

White House falsely claims Iran using sanctions cash domestically, not for military


 Iran Accuses U.S. Of Breaching Nuke Deal; Obama administration dismisses criticism

Bin Laden Letter: “Iran is Our Main Artery for Funds, Personnel, and Communication”

Another Obama coverup on Iran: Hid Bin Laden letter


Report: Western Intelligence Agencies Anticipating Imminent Iranian Space Launch; Fear Carrier Rocket Capable of Holding Nuclear Warhead

US appeals court: Terror victims can seize $9.4 million of Iran funds


Kerry won't commit to US veto of Iran-Russia arms deal


Netanyahu: Nuclear deal enabled Iran to pay terrorists' families


Kerry urges no new Iran sanctions as Khamenei backs anti-US candidates

 Obama Admin to Waive Counter-Terror Measures to Aid Iran Pro-Iran groups, CAIR pressured White House to drop new measures

Iran offers financial reward for families of potential Palestinian 'intifada martyrs'

 Israel slams Iran donations to families of Palestinian terrorists Foreign Ministry calls move ‘further proof of Iran’s deep involvement in support for anti-Israeli terrorism’


Iran Training Children for War With United States, Israel


U.S.: Russia can't sell Iran warplanes

 Obama Admin Could Halt New Iran-Russia Weapons Deals White House not expected to interfere

Iran space launch to prep long-range nuclear missiles

 Pending Iranian Space Launch Contrary to U.N. Nuclear Resolution State Department concerned by space launch-missile link


Surprise: Obama Admnistration Slow Walking Investigation Into Iran Holding U.S. Sailors Hostage


Satellites Show Mystery Construction at Iran’s Parchin Nuclear Site

Ignoring Obama, Iran upgrades its nuclear-capable Emad missile

Iran Publishes Pictures of Captured U.S. Sailors Crying

 Iran Hires French Railway That Sent Jews to Auschwitz Iran inks post-sanctions deal with Holocaust-linked railway


 Intel Chief: ‘We Don’t Know’ Whether Iran Will Build Nuke Weapons Iran has largest stockpile of ballistic missiles in Middle East

Clapper: Iran Views Deal as ‘Means to Remove Sanctions While Preserving Nuclear Capabilities’


Satellite Images Show Construction at Iran’s Top-Secret Military Complex


Iran is banking billions more than expected thanks to Obama’s deal

Iran army chief: Missile program a threat to our enemies, Israel should know what that means


US House passes bill again to restrict Obama lifting Iran sanctions


 Iran’s Naval Commander: We Took Extensive Info From American Sailors’ Phones, Laptops IRGC also has more footage of sailors’ detention

Iran Claims Access to Over $100 Billion in Assets ‘Fully Released’ Upon Implementation of Nuclear Dea


Audio: Obama Chuckles As He Recalls Hearing Of US Sailors Captured By Iran


Iranian commander: We're doubling our missile activities


Iran claims it flew drone over US aircraft carrier, snapped photos


 Pentagon Chief ‘Very, Very Angry’ At Iranian Imprisonment of U.S. Sailors Carter: 'Americans wouldn't have done that'


Obama Admin Dropped $10M Claim in Iran Prisoner Deal

New details released on Iran-prisoner swap, and it just got worse


Obama Admin Denies Resumption of U.S.-Iran Commercial Flights Iran claims talks taking place


Kerry: Iran and the world were on a collision course to war

Kerry: I’ve Asked Iran’s FM For ‘Whatever Help’ He Can Give on Americans Missing in Iraq


 Kerry: Some Iran sanctions relief likely to go to terrorists But US secretary of state says Tehran will use much of the freed up billions to upgrade infrastructure and pay off debts

Kerry rejects Iranian criticism of US sanctions

Head of Iranian Militia: $1.7B US Payout Was Ransom for Jailed Americans

Meet The Iranian Criminals The Obama Administration Agreed Not To Pursue

DHS says Iran travel could be exempt from tighter visa rules


The Iran Nuclear Construction Deal

IRAN: Obama Admin Paid $340 Million for Each US Hostage Released from Iranian Prison

Iranian General To US: See You On The Battlefield

The Story You Aren't Being Told About Iran Capturing Two American Vessels


Former Naval Officer Just Revealed Massive Detail About What Iran Took From Captured U.S. Sailors: include "encryption codes, and otherwise unpublished data relating to specific orders and personnel"

White House defends $1.7B payment to Iran, denies it was ‘ransom’ for prisoners

McCaul: Obama's Iran deal is 'hostages for criminals'

US: Missing Jewish ex-FBI agent may no longer be in Iran

Kerry on the Still-Missing Bob Levinson: ‘I Feel Horrible For The Family’

FBI Agent Levinson's Family: 'Desperate for Answers' from White House

Iran attempted last-minute hostage-taking in prisoner swap

Document U.S. CENTCOM Statement on Events Surrounding Iranian Detainment of 10 U.S. Navy Sailors

Saudis not ruling out nuclear bomb in response to Iran Saudi Foreign Minister says his country will do whatever it needs to protect its people if Iran develops a nuclear bomb.


 Obama Pardons 21 Iranians Convicted of Violating Sanctions White House delayed new sanctions after Iran threatened to keep prisoners

Obama’s ugly prisoner exchange with Iran

Saudi Arabia alarmed, in private, at Iran's sanctions relief

Iran slams new US sanctions as 'illegitimate'

Kerry 'Frustrated, Angry' at Iran Video of US Sailors on Knees


US to pay Iran $1.7 bn in debt and interest (dating to the Islamic revolution): Kerry

´It has been a good day´: Obama applauds his own ´smart´ diplomacy with Iran claiming the country will NEVER get a nuclear bomb as plane carrying released prisoners heads home

Obama on Nuke Deal: I Am Hopeful This Signals Opportunity for Iran “to Advance Their Interests” (VIDEO)

US slaps new sanctions linked to Iran ballistic missile program

  Despite White House claims, prisoner deal looks linked to Iran nuclear deal after all

The most plausible explanation for the 10 riverine sailors captured by Iran

Calling BS on the official story of the Iranian capture of two US riverine boats

White House Does Not Think Pictures of Sailors on Their Knees are Embarrassing


Obama executive order revokes Iran nuclear sanctions President's signature frees up between $50 billion and $150 billion in assets

Implementation Day: Iran sanctions lifted  The US, UN and EU announce they are lifting sanctions on Iran, following following the UN atomic watchdog's announcement that Tehran has put in place all curbs on its atomic activities as required by its landmark deal with major world powers.

 Kerry declares US, Mideast allies ‘safer’ with Iran deal In Israel, Netanyahu, Erdan warn implementation endangers region and fails to curb Tehran’s nuclear program

Obama grants clemency to seven in Iran deal

Iran frees Post reporter Jason Rezaian, 4 other Americans, officials say

 Family of Jewish-American missing in Iran ‘devastated’ he’s not part of swap Nine years after his disappearance, Iran continues to deny knowledge of whereabouts of CIA contractor Robert Levinson

Who Are The Seven Iranians Released In Exchange For The U.S. Prisoners?


White House not troubled by video of U.S. sailors blindfolded by Iranians

Sec. Kerry to Iran: Captured Sailors Can Make ´A Good Story for Both of Us´

Humiliated By Iran: How Did The Navy Let It Happen?


 Obama Admin Blocked Visa Waiver Reforms to Avoid Upsetting Iran Senators blast administration capitulation to Iran as dangerous to U.S. security


Kerry confirms Iran removed core vessel of Arak reactor Secretary of State says nuclear deal will be implemented within days now that Iran has removed the core of its heavy water reactor.


White House to Reporters: “We Should Be Proud of” Iran Deal After Regime Takes 10 US Sailors Hostage


White House downplays Iran's claim of quick sanctions relief

Iran says it removed the core of its heavy-water nuclear reactor and filled it with cement as part of deal with the West.


Obama ordered CIA not to support 2009 Green Movement in Iran because he wanted to court Khamenei

Terrorists Arrested for Attempting to Bomb Netanyahu Were Backed by Iran


Kerry: Iran deal 'days away' from implementation Secretary of State says Iran is expected to live up to its promises as part of deal with the West.


Iran Unveils Second Underground "Missile City" In Further Humiliation For Obama

Iranian Regime Releases Photos of Second Secret Underground ‘Missile City’


White House refuses to explain delay in Iran sanctions

 Iran Deal Backers Embarrassed By Obama Admin’s Sanctions Blunder Administration: Still working ‘through remaining issues’

It's On: Saudi Arabia Severs Diplomatic Ties With Iran, "Does Not Care" If It Has Angered White House


Obama Reneges Again: Fails to Hold Iran Accountable for Ballistic Missile Tests


Lawmakers blast White House delay on Iran sanctions

White House: more time needed for new Iran missile sanctions


Iran has more missiles than it can hide: General (Hossein Salami)


Report: White House delays imposing new sanctions on Iran


Obama planning new sanctions over Iran's ballistic missiles


Kerry hails ‘significant progress’ in Iran deal implementation

U.S. Carrier Harry S Truman Has Close Call With Iranian Rockets

US Taxpayers To Pay Iran’s Compensation To Hostage Crisis Victims


Threatening response, Iran suggests new US visa law violates nuclear pact


Iran: US Travel For Iranians Must Remain Open, Or The Nuke Deal Is Breached

 Lawmakers Slam White House Attempts to Skirt Counter-Terror Laws for Iran Leading state sponsor of terror opposes counter-terrorism measure


Iran Nuclear Deal Restricts U.S. More Than Congress Knew


 Obama Admin Will Veto Counter-Terror Measures to Save Nuke Deal Obama admin promises new laws will not violate nuke deal

 Obama Admin: Congressional Crackdown on Terror Will Violate Iran Deal; ‘Iran Czar’ tells Congress nuke deal prohibits congress from restricting terrorist visas

Kerry to Iranian Regime: Don’t Worry About Those Visa Waiver Program Changes


Iran provokes the world as Obama does nothing


Obama signs Hezbollah sanctions bill into law

Kerry: It's 'Very Disturbing' How Ayatollah Keeps Saying He Wants to Destroy Us

US poised to lift sanctions on Iran under nuclear deal


UN watchdog closes probe into Iran nukes, drawing Israeli ire


Samantha Power: 'Discussions Are a Form of UN Action' Against Iran


 White House: Iranian missile tests 'a source of concern'


United States investigating report of Iran missile test; Ambassador Samantha Power says the United States is reviewing reports that Iran launched a ballistic missile last month.

US fumes at Iran’s reported ballistic missile test; UN ambassador says if reports are confirmed, America will bring issue to Security Council, seek appropriate action

Obama: another Iranian ballistic missile test should have "no effect" on our deal


Iran tests another mid-range ballistic missile in breach of UN resolutions


Iran denies it tried to develop nuclear weapons Iran's envoy to the IAEA says he rejects IAEA report that his country made efforts to develop nuclear weapons.


Israel: IAEA report proves Iran nuke program had military dimension


State Dept. gives weak response to Iran executing American


State Department: Iran Never Signed Nuclear Deal, Which Isn't 'Legally Binding'


Iran threatens to cancel nuclear deal if UN probe isn't closed


Building a bomb now easier for us than putting in a contact lens, claims Iran official 


State Department: Iran Deal Is Not ‘Legally Binding’ and Iran Didn’t Sign It


Visiting Tehran, Putin begins transfer of S-300; Russia has begun supplying long-range S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Iran, president announces during Tehran visit.


Iran violates nuclear deal, uranium stockpile on the rise


Meet the New Iran, Same As the Old Iran


 Russia to Arm Iran With Advanced Missile System


At Iran's behest: West to outlaw Syrian rebels as 'terrorists' After US invited terror sponsor Iran to talks, it demanded 'terror' list for Syria; UK says US will have to outlaw groups it backs.

'Iran stops dismantling nuclear centrifuges under pressure from hardliners'


 Unreal! Obama Says Disagreement with Netanyahu on Iran Nuke Deal a “Narrow Issue” (Video)

 Russian weapons chief: S-300 deal with Iran has been signed Final contract would allow Moscow to begin delivery of advanced surface-to-air missile system to Tehran


 Iran Responsible for Killing 14 Percent of U.S. Troops in Iraq Government report ties Iran to deaths of nearly 200 troops


Iran’s Parliament Says ‘Death to America’ Chant Is the ‘Symbol of the Islamic Republic’


Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei: “Negotiation with America is Forbidden,” Still Obama Signs Iran Nuclear Deal


Obama Orders Steps Towards Lifting Iran Sanctions


Obama: Iran ‘Doing More of What They Have Been Doing’ In Syria, ‘Often’ Violated Missile Test Prohibitions

US confirms Iran tested nuclear-capable ballistic missile


The Prisoners Obama Left Behind


 Report: Iran Ramping Up Military Purchases from Russia, China Sanctions relief could fund aspiring nuke programs

Iran threatens war in Gulf of Mexico, suicide attacks against US ships

Khamenei's New Book Preaches Hatred and Annihilation of America


Iran Tests Long-Range Missile, Possibly Violating Nuclear Accord

Iran test-fires new generation long-range ballistic missiles, state media repor


Iran Promoting Ayatollah’s Book: ‘Israel and America: Doomed to Annihilation


U.S. officials conclude Iran deal violates federal law


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Warns Against More U.S.-Iran Talks

Why the Iran Deal Ensures War


Gen. Campbell: Iran is Arming the Taliban

 Iran: Missiles Pointed at U.S. Targets Iran, Russia, Syria, Iraq form joint war room


Argentine President: Obama Administration tried to convince us to give Iran nuclear fuel  


Argentina's President Christina Fernandez de Kirchener announced that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official with a request that Argentina provide enriched nuclear fuel to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2010.

 Iran Withholding $43 Billion In Restitution to U.S Terror Victims Regime refuses to pay up ahead of sanctions relief


Obama, Iran´s Zarif shake hands in New York, Iranian official says

AP: Obama ‘accidentally’ shakes hands with Iran’s foreign minister

Iran Buys $21 Billion in Aircraft, Satellites from Russia

The Five Ways Iran Has Disarmed the West

Kerry: Iran Can Help Bring Peace to Countries it´s Invading


 IAEA chief: No further visit needed at suspect nuclear site Amano says UN atomic agency ‘can move forward’ with Parchin probe using samples drawn by Iran; his visit there last week was said by Iran to be ‘ceremonial’


General of Iran's Army: We Are Going to Destroy Israel "Iran’s military establishment neither fears nor respects the U.S. anymore."


Petraeus Outlines Key Weaknesses of Iran Nuclear Deal

Pentagon Warns Of Russia-Iran "Nexus" In Syria: "We Assume Russia Is Coordinating With The Iranians"


CONFIRMED -- Iran allowed to collect own samples at nuclear military base -- Verification expert on self-inspection deal: "You need the eyes and the brain to look where to sample... video camera opens up additional methods of deceiving"

White House: Iran Cooperating with IAEA, Thanks to the Sanctions White House spokesman says Iran is cooperating with UN inspectors, doesn't address fact that Iran self-inspected Parchin.

 New York Times Defends Selling Access to Iranian Oil Official 'Oil And Money’ confab features Iranian oil ministry official

#ThanksObama Highly confident of sanctions being lifted, Iran ups funding to Hezbullah and Hamas


 Report: NY Times Co. Sells Access to Iranian Oil Contracts Minister


Why GOP Congressional Leaders Support the Iran Deal in Fact - Follow the Money


 Obama Admin Will Not Reveal to Congress Number of Americans Killed By Iran Admin under pressure to detail Iran killings of Americans


U.S. starts carrying out Iran nuke deal as time expires on GOP

Last bid to kill Iran nuclear deal blocked in Senate

Kerry: Nuclear Deal Blocks New Congress Sanctions on Iran In letter to Senator Rubio, Kerry reveals administration will bar new sanctions on terror or human rights so that Iran won't buck the deal.

Obama, Kerry Appoint Iran Deal Coordinator Senior diplomat Stephen Mull named coordinator of the implementation efforts of the Iran deal, hours after lawmakers fail to block it.

Democrats Explain the Iran Deal

Side Effects - From David Zucker

As I See It: Game-changer: Iran’s involvement with 9/11


Obama Deal Allows Iran To Pay Others To Build Its Nuclear Program

Intel officials worry that Iran could outsource nuke program to North Korea

 Ayatollah Khamenei Prays for Victory in Upcoming War: “And That Our Army Will be Triumphant”

 Cotton: Iran Deal Can Be Repealed at Any Time Senator lays out strategy for opposition


Obama has documents on Iran’s support of Al Qaeda, but he won’t release them

Congressmen Debunk Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal 'Myths' Roskam and Pompeo strike down Obama administration's claims regarding secret side deals between Iran and IAEA.


KHAMENEI Threatens AMERICA in NEW YouTube Video – Bombs on US Navy (VIDEO)

Convicted Fraudster Helped Obama Sell Iran Deal


White House dismisses GOP, says Iran deal in effect next week

Iran says it has discovered unexpectedly high uranium reserve


Obama spins House vote as support for Iran deal

Most votes against Iran deal came from states with low Jewish population


House passes resolution saying Obama ignored law on Iran deal

 Democrats Filibuster Iran Deal Vote in Senate; Obama Calls it ‘a Victory for Diplomacy’

Obama: Vote on Iran Deal a 'Victory for Diplomacy' President hails Congressional vote allowing deal with Iran to go ahead.

Obama Lauds Senate for Vote to 'Enable' U.S. to Work With Iran

Iran nuclear deal survives: Democrats block disapproval vote

House Won’t Vote on Iran Pact Until Obama Reveals ‘Secret Side Deals’

Meeks Pushed for Iran Sanction Exemption After Azerbaijan Junket


Vote on Iran Postponed over House GOP Revolt

Clinton: Iran won’t be able to cheat under deal

Obama Leaves Town As Donald Trump And Ted Cruz Storm Capitol Hill

 Retired General: Iran Deal Encourages Allies to Align With Russia, China Gen. Chuck Wald, former deputy commander of United States European Command, warns Congress of deal’s implications


Official White House Veto Threat: Congress Shootdown of Iran Deal ‘Would Deal Devastating Blow to America’s Credibility’

Governors vow to keep state sanctions in place against Iran, undercutting Obama deal

Iranian warships confront U.S. Navy on ‘daily basis’

Cheney: Nuke Deal Enables Iran to Eradicate Israel In ‘One Day’; Deal is ‘madness’

Cheney Says Obama Won’t Stand Up to Iran’s Violence


Obama's former Secretary of Defense blasts Iran deal (Leon Panetta)

Analysis: Iran sanctions relief will feed Europe’s Syrian refugee crisis

DNC head Wasserman Schultz chokes up announcing Iran deal vote

Top Iranian General to US: We Will Cut Your 'Hands and Fingers' A senior commander of the Iranian Rev. Guards Corps threatens the U.S. while members of Congress pledge support to the controversial nuclear deal.

Congressional Report: Iran Spends Billions to Foment Global Terror The Congressional Research Service details monies spent by Iran supporting terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

Obama’s Iran nuke deal depends on anti-nuke fatwa that doesn’t exist


Pelosi Was Behind 'Carefully Orchestrated Strategy' on Iran Deal House Minority Leader purposely created 'drip by drip' effect of Democrat announcements of support for deal.


 Iranian Regime: Obama Was Negotiating Deal for Years Ever Since He Released Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Iran Gloats over World Powers' 'Surrender' on Nuclear Deal Iranian Defense Minister says US 'obeyed' Iran's dictates; Supreme Leader's website boasts of Iran's new status as 'military powe


Iran Promises to ‘Set Fire’ to U.S. Interests

 Private Government Report: Iran Spending Billions to Pay Terrorist Salaries Iran’s defense budget ranges anywhere from $14 to $30 billion a year

Ayatollah's Deleted Tweet: Iran's 'Not Like Some Retarded Countries

Defense One survey: Two-thirds of national security community rejects Iran deal

Kerry predicts '90 percent' will support Iran deal


Biden: ‘Totally Legitimate Argument’ That Iran Can Use Sanctions Relief to Fund Terror

Biden Won’t Answer Question on Iran Self-Inspections in Front of Press

 Iran´s supreme leader calls for parliamentary vote on nuclear pact, lifting of all sanctions

Democrats Admit to Being Lobbied by Russia, China and Europe Before Backing Iran Nuclear Deal

Arms Control Experts to Obama: Your Iran Deal Is ‘Not Verifiable,’ ‘A Very Bad Deal Indeed’

 Retired Military Leaders: Iran Nuke Deal Makes War More Likely Former commandant of the Marine Corps says Iran growing stronger as US weakens


Nuclear deal will make war with Iran more likely, former top military officials say in report

Obama secures Iran nuclear deal with Barbara Mikulski vote

John Kerry: 'Iran Agreement is Based on Proof, Not Trust' US Secretary of State currently speaking in Philadelphia: 'The standard we will hold can be summed up in two words: no tolerance.'

Weaponizing nuclear power in Iran will never be legitimate, Kerry says

Iran: U.S., British flags “Satanic symbols”

Iran Unveils '100 Derogative Ways to Describe America' Display Basij state militia stages burns US, Israeli, UK flags outside former US embassy in Tehran at govt-sponsored anti-US hatefest.


 Iran Vows to Violate UN Restrictions on Ballistic Missiles Iran missile stocks increase

White House fight to preserve Iran deal is won, Cardin says


Cheney: Iran deal likely to lead to first use of nuclear weapon since WWII


Former VP Cheney Likens Iran Deal to Munich Pact

Pro-Iran Deal Resolution Shot Down in Democratic Natl. Committee While President Obama tries to sell his Iran deal to the American people, he is having trouble selling it to members of his own party.


Kerry Appeals to Iran for ‘Humanitarian’ Release of Amir Hekmati on Fourth Anniversary of Imprisonment


Deal is 'Best Way' to Ensure Iran Doesn't Get Nuclear Weapon President Obama says Iran deal will allow the world to maintain all the tools it needs to stop Iran if it cheats.

US State Department clarifies description of Parchin as nuclear site

State Dept.: Iran’s Parchin Base Is ‘Conventional Military Site,’ So No Restrictions on Construction There

Hundreds of Generals, Admirals Line Up Against Obama's Iran Deal

Is Munich 1938 a valid analogy for the Iran nuclear deal?


IAEA Says Iran May Have Built 'Extension' to Parchin New IAEA report says Iran appears to have built an extension to part of its suspicious Parchin military site.

IAEA: Iran may have built extension to Parchin

Samantha Power: US will be Isolated if it Rejects Iran Deal UN envoy warns Congress against projecting an image of a 'divided America', claims 'no' vote would isolate the US from world stage

State laughs off 195 retired brass opposing Iran deal

Iran to Receive Advanced Russian Air Defense by End of 2015


Obama Working on Keeping Congress from 'Spoiling' Iran Deal

Two Hundred Retired Generals, Flag Officers Call on Congress to Reject Iran Deal

Saudi Arabia Paying American Lobbyists To Spread Anti-Iran Propaganda

Has the DOJ Silenced Bob Menendez on the Iran Deal?


Cash-Strapped IAEA to Stop Monitoring Iran Next Month? UN's atomic body admits it has no money to inspect Iran's nuclear program, asks member states to hand over more funds to let it continue.

US Taxpayers to Pay Iranian Regime to Inspect Its Own Nuclear Sites

White House: Obama ‘flip’ in referring to ‘crazies’

Barack Obama Calls Opponents of His Iran Nuke Deal: “The Crazies”

Europeans: 'Obama administration put more pressure on its friends in the negotiations than on the Iranians'

Obama on Iran Nuke Deal: ‘We Don’t Rely on Bluster or Bravado’

Traitor Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby, Back Iran Nukes The Democrats are becoming a party of atom bomb spies.

Obama’s end-run around the nuclear non-proliferation treaty


Iran Deal Surprise: Clause Negates Snapback Sanctions European businesses are flooding Iran due to a clause in the deal that doesn't penalize current businesses dealings with the Islamic Republic.

Iran unveils new surface-to-surface missile with 500km range

Britain reopens embassy in Tehran with 'death to England' still graffitied above Queen's portrait

Iran says no to U.S. embassy in Tehran


Khamenei urges Islamic unity against real enemies: US and Israel

Iran’s Supremo: U.S., Israel conspiring against the Qur’an

Rouhani Channels Obama: Only “Warmongers” and “Zionists” Oppose Iran Deal

Iran’s Ayatollah: America is the ‘Enemy.’ ‘We Will Confront Them With All Our Power’

The Israel Project's Omri Ceren talks about the Iran deal


 Unveiling new missile, Rouhani says Iran will obtain ‘any weapons we need’


Obama: US Will Act Firmly if Iran Reneges on Nuke Deal

Obama: U.S. can use military if Iran breaks deal


State Department: Iran 'In No Way' Inspecting its Own Sites State Department spokesman John Kirby rejects AP report that Iran will inspect the Parchin site on its own.

Obama admin assures foreign governments they won’t be penalized for doing business with Iran

Russia S300 deal confirms Iran on road to nukes   


Senators: Obama administration hiding secret Iran deal letters

State Dept.: We Totally Trust IAEA with Inspections Where Only Iran Can Inspect

AP Bombshell: Side Deal with Iran Lets It Inspect Its Own Nuclear Site

 UN to let Iran inspect its own alleged nuclear activity site; IAEA cedes investigative authority of Parchin site to Tehran; US not a party to agreement, but was briefed on its contents

Obama administration objects as Russia moves ahead with Iran missile sale


Iranian Officials Ratchet Up Genocidal Anti-Israel Rhetoric After Nuclear Deal

The Iran Deal is Everything Bad About Obama in One Package

Iran Threatened ‘Harm’ to Top Nuke Inspector to Prevent Disclosure of Secret Deal Iran: ‘He himself would have been harmed'

Kerry: Iran Can Violate Parts of the Nuclear Deal Without Really Violating the Nuclear Deal


Iran: Nuclear weapon site won't be inspected, Amano didn't disclose agreement to Congress

 All Nuke Inspectors Require Approval From Iran’s Intelligence Agency Another roadblock to transparency in Tehran


AP: Obama can do Iran nuclear deal even if Congress disapproves

Obama, Iran deal supporters shouldn’t stifle debate

The world is already weakening one of the key 'checks' on the Iran deal


Iranian hard-liner says Supreme Leader opposes nuclear deal

 White House Played Role in Iran Deal Letter Signed by Former Flag Officers Pro-deal letter part of lobbying effort from Obama admin on Iran deal


Obama's Betrayals: The President's Secret Offer to Iran Before Negotiations

Obama and his allies are working overtime to kill a resolution disapproving the Iran nuclear deal in the Senate


Kerry 'Concerned' Over Top Iranian Commander's Russia Visit

State Department Confused As To Whether Iranian General Traveled To Russia

Iran to Flout UN Resolution, Hold Ballistic Missile Drills

Kerry’s claim that Bush offered Iran ‘way beyond’ what Obama negotiated

Kerry Hails Iranian FM for Regional Outreach As FM Meets With Hezbollah Chief

Energy Secretary: Iran Deal Makes it Easier to Fight Terror


Kerry: Iran Can Violate Parts of the Nuclear Deal Without Really Violating the Nuclear Deal

Iranian military official: 'We laugh' when US threatens to attack


 Iranian, Russian Warships Hold Joint 'War Games'

Kerry Admits Iran Can Flout Weapons Embargo Without Violating Nuclear Deal

Kerry: If we reject Iran deal, world will lose faith in US leadership

 John Kerry Warns "Dollar Will Cease To Be Reserve Currency Of The World" If Iran Deal Rejected

Obama: Iran could get bomb material within ´months´ after deal

As Multiple White House Lies About the Iran Deal Emerge, the Regime Unleashes Bigoted Attacks on Chuck Schumer

From Bennet to Wyden: the Democrats Who'll Decide Deal's Fate One Democratic senator, Chuck Schumer, opposes the Iran deal. The positions of 19 others are not known. These are their names.

2011 Flashback: Point Man on U.S. Sanctions to Depart Levey's Move Comes as Talks on Iran's Nuclear Program Stall


Iraq Vets Take On Obama Over Iran Deal

Obama: Republicans Oppose Iran Deal for 'Political Reasons'; -says Republicans oppose the Iran deal because many of them reject anything he does.

 Iranian Leaders: Obama Admin Secretly Recognized Our Right to Nuclear Program Back in 2011

Obama and the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps They're tacitly coordinating around the Middle East

94 House Members Pen Letter Exposing Obama’s ‘Legal Obligation’ to Release Iran Nuclear Side Deals

Obama Praises Iran’s ‘Ancient Culture’ – Expresses Hope For Change

Iran Deal: Reich Attacks Jewish ‘Axis’ Powers

Dem Presidential Candidate Jim Webb Opposes Iran Deal

Axelrod Impugns Schumer's Integrity for Opposing Iran Deal

Study: Iran Terror Funding Gets $4.8 Billion Boost Under Nuke Deal Sanctions relief could boost Iranian defense spending by 50 percent

Russian Warships Dock In Iran for War Training


Iran: Future US Presidents Can't Cancel Nuclear Deal Iranian deputy FM says deal contains a clause forbidding future presidents from returning sanctions; 'no change after Obama leaves.'

Senator Catches Obama Red-Handed Violating The Law He JUST Signed

Official Iranian news agency: Obama will side with us in case of attack by Israel

ICYMI: Kerry tells Jeffrey Goldberg 'If Congress rejects Iran sellout, Iran won't play role in Middle East peace'

Obama: My Way — or You’re a Traitor

Obama’s Sanctions Gift to an Assassin for Iran The nuclear deal lifts sanctions on men like Anis Naccache, who tried to assassinate my great uncle. By Hooman Bakhtiar


Zarif: Reports of Clean-Up at Parchin Are 'Lies' Iran's Foreign Minister claims reports of clean-up activity at the Parchin military site are lies spread by opponents of nuclear deal.

Iranian ex-pat: Nuclear deal ruins opportunity to remove the ayatollahs from power


Iran: ‘Bragging’ Obama is ‘Under An Illusion’ About Nuke Deal

White House says cannot confirm Iran Quds chief Moscow visit

Obama Defends Comparing GOP to Iran Hardliners: 'What I Said Is Absolutely True Factually'

Former Obama Staffers Hint Democrats Should Oust Chuck Schumer from Leadership

Two Democrats come out against Obama's Iran deal

FOUR TOP HOUSE JEWISH DEMOCRATS Announce Opposition to Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran

Another Jewish Democrat in Congress says will vote against Iran nuclear deal

Iran Just Made This Deal with China… And It Means They’re Ready For War


Iran Denies it is 'Sanitizing' the Parchin Military Complex Iran denies reports it had tried to clean up suspicious activities at the Parchin military complex as baseless and preposterous.

Iran denying IAEA inspectors access to PMD materials

 Iranian Regime Already Breaks Nuclear Deal – Quds Forces Leader Visits Russia

 Outrageous=> White House Doubles Down on Comparing Republicans to Iranian Hardliners (VIDEO

 Did Rouhani Steal Obama's Anti-Israel Speech? Iranian president says Israel and 'American warmongers' only ones opposing nuclear deal, in eerie echo of Obama's speech day before.

Corker: Obama ‘Trying to Shut Down Debate’ on Iran Deal by Branding Skeptical Lawmakers ‘Unpatriotic’

Obama State Dept=> Iran Will Collect the Samples from Nuclear Sites for UN Inspectors

Obama gets in Twitter fights over Iran deal

US Negotiator: Best for U.S. National Security That Iran-IAEA Agreements Stay Confidential

Dem Senator: ‘We Didn’t End Iran’s Nuclear Program, We Actually Preserved It’

 Report: U.S., Iran to Establish Joint Chamber of Commerce State Department denies claim by head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce

Crown Heights Jews Campaign Congresswoman to Block Iran Deal Banners hung in 3rd largest Jewish district in US, over 1,000 calls flood congresswoman's office in push to block Iran's march to the bomb.


State Department Unaware of Reports Iran is Sanitizing Nuclear Sites

Iran Refuses UN Inspector Access To Scientists, Caught Trying To "Clean Up" Suspected Nuclear Site

It starts: US intel warns Congress Iran is sanitizing Parchin in broad daylight

Obama urged to retract statement comparing members of Congress to Iranian hardliners

Obama lies again: Gulf countries do not support his nuclear sellout, meanwhile Iran releases anti-Arab game

Obama: Without My Iran Deal, “Some Form of War” is Possible

Obama negotiator says she didn't see final Iran 'side deals'

Kerry Warns Congress About Risk of ´Screwing´ the Ayatollah

State Dept: ‘Confident’ We Don’t Need to See the Side Deals

Obama Broke Pledge To Thwart Nuclear Terrorist Threat

Obama Will Interfere With Judgment Against Palestinian Terrorists Sen. Kirk sends letter asking Obama to side with victims of terror, not terrorists

Terror Victims Sue to Block Release of $100 Billion to Iran Under Nuke Deal


Here we go: Senate Dems falling into line to support Obama’s disastrous Iran deal

State Dept: ‘Confident’ We Don’t Need to See the Side Deals

Chuck Schumer ‘loses it’ in meeting with Jewish leaders


Kerry Receives Backing from Gulf States on Iran Deal Gulf Arab states welcome Iran deal, but say they want further assurances on their own security.

Majority of House Backs Resolution to Kill Iran Deal

 Iran: U.S. Banned from Knowing Details of Iran Nuclear Inspection Agreement Congress demands Obama release secret documents

Wow: Americans Oppose Iran Deal by Two to One


 Lawmakers Confirm French Diplomat Supports Congress Rejecting Iran Deal Jacques Audibert reported to have said congressional rejection would be ‘helpful"

French diplomat pressured to retract statement on Iran, but Representatives back original story

Despite rights concerns, US resumes formal security talks with Egypt after 6-year hiatus

Speech on Khamenei Website: Hillary Clinton ‘Confessed’ That US Created ISIS

Khamenei Advisor: “Regardless of how the P5+1 countries interpret the nuclear agreement, their entry into our military sites is absolutely forbidden.”

Report: Khameni to contribute to Obama campaign to approve nuke deal

Obama's other Iran coverup: The Iran-al-Qaeda connection to 9/11 and other al-Qaeda terror

Top U.N. nuclear inspector to brief senators on Iran deal

Khameni publishes instruction manual for how to destroy Israel


Kerry jets to jittery Egypt, Qatar to reassure on Iran deal

Top French Official Contradicts Kerry on Iran Deal

Iranian Official: Senate Cannot Review Our Agreement with IAEA Iran's envoy to the IAEA says agreement between his country and the IAEA is secret and cannot be divulged to the Senate.

It's come to this: Iran demands Senate not be given access to its agreement with IAEA, 'just like the Obama administration'


Huckabee Responds to Obama’s Anti-Semitic Language

Blue State Blues: Barack Obama’s Antisemitic Rant on the Iran Deal

Tom Cotton hits back at Obama admin over SECRET SIDE DEALS with Iran

Iran Dictates Terms on Inspections Says who can and cannot take part in inspections

Iranian Official Accuses Americans of Violating the Nuclear Deal Senior Iranian official says Washington violating nuclear deal by stating that military option is still on the table.

Iran’s FM: “American and Canadian inspectors cannot be sent to Iran”

John Kerry: Iranian “Death to America” Chants Do Not Mean They Want to Kill Us

Corker: IAEA Head Declined to Appear Before Committee to Discuss Secret Side Deals


Top Dem: Obama May Go Beyond Law for Iran Deal

White House mocks Tom Cotton for a wasted trip to Austria

French National Security official: 'Congressional 'no' vote might be helpful'

Top US Navy Nominee Debunks Obama's 'Deal or War' Claim Watch: Adm. Richardson, nominee to be next Chief of Naval Operations, tells Senate there are 'other options besides going to war' with Iran.

Kerry : ‘I Have No Specific Knowledge of a Plan by Iran to Actually Destroy Us’

Joint Chiefs Chair Martin Dempsey: 'We told him, he ignored us'

 Iran: Obama Admin Lying About Nuclear Deal for ‘Domestic Consumption’ U.S. downplays Iranian victory to ‘soothe’ fear over deal

 Russia Signs Nuclear Deals With Traditional U.S. Allies in Middle East Deals reached with Saudis, Egypt, and Jordan


Leaked Copy Of Obama’s Iran Deal Goes Public… Paragraph 36 Will Blow Your Mind

Ted Cruz Toys With Kerry, Carter, Moniz: "Sir, Do You Apologize Or Not?"

McCain: ‘Absolutely Astounding’ that Moniz Hasn’t Seen Iran Side Agreements

Kerry: We Can't Reveal Contents of Secret Side Deals to American People

Dempsey: Obama Presenting False Choice Between Deal and War

Top General: I Was Against Lifting Ban on Weapons and Ballistic Missiles for Iran

Defense Secretary: Iran Will Not Change Behavior as Result of Nuke Deal

Kerry implores skeptical Congress to back nuclear deal; agreement picks up crucial support

 Kerry: Iran Deal Not a Treaty ‘Because You Can’t Pass a Treaty Anymore’

Obama Administration: Constitution´s Treaty Clause Is Dead

What Information Collected by Israeli Intelligence Reveals About the Iran Talks  Over the years of negotiation, concession after concession from the West


John Kerry Struggles to Explain How Iran Nuclear Deal Benefits U.S.

Kerry Won’t Commit to Following Law If Congress Tosses Iran Deal

Sec. Kerry: US and Iran Disagree on Definition of Terrorism

The Iran Deal and the Rut of History  Has the Obama administration’s pursuit of new beginnings blinded it to enduring enmities?

Exasperated Democrat Questions Kerry Over Iran’s Support for Terrorism

You will NOT BELIEVE who was best man at John Kerry’s daughter’s wedding;  Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahed, an Iranian-American physician


Iran Deal Fails 4 of Schumer’s 5 Demands

Saudi Arabia Blasts Iran's 'Aggressive Statements' Saudi Arabia's foreign minister denounces Iran, after the Islamic Republic accuses Saudi Arabia and Bahrain of causing tensions.

185 Billion Reasons Why The US Agreed To Nuclear Deal With Iran

Obama’s secret Iran deals exposed: Verification based on "trust"

US Willing to be as 'Flexible' With North Korea as With Iran US envoy says Obama administration hopes Pyongyang will take note of Iran nuclear agreement and return to negotiating table.

Kerry Repeats Claim – Evidently Wrong – About UN Resolution Language on Iran Missiles, Arms Embargo


White House launches Iran side deals counterattack

US Silent after Khamenei's 'America Suicide' Tweet Iran's leader makes clear who is afraid of whom, in threatening tweet showing Obama shooting himself in the head.

'Half the House Democrats' Might Vote against Iran Deal Ex-Senator Joe Lieberman says Sen. Chuck Schumer is 'the key' to stopping the nuclear agreement.


Iranian leader tweets graphic of Obama with gun to head


Obama Admin REFUSES TO ANSWER claim that Iran gets to INSPECT ITS OWN suspect nuke sites

Pentagon Chief Now ‘Concerned’ Iran Might Not Obey Nuclear Agreement

UN Inspectors Will Be Forced to Rely on Nuke Samples Provided by Iran

Kerry told Iranians: ´Death to America´ chants are ´pretty stupid

Kerry Tells Senator Rubio That President Rubio Wouldn't Kill Iran Deal

Obama: Lifting of sanctions will increase Iran´s ability to finance terrorists

Kerry petulant: I'll 'be embarrassed' if Iran deal fails

Khamenei propaganda video says nuclear deal doesn´t ensure Israel´s security

Israel's ambassador to US lobbies Democrats in effort to scuttle Iran deal


UN Inspectors Will Be Forced to Rely on Nuke Samples Provided by Iran

Iran Vows to Buy Weapons Anytime, Anywhere

Kerry Tells Senator Rubio That President Rubio Wouldn't Kill Iran Deal

White House: Ted Cruz Is ’Pro-War’ Because He Opposes Iran Nuclear Deal

Kerry: critics of Iran deal spinning 'fantasy,' urges approval

Corker to Kerry on Iran Deal: I Believe You Have Been Fleeced

Senators Grill Kerry over Nuke Deal: 'You've Been Fleeced'

Cotton: Kerry ‘Acted Like Pontius Pilate,’ Washed His Hands on Iran ‘Secret’ Side Deal

Iran nuclear deal: Kerry to face tough questions in Senate

WH Acknowledges Undisclosed Iran 'Side Deals'

Kerry, Moniz Lie (Again) About Iran Deal

Terrific. Iranian Regime Promises to Buy and Sell Weapons Around the World

Kerry Says ‘Nobody Has Ever Talked About Dismantling’ Iran’s Nuclear Program, But in 2013 Insisted Dismantlement Was The ‘Whole Point’ of Sanctions Regime

Speech by Rudy Giuliani at Paris gathering of Iranians for democratice Change, June 27, 2014


Live Blog: Over 10,000 at #StopIranRally in Times Square

Iran buys 100 Russian refueling aircraft for its air force to reach any point in the Mideast

Surprise! The States Can Reject the Iran Deal

Obama aides deny GOP accusations of secret U.N. side deals with Iran

Senators demand Obama turn over missing key documents from Iran deal

Kirby won't comment on reported 'side deals' between Iran and IAEA

IAEA Tells Congressmen of Two Secret Side Deals to Iran Agreement That Won’t Be Shared with Congress

Obama Made Side-Deal on Iran’s Military Site, Hid Details From Congress

Iran Foreign Minister Angrily Responds to Ashton Carter, Declaring Military Option Still on Table

Saudi Arabia as Skeptical as Israel over Iran Deal

Obama Thanks Xi Jinping for China’s Role in Iran Nuclear Accord

Obama Lied: There Are No Ballistic Missile Restrictions in Iran Deal

Pentagon Releases Photo of Angry Netanyahu

Israeli government sources: Iranian windfall from nuke sellout is $700 billion


Obama speaks to vets, Daily Show's Jon Stewart amid concerns over Iran, VA, military shooting

Iranian FM Zarif boasts to Iran’s parliament: Ballistic missile restrictions “non-binding,” talks concluded by the U.S. dropping all remaining inspection demands

Invoking Iraq War, Obama Brushes off Iran Deal Critics

Obama: US will not be letting Iran off the hook

Kerry says Iran vow to defy U.S. is “very disturbing”

 Saudi Ambassador: Obama’s Nuclear Deal Will Wreak Havoc in Middle East – America’s Friends Should Fear America

Saudi Arabia considers its own nuclear options after Iran deal

UN backs Iran deal, infuriating lawmakers from both parties


There Is No Iran Deal: West, Iran Differ Sharply over Terms

Obama: My 'Assumption' Is Congress Will Follow UN's Lead on Iran Nuke Deal

Obama: UN vote reflects ´broad consensus´ for Iran agreement

Obama on Iran Deal: 'I Welcome All Scrutiny' "I fear no questions."

Kerry: Trust Me, Iran Can’t Use Unfrozen $150 Billion For Terror Operations–The UN Resolution Says So

‘19,000 Centrifuges Already Spinning’: Kerry Implies Iran’s Enrichment Capacity Grew Mostly Under Bush

Kerry: We Have Ended Iran's Ability to Get a Weapon

Deal Would Help Iran Defend Its Nuclear Facilities Against 'Sabotage'

Watch: Obama Eerily Echoes Clinton's Failed North Korea Deal Sound byte comparison shows Obama didn't just use same negotiators in Iran deal - sounds like he used same speech writers as well.


Carter: Iran Deal Doesn't Prevent Military Option

Iran ‘Negotiations’ Involved a Lot of Iran Shouting at Hapless U.S. Team

Kerry: We Have Ended Iran’s Ability To Get a Weapon

Kerry: Arms and Missiles 'Thrown in as Add-On' to Iran Deal

Kerry: I Never Sought ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ Inspections in Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Kerry: It Would Be 'Presumptuous' to Go to Congress Before Going to UN

Obama's Age of Nuclear Chaos

I’ve Read the Nuclear Deal, Mr. President, and It’s Awful; Deal rewrites history: Iran committed no violations in the past

Obama Missile Defense Cuts Leaves US Open To ICBM Attack From Iran

PM: Why would US compensate Israel for a good Iran deal?

Netanyahu: Nuclear Agreement ‘A Dream Deal’ for Iran

 Netanyahu: Nothing Can Compensate Israel for Iran Deal

Pentagon chief Carter not offering new arms deal to Israel

Netanyahu: Khamenei's words prove nuclear deal will not stop Iranian terror machine


Obama Released TOP IRANIAN SCIENTIST as Part of Nuke Deal; Left Americans to Rot in Hell

Iran Is Hiding 51 Million Oil Barrels At Sea, Maritime Tracker Reports

7 Devastating Facts About Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

Kerry: Netanyahu's 'Better Deal' is a 'Fantasy'

 Iranian Leader Presides Over “Death to America!” Chants – Says Aid to Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria Will Continue

 The Tennessee Shooter Had A Different Name And Is Now Confirmed To Have Been A PALESTINIAN TERRORIST Who Visited An ISIS Infested Community


Iranian President Crows: Deal Recognizes Country’s Nuclear Status

House Republicans introduce resolution to block Obama's Iran deal

Obama trying end-run around Congress to have UN approve Iran deal

Obama hosts 'unusual' meeting with Saudi foreign minister

US Negotiator on Iran Sanctions: We Can’t Tell the World, ‘You Should Wait’ for Congress

Kerry: We Brought Up Captive Americans in Every Meeting with Iran

  Did Obama Just Break the Law on His Own Iran Deal?


William Killian, the DoJ Official Leading #Chattanooga Jihad Shooting, Previously Vowed to Criminalize Criticism of Islam

 Iran Bans U.S. Inspectors from All Nuclear Sites; No Americans permitted under final nuclear deal

 Cruz Threatens to Cut Off Authorization for State Dept. Funding After Nuke Deal White House moving to circumvent Congress on deal

Pelosi: Release of American Hostages Should Not Be Part of Iran Deal

Kerry Invokes Vietnam at Iran Talks: 'I Never Wanted To Go To War Again'

Top US official: ‘Anytime, anyplace access’ to Iranian facilities was rhetorical flourish

Saudi's Bandar blasts Iran nuke deal

White House Calls For ‘Humanitarian Gesture’ From Iran Regarding Detained Americans

Ridiculed White House Correspondent Strikes Back At Obama: ‘Clearly It Struck A Nerve’ [VIDEO]

Sen. Cotton: ‘Nine Years Ago Iran Was Trying to Kill Me, and to Kill My Soldiers

 Susan Rice: NO AMERICANS Will Be Allowed to Inspect Iranian Nuclear Sites

8 Unplanned Results of the Iran Deal  Get ready. A lot of really ugly stuff is about to happen.

Obama’s news conference was a case for American weakness

The Iran Deal, Explained

White House reportedly offers to boost military aid to Israel after Iran deal

Iran continues post-deal bashing of Israel, calls it 'cause of extremism'

US Negotiator Claims Israel Influenced the Iran Deal ; Undersecretary of State Sherman tells Israeli press that Israeli experts influenced significant parts of the 'good deal for Israel.'

Watch: Netanyahu and British FM Clash Over Iran Deal British Foreign Secretary and Netanyahu hold a joint press meeting that morphs into a diplomatic debate over Iran nuclear deal

Netanyahu: ‘Biting Sanctions’ Halted Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program ‘for Decades’

The Deal Wasn’t About Iran’s Nukes

The Iranian nuke deal isn't about the nukes - it's about Israel


Wolf Blitzer Makes A Fool Of Susan Rice On Iran Funding Terrorists

Susan Rice: We ‘Expect’ Iran Will Spend Some Of New Money on Military, Maybe on Terror

 Barack Obama: “99% of World Community” Agrees With Me on Iranian Nuclear Deal (VIDEO)

Obama Ridicules CBS’ White House Correspondent For Question Critical Of Nuclear Deal [VIDEO]

Kirk calls Iran deal 'unremitted garbage' warns tens of thousands will lose their lives because of 'Barack Hussein Obama'

 SAUDI ARABIA Inks Nuclear Reactor Deal with France …For Peaceful Purposes, Of Course

Obama Not Waiting for Congress to Review Iran Deal Before Going to UN

Obama Compares Himself to Ronald Reagan After Nuclear Negotiations with Iran (VIDEO)

Biden reportedly tells US Democrats 'nothing in Iran deal removes military option'

Ben Rhodes Misled About 'Anywhere, Anytime' Inspections of Iran's Nuclear Program

 U.S. Will Teach Iran to Thwart Nuke Threats Iran: ‘All our goals materialized’ under deal

Nuke Deal Removes Sanctions on Iran's Terror Commander

April 2014: Inspectors Need Full Access in Iran Nuclear Deal, Moniz Says

Iran linked to deaths of well over 500 U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan

Kerry dismisses Iran’s financial support for Hizballah

 Obama: Netanyahu yet to provide alternative to Iran deal; President says agreement prevents Iranian nuke, which would compound Israel’s ‘legitimate’ concerns; skewers PM for saying Tehran seeks to ‘take over the world’

 Benjamin Netanyahu to Lester Holt: Iran Nuclear Deal Poses Threat to U.S., Israel

Netanyahu Says Iran Deal 'Puts Us All In Danger'

Netanyahu on Iran deal: The more you read it, the worse it gets

Israeli Ambassador to U.S.: 'Those ICBMs Are for You'

April 2014:  Top Obama adviser dismisses idea that better Iran deal is possible Hours after Israel sets out demands, Ben Rhodes tells Israeli TV the framework meets US ‘core objectives,’ enables ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections


How the Senate made it almost impossible to vote down the Iranian nuke agreement

Obama’s Historic Lies

Obama: 'Iran will NOT develop a nuclear weapon'

 Iranians Are Euphoric After Nuclear Deal Reached

Obama On Iran Nuclear Deal: It ‘Is Not Built On Trust’

Death to America, deal with America: Iran's Khamenei

Hillary: I ‘Twisted A Lot of Arms’ to Get Iran Deal

Boehner: Iran Deal ‘Likely to Fuel a Nuclear Arms Race’

Boehner: Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Unacceptable’ And ‘We’ll Do Everything We Can to Stop It’

Senate Dem: ‘Amazing To Me’ We Included Lifting Arms Embargo, Missile Ban As Part of Iran Nuclear Deal

Graham Dismantles Nuclear Deal: ‘This Is The Most Dangerous, Irresponsible Step I’ve Ever Seen’ in Middle East Foreign Policy

Future access to Parchin weapons testing site not granted

Full text of nuclear deal available online UPDATED

Iran’s Ayatollah: The Americans ‘Are Terrorists’

Obama’s Nuke Agreement Lifts Sanctions on Al-Quds Leader – Tied to Deaths of 1,100 US Soldiers

Obama’s Nuclear Deal Gives Iranian Regime Access to $100 Billion

Obama's Iran Deal: A Ruse to Inure Americans to the Fact that We Are Empowering Our Enemy

Kerry: Netanyahu's Comments 'Way Over the Top' Netanyahu made the same comments about the interim agreement and he was wrong, says Secretary of State

US Official Dismisses Israeli Concerns Over Iran Deal : No one Takes Netanyahu Seriously

Netanyahu Tells Obama: Iran Deal Threatens Israel's Security In post-deal phone call, Israeli PM tells US president deal will allow Iran to go nuclear and funnel hundreds of billions to terror.

The Latest: Obama speaks with Israeli PM, a fierce critic of Iran nuclear deal

Netanyahu on Iran Nuclear Deal: The World Is Now a More Dangerous Place

Israel blasts Iran deal as ‘one of the darkest days in history’

'Iran have been given a licence to kill'

Israeli leader says his country not bound by Iran nuke deal

Russia: 'The World Heaved a Sigh of Relief' over Iran Deal

Putin Not Only Loves Iran Deal, But Takes Credit for Helping Write It


What a Joke… Obama’s Nuke Deal Set=> Iran Will Tell US Which Nuclear Sites Can Be Examined

Netanyahu Warns: Deal Or No Deal, We Won't Let Iran Go Nuclear

Netanyahu: We are obligated now more than ever to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran


Obama Crumbles Under Deadline, Gives Iran ‘Open-Ended’ Nuclear Negotiations

Iranian Media Outlines Nuclear Deal - And It's Very Bad Indeed

Iran State Media Says Final Nuclear Agreement Meets All Khamenei’s Demands

 AP: Iran Deal to Be Announced Monday

Dem Senator Menendez Rips Iran Deal

 Netanyahu Slams Obama, West for Violating More ‘Red Lines’ in Iran Deal

Security Official: Don't Count on Congress to Dump Iran Deal

 Netanyahu briefed cabinet meetings on the upcoming Iran nuclear deal and showed them this video


US Officials Brief Israel on Looming Iran Deal US confident deal is close, as Israeli officials begin looking ahead to meeting between Netanyahu and Obama sometime over the summer.


 Defense Secretary Says Iran Nuclear Deal Must Be Verifiable Carter: Deal with Tehran ‘can’t be based on trust’

Secretary of State John Kerry says "progress" has been made with the Iranians. And some things have been "resolved."

Confirmed: Iran continues to seek nuclear weapons technology for purchase


Iran Nuclear Talks Extended for Fourth Time Reporters complain: No end date in sight

Kerry threatens to walk after third extension comes and goes

12 Times The Obama Administration Caved to Iran on Nuclear Deal


US team negotiating with Iran 'insulted' by accusations of politics

Reporters Roll Their Eyes at State Department Defense of Iran Talks

 How a Nuclear Deal Would Make Iran ‘A Very Successful Regional Power’ Analysts say agreement would boost Iran’s economy, military, and destabilization of region

Reports: WH Keeping Israel in the Dark on Iran Talks, May Extend Negotiations Indefinitely

Obama adviser wants Israel to give up nukes His group helping White House defend deal with Iran

White House's 'blocking back,' convicted felon, to sell Iran nuke deal to Jews


Iran Nuclear Talks Continue Past Deadline to Seek Agreement

US: Iran nuclear talks extended to Friday

 White House Instructs Allies To Lean On ‘Jewish Community’ to Force Iran Deal Officials push polling from fringe left-wing J Street organization


White House Officials Plot Ways to Pressure Lawmakers Into Supporting Iran Deal

Anonymous State Department official says it's 'weird' to defend Iran

Iranian official: US will remain our enemy despite emerging nuclear deal

Kerry says Iran nuclear talks ‘can go either way’


The Obama Administration Has Become Iran’s Attorney

Kerry: If Iran is intransigent, US ready to walk away from nuclear talks

US will not 'shave at the margins' for Iran deal, Kerry says

Netanyahu: What's happening in Iran talks is a breakdown, not a breakthrough


Official: Permanent Iran Deal Even Worse than Interim One Senior Israeli official says impending deal will allow Iran to continue to develop nuclear weapons and support global terrorism.

'Iran Will Still be Existential Threat to Israel After Deal' Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warns Iran's 'aggressiveness' and sponsorship of terror won't end with a nuclear agreement.


Kerry and and the Iranians 'Negotioate"- So happy together.(all smiles)...

 Iran Violates Past Nuclear Promises on Eve of Deal Obama admin spins for Iran in front of reporters


Iran deadlines swept aside as negotiators settle on moment of truth -"We have our own sense of deadline," US Secretary of State John Kerry said outside the Palais Coburg on Wednesday afternoon.

Iran Receives 13 Tons of Gold in Sanctions Relief Repatriated gold bullion brings interim deal relief total to $12 billion, as sanctions regime fails in stopping nuclear aspirations.

As Deadline Passes, U.S. Backs Away From ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ Access to Iran’s Military Sites


Nuclear Deal Would Leave Iran With 5,000 Centrifuges

Obama on Iran: ´I will walk away´ from bad deal

US Giving up on Military Inspections of Iran Nuke Sites

Iran, world powers extend nuclear talks until July 7

Obama: Tortured U.S. Hostages Not Being Treated ‘Fairly’ as ‘Visitors’ to Iran


Obama’s secret message to Iran ahead of Vienna talks

Dennis Ross to Post: If Iran deadline missed, 'reasonable' to keep talking for another 3 to 6 month


Report: Powers Give in – No Inspection of Iran's Nuke Facilities

Nuke talks to miss target; Iran foreign minister heads home

Netanyahu: Western concessions to Iran growing as nuclear deal looms


Kerry stresses U.S. ´humility´ as he cites Iran, Cuba as serial human rights abusers

Obama Offers to Give Iran Nuclear Reactors

Netanyahu's Last-Minute Warning on Iran: 'No Agreement Is Better Than a Bad Agreement' "This agreement is fundamentally flawed."


Iran hardens stance on nuclear deal as deadline nears

Nuclear proliferation expert: Obama’s deal with Iran will fail at its core goal, extending the “breakout” period


Nuclear Expert Demolishes Obama's Central Argument for Iran Deal

Obama Administration says Iran’s chants of “Death to America” are “not helpful,” but won’t have impact on nuke talks


 Iranian Parliament Chants “Death to America” – Votes to Ban Nuclear Inspections (VIDEO)

Obama rebuffs Israel’s last-ditch bid for nuclear constraints in Iran accord


Iran Parliament Rejects Inspections of Military Sites, Scientist Interviews


Rep. Gohmert: Obama Outed Active Israeli Iranian Spy Mission Congressman also blasts White House for disclosing possible use of Azerbaijani airspace by Israel in Iran strike.


Cruz threatens to fine State Department over delayed release of Iran rights report

US details Iran funding of terror proxies targeting Israel in new report

WH: 'No Invitation' to Netanyahu to Discuss Iran Deal


Diplomats: Iran and West Disagree on All Main Elements; Diplomats say Iran and six powers are in disagreement on up to 10 crucial elements of the nuclear deal and may need to extend talks again.

Kerry Hints at Concession on Requiring Iran to Disclose Past Nuclear Activities

Iranian media claim Kerry bike crash was cover up for Daesh assassination attempt

AIPAC calls Kerry's Iran remarks 'disturbing'

Kerry raises eyebrows with remarks on Iran's past military work


US 'has absolute knowledge' regarding Iran's nuclear past, but concerned about going forward


Iranian President: Final Nuclear Deal 'Within Reach'

It's come to this: P 5+1 'accelerating concessions' as June 30 deadline approaches


Iran Talks 'Virtually Stalled', Says Diplomat Diplomat tell Russian news agency that nuclear talks are stuck and June 30 deadline may have to be postponed yet again.

State Department says Iran nuclear talks can be concluded by June 30


Obama caught red-handed lying about Iran Deal

 Iran Abandons Past Nuclear Promises as Deal Deadline Looms Tehran backslides on past agreements made in talks

Obama’s latest wooing of Jews not working, poll suggests

Washington 'Confident' Talks with Iran Weren't Breached

Report: CIA head was in Israel to argue for closure of IAEA nuclear probe of Iran

 Netanyahu Endorses Candidate in U.S. Presidential Race: Ted Cruz


‘Wishful Thinking’: Obama’s ex-military intel chief blasts Iran talks in scathing testimony

Countries Don’t Report Iran Sanctions Violations, UN Report Says

Obama’s Evolution on Iran Confounds His Critics As Mullahs Scent Success

Netanyahu: ‘Nobody in This Region Believes This Deal Will Block Iran’s Path to the Bomb

Report: Israel spied on Iran nuclear talks

'Israel used virus to spy on hotels which hosted Iran nuclear talks'


Israeli PM Says Arab Leaders Also Weary of Iran Nuclear Deal

Jewish Orgs Slam 'Myopic' Supreme Court Decision on Jerusalem Both ADL and ZOA blast the decision to separate 'Jerusalem' from 'Israel' on passports, accuse US gov't of bias against Israel.

Report: CIA Chief John Brennan makes 'secret' visit to Israel


Obama Lambasted for Ruling Out Military Option on Iran

Lew gives fervent defense of Iran deal to vocal skeptics at Jpost Conference


 Obama Admin Scrambles to Reassure Congress on Iran Nuke Deal in Classified Brief Administration still withholding key docs from Congress


 Pentagon: Iran Continuing Work on Nuclear Systems Covert support for terrorism ‘unabated’

State Dept.: We Expect Iran to Reduce Uranium by June 30


Harf: We’re All ‘Totally Perplexed’ by NYT Story on Iran’s Increased Nuclear Stockpile

Earnest: Remember, We Can See Iran Increase Its Nuclear Stockpile Thanks to Our Monitoring Measures

Obama Red-Faced: Iran Nuclear Stockpiles Grew 20% in 18 Months Despite US President's claims Tehran 'froze' its nuclear stockpiles, IAEA report shows Iran actually increased them significantly.

'Iran-North Korea Cooperation May Sabotage Nuclear Deal'


Obama Vowed to Renew Pressure on Israel after Iran Deal?

Obama Assures Israel: Only Deal Will Prevent Iran from Nukes, Full interview of President Obama discussing US-Israel relations and Iran deal to be broadcast in Israel Tuesday night.

Obama says no military solution to Iran nuclear program


Netanyahu: Nuclear Iran 'A Thousand Times More Dangerous Than ISIS'


´Look ... It´s My Name on This´:Obama Defends the Iran Nuclear Deal

President Obama urges American Jews to accept nuclear deal with Iran

Obama Calls Himself ´HonoraryMember of the Tribe´


Obama administration trying to bribe Israel to accept Iran deal

Obama: (Iran's)Supreme leader is anti-Semitic

State Dept. denies Iran leader's claim over inspections

Iran’s Idea of a ‘Snap’ Inspection: 24 Days’ Notice


Kerry - North Korea can have a great nuke deal like Iran if it becomes as moderate


House Approves Iran Nuclear Review Bill

Obama: 'We Welcome an Iran that Plays a Responsible Role in the Region'

Saudi Arabia vows to set off new Middle East arms race and 'match Iran's nuclear capability'

Hosting rare summit, Obama pitches Iran accord to Arab powers

Iran Cheated During Obama Nuke Talks – Attempted to Buy Nuke Technology With False Documentation


Saudi Arabia: King Didn't Mean to Snub Obama Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says King Salman's decision not to attend summit was not intended to snub the United States.


John Kerry asks Fench leaders to " give Iran the benefit of a doubt" on the nuclear issue, French sources claim.


Top Iran Commander: ‘We Welcome War With The United States’

By an overwhelming 98-1 margin the Senate has passed a bill which purports to give Congress a say on President Hussein Obama's proposed nuclear deal with Iran


WH: ‘Common Sense’ That Iran Will Use Money From Lifted Sanctions to Boost Economy, Not Fund Terror


Biden pushes back on Khamenei's terms for Iran nuclear deal; says Washington "deepening" cooperation with Israel amid efforts to forge comprehensive nuclear deal

Netanyahu: Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal Is “Great Historic Blunder”

John F. Kerry: Netanyahu’s Iran “Mythology” Is Not Going to Happen


Sen. Tom Cotton challenges Iran’s Foreign Minister to a debate

Zarif: A Few Days After Deal UN Will Drop All Sanctions ‘Whether Sen. Cotton Likes It or Not’

US Denies Treaty-Bound Duty to Protect Marshall Islands from Iran

Report: Kerry Told Iran He Wishes ‘U.S. Had a Leader like Iran’s Supreme Leader’

Pentagon lawyers discover we don’t have to defend our allies if threatened by Iran

Netanyahu: Iran, North Korea Deals Both Mistakes Netanyahu draws similarities between Israel and South Korea - as well as their main enemies.


US Secretary of State John Kerry and chief 'negotiator' Wendy Sherman became the first US officials to set foot on Iranian soil since 1979

Boehner: Congress doesn't have the votes to stop Iran deal

Senator: Why Is Obama Bucking 36 Years of Bipartisan Foreign Policy to Allow Iran to Go Nuclear?

State Dept Declines to Condemn Iran’s Cargo Ship Seizure in the Strait of Hormuz

Iran Forces Open Fire On, Seize "Trespassing"US Cargo Ship With 34 People On Board, Arabiya Reports


Iran's nuclear map - much more than you knew about

Iran's Nuclear Installations 2015

Sherman to US Jews: Military strike would only set Iran's nuclear program back 2 years


WSJ Says Obama's Iran 'Obsession' Has Sunk the Democrats


The parallels are striking: China estimates N. Korea will have 40 nukes by 2016 and 75 by the end of the decade

Expert: ‘On Issue After Issue, the Iranians Prevailed and We Backed Down’


Extraordinary Open Letter from Ayatollah Khamenei’s Nephew to Obama: Stop Nuclear Deal

Watchdog Group: White House Gaslighting Journalists Over Iran

Report: Obama 'Obscured' Iran Nuclear Breakout Time for Years Obama stressed breakout time of 1 year, but knew Iran only needed 2-3 months to obtain enough fuel for a bomb.

Obama Kept Iran´s Short Breakout Time a Secret

This is the case against Obama's Iran deal that everyone should hear: Obama believes "Iran is a fundamentally defensive power"

Did Susan Rice Disclose Classified Info on Iran?

Report: Obama knew Netanyahu was right about Iran’s nuclear break out time all along


The Iran nuclear deal is unwritten, but it´s the best we can do, Obama assures

State Department Won’t Rule Out $50 Billion ‘Signing Bonus’ For Iran

Iran: Congressional oversight efforts won't disrupt nuclear negotiating process

Ayatollah: U.S. Fabricated Iran Nuclear Myth; Any Attack Will Be Met by 'Fist


Iran Guard rejects inspection of military sites

Iran slams 'myth' of nukes as Revolutionary Guard rejects deal

Iranian Revolutionary Guard: 'No foreigners allowed in our military sites'

Arab commentators: 'Obama supports Iran because his father was a Shiite'

Iranian opposition activist: “Obama is the son of a Shiite father… Some people call him the Iranian lobby in America.”


Obama: Nuke Deal With Ayatollah is ‘Political Agreement’ Not ‘Formal Treaty'

Iran Could Receive $50 billion in Sanctions Relief Upon Signing Nuclear Deal

Watchdog Group Says Obama ‘Appears to be Conceding’ to Khamenei Demand for Immediate Lifting of Sanctions (Video)

Iran marks Army Day with cries of ‘Death to Israel, US’

Arab TV Commentators Claim Obama Supports Iran Because His Father Was a Shiite


Obama on Russian Missile Sale to Iran: No Big Deal, They’re Just ‘Defensive’

Obama on Russian Missile Sale to Iran: No Big Deal, They’re Just ‘Defensive’

Obama to host Persian Gulf leaders at Camp David in May


'Why Are We Giving F-16s to an Iranian-Infiltrated Government?'

Dempsey: We Can Still Strike Iran Despite S-300 Sale

Iran releases ‘fact sheet’ of nuclear agreement at odds with US version

Report: Obama covered up N. Korea missile component transfers to Iran during nuke talks

The way Corker & Graham wrote their bill, Obama will win Congressional approval of Iran deal with only 34 votes


Ignatius: WH Left Kerry Like a ‘Beached Whale’ When They Realized They’d ‘Get Clobbered’ on Iran


Corker: White House ‘Spinning’ on Iran Switcheroo (Audio)

 Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously backs bill demanding congressional vote on Iran deal

Senate Panel Passes Bill on Iran Nuclear Deal; Obama Indicates He’ll Sign It

Lawmakers Emerge from Kerry Iran Briefing ‘Skeptical,’ ‘Unpersuaded’

Obama Abandons His 'Red Line' on Russia's S-300 Sale to Iran Back in 2010 Obama claimed victory in stopping Russia from making sale, but now it's set to happen White House is keeping mum.

Bipartisan leaders of US Senate panel reach agreement on Iran nuclear bill

Russian Arms Sales to Iran Degrade U.S. Ability to Strike Nuke Sites


State Dep’t: Russian Move to Sell Advanced Air Defense System to Iran Won’t Affect Nuclear Talks

Iran: S-300 Supply Will Help Regional Stability

State Department: Not the time for S-300 sale

Despite Kerry plea for time, Senate to proceed with bill on Iran deal

Kerry to urge Congress for more time on final Iran deal

Russia lifts ban on S-300 missile deliveries to Iran

Military option will only set Iran's nuclear program back a year or two, top US official says

Sen. Tom Cotton: Military strike on Iran could work

Obama meets with Jewish American leaders to defuse Iran fears

Israel: Russian decision on S-300 anti-missile system proves dangers of Iran deal

Israel: Russian missile sale ‘direct result’ of nuclear deal

Netanyahu: Nuclear deal gives Iran billions for terrorism, regional aggression

Netanyahu: Iran 'Grasping the Middle East with Arms of Terror'

 Israel: Iran steps up arms shipments to Hezbollah, Hamas Jerusalem sources say Tehran upping support for terror groups, express fear Iran will have billions more to spend under nuke deal

 White House Ally Addresses ‘Israel Lobby’ Conspiracy Conference Authors, former public officials say Israel Lobby more powerful than any other interest group

US nuclear negotiator says committed to Israel security

Countdown to Israel Attack: Russia Lifts Ban on Missile Sales to Iran

Trouble for J Street? Liberal Jews Turn on Obama Over Iran Deal


Kerry: Congressional Conditions on Iran Deal Would ‘Inappropriately Interfere’

John Kerry: So far, Iran has lived up to its end of nuclear deal

Kerry says he stands by presentation of Iran nuclear deal

Obama says partisanship over Iran deal has gone too far

Obama optimistic about Iran nuclear deal despite Khamenei's comments; "Even a guy with the title 'Supreme Leader' has to be concerned about his own constituencies," Obama said.

US 'fact sheet' on Iran omits uranium enriched between 3.67% and 20%


OBAMA: Iran Has Its Own Hardliners Like We Have Our Hardliners (VIDEO)

Obama on Iran: Title of Supreme Leader "Seems More Clear Cut Than President"

Iran Says US Conceded on All Its Red Lines in Nuclear Deal Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Jafari accuses US of 'psychological warfare' in faking nuclear fact sheet to dupe its allies.

White House Calls McCain ‘Naïve And Reckless’ For Trusting Iranian Ayatollah

Netanyahu: Iran deal gives nuclear weapons to most dangerous terror state: vowed to unite the country at the Mimouna event, which marks the end of Passover.

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter agrees with Ehud Barak: 'Of course we can destroy Iran's nuclear capability


Freshman Lawmakers Warn Obama About Dangerous Iran Nuke Deal Lawmakers say deal does little to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear bomb

State Dept Struggles to Explain Rouhani and Ayatollah Claims US is ‘Lying’ About Iran Deal Facts

Ayatollah Khamenei Accuses WH of ´Lying,´ Being ´Deceptive,´ and Having ´Devilish´ Intention

Iran: New Nuke Deal Is ‘Not Acceptable’ Framework collapses days after historic announcement

Iran Will Only Sign Nuclear Deal if Sanctions Lifted ‘Same Day’

 Iran Framework Silent on Key Nuclear Site Parchin used for explosive tests for Tehran bomb program

Was Obama´s Fixer also behind Obama´s ´Fact-Sheet´ on the Iran?

State Dep’t Sees Lots of ‘Big Words and Big Thoughts’ in Iran Warnings From Kissinger, Schultz

White House strongly objects to having to show Iran isn’t presently attacking the U.S.

Israel's most decorated soldier: Wiping out Iran's nuclear capability would take one night


 Obama admits: Deal will give Iran ‘near zero’ breakout time in 13 years President concedes Iran framework nuclear agreement’s shortcomings amid growing chorus of objections

Obama on NPR: Sure, this Iran deal only delays the inevitable

 Ex-IAEA deputy: Deal puts Iran on nuke threshold for 10 years, then gets worse Olli Heinonen tells Times of Israel one-year breakout warning may be insufficient; says deceptive Tehran must come clean on whole program

US, Iran 'Irritating Each Other' with Conflicting Statements Conflicting narratives over nuclear framework deal souring the mood in Washington and Tehran, US official admits.

White House Rolls Out Graphs, Graphics, Slide Rules and Three Dimensional Iranian Ven Diagramed Puzzle Books…

French fact sheet differs from US on Iran’s centrifuge use, R&D

Obama's Iran Deal: Mutally Assured Obfuscation

CIA Director: Criticism of Iran Nuclear Deal 'Disingenuous' John Brennan defends nuclear deal, saying Iranian concessions are 'surprising,' but noting it won't stop their regional power grab.

Steinitz: Iran deal won’t provide insurance for even a year unless loopholes closed; Steinitz fears that deal would allow Iran to continue research and development on more advanced reactors for weapon production.

Iran nuke deal: “Everything Netanyahu warned about has turned out to be true”

Netanyahu Asks Why Iran Deal Ignores Nuclear Missile Program Netanyahu points out framework deal ignores ICBM program 'whose sole purpose is to carry nuclear payloads,' $100 billion goes to terror.

 Israel: Obama’s pledges of support useless if Iran gets nuke Top minister acerbic on president’s assurances; Netanyahu set to keep up his US media campaign against Iran deal


Obama says tying Iran deal to recognition of Israel "misjudgment"

Obama Advisor: Iran Will Not Be Able to Manufacture Nuclear Bomb Speaking on Israeli networks, security adviser Ben Rhodes says US will consider all action - including military - if Iran violates deal.

Obama Rejects Netanyahu’s Call for Iran to Recognize Israel

Obama: My Promise of Protection ‘Should be Sufficient’ for Israel

Netanyahu: Obama 'Doing What He Thinks Is Good for the U.S.'

Israel Suggests Ways to Make Iran Nuclear Deal ‘More Reasonable’

White House: Democrats Criticizing Iran Deal Are "Principled" But Republicans Are Trying to Sabatoge

White House: Republicans trying to 'undermine' Obama

Obama advisor: Military option against Iran still on the table if deal falls through

White House looks to scientists to sell Iran deal

Verifying Iran Nuclear Deal Not Possible, Experts Say Past Iranian cheating to be codified by future accord

Expert: Purpose of Iran announcement to show 'progress,' fend off Congressional action

Obama Defines Doctrine: 'We Will Engage, but We Preserve All Our Capabilities'

Former Political Prisoner Says Obama Is ‘The Iranian Problem’


 Obama: Vulnerable Israel Would be 'Failure of My Presidency' Obama talks about 'moral failure' if his actions endanger Israel, vowing to defend Israel while claiming Iran deal is 'most effective.'

Barack Obama Says Criticisms of His Jewish Policy “Difficult for Me to Hear”

State Department rejects call for Iran deal to affirm Israel´s ´right to exist´

Benjamin Netanyahu, Republicans take aim at Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran

Dianne Feinstein: ´I wish Netanyahu would contain himself´

Netanyahu: ‘Im not trying to kill deal with Iran, just a bad deal’

Obama: “Iran Understands They Cannot Fight Us” – Does Not Threaten Our Core Security Interests

When Bill Clinton Praised the Virtues of the Nuclear Deal With North Korea

Obama administration warns Iran not to be put off by deal's spin


Report: US has upgraded 'bunker buster' bomb that could be used should Iran talks fail

Rouhani vows Iran will honor framework nuclear deal if powers do likewise

Joyful Iranians dance into night after nuclear breakthrough

Parameters of the nuclear framework deal with Iran are trying to get breakout time from 2-3 months to over 12 months

French Foreign Minister Says US Caved in Iranian Talks (Video)

Missing From the Iran Deal Announcement: Ballistic Missiles

US would not back Iran deal that threatens Israel, says White House

Netanyahu: Israel's Survival is 'Non-Negotiable'

Netanyahu: Final Iran Deal Must Recognize Israel’s Right to Exist

Israeli Cabinet Unanimously Rejects Iran Framework Deal Three-hour-long meeting between PM, cabinet, ends in wall-to-wall rejection of Thursday's deal.

Taking Obama´s signal, Democrats turn on Israel, now see Mexico as a better ally

Obama: Tentative Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Best Option’ For Israel

German FM: Israel should take closer look at framework Iran deal : .. Iran's nuclear program will endanger Israeli security, should take a closer look at the deal.


 Iran Brags About Nuke Concessions Sanctions to be terminated, no nuke sites closed, research and development to continue

 Iran Accuses U.S. of Lying About New Nuke Agreement Says White House misleading Congress, American people with fact sheet

Obama Touts 'Historic' Iran Nuclear Deal Obama says 'no daylight' with Israel, while stressing this is 'the best option' and 'a good deal,' outlining its details.

'Framework' for final deal reached at Iran nuclear talks

Boehner: Iran Deal an 'Alarming Departure' from Obama's Goals House Speaker says Congress must fully review the framework deal with Iran before any sanctions are lifted.

In Iraq Nuke Talks, Obama Ordered John Kerry To Ignore Deadline

 Report: As Nuclear Deal Closes, Iranian Troops Headed to Israel’s Border

Netanyahu BLASTS Obama’s Nuclear Deal: “Would Not Block Iran’s Path to Bomb. It Would Pave It”

In call, Obama tells Netanyahu of remaining concerns about Iran's sponsorship of terrorism

Netanyahu to Obama: Iran Deal Threatens Israel's Survival Netanyahu speaks to President Obama, expresses Israel's "strong opposition" to the framework agreement with Iran

Israel: Obama’s Iran Deal ‘Detached From Wretched Reality’

Israeli Officials: Obama’s Iran Deal an “Historic Mistake”

Israel: Deal a ‘capitulation,’ will give Iran nuclear power ‘for purpose of war

Israel Warns of ‘Military Option’ as Iran Talks Drag On


Republicans warn world that Obama U.N. plan could be undone

 Saudi Defense Minister to Congress: ‘Iran Can’t Be Trusted’ Concerns mounting on Capitol Hill

John Boehner and Benjamin Netanyahu, in Israel Meeting, Keep It Low Key

Obama’s Next Move May Be Lifting U.S. Protection of Israel at UN

Netanyahu: “Evidently giving Iran’s murderous regime a clear path to the bomb is negotiable”

As Obama rushes to appease Iran, Iran places guided warheads on Hizb’Allah rockets aimed at Israel

Iran is Smuggling Precision Missiles to Hezbollah Top colonel in missile defense system says Iran upgrading warheads to give Hezbollah pinpoint accuracy in striking Israel.


Lavrov Claims Agreement with Iran Reached Russian Foreign Minister says Iran and six world powers have reached a "preliminary agreement". Diplomats: That's not true.

Confirmed: Iran Nuclear Talks Extended by One Day

John Kerry flashback: Give Iran nuclear fuel Insisted U.S. should trust Tehran as Carter had done with North Korea

It starts: Emirates first two nuke plants applies for licenses, to go online by '17

 Experts: Iran Housing Nuke Materials in North Korea, Syria Secret Iranian-North Korean nuke cooperation could gut nuke deal

Officials: Iran nuke talks to end with agreement to continue negotiations

Netanyahu: Under emerging deal, Iran's nuclear breakout time is a year or less

Western official says talk of broad understanding with Iran 'premature'

Iran militia chief: Destroying Israel is ‘nonnegotiable’

Obama Adviser on Iran Worked for Pro-Regime Lobby

Netanyahu catches Obama in Iran-nuclear flip-flop: PM points out elements "apparently" in nuclear deal that Obama said last year are things that Iran does not need in order to have a peaceful program.

PM: Deal Leaves Iran with Underground Facilities, Centrifuges Netanyahu warns Knesset at swearing-in that Iran deal being reached leaves Islamic regime with rapid nuclear 'breakout.'

Frustrated Israelis Liken Obama to Hard-Hearted Biblical Tyrant: New Song "Pharoah Obama"


Report: Provisional Agreement on Iran Deal Reached ...Israel says deal 'could be no less than a tragedy for the moderate regimes in the Middle East and for the entire Western world.'

Iranian-Backed Houthi Rebels Aim Long-Range Missiles at Neighboring Countries

Israeli PM lashes out as Iran nuclear talks intensify;  the "Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis" was "dangerous for all of humanity"

Expected Iranian nuclear deal worse than Israel feared: Netanyahu

Ya'alon: You don't have to be in intelligence to know that Iran is lying

Boehner: Obama treatment of Netanyahu 'reprehensible'

Former intelligence official: Obama’s Middle East policy is ‘willful ignorance’

Israeli officials resigned to Iran nuke deal

Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence on US-Israel Tensions Under Obama, Calls for Return of ‘Constructive’ Relationship


Iranian Defector: 'U.S. Negotiating Team Mainly There to Speak on Iran’s Behalf'

Iranian Nuke Negotiator Aide Defects In Switzerland

Reporter says John Kerry answered ‘Allah willing’ – in Arabic- when asked if nuke deal would happen

Obama in 2009: Iran’s Underground Nuke Facility ‘Inconsistent With Peaceful Program’


Kerry updates Netanyahu as Iran deal nears completion

Israeli TV: Iran deal, leaving 6,100 centrifuges spinning, to be signed by Tuesday

Israeli official brands emerging Iran deal as ‘incomprehensibly’ bad

Saudi Arabia says it won't rule out building nuclear weapons

 Obama Admin Threatens U.S. Allies for Disagreeing with Iran Nuke Deal U.S. allies snubbed as administration moves toward nuke deal

Richard Engel: Military Officials Say Allies No Longer Trust Us, Fear Intel Might Leak to Iran

ENTIRE US SENATE Votes 100-0 to Impose Sanctions on Iran if They Get Caught Cheating


367 House lawmakers warn Obama on Iran

 U.S. Boosts Military Presence in Gulf Waters as Iran Deal Inches Closer Massive military exercise runs as major powers seek nuke deal


Khamenei calls ‘Death to America’ as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal

AP Reporter Questions State Dept on ‘Over the Top’ Condolences to Iran’s President

Petraeus: 'I know the real enemy and it's Iran'


American Lawmakers Write Another Letter on Iran Bipartisan letter, signed by 360 lawmakers, will remind Obama that sanctions relief on Iran requires new legislation from Congress.

In Nowruz appeal, Obama asks Iranian people to seize 'historic' nuclear deal

Obama Rolls Out Plan to Use UN to Circumvent Congress on Israel, Iran

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States

State Department warns Congress on Iran: Sanctions ´must not happen´

Obama administration won´t commit to making Iran deal public

First Details of Iran Deal: Allows 6,000 Centrifuges, Rolls Back UN Arms Embargo

Kerry Says Difficult Issues Persist in Nuclear Talks With Iran


Iranian Dissidents Criticize Obama’s Nuclear Diplomacy