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The Obama Administration: Year Six

President Obama's Two Hundred and Seventy-Fourth Week in Office

News and Notes:   "Socialism only works in Heaven, where they don't need it and in Hell where they already have it."


Video/Audio of the moment:    Krauthammer: Obama 'Makes This Stuff Up' on Obamacare Krauthammer: Obama 'Makes This Stuff Up' on Obamacare


It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama signs bill authored by Sen. Ted Cruz to bar an Iranian diplomat from entering the U.S., but immediately issued statement saying he won´t enforce it.

U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says

 The United States of SWAT? Military-style units from government agencies are wreaking havoc on non-violent citizens

 WH Counterterror Chief: Parents Need to Watch for Sudden Personality Changes in Their Children'

Obama and the IRS

Darrell Issa demands answers on revised Census health care questions

Issa: IRS Probe will continue despite White House road blocks

Obama and Agenda 21

Sheriff Mack's assertion about pre-planning of the cynical use of women and kids at the Bundy confrontation is flat wrong.

Bundy Ranch Militias Planned To Use Women As Human Shields

AN INCONVENIENT RANCHER: BLM Docs Show Feds' Solar Plan Targets Bundy for Elimination


California adds 11,800 jobs, unemployment rate rises slightly to 8.1%

Gallup: Majority Have No Confidence Obama Will Improve Economy

Drudge Report posts and then quickly removes-

Advice to Democrats: Don't say 'recovery'  ;   FLASHBACK WHITE HOUSE: 'Summer of Recovery'...  FLASHBACK TREASURY: 'Welcome to the recovery'...  FLASHBACK HARRY REID: 'We are in a recovery'...  FLASHBACK BIDEN: 'recovery.gov'...

Obama Ethics, Year 6

Obama Administration Encouraged Insider Trading

"Hillary For President" Fundraiser Busted For Illegal Campaign Contributions


HHS Moves to Cancel More Insurance Plans

Obama: 'Political Spite' Motivating States to Refuse Medicaid Expansion

Obamacare Falls Short in Enrollees Age 18-35 With a Low 28%

Kansas Moves to Protect Seniors from Obamacare Cuts to Medicare

 Cost of Treatment May Influence Doctors

Report: Sebelius 'Not Considering' Run for Senate

Senator Sebelius?

Community Organizer to the World

Obama channels his inner third-grader

Russian Reset

Pentagon Moves to Block Russian Spy Plane in American Skies

Queen Michelle

Kansas Speech by Michelle Obama Draws Complaints

Michelle Obama to guest star on 'Nashville'

White House blames fox for destroying Michelle's garden

Obama Amnesty

Obama pressures American Legion to allow amnesty bill

American Legion: No Amnesty in NDAA


By Subject

 Military Officers Relieved of Duty Under Obama      The Obama Shut down      Obama and Syria

Obama Attacks the 1st Amendment      Obama and the IRS      The Gunwalker Scandal

Obama vs The 2nd Amendment    Benghazi-Gate   Obama vs. Your Privacy

 Obama and Agenda 21       The Obama "Dead Pool"      The Clinton "Dead Pool"

The Boston Marathon Massacre    Sandy Hook Massacre       Socialists/Communists in the White House    

Obama and Israel - Year 1 ...Year 2 ...Year 3 ... Year 4  ... Year 5 ... Year 6

Goldman Sachs personnel in the ObamaWhite House             Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

         Obama VS. The U.S. Military         Is Obama Gay?               

 Gays and Lesbians who currently are in the Obama White House         Obama and Derrick Bell

A List of Obama Czars (in alphabetical order)          The  Solyndra Scandal

Obama Ethics, Year 1           Obama Ethics Year Two           Obama Ethics, Year 3          

   Obama Ethics, Year 4                   Obama Ethics, Year 5       Obama Ethics Year 6

  Cass Sunstein Olympics        Obama Audio and Video        Michelle Obama's attendants and their salaries

Elena Kagan Mania          Van Jones "Laugh-a-Thon"        Obama and Eric Whitaker        Obama and Derrick Bell

Obama and Egypt             The Berwick Chronicles            Obama Voter Fraud

Obama and TARP        Sestak-Gate        A Brief Time Line of events of Watergate and Monica Lewinsky vs. Gunwalker

     Scanner-Gate        Rosen-Gate       JournOlist/Names      British Petroleum-Gate

Obama records which have not been released


White House blames fox for destroying Michelle's garden

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